BTL - Volume 2 - Teaching 51

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume II - Teaching 29 - 55
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Book of True Life - Volume 2 

Teaching 51:

1 Disciples, with what joy and tenderness I receive your heart today! The reason for this is that before, your Spiritual Mother was among you and enveloped you in her Divine Being.

2 What joy will be in your Spirit once it lives outside the matter that imprisons it, in the regions of peace, and can always hear the voice of the Heavenly Mother like a divine song.

3 Faith and love for your spiritual mother is a seed which I entrust to you so that you may nurture it in the hearts of your brothers. All who through My mercy have received the mark on their foreheads will go ahead and light the way. Long ago, I commanded these same Spirits to mark the doors of their houses with the blood of a lamb as a symbol of covenant and purification. I alone know why I have marked you at all times; I alone know your destiny and your way of atonement, and that is why My righteousness constantly haunts you to keep you away from evil.

4 When My Voice resounded in this time like the sound of a ringing bell, you immediately recognized who was calling and set out to hear Me and follow Me later - None of you feel as king or lord because of the gifts he has received from Me or because of the dignity with which he has been clothed. Be the humblest and yet also the most zealous (in observance) of My law.

5 This is the time of your spiritual activity, in which the experience you have gained on the path of development will help you. Whenever you have been on earth, you have sought comforts and pleasures, and when you have lived in the Hereafter, you have limited yourselves to a contemplative life. Only now do you gradually grasp the purpose of your existence and the actual nature of your spiritual task.

6 Every day men open new furrows for moral ruin, and it is there that you must plant this seed, workers of Jesus, so that the example of your good works may bear witness to the truth of my teaching and free your brothers from their "materialism.

Let your life always slide on the right way. Then, when death opens the gates of eternity to your Spirit, your brothers can say, "Behold, this was a just man! And when you come into My presence, the Father can say to you: "Come, you shall live with Me forever!

7 Elijah, who is the Spiritual Shepherd of the Third Age, is the one to whom the Spirits have been entrusted as sheep of the Lord's fold. It is he who will gather the one hundred and forty-four thousand whom I mark with the sign of My divinity, and when they have been marked, My righteousness will come upon the earth. Today Elijah is lighting a light in every Spirit so that no one will be lost in the hour of trial.

8 People, My Ray of Light is becoming the Word through My voice bearers to explain My teaching to you This Word has touched your hearts, it has shown you the way that leads to happiness and makes the burden of your cross lighter. Strengthen yourselves by My word so that you may courageously withstand your trials and put it into practice with love and gentleness. Do not fear the loose tongues of men - do not forget that you must be tested very much.

9 It is necessary for mankind to rise up against me anew; it is necessary for men to scout out my work Only in this way will they be able to discover the truth and the just law; only in this way will they be able to find my presence and clearly recognize my wisdom and love.

10 In this struggle you have a very important task to fulfill. But do not consider yourselves the owners of My law, for the law is Me and you are only its interpreters.

11 Be happy in the thought that you do not have splendid temples that anyone can destroy; for you can hold your meetings in a simple chamber or in a valley or on a mountain Where My children gather and call Me, I will be with them. Also I tell you that there will be no human power to stop this Word, which will come without interruption until the day that is fixed by My Will. And if men would silence the lips of my disciples before this time or kill them, their dead bodies would cry out!

12 The prophecies I have given you in My Word will be faithfully fulfilled For I have not deceived you, have not given you stones instead of bread, or serpents instead of fish. I am the way, the truth and the life.

13 In the second time I only gave you news of the kingdom from which I came and to which you must enter. Now I come to reveal to you many beauties of this divine Father's house. This new life is the beginning of the Kingdom of Peace which I have promised you.

14 My trace is clearly visible since the first time. Walk on it, go ahead without abandoning your cross, for without it you cannot be recognized.

15 What men have destroyed, I will rebuild.

16 Enter into the light and spiritual sense of the sixth seal, the book in which your purpose is written.

17 I give you instructive words of comfort, some for teaching, some for watchfulness, and some also for preparation, so that nothing is lacking in your travelling bag.

18 How many of the prophecies of My prophets are already coming true! Joel said, "I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh. The apostle John saw this time in his prophetic visions, and My Word will continue to be fulfilled forever.

19 The Divine Word finds echoes in the heart of this people. You have prepared the tabernacle, and here I am with you. The Book of True Life is opened before you, and every time you study it you receive a new teaching. But those who are deeply asleep in their apathy should not wait until 1950, not wait until My loudly ringing bell announces My farewell, and only at this hour want to set out to hear Me. You know that my word and that of my spiritual world will no longer be heard after that year, which I have indicated to you.

