BTL - Volume III - Teaching 68

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Teaching 68:
1. I come to indoctrinate the flock of Elijah. My word is for
these people like the manna was for the people of Israel in the
wilderness. Your spirit during this period in vain sought the truth
along the pathways until you came to hear the voice of your Father. I
am the Traveler, the Stranger who has knocked at the doors of all
hearts. Instead of feeling My presence, men have remained devoted
to their preoccupations, their ambitions or their suffering. You, who
have felt My presence and listened to My voice, have received
strength to go forth through vicissitudes and the light to understand
that there is no paradise in the earthly possessions, that the Promised
Land is not found here, that today the world is a sorrowful valley of
tears, a land of exile and purification. It will be in the spiritual
valley where you will find peace and true happiness, where I will
celebrate with you a feast of your arrival. Anyone who aspires to a
true peace will have to seek it in My truth, in My path. In vain men
go after a crown or a throne, believing that by obtaining it, they have
managed to have the peace. I say to you that the era of kings has
come to an end. My justice has come among men.
2. I, your King, taught you that on Earth there is no other crown
than that of thorns, nor another throne than the cross. And all that
you did with Jesus, I suffered because of My love for you. Today
when I have returned and find you again in the world, I have not
come to claim that blood from you, I come full of love and
forgiveness for you to manifest Myself among the humble, among
these simple children who did not conceive My arrival under this
3. I have picked you out from the perversity of your existence to
cleanse your blemishes, naming you disciples, entrusting to you a
precious seed and naming you My laborers. I have instructed you to
safeguard that seed zealously, for whoever loses it, will find himself
more in need than before.
4. 0! My people, this is the time when you must penetrate into
the pathway of My Law, so that the event of previous periods will
not be repeated, in which the weaknesses and downfalls of the
people of Israel were obstacles which prevented other people from
worshiping the true God.
5. The light of the Holy Spirit is in your mind so that you will
analyze all what I am revealing to you and be able to satisfactorily
answer your brethren. Do not believe that I will surrender you to
your own fate, only with what your memory had saved of what I
taught you. What can you be able to deliver to men without My
intervention? What proof will you be able to give without My help?
On the other hand, if you have faith in My power and in My help
and are prepared, you will heal the sick, convince the unbelievers
and resurrect the dead; some you will seek and some others you will
receive, and the good news will be given to men that I have
communicated through a human spokesman.
6. I will keep on delivering to men My message of peace and
love until the last day of the year 1950 when I will lift My word. My
manifestation and My Word of this period will touch Mankind,
shake the very foundations of religions and even science itself,
intrigued, will stop to scrutinize.
7. Here is the truth which you instinctively felt during this
period, but did not believe in finding it manifested through such
humbleness, and much less under this form. But here it is, judge it!
8. I have come to speak to you in a human language, sometimes
in a figurative meaning and in parables, sometimes with all
clearness. I have yet to reveal great truths to you through different
spokesmen, because only one would not suffice to transmit the
message of My Divinity.
9. You come from different regions with your knapsack empty
and on the other hand you carry your heart filled with afflictions; but
when you have listened to this heavenly voice and I have welcomed
you, you have seen how your path is illuminated and peace, the true
peace, penetrates your heart.
10. Thus, hearing My Word through a human spokesman, you
have come to comprehend that this is the Third Era, that My
communication in this form will be brief and therefore, you should
take advantage of this lesson.
11. You consult with your conscience and it responds that you
were wandering along errant paths; then you feel an infinite joy on
realizing that it was a true miracle having found the road that you
had regarded so distant. And the fact is that for faith there are no
obstacles; for repentance, a sob is enough, for a prayer a moment of
elevation, and for regeneration, you will always find an opportunity
to restitute.
12. When you penetrated as the last ones into the bosom of
these your brethren, you felt unworthy of being with them, you
regarded them as superior beings; after-ward, your perseverance,
your faith and love, made you sit among the disciples. Once in that
place, some of them have known how to maintain themselves within
humility; on the other hand, others, because of their lack of
comprehension in My Doctrine, filled themselves with vanity, they
felt like masters, and they reached a point of even regarding as small
those whom they had admired and envied. These I have had to touch
and correct; but in the same way I say that you imitate only those
who give you good examples, behold that I also avail Myself of the
disobedient and the ungrateful ones to give you lessons of great
13. At the first touch of My justice, some know how to return to
the path of obedience; however, there are also those who in their
vanity, profane My mandates and mock at the Law. My word then
becomes extensive and clear in order for man to understand that it is
humility and obedience to My mandates which draws you closer to
14. Disciples: behold the light that reaches you; it is the
reflection of the lights of the New Jerusalem which conveys its
message to you from the infinite.
