BTL - Volume III - Teaching 75

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Teaching 75:
1. You recognize that this is a propitious period to convert you
into My disciples. You understand that this path will lead you
toward the perfect mansion, which you do not know but are aware
that it exists and that it is waiting for you. The eyes of your body
will never behold what only your spirit can see; but they have
infinite marvels through which they can enjoy, and on admiring
them you exclaim: Father, how great is your power, how marvelous
is your Creation, how immense is your love! Verily I say to you: Do
not dwell on the limits that your physical eyes can behold, because
far beyond all that is a perfect and eternal life.
2. Do not try to imagine how the Divine mansion may be; wait
for your spirit to see it when he arrives there, elevating himself by
his own merits. Verily I say to you that you will not be disappointed,
because it is the Divine surprise, which as a reward is reserved for
every child of God.
3. This earthly existence is temporary and it serves you as a step
to escalate and a crucible to attain the true life. The teaching that I
come to reveal to you will show you the way so that through this life
you may reach the light and peace and will free yourselves from the
material bonds that hold you down to the world. He who from here
prepares his spirit for that journey with his deeds of love toward his
brethren, on penetrating the Spiritual. Realm he feels himself in his
true home, in his true homeland; he is not a stranger. On the other
hand, he who penetrates that infinite valley by surprise will have to
feel himself like a stranger in an unknown country. There are some
who do not believe in that existence, others who believe in it but are
afraid of it; However, there are others who because of their
countless sufferings, ardently long for it. I say to the latter: do not
wish to enter the spiritual life, believing to find there only a rest for
your sorrows, because I promise you something more than that in
that existence. Wait, resist your pain, pray and meditate, and the
distance which separates you from Me, will be shortened. Your
weeping in this world is not eternal. I have not created you to
impose a torture upon you. Understand that every grief has a reason
and that reason is one of your imperfections; therefore, endure the
contents of that bitter cup, because it will reveal many teachings to
you. Think about all this before My voice calls you toward the
4. Thus I speak to all Mankind, but to My disciples I say to
them: You will have to be My strong warriors, those who will leave
a trace of love behind them and carry as a banner the peace,
brotherhood and good will. Analyze My teaching so that you will
not be confused with so many theories and doctrines which exist in
the world today; but if someone would become confused, it is a sign
that he has not understood My Word. That is why I say to you:
scrutinize My Word if you wish, but do not let the wind blow it
away. Keep it in your heart, remember it in your solitude and go
over it again in the peace of the countryside, then you will again feel
My presence, My love and My charity.
5. Who will get to be masters in My teaching? Understand that
not only will you have to teach with the word but also with deeds,
because they shall be the first thing that you will show to the world.
Humanity is tired of words. Is it by chance a sacrifice to comply
with the Law that your Father has taught you? In that Era I said to
you: "Love one another as I have loved you". And Elijah has now
told you: "Charity and more charity toward your brethren and you
shall behold My Father in all His splendor".
6. You form a people or rather a group of spirits in whose
bosom I have manifested Myself now and during all eras.
7. The Messiah whom the prophets announced and the
patriarchs awaited; the Master who gave His Word and His life to
the world, promising that He would return, is He who today within
the humility of these people has presented Himself invisible to the
human eye, but filled with glory and majesty before your spirit. I
have not come to hurt you, protesting the manner in which you
treated Me during that Era. By chance would God ignore the fate
that awaited Him by becoming Man? Verily I say to you that the
Father imposed upon Himself that sacrifice voluntarily through the
love for you. He knew before He came that the cross awaited Him;
He also knew that His sacrifice would give you the perfect lesson of
purest love, and would show you the way by which you will obtain a
forgiveness for your sins.
8. Understand that I am the faithful guardian who is watchful
over all, be it for the just as well as for the sinners. Like a thief who
waits for nightfall to surprise those who slumber, thus I enter your
heart; from there I only take away pain and on the other hand, I
leave you My peace as proof of My presence. Learn to feel Me in
the actions of your material existence. Feel My presence when you
sit around your table to eat of your bread. Verily I say to you that at
that moment I am present. Eat in peace and I will be the One who
will distribute your bread, a bread of harmony, peace and blessing.
9. How the Divine Spirit suffers when in the homes He finds
dissension, bad will and lack of charity! If you return to the pathway
of love, you shall feel the peace of My presence instantly.
