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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume IV - Teaching 83 - 110 
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Teaching 103:

1. Pay attention to what happens when you leave what is incumbent upon you on earth to come and hear my word or to relieve any pain. When you return to your work or to your home, you feel as if someone had been there and represented you in your absence. And so it is indeed, disciples, because it is I who watch over what you miss in the short periods of time in which you are busy fulfilling your spiritual task.

2. Take this as a proof that whenever you leave this world behind to dedicate your existence to My service, I will watch over those you leave behind, those I will cover with My mantle of peace, filling the emptiness you leave with them through My presence

3. Understand that if I have long since taught you the way to live in the world as children of God, I am now preparing you to enter the spiritual life that awaits you after this Go through this existence in fulfillment of your task which you brought to earth so that you may grasp the meaning of the spiritual life when you once enter into it.

4. Do not avoid men under the pretext that their sins frighten you. If you love Me, you shall not refrain from loving Me in your neighbor. Just now, when the dangers and threats accumulate over man, you must prove to me that you love them, that you feel their pain, and that you are ready to fight for the salvation of all. Have you not experienced how I have always come to your aid in the very moments of greatest bitterness for mankind?

5. Guard and pray, people, your mission is clearly established, therefore no one is to come back to Me and tell Me that he could not do anything because he did not know the purpose for which he was sent out. Your works shall be determined by charity, community thinking and peace.

6. My new disciples who heard Me in these times have taken the responsibility to spread My teaching and to make sure that their works are the best testimony of the truth that this teaching holds.

7. By thus living in accordance with this Word, they will have fulfilled the task for whose sake they were sent into this world, and their testimony will be accepted as true

8. At all times I have manifested Myself in the people who were destined to spread the knowledge and faith in My Divinity throughout the world - a people of chosen Spirits and not of a certain race, for it does not matter whether I find them incarnate in one nation or another, whether they speak one language or another

9. Why should I adorn the body of man with beauties that belong only to the Spirit? Why should the Lord take pleasure in only one of the races that make up mankind?

10. At this time the Spirit of true Israel is at work everywhere. It is the spirits who feel My presence, who await My coming, who trust in My righteousness.

11. When these words go elsewhere, many will mock them; but I tell you, it would be better for them not to make them the object of their mockery, for the hour will come when they will awaken from their deep sleep and realize that they too are children of the people of God

12. These crowds here who hear me today can succumb to error if they do not study my word and if they do not free themselves from their earthly-material way of thinking. They can fare like the Israelite people of the first times, who heard the voice of the Lord, received the law and had prophets, which is why they finally believed to be the only people loved by God - a grave error, from which they were to be freed by the great afflictions, humiliation, banishment and imprisonment.

13. You must know that My love could not divide you according to races or beliefs, and that when I speak of "My people", this is only because since the first times I have been preparing Spirits that I send to earth to illuminate with their light the way of mankind

14. They have been the eternal wanderers, who have lived in different nations and have gone through many trials In this time they have found that human laws are unjust, that human expressions of feeling are not true, and that there is peacelessness in the souls of men.

15. You have all experienced a new incarnation, and the suffering you experience is so severe that you ask Me to end your existence But I ask you: Do you not know that you cannot cease to exist, and that if you suffer on earth today, your soul, after its passage into the spiritual world, will continue to live under the same trial until it pays its debt or learns the lesson? You are currently emptying a very bitter cup, because you are at the end of one stage of development and the beginning of another. It is the time of harvest, when you receive the fruits of what you have sown during the last "day's work. It must be done, then, so that when the fields are then pure, I again hand over to My sowers the seed of love for sowing, which - well tended - is to give you the fruits of peace and salvation.

16. You were too ill and too weak to go on; you felt that you had no help You were looking for a light that would guide you to the safe haven, and this was the time when I came to you, who were lost in deep night and did not know where you were going. I had heard your lamentations and sent Elijah to you so that he might grant you his assistance and announce to you my coming.

