BTL - Volume 7 - Teaching 196

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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume VII - Teaching 175 - 207  
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Book of True Life - Volume 7

Teaching 196
1. Here is the Father who has come to manifest himself to this
multitude of people who have summoned me many times
throughout the eras, proclaiming to love me. I observe that you are
crying. Your faces are filled with tears. However, they are not tears
of love for God but tears of sorrow because your lives are filled with
bitterness. It is not a cross that you carry, but rather a heavy burden
which you can no longer support. This has occurred because you
forgot my teachings, closed my book, and ignored its mandates.
2. Oh my people, who listen to this word, there is not only
disagreement among the nations of earth, but also there is
disagreement among this multitude. Have you forgotten that in 1931
you swore unification and obedience before the ark of the new
covenant? You are doing what you want instead of fulfilling the will
of the Father. But I will eliminate your traditions and imperfect laws
so that mankind,will know my work and fulfill my law. I will touch
all vanity, pride, and corruption with my justice. All those who
consider themselves noble and great will disappear from among this
multitude and only those who are my true disciples and servants will
remain. If any individual wants to arise from this multitude to stop
my divine work, it is best that he be removed from earth.
3. The year 1947 is coming to an end, and on its last day it is
necessary for you to become truly committed to fulfilling your
mission. Otherwise, it will be my justice that will make you
recognize the path that you need to follow.
4. Do you not want this teaching to become known by
humanity? Truly I tell you that some individuals, instead of helping
it to progress, have prevented the spreading of my doctrine. I am
preparing humanity to become familiar with this revelation and to
receive it in the same pure manner that you have received it.
5. If someone is dissatisfied with possessing a branch of
enlightenment from the divine tree, return it to me. It is best for me
to take that branch rather than to allow it to fall into error. The
Father tells you this because I observe that some houses of prayer
have shut their doors to charity, and I find those who are needy and
spiritually asleep weeping.
6. Servants of my work: Listen to my mandates and fulfill them,
for man can not detain your work. I have entrusted you with a
portion of my divine plan. No one can prevent my plan from being
fulfilled if you present my work free of mysteries and confusion.
You need to become spiritually prepared during these last three
years of my communication. Stubborn individuals refusing to
acknowledge my work will arrive by the year 1950, but they will
yield and acknowledge the Lord after having witnessed the greatness
of my manifestation and the purity of your deeds. Although only a
short period remains for this manifestation, it is enough time to
eliminate all the materialism and fanaticism in your worship. My
doctrine is spiritual and that is why you are called spiritualists. But
have you carefully analyzed what it means to be a spiritualist? Do
you think it is right for one to preach about spiritualism and
contradict his words with his negative deeds?
7. If you take advantage of this enlightenment that I offer you,
you will truly observe the greatness and purity of my work!
8. The leaders of each congregation will determine whether its
people will arise to fulfill my mandates. Even when my golden pens
stop writing, I will leave my words permanently printed in the
conscience of my people. Once you achieve a higher level of
spiritual evolution, you will become amazed at the miracles I will
perform among you. You will not suffer once my manifestation
comes to an end, because you will feel my presence near you. Your
spiritual gifts will develop more when I cease to manifest myself
through human spokesmen. You will develop great faith and
experience much joy, because I will manifest myself to you through
inspiration, intuition, prophetic dreams, and spiritual vision. You
will rejoice when you help the ill become healed with your words.
9. The spiritual world, attaining greater enlightenment and
spiritual power daily, will be the protector and faithful guardian of
this nation of people so that all can fulfill their mission on earth.
Whether you have a material body or not, I only perceive everyone
as a spirit.
10. You are being illuminated by the light from the Sixth Seal,
offered through my charity during this period. In the past I sent
Jesus, my divine son. He is the only one who has fulfilled my
mandates on earth and who has obeyed the will of the Father. I sent
him to convert men into his disciples so that by imitating the Divine
Master they would glorify the Father. I sent Jesus to earth, and He
gave you life, but remember how you treated him. I have come once
again, not in human form, but as the Holy Spirit.
11. Take advantage of my charity and become spiritually
enlightened, thus enabling your heart to become sensitive. Allow
your spirit to practice humility, obedience, and allow it to become
my disciple. Believe in these teachings that I give you through
human spokesmen and prepare yourself to perceive their truth and to
feel their essence.