10. My lessons are very extensive for you to assimilate
something from them. When those whom you call foreigners come
to this nation and learn about this revelation, intrigued they will ask
Me: Father, why did you love these people so much and favored
them with your lessons? To this I will answer them: I love them the
same as I do you and all of Mankind, but not all would have
understood Me in the manner that I manifested Myself. You will not
regard them as foreigners, you shall seat them at your table and
converse with them, because among those hearts are the ones who
will convey My Word to other nations. They will sow along their
pathway and will fight as good warriors and when the struggle has
passed and peace appears in the firmament like a Divine rainbow
there will burst forth a spiritual hymn from all My children who
from different places on Earth were united in prayer and in the
struggle. That hymn will be the one that states: "Glory to God in the
Highest and peace on Earth to men of good will!"
11. At present you are still like children who are in need of their
fathers love; that is why I come to lavish you with My caresses,
because I am your Father. I penetrate into your heart and know all
that you are safekeeping within it. No one can keep secrets from
Me, for I dwell within you.
12. When you barely began to hear this Word, the flame of your
faith was weak, its light feeble; but as you were beginning to
understand My teaching, the lamp of your faith began converting
itself into a luminous guiding light.
13. Verily I say to you that only with faith and an unbreakable
wish to comply with My Law, will you be able to cross that
wilderness, like the strong Israel of the First Era.
14. Do not shy away from the trials of life, or ignore My
teachings, because they are molding your spirit.
15. The strong ones will be those who shall give a better
testimony of My manifestation and My truth; the weak will be
seeking ways to simulate that they comply with their mission, when
in reality they do not testify with their deeds the love and charity of
My Doctrine.
16. There still remain some years in which you can continue
listening to these lessons so that you may be properly prepared to
transmit My teachings once My Word has ceased.
17. I want you to know now that you are not more than anyone;
that the belief that you have fostered that you are a people of
privileged beings, is in error, because the Creator in His perfect love
toward all His creatures distinguishes no one. I say this because
tomorrow you have to teach your brethren the Doctrine I brought to
you during this period and I do not want you to appear before the
last ones as superior beings, nor that your merits made you the only
ones worthy of listening to My Word.
18. You will be comprehensive, humble, simple, noble and
charitable brethren.
19. You will be strong but not arrogant, so that you will not
humiliate the weak. If you possess great knowledge about My
Doctrine, never make a display of your knowledge so that your
brethren will not feel belittled near you.
20. You will bear in mind that all that you accumulated within
your heart was not given so that you would hoard it, but to let My
truth be known to your brethren, a portion of which is assigned by
Me for each laborer.
21. Why must I have to repeat at every step that everything
righteous that you do will be for the benefit of your spirit?
22. Do not foster any egotistical interests thinking only in your
salvation and in your reward, because your disappointment will be
very painful when you present yourselves in spirit, because you shall
find that in reality you were unable to work for any reward.
23. So that you may better understand what I want to say to you,
I give you the following example: There are and always have been
men and women who have managed to perform charitable deeds
among their brethren, and nevertheless, when they appear before
Me, they have not presented to Me merits toward their spiritual
happiness. And how did this come about? Can you conceive that
they could have been victims of an injustice on their Fathers behalf?
The answer is simple, disciples: They were not able to gather any
benefit for themselves because their deeds were not sincere, because
when they extended their hand to give something, they never did it
moved with a true feeling of charity toward the one who suffers,
rather thinking of themselves, in their salvation, in their reward.
Some were moved by self-interest, others by vanity, and that is not
true charity, because it was not heartfelt or unselfish, and I say to
you that he who does not convey sincerity and love, is not sowing
the truth nor is he working toward any reward.
24. The apparent charity could provide you some satisfactions
on Earth that will arise from the admiration that you arouse and the
adulation that you receive, but the apparent does not reach My
kingdom, only what is true reaches there. Everyone will reach that
place without being able to conceal the least blemish or impurity,
because before appearing before God, you shall deprive yourselves
of mantles, crowns, insignias, titles and all which pertains to the
world, to present yourselves before the Supreme Judge as humble
spirits who are to respond before the Creator about the mission
entrusted to them.
25. Understand that you are a people who have been traveling
since the First Era; unite now into one will and thus you will be able
to behold My miracles and say: God has forgiven us, the Father
pours His love upon us.
26. Some have come within the body of a child, others in that of
a youth or in that of a maiden and others as an elder; only My gentle
gaze can discover you, only I know the burden that each one carries
and the atonement he is fulfilling. Only I can see the thorns that
have pierced your feet, and it is then My love that removes them to
heal your wounds.