20 I have set you free and My Blood was the symbol of the love I have for you I do not want you to return to sin, to darkness.

21 A worldwide visitation is approaching and I want My people to be prepared so that in the midst of the storm they may be the beacon of hope illuminating the way of the shipwrecked Verily, verily, three quarters of the earth will be afflicted, it will be cleansed by pain. Listen to Me, people, for you must bring these words to all your brothers.

22 You must put to death in your hearts the selfishness it might contain and give room to charity. Is it possible that you preach love without feeling it? Before you put this mask of hypocrisy on your face, I will teach you and test you until I cause sincerity to be born in your hearts.

23 The day of My farewell will come, and those who have known how to prepare themselves will feel themselves spiritually at the right hand of the Lord But verily, I tell you, the number of disobedient ones, those who cross the forbidden circle, will be great. These will be those who, although they have often listened to Me, did not know how to use or understand the teaching, and in their ignorance they will ask the Father to be with them for a while yet, although I have told them many times: "My word is that of a king and will never be taken back"; and: "Rather would heaven and earth pass away or the royal star would cease to shine, than that a single one of My words would not be fulfilled. This is why I tell you that it was My Will to announce to you from the first days of My rallies to the end of this manifestation, so that all of you would know it and be prepared.

24 Elijah announced to the people My imminent arrival, and in the same way, through the mouth of Roque Rojas, he called the year 1950 the year of My departure, that is, the end of the period of rallies by the human mind.

25 At this time I tell you that My teaching is far ahead and that you are about to stay behind If you do not want to feel weak on the day of the visitation, you must hurry and make an effort to keep up with My lessons. Only in this way will you feel strong enough to enter into the following period of Spirit-to-Spirit dialogue.

26 I have revealed to you the presence of the spiritual world so that you may feel the nearness of your brothers and accept their wise counsel. They have come to bring you spiritualization. Why do you want to drag them down to the material world every moment?* You will not succeed in this, but you cause them suffering.

* This means not to burden them with material, monetary or business matters.

27 These Spirits live in harmony with My Divinity; you are the dead who want to raise them. My voice will constantly tell you: Prepare yourselves! For if it were not so, if you do not realize that you are living in a time of dangers and pitfalls, you will see before your eyes the false Christians, the false Elijahs, and the false "spirits of light.

28 Do you want it to be the world, men, or pain that will set you free from your faults? Remember that I told you: "The tree is recognized by its fruit", which is to be understood so that you will be judged by your works. Blessed are those who with submission and obedience take up their cross. But there will always be among my apostles the traitorous, selfish and false disciple, who, if he could,' would deliver me up again to sacrificial death - although it is not necessary that I be in a material body to be able to crucify me or have my face spat upon.

29 I want all of you to be obedient, I do not want to see anyone deserving of these harsh words; for when your brothers ask you about Me, do not hide yourselves, nor deny to them that you have listened to Me. For no one is to turn his back on me at the moment of trial; no one is to hide his heritage.

30 My teaching is detailed in every one of My teaching speeches; for I want to build in your heart a spiritual sanctuary where I dwell, and a place of peace for your brothers

31 Make use of this time in which My Word caresses your Spirit through the voice bearer. Open your heart and keep this book in it because the moment will come when you will awaken from your deep lethargy and turn to him in search of light.

32 I speak down to you from My Cross of Love. But now it is not blood that flows out of my body, but light that breaks forth in rays that fall on men. I have given you the gift of the Word and the light of inspiration. From your mouth will come the explanation of the mystery of the Seven Seals, so that mankind may know My truth. This Word I am giving you will take away the dark bandage from the eyes of men. All weeds will be pulled up, and in its place the good seed will be sown.

33 You go on traces of blood, of vice and of sin, cursing those who left them, not knowing if these traces are not those you left in a former life Do not therefore feel free from responsibility in this time. Then you will come to the realization that My righteousness, however hard and merciless it may seem to you, contains only love.

I have poured out a treasure of wisdom in this time through My voice-bearers; but only after My departure in 1950 will you attach its full value to this word when My nightingales have fallen silent for these divine songs.

34 My Word is that of a King, My Will is one, and when that time has come, nothing and no one will change the order of My Commandments and My Counsels

Some say that 1950 is still far away and that there is still time to enjoy free will, that later there will still be time to convert and fulfill my law. How miserable and ignorant proves to be who thinks and feels this way! Who knows the days he still has to live on earth? Who is master of extending his existence according to his will?

