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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 

Volume IV - Teaching 83 - 110 
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Teaching 105:

1. From these words ye shall make a book, which shall remain on earth, that men may find the path to spiritualization. Many of them will deny his truth, but many will also confirm that all his statements are correct.

2. From generation to generation the gifts of the Spirit will reveal themselves more strongly and more clearly, and this fact, which is evident even among the most doubting and unbelieving, will be the testimony of the truth of all that I announced to you in the past times and confirmed you in this one.

3. Do you perhaps recognize with what penetrating power my word sounds in this time, when it has manifested itself through the brain of the voice bearer? Neither can you imagine the miracle of dialogue from Spirit to Spirit when it reaches its climax.

4. Are you not amazed when you hear the description of a spiritual face by means of the gift of the seer or the prophetic power of a dream? Verily, I tell you, you have hardly begun to see a glimmer of what others will see in the future.

5. You were amazed at the gift of intuition, and the gift of healing amazed you; but it is necessary that you leave a good example to the spiritualists of tomorrow.

6. The time that Joel announced, in which men would receive the Spirit of God in their spirit and flesh, is now come. But it is only the dawn, and it is necessary that you, the first disciples, should leave good seed, so that your works may be good fruit, encouraging the wayfarers of tomorrow in their journey through life, and not stumbling blocks over which one stumbles.

7. Because of the light you have received, you are among those who will correctly interpret the teaching I have revealed to you already in times past

8. The thorough investigation you give to My word and the observance of it by you will be the best spiritual work you leave to future generations They will be grateful to you for it, and I will bless you.

9. You, the first ones in this age, shall be pillars, guides and guardians of the descendants and shall rejoice in the accomplishment of your mission

10. Live to save your fellow men, then I will save you Let your boats go into the water and set out in search of the shipwrecked, and when you see the waves roaring and becoming threatening, pray, and immediately you will feel the mantle of My Peace over your Spirit.

11. Disciples, do not think that only in the bosom of the people of Israel My messengers, My prophets, pioneers and enlightened ones appeared, because you would then deny many of My messengers whom I have sent with messages of light, peace and love to various places on earth

12. Mankind is the earth in which I sow the seed of love This was watered with the divine dew so that when the sowing of My Word would take place, it would find a suitable field to bear fruit.

13. Whenever a revelation of God is about to enlighten men, I have sent them pioneers or prophets to prepare them so that that light may be recognized by them. But do not believe that only those are My messengers who bring messages for the Spirit. No, disciple, everyone who sows good among men in any of its forms is a messenger of Me.

14. These messengers you can meet in all the ways of your life, both in the religious communities and in the sciences, among the people who rule or among those who give good teaching.

15. A good servant of Mine never deviates from the path he has to take; he would rather die on the way than retreat. His example is a seed of light in the lives of his neighbors, and his works are examples to others. Alas, if mankind could yet understand the messages which I send it through them! But it is not so, because there are many people who have delicate missions in the world, but who turn their gaze away from those great examples to follow a path that is more pleasing to them.

16. You have rulers in whose hearts there is not the justice and generosity to rule their people because they are after the miserable goal of power and wealth - people who claim to be My deputies and who do not even know love for their neighbor - doctors who do not know the essence of their mission, which is mercy - and judges who confuse justice with vengeance and misuse the law for corrupting purposes

17. No one who goes crooked ways and turns his gaze away from that light which he has within him as the beacon of his conscience has any idea of the judgment he is preparing for himself.

18. There are also those who have usurped tasks which are not their due, and who, by their errors, give evidence that they absolutely lack the necessary abilities to carry out the task which they have undertaken of their own accord.

19. In the same way, you can find servants of God who are not, because they were not sent for this purpose - men who lead nations and who are not even able to direct their own steps - teachers who lack the gift of teaching and who, instead of spreading light, confuse the mind - doctors in whose hearts there is no feeling of compassion in the face of the pain of others, and who do not know that he who truly possesses this gift is an apostle of Christ. All My basic principles have been defiled by men, but now the hour has come in which all their works will be judged. This is My judgment, since it is Mine to execute it. Therefore I say to you: Watch and fulfill My commandments of love and forgiveness.

