BTL - Volume III - Teaching 75

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Teaching 75:

1 You realize that now is a favourable time to transform yourselves into my disciples. You understand that this way will lead you to the perfect home, which you do not know, but of which you know that it exists and that it awaits you. The eyes of your body will never be able to see what only your spirit may see. But infinite miracles remain for them to enjoy, and when you admire them, you cry out, "Lord, how great is Your power, how wonderful Your creation, how immeasurable Your love! - Verily, I say to you: Do not remain within the limits of what you are able to see with your mortal eyes, for beyond all this is perfect and eternal life.

2 Do not try to imagine what the Divine Father House will be like. Wait until your spirit gets to know it, when it comes to him, ascending by his own merits. verily, I tell you, you will not feel disappointed, for it is the divine surprise that is saved as a reward for every child of God

3 This earthly life is transitory and serves you as a step to ascend and as a melting pot to reach true life. The teaching I am revealing to you will show you the way so that through this life you may reach the light and peace and free yourselves from the material fetters that make you subject to the world. The one who already here prepares his spirit for that transition through his works of love on his brothers, will, when he enters the spiritual realm, feel himself in his true home, in his true fatherland; he is no stranger to it. But he who enters this infinite sphere unprepared will feel like a foreigner in a foreign

have to feel land. - Some do not believe in that life, others believe in it, but they fear it; but there are also those who, because of their innumerable sufferings, yearn for it. To these latter I say: Do not long for entering the spiritual life just because you believe to find in it liberation from your sufferings; for I promise you something more than that in that existence. Harry out, bear your pain, pray and meditate, and the distance that separates you from Me will be shortened. Your weeping in this world is not eternal; I did not create you to inflict a severe agony on you. Understand that every pain has a cause, that this cause is some imperfection of yours. Drink therefore the contents of this cup, which will reveal many teachings to you. Think about all this before my voice calls you into the hereafter.

4 I speak in this way to all mankind. but to my disciples I say: you shall be my brave soldiers, those who leave behind a trail of love and carry peace, brotherhood and good will as banners Fathom My teaching so that you may not be confused by so many theories and teachings that exist in the world today. But if, after all, someone does let himself be confused, it is a sign that he has not understood My Word. That is why I say to you: Research critically in my word, if you will, but do not allow the wind to carry it away with it. Keep it in your hearts, remember it in your solitude and repeat it in the peace of the open nature, then you will feel My presence, My love and My mercy anew.

5 Who will become masters in My teaching? - Understand that you must teach not only with the Word but also with the Works, for they will be the first thing you shall show to the world. Humanity is tired of words. Is it a sacrifice to fulfill the law that your Lord has taught you? In those days I told you: "Love one another as I have loved you. And Elijah has now told you: "Love your neighbor, and again love your brothers, and you will have My

Father in all His glory."

6 You form a people or rather a community of spiritual beings, in whose midst I have revealed myself now and at all times.

7 The Messiah whom the prophets announced and for whom the patriarchs hoped, the Master who gave His word and His life to the world and promised to return, is the same one who appeared today in the lowliness of this people, invisible to the material eye, but full of glory and majesty before your spirit. I have not come to hurt you by reproaching you for the way you once treated Me. Could God not foreknow the lot that awaited Him when He became man? Verily, I tell you, the father voluntarily accepted that sacrifice out of love for you. He knew, even before He came, that the cross awaited Him; He also knew that His sacrifice would give you the perfect teaching of the purest love and show you the way by which you would attain the forgiveness of your sins.

8 Understand that I am the faithful watchman who watches over all, both the righteous and the sinners. Like the thief who awaits the night to surprise the sleeping, I enter into your heart. From there I take only pain with me and leave you my peace as proof of my presence. Learn to feel Me in the events of your material life. Feel Me when you sit around the table to eat your bread. Verily, I tell you, in this moment I am present. Eat in peace, then I will be the one who distributes your bread - bread of concord, peace and blessing.

9 How much the Divine Spirit suffers when He finds discord, ill will and lack of charity in families! When you return to the way of love, you will immediately feel the peace of My presence.