27. I want it to be My Word, which you will receive until 1950,
to be the unification of all of you, and that it not be suffering; but
while you say, "In such a place what is received is not the truth",
you will be cultivating in your heart the seed of division and
discord. Your pride and vanity makes you feel superior and first
among the rest and in that manner you are not imitating the Divine
Master. The Word, in Oneness with the Father, became Man for the
love of the sinners and you do not know how to renounce your
pride, your false personality to love your brethren as I have taught
you.28. In order to communicate with these people, I have had to
humanize My voice making use of a human spokesman who is not
even clean of mind and heart. You judge the deeds of your brethren
and if you find them imperfect you deny them and you shy away
from them, and I ask you: Is that the teaching that I have given you?
Like a new Lazarus I have said to these people: "Arise and walk",
but the life that I have given them has been to dedicate it to love and
to serve their fellowman, but you have not tried to imitate the
gentleness of the Lamb; you are hardheaded, with a hardened heart,
and that is why there are wars and discord in your midst, imitating
that way the nations that are at war. Remember that I have said to
you: "Do not judge your brother, because at any right moment your
God and Lord will come to judge you". Do not imitate the bad
examples of men; imitate your Master. You have a perfect example
that will serve you as a lesson in your march of evolution toward the
Promised Land, where the love of your Father awaits you.
29. Do you want those prophets of the First Era to appear
among you, who with lamentations through streets and market
places admonished you, in order for you to do penance and be
repentant for your faults? Verily I say to you that you would judge
them out of their mind and you would not believe them. However,
some will arise speaking to the multitudes in halls of temples and
prayer houses, where men congregate to render Me worship,
discovering the falsehood of the idols and proclaiming the worship
that God expects of His children.
30. Here among you, each spokesman, faculty or seer, has been
a prophet; their voices united into one, have been elevated to show
these people the way by means of prayer, practice of charity and
worship through your deeds of love toward your brethren. Why is it
that you sometimes lose your way when this is traced with blood of
Divine love? Is it possible that you confuse them with the inroads
that men have traced with homicidal blood?
31. Your conscience knows how right I am in speaking to you
this way, but your heart resists and believes that I speak to you with
excessive severity; then, full of repentance and weeping, you ask Me
if you will be those who leave this path blemished or fill the heart of
your brethren with pain. I say that you will not be confused, because
My pathway is clear and luminous and he who opens his eyes and
searches for it, will soon find it.
32. I will lift My Word and afterward men will come from
distant lands to ask you if it was true that God came among you to
speak to you as the Master. What will you answer them and what
will your testimony be?
33. It has been a long time that I am calling upon your heart and
that is why I said that you have Me near, but you have not opened its
doors so that I may enter and dwell within. I have remained outside,
patiently calling.
34. One of the most serious defects is that of hypocrisy ; do not
proclaim love while incapable of loving Me in your fellowmen.
How many of those who have judged the kiss of Judas do not want
to know that they have given a kiss of apparent fraternity to their
brother and behind his back have betrayed him! How many of those
who say are serving the needy I see delivering light, truth and
charity in exchange for coins. Why is it that when someone has
intimidated you with questions, you have done as Peter did during
his moments of weakness: denying Me and declaring that in truth
you did not even knew Me? Why do you fear human justice and not
mine? Verily I say to you that between the Divine justice and your
sins, the intercession of Mary intervenes, your celestial Mother who
always pleads for you.
35. I come to teach you to guide the multitudes, even when
during the Second Era I had shown you how to lead them without
tiring them, encouraging them with the gentleness of My Word,
sustaining them in the wilderness and performing miracles to kindle
the faith in their hearts.
36. I have said to you that in the year of 1950 My
communication which I have had with you through a human
spokesman will cease; but I will also tell you that before I lift it,
there will be spokesmen who because of their impurity and lack of
spirituality, I will close their cerebrums before the indicated time;
but, this shall take place in order not to confuse anyone with lessons
not containing My truth.
37. My light illuminates, but it does not blind or confuses; I am
the Truth. Analyze this Word and this manifestation, and your
conscience will tell you if it teaches you the true life.
38. Remember that it has been two eras that Mankind has
previously lived. The first illuminated by the light of knowledge
concerning the Divine Law; the second strengthened with the
lessons of Divine love that I would give you in Jesus. Already a new
era begins to convey its light upon men and nevertheless, they still
sow and reap the seed of evil; they destroy one another, they cause
harm and brother against brother fight to the death.
39. Centuries and more centuries have transpired and still men
are not tired of sowing and reaping so much wickedness, nor have
they tired of letting so much weeping to be shed, nor bathing the
Earth with human blood. To what degree of bitterness will they want
to drink from the bitter cup of pain that will stop them in their
frenzied course and return to the true pathway? Your Father does not
want you to drink the dregs that are left at the bottom of that bitter
cup; nevertheless, that is what you are seeking with your arrogance
and your hatred.
