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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Teaching 68:

1 I come to teach the flock of Elijah. My word is to this people what the manna was to the people of Israel in the wilderness. Your spirit searched in vain for the truth in this time in the ways of life, until you finally heard the voice of your Lord. I am the wanderer, the stranger who knocked at the doors of hearts. Men - instead of feeling my presence - have continued to give themselves over to their worries, their ambitious goals or their sufferings. You who have felt My Presence and heard My Voice have received strength to endure the ups and downs of life and the Light to understand that the possessions of the world are not paradise, that here is not the Promised Land, that the world is now a sad valley of tears, a land of exile and atonement.

It will be in the spiritual realm where you will find true peace and true happiness, where I will celebrate with you the joyful feasts of your arrival. Everyone who longs for true peace must seek it in my truth, in my way. In vain men strive for a "crown" or a "throne," in the belief that by reaching it they have attained peace. I say to you that the time of the "kings" has found its end. My justice has come to men.

2 I, your king, taught you that on earth there is no crown other than that of thorns, and no throne other than the cross. And all that you did to Jesus, He suffered for love of you. Today when I have come back and meet you anew in the world, I do not accuse you because of that blood. I come full of love and forgiveness for you to make myself known among the humble, among these simple children who did not understand My coming in this form.

3 I have withdrawn you from the corruption of your life and cleansed you from your stains, called you disciples, entrusted you with a precious seed and called you "My workers I have charged you to guard this seed with devotion, for he who loses it will be poorer in it than before.

4 People, this is the time when you must walk the path of My Law so that the fall of times gone by will not be repeated, when the weaknesses and the overthrows of the people of Israel were the obstacles that made it impossible for the other peoples to worship the true God

5 The light of the Holy Spirit enlightens your minds so that you may fathom all that I reveal to you and you may answer your brethren satisfactorily Do not think that I leave you to your own powers, only with what your memory has kept from what I taught you. What can you pass on to men without my assistance? What proofs can you give without my help? But if you have faith in my power and my support and are prepared, you will be able to heal the sick, convince unbelievers and raise the "dead. You will seek out the one and receive the other, and the good news will be given to men that I have made myself known through the human organ of the mind.

6 Until the last day of the year 1950, when I will withdraw My Word, I will furthermore give My Message of peace and love to men. My manifestation and My Word of this time will move mankind, the religious communities will be shaken to their very foundations, and even science will - curiously - pause to investigate.

7 Here is the Truth which you foresaw that you would know it in this time undisguised; but you did not believe that you would find it in this simplicity in which it reveals itself, and even less in this form But here it is, form a judgment about it!

8 I have spoken to you in a language intelligible to man, sometimes figuratively and in parables, sometimes with full clarity. Great truths I will still reveal to you through various voice-bearers, because one alone would not be enough to convey the message of my divinity.

9 You come from distant places, your bag is empty and instead your heart is full of sorrows but when you heard this heavenly voice and I welcomed you, you experienced how your path of life was illuminated and peace, true peace, entered your heart

10 So when you heard My Word through the human organ of the mind, you realised that this is the Third Time, that My Announcement in this form will be short and that you must therefore use this teaching

11 You question your conscience, and it answers you that you have gone astray. Then you feel an infinite bliss in the knowledge that it was a true miracle that you found the way you believed so far away. The reason for this is that there are no barriers to faith; for repentance a sob is enough, for prayer a moment of exaltation, and for renewal you will always find an opportunity for reparation.

12 When you were the "last" to enter into the circle of these your brothers, you felt unworthy to be with them and thought them to be higher beings. Later, your perseverance, your faith and your love caused you to sit with the disciples. Once in this place, some retained their humility while others, for lack of understanding of My teaching, were filled with vanity, felt themselves to be masters and even showed little respect for those who had previously admired and envied them. I had to afflict and rebuke them; but just as I tell you that you are to take as your example only those who give you good examples, so you are to recognize how I myself serve the disobedient and the ungrateful to give you teachings of great wisdom.

13 Some are ready to return to the way of obedience at the first warning sign of My righteousness. But there are also those who in their arrogance profane My commandments and defy the law. My word then becomes detailed and unambiguous so that man may understand that it is humility and obedience to My commandments that brings you closer to Me.

