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Volume IV - Teaching 83 - 110 
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Teaching 89:

1. You have carried your cross on your back; the problems of life have been like a burden on your soul, but the spiritual cross that exists in your destiny you have not yet taken up to follow Me

2. The hour has come when men will rise to live out more and more their spiritual passion and embrace their cross

3. That saying which I taught you and which I sealed with My Blood on Calvary, "Love one another", will finally blossom in the heart of mankind.

4. My love for you could not allow you to perish, and that is why I gave you in Jesus a word of eternal value, which was to give you His assistance at all times so that you may attain salvation. The Divine Word became man to save you. Do you know, for example, whether your Spirit did not incarnate in this time to save his brothers and sisters?

5. Jesus was "The Word" of God on this earth; everything about Him spoke - not only His words, but also His works, His looks, His thoughts. Your Master tells you this because you can emulate that example. You do not lack abilities for this; it is enough that you love and that your heart is filled with good will, so that these abilities slumbering in your being awaken and express themselves.

6. Take up your cross and follow Me in humility. Trust that while you give comfort to someone, bring peace to a heart or light to a Spirit, I will take care of everything related to your material life, and I will neglect nothing.

7. Believe that when I speak to your Spirit, I also look into your heart to discover in it its worries, its needs and its desires

8. The new dawn enlightens men; its light will ignite faith in the hearts of men.

9. Beloved disciples, do not become accustomed to My Word so that every time you hear it, your heart feels that this divine seed has fallen into its deepest feeling

10. You souls who seek the Light, come to Me and hear this Word You sad hearts, let My Voice bring back hope to you. You bodies bent by a difficult path of life, seek the strength in Me and straighten up again.

11. O souls, you who hear Me, do not allow the problems of earthly life to leave their mark in you, still less to bend you. Seek the light that every trial contains, so that this may help you to become strong and moderate.

12. When the soul fails to subdue the body, the body will bend it and dominate it; for this reason souls become weak and believe that they die with the flesh.

13. What I am now seeking are spirits, just as I once sought hearts that they should love one another

14. Today I come to teach you a love that is beyond humanity, a love that will unite all the worlds

15. My Word reveals to you that your destiny is not limited to earthly life, but that you must continue your mission in the spiritual.

16. I am forming a people to rise like a great army, led by the one hundred and forty-four thousand marked by My Light as by torches illuminating the way

17. Soldiers of peace will form this people; prophets and seers will announce the coming; doctors without human science will heal the sick with the balm of mercy and love; counsellors inspired by My Light will speak of divine teachings and their trace in the world will testify of restoration, renewal and spirituality

18. This people will not only be made up of men; great armies of Spirits of Light will also be part of it, whose invisible weapons will assist those who fight on earth

19. Will you be a part of this people? Listen to my voice, pray, put aside the weakness of the body and start to apply my doctrines among your fellow men.

20. How could those who feel tired pass on powers? How could the sick heal their fellow men who have lost their health? Strengthen and nourish yourselves with Me so that you may carry your cross with joy.

21. Beloved people, I spread My mantle of love over all hearts.

22. I am currently shining My Light from infinity and I am preparing you so that tomorrow you may be able to understand My Word, for your faith is not yet genuine How many times have you asked yourselves whether the radiation of Jesus into this world and into this time is real. You are waking up a struggle within yourselves in which - while the Spirit is telling you that My revelation is real - the unruly flesh with its heart and its little brain doubts, wavers and often denies My presence in this form.

23. Do not fear, for I bless you both when you believe and love Me, and when you doubt Me and stray from the path I prefer no one, nor do I distinguish no one; I come only to give mankind the light so that all may have the truth.

24. This message I have sent you when the Third Age dawned will bring you clarity and certainty about what My divine Love holds and what you have to expect from My perfect justice

25. I am the sower of light and know exactly the best time to sow and reap. After the winds have shaken the trees and dried the earth, the time for sowing has come, and the present time is exactly the time when the winds whip the world and defoliate the trees. This is a time of pain, when you begin to drink your cup of suffering. The battle between Matter and Spirit is near, the battle of good against evil, of light against darkness, of truth against lie.

26. It has been written for a long time that when mankind would be at the height of corruption, when the world would have fallen into sin, your God would come to give you His light.

27. While men triumph in this time killing, I will triumph by giving them life. My divine task is to save the souls; you have not yet been able to understand what "Savior of the world" means.

28. Life is beating in your hearts without you feeling Me there, and yet you still wonder that My Spirit is radiating light on your minds What is strange to you that the Savior is in search of the lost souls? Have you wondered when a shepherd goes in search of a sheep he has lost?

29. Even before your creation I knew that you would not obey Me, and that I would save you through love. I knew that I had to incarnate My Divine Love in Jesus, to whom men would give a cross to sit on the throne.

30. I was in Jesus to teach you the power of love, which has no limits and which I have constantly radiated in words, healings, with My Blood and My forgiveness. This love awakened Lazarus and forgave Magdalene. Yet you think that it is impossible that I have returned to the world because you have given Me death in her. But I have returned to the bosom of the Father, and you have not understood that you should no longer feel and imagine me as a man, but only as love.