17. My presence made you tremble with happiness, and in a moment you felt comforted. O disciples, do not forget My teaching from this day. Today you have learned that all that you have reaped is the fruit of your works, and that after purification you will feel free and free from all imperfections. - You see many signs that speak to you of the great trials that are yet to come upon your planet, and although you hear Me, you do not yet want to understand Me and you have not prayed. Realize that this is the time of repentance and overcoming for you who know what must come. You stand at the threshold of a new age, and everything challenges you to work. Consider the fertile fields, the virgin fields, the louder and more invigorating sun and the crystal clear waters. Everything is designed for you to live, breathe and fulfill your spiritual task. I speak to you in a figurative sense, and likewise I show you what is coming, so that you study my words and understand my fatherly longing.

18. I do not want you to misinterpret My teaching and lock yourselves up in monasteries to pray and you abandon men. Work for them, freeing them from their ignorance and materialism and stirring up faith in them.

19. Live in grace, love righteousness, be gentle, do not favor evil, on the contrary, resist it by exhorting your fellow men to good, then you will have prepared the way for the Spirit so that he will not stumble. Do all this without it appearing to you to be a sacrifice.

20. Bear with patience the trials you are to go through, for no one is spared from them. Thus you will teach your fellow men perseverance in my law.

21. Unite yourselves, do not deny one another, because you practice My teaching in different ways. If you have divided for this reason, seek out your brothers and sisters and love one another, as I love you.

22. Just as I prayed in the olive garden so that the souls of men should not be lost, so you too should pray for your fellow men. I see how many tears men still have to shed to be purified; but My mercy sustains and strengthens them so that they do not collapse on the way.

23. Disciples who have received the book of My Word from Me - become strong already now so that you do not back away when you knock on a door and it is not opened Do not forget that I have told you to knock once, twice and a third time in My name, and that when you find that your efforts could not improve the behavior of your fellow men, you leave the matter to Me and continue on your way, without carrying bitterness in your heart and still less desiring that those who would not listen to you should be afflicted by suffering. Arm yourselves with goodness, for you do not know on what day or at what hour you will have to knock on the same door, or whether they will not ask for you. Only love and patience will be able to soften hearts of stone, and therefore you should always be prepared.

24. I tell you again that you should not act as judges in the deeds of your fellow men. Whenever my disciples, my messengers and messengers are not heard, I will let my voice be heard in the conscience of those who rejected my calls. That voice will be that of the judge, but you already know that in the divine judge there is always my fatherly love. It is not so with you men, who often, when you become judges of your fellow men, no longer prove yourselves to be their neighbor. You must remove every evil feeling from your hearts so that you can reach the souls of men with love.

25. Love him who receives you and gives you faith no more than him who does not accept your word. When you achieve this progress, you will be able to say that you are beginning to understand Me and feel in your being a power that will give you the courage to pass the greatest tests that the world could subject you to.

26. For this teaching I am giving you now, I gave you an example already in the Second Time. Jesus hung on the cross, the Savior died in the face of the multitudes whom He had loved so much. Every heart was a door that He knocked on. Among the crowd was the man who ruled many people, the prince of the Church, the publican, the Pharisee, the rich, the poor, the depraved, and those of simple mind. But while some knew who He was who died in that hour, because they had seen His works and received His benefits, others, thirsting for innocent blood and greedy for vengeance, hastened the death of that whom they scornfully called "King of the Jews," not knowing that He was not only King of one people, but that He was so of all the peoples of the earth and of all the worlds of the universe. As Jesus turned one of His last glances at those crowds of people, He, full of merciful love and compassion, raised His plea to the Father and said, "My Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.

27. That look embraced both those who wept for Him and those who rejoiced in His torment, for the love of the Master, which was the love of the Father, was for all alike.

28. I tell you disciples in My law of love that if you cannot do perfect works like those I did in Jesus, at least make an effort in your life to come close to them. It is enough for me to see a little good will to emulate Me and a little love for your neighbor, and already I stand by you and reveal My grace and My power in your way.

29. Never will you be alone in the struggle. Since I do not leave you alone when you are oppressed by the burden of your sins - do you believe that I leave you when you go your way under the burden of the cross of this mission of love?

30. Understand Me, disciples, so that you may take Me as your model. Get to the bottom of My works and My words so that you may discover the essence of My teaching. I only wait for your armament to indicate to you the time when you are to work, because I will bring the light of redemption to men through you.

