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Volume IV - Teaching 83 - 110 
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Teaching 107:

1. Keep My fatherly word in your hearts so that it may be like a bright beacon in the very heart of your being. From there it shall guide your thoughts, words and works, and this light shall live in your soul even when your body shell dies. This is the time in which people awaken to the beauties of the Spirit, in which they are interested in the Eternal, and ask themselves: "What will life be like that awaits us after death? Who has not already asked himself - however incredulous he may be - whether there is not something in him that survives the body matter? Verily, I tell you, there is no one who does not suspect that mystery, and who has not for a moment pondered the unfathomable. Some ask questions about the mystery of the Spiritual Life, which seems distant and yet in reality is right before your eyes; others are confused by it, and still others deny it. Some speak because they think they know everything, others keep silent and wait; but how few are those who really know something of the hereafter.

2. Like the child Jesus, who asked the teachers of the law questions that they could not answer him, My Divine Spirit appears at this time invisible to the theologians, the philosophers, those who rummage about in the unknown, and to My questions about spiritual life - if they do not fall silent, they answer wrongly. Those who know something of what my hidden wisdom holds are the humble ones, those who lead a spiritual life. Nevertheless, my light falls down like dew incessantly on every organ of the mind, as a message that reveals my truth to it. If I would ask those who claim to possess My Law and My teaching which of My prophecies have come true and which have not, they would not answer Me satisfactorily either.

3. This is the time when the Spirit, incarnate and no longer incarnate, seek and approach each other. The abyss that gapes between the two begins to fade. And when the Spirits of all worlds are able to draw nearer to one another in true love, this will mean the glorification of the Father in every being.

Today the ignorance of men still causes me pain. Oh, if only, instead of weeping over the passing of your loved ones, you would hear their voices in the innermost part of your heart! Instead of grief, which is darkness, there would be light! This is why I once said to you: "Let the dead bury their dead. I ask you: "Do you have dead?" - What is dead no longer exists. But if the souls which you command me exist, it is because they are alive. How many of you would like those among you who you saw parting without wanting to understand that their longing goes to the point that you are with them in the Hereafter! That which you call "death" apparently separates those who pass over from those who stay here. But an eternal bond unites them: that of spiritual brotherhood.

4. In eternity the spiritual family, consisting of the Father and His children, will reunite. Since on this earth the seed of Babylon still bears its fruits of discord among the children of God, I will unite my family in the hereafter. No one will be lacking, and in many cases the greatest sinners will arrive first (in My kingdom) because their repentance and renewal will purify them and bring them to Me earlier.

But you must know that among you many souls live in a state of confusion, others are just fulfilling sorrowful duties of atonement. Among them are also those whom you call your relatives. How could you achieve that they see the light and free themselves from their chains? How could you help them in their ascension? By praying for them, so that this prayer may be the spiritual voice that awakens them, enlightens them and leads them to Me. Remember them with love, then your prayers will be like a balm on their sufferings. Let them know that you live in My law so that your example and your influence may help them. But think not only of those from whom you have received any benefit; think also of those who are invisible around you and whom you did not know on earth. Beautiful are acts of gratitude; but it is more meritorious in My eyes when you give without having received anything before. But if you are able to remember and forgive without grudge the one who has hurt you, you have taken your Master as your model, and your forgiveness, which is an expression of love, will be a salvation to the one to whom you grant it.

5. The Father penetrates into the innermost part of your heart and tells you: Know yourselves, and you shall know your fellows. Judge yourselves before you judge your neighbor. Take me as an example and follow my trail.

6. You are always asking Me for forgiveness for your transgressions, without forgiving those who have hurt you.

7. For a long time you have been seeking the light of truth on the ways and in the books (of the world) without finding the true spiritual food, but only a refreshment for the mind Today you have My truth that speaks to you of true life.

8. You came into the poverty of these places of assembly, and when you heard in them this simple word, for its expressions are neither chosen nor scientific, you felt emotion in your soul, which realized that it was attending a divine revelation. I saw your longing for light and granted you to see that which you so longed for. I allowed you to walk in all paths so that you would finally find the truth in this one.

9. Behind the simplicity and inconspicuousness with which I speak to you is the knowledge of all things. Get to the bottom of the word, and you will discover that its essence is Alpha and Omega, beginning and end of all created things.