31. It is true that Divine Love in those times spoke through very pure lips, as the lips of Jesus were, and that it is now revealed through the lips of sinners, through whom I am proclaiming My Word to you to transmit My teaching to you But I also have to tell you that the essence is the same in both cases and that my love reveals itself in a more perfect form in this time as I make you myself my mouthpieces, with which I give you a proof that your blemishes cannot make me despise you.

32. While some claim that the people through whom I make Myself known are blasphemers, I tell you: they are larks who announce with their singing the coming of a new day

33. Already in many lessons I have enlightened you about my spiritual radiation on men, and still your doubt persists. You would like me to give you material proofs like the ones I gave you in the Second Time, which were demanded by small believing men so that they could believe in me.

34. If the sun radiates light of life to all nature and to all beings, and if the stars also radiate light to the earth, - why then should not the Divine Spirit radiate light to the spirit of man?

35. Now I say to you, men, go within yourselves, let the light of justice, which has its origin in love, spread in the world. Let My truth convince you that without real love you will not obtain the salvation of your souls.

36. You know for what I have come anew. So keep to my teaching, which reminds you of the right way. Until the world has reached real spirituality, I will not stop approaching men and using all material and human means to communicate with them. I await your inspiration and your upward development, as well as your arrival in eternity.

37. You can achieve the spiritual ascent already here in this world, which seems so hostile to you and which in reality is a suitable and favorable place for him who knows how to make use of virtue and love.

38. There are many souls who suffer, many mothers who weep, and many hearts full of sorrow. The world is full of blood, sickness and sorrow. Help humanity, ennoble your feelings, exercise more mercy. Stretch out your hand to help your neighbor as if they were your children, listen to them as if they were your brothers and sisters, then you will give love to the world, and in the depths of your heart you will feel the reflection of your Father's love as a caress that comes upon you to encourage you to continue the struggle.

39. Step by step, moment by moment the appointed time is approaching, in which I come to dwell in My Sanctuary, which until now has been closed in the hearts of men

40. Whoever thinks that in order to approach Me he must devote his life only to giving, without expecting to receive anything in return, or that he must sacrifice himself without immediate reward, is in error; for because you are as you are - imperfect and sinful - he who comes to you to ask you for something will be the one who does you a favor. For by needing you, he gives you the opportunity to approach the Father by the way of mercy.

41. So then, disciples, go out into the world to tell your fellow men that they will not see me as man at this time - if, for instance, they are waiting for my arrival. If they await the coming of the Master on earth to bring to Him, as in the Second Time, the blind, the paralyzed, the incurable, and the possessed, they will not see me as man, because my presence among men is purely spiritual. Nevertheless, they can order their sick to me, tell me their worries and sufferings, because I am close and present to all my children.

42. This light, this word, through which I have given you My teaching in this time, will show you the spiritual and simple way in which you can heal, comfort and help each other on the path of life This will be when the sick reach their healing through love for one another.

43. Yes, mankind, you have kindled the fire of passions, and after that you cried out to heaven to ask that He may not punish you, without you being able to understand, because of your blindness, that the Father does not punish you. It is you who have not understood how to find the way to extinguish the fire of your hatred and wars with the crystal waters of reparation and virtue. For you have not had this virtue within you, and you must now begin to extinguish the fire with your tears and even with blood.

44. I am the one who wanted to avoid that you cry, that you feel pain. I am He who wants you to rise up and triumph over yourselves.

45. Make humility one of your best allies to achieve spiritual ascension. For the gates of heaven, which is the kingdom of the Spirit, are completely closed to the proud. He has never passed through them, nor will he ever succeed in doing so, but when he becomes humble, I will be the first to praise him, and it will be my mercy that opens the door to eternity for him.

46. By speaking to you in this way through organs of mind which are incapable of inspiring themselves, I give you the best proof of my presence and of the truth of my radiation Why then do you unfairly demand proofs from me? Behold, I have just told you that only the humble will enter my kingdom. Be humble, then you will understand the love and mercy which my word holds in it.

47. Do not challenge me because then I will ask you what right you had when I saw you denying mercy to someone who had asked you for it

48. Let My word blossom in your hearts; you do not yet know how many of you will become My sowers Put aside the fear you feel of the prejudices of men, for those who should feel such fear will not serve Me to sow this seed in the hearts of their brethren. Fear is only a weakness of the material nature, but trust and faith are qualities of the Spirit.

49. Consider that you have been very cold towards the love of Christ, your Master and Lord, but I ask you What was the reason for this coldness of heart?

50. I told you in the Second Time, "the foxes have dens, the birds have nests, but the Son of God has no place where he can lay his head"; and today, when I knock at the doors of your hearts, you will not open to Me But I will make My disciples of you all, for My love will never be defeated.

51. This planet, prepared by the Father as an image of Spiritual Life, so that human beings lived in the midst of his wonders, worshipping and glorifying their Creator, was later transformed by men into a valley of tears and blood. Since then, this world has remained a valley of atonement for those beings who had to go through a trial by fire of trials and purification. And yet - how many people still see the kingdom of heaven and eternity in this earth!