14 Disciples, consider the light that comes to you; it is the reflection of the lights of the New Jerusalem, which sends you its message from infinity

15 This nation, in which My Word has been made known, is not the New Jerusalem which John saw with the eyes of the Spirit when he prophesied: "and I, John, saw the Holy City, the New Jerusalem, coming down from heaven like a bride adorned for her husband"; yet this nation is to be a symbol of that Spiritual City Its inhabitants shall be prepared, out of their hearts shall flow peace and welcome for everyone who knocks at their doors, from their spirit shall radiate the light that resolves the conflicts that confuse mankind, and from their worship of God shall emanate the example of spiritualization and exaltation for other peoples.

16 Today you still doubt that this nation can fulfill such a destiny, and this doubt rises in your heart when you see that you are materialized, attached to the pleasures of the world, even though you hear the Divine Master and call yourselves His disciples.

17 Understand that I did not want to lead you hastily on the way of My teachings, but that I have also told you not to stop Do you fear the judgments of men? Do you fear the tortures you might suffer for the sake of my cause? Verily, I tell you, no crown of thorns will be wound around your temples, nor will you bear a heavy cross under scourge blows and fisticuffs of a bloodthirsty crowd.

18 Love your fellow men, sow My Mercy everywhere; but never be bitter because men will badly reward the service you give them Remember the example of Jesus!

19 The way which I showed you with My Blood in the past, I have shown you today with My Light But do not put any blemish on it, nor leave any traces of imperfection or unfairness, for then tomorrow men will say that He who spoke at this time was a deceiver.

20 Do not challenge My Divine righteousness through disobedience or violations of My law. Nor give cause for earthly justice to come upon you because of dishonest actions.

21 I want your spirit to manifest and overflow in this time, without his body being an obstacle that keeps him away or a veil that hides him, and that every word that comes from his lips is full of life

22 Beloved people, for you the Second Time belongs to the past, for Me it is present not Judea is today the place of My manifestations, not Jerusalem is the city that receives its Saviour with psalms and olive branches It is another place in the world where I am present today, but it is the same people, the same spirits. Now your heart is the city, and your psalms and olive branches are inner rejoicing.

23 Now do not surround Me with Peter, Andrew, John, James, Bartholomew, Philip and the other disciples; they fulfilled their mission and left you their example; today it is large crowds of disciples that I am preparing. Very clearly you feel your spiritual gifts: In some the gift of prophecy is expressed through spiritual visions and dreams, in others the gift of the Word, and in others the gift of inspiration, spiritual dialogue and healing. But in all of you exist the same abilities, which you can develop through your works of love for your brothers.

24 You have all seen or felt the transfiguration during My announcement, when the voice bearer, through whom I give you My word, disappears from your sight and Christ appears in spiritual form, filled with love for you.

25 Disciples, we are already approaching the gates of the "city". Look at it, it is the heart of mankind. Will it be prepared to receive the Master and His disciples?

26 Watch and pray, for while some will receive Me with songs of praise, the Pharisees will lie in wait for you, and some will offer you money for your silence. Watch, lest you fall into temptation, for out of this trial will come the wicked disciples who will betray their faith.

27 I bring you peace and a new teaching. If My sacrifice of the Second Age abolished the sacrifice of innocent animals that you sacrificed on the altar of Jehovah, today the food of My divine Word has caused you to no longer represent My Body and Blood through the bread and wine of this world. Every soul that wants to live must feed on the Divine Spirit. The one who hears My word and feels it in his heart has nourished himself in truth. This one has not only eaten my body and drunk my blood, but has also taken from my Spirit to nourish himself. Who - after he has tasted this heavenly food - will seek me again in forms and shapes made by human hands? From time to time I come and abolish traditions, rites and customs, leaving in your spirit only the law and the spiritual core of My teachings.

28 This is a time of remembrance, of inner gathering and reflection, let Me enter among you I come from the cities and the battlefields and have shared with my children the bread of their bitterness. I have in all ways

I have spread light, have done wonders and have given proofs of my presence among men. But it is necessary that you accept me so that you hear my words until the last.

29 Make sure that I find the dwelling prepared in your hearts, that my table is there and on it the bread. I want you to feel courted by My love as I did with the gentle John. - O men, prepare yourselves inwardly and find to true spiritual vigilance so that you do not profane the divine and let it be revealed to you. Know that you receive My divine ray in your mind, although it is still full of sins and passions. If in the Second Time you let Me carry a cross under blows and mockery, let Me dwell in your hearts today.

30 I am asking you to equip yourselves with what renewal and spiritualization means, so that when the year 1950 comes, the crowds of listeners will be very great. For among the crowd my gaze discovers those who belong to the one hundred and forty-four thousand and whom I have to mark on their foreheads and whom I have to let recognize their task. But do not worry if on the last day (of my manifestation) the twelve thousand of each tribe are not (all) marked.

