BTL - Volume III - Teaching 67

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Teaching 67:

1 I bless all My children, both those who hear My teaching word and those who are not present at this demonstration Come and hear the Spirit of Truth, for this Word will be your spiritual staff. Your heart shows itself to Me depressed by sufferings, sorrows, ingratitude and disappointments that have accumulated in your life. Receive this Word within you as if it were wine, then its loveliness will soften your bitterness.

2 Some still enjoy the pleasures of the world at this time. Others, on the other hand, have not known these false pleasures and have found peace in their spirit on returning to the spiritual world. For if you think that those who enjoy material satisfactions and pleasures are those who are nearest to me, you are in error. Verily, I tell you, they still have many lessons to learn! But he who rejects everything that shines with false splendor is in communion with his Lord and satiates himself with His divine power.

3 You newcomers, let the Master show you a new teaching; prepare yourselves so that I give you new revelations You know that the period of My manifestation is only from 1866 to 1950 and it is necessary that I tell you all I have in store for you for this period. A few years remain for you to hear me in this form. If you make use of them, you will in the end possess the great teachings that I have promised you.

4 Has anyone thought that after 1950 the "workers" will rest from their work? verily, I tell you, then the struggle will only begin! My disciples must then become masters so that the crowds of people will seek them as they have sought Me. The seers must perfect themselves so that they become great prophets before the eyes of the people, and you must all prepare yourselves to receive the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. You are to continue to gather together so that men may seek you, attracted by the spiritualization and devotion of your gatherings, as well as by your works of love and mercy.

5 Think of these events which await you and which must come because it is foretold in my word. Then your conscience will tell you whether you have thought about My teachings, whether you have fathomed and understood them, and whether you are preparing for this time of struggle.

6 This people will bring forth new patriarchs, under whose guidance virtuous families will arise, which will be an example for the rest. There will also be martyrs; these will be those who, while carrying out their mission, will have to endure the attacks, persecutions and mockery of the people - those who will have to suffer hardships and privations in order to serve their neighbors.

7 Everything is prepared for the last battle, after which a single teaching will remain, which will be this truth which I teach you and which I have revealed to you in the course of times - as the law of the spirit, full of wisdom, justice and love

8 Your works and actions must become more and more pure, and you must not be afraid of being handed over to justice in the time of slander and persecution directed against you, when the fulfillment of your mission corresponds to what I have taught you

9 So that the light of My Spirit may shine in your mind during your meetings, you must learn to keep silence and an inner composure such as you have never had; then you will truly feel My Presence and My wonders; My Spirits of Light will strengthen and enlighten you But woe to those who exchange my truth for deceit!

10 Understand how great My Work is, and how little value you have attached to it If you have been very refreshed while you heard Me through the voice bearer's organ of understanding, I tell you truly that I have an even more perfect form ready for you - the one where you receive Me directly in your thoughts. My teaching will then reach you pure, pure and divine because it has not gone through the mouth of the voice bearer.

11 Do not be confused when I tell you that I am again standing before judges, tribunals and teachers of the law verily, I tell you, I have found in many of those who follow Me today a tribunal and have stood before a judge Tomorrow the people in you will judge Me. This is the reason why I beg you that your works may be good, so that those, instead of denying this truth, may mend and confess it instead of condemning it.

12 How much I had to speak to you in this time! verily, I tell you, if you know how to use My Word, one teaching would be enough to nourish you but no sooner have a few moments passed after you have listened to Me than you are already no longer keeping My Peace, nor have you shown My Mercy among your brothers

13 Resurrect to the life of grace by eating of the food I have brought you in this time Do you not understand that you must leave the trace of your steps in the world? today I want this trace to lead the crowds into My Divine Presence Come on ways of light, peace, brotherhood, and you will soon find Me. Do not become discouraged if you sometimes encounter an obstacle, or if your foot hurts on the thorns of the path. Verily, I tell you, if your faith does not waver, you will not lack the crystal clear water that quenches your thirst, for you will feed on My words.

14 If you feel strong and see that your brothers at your side are going their way only under hardships, do not feel superior, for you would fall into the grave error of vanity and would be like the worm that swells with the moisture of the earth In my new people neither kings nor masters shall rise. Every bad seed will be removed from your hearts so that you may be My prophets.