52. Here human vanity has erected its palaces and its thrones, here man has crowned himself king and let himself be worshiped in his blindness for God. I have not frustrated his desires, nor have I ever deprived him of the gift of freedom of will. I wanted him to discover the light of truth by himself and to recognize the essence of life.

53. My power has never created a world, a home or a place of atonement to punish the children who sin. If the earth is a melting pot of pain and bitterness, that has been the work of men.

54. I tell you again that this world, with its peace, wonders, and revelations, has from the beginning kept a resemblance with the spiritual kingdom.

55. You know what I wanted to tell you when I spoke to you of reparation? to give back to the soul and to this world its purity so that it may be for My children what I have appointed for you from eternity A world of brotherhood among men, where a cult of harmony with all created things and a spiritual devotion to the Lord is practiced.

56. Am I then your judge or am I not? Yes, mankind, My judgment is unrelenting and severe with you, but it is born of the love of Him who is the Author of life. I could have destroyed all those who have profaned My laws, sinned against them or disobeyed them; but what value would it have to defeat you by death? Has truth and love no power?

57. I will not have the dead, I will not hear for ever the lamentations of those who weep for atonement.

58. In those present I receive those who are absent; tomorrow, when this word is no longer to be heard, it will be communicated through the lips of my witnesses to those who did not hear it. Love yourselves, disciples, that your heart may be like a lifeboat for your brothers.

59. The good news of this time will reach every heart and every corner of the earth The message which I gave you in the Second Time through Jesus has already become the knowledge of mankind. On those blessed seeds the fruitful rain of spiritualism will fall to illuminate and explain the message of past times.

60. Seek not only those who live happily, who know little of sin or pain; come to the leper, the manslayer, the blasphemer, and to the one who is in confusion in his life Do not shrink back from the misery that that being outwardly presents to you, immediately remember that in that person dwells a Spirit, that in that being dwells a child of the Lord, one of your brothers and sisters, united to you by eternal and divine bonds. Keep my word always alive in you so that you do not let the pain pass you by without feeling it or softening it.

61. Whoever feels the pain of his neighbor, whoever inwardly experiences the trials of his brother, will be granted that through his prayer and through his words the heavy atonement that lies on those for whom he works or with whom he suffers will be lifted.

62. Take care that the needy do not find you unprepared when they knock at your door, for then your Spirit will not be able to bear witness to Him who sent Him to earth to fulfill this so difficult mission.

63. Your Spirit must create a new humanity, and for this purpose he must fight against the evil that is surrounding the world. Watch over the children, strengthen the good in the youth, for the new generations will be those who are to continue your generous works.

64. Do you think that My Eye does not discover the abysses into which those who begin to live fall and the dangers that lie in wait for those who have no weapons to defend themselves?

65. People, no longer accustom yourselves to corruption, fight it without boasting of purity, nor be indignant at the wrongdoings of your fellow men Be tactful, accurate and benevolent in your speech and in your actions, so that the world will listen to you and will pay attention to your teaching words. Is it necessary that I tell you once more that before you pass on this teaching, you must live it?

66. Study My Word, disciples, so that you may discover its essence. I make you the first guardians of this revelation, which you are to make known to the world tomorrow.

67. Apparently this revelation does not contain anything great, but you will experience in the future what significance it will have among mankind.

68. Among this people there are disciples of all kinds; some suspect the greatness of this work and already feel the shock which its appearance in the world will cause; others are content to believe that this is a good way, and there are also those who cannot discover the greatness of this teaching and who doubt its victory and entry into the hearts of men I tell you, it is a jewel which I have entrusted to you, whose divine rays of light you did not want to recognize because you did not fathom my teaching.

69. Do not forget that even in His time the word of Christ was doubted, because people judged Jesus by His origin and clothing, and when they learned that He was the son of a carpenter from Nazareth and a poor woman - who later was to set out in the company of poor Galilean fishermen, to preach a teaching that seemed strange to them - they could not believe that this itinerant preacher who went from village to village and offered the meagerness of his clothing was the king whom the Lord had promised to the people of Israel.

70. I give you these indications because men seek the outward glow which blinds the senses to believe in the greatness of that which is to be seen and felt only with the Spirit.

71. I had to shed my blood, give my life and rise again, so that men opened their eyes. Which cup shall my Spirit drink now, that you may believe in me? Humanity: What would I not do to see you saved?

72. There is still a short time left to speak to you. I know that those who have not yet taken note of My rallies will later come to understand them and then embrace their mission with rock-solid faith.

73. I come armed with patience; I am a teacher to him who comes for My teaching; I am a doctor to him who seeks only health in Me; I am a lenient judge to him who has sinned much and then comes before My face with humbly bowed head to ask My forgiveness Tomorrow, when they see their desire fulfilled, their very lips will speak to teach the ignorant. They will come to the Divine Physician, but only to ask for balm and comfort for the sufferings of their neighbors, and they will also turn to My justice to intercede for the one who has offended them.

74. I have told you that to become a Master you must first be apprentices and disciples.

75. Watch and pray, that you may not fall in the temptation.

My peace be with you.

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