15. This nation where My Word has been manifested, is not the
New Jerusalem that John beheld through his spiritual vision when
he prophesied thus: "And I, John, saw the Holy City, the New
Jerusalem, descending from Heaven dressed as a bride adorned for
her husband", nevertheless, this nation will be a symbol of that
spiritual city. Its inhabitants shall be prepared; from their hearts will
emerge peace and welcome for everyone who knocks at its doors;
from their spirits will pour the light that will resolve the conflicts
which have involved Mankind, and from their worship will emerge
an example of spirituality and elevation for other nations.
16. Today you still doubt that this nation can fulfill such a
destiny, and that doubt surges in your heart when you see that
although listening to the Divine Master and naming you His
disciples, you are still materialized, tied to the worldly pleasures.
17. Understand that I have not wanted to bring you hurriedly
along the path of My teachings, but I have also said that you should
not stay at a standstill. Do you fear the judgments of Mankind? Are
you fearful of the torments you might suffer for My cause? Verily I
say to you that the crown of thorns will not be encircled around your
temples, nor will you carry a heavy cross under the whip and blows
of a multitude hungry for blood.
18. Love your brethren, sow My charity everywhere, but never
embitter yourselves because Humanity pays badly for the service
you made to them; remember the examples of Jesus.
19. The course which yesterday I outlined for you with My
blood, today I have come to trace it with My light; but do not
imprint on it any blemish, nor leave traces of imperfection or
impurity, because tomorrow men will say that He who spoke was an
20. Do not defy My Divine justice with disobediences or faults
against My Law; neither must you allow the law of justice of the
Earth to fall upon you, due to impure practices.
21. I want your spirit to manifest and overflow himself during
this period, without his physical body being a barrier in stopping
him or a veil which will hide him, and that each word pouring from
his lips will be of life.
22. O beloved people, for you the Second Era belongs to the
past. For Me it is present. Today it is not Judea the place for My
manifestations; it is not Jerusalem the city which welcomes its
Savior with psalms and olive branches. It is another place in the
world where I appear today, but it is the same people, the same
spirits. Now the city is your heart and your psalms and olives are of
inner rejoicing.
23. Today I am not surrounded by Peter, Andrew, John, James,
Bartholomew, Philip and the other disciples; they fulfilled their
mission and willed to you their example; today there are multitudes
of disciples whom I am preparing. You are feeling your spiritual
gifts. In some the gift of prophecy is manifested by means of visions
and dreams, in others the gift of speech and in some others the gift
of inspiration, the spiritual communication and that of healing; but
in all of you exist the same gifts which you can develop through
your deeds of love toward your brethren.
24. All of you have contemplated or felt the transfiguration
within My communication, when from your view disappears the
spokesman through whom I transmit My Word and Christ appears in
Spirit, filled with love toward you.
25. Disciples, we are approaching the gates of the city; behold
them, it is the heart of Mankind. Will they be prepared to receive the
Master and His disciples?
26. Be watchful and pray, for while some may receive Me with
hymns, the pharisees will be lying in wait, and there will also be
those who will offer you money in exchange for your silence. Be
watchful, so as not to fall into temptation, because from that trial
will emerge the bad disciples who will betray their faith.
27. I bring you peace and a new teaching. If My sacrifice of the
Second Era abolished the sacrifice of innocent victims whom you
immolated upon the altar of Jehovah, today the sustenance of My
Divine Word has made you cease to represent My body and My
blood with the bread and wine of this world. Every spirit who
wishes to live will have to be nourished from the Divine Spirit. He
who listens to My Word and feels it within his heart, has truly been
nourished; he has not only been fed by My body and drank of My
blood, but he also has taken from My Spirit to nourish himself.
Who, after having had a taste of this heavenly nourishment, will
again seek Me in bodies and man-made forms? From time to time I
have come erasing traditions, rituals and forms, and I leave in your
spirit only the Law and the essence of My teachings.
28. This period is of remembrance, meditation and analysis;
allow Me to penetrate within you. I come from the cities and the
battlefields and I have shared with My children the bread of their
bitterness; I have spread light upon all the pathways, I have
performed miracles and I have given proof of My presence among
men, and it is necessary that you receive Me in order to listen to the
last of My words.
29. Allow Me to find My dwelling prepared within your hearts,
that My table be there and the bread upon it. I want you to feel
lulled by My love as I did with the gentle John. O multitude, know
how to prepare yourselves and enter into a true vigilance, so that
you do not profane the Divine, and do allow it to be manifested;
notice that you receive My Divine ray of light in your mind even
though it is still filled with sins and passions. If during the Second
Era you made Me carry a cross under the whip and the jeers, now
allow Me to dwell in your heart.
