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Volume IV - Teaching 83 - 110 
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Book of True Life - Volume 4

Teaching 90:

1. I am the wayfarer that knocks at the doors of your hearts. I knock, and you do not know who it is; you open, and do not recognize me. I am like the wanderer who comes into a village and has no one to know him, like the foreigner who enters a foreign land and is not understood in his language. So I feel myself among you! When will you feel My presence? O people, when will you recognize Me, as Joseph was recognized in his time by his brothers in Egypt?

2. Joseph, son of Jacob, had been sold by his own brothers to some merchants who were on their way to Egypt. Joseph was still small, yet he had already given evidence of a great gift of prophecy. Envy took possession of his brothers, who got rid of him in the belief that they would not see him again. But the Lord, who watched over his servant, protected him and made him great with Pharaoh of Egypt. Many years later, when the world was plagued by drought and hunger, Egypt, guided by the advice and inspiration of Joseph, had stocked up enough supplies to withstand the visitation. Then it happened that the sons of Jacob came to Egypt in search of food. They were greatly frightened when they realized that their brother Joseph had become a minister and advisor to Pharaoh. When they saw him, they fell down on their knees at his feet, full of remorse for their wrongdoing, and they realized that their brother's prophecies had come true. He whom they thought was dead was here before them full of power, virtue and wisdom. The prophet they had sold proved to them the truth of the prophecy that the Lord had put on his lips as a child. The brother whom they had tormented and sold forgave them. Do you understand, people? Now you know why I told you on that day When will you recognize Me as Joseph recognized his brothers?

3. I also once gave you prophecies; I was likewise sold and delivered up to death But remember that I told you that I would come again. so why do you not receive Me now when I am knocking at your doors? Will it be necessary that drought and hunger appear on earth as on that occasion so that you finally seek me?

4. How much I have spoken to you and given you since the beginning of times to save you from evil and bring you to perfection! But you still need time to be able to reach the top of the mountain where I await you to guard you like jewels that sprang from my love and that return to me.

5. All men know that I am the Father of all created things and that the destiny of the beings is in me. Yet I have received neither their attention nor their respect from them. They likewise create, are also masters, and believe to have power over the fate of their neighbors - so why should they bow to me?

6. In this way man has put my patience to the test and challenged my justice. I have given him time to find the truth, but he has not wanted to accept anything from me. I came as father and was not loved; after that I came as master and was not understood; but since it is necessary to save mankind, I now come as judge. I know that man will rebel against my righteousness, because he will not understand me even as a judge and will say that God has avenged himself.

7. I wish that all would understand that God cannot have feelings of revenge because His love is perfect. Neither can I send the pain; it is you yourselves who attract it through your sins. My divine justice is above your suffering and even your death. The pain, the obstacles, the failures are the trials that man constantly imposes on himself, and the fruits of his seed are what he reaps little by little. It is enough for me to let my light reach your Spirit in each of these crises of life, so that it may attain salvation.

8. Many people say that they do not understand the teaching of Christ, that they do not know what to turn away from and where to direct their steps. But I ask them: Do those teachings seem too high to you? Then hear Me now, and you will understand them.

9. I knew that I had to return to explain to you all those teachings. this is why I told you that the Spirit of Truth would come and explain to you all the secrets to make you understand what you had not understood This is the time when the Spirit of Truth hovers over all flesh and over all spirit. It is enough if you concentrate on the innermost part of your conscience to hear my voice. But I wanted to give you my rallies as the firstfruit of this time by means of the human organ of the intellect so that this message may be the seed that gives you firmness and faith on the way to your development.

10. In this time I am giving you love, peace and spiritual teaching, and your heart - poor and needy of all this - is purified to receive the divine gift.

11. What the mighty men and those of great knowledge have spurned, the humble receive, and what was despised in the splendid palaces reaches the poor huts and is received with joy.

12. You who have grown weary of long waiting and so much suffering, come to Me. I have prepared everything, and everything is ready for this moment. I have perfumed the wind so that you inhale My invigorating breath, for I want to approach you with infinite love.

13. The children of the mighty tell Me when they hear My calls at their door: "come again tomorrow, for today there is no place for you", while men of simple mind tell Me: "come to us, Master, come and honour our tabernacle with Your Presence Do not look at our shame. Grant us the happiness of looking at You, who visited the house of the sinner Magdalene".