10 My teachings are very detailed, so that you may absorb some of them. When those you call foreigners come to this nation and they learn of this revelation, they will curiously ask Me: "Lord, why do you love this people so much and have preferred them by your teachings? To this I will answer them: "I love them as I love you and all mankind. But not all would have understood Me in the form in which I made myself known - you are not to consider them as foreigners, sit them at your table and speak with them; for among those hearts are those who will bring My Word to other peoples. They will sow in their way and fight as good soldiers. But once the battle is over and peace appears like a divine rainbow in the firmament, a spiritual song of praise will break out from all My children who have been in different points of the earth and yet united in prayer and in battle. This hymn of praise will be the one that says, "Glory to God in the highest, and peace on earth to men of good will.

11 Today you are still like children who need the love of their father. this is why I shower you with My caresses, for I am your Father I penetrate into your heart and know all that you hold in it. No one can have secrets from me because I dwell in you yourselves.

12 When you had barely begun to hear this Word, the flame of your faith was weak, its light low But as you have gradually understood My teaching, the light of your faith has turned into a blazing torch.

13 Verily I tell you, only with faith and with an unshakable desire to fulfil My Law will you be able to cross this desert like the strong Israel of the First Times

14 Do not back away from the trials of life and do not throw My teachings to the wind, for they shape your soul

15 The strong will be those who give the best testimony of My manifestation and My truth. The weak will seek a way to pretend that they are fulfilling their mission when in reality they are not witnessing with their works the love and mercy of My teaching.

16 There are still some years left in which you can continue to listen to these teachings so that you may be properly prepared to pass on my teachings once my (spoken) word is finished.

17 I tell you already now that you are no more than anyone else, that the faith you have nourished, namely to be a people of favoured beings, is an error, for the Creator in His perfect love for all His creatures favours no one. I tell you this because tomorrow you are to present to your brethren the teaching I have brought to you in this time, and I do not want you to appear to the descendants as higher beings, nor should it seem that the merits made you worthy to be the only ones who heard my word.

18 You are to be understanding, humble, simple, noble and merciful brothers.

19 You are to be strong, but not arrogant, so that you do not humiliate the weak. If you have great knowledge of My teaching, you should never boast of your knowledge so that your brothers beside you do not feel inferior.

20 You should be aware that all that you have accumulated in your hearts was not given to you to hoard, but to make My truth known to your brothers, of whom a number is allotted to each worker of Me.

21 Why repeat to yourselves at every turn that all that you do good will be for the good of your soul?

22 Do not indulge in selfish desires, thinking only of your salvation of soul and your reward; for your disappointment will be very painful when you enter into the spiritual because you will discover that you have not really earned a reward

23 So that you may better understand what I want to tell you, I give you the following example: there are and have always been men and women who took it upon themselves to do charitable works among their brothers, and yet when they came to me they could not show me any merit for their spiritual happiness What was the reason for this? Can you imagine that they were victims of an injustice on the part of their father? The answer is simple, disciples: They could not reap good for themselves because their works were not sincere. For when they stretched out their hand to give something, they never did so out of a true sense of mercy toward him who suffers, but by thinking of themselves, of their salvation, of their reward. Some were motivated by self-interest, others by vanity, and this is not true mercy, for it was neither felt nor selfless. I tell you that he who has no sincerity and love in himself does not sow the truth and does not earn a reward.

24 Apparent charity can give you on earth some satisfactions that come from the admiration you arouse and the flattery you receive; but the apparent does not reach my kingdom, only the truthfulness reaches there. There you will all go without being able to hide the slightest defilement or unfairness. For before you can appear before God, you will have taken off the gala coats, crowns, insignia, titles, and everything that belongs to the world, to appear before the highest judge as simple souls, who give an account before the Creator of the task that has been entrusted to them.

25 Understand that you are the people who have been on the move since the first times. Unite yourselves now in a single will, then you will be able to experience and say my wonders: God has forgiven us, the Lord overflows us with His love.

26  Some of you come here in the earthly garment of a child, others in that of a young man or a virgin, and still others in the form of an old man In these body shells only My Eye can discover you.

I alone know the burden that everyone carries and the atonement that he fulfills. I alone see the thistles that have pierced your feet, and it is My love that removes them to then heal your wounds.

27 I want My Word, which you will receive until 1950, to unite you all, and that it is not pain But as long as you say: "In such a place it is not truth that is handed over", you will nurture in your hearts the seed of division and discord. Your pride and vanity make you feel superior to others (brotherhoods) and first; but in this way you do not take the Divine Master as your model. The Word, which is one with the Father, became man out of love for sinners, but you are not able to reject your pride, your false self-feeling, to love your brothers as I have taught you.