15 Do not be content to be saved from the uncertain ways. Go and seek the stray ones so that you may save them. Be humble, give room for mercy, become men of good will, then you will be able to fulfill your task.

16 There are some who say to me in their inner being, "Lord, I am about to fulfill. To this I answer him that he is scarcely ready to learn how to fulfill a task. You are not yet steadfast enough on the way. I often have to strengthen you by my example and that of my apostles.

17 In the Second Age mankind gave Me a cross of wood, to whose martyrdom men condemned Me. But on My spirit I carried another, heavier and bloodier one: that of your imperfections and that of your ingratitude.

18 Would you be able to carry a cross of love and sacrifice for your neighbor on your back and thus enter into My presence? Behold, for this purpose I sent you to earth; therefore your return will happen when you come before me with fulfilled mission. This cross will be the key that opens the gates of the promised kingdom for you.

19 If the crowds are hurting and mocking you while you are walking with your cross on the way of life, which is your road of bitterness, remember what you have done to Jesus and consider what He did to you: forgive you

20 With what fear some of My children hear this word coming from the lips of the human voice bearer, knowing that it is inspired by the Holy Spirit, and among those present there are some who witnessed the end of Sodom and Gomorrah and later the destruction of Jerusalem

21 When you hear these revelations, remember that you have lived long on earth and yet the result you show Me is poor - In the past times I granted you the temporal goods in abundance so that you should see in this wealth a symbol of spiritual wealth. Today you see your material travel sack empty because you no longer need these treasures; the time of material wealth is over for you.

22  Christ came to you, and His body was not wrapped in linen or silk after birth. Only a single petticoat covered His body. Yet in His Word He brought a treasure and represented a kingdom more powerful than all on earth. - You were slow in understanding because you loved the goods of this world very much and did not love the purity of the soul. But today you live in a new time and have a new opportunity for your spirit to rise, to overcome human weaknesses and to bring to bloom all the spiritual riches with which it has been endowed.

23  Because of your development you have grown up, and yet you feel too awkward to take the first steps into this new age. That is why I have come and made myself known through your minds to teach you to progress in the path of your spiritual development.

24  See the men, the women and the children flocking around the religious communities and sects, and although the light of My Spirit is poured out on all flesh and on every spirit, they are sleeping in the face of the reality of this time

25  Through how many more trials must you go so that you do not feel contempt for the poor, nor disgust for the diseases you call repulsive! Who can know if that leper who stretched out his hand to you and from whom you turned away in horror was not your father or your son in another incarnation?

26  You are begetting children of your flesh, but it is I who distributes spirits among families, tribes, nations and worlds, and in this justice, inaccessible to men, My love is revealed

27  People, use this time I have granted you, it is precious and decisive for your spirit My sonorous and resounding voice has awakened you from your lethargy. For Me no one is burdened with guilt, I have loved all equally. Begin to love one another so that humanity may finally be reconciled in My law and fulfill the divine commandment that tells you to love one another.

28  How is it possible that the peoples who call themselves Christians are destroying themselves by war and even pray before going to kill their brothers, asking Me to give them victory over their enemies? Can My seed exist where instead of love hatred reigns and instead of forgiveness revenge?

29 It is necessary that My prophets rise again to admonish mankind. For while there are peoples who destroy themselves, blinded by ambition and violence, those who have received my light and impartially judge mankind fear to tackle their task and pass on the Good News. If this humanity knew how to pray with the Spirit, it would hear My voice, it would receive My inspiration. But every time she prays there is a veil over her (spiritual) eyes that hides the light of My presence from her. I must come to men in the moments when their bodies rest to awaken their spirit, to call it and speak to it. It is Christ who penetrates your heart like a thief in deep night to sow in it His seed of love.

30 Listen, disciples, and understand: by your indifference do not give cause for the Master, when He ends the time of this proclamation, to say that He spoke in vain. But if you do not make use of this time, you will have to mourn your ingratitude. Many times despair will overwhelm you and sickness will prostrate you, although you had a source of health within your reach which you did not want to use. Only My mercy will be able to save you; to earn it, I have taught you to share your bread with the hungry.

31 Understand the Divine Mercy that is nearing your heart so that you may consider all of them as your brothers and sisters.

32 I do not keep you from any of your human duties, but I tell you strongly that you should also study the Father's teachings so that your spirit may perfect itself by doing works pleasing to Me

33  Today My Divine Ray is coming down to your world, and it is in the whole universe, vibrating in every creature While in some he is intuition, in others he is inspiration, and in others he is human word, as it is happening among you.

