Consciousnesses are created


A.M. Hosta  

TTT 62:38 Do you think that all those who teach are masters? Do you think that all those who call themselves servants of God are my emissaries, or that I have given them the task they perform? Do you think that all those who rule, govern and command in the world have the necessary abilities to fulfill this task? No, people! How few are those who carry out the mission that has been entrusted to them in truth! While some seize a position that does not belong to them, those who should occupy it see themselves humiliated and degraded. (76, 36 - 37)


I find comfort here - Still small voice  

Here the Lord says to Clare, "Only in you does my heart find comfort. You are my wife."

This strikes A.M. deep in her heart. She is hurt and feels humiliated and pushed back.

She draws a rune and receives the rune AS. AS means, for example, that one faithfully perseveres in one's place despite many attacks from enemies, that one receives the advice of a master when requested, that one finds good communication. It is also about shamanic songs and spiritual advancement.


When God creates children, he says to A.M. then 

"Consciousnesses are created."


Then are souls consciousnesses or are consciousnesses souls?

Is Hosta a consciousness (sacrifice, host, bread).

Is Priscilla a consciousness (elf, marriage)

Is Wind a Consciousness (the 4 winds)

Is Lucida a Consciousness (Gold, Goddess, Heavenly Mother)

Are Hosta, Priscilla, Wind, Lucida consciousnesses that God created in me while I was on the path of ascension and higher development?


A.M. gets the inspiration

I am

I am not this or that - it would limit me

A.M. hears: 

"Without beginning and without end"



A.M. has a sleepless night and is in dispute with the Lord about the fact that he has preferred someone else to her and finds no sleep.

The Lord, however, is nevertheless all the time in good spirits and rejoices and says:


When A.M. does not stop waffling, the Lord says to her:

"You are in a vacuum. Gamma rays. If they fire those, you're gone. Zero point."

He means the so-called cell phone towers. On Sunday, when A.M. and her husband were driving on the highway, they kept seeing these masts. But still, there was no cell phone reception, it was a dead zone. These masts are not cell phone towers, but weapons systems, designed to eject gamma rays at the push of a button, to melt and kill everything within a 30 km radius when deployed. If one is hit by it, then one starts again at the zero point as an amoeba or the like.


now says the Lord benignly. Clare is an apostle working to build peace, as is A.M., and she is to acknowledge that. Then the Lord still says to A.M.:


"Rhema. Straighten up again."

"Of all people, the woman to whom we owe everything."

And now he means her. She is already married to the Lord.  Now it's about elevation and not humiliation and pushing back, which was quite a harsh experience. And only the master can do that.

Thunder and glory! Think it in A.M., I knew it, fighting the master is a shot that goes off against myself, pure suicide. Sharing the man with Clare, I am still vulnerable and Satan knows it.

"Never mind."

This marriage is spiritual.

"You may both sleep with me."

Consciousnesses are created in us in the process, and not randomly, but whenever our level of spiritual development that we have reached allows it.

The Lord now lets it be known that he also suffered much in his heart because of the spiritual immaturity in us and it cost him much effort to bring us here. It also shook and shook his heart and he also needed patience with us.


In the morning she gets this daily lottery:

TTT 48 : 29 This foreboding, this spiritual view into the future, this knowledge of your destiny, you will attain only to the extent that your being, consisting of body [soul] and spirit, gradually develops higher on the path of spiritualization, which is faith, sincerity, love towards life, love and helpfulness for your neighbor, humility and love towards your Lord. (160, 6- 9,13 - 14)



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