10. I will give you many teachings only when you are in my kingdom. You are not yet to know them now, just as little as you are to know the high reward that you are to earn for the eternal happiness of the Spirit. There must be an absolute unselfishness in you so that your merits are true. You must not make known the good works you do, for you would then deprive them of the merit they might have. I alone know the great or small value of your works; it is I who must judge them. Why do you want men to praise you for their sake? Vanity corrupts men and stains the soul.

11. When you come to Me one day, I will give you a crown that is not made of thorns like those you pressed on the temples of Jesus Everyone has a place in the material universe, a place which the Father has prepared for him and which he has to protect and defend in order to earn another in the love of his Lord.

12. I have prepared you, for already the moment of My farewell is drawing near But first I will leave you my teaching as a treasure. Seek not gold, nor desire splendid dwellings. Some who are covered with leprosy or walk the earth as wretches carry a treasure in their soul.

13. Now I tell you: Prepare yourselves, for this year the "trees" will multiply in the provinces where they have so much awaited My word.

14. The souls incarnated have not been able to unite because of the differences of the races; therefore I will take many from the earth, and in the hereafter I will make a family of them, and if their corruption was great, afterwards their spiritual clarity and repentance will be great

15. Pray for the confused souls, for those who are earthbound, for those who in the innermost parts of the earth are not yet able to free themselves from their bodies, for those who suffer and weep because of the incomprehensible grief that is kept on earth for their sake. And also forgive those and judge no longer those who have sown evil in your hearts. If your eyes could see them kneeling and begging for your forgiveness, you would not be so unjust to them. Help them to rise up into infinity, lift them up through your loving remembrance, understand that they no longer belong to this world.

16. I tell you once more: whoever tastes of the water of My Word will never again feel thirst.

17. Disciples, I want the virtues of your heart to be the garments that cover the nakedness of your soul Thus speaks to you the Spirit of Consolation, which was promised in the Second Age.

18. The Father already knew of the pain and trials that would afflict mankind, and the degree of corruption that men would reach. The coming of the Comforter means for you the breaking of the Sixth Seal, that is, the beginning of a new stage in the development of mankind. From that moment on, a divine judgment is in force for all men; every life, every work, every step is strictly judged. It is the end of an age, not the end of life.

19. It is the end of the times of sin, and it is necessary that the whole content of this sixth seal of the Book of God be poured out on souls and tears them out of their lethargy, so that man may be lifted up and experience the harmony of his soul with all creation, and prepare himself for the time when, through the Lamb, the Seventh Seal will be broken, which will bring the last yeasts of the Cup of Sorrows, but also the triumph of truth, love and divine justice.

20. When the Seventh Seal is completed with the six others, that book will also remain closed, which has been the judgment of God on the works of men, from the first to the last. Then the Lord will open a new, undescribed book to record in it the resurrection of the dead, the deliverance of the oppressed, the renewal of sinners, and the victory of good over evil.

21. When you study the Revelation of the Seven Seals, which was given to John, you will find only sin, profanation, and corruption in the nations of the world. There you will find the history of your wars, all the miseries and tribulations that men have suffered because of their infidelity and weakness, and also the judgment that has followed each of your works.

22. Christ had (only) reached the middle of the way of life, but by His sacrifice, by His perfect example, He saved you from death. His blood was the judgment of love, through which He brought salvation to the lost and gave them Divine forgiveness as with a life-awakening kiss. The cross was the key with which He opened the gates to eternity for the souls after the great battle.

23. This is "The Lamb" whom the prophet saw open the scroll and undo the seals, the only one in heaven and on earth worthy to open this book; for only His love could overcome your hatred, His gentleness could destroy your hostilities, and His light could remove your darkness. Who could escape this judgment? Who could escape this book and cease to exist? No one will be able to hide from Me, O people! Recognize how in these times, when this judgment is felt even in the air you breathe, you do not lack divine comfort. The mantle of God's love becomes visible in your lives, and her voice seeks a hearing in every heart.

24. It is the Spirit of truth that comes down to unravel mysteries and reveal to you the knowledge necessary to enjoy true life. He is the divine consolation that pours out on your sufferings to give you a testimony that the Divine Judgement is not punishment or revenge, but a judgement of love to bring you to light, peace and happiness.

25. I do not find a single uninhabited heart in which I can dwell; all are subject to the world. But how meritorious is he in my eyes, who - ignoring his pain - is able to bless my will.