34  These walls and this roof only serve to protect you from the rigors of the weather and to shield you from the curious or intrusive eyes of your brethren. these men and women, through whom I give you My Word, have nothing divine about them, they are as human as you, and the seat on which they rest is not My Throne, nor is it My Seat of Judgment This bench serves only to support the voice bearer during his rapture.

35 I come to set up in your hearts a kingdom of love. But so that the foundations of this kingdom are indestructible and eternal, I have revealed to you the teachings of the spirit, without whose knowledge you would only create erroneous doctrines of faith.

36 Until the year 1950 you will have this word. After that I will leave this planet to you for your fulfillment of your commission; but not only the earth, but also the spiritual space.

37 In the moment of your inner gathering and prayer I have come to you to caress you and make My Presence palpable to you so that you may experience that the spirit to spirit union is truth. In this way you have learned to await My coming whenever I make myself known and address My word to you.

38 Your heart is at peace and you keep gratitude in the spirit because you remember that when I called you, your conscience accused you: "You are unworthy. But then you heard My voice telling you: "I love you, come to Me, you are My chosen ones, I forgive you. Then faith and love for the Master blossomed in your hearts.

39  In your spirit I have laid down this inheritance, on these foundations I leave My Work, which must not have weak foundations This light will not go out, for I have first kindled it in your hearts; this teaching will not perish, for I have first purified you.

40  Do not think that you maintain My work on earth; it is the work that maintains you

41  Do you understand why I chose simple and untrained hearts to preside over the first communities? because even if they were to add so many imperfections to My Work, it would not lose its essence and My Justice would come at the right time to cut the grain and separate the wheat from every weed But do not forget that I have told you that the first will be the last and the last the first because from generation to generation disciples will arise whose development, spiritualization and understanding will enable them to make great progress on the spiritual path.

42  You have vowed to follow Me in this way; but I tell you that it was not necessary for you to make a vow For what man who comes here from the way of suffering wants to return to it?

43 I pave the way of True Life for you, where peace dwells. You are creating evil ways, which you mark with your tears and your blood.

44 I am giving you My teachings in a language that even the most illiterate can understand, for I do not speak to you in unknown terms or with scientific words. I use simple words because I am the Word of Love that speaks to every mind and heart. I want that - when I cease to speak to you in this form - you have used the spiritual content of this wisdom so that tomorrow you can pass it on to mankind with the truth and wisdom it contains.

45 The ways are now being paved so that mankind may go in search of the shining beacon of this teaching, which will soon be the ideal of every spirit, at various points on earth. Your whole being is now preparing to bear witness to My words: the spirit, the heart and the lips, so that you may be like a pure spring from which these crystal clear waters will let their refreshing fragrance flow among men.

46  Fulfil your purpose! do not have the desire to return to Me without having first walked the way I showed you, for it would be painful for you to see stains in your soul which it has not yet washed away because it did not reach the end of its atonement The reincarnations have passed over you, but many of you have not appreciated the infinite grace and the love, which the Father granted you with it. Remember: the greater the number of opportunities, the greater your responsibility, and if these opportunities are not taken, with each of them the burden of atonement and the balancing justice will increase. This is the burden whose unbearable weight many beings cannot comprehend and which only My teaching can reveal to you.

47 My teaching wants to make you masters of this transitory kingdom, so that it will not rule you. I do not want that - when you come into my presence in the spiritual garment - you say to me: "Father, why did you call me away although I still wanted to live on earth? - How seldom do you show yourselves in agreement with my will!

48  Today I say to those whom I have called beginners and disciples in this time, that no one will come to Me without having first walked the path assigned to his spirit for its full unfolding - This is a time of reparation and justice; I alone know the judgment of each one. Every transgression from the past is made amends today. It suffices to tell you that he who once gave death to his fellow men had to come (to earth) now to raise (spiritually) dead people to life.

49 Blessed children, I know your prayer and understand your language. Men do not take any consideration for you because they consider you to be small and weak, whereby the spirit that is hidden in you suffers.