20. Have I told you that you belong to the people of Israel, the owner of the divine seed? So work on yourselves that you may be worthy to carry the seed of love, peace and light.

21. Reflect on the lessons I have taught you this day, so that you may not stray from the paths I have marked out for you, and that you may not take on tasks that do not belong to you, and that you may not make false use of your abilities For if, after all you have heard in my teachings, you commit those errors which I have pointed out to you, your judgment will have to be more severe than that of him who during his life did not know a teaching of such light as the teaching you have received contains.

22. Beloved people, multiply, stand firm and fulfill your mission.

23. I have kindled a light in the way of the soul, that it may not stray and go safely on its way, like a sheep that knows where the hurdle is.

24. This light, which is that of spiritual conscience, illuminates the breach and discovers the wolf when it lies in wait in the thicket.

25. Not all men walk the safe way. There are many stray people who have lost their way, wandering travellers, beings without any particular direction. When I cross their path and ask them, "Where are you going? What or whom do you seek," they tell me with their heads hanging, "Master, I do not know where I am going, where my feet are taking me, nor what it is that I seek. Then I told them, "Follow Me," and this one word that penetrated into their heart was enough to kindle a light of hope, a flame of faith, which gave them new courage to follow My trace. For since the time when they began to follow me, they felt an unknown power, which did not leave them for a moment and let them feel an unconditional confidence in their destiny.

26. I want all of you who hear this word to understand that by asking you to walk in this way, I am offering you not only spiritual satisfactions and delights on it, but also trials, lessons and atonements, but that at the same time a higher power is streaming down to strengthen him who is being tested, and that this power is the staff on which the wayfarer has to lean throughout the whole path of life. This power contains everything: faith, love, obedience and trust.

27. Be aware of this, disciples, who begin to follow the Master, so that when trials arise in your life's path, you may think, "I am already prepared for them, the Master has pointed them out to me, and I have the confidence to endure with His divine assistance. Verily, I tell you, if you take advantage of these lessons with a strong and upfacing Spirit, you will find that no trial is in vain. For both that which is destined for a man, and that which manifests itself in the bosom of a family, or that which afflicts a nation - all of them and every one of them holds deep meaning and often great life lessons. Who could say at this moment that he is free from trials? No one, for it is the time of spiritual reparation.

28. Open your eyes to reality and make yourselves aware of the responsibility you take on when you listen to My words and become witnesses of My rallies at this time I want to tell you with this that you must not be content to listen to my word and satisfy your spiritual needs without thinking of those of others. For this satisfaction will not be complete when you consider that just in the moments of your spiritual rapture millions of your fellow men fight, despair or fall in the fire of murderous wars.

29. My teaching prepares you for a struggle in favor of peace and spiritualization in the world. My teaching tells you what you are to do so that you may all cooperate in this work of salvation. Then your Spirit will more and more experience the peace and satisfaction that comes to those who cooperate with Me in My works of love.

30. Do not lose that sensitivity that your heart wins when you listen to My Word when you return to your material life struggle, because there, on those paths, your fellow men are waiting for a word from you that contains consolation or a saying that brings My Message of Light to their hearts But if your heart has fallen back into its accustomed hardness, when they turn to you, you will not even be able to look into the interior of him who sought something with you that was not your property but was intended for him: My Light, My Peace, My Balsam.

31. Do not think that your lack of love for men can go unpunished; for if you should violate your spiritual duties, when the crowds of men enter the bosom of your communities and get to know the message you have hidden or withheld from them, they will wonder inwardly whether these are My new apostles, while others who penetrate My teaching will give you a lesson on how to fulfil the divine commissions

32. I must speak to you in this way to prevent you from falling asleep and so that you will not be surprised in your slumber. I challenge you to fight, and for this I give you My example of constant effectiveness.

33. No one tells me that he finds too great obstacles in his way to be able to fulfill his task. For if you believe that no leaf of the tree moves without the will of the Father, you must also understand that you are to carry out your mission beyond what you call obstacles.

