BTL - Volume 7 - Teaching 202

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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume VII - Teaching 175 - 207  
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Teaching 202:
Christmas from the perspective of the father
1. Behold with your spiritual vision the star guiding you to the
presence of your Father.
2. The Savior brings you divine warmth with his word which
your anguished spirits need because of life's painful journey.
3. If you seek me because of your suffering, my love welcomes
you. Trust and accept this holy manifestation.
4. I wish to be near you so that your heart will truly feel my
presence. During this night of tenderness and harmony, I wish to be
one with you. I want you to remember that I am your first light, the
divine promise, and the tireless Master who works to make your
spirits perfect and worthy of God.
5. I want to be so near to you that it would be impossible for us
to be separated even momentarily. Behold that I come to fill you
with tenderness, hope, and healing balsam. I want you to remember
that it was on a night like this that I came to earth to reveal with my
life and examples the path that leads to the kingdom of heaven.
6. Come to me and receive the essence of this word in your
heart so that your prayer, which silently escapes from your heart,
can harmonize with the hymns of heaven and earth during this
sacred moment.
7. Pray everyone; pray for the poor, the unfortunate, the sick, the
orphans, and for prisoners. Pray so that your thoughts may comfort
those who suffer, encourage the afflicted, and wipe away the tears of
those who cry.
8. There is not one amongst you, including those with a
hardened heart, who is not touched during these moments. However,
to think of others, it is necessary to forget oneself. Then we will
truly be one during this moment of spiritual communion.
9. I have come to visit you in your solitude. When my teaching
for this day comes to an end, I will leave an unforgettable fragrance
as a sign of my presence.
10. Allow me to gather the withered flowers that your saddened
and wounded heart presents to me so that I can leave you with faith
and hope.
11. Your heart is what my Spirit seeks today so that I may arise
once again in the heart of humanity.
12. Truly I say to you that divine love will begin to flourish in
your heart when you develop your law from my words, when you
follow my footsteps, and imitate my deeds. To bring you the seed of
immortality, Jesus became man many centuries ago.
13. I come now to explain the reason for that love since you
have not been able to understand it.
14. Your spirit trembles as you listen to me, and it tells me:
"Father, it seems that I may have been with you in that time; your
words bring back memories. Master, will you rid me of that doubt?"
15. Truly I tell you that during that time spirits and men alike
witnessed my return and my work in the world.
16. Your spirit is the same, although it may have lived in
another mansion or inhabited a different body. Today, it weeps with
different eyes but it is the same spirit, asking the same questions. It
continues to question me and tries to contemplate and discover who
I am. I say to it be not afraid and remain at peace, because the spirit
Will always be learning about me and spirituality. To comprehend
the divine lessons, it is necessary to be humble, to persevere, and to
have great faith.
17. You often yearn to know first what is profound and later
what is less important. However, begin by knowing yourself.
Analyze and question yourself, and you will behold how you can be
nourished with the flame within you that God lit with the fire of the
Holy Spirit.
18. You do not fully understand this teaching, because you
realize that divine enlightenment depends on your level of
evolution. However, I assure you that those who seek me in their
innermost being, which is the temple of their own spirit, will soon
obtain an answer to those questions that have remained unexplained
for centuries.
19. It is natural for man to question and to feel uncomfortable
with spirituality. He cannot truly comprehend those things that are
spiritual and divine, because of his limited evolution. No matter how
much the Master speaks of the greatness of God, man is unable to
conceive the importance of that truth.
20. I refer only to what one should know about God, for you
will never be able to understand everything, nor understand it all as
you would like.
21. The Master says that only God truly knows God.
22. O my people, behold the profound silence with which the
universe in this hour greets and offers worship to God. Everything
enters into a gentle obedience, a divine contemplation, and a
profound worship.
23. This occurs because all beings and all creation know that I
am giving my word, the same word that was spoken through the lips
of Jesus. Men and the elements obeyed his word, incurable illnesses
were cured, and the dead were resurrected.
24. The one who knows how to prepare and elevate himself on
this night of spiritual festivity will feel the presence of those you call
angels, which are invisible and intangible. If you would truly
separate your spirit from its material body, you would behold the
countryside, cities, homes, and space illuminated with the heavenly
brilliance of countless beings, messengers of light, peace, and love.
25. The heavens draw near the earth, and its light seeks those
who stop to remember, as well as those who have forgotten the
spiritual truth.
26. Rejoice, O humanity, at least be joyful during this night
since you still do not know how to feel this peace eternally!