31. Yes, beloved disciples, I am the vine. Take the wine of my grace; tomorrow you will need it to fight. Prepare yourselves now that you are at My table. Then when the hour strikes, you shall neither dither nor falter. You will be My sowers and in your faith you will act like the people who cultivate the land, sowing the seed, placing all their trust, devotion and hope in God. Thus I speak to you who do not know where the rain for your seed or the bread for your lips will come from; but I assure you that nothing will be lacking.

32. Forget not that victory belongs to the persistent. Fulfill your task on earth, and when you have finished it, you can leave this world and go to the land I have promised you - the spiritual home that is destined for the children of the Lord. Put your hope in Eternal Life and do not listen to the materialists who think that My teaching is an obstacle to the material progress of mankind because it always speaks to you of spiritual life.

33. Neither is he right who thinks that he must always think of death and spurn what this life offers you because it is transitory. This one has not understood my word correctly to interpret it, yes, he does not even know it.

34. The first law that came to man's mind through conscience was the one that told him, "Grow and multiply. But now I tell you that that law is not limited only to the multiplication of the human species, but also includes that of your abilities, virtues, and knowledge.

35. I teach you to go through the world, leaving behind a work of love for those who come after you. He who does this has his eyes fixed on the eternal. If existence on earth seems too short to you to carry out a great work, do not worry that death will break off your work, for it will not be so, since my loving care is omnipotent and I have the means for you to bring it to completion. I have given you a share in the work of creation, in the work of development and in the work of perfection, and nothing will be able to prevent you from reaching the goal of your way.

36. Fulfill your task in harmony with the Creator and with your neighbor, and in the end, when all is completed, you will be infinitely happy in the contemplation of the Divine Work, in which you have collaborated with your Father. How great this happiness will be in My Spirit, and what unspeakable bliss will be in all My children!

37. I see your thirst for love, your hunger for light, and the so great desire you have for Me, and I, your Father, who has all means at his disposal to let My Voice reach you, wanted to speak to you through human minds, as a form accessible to you to help you to understand My spiritual messages

38. Only My power has caused the sinner to become a mouthpiece of My Word But whoever has doubted this has soon experienced the transformation of human beings, through which I have given you my word. You have seen thoughts of infinite wisdom spring from an uneducated mind, have experienced how the Divine Word blossoms full of light and goodness on the lips of sinners. The voice-bearers, tireless in this service and devoted to Me, have made it possible for My Spirit to express this message to mankind.

39. I have received great crowds of people without preferring any of My children. Among them was both he who loves Me and he who denies Me, both he who believes in My presence in this form and he who doubts, and I have received them all with the same word of love and the same fatherly caress.

40. In these crowds I have received the whole human race. When I spoke to this people here, I have addressed My word to all men, for My message has been for the people of this time and for those of the future. Whenever among these multitudes people of other lands have come, I have received them with love on behalf of their peoples and prepared them so that they should be messengers and prophets among those who, according to race and language, belong to them, and I have taught them to pray and to keep watch for their peoples and made them guardians for the times of trial and persecution.

41. My ardent desire, which you should interpret as a divine mandate, is that you bring My Word to every heart where it is needed; that you do not forget that just as you came lamenting in My Presence with hunger and thirst, all mankind is in a true agony of the soul in this hour

42. The day is already near when men will understand the meaning that the Spirit has, for many who think they believe do not believe, and others who think they see do not see. But once they grasp the truth, they will recognize that it would be childish, unjust, and unreasonable to continue to feed a being belonging to another life with fruits of the world. Then they will seek the light in the religions, and in their fear of the soul and their agonizing desire to find the truth, they will abolish the falsehood of the teachings and weed out everything superficial and outward that they find in the various cults until they discover the divine essence.

43. I want that when these times come, you will be in full knowledge of all that is happening and of the mission you are to carry out. Therefore I tell you once again: listen, fathom and understand My Word.

