The eternal sawer


A.M. Hosta

TTT 26 : 2 I am the eternal sower. Even before I came to earth and was called Jesus by men, I was already the Sower, I was already known by those who were beyond materialization, error or ignorance - those who inhabited spiritual regions and homes that you do not yet know, nor can you imagine. 

Our Hope-Heaven Waits and Rapture

UpdateSeptember18th, 2023  

Clare shared in this video that by now many hard and cold hearts have awakened and turned to the Lord through our prayers, services and offerings. Therefore, the plans of the wicked have been frozen and we have been given more time to continue doing good and building up through prayer, love and services. Also, the Lord has told her that it will be exactly 1,000 years of His reign on earth, no more and no less. 

That's how you are! A.M. thinks to himself. And he says:

"The new one - rule - get lost!"

That's just me ....


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