28  To make myself known to this people, I had to make my voice materially audible by using a human voice bearer who is not even pure of mind and heart You judge the actions of your brothers, and when you find them imperfect, you reject them and distance yourselves from them. But I ask you: Is this the teaching I have given you? As to a new Lazarus, I have said to this people: "Arise and walk! But the life that I have given him is there to consecrate the same to love and service of his neighbor. But you have not tried to imitate the meekness of the Lamb; you are stubborn, hard-hearted, and that is why there are fights and divisions among you, making you like the nations at war. Remember that I have told you Judge not your brother, for your God and Lord will come in due time to judge you. Do not follow the bad examples of men, act like your Master. You have a perfect example to teach you on your way of development towards the Promised City, where the love of your Father awaits you.

29 Do you want those prophets of the first days to appear among you, who warned you with cries of pain in the streets and squares, so that you might repent and repent of your transgressions? Verily I say to you, you would think them mad and would not believe them! Nevertheless, some will rise and speak to the crowds at the gates of the churches and places of worship where people gather to offer worship to Me, and they will expose the falsehood of the idols and proclaim the worship that God wants from His children.

30 Here among you every voice bearer, every spiritual instrument or seer has been a prophet. Their voices, united as one, have risen to teach this people the way (of salvation) through prayer, the practice of mercy, and the worship of God through your works of love to your brothers. How is it that you sometimes stray from the path, even though it is marked with the blood of Divine Love? Is it possible that you confuse it with the ways that men have marked with blood of fratricide?

31 Your conscience knows how much reason I have to speak to you in this way But your heart resists and believes that I speak to you with excessive severity. then you ask Me, full of remorse and in tears, whether you are one of those who leave this way stained or who fill their brothers' hearts with pain? I tell you that you will not stray, for My Way is clear and luminous, and he who opens his eyes and seeks it will soon find it.

32 I will finish My Word and later on men will come from far away countries to ask you if it is true that God has come to you and spoken to you as Master What then will you answer, and what will be your testimony?

33 I have been knocking at the door of your heart for a long time, and this is why I said that I am near you; but you have not opened the doors to Me so that I might enter to dwell within you; I have not opened the doors to you, and you have not opened them to Me, so that I might enter to dwell within you I have remained outside and have continued to knock patiently.

34 One of the most serious faults of character is that of hypocrisy. Do not speak loudly of love as long as you are not able to love Me in your fellow men. How many of those who condemned Judas' kiss do not want to realize that they gave their brother the kiss of feigned brotherhood and they betrayed him behind! How many of those who say that they serve the needy I see bringing light, truth, charity in exchange for money. - Why, if someone has intimidated you with his questions, as Peter acted in his moments of weakness, why did you deny Me and assure that you did not even know Me? Why do you fear "human justice" and not fear Mine? But truly, I tell you, between Divine Justice and your sins there is the intercession of Mary, your Heavenly Mother, who always prays for you.

35 I am teaching you to lead the crowds, although I have already shown you in the Second Times how to lead them without tiring them - namely, by reviving them through the kindness of My Word, nourishing them in the desert and doing miracles to ignite faith in their hearts

36 I have told you that with the year 1950 My Announcement will end, which I had with you through the minds of the voice-bearers But likewise I tell you that before I end it there will be voice-bearers whose organs of understanding I will close before the indicated time because of their impurity and lack of spiritualization. But this will happen so that they do not confuse anyone with teachings that do not contain my truth.

37 My light illuminates, but it does not blind and confuse. I am the truth. Fathom this Word, then this revelation and your conscience will tell you if it teaches you true life.

38 Remember that there are two ages that this mankind has lived through so far: The first, which was enlightened by the light of the knowledge of the Divine Law; the second, which was strengthened by the teachings of the Divine Love I gave you in Jesus. A new time is already beginning to spread its rays over men, and yet they are still sowing and reaping the seeds of evil, destroying each other, doing harm to each other, and fighting brother against brother until death.

39 Centuries and centuries have passed, and still men do not tire of sowing and reaping so much evil, nor have they grown weary of causing so many tears to flow, nor have they grown weary of watering the earth with human blood. To what degree of bitterness do they want to empty the cup of pain so that it will stop them on their unstoppable path and they will return to the true path? Your father does not want you to drink the yeasts that are left at the bottom of that cup. Yet that is what you are striving for with your pride and hatred.