26. What would become of you if in the midst of your tribulations you did not have the consolation of your faith? Recognize how this faith makes you feel my presence very close to you, and how you, now close to me, are filled with strength and hope. Further, also place this trust in me so that I grant you all the consolation that I have in store for you.

27. How beneficial it is for me when I feel that I find faith and am respected in my will. How satisfying it is for My Spirit when I see that you trust your Father, that you know how to wait, that you are unable to apostasy Me, although the severity of the trials sometimes depresses you. To this I say to you: These have proved themselves worthy of my benefactions because they have earned merits in the visitations.

28. Harden your Spirit in the great battles of life, as that people of Israel were hardened in the desert. Do you know how wide is the desert, which seems to have no end, with a merciless sun and burning sand? Do you know what is the loneliness and the silence and the need for nightly watch because the enemies lie in wait? Verily, I tell you, there in the desert it was where that people grasped the greatness that consisted in believing in God, and where they learned to love Him. What could that people expect from the desert? And yet they had everything: bread, water, a home to rest in, an oasis and a sanctuary to raise their soul in gratitude to their Father and Creator.

29. When Israel entered the Promised Land, they were a strengthened, purified, enthusiastic people. How lovely seemed to him that land which opened its bosom to receive the Son, who had sought it with so much faith and perseverance and finally found it.

30. Ye also are a people, and the life which ye pass through is an image of the wilderness. Therefore I tell you that you should take the faith of that people as an example for yourselves, so that you may experience My wonders on your way. These miracles will be the water that gushes out of the rocks or the manna that the winds bring in on your way of life.

31. The ark of the covenant was for that people the shining torch that illuminated their way. But you must not forget that in your heart there is the sanctuary where you can pray to clothe yourselves with My power and to hear the loving voice of your Father. I am your physician; seek Me in all the occasions of your life and you will hear My voice and will see My presence, My love and My consolation revealed.

32. Console yourselves with the thought that My mercy will compensate you for all your sufferings in life when you come to the womb of spiritual life. This New Land, which I have promised to your Spirit, - can you imagine what its blessings will be like, its fruits, its wonders and perfections?

33. If for Israel his arrival in his homeland was a dream after wandering in the desert, how wonderful it will be for your Spirit to enter the kingdom of light after a long pilgrimage. Understand, therefore, that even the smallest of your sufferings is a thorn or a boulder of the desert you cross, so that you may show patience in the trials and understanding of your destiny.

34. All of you have already come to a way of the cross in your lives, where you have asked yourselves, "Where am I going? Sometimes you have stood at a crossroads when you experienced a disappointment; other times it was when you achieved something that you were eagerly striving for, and then, when you reached it, you understood that this could not be the purpose of your life, that it must be something greater, nobler, and more beautiful that is the goal of the Spirit.

35. Hard is this crisis of life, bitter the hour, and terrible the struggle that then rages within you. But I tell you: Blessed are those who remain steadfast in their faith in this trial, for they will emerge from it safe and sound, saying, "I have seen the light, I know the way, the voice of the Lord calls me.

36. Verily I say to you, you are like the torrents that sometimes deviate from their riverbed, but finally flow into the sea, which is their destination.

37. Investigate My Word, disciples, and you will know that it will unravel the mysteries you could not comprehend I give you the interpretation of them so that you do not fall prey to errors or mistakes. Once I promised you to send the Spirit of Truth to explain to you all that was a mystery to you: this Spirit is I. From whom can truth proceed but from me? The time of light has come; you are beginning to understand everything, and to the extent that your understanding with my Spirit is perfected, the knowledge you acquire will become greater, and greater the light you receive.

38. Your Spirit lived oppressed by the flesh; but the hour of his deliverance came, and as his flight reaches greater heights, you will discover greater wonders Your heart was a slave to the world, but when it had freed itself from those fetters, it recognized what it should love, and also understood what passions it should separate itself from.

39. You rejoice at the thought of the step you have taken, but you hide this joy in your hearts for fear that the world will rob you of it with its criticisms and judgments. You are still fearful, but I tell you, the time will come when nothing and no one will frighten you, when you will feel an intimate satisfaction when you call yourselves "disciples of the HolySpirit" instead of being ashamed, as it has already happened to you, as if you had been caught in sin or taken by surprise.