27. Rejoice with the true joy of the heart, which is tenderness
and the return to kindness. Rejoice with spiritual joy, which is
eternal illumination.
28. Those who remember when the Rabbi came to the world
have named this night a holy night.
29. All beings come together under the divine influence of those
memories. Those who are not present are remembered, offenses are
forgiven, families are reunited, friends visit one another, and hearts
are filled with hope. On this night when men manifest a little
tenderness in their hardened hearts, and some become more spiritual
and less materialistic, it appears that everyone awaits ,something
unknown which they are unable to explain. However, I ask: Do you
believe that only this night deserves to be called holy by mankind?
With a bit of love, could you not make every night and day of your
life holy, realizing that every moment in life, without exception, is
indeed holy?
30. You say to me: It is a night we remember each year as the
one when you came to the world bringing a message of love. I
respond: That hour marked the birth of the one in whom the Word
would come to incarnate. However, my Spirit was no closer to man
that night than it was before and is now.
31. Since your daily life is not devoted entirely to the law, the
truth, and love for one another, you must try to be united spiritually
on this night, of remembrance.
32. Come and seek me in a humble manner, trusting in the
charity of your Father for all your needs.
33. Do not come with feelings of greatness or vanity , for I say
to you that I prefer you to be in need and sinful, yet humble, as you
attempt to wash your stains in the pure water of my forgiveness.
34. Oh, if you could come with me in spirit, you could perceive
all human misery from here!
35. If the powerful and the wealthy wish to be with me on this
night, I would take them in spirit to those places of suffering and
poverty which they do not want to see.
36. I would then tell them: Leave your festivities for a while and
together we will go to those places where your poor brethren live;
we will see how they live on this holy night, which is one of sorrow
for some and celebration for others. I would tell them: Do not be
afraid, for I only ask for a few moments and soon you can return to
your feasting and laughter. Then I would take them from place to
place showing them how humanity suffers, like the poor elderly
lonely mother, who mourns the loss of her beloved sons who were
taken by war.
37. That woman lives only with memories and prayers. As she
drinks from her cup of bitterness, others indulge in pleasures. Her
spirit awaits only for the moment of its departure from the earth,
since her hopes in humanity vanished long ago.
38. Later I would show them young children who wander
among humanity, a humanity that does not respect the lives of its
brethren, expressing neither love nor understanding for those in
39. I would make men listen to the profound questions of
children, who in their human innocence ask why there exists so
much injustice, hatred, selfishness, and cruelty.
40. Then, I would take them to places where one hears the
moaning and weeping of the sick, those whose bodies have
collapsed like weather-beaten branches. They are the sick, the
dejected, the forgotten ones.
41. Afterwards, I would take them behind prison doors to the
thousands of beings who have fallen into the darkness of captivity
due to a lack of love, charity, light, justice, and peace.
42. Thus, in every site I would show them all the misery and
suffering caused by the ambition, greed, hatred, materialism and the
endless thirst for power of those who have become arrogant with
their false power. Although some regard themselves as powerful,
they are not. They only prevent others from possessing what justly
belongs to them.
43. I do not summon them, for I know they disregard my voice
that speaks to them through their consciences.
44. However, you, my people, who are listening to me and are
familiar with deprivation, loneliness, coldness, and orphanhood, and
who are able to identify with those who cry for justice, come to me.
Spiritually we will visit the sick, the depressed, and all the poor and
forgotten ones of the world.
45. Come and behold how I extend my cloak, joining it with
yours to shield all of humanity in a loving manner. Come and hear
my spiritual voice saying to those who weep: Cry no more, do not
be depressed, awaken to faith and to hope, which are enlightenment
in the path of life. Truly I say to you that if you once again are
watchful and pray with true faith, these days of suffering will be
shortened for humanity.
46. Yes, my beloved people, from where you sit and listen, you
can allow your spirit to come near my mansion to better
contemplate, understand, and feel the tragedy of mankind, your
47. Do you see those multitudes who are full of inspiration?
They are soldiers who have stopped fighting for a few moments to
offer me a few minutes of prayer and remembrance. However, their
joy and inspiration are not real. They eat and drink to ease their
hardships because great sorrow exists in their hearts. They suffer, O
my people, and they suffer greatly, especially on this night. It is a
torture for them; every memory is a thorn, and every name and face
they recall is a wound.
48. Although you may be poor, peace exists in your homes, and
you are able to be with your parents, children and wives. However,
those soldiers have to endure the bitterness of not being able to
embrace their loved ones and the anguish of thinking that perhaps
they may not see them again.
