Words of Wisdom 41 - 60



Very narrow is the way!… Yet look how easily a little child passes through.
Men and women of this world, you stand too tall, your girth is too wide.
Lose this height therefore and bow down, for you are puffed up…
As fatted cattle you have become meet for the slaughter.
Therefore, refuse all this rotten food fed to the masses,
and eat no more from the filthy plates, served in the churches of men.
Rather partake of the food I give you, and be satisfied.
For I tell you the truth… Until you decrease in the world’s eyes,
and are humbled in your own, you shall by no means pass through…
For the first harvest shall be lowly, of the lowly… Says The Lord.
The high man stands proud, and the man of low degree is tread down!
The eyes of The Lord have seen it, the ears of The Lord have heard it!
Therefore shall the error of the proud be exposed,
and the look of the lofty be brought low!
For the span of My holy mountain is great,
filling the breadth of the whole earth!
The weight of the stone, infinite!…
And woe to those who are crushed beneath it!
Says The Lord of Hosts.
Yet the man of low degree shall arise,
And the humble sleeper shall awake from his slumber…
They together shall inherit the land,
They together shall live in the top of The Mountain!…
And the broken shall receive Healing atop The Stone…
Says The Lord.
The power of The Lord is without end!
His love covers His creation like a blanket,
and the light of His glory reaches beyond the stars of heaven!
His majesty is beyond comprehension, it transcends space and time!…
The Everlasting is His name!
The express image of The Holy is revealed, He is known of His own!
His glory shines from the east even unto the west…
The Presence of The Father’s only Son!
WONDERFUL is His name! WONDERFUL are His ways!
He wears TRUTH as a garment,
and GLORY is His vesture, and LOVE is His crowning glory!…
All life proceeds from Him…
He holds all things together by the word of His power!
His way is from everlasting,
And with His mouth He testifies to the Truth, always!…
Therefore, let us testify also!
The Father and The Son are One! ONE!… YAHUSHUA-YAHUWAH!
A right heart brings forth glad service,
And a joyful giver reaps what he sows…
Life in abundance shall be his reward.
Yet the heart of the wicked seeks his own way,
and he too shall reap according to that which he has sown,
welcoming death when it comes.
Vanity is a rope, and pride builds the gallows…
Envy leads to hate, and jealousy brings forth evil thoughts…
Therefore, beware of the thoughts of your heart…
Lest you follow in Haman’s error,
and walk in the way of Cain,
to your own demise… Says The Lord.
Blessed is the man who gives out of the abundance of his heart.
For one such as this gives, knowing in his heart that all he has is Mine
and all I have is his, given and received according to the knowledge of My will
for those who believe. For this man knows what it is to be My servant.
He is bound by nothing, a man who walks free in all the earth,
blessing the name of The Lord his God with enduring trust.
Therefore those who give out of obligation know not the joy of The Lord,
nor of the freedom which comes by service, helping others in My name.
Yet the servant whose heart leaps with joy at the thought
of washing the feet of the poor, who also eagerly seeks out the afflicted,
to give them comfort, knows that whatsoever they do for another
they have also done for Me…
For these know Me, and I live in them… And together we shall walk,
choosing the good and refusing the evil,
until we walk together anew in My kingdom… Says The Lord.
An unyielding heart sows discord in marriage,
and stubbornness shuts the door to reconciliation…
Yet the one who is first to say… ‚I’m sorry‘
is wise, defusing any argument.
And the one who is quick to forgive… Heals the breach.
The unbroken remain proud,
and fools speak assertions
without knowledge… they are bound.
Yet the one who holds their tongue is wise,
and the one who surrenders all shall gain The Victory.
A willing, humble heart is open to Me,
and one who is deeply in love with Me will hear My voice.
Yet this is not equal,
nor shall every servant hear My voice in the same way.
Hear and understand…
I have spoken to My prophets throughout the generations,
for I change not, and each was given that which was required
to accomplish My will among the people…
Therefore rejoice, My sons and daughters!
For The Most High has come down to you!
And behold, I have caused My servants to hear,
to receive wisdom by the power of My own spirit!
Lo, by the Word of My mouth shall My beloved be blessed…
The prideful humbled, and the haughty abased…
For The Word of The Lord never returns void… Says The Lord.
To the unbeliever, My Word, no matter its color or brilliance,
shall be as gray clouds on a dark and dreary day.
And to those pricked in their hearts,
it shall be to them as an after image
which ceases not from before their eyes,
as a flash of lightning remains in the eyes of the one
who beheld it even after they have shut their eyes to it.
Yet to the believer My words are cause for celebration,
a time to stop and pay attention,
for the mouth of The Living God has spoken!…
Both the color and brilliance they recognize,
for their eyes are wide open…
For them, The Source and The Author is clear,
for they see with the heart and not with the mind…
Says The Lord.
Look not outwardly for that which can only be discerned from within,
and search not in the world for that which is not of this world,
for I have already come… I dwell within the hearts of men!