Out of infinity I will let them feel my caress and assign to them the task ordered to them. The place where they stay is indifferent. I tell you this because I alone can assign the destiny and the tasks of every creature, and there is no one who can do it after my departure.

31 After 1950 I will let you know which are those who belong to this number, even without having heard my word; they too will give proof of faith - After my word is finished, some will try to imitate you to abuse the good faith of men. But you will be prepared so that you discover every falsehood.

32 You will keep my farewell word in your hearts in the form in which I will give it to you. But you are to let this testimony reach other nations and tell mankind that I am very close in spirit to all My children.

33 Today I tell you: Here is the Master, the one whom people called the Rabbi of Galilee. I give you the everlasting teaching, the teaching of love. The banquet to which I invite you today is spiritual, the bread and wine likewise. But today as before and as always I am the way, the truth and the life.

34 I give you My strength, because this Third Age is full of trials. My warmth has sunk into your heart, which was cold like the stone slab that covers the dead, and already you feel it beating in love with its Father. You have seen how I have gradually chosen from among the great crowds of people those who are to bear the divine sign on their foreheads, and that My word tells them that this grace with which I have clothed them is not for them to rise above others and humiliate them, but that they are to bear it with the humility of a man who is ready to serve his neighbor because he recognizes that this teaching is for everyone.

35 A time of grace is before you; let this people experience it with an enlightened mind and in full knowledge of all that they say and see. This time of grace must not become a routine for you, and even less must you deal with unnecessary things.

36 This period of time, in which I have given you testimonies of My Presence with this manifestation and have done wonders in the life journey of each one of you, will be the memory that will strengthen you tomorrow in the struggle so that you may go your way with submission, spirituality and love My law will shine through your conscience and illuminate your path, as the face of Moses shone when he came down from Sinai and visited the people who were at the foot of it.

37 The twelve tribes will again gather themselves around My law. At their head will be the twelve thousand from each tribe, and when the time comes I will say to them: set out as the good disciples of Christ to bring the good news of My presence.

38 All prophecies will come true and mankind will see coming out of its most hidden and unknown corners a people humble, poor in material goods but strong in spirit, zealous in My Law and merciful with its fellow men Its sanctuary will be inward, invisible and untouchable, therefore impossible to destroy. There an indelible light will burn there, which will light up his way. His ways of life and afflictions will be painful and hard, but it will never become weak for their sake, nor will it lament out of dissatisfaction or grief, and it will also not turn its back on me because it has the strength of the apostle. Men will rise from the dirt, the mud and sin to the law and to virtue and walk on the ways of love and grace. Everywhere My Spirit will be felt, every eye will see Me, every ear will hear Me, and every mind will grasp My revelations and inspirations. People who were considered clumsy and uneducated will suddenly see themselves enlightened and transformed into My prophets. From their lips will come words that will be like crystal clear water on withered hearts.

39 This water the prophets will take from the fountain of wisdom and truth which I am; in it they will find health, purity and eternal life

40 All pain that is currently pouring out on mankind is the cup of bitterness through which it will attain purification. The widows and orphans will multiply from day to day, but over their desolation and their lamentations the mantle of Mary has spread. My righteousness has come upon your world, and through it even the face of the planet will change. Nature calls man to account for his desecrations, which is why the forces of nature are unleashed. The scientists who claim to believe in Me are dismayed and confused, and when they saw My justice coming, they cried out, "Father, Father! But their cry was not out of love or out of remorse, but out of fear for their lives and for what they possess in the world. I tell you again that not everyone who says "Father" to Me loves Me.

41 When mankind sees all the signs of judgment and the rich would hurry to share with the poor what they possess; when those who have offended would ask for forgiveness if those who have defiled themselves with theft, vice or lie would repent and would undertake to wash away their stains of shame - verily I tell you, the waters would gently return to their riverbeds, the violent storms would become a light breeze, and the war that has cast its spell on men would turn into an angel of peace. But your heart is hard; you see the naked man at your side without feeling his freezing, and you do not feel the hunger or the pain of your fellow men, even if your help can reach them.

42 No one wants to think about the fact that you are only pilgrims in this world, nor do you want to do anything that might be useful to you on your journey to eternity.

43 Here I am, mankind - spiritually present, real and true, in you and outside of you, so that you may hear the voice of the Word and set out to seize the sandals, the provisions and the walking staff, and you may walk the path of My teachings until the presence of Him who is your only God.

