2019 - Year of Decision

Joel 3:14
Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision: for the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision.
My son, multitudes of people will stand this upcoming year in the Valley of Decision. My Remnant, you will lead many to Me in the upcoming year. It will be a year of troubles unlike you have ever witnessed. Many people who worship money will have their god snatched from them overnight! Many of those people will stand before Me and say, "I did not want to die, but I had nothing to live for!" This will be a Year of Decision for many to choose life in Me or death forever away from Me!
My son, this year will bring about much bloodshed. Those who had nothing will riot to take it all. Many will choose to make decisions that will bring about much pain and agony. The Year of Decision for those in My Church will be most difficult, for they will have to choose between Me and the world! Many will choose the world because they have been led astray by lying shepherds who taught them to trust in themselves instead of Me. They have not been taught faith and how to stand in the Year of Decision.
My son, this year will see war and anarchy running through the streets of America and the world! People going insane for food and water, only to be killed by merciless armies! Human life will be worth nothing, and killings and lawlessness will be normal in the Year of Decision! My Children will pay a great price just by uttering My Name!
This Year of Decision will also be the greatest time in human history for those who want to come into the Kingdom! My Remnant will be shining brightly, leading the captive out of captivity to Me! My Spirit will flood this earth, and all men who stand in the Valley of Decision will choose! My Spirit will fill the hearts and minds of all who choose Me over this world! Many will give up their lives for me! This is the End-time Harvest and much will be gathered up! The remainder will be burned in the fire.
The decision is yours - I will not force you. I say Repent, turn your sins over to Me and allow Me to come into your heart. This is the Year of Decision for many, and they will see that I am coming very soon!!!
I love you, My Children! CHOOSE WISELY!!! 
Messiah Jesus

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