40. You are brothers and sisters of those Christians who hid in the catacombs of Rome; but do not forget that those multitudes, when they came from darkness to light, did so to bring light to the unbelieving world, astonishing people by their faith. They were the rain on the divine seed which the Master had sown. Later, the pagan and sinful peoples, converted by those testimonies, would cling to the cross of My love like shipwrecked people cling to the cross of My love in search of the saving beacon.

41. You crowds of people who have heard Me - when will you come out of your retreat and darkness? Do you deliberately delay your armament out of fear of the (then imminent) conflict? Verily, I tell you, only he is afraid who has not prepared himself spiritually; for he who knows my word and loves his Lord and his neighbor has nothing to fear, and instead of avoiding men, he seeks the meeting with them to let them share in what he has received. After he has studied and fathomed My teaching, he puts it into practice.

42. People of Israel, you inhabit this earthly valley in a time of atonement. I show you the narrow way, which My law lays out, so that you may become pure in it and be a part of the people taught by Me.

43. I have given you My word in this time, so that you may know My commissions and have another manifestation of your Father's love Do not doubt Me and fear nothing from Me, I will not dominate you by force. If you want to follow Me, you must know the essence of My teaching, which is the same that I brought to you in the Second Time. Then you will understand all that this call to you means for your Spirit. If you do not accept it, other souls will come who love to receive Me, and to them I will give the grace that you reject.

44. I have always said to you: "Many are called, but only a few belong to the chosen. But it is not I who distinguishes or grants privileges - it is you yourselves who acquire a right to receive this name.

45. Those who follow Me are called to be those who spread My teaching, which is to bring comfort and salvation to mankind. Blessed are those who, when they heard this voice for the first time, felt the emptiness in their hearts being filled up, and rebuilt their weak body shell that was about to collapse, because they received the strengthening and revitalization I have given you. I invite you to take up your cross and repeat for you those words: "I am the way, the truth and the life.

46. How long have you walked on earth and how many tears have you shed without reaching your destination! I have let you wander and let you taste different fruits so that you finally recognize Me. I have been with you in all your ways. The voice that you have heard, and which has called you to pray, is My voice. The caring love that guided your steps is Mine. But I want you to reflect and think of your destiny so that you follow the traces of My steps on earth.

47. To you whom I have gathered in humble houses of prayer I have not spoken as a judge, although I tell you truthfully that I will judge you yet but I love you and want you always to seek Me as Father, so that when My rallies are completed in this form, you may remember that My Word never hurt your heart and that I moved you only inwardly, addressing your sensibility and working your hearts with the finest chisel, which is My Word; and that My teaching removed you from your miserable and everyday existence because you have found the true way to salvation

48. Put My teaching into practice and you will not stumble; pain will not spare you but it will not make you despair You will have strength in the days of trial and will find inner peace even when you are going through a painful life crisis, and finally your body shell will surrender and willingly sink into the earth. Your soul will rise and will meet me in the "court of justice," where I have to judge it. But you will not appear before a terrible judge, but before an understanding and loving Father, who will praise your good works and make clear to you what is unworthy of coming before him, which is why you still have to purify yourselves.

49. You will not be able to say that you have not obeyed the law only because you have lacked light, for I have poured it out in torrents upon every Spirit. I do not ask you to do the same as My works of the Second Age, but this, that you take them as an example. The generations to come will advance in the fulfillment of My law of love, and so mankind will advance from generation to generation on its way of perfection. You are currently laying the foundations for perfect union with Me, and your children will continue your works.

50. If you should be judged because of My teaching, do not despair of this judgment, nor be ashamed to be My disciples. Remember those who followed Me in the Second Age and be encouraged by their example.

51. My work will give you support in the trials. Forgive every insult, and whenever you should have been judged and covered with shame, I will give proofs of your innocence and righteousness. Take these trials as the opportunity I give you to make yourselves recognizable to men as my disciples.

52. Seek eternal life, and you will find peace in it; allow your fellow men to judge you unjustly. The times of persecution, which I have announced to you, will come, and at this time you must already be strong and trust in me. And when bread is scarce and work is denied you, do not fear, you will not starve. Pray, and work for the salvation of your fellow men. Then you will experience that the spiritual ideal feeds you, and you will understand those words in which I told you: "Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from God.

My peace be with you!

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