12. The spokesmen through whom I manifest myself are truly
not perfect. But I have chosen them to carry out my plans and to
fulfill my promise to return among you. However, this manifestation
will end in 1950 so that a more elevated, pure, and spiritual
manifestation can flourish. That communication will be from spirit
to Spirit, allowing you to communicate directly with the Divine
Father. Thus, there will be no need for intermediaries, and you will
be able to receive infinite inspiration directly from the Father.
13. But for now be content listening to me in this manner, and
prepare yourself so that you can enter into the new era of my
communication. Analyze my word and nourish yourself with its
essence. Allow your spirit to elevate itself in order to communicate
with me and thus quench its spiritual thirst.
14. Do not detain yourself by judging the spokesman through
whom I manifest myself, nor attempt to argue why he was chosen
for this mission.
Only I know his past, and only I am aware of his destiny in this
delicate mission. For some, this mission is very special and elevated,
whereas for others it represents a great ordeal and restitution.
15. Everyone can serve me and effectively utilize the time that I
have given them. Your mission is to detain evil, to cleanse the path
for future generations, and to set the foundation for a humanity that
will love me and fulfill my will.
16. During all eras I have come to give you an opportunity to
work in order to help you progress and evolve spiritually. I have
given you my teachings, and all that you need to help you ascend
closer to the Divine Father. But many individuals, after departing
from earth and returning to the spiritual valley, have analyzed their
lives and discovered that they were unproductive. Then they ask me
for another opportunity to fulfill their spiritual mission so that they
can restore their dignity and grace. I have granted their request and
thus they are allowed to return to earth to lead a more spiritually
productive life.
17. I have endowed every spirit with free will and intelligence
so that it will follow the right path and avoid those obstacles and
temptations that constantly threaten it. I have allowed good and evil
to exist so that man, out of love for me and respect for himself, will
voluntarily choose to separate himself from all evil and triumph
over it. If there was only one path to follow, and man was
unconsciously guided by the laws of nature to follow it, he would
fulfill his mission as do all things throughout nature that lack free
will. But man would achieve no merits if he followed the path of
righteousness without using his free will. Thus, there would be no
struggle, no aspirations, and no experiences for his spirit. However, I
outlined a path of evolution for man and placed him there at the
beginning, so that through his own effort he would evolve and
become familiar with that path. That path is the only way he can
ascend to the Divine Father.
18. Take my teaching to your brethren. Do not deceive your
brethren with erroneous interpretations nor imitate the bad deeds of
my disciples. If you have the spiritual gifts and graces, to guide your
brethren and to heal their afflictions, do not conceal your gifts.
Allow your spirit to speak utilizing its past experiences, and thus
you will be fulfilling your mission on earth.
19. You will rescue the lost sheep and help me, the Divine
Shepherd, to congregate all of them in the sheepfold. Thus, you will
have achieved the merits that I requested for your spiritual
20. As this new day begins, many elevate themselves in prayer
to pray for those whom they believe are dead. I say to you that it is
good to remember them, to remember them with gratitude, love, and
admiration. However, it is wrong for you to cry believing that they
are dead and lost forever. If you could observe them during those
moments in which you cry, you would become amazed at the
enlightenment and surroundings in which they live.
You would then say: Truly it is they who are alive, and we who
are dead.
21. Is it not true that you are confused if you cry in the presence
of a dead physical body, forgetting that the spirit is still alive?
22. Also I should inform you, instead of traditionally dedicating
one day of the year to those who have departed to the spiritual
valley, you should instead remain always united with them through
the bond of prayer. Then you will always feel the presence of this
person because although deceased he is very spiritually alive and
continues to help you throughout your life. In your struggles, in your
ordeals, and in your happy moments, those beings have the
opportunity to work with you in your deeds and noble tasks, thereby
acquiring 5 more enlightenment.
23.1 said in the past to let the dead bury their dead. If you
analyze my words " carefully and with love, you will realize that my
words spoke the truth.
24. Everyone carries in his heart and visually remembers the
last physical image of his loved ones. The one who departed in
childhood, you remember as a child; the one who departed the world
in old age, you remember as old and weakened by physical
suffering. It is important to meditate on the difference that exists
between that which is physical and that which is spirit i! so that you
can understand that when someone dies, the spirit is indeed born to
another life. The spirit will no longer be able to perceive the light of
the world, but will contemplate the divine light illuminating its
eternal life.
25. I once told you that man was idolatrous because of his
inclination for the material. He offers proof of his idolatry in his
worship of the dead. But my doctrine, similar to a sunrise that
illuminates the earth with infinite beauty, has enlightened your life.