14. When this pressing but humble call reaches Me, I approach and enter into these hearts that are prepared at this hour as if they were a sanctuary.

15. I discover among you those anointed with tears of pain, those who have suffered persecution, those who have endured humiliation.

16. I come because you have called Me in the silence of your struggles and disappointments; but you shall appreciate that I have come without hemming at your call, as a shepherd comes quickly when he hears the bleating of the sheep that has gone astray or is in danger

17. You have called Me with great faith, have sought Me tirelessly, and truly, I tell you, your faith could not deceive you

18. Realize that I pour My blessings like a flood of love on all those who knew how to believe and wait listen to My Voice that comes to you as if it were a song of love that makes you forget the sufferings and forgives you all that was so bitter and has gradually reaped your heart on the path of life

19. You are learning at present to feel My spiritual presence in your hearts, and this knowledge has been like a rest for some and an oasis for others I am in search of all, but first I came hurriedly to make myself known among those who, when they heard me, did not deny me, who knew how to bear the mockery of their brothers and sisters because they are with me.

20. Have patience in the trials, and you will thereby bear witness of My work; but I will likewise bear witness of My faithful disciples, so that mankind may understand that they stand in the truth.

21. Not only you will be witnesses of My work, not only the men and women of My people will bear witness to My coming, but all will speak of My coming and bear witness to My Truth, as it happened in that Second Age when at the hour of death on the Cross the sun itself was hiding, the earth was shaking and all Jerusalem was desolate and sad

22. Beloved disciples, weep no longer for me; your tears will turn into bliss because you will still weep for endless joy when you experience the victory of my teaching on earth, and no one will be able to take this bliss away from you. For now, continue to take your place at this spiritual banquet and eat the sweet bread of life.

23. Enjoy this feast, which radiates in your Spirit, so that you may forget your tribulations the moment you attain communion with Me. Let your wounds heal, and you shall rest from your hardships. When these moments have come, your heart shall shine like a house when it is decorated for feasting, and not even the most royal palaces of the earth shall have the glory that shines in your Spirit in this hour.

24. Blessed are the meek of heart, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

25. Blessed are those who suffer deeply when the shepherd is offended. But fear not for Me, fear for yourselves, whom pain can indeed depress and overcome temptation.

26. You refresh yourselves by listening to Me and ask Me: "Master, why have You chosen us, though we are so small and so weak? But I answer you: your master is never wrong.

27. Recognize: even before you came here for the first time to hear Me - when you did not yet know of My coming, your heart already pointed out to you that the Master was about to send His Light to the world like a beacon guiding the shipwrecked in the midst of the storm

28. I have called you to make you My workers and send you on the ways to proclaim this Good News But first I expect you to learn to forgive your enemies, all those who put crowns of thorns on you, all those who gave you bile and vinegar to drink, so that you may say that you are now strong enough to go out and sow the seed of spiritualization.

29. When this is true, you shall go forth to sow, and though you encounter sufferings and bitterness in your narrow way of spiritual missionaries, you shall also have great joys that will compensate you. When you go away to sow My seed of love, pray and have confidence. Sometimes you will weep, but on the other hand there will be many things that will give you joy when you fulfill My law.

30. You will find tears and joys in your daily work until you have reached the end of your atonement and come to the Promised Land where all is peace, harmony and perfect happiness

31. At times your cup will be full of honey, another time full of bitterness, but I tell you again that he who prays, watches and trusts in Me will not succumb to weakness because his heart will be full of faith and he will never be able to deny Me because his lips will unswervingly proclaim My Truth on earth

32. The way is full of suffering and far, but my love will quench the thirst of your heart Remember that I have always come to men when I have seen that they are close to perishing from hunger or thirst.

33. He who has always come for your salvation is speaking to you at this moment: Christ, the Divine Promise, made man in Jesus in the Second Time, the Divine Word made man's word; the Spirit of Love, Light, Wisdom, limited in a ray which, through conscience, touches man's spirit and mind to teach him to transmit My thoughts

34. Some say to Me in their hearts: "Lord, how could You come down in this way into our hearts? - Oh My children! Have you not at times seen a mother go into a dirty neighborhood where one of her children sighs and begs her, degenerate in dirt or in misery?