34. Do not hold the view that you are already fulfilling your spiritual mission by your mere presence in these places, or that you have already served me by speaking of my teaching alone. For your field of activity is so wide and so full of opportunities to practice love in your ways that you do not have to make an effort to find suitable opportunities for sowing. But you have not paid attention to all this, and that is why you say that you have too many obstacles before you to be able to fulfill; for you have not fathom all that your spiritual task involves.

35. Love, serve, be useful, save and comfort, make your life a beautiful example, a practical teaching, so that you may be emulated. Then you will radiate spiritual light upon your fellow men. When you speak of my teaching, you will fulfill the mission to sow the seed of spiritualization. But do it with humility and be aware that every work that contains vanity will be an unfruitful seed that will never germinate.

36. I assure you that if you work in your life with the tact, sincerity and righteousness that I counsel you, the hard hearts of which you speak to Me in your prayers will soften from your virtue, and you will come to the conviction that the advanced Spirit can never be hindered in carrying out this mission because he is above all the petty things of this life.

37. Never think badly of those who do not like you, and do not be bitter about those who do not understand you, for you yourselves transmit the most inner feeling you have toward your neighbor to them in thought.

38. I offer you so many reliefs in this time to be My disciples that you need not leave your parents, wives or children to go to countries where you spread My teachings, nor do you need to preach with a loud voice in the streets and squares, nor do you need to fear that at the end of the missionary activity the scaffolding of blood will inevitably await you This is the way I walked and so did My apostles, but that blood cleansed the path so that the new disciples would not fall on it. You only have to understand the spiritual meaning of this message to realize it and apply it in a simple way to your life so that you may truly live My Word.

39. I have given power over matter to the Spirit so that he may emerge victorious from the trials and reach the final goal of the Way. But the struggle will be great; for since man created the only kingdom in the world in which he believes, he has destroyed the harmony that is to exist between him and all that surrounds him. From his proud throne he wants to subject everything to the power of his science and impose his will on the elements and forces of nature. But he has not succeeded in this, for he has long since broken the bonds of friendship with the spiritual laws. - When I now told this people here that the forces of nature can obey him, there were some who did not believe this, and I tell you that they have reason to doubt, because nature will never obey those who disregard, defile or mock it. On the other hand, the one who knows how to live in harmony with the laws of Spirit and matter, that is, who lives in harmony with everything that surrounds him, will become one with his Creator during his life, and will become worthy of the fact that the elements of nature serve and obey him, as it is due to every child who is obedient to his Father, the Creator of all that exists.

40. I did not say that this church here has reached the necessary spiritual elevation to make such miracles a reality, nor that it is currently already achieving harmony between the material and the spiritual. I only encourage them to strive for this goal through spiritualization.

41. To encourage you in your faith and to prove to you the truth of My words, I sometimes carry out with you such works which you call miracles and which are only the reward for those who knew how to place themselves in universal harmony, even if it was only for a short time

42. The historical tradition about the first men who inhabited the earth was passed on from generation to generation until it was written down in the Book of the First Times It is a living parable of those first human beings who lived on the earth. Their purity and innocence allowed them to feel the caress of Mother Nature. There was a friendly relationship between all beings, and among all creatures an unrestricted brotherhood. Subsequently, human passions alienated people from that life, forcing them to seek through science what they had lost through lack of spiritualization. In this way, humanity has reached the present times, in which, in order to survive, it had to steal from the elements and forces of nature what was necessary for its life.

43. I do not forbid you to make use of science, nor do I condemn it. I only want men to understand by means of my teaching that there is a higher knowledge than that which they know, and that they can reach it through love, which is the essence of all my teachings.

44. Men, how could I not tell you that these times in which you live are marked by confusion when I see that you do not let my light penetrate the dark clouds of your thoughts? I also tell you that my light will triumph because there is no darkness that can withstand its luminosity. Then you will understand that the father never leaves you in the hour of the visitation.

45. Many peoples have fallen into the deep abyss of materialization and others are near to fall; but the pain of their fall will cause them to awaken from their deep sleep

46. These are those nations which, after a time of splendor, experienced a decline and sank into the darkness of pain, vice and misery. Today it is not one nation, but the whole of humanity that is blindly running towards death and chaos. The arrogance of the nations will be afflicted by My justice. Remember Nineveh, Babylon, Greece, Rome and Carthage. With them you will find deep teaching examples of Divine Justice.