And My spirit testifies on My behalf!
Therefore, let the hungry come to Me and eat!
Let the thirsty rush to My side and drink!…
And let those who seek Me turn not their heads;
Let them be still and listen for My voice… Says The Lord, Your Life.
Demand nothing of Me, and I shall give you everything…
Demand everything of yourself, and I will take it from you,
and you shall be set free… Says The Lord YahuShua.
The servant who doubts is like a man who is tossed about on the waves of the sea.
He is useless, spending all of his time trying to stay afloat,
consumed with keeping his head above water.
Yet the man whose trust does not waver, fears not the boisterous winds,
nor do the billowing waves trouble him…
For he takes My hand, and together we shall walk upon the water…
Says The Lord YahuShua.
Though men speak evil of you and others depart before the time,
while still others question your sanity, I tell you,
My words shall bear much fruit in due season.
Yet the wicked will not understand, and the lukewarm will forsake them,
and the worldly will seek to bind them and place them in a corner.
Yet those who are wise will understand, and in them shall a flame arise,
In them shall My words be written… behold, they shall bear fruit
In accordance with My likeness!…
For they were bound to Me from the beginning, and did not waver…
Says The Lord your Redeemer.
What is the least thing done in service toward Me,
compared with that which My servant wishes to do most for himself?
Yet the servant who is truly devoted to Me, puts no difference between them.
In his eyes they are one and the same, in his heart the former fulfills the latter…
For have I not said, ‚A right heart brings forth glad service?‘
I saw a star fall from Heaven, while the sons of men laughed.
For they have no vision, neither are they able to see beyond that
which is in front of them, and even this they deny,
for they love deception and the truth is not at all convenient.
Yet the sons of God hold their tongues, and open not their mouths…
As tears run down their faces,
they look upon creation with new eyes and restored vision…
Embracing The Promise, abiding in The Hope of Salvation… Says The Lord.
Hear and seek to understand…
The Word of God is fire, each word a burning flame in the midst of an immense fire…
The countenance of The Lord is a fire, and a flame within a fire…
The glory of The Lord is perfect, a pure light, a flame within a flame…
A fire engulfing all creation!
YAHUWAH is One; and His name, One! His name is in Him and is Him.
YAHUWAH is His name, and His name is One with Him.
They are not separate, but one, even as The Father and The Son are One…
A flame within a flame, within an immense fire.
YAHUWAH has no beginning and no end, even as His name.
Therefore nothing is outside YAHUWAH, for His being is infinite.
And those who pass outside creation enter into His eternal glory,
or are burned up in His devouring fire, in His everlasting flame.
Therefore, no one may come to The Father
except through The Son, YahuShua, The Purifying Flame.
For only The Holy Flame may dwell within The Fire, for Yah is HOLY.
And all those void of The Flame will consume away; they shall cease to exist.
For ALL must pass through the fire, ALL are subject to the power of The Flame…
The wicked purged, and the penitent purified.
58. MORE
I have seen the sun rise upon the mountains of Israel,
I have seen the light of the moon illuminate the valleys of Judah,
I have even seen the stars fall from the heavens!
Yet never have I seen a wonder such as this,
never have I beheld such a wondrous thing!…
I have seen a brilliant light, a perfect likeness! Behold, I have stepped into the fire!
Yet instead of burning, I received understanding;
and in place of my wounds, I received healing in this flame!
What a wondrous and beautiful place! Such overwhelming,
pure love in the light of His glory, consuming me where I stand,
strengthening me as I fall down, my tears flowing as my life departs from me!
Yet I do not die. Rather the presence of The Lord of Hosts rises up in me!
Is this Heaven? Yes! It is The Kingdom!
For before me is the likeness of a Man, bright and shining!
He is beckoning me! I see the holes in His hands and in His feet,
as I am pulled toward His open arms!
I am losing myself, yet I feel as though I am being born;
I was dead, and now I am alive again!…
The man I was passing away, as His life rushes in!…
And what more can I say? What more shall I ask of Him?…
Only this… MORE!
The selfless servant shall be filled and put to use in all the earth,
dwelling always in the inner courts of My love,
where grace and truth flow as a river which never runs dry,
partaking of My glory, bearing fruit in kind.
For he who dwells in the secret place of The Most High
abides in the shadow of The Almighty, and from this servant nothing is withheld.
Lo, within him are written The Commandments of God,
and engraven upon his heart is the name of love and pure righteousness.
In his mind’s eye he sees the holy sacrifice, the salvation of many.
With his lips he sings the song of The Lamb,
and with his mouth he testifies to the glory of The Lord, without ceasing…
For great is YAHUWAH, his God, and holy is The One who is poured out!…
For the mouths of the pure in heart are open, and He shall surely fill them up,
Even as a welcomed rain in the height of summer… Says The Lord.
This is wisdom… I AM HE!…
And this is understanding… I abide forever! All healing is in Me!…
Therefore everyone who comes to Me is made whole,
And everyone who lives in Me shall abide forever… Says The Lord.

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