35. Only these mothers could tell you how they felt the heartbeats of the straying child calling them and begging for their presence and motherly love, trusting to obtain their forgiveness

36. And I, who am he who is the epitome of all love, in whom is the love of all fathers and all mothers, should be able to remain impassive at the call of your Spirit? Should I refrain from rushing to the place - whatever this may be - where one of my children is at the mercy of ruin and calls me? How little do you know about me, although I have declared my love to you in so many and so unlimited forms!

37. Do you not remember on how many occasions I made My Love known - not only to those who believed in Me, but also to him who betrayed Me and to those who persecuted and judged Me? Now you could ask me what was the reason that moved me to allow all those mockeries. But I answer you: It was necessary that I left them complete freedom of thought and action so that there would be suitable occasions to reveal myself and so that all would experience the mercy and love which I taught the world.

38. I did not move the heart of Judas to betray Me; he was the instrument of an evil thought when his heart was filled with darkness. But in the face of that disciple's unfaithfulness, I revealed My forgiveness.

39. It would not have been necessary for any of mine to betray me to give you that example of humility. The Master would have proved it on every occasion that men would have offered him. It fell to that disciple to be the instrument through which the Master showed His Divine Humility to the world, and even if you thought that it was that man's weakness that brought about the death of Jesus, I tell you that you are in error, because I came to give myself to you completely, and if it had not been in this way, you can be sure that it would have been done in another way. Therefore you have no right to curse or judge him who is your brother, who in a moment of darkness lacked the love and faithfulness he owed to his Master. If you blame him for My death - why do you not bless him, knowing that My blood was shed for the salvation of all men? It would be better for you to pray and ask that none of you fall into temptation, for the hypocrisy of the scribes and Pharisees still exists in this world.

40. It is for you to pray and watch, that you may always be instruments of light and never serve darkness. I will always have the opportunity to bring before this unbelieving and materialistic humanity the truth of all that I have revealed to it.

41. Just as in former times, I leave man today the freedom of his own will decision, so that he makes use of the gift of his will and comes to me of his own accord.

42. I have created you free - not for evil, but free as the course of the water, as the growth of the plants, as the singing of the birds

43. At that time I did not entice men to call me or to seek me, nor did I resist when they rejected me. I allowed them to do their will, to do my will afterward over all created things. With this I want to tell you that I will let you come to me by making use of your will. For if you try to force this wonderful power, which keeps mankind in motion, in another direction, you will not attain perfection. So pay attention that your will is mine, and you will reach the final goal of the way, which is my father's heart.

44. I will call you as I have always done without ever becoming tired, and my voice will lovingly repeat day after day: "Come to me. but to hear My call, you must purify your heart so that the sinister forces opposed to virtue, purity and goodness find no kinship in you and, although they try you, do not bring you down

45. The gates of My Kingdom are open, through them great floods of light are pouring out, their brightness reaching this world in search of hearts, minds and spirits to settle on them

46. I warn you in advance of everything because I have already told you that there will be fighting and that My Teaching will be fought in many ways many are those who will make an effort to make them disappear from the earth; but before My Teaching disappears, the last of the souls would have to disappear first, that is, the last man in this world

47. Do not be afraid if they should call you blasphemers when you say that He who spoke to you in the Spirit was Christ Himself Even when Jesus said in the Second Time that He was the Son of God, people were outraged. I will forgive their unbelief and allow them to call Me as it pleases them best.

48. Many will deny that I have spoken to you through the mouth of sinful men. But then I will say to them: Do not direct your attention to the vessel, evaluate the contents, and then I will pour out the purity of my teaching on the heart of my deniers. They will recognize me because I have a mark to call my sheep, and these recognize the voice of their shepherd.

49. They will come and put me to the test because they want to prove to you that you are in error If I do not give them my name they will say that I am not I, and if I answer their ill-intentioned questions they will deny me with even greater zeal.

50. Then I will say to them: Whoever wants to enter the kingdom of light must seek it with the heart. But he who wants to live without recognizing me will have withheld divine knowledge from his own Spirit, and will thus bring about that everything which is clear and light-filled revelation is mystery and mystery for him.

51. I give you My peace, not the one the world promises, because it is not true, but only the one I let you feel Carry My Peace with you because the way you walk is sown with thorns, I know that. Humanity is sailing in an ocean of suffering. Sin is unleashed, and you do not have enough strength to fight against all these hardships. That is why I have come to give you strength and bring you out of this chaos. Whenever you have lost the way and feel restlessness, you ask yourselves in your deep confusion whether this is My way; but I answer you that I always show you the right way.