49. Many of them suffer as they destroy human lives, homes and
cities, sowing misery, grief and mourning. Thus they believe they
have lost all rights to return home to peace and to their loved ones.
50. I am aware that many of them are not guilty; there is no
hatred or evil in their hearts. I know they are victims, slaves and
instruments of others who are truly evil. - r; ~ »
51. I am the only one who can rescue them. Only my love can
shield them, for they are alone in the world.
52. You, my people, who cannot imagine what that hardship
signifies, but who presently have been touched with my word, send
them your thoughts filled with charity and light. Truly I say to you
that they will feel strengthened and encouraged and will pray and
wait for the war to end. Thus, instead of the thundering noise of
battles, they will once again hear those beautiful words, Peace on
earth to men of good will.
53. Pray, O my people, making it possible for mankind to await
the dawn of a new day, and to remember my promise of better times,
of spirituality and prosperity.
54. I also tell you: Let us now go to the hearts of children and
seek those in great need. Behold them; they sleep, and in their sleep
they judge no one even though they suffer.
55. There is no bread on their table today; nevertheless, they
rest with hope for the new day. They are clothed in rags, but they are
not ashamed, for they are innocent. They smile although their bodies
lack warmth. They are angels on earth, for in their innocent smiles
they reflect some of the purity of heaven.
56. O innocence! Shield them with your fine mantle, for they
are of the kingdom of heaven!
57. All of you regard this as a holy night. I pour my blessings
upon all of my children.
58. Know that I am yours and you are mine. Remember that I
proved my love for you by coming to live among the humble, being
born in poverty, battling obstacles, and dying in disgrace.
59. You cannot say that I do not understand you, for I have not
only seen your suffering, but I have experienced it as well.
60. I also speak to you about the elderly, of those who long ago
left the spring of their lives and who today feel the coldness of
winter. As they grow older, they lack strength, energy and health.
Work becomes more difficult, their limbs are weak, and now their
services are no longer needed.
61. Thus the elderly see themselves excluded and abandoned.
They feel dejected and are overwhelmed with sadness. Therefore,
they experience misery, hunger, and loneliness. I speak to you about
the elderly, for they are !also in need of your help and comfort. Love
them, o my people, and you will have the right to sit down at the
great table of the spiritual banquet where I will say to you: Blessed
are you who, in imitation of the Master, are able to embrace ail
those who suffer.
62. Therefore, be charitable. Then I will take your hands and
allow my blessings to pass through them. Never again will you
oppose my taking what is yours and giving it to your brothers. Thus,
when you tell me, "Father, all that is mine is yours," you will say it
with your heart.
63. If during your lifetime you have practiced charity, continue
to do so.
However, if you have not, then begin with the first needy person
who knocks at your door whether it be one who is sick of spirit or of
body, a widow, an old one, a child, or anyone who is suffering.
64. Keep in mind that those truly in need represent Jesus, and
that he is in each one of them to tell you, "I thirst." It is a thirst for
you to love one another.
65. Is it possible for the human heart not to be moved before the
great scenes of suffering and misery which humanity offers? Yes, it
is possible. I have seen those who have not experienced suffering
caress their material riches with more love than they have for human
beings, the children of God.
66. Beloved people, you have accompanied me during these
brief moments to visit the needy, and for this I bless you. Do not
think that I abandon the rich and the powerful, for even though they
appear not to need me, I am the only one who truly knows their
misery and bitterness and is truly aware of their misfortunes.
Presently, they believe they have everything. Therefore, why should
they seek me since, according to them, I am the Christ of the sick,
the outcasts, and the dejected? They are unaware that my mission is
to save them from their false splendor in order to give them true and
eternal happiness.
67. Other than you, my people, do you know who has tenderly
listened to my word and has felt her spirit vibrate with love? It is
Mary, the Maternal Spirit, who dwells within the bosom of the
Creator. Her essence will always be united with the memory of
68. Her life on earth, although longer than mine, was short, for
she came before and departed afterward. Her words, brief and
gentle, were a heavenly caress.
69. Feel her in spirit. Love and seek her spiritually; know that
she will be with you in all your deeds of charity, that her mantle of
intercession and tenderness is extended over a suffering and bloody
world. In your suffering and weeping you can hear a voice tenderly
telling you, Do not fear, be confident, for I am here.
70. Thus, my people, you have been with me; my inspiration
has penetrated your heart on this holy night, and I have made you
forget all your hardships.
71. Pray, so the light of your Savior may guide and lead you
through the stormy sea that you are now crossing.
My Peace be with you!