30. I ask for your preparation, which means regeneration and
spirituality, so that when the year 1950 comes around the multitudes
may be very numerous, because among the crowds My gaze
discovers those who belong to the 144,000 and whom I shall mark
upon their forehead and make them acknowledge their mission. But
do not fear if on the last day the 12,000 of each tribe have not been
marked; from the infinite I will make them feel My caress and shall
indicate the mission entrusted to them. The place where they may be
does not matter. I say this because only I can designate the destiny
and duties of each creature, and there shall be no one who will do it
after My departure.
31. After 1950, I shall disclose to you those who without even
hearing My word will form a part of that number; they too, will also
know how to show evidence. After My Word has ceased, there will
be those who will attempt to imitate you to surprise the good faith of
men; however, you will be prepared in order to discover all
32. You will preserve within your heart My farewell in the
manner that I express it to you; but you will make this testimony
reach other nations, and you will tell Mankind that I am in Spirit,
very close to all of My children.
33. Today I say to you: Here is the Master, the One whom the
multitudes named "The Rabbi of Galilee". I come to give you the
same Doctrine, the teaching of love; the banquet to which I invite
you is spiritual, as are also the bread and the wine; but today like
yesterday and as always, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.
34. I come to give you My strength, because this Third Era is of
trials. My warmth has descended within your heart which was as
cold as the tombstone which covers the dead, and you now feel that
it throbs with love toward your Father. You have seen how among
the great multitudes I have been selecting those who are to bear the
Divine mark upon their forehead, and that My Word tells them that
the grace which I have bestowed upon them, is not so they may rise
above the rest, humiliating them, but instead must carry it with the
humility of one who is ready to serve his fellowmen because he
realizes this lesson is for everyone.
35. A phase of grace is at your door; these people should enter it
with their mind inspired and fully conscious of everything they say
and see; this period should not surprise you involved in a routine
and much less occupied in the superfluous.
36. This phase in which I have come to give testimonies of My
presence under this manifestation, spreading miracles along the path
of each one of you, shall be the memory that will strengthen you
tomorrow in the struggle, so that you may travel with submission,
spirituality and love. My Law will shine through your conscience
and will illuminate your pathway like the face of Moses glowed
when he descended from Mount Sinai in search of the people who
were at the mountain’s slope.
37. The twelve tribes will again reunite around My Law. In the
forefront will be the twelve thousand marked from each tribe, and
when this happens, I will say to them: Go forth along the bypaths
like the good disciple of Christ to spread the good news of My
38. All prophecies will be fulfilled and Humanity will see
emerge from the most obscure and ignored corners a humble people,
poor in worldly goods, but strong in spirit, zealous of My Law and
merciful with their brethren. Their sanctuary will be internal,
invisible and intangible, therefore impossible to destroy; an
inextinguishable light will glow there that will illuminate the
pathway for them. Their crossroads and trials will be arduous and
hard, but they will never weaken because of it, nor will they weep
their discontentment or affliction, nor will they turn their backs on
Me, because they will have the strength of an apostle. Men will
surge from the scum, the degradation and sin to the Law and virtue,
and will walk along the roads of love and grace. My Spirit will be
felt everywhere, every eye shall see Me, every ear will hear Me and
every mind will understand My revelations and inspirations. Men
regarded as slow to comprehend and rude will suddenly become
illuminated and converted into My prophets; from their lips will
pour words which will be like crystalline water upon their withered
39. The prophets will take that water from the fountain of
wisdom and truth which is I; there they will find health, limpidity
and eternal life.
40. All the pain that in these moments fall upon Mankind is the
cup of bitterness through which they will obtain purification. The
widows and orphans multiply day by day and upon their desolation
and lamenting, the mantle of Mary has been spread out. My justice
has descended upon your world and through it even the face of the
planet will be changed. Nature protests the profanations of man, that
is why the elements have become unleashed. Men of science who
say they believe in Me, are surprised and confused, and when they
have seen My justice near, they have exclaimed: Father, Father!, but
their cry has not been of love and repentance, but fear for their life
and what they possess in the world. Again I say to you that not
everyone who calls Me Father, loves Me.
41. If Humanity, upon seeing all the signs of the judgment, and
the wealthy would hasten to share what they have with the poor, and
those who have offended others would ask for forgiveness, and those
who have blemished themselves through theft, vice or lies, would
repent and dispose themselves to clean their blemishes, verily I say
to you: The waters would gently return to their course, the hurricane
winds would become a gentle breeze, and war, which has possessed
men, will become an angel of peace; but you have a hardened heart,
you see someone pass alongside devoid of clothing without you
feeling his suffering cold, and you do not perceive the hunger or the
affliction of your brethren, even when they are within the reach of
your help.
42. No one wants to meditate in the fact that you are only
pilgrims in this world, nor do you wish to do something that will
make you useful in your journey toward eternity.
43. Here you have Me Humanity, spiritually present, real and
true within and outside of you, so that you can listen to the voice of
the Living Word and rise to pick up your sandals, knapsack and
staff, and travel along the path of My teachings toward the presence
of the One who is your only God.
