On earth you can live




The day before yesterday there was disagreement in our house. My husband came from work and said that he wants to leave secretly and I should not know where to. Later I heard these words:

"May not seem familiar to you, but he is a vain and arrogant  hoodlum."

Last night I went to see the movie: Interstellar.

The movie is about how there will be no more food on Earth and humans will have to leave Earth to survive. However, the search in the universe is unsuccessful. The co-pilot of the spaceship says, "Love alone will conquer all.”  The pilot became stranded on Saturn, where he was restored.

This morning when I woke up, the King's words came to me:

"He who loves recognizes one another. You don't have to look far for that."  

"That's a king."

At breakfast, everything was back to normal and peaceful, harmonious.


Daily watchword:

DDT 64: 21 France: But I will save you, for the lamentations of your wives and the weeping of your children come up to Me. You want to save yourselves and I extend My hand to you. But truly I say to you: watch, pray and forgive!


During my footbath for drainage after breakfast I heard this royal word:

"... comes to reign where he finds love."

"Pissed off!!! ... when you get over your thoughts, it starts all over again and makes everything new. It wasn't that bad, forgive. Then love  radiates again warming from the heart.


Love! You got it.

Earthly !!!

You can't live on Saturn. Stay on earth.

A thousand years of reign. Here you can live.

Zombies, artificial intelligence, artificial appearance, artificial food are optional.

Our planet hosts every form of life. It is our home.

Animals may be predators as long as they are not loved by humans. Do not mess with them, they are stronger than you. Don't kill them, let them live.

Tear down the walls.

Let the clouds rain, then you will have enough food for all. Till the fields. Grow good wheat for daily bread."

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