Wonderfully explained by Paul Begley Prophecy - The End TimesGod's final hour - 
Paul Begley mentions a dream he had when he saw in a gathering place from the spectator's podium that an individual down the hall was stepping through the rows and looking at those present. Jesus had come to it and told him that the Antichrist was about to appoint his leaders.
 Obama appoints the leaders (01/07/.2019)
Magog = the monkey of God, who imitates everything = the false Messiah is among us - 
Obama Foundation is organized worldwide and these leaders have no kingdom like the King of America, Donald Trump has !!!  
It is said that while the Antichrist has ten leaders in the nations, and that they have no kingdom but rule the world. The red cow to be sacrificed in the Third Temple  (Red Heifer) is a sacrilege. The sence is only spiritual.
The false Messiah will be worshipped in the Third Temple in Jerusalem ..... before he is overthrown by God from its throne !!!  
See also:  The sign of the fig tree 

On 06/26/.2009 - Obama Thanks Satan and Tell America to Serve Satan 
Yes we can = I serve Satan and he lets the audience repeat this in chorus. 

October 31, 2017 - Obama's First Speech at the Obama Foundation Summit(after the sign in Revelation 12 - A sign appeared in heaven (09/23/2012 fix at 23:59:59 over Jerusalem) ... and another sign was in the heavens ... the dragon firered ... with 10 heads ..... and ten horns .....

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