44. People of Israel, you are before My presence. You come as
innocent children, without realizing that you carry in your spirit an
accumulation of debts which you must settle. You have been sent
again during this period to have the opportunity of making amends
for previous faults and be able to elevate yourselves to that level
where I want to see you.
45. You come to hear My word on this day and with uncertainty
in your heart you humble yourselves before Me and ask Me if I have
come amongst you and I say to you: Meditate and you will behold
that I have manifested My love and have made you feel My
presence. I have chosen you from among great multitudes of beings
so that you may receive this legacy and afterward transmit it to your
46. You present before Me your struggle, troubles and efforts,
and I receive them because they are gratifying to Me. I behold you
weary, with your bleeding feet but with the experience that life
offers. Some of you imitate Me and carry your mission with patience
and elevation. Think of those who will come after you and prepare
the pathway for them; your example will be the best legacy. While
you live humbly and work obeying My mandates, you feel My
peace; but when you allow your hearing to be oblivious to My
warnings you take the wrong road and you do not consider that
Mankind is on the watch for your actions and will judge you at
every moment. How could you speak of My power and My wisdom
if you attributed My words to yourselves in order to be exalted? Feel
the true greatness that I have granted to each one of My children and
which is greater than the one you pretend to have. When I grant you
a miracle, be rejoiced and keep in mind that in it I have manifested
My love for you.
47. Study My PARABLE
48. In a region there was an elder surrounded by men, women
and children, whom he had invited to partake in a feast. Everyone
arrived from different pathways obeying the calling of the elder. A
resounding bell chimed loudly and caravans of people filled with
submission, had answered the call toward the place where he, who
called them, dwelt.
49. On entering that dwelling those multitudes did not see upon
the table bread, food and water that nourished the body, and mistrust
in some and mockery in others began to infiltrate the hearts. They
bowed their heads pretending humility, but deep down they made
judgment against the elder; but he who knew what prevailed in their
innermost, said to them: Come to Me and listen: You find yourselves
lost like stranded victims along the road of life, without a light that
will save you; you have died to love and joy and disregard the
purpose for which you have come to this world. You have also
allowed yourselves to be overcome by the vicissitudes of life, of the
world and its passions, and that is why I have called you. I am going
to outline a course that will make you happy and give you the light.
Ask and it shall be given. Fearfully, feeling that the elder read in
their heart and knew their thoughts, they showed him their sick
body, their weariness and their thirst for spirituality.
50. "Blessed are you," said the elder to them. I will grant you
the benefits you need, I will relieve your hunger and your thirst.
51. Among those multitudes were the hypocrites as well as men
of clean heart, and everyone listened to the lesson. He opened the
book of his perfect teaching and gave them as nourishment his word,
and upon finishing, he asked them: Have you relieved your hunger?
Are you satisfied? They gave thanks for the miracle they had
received, for they never imagined love could be so powerful. The
elder kept on saying to them: Blessed are you, for you have been
able to welcome me. This is the bread that sustains the spirit and
water that quenches the thirst for love and perfection.
52. Afterward he gave laws and mandates to that people so that
through their guidance they would remain worthy of always
receiving that nourishment. Those who understood that message
promised to obey and always live in the practice of the virtues that
elder was teaching. He told them that when they felt strong they
could spread his teaching to other regions; that the first ones would
take this responsibility while the rest would remain to receive the
new travelers.
53. The chosen departed to fulfill this mission, bearing the
strength of the elder. They were vigilant, prayerful and they began
their work. Everyone was united through the same ideal, only one
thought led them; to convey that bread to those who hungered.
Along their way they encountered obstacles, and their spirit
struggled to overcome them; soon they began to weaken and to
judge the elder, asking themselves whether his protection would
follow them everywhere. They knew that from time to time they
should return to that dwelling where the elder had gathered them.
The time came when those people celebrated the commemoration of
the day when they heard the voice of the elder for the first time, and
great multitudes attended; however, those disciples who departed
did not return, they had mistaken the road and adulterated the Law.
The elder felt sadness for the absence of those disciples, he prepared
new messengers and sent them to work. While the first ones
prevaricated and forgot the essence of that Doctrine, the second
group spoke in the name of virtue which the elder was teaching, and
they converted the hearts with the truth of his words.
54. Analyze My parable and do not forget that you should be
zealously vigilant if you wish to fulfill My mandates. Gather the
sick, those who thirst and hunger and give them the bread of the
spirit. Pour love upon the hearts, and do not deny that you are
messengers in My Work of light and redemption. Do not leave room
for arrogance and vanity so that you will not be disinherited. Do not
deviate from the fulfillment of My Law; love one another and you
will live in peace.
My Peace be with you!