44 People of Israel, you are in My presence. You come here like ignorant children and do not recognize that you bring in your soul a lot of guilt which you have to pay off. You have been sent out once more in this time to have the opportunity to make amends for your old transgressions and you can ascend to that level where I want to see you.

45 You are coming to hear My Word this day and with uncertainty in your heart you are bending before Me, asking Me if I have come back to you But I tell you: Think and you will know that I have revealed My love in you and made you feel My presence. I have chosen you from great multitudes of people so that you may receive this inheritance and thereafter transmit it to your brothers.

46 You put before Me your struggle, your troubles and worries for others, and I accept them because they are pleasing to Me I see you weary, with bleeding feet, but with the experience that life gives. Some of you take Me as an example and carry out their task with patience and spiritual upliftment. Think of those who come after you and prepare their way for them; your example will be the best inheritance. As long as you live humbly and work in obedience to My commandments, you feel My peace. But if you allow your ears to close yourselves to My instructions, you stray from the path and do not consider that men observe your actions and judge you in every moment. How could you speak of my power and my wisdom when you ascribed my words to yourselves to be praised. Feel the actual greatness that I have granted to each of My children, which is greater than those you claim to have. When I grant you a miracle, rejoice and remember that with it I have shown you My love.

47 Study My parable:

48 "In one province lived a venerable old man, surrounded by men, women and children whom he had invited to participate in a banquet. They all came from different ways and followed the invitation of the old man. A soothing bell rang in the heights, and when it rang, they hurried in long trains of devotion to the place where the one who called them lived.

49 When those crowds entered the house, they saw on the table neither bread nor food nor water to nourish the body, and disappointment began to enter the hearts of some, and mockery to enter the hearts of others. With apparent humility they bowed their necks, but inside they murmured against the old man. But he, who knew what was going on inside those people, spoke to them:

"Come to me and listen! You have been like shipwrecked men on the way of life, without a beacon to save you. You have been dead to love and joy and do not know the purpose for which you came into this world. You have also let yourselves be defeated by the vicissitudes of life, by the world and its passions, and that is why I have called you. I will show you the way that will make you happy and give you the light. Fearful and with the feeling that the old man read in their hearts and knew their thoughts, they pointed him to their sick bodies, to their weariness and their thirst for spiritualization.

50 "Be happy," said the old man to them, "I will grant you the goods you need, I will satisfy your hunger and your thirst.

51 Among those multitudes there were both hypocrites and people of pure heart, and they all listened to the teaching. He opened the book of his perfect teaching and gave them his word as food, and when he had finished, he asked them, "Have you satisfied your hunger? Are you satisfied?" They thanked him for the miracle they had received, for they had never imagined that love was so powerful. - The old man continued to say to them, "Rejoice that you have accepted me. This is the bread that feeds the soul and the water that quenches the thirst for love and perfection.

52 After this he gave laws and commandments to that people, that they might be guided by them and remain worthy to always receive that food. Those who understood this message vowed to obey and always to live in the practice of the virtues taught by that venerable old man. He told them that if they felt strong, they should take his teaching to other areas, that the "first" should carry out this mission, while the others should stay to receive the newcomers.

53 Those who were destined for this went out to fulfill this commission, and took with them the strength of the old man. They watched, prayed, and began their work. They were all united in the same ideal, and one thought dominated them: to bring that bread to the hungry. They encountered difficulties on their way, and their spirit struggled to overcome them. But soon they began to weaken and to judge the old man (inwardly), wondering if his protection would follow them everywhere? They knew that from time to time they should return to the house where the old man had gathered them.

The time came when that people celebrated the memory of the day when they heard the voice of the old man for the first time, and great crowds rushed to them; but those disciples who had gone away did not return, they had strayed from the path and had falsified the law. The old man felt pain because of the absence of those disciples; he trained new messengers and sent them out to work. While the former acted contrary to their duty and forgot the essence of that teaching, the latter spoke in the name of the virtue that that old man taught and converted hearts by the truth of their words.

(End of the parable)

54 Fathom My parable and do not forget that you must be highly watchful if you want to fulfill My commandments Gather the sick, the thirsty and the hungry, and give them the bread of the Spirit. Flow love into their hearts and be aware that you are ambassadors in My work of light and restoration. Do not let pride or vanity arise so that you do not disinherit yourselves. Do not slacken in the fulfillment of My law. Love one another and you will live in peace.

My peace be with you.

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