50  Old men, you have been bowed down by the burden of time and struggles; your lips are silent, your heart is sad. You have learned much in life; you can no longer hope in the glories of the world, for your youth is behind you, and you place your hope only in the life that awaits your soul beyond death. You feel useless because your brethren believe that you are useless because you do not cooperate physically. But you know that in your hearts a light is burning and a book (of experience) exists. I, your Master, understand you, know your heart and say to you, "Speak to Me, know how My Love enfolds you. Wait calmly for the hour of recall. Do not worry: there the true life, the eternal youth, awaits you.

51  Girls, I alone understand you. Your heart has opened itself to life like a chalice of flowers. You dream of love, of tenderness, of happiness. But I say to you: dream no longer, awaken, for you must prepare yourselves well so that you may fulfill the sublime task that awaits you, and you must become very strong to empty your cup of suffering. But if your heart loves, you will find in this love the support and consolation for your path of life.

52 In this time of restoration, My righteousness will leave a deep trace in men. Men will have to give account of all their works. He who has opened his eyes to the truth on this earth should "watch" and pray for all, for if men do not rise in the midst of confusion in prayer, chaos will reign in the world. These moments here are also dedicated to "waking". You, people, to whom spiritual prayer is assigned, so that you may earn merits for peace - turn away from useless and evil and prepare your soul more and more.

53 It is necessary that an army of soldiers of peace be prepared on earth, fighting against hatred and sin until they are extinguished. It is this army that I am now gathering and training and that will consist of visible and invisible beings. My apostle John had the gift to see it in his revelation.

54 Soon My legions will be ready and take the fields of death and desolation. Their coming will be like a whirlwind that shakes the hearts of men. Storm will reign within each of them, and only a beacon will give light in the darkness of those days, and that beacon will be me. All children of this people who do not decide to fulfill the task I gave them when I sent them to earth will be recalled to the spiritual valley to make way for those who have to fight. Later those who have passed over will begin to work in the spirit; but their effort will have to be greater.

55 Those who do their duty obediently will fear nothing, for the light of the divine beacon will illuminate their paths in the midst of the storm. There will be nothing that can cause them to fail or fall into perdition.

56 Blessed are they who know how to use this time as atonement, for they will come out of this battle unharmed. But those who still love the treasures of the earth and strive for the highest positions and the glory of the world, they will have to endure their atonement under greatest pain of the soul.

57 What will those who have loved only the world be able to offer to the Father? What will they be able to answer when they come in spirit before Him who has loved them so much and who has offered them so many opportunities for their salvation?

58 You all should have been prepared for this time. Remember that My messengers have even laid down their lives for you to announce to you My righteousness. You paid little attention to those voices only because you believed that they were very far from the truth. But behold, those voices of the messengers and prophets are rising and resounding in this time with even greater force. Verily, I tell you, when those messages are listened to attentively by men and faithfully studied, I will send my new prophets to announce to them what is to come after this time, and for the sake of the former prophets those who are yet to come will find faith.

59 Blessed is he who has peace in his life and uses it to do works of mercy on his brothers. Blessed is he who - although he carries a pain in his heart - forgets himself in order to comfort his neighbor. This one lives according to the example of Jesus, when He walked His way bowed under the burden of the cross and even then still comforted, healed and forgave the multitudes of people.

60 The prophet Elijah, the forerunner, the forerunner of the Third Age, intercedes for his flock, prays for those who do not know how to pray, and with his mantle covers the sinner's stigma in the hope of its renewal. Elijah equips his flocks, his armies, to fight the darkness that has been created by ignorance, sin, fanaticism and the materialism of humanity.

61 Even because of a single "last" who is among you, whenever I preach My Word to you, there is a feast in My kingdom, a feast in which you all participate. If you knew how much joy there is in the Master whenever someone comes for the first time to hear My teachings, even if in his heart there is doubt, hard-heartedness and even mockery! - My Word knows how to overcome all human weaknesses.

Today a heart asks Me: "If you are Christ, why do you stay in this poverty? But the Master must tell him: "When did I crown Myself king in your world? When did I dwell in palaces on earth? Once I lived among men that you might know Me as a man, and I lived My perfect humility and meekness before you. I am king, but men did not create My crown, which is made of wisdom. My crown is that Light that shines in the divine mind of the Creator, and the rays that it emits fall into your mind - not so that you think of yourselves as kings, but so that you may be humble in the knowledge of the greatness that God has placed in your spirit, with the true humility that I taught you through Jesus when I said to you, "I am the way, the truth and the life.

My peace be with you!

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