My doctrine will eliminate the darkness, ignorance, and confusion in
your life. My doctrine, which is enlightenment, ascends toward the
heavens like a divine star. That beautiful light of enlightenment will
illuminate your spirit. It will prepare you and safely guide you to a
more spiritually elevated life.
26. You will no longer cry in anguish for those who have
departed to a better world. Neither will you be one who, being in
spirit, cries for those remaining on earth. You will also no longer
yearn for your physical body that you utilized on earth.
27. There are those beings who suffer and experience grief upon
contemplating the disintegration of their beloved bodies. However,
you should elevate a hymn of praise to the Creator because your
mission on earth has come to an end.
28. Today I have come to forgive all of your mistakes. Also, I
have come to reveal one page from the divine book of life in order
to illuminate your spirit and mind. Thus, you will be able to fulfill
deeds that are worthy of the One who has been your teacher.
29. You are incurring a great responsibility with humanity,
because your : responsibility will increase with each additional
teaching that I give you. You are destined to speak to the world
about spirituality. I will use you to teach humanity the perfect way to
communicate with me, my Spirit with your spirit, without practicing
rituals nor idolatry.
30. This holy seed, which I have sowed in your heart, will be
the bread that you will share with your brethren and the spiritual
heritage that you will leave to your children.
31. When I told you to love one another, not only was I referring
to your brethren on earth, but also to those in other mansions. Today
I tell you that when you remember those who have departed to the
spiritual valley, do not assume that they are distant from you and
unconcerned with those remaining on earth. You need to continue to
love and to remember them. Do not think of them as being dead but
as being alive. Although they dwell in the spiritual valley, they
remain close to you.
32. Truly I tell you that you are the people of Israel who have
journeyed throughout the three eras. Nevertheless you have not yet
fulfilled the mandate given to you since the beginning of time. You
have not become spiritualized because you still weep when a loved
one departs from earth, believing that he is dead.
33. That is why I have come to enlighten those who dwell on
earth because they need it more than those who have departed to the
spiritual valley. You are the ones who are truly dead, whereas they
live in the valley of eternal life.
34. I allow those beings to be in your presence when you elevate
yourself spiritually during prayer. However, I say to you: Do not
remember them in their physical form because they are now spirits
of light.
35. Do not cling to the traditions that mankind follows, rejecting
the grace that I am offering you in this era. Behold that while you
can fail to effectively utilize your time on earth, spirits continue to
progress in the spiritual valley.
36. Triumph over the passions of your physical body and utilize
this opportunity on earth to achieve spiritual freedom and elevation.
Remember that I will summon you to return to the spiritual valley,
and that you have to fulfill the law of evolution. Upon departing
from earth, your spirit will observe how its material body
disintegrates and returns to the soil.
37. If you do not want to be spiritually confused when it is time
to penetrate into the spiritual valley, continue to progress spiritually.
Achieve merits while you are on earth, help mankind to live in
harmony, pray and work for peace among nations, and offer charity
and love to your brethren.
38. There are those who say to me: Lord, if you are an
Omnipotent God, offer me proof of your power. I then respond in
the following manner: When you speak in that manner it indicates
your lack of spiritual evolution because I can disintegrate the earth
anytime I desire.
39. -T have come so that your spirit can become aware of me. It
will be your spirit that will recognize my essence and ascend to the
Father. I also forgive the weaknesses of your material flesh.
40. Purify yourself so that your spirit will be in harmony with its
material body, and thus through your merits you will ascend to the
Divine Father. Allow humanity to seek me through its different
religions and sects. Do not judge your brethren for you are not yet
able to perform perfect deeds.
41. Let those who practice idolatry and create their gods, similar
to the practices of Aaron, continue to worship their sacred idols and
images. The time will come when they will awaken from their deep
42. It is your responsibility to sow the seed of spirituality and to
teach your brethren spiritual worship, which pleases God. That is
how man will be able to feel the presence of spiritual and divine
things. He will no longer need to see things physically in order to
believe. Those witnessing this manifestation have been able to feel
the presence of those spiritual beings whom they remember with
love and gratitude. Those beings have approached you, similar to the
sweet fragrance of a perfume, inviting you to follow the path that
they are making for you. Those spiritual beings, no longer interested
in the material things of earth, come to help and spiritually awaken
43. Those who cry for their departed ones are the ones who are
really dead. They are materialistic, due to their ignorance, and they
do not understand the meaning of life. Although they say that they
believe in the immortality of spirit, they demonstrate their lack of
faith through their weeping and mourning. They cry for the dead
because they are no longer able to perceive them physically, not
realizing that those for whom they cry are truly alive.