40 Beloved people, remember that men hunger for peace. Why do you not prepare yourselves to bring them the Good News with your works of love, to raise them up to faith and to true life? Why not extend to them a brotherly hand, generous and sincere, and call them to reflection and prayer?

41 You will certainly meet with the arrogance of scientists who believe they know and control everything, who believe they have discovered the mystery of infinity. But with what wisdom and justice I will afflict them, and this will be the time when this people, who already know how to testify to my teaching, will speak of the spirit, of eternal life and of the knowledge of spiritual dialogue with God. His voice shall reach the nations of the earth, and that testimony shall be like a germinable seed that falls on fertile soil.

42 Men will open their spiritual eyes to the light. But verily, I tell you, before this happens, they will still have to receive many afflictions through nature, through which mankind will be dismayed and shaken.

43 When all this has happened, the relentless righteousness of God will appear and put an end to such great profanation and such excessive arrogance.

44 When the hard trial is over, many of those who had forgotten Me will turn to prayer, and many who believed that - in order to discover and recognize the mysteries of nature - it would be indispensable to renounce all spiritual beliefs and all worship of God will realize their error. My light will overflow them and give them what their poor intelligence would never have discovered.

45 The scientists have been very ungrateful, for they have forgotten him who created all that of which they are so proud today in the belief that they have discovered it.

46 Stupid and foolish they have also been, for they were filled with pride and a feeling of superiority, because they believed they had penetrated into the knowledge of creation, although they knew it only superficially.

47 No one penetrates into the secret counsel of God unless He considers it good to reveal something of its contents to His children. This is to make you understand that - whoever desires to know what the Lord guards in His hidden wisdom-born heart - must seek it by the way of humility, love and spiritualization.

48 The highest knowledge is not reserved for men of highly developed intellect, but for men of high spiritual maturity.

49 It would be enough if you, the witnesses and hearers of this word, would make known this teaching, about which men have not thought, and immediately, enlightened by their spirit, they would divine my truth in your words.

50 I need men of good will, courageous and faithful men, sensitive to foreign pain and eager in the fulfilment of My Law, so that as My messengers they may cross borders, cross countries and spread the knowledge of this Divine Message - men who explain the reason for the afflictions, for My Justice, the wars, the destruction and the pain; who also show the sure way to find peace and health, be it of the soul or of the body

51 From this people shall come forth the heralds, the prophets of My New Word, the workers and sowers of this teaching of love and spiritualisation, which is why there must be purification and judgment among you

52 That revelation of My Spirit promised by Me in the Second Age is the one you are witnessing at present, people Remember that its end is already near. Make use of every one of My teachings, for they will not be heard in this form after 1950. The hour is fixed, and my will is irrevocable. If I did not keep my word, I would no longer be your father, for I would descend to the level in which those men are moving, who strengthen themselves in a project today and betray themselves tomorrow.

53 There can be no change in the counsel of God, for since He knows the future, He cannot err.

54 God has foreseen everything from the beginning, with supreme justice and perfection.

55 Understand what I am telling you so that you also may be constant in your works, as your Master taught you.

56 I am speaking to you from the radiant cloud of light which My disciples of the Second Days at Bethany saw and which the seers have now seen. verily, I tell you, not even those who saw Me parting between clouds understood the meaning of that manifestation Not even those who saw me descending in spirit at this time understood the meaning of that "cloud" until My Word explained everything to you and My spiritual messengers made it comprehensible to you with their detailed and clear word. - Also with the disciples of the Second Time, in the moments when they watched the ascension of their Master without grasping it, a spiritual being was present, who explained to them that the world would see this Jesus, whom they saw floating up between clouds, descending in the same way, that is, in spirit, in a new time.

57 This present demonstration is the fulfillment of that promise, O people. If to one of my children the way in which I have come seems all too inconspicuous, this is because he was not able to rise spiritually to be able to see the shining light with which my spirit illuminates the new time.

58 Also in the Second Time many people felt disappointed who dreamed of the coming of the promised Messiah when they saw the simple outward appearance of Christ, and that is why they rejected Me. They were not able to discover the presence of the kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of light and truth, through the outward poverty of Jesus.

My peace be with you!

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