47. Whenever men have taken the sceptre of power and allowed their heart to be filled with ungodliness, pride and mad passions, dragging their peoples with them into degeneration, My righteousness has come to strip them of their power. But at the same time I have lighted a torch before them, which illuminates the way to the salvation of their soul. What would become of men if I left them to their own powers in the moment of their trials? Turn your gaze to all those peoples who were once great and who today lie in ruins. They will blossom anew, but it is not pride and the desire for earthly greatness that will raise them up again, but the ideal that is inspired by that justice and virtue that My teachings spread. From their ruins new nations will arise, and on the ruins of their churches and their idols they will offer true worship to their God.

48. Pride has been humbled and sin washed away by pain; but do not forget that many stains of shame are yet to be removed and that, however pure the lives of men on earth may become, this planet will never be the eternal home of the Spirit. Because who believes this has misinterpreted my word, or he has not understood the true meaning of life.

49. This world will always only be the temporary home of the soul, only a partial stretch on the way to its atonement, its development and perfection. The life that awaits you to receive you forever is different.

50. In My presence come the sick, the failed, the spiritually poor, and while some bless My will, others, in the face of pain, covet and attribute their sufferings to a divine punishment or injustices of fate. Then it is necessary that I free you from your ignorance and reveal to you the core of truth.

51. As long as you live in the flesh, your soul purifies itself from dark stains from past lives, and therefore it became necessary to reveal all this to you so that you can patiently endure the sufferings of the earth.

52. Since the beginning of mankind, the reincarnation of the soul has existed as a law of love and justice and as one of the forms in which the Father has shown His infinite mercy. Reincarnation is not only a matter of this time, but of all times, and you shall not think that I have revealed this mystery to you only now. Already in the earliest times the intuitive knowledge about the reincarnation of the soul existed in man. But men who strove for materialistic sciences and treasures of the world let themselves be dominated by the passions of the flesh, whereby those fibers of the human heart with which one perceives the spiritual became hardened, so that men became deaf and blind to everything that belongs to the Spirit. What good can it do them to fix their eyes on the scriptures which contain the law and the teaching, which I revealed to you in past times, if their intellect is not able to penetrate into their meaning, and their hearts do not perceive the essence of these? Recognize that sensitivity and spiritual intuition have atrophied in men, and that they therefore mostly fall prey to erroneous interpretations when searching for my truth in those texts. They have the light directly before their eyes, but instead of penetrating to the core of the teachings, they dwell on the letters, that is, on the outer form, whereby they often succumb to error. But now I am here to bring light into the mysteries and dark places, and to free you from confusion and error.

53. Blessed are those who have called me, because with this they have proved their longing for love and knowledge. They have experienced how my helping love stands by them. But you must realize that you cannot receive all you want to know in this time at once. For it is necessary that you pray, meditate and live my teachings in order to receive everything that you long for.

54. Both the man who seeks the light of knowledge in nature and the one who seeks my wisdom in spiritual revelations must walk the path by which he will find all those truths which he cannot discover on other paths, on his own feet. It is precisely for this reason that I have sent your soul to live one life after another here on earth, so that it may discover all that is in it and in that which surrounds it by virtue of its development and experience.

55. If you wish, examine My words thoroughly, but study and observe life from her point of view afterward, so that you may discover the Truth contained in all that I have told you

56. there will be occasions when it will seem to you as if there were a contradiction between what I am telling you today and what was revealed to you in times past, but this does not exist It is men who are biased in error. But now all will reach the light.

57. If you find yourselves attacked because of this way of taking up my teaching, do not worry, for indeed, I tell you, no one is yet in right knowledge, which is why no one can prove to you that he has already penetrated to the core of truth

58. Study My teaching, obtain light through prayer, make the good the norm of your life and you will see how, in the moments when you least expect it, you will be surprised by inspirations and thoughts which are true revelations of My Spirit

59. When you feel that inspirations emanating from Me reach you, you are to show yourselves humble so that you never think yourselves greater than the others, and so that with that love with which I have sent you My light, you let your fellow men share in it

My peace be with you!

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