44. Feel my peace by practicing the mandate of Christ which
tells you to love one another.
45. Come to me and I will spiritually strengthen you. Resurrect
to a life of grace. Convert yourself into my disciple, a messenger of
the good news. Humanity is summoning the Lord, and through you I
will give humanity my divine teaching. Among humanity are those
who have awaited for me, for a long time. They sense that today is
the hour of my presence on earth so I can help man progress
spiritually. But before sending you to give the good news to your
brethren, you will need to purify and prepare yourself. If you are
overwhelmed with sorrow and feel weary, remember that I am your
helper and that I will assist you as you carry your cross. If you pray
and dedicate yourself to fulfilling your mission, you will not weaken
when you confront ordeals and obstacles. You will feel joy and hope
in your heart, and you will not fear the future. Bad intentions and
bad judgements made against you will disappear. Do not deny me,
even when your faith is strongly tested. During the most difficult
moments of your ordeal, it may be my will to grant you a miracle,
thus offering testimony that you are my disciple.
46. Listen to my parable and analyze it:
47. "A multitude of hungry, ill, and unclothed individuals came
to a house seeking charity. The owners of the house were always
prepared to nourish the hungry travelers. The owner of the land
always came to preside over their banquet. Time passed and the
needy continued to always find nourishment and shelter in that
48. One day the landlord noticed that the water on the table was
dirty, that the food was neither nutritious nor appetizing, and that the
tablecloths were stained. He summoned the individuals who were
responsible for setting the table and asked them: Have you seen the
tablecloths, tasted the food, and drank from the water? Yes sir, they
responded. He then told them that before feeding the hungry, they
would have to first feed their own children. If the children were
pleased with the food, then they could continue to feed the hungry
travelers. The children ate the bread, fruits, and other foods on the
table but were not pleased with what they had, eaten. They were
discontent and reacted harshly. The landlord then told the hungry
travelers who were waiting to be nourished: Come under this tree,
for I will give you appetizing fruits from my orchard. He then told
his servants the following: Clean and set the table as I ordered, and
make amends with those whom you have deceived. Correct your
mistakes. I ordered you to welcome all those who were hungry and
thirsty and to offer them nutritious fruits and clean water. I am not
pleased with your work because you have not fulfilled your
49. The landowner prepared the banquet. He made sure that the
bread was nutritious, that the fruits were ripe, and that the water was
pure and refreshing. He then invited those who had been waiting,
including beggars, lepers, and sick individuals. They were all
nourished and became content. Soon they were healthy and free
from their ills, and decided to remain at that ranch. They began to
work on the fields. However, they were weak and did not follow the
advice of the landowner. They mixed the different types of seeds and
the harvest began to get worse. The wheat was smothered by bad
weeds, and when harvest time came, the landowner approached
them and said: Why are you sowing in my fields, if your only
responsibility was to welcome the visitors who come to this house?
What you have sown is of poor quality. There are other individuals
who are responsible for sowing the fields. Go and clean the fields,
remove the bad weeds, and then return to look after the house. The
water fountain has become dry, the bread lacks nourishment, and the
fruits are bitter. Help the hungry travelers who come to the house,
just as I have helped you. After you have nourished and healed those
who come and have eased their suffering, I will allow you to rest in
my mansion."
50. I come to give you this word in order to guide you along
your path and to warn you of future dangers.
51. You are living in the Third Era, a time of spirituality.
52. I come to bring peace, faith, and hope to your heart, and it is
my divine will that you keep this divine teaching in your heart.
53. Tell the Lord about your concerns. He created you, and you
will return to Him.
54. It is now time to study the teachings of the Divine Master
and for everyone to be in harmony with their thoughts so that
everyone will unite with the divine love of God.
55. Each of you has been given a mandate that you have not yet
56. Do not abandon this teaching, accept it with love so that
tomorrow you will not stray from the truth. If you disregard my
divine teachings it will detain your spiritual progress and cause you
to fall into a state of confusion.
57. I will reveal my truth more clearly when I observe that you
are prepared. However, you are still ignorant and unable to
understand me. But I say to you: You are the ones who are closest to
the Father because you are journeying through the path of
spirituality, a path which is infinite.
My Peace be with you!