40. O beloved people, behold that Humanity finds itself hungry
for peace. Why do you not prepare yourselves so that with your
deeds of love you can convey to them the good news, lifting them
toward faith and a true life? Why not extend to them a fraternal,
noble and sincere hand, inviting them toward reflection and prayer?
41. It is certain that you will come up against the pride of
scientists who believe they know and dominate everything, who
believe to have discovered the secret of the infinite; but with how
much wisdom and justice I will touch them and that shall be the
moment when My people, who will already know how to testify
about My Doctrine, will speak about the spirit, about the eternal life
and the knowledge of the spiritual communication with God; they
will make their voice be heard among nations, and that testimony
shall be like a fertile seed falling upon rich soil.
42. Men will open their spiritual eyes to the light, but verily I
say to you that before that happens, they will have received still
many trials from Nature, through which will surprise and shake
43. When all this has taken place, the inexorable justice of God
will present itself putting a final stop to so much profanation and so
much unbounded pride.
44. Endure the difficult test; many of those who had forgotten
Me will remember to pray and many who believed that to discover
and learn about the mysteries of Nature it was necessary to renounce
all spiritual belief and all worship toward God, shall be convinced of
their mistake. My light will be bathing and inspiring them to what
their poor intelligence would never have found out.
45. The men of science have been very ungrateful, because they
have forgotten the One who created everything which today fills
them with pride, by believing they have discovered it themselves.
46. They have also been foolish and insensible, because they
have become swelled with arrogance and superiority, believing to
have penetrated the knowledge of Creation, when in reality they
only know it superficially.
47. No one penetrates the secret Sanctuary of God, unless He
sees fit to reveal to His children something of its contents; this will
make you comprehend that he who aspires to learn about what the
Lord keeps within His secret Sanctuary, it will be necessary to seek
it through the path of humility, of love and of spirituality.
48. The supreme knowledge is not reserved for those men of
developed minds, but rather to men of elevated spirit.
49. It would suffice that you, witnesses and listeners of this
Word, would make known to men this doctrine about which they
have not reflected upon, so that they, illuminated by their
conscience, would have a presentiment of My truth through your
50. I need men of good will, strong and faithful men, sensitive
to other peoples suffering and zealous toward the fulfillment of My
Law, so that in the capacity as My envoys they can go beyond
frontiers, cross countries and be sowing and spreading the
knowledge of this Divine message; men who are to explain the
reason for trials, of My justice, of wars, of destruction and of
suffering; that in addition they can teach the sure way of finding
peace and health, whether of the spirit or of the flesh.
51. From this people will emerge the heralds, the prophets of
My New Word, laborers and sowers of this Doctrine of love and
spirituality, as for what there must be purification and justice among
you.52. That manifestation of My Spirit promised by Me during the
Second Era, is this which you are now seeing, o My people; behold
that its end is already drawing near. Take advantage of each one of
My lessons, because after 1950 they will not be heard in this
manner. The hour is set and My will is irrevocable. If I did not
comply with My word, I would cease to be your Father, because I
would descend to a level in which men vibrate, when they affirm a
concept today and tomorrow they betray themselves.
53. In the designs of God, there can be no variation, because by
knowing the future He cannot be wrong.
54. God foresees everything from the beginning, with great
justice and perfection.
55. Understand this which I have said, so that you too will know
how to be firm in your deeds as your Master has taught you.
56. I am speaking to you from the radiant cloud of light that My
disciples beheld in Bethany during the Second Era and which today
the seers have contemplated. Verily I say to you that not even those
who saw Me depart among the clouds understood the significance of
that manifestation. Neither did those who during this period saw Me
descend in Spirit understood the meaning of that cloud, until My
Word came to explain it all to you and My spiritual beings made you
understand it with their ample and clear word. Also the disciples of
the Second Era, during the moment of contemplating the ascension
of their Master, without understanding it, had the presence of a
spiritual being who would explain to them that Jesus, whom they
had seen ascending among the clouds, the World would see Him
descend in the same manner: that is, in Spirit, in a new era.
57. This manifestation is the fulfillment of that promise, o My
people; if the manner in which I have come seems very poor to
some of My children, it is because he has not known how to elevate
himself to contemplate the radiant light with which My Spirit
illuminates the new Era.
58. Also during the Second Era many men who dreamed of the
coming of the promised Messiah felt themselves disappointed when
they beheld the humility of Christ, and that is why they rejected Me.
They were not able to discover, through the external poorness of
Jesus, the presence of the Kingdom of Heaven, of the Kingdom of
the Light and the Truth.
My Peace be with you!