44. I thirst for your love, therefore I have approached you in this time; for it is not love that I have found among men, but sin and selfishness

45. People of this time have forgotten the examples of teaching and the works that Jesus left you as a legacy of His love

46. You have not imprinted that Word in your hearts, for if you had really kept it, My promise to return to you would have been present to you and you would have watched and prayed in expectation of My coming But when I came, I surprised you as sleeping. Then I said: "Blessed are those who follow My call without reservation, for I will make them possessors of great wisdom. Some came in good faith, others waited until they saw themselves freed from the bodily shell, and then said to Me: "Here I am, Lord; like a bird that leaves its prison and spreads its wings, I come to You to do Your will. But my will, people, has been that you take firm steps on the spiritual path already in this world, for I want the body that I have entrusted to you to be no longer a chain or a prison for the soul. The soul was not created to be a slave to the flesh or to the world: it is free. Nevertheless, spiritual ignorance and religious fanaticism have made man's soul a slave, dragging chains of darkness with them century after century.

47. Now I am again showing you the way, sweetening your life's journey with the good taste of My Word and handing over to each one his cross of love, so that he may climb the mountain top with his burden and complete his work on it Let no one who is my disciple have the intention to come to me without his cross because then he will not be recognized as an apostle of my teaching.

48. There are many people who claim to follow My teaching, others who believe to love Me but their love is false because they do not practice My teaching and because they have never lived within My Law I do not want you to be like them, but that you may truly begin to feel love and mercy. Do not boast of what I have given you nor of what you do, even though you often feel that the heart in your chest seems to burst with delight after you have done a good work or made yourselves worthy of a miracle.

49. My teaching is characterized by simplicity. It reveals in spiritual language the value or merit that each of your works must have in order to be recognized by your Lord. Verily, I say to you, your Spirit recognizes already by the light he has obtained whether a work is of sufficient value or not to offer it to the Father. This is the teaching with which I will nourish your Spirit at this time.

50. Of the wine that is in this cup, I will drip drop by drop on your lips until the day of My farewell. But do not be sad, for just as you hear Me, so did My apostles hear Me in the Second Time when I told them: "I will soon go away and leave you in My place to teach your fellow men. They had lived with Me, had suffered with their Master, saw My works and heard My words. But they were not the only ones, for My life was public, and witnesses of My word were both simple minds, poor and meek of heart, and sinners, Pharisees, scribes, publicans; the governor, the civil servant and the captain.

51. I spoke to each one and gave him My light according to his spiritual need.

52. Likewise in this time I have spoken to you and made myself known before all and in broad daylight, that every one may take upon himself the part that comes to him in My work and fulfill it. How beautiful will be the reward which your Spirit receives when he once leaves the body shell. Make yourselves worthy of this reward; but therefore free yourselves from the darkness of ignorance, so that you do not become wandering souls without direction and without goal.

53. Serve and love mankind, who is your sister and who is being afflicted by My righteousness in these moments. Behold, there is no heart that has not drunk the cup of bitterness. At this time pain is with all men, but through it I will be sought, and through it men will feel the sorrow of having hurt Me.

54. Some expect the return of the Messiah; but in what way do they expect me? When will you finally take note that I am currently making myself known to mankind anew? verily, I tell you, My Light has reached all nations through My messengers who came to mankind as pioneers of My third revelation

55. Seven nations will be chosen to make world peace and true brotherhood among men will exist; in them I will manifest Myself today I have found them entangled in fratricidal wars, abandoned to their dreams of greatness and their insatiable thirst for power From this (Mexican) nation, I will send an ambassador of good will to the great peoples of the world to speak to them of peace, and when they have ended the war, the light of concord and peace will reach their Spirit. But this light will not appear from the east or the west; it will come down from my spirit to the spirit of men.

56. prepare yourselves so that those destined for this mission may set out to the nations at the right time, and when they have caused My new word to be heard everywhere, the mighty tree will let its branches, its shadow and its fruits reach all its children You must then redouble your efforts and your zeal so that My teaching will not be distorted and so that the ignorant and reckless people will not cut branches from the tree entrusted to you with the intention of raising strange trees from them.

57. My work is to be made known in the sincerity and perfection in which I have revealed it to you, without external rites or customs.

58. When you recognize it as so perfect, you feel unworthy of it and ask yourselves, "Why did the Father turn to us precisely to reveal it to us? But I tell you that your soul, in spite of the imperfections that you have about you, has achieved a great development on its long way of life. But you will not now already become conscious of the greatness of this rallies, but only when I have withdrawn My word among you. Then you will understand the good that you had and will be filled with happiness to have had me among you.

59. Verily I say to you, at My table of love you have eaten and drunk, O beloved disciples

My peace be with you!

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