Archangel Michael

Holy Archangel Michael, 
defend us in battle. Before the pursuits of the devil be our protection.
God command him, so we plead. 

But you, prince of the Celestial Hosts, overthrow Satan and the other evil spirits, 
who wander in the world for the ruin of souls, in the power of God down into the abyss of hell.  

You glorious prince of the heavenly hosts,
defend us in this terrible war that we have against powers and forces,
against the rulers of the world of darkness
and have to lead against the evil spirits in the heavens.
Come to help people,
the god made according to his image and likeness, created immortal,
and bought from the tyranny of the devil at an expensive price.

Fights - united with the army of the blessed angels - today so again the battles of the Lord,
Like you once against Lucifer, the leader of the ancient pride
and his renegade angels have fought!
Because they did not win! Their place was no longer found in heaven.
The cruel dragon, the old serpent, was plunged down instead
which is called the devil and Satan and who seduces the whole world.
He was cast down from heaven to earth, and with him all his angels.

(see book of HENOCH)

But look! The enemy has risen again.
The murderer has regained courage.
Transformed and disguised as an angel of light, he wanders with a variety 

of evil spirit in raids on earth,
to root out the name of God and his anointed here
and to seize the souls destined for the crown of eternal glory,
to kill them and consecrate them to eternal downfall.

Like sewage, the hostile dragon pours
the poison of his wickedness upon men whose spirit and hearts he has seduced and corrupted:
The spirit of falsehood, recklessness and blasphemy;
the deadly breath of debauchery and all vices and meanness.

The most cunning enemies fill the church,
the bride of the unfinished lamb,
with bile and bitterness and intoxicate with wormwood.

Their wicked hands have laid them to the holiest treasures.
Even in the holy place, where the seat of St. Peter and the chair of truth
built for the enlightenment of peoples,
they have set the throne of their abominable wickedness
full of treachery, so that after the shepherd is beaten,
they can also disperse the flock.

So rise, invincible Prince,
and help the people of God against the onslaught of the evil spirits! Give him the victory!
The holy church venerates you as its guardian and protector.
You are her glory because you defend her against the evil forces of the earth and the underworld.
The Lord has entrusted to you the souls of the people,
to lead them into heavenly bliss.

Please pray with the God of Peace,
He may crush Satan under our feet,
so that he can no longer keep people prisoner and harm the church!
Bring our requests before the face of the Most High,
Let them come to reconciliation with the grace and mercy of the Lord,
while you take the dragon,
the old serpent, who is the devil and Satan,
and bound him into the abyss falls and binds,
so that he no longer seduces the peoples.

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