52. Some unbelieving heart asks Me this day: "Is it You, Master, who speaks to us? And I answer him, "It is I, in Spirit and in truth, and show Myself to you in humility within the limits of your comprehension, so that you may know Me and let yourselves be enlightened by this light, so that it may purify you and prepare your heart, revive it and show it the spiritual life which awaits it.

53. At this time I open the book of my teaching. I want it to remain open in front of your hearts and that you tirelessly memorize its teachings. I am giving you instructions because now is the hour indicated by My love, in which I will make you owners of the wisdom that comes to you.

54. Pure you have come forth from Me but in time you have stained your soul and after purification and toil you come to Me and I give you back the value and grace you have lost I mark you with a seal of light so that you are recognized by your fellow men. I have called you disciples and want you to emulate those of the Second Time. Do you not agree that I have chosen you? - You tell Me in silence: "Your will be done". Nor can I leave you in My place, nor are you sufficiently equipped to teach. What could a voice bearer pass on, even if he has the gift of the Word, if My Ray would not enlighten him? they are still clumsy and only prepared to receive and transmit My inspiration; but their heart is not yet a fountain of mercy and love because they are inexperienced Blessed are those who have felt faith in hearing my word and who, without me having granted them great proofs, offer me their gratitude.

55. No one has come by chance; I have brought you here. But when you have spoken to me, you owe it to me to recognize me and to love me. - Men and women, you who have lived in splendid dwellings until now: Will you follow Me? Do you not know that you are marked as My chosen ones and it is My will that you serve in My work? Even though you have loved the world very much, today you are to love the spiritual life, serve your brothers and sisters and base your joy of life on it. But if your relatives and friends misjudge you for the sake of this spiritual fulfillment, feel no pain, be strong and take Me as your model.

56. When I lived among you in the Second Age, I found My children arrogant through their knowledge and power. I wanted to let My Word enter their hearts and found indifference in them towards the gifts of the Spirit. But that is why I did not turn away from their way. To help them to transform their hard hearts, I prepared trials that would enlighten them.

57. On one occasion one of those men who had heard My word came without believing him. He came full of fear, and despair was reflected on his face because he could not find the means to restore health to his wife who was dying. Conquered by pain, he turned to Me, after having consulted his science in vain, without discovering a cure for the disease which was about to end the life of his companion, and said, "Are you the one who heals? and I answered him: "what is it that you hold dear, good man?" Then he spoke and pleaded for recovery for his wife. I told him, "Perhaps My knowledge is useless, and the power I am endowed with is ineffective? But I followed his steps and reached the camp of the terminally ill and touched their foreheads. The husband looked at her unbelievingly, while she regained her health. The woman rose and was healthy, and in full knowledge she cried with joy, threw herself to the ground and said to Me: "Master, You are the Divine Physician, our God. Why do they not recognize You and follow You, although You do such miracles? "Wait, woman," I answered her, "it is necessary that I go away from you to be understood; but those who already now recognize My truth are the chosen ones.

58. So it will be in the third time. Many who have directly witnessed My rallies and miracles have not believed. But time passes and the events that will occur will speak and bear witness to all these miracles, and even then they will still demand new proofs. Others have followed me from the first moment and are with me. These are those who live more for their Spirit than for their body and who did not wait until I stopped speaking to understand who taught them.

59. When you, My disciples, set out with a little faith and work for mankind, you will perform miracles, for I will use you to give proofs to those according to My will who ask for them.

60. When the time has come, no books will be in the hands of My chosen ones, for their faith and good works will lead them to the fulfillment of their destiny.

61. No one who wants to follow Me fears the judgment of his brothers and sisters. Many fearful ones tell Me, "How can I follow You? When my parents, my relatives, my friends learn that I hear this word, they will no longer know me, they will cast me out from among them. The Master speaks to these hearts and tells them Not all who are with Me are at peace with their own; to follow Me they have gone through a trial of suffering. But I ask those who caused them torment: What evil have these creatures done to you? Why did you make them cry?

62. Now is the time of greater righteousness and severity. I want that until then you have sown goodness and works of truthfulness in your neighbor so that you may reap their fruits. Do not expect the world to pay for your works of mercy. Let Me reward your love for men with My blessing.

My peace be with you!

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