35 No one desires his soul to become a miserable remnant when his earthly garment ceases to exist; nor make of your soul a suffering shadow begging from door to door and from heart to heart for alms of light, although My Spirit poured rivers of it on them

36 Listen, newcomers: the Master wants that - when this word is no longer heard - you may be the spiritual masters of your children, of the new generations I am entrusting to you You are to teach spiritualization and morality, then your seed will be received in My granary.

37 The hypocritical Pharisees of the Second Age crossed My path at every turn, hoping to discover a blemish in My work, a lie in My words, and could never find it

38 In this day and age you will be searched out like Jesus; but since you do not have the strength and wisdom of the Master, I want you at least to be on the true path After all that I have spoken to you and the time I have granted you, your prayer should be almost spiritualized. But you have not yet overcome the world, nor has Spirit prevailed over matter.

39 In the Second Age I sought disciples on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, and when I found those who were to follow Me, I said to them, "Come," and they followed Me. They left everything behind to follow Me. - To the crowds who believed in My Word, I said, "Those who will listen to Me, distribute their goods among the needy and follow Me. I teach the way that leads into my kingdom. Those disciples who later became apostles of love and truth preached by Christ knew how to shake the spiritual and moral foundations of the peoples of that time. With love and blood they sealed their work of surrender to the Father. From those crowds who listened to Me and from those peoples who later heard My disciples, those who were faithful to My teaching, the martyrs, came forth.

40 Today I do not demand your life nor your blood, for it is another time in which you live today. Yet - could you not do something similar to what those did in love, in self-denial and in faith?

41 Some say to Me: "Father, I am ready to lay down My Life for you"; but I answer you: "no, My Son, do not lay down your life without knowing what for Keep it rather so that you may be useful to your brothers, and when you have completed your mission, surrender it to Me in humility.

42 Today you say: "Lord, we do not live by bread alone. Come to us and give us Your word."

43 In the midst of the vicissitudes of your lives you remember Me. You are "the strong people", but in the moments of the most severe suffering you remember the Crucified One, to ask Him for strength.

44 You have been strong enough to seek Me and follow Me, and your intuition has led you to Me, although men did their utmost to hide the light of the (true) Way, My promise to return, My prophecies of the Second Age and the Revelation of My Apostle John

45 In spite of everything, you have managed to separate yourselves from idolatry and fanaticism and defend the faith of your Spirit And when you heard that Christ had come back and that He was teaching people at present, you followed the call and recognized by the simplicity of the form in which He made Himself known, by the modesty of the place and by the simplicity of those who followed Him, that it was the Master. If you had been told that He was making Himself known in the palaces of men, you would not have believed it, for the memory of the humility of the rabbi of Galilee has not yet disappeared from your Spirit. Nor could you have understood it if He had again incarnated in a man. But when you saw Him come into the world in spiritual form, you felt that this light came from the Holy Spirit, and this because you know that I do not come twice in the same form.

Disciples, close your ears to the talk and opinions that men form about you; remember that they are simple-minded. But always be prepared that they do not extinguish the light of your faith.

46 I reveal the mystery to you so that you may never stray from the way of true life, for there is no one in the world at this time who can guide you in the way of truth. The mystery consists in letting yourselves be guided by conscience, because in it I am.

47 All men and all peoples have leaders; but if I were to ask them, "where have you been led?" all would tell Me, "into pain, into the abyss and into destruction.

48 I give you a detailed explanation of how the way is that leads to Me, teaching you to live on earth in purity so that your spiritual worship is pleasing and pure. I tell you that you are to be (real) men, so that you may be spiritualists who fulfill their obligation to the "Emperor" and who also know how to fulfill their obligations against their God.

49 Human life has laws which you must fulfill in order to be in harmony with it; nature demands its tribute from you. Give every law the fulfillment it deserves; but never err in doing so by giving Me the tribute that is due to the world, and do not give it the sacrifice that should be for Me. Understand: Whoever fulfills both laws - the spiritual as well as the material - glorifies me and will come to me.

50 My teaching, therefore, is not limited to the Spirit alone, but it also refers to human life, to the morality that man must have in him. For when you delve into these teachings, you will see that life is one and The Way is also one.

Do not be surprised that I tell you that you are to give dignity to families, that you are to love your parents, that the spouses are to love one another, that the man is not to see in the woman a servant but his worthy companion, that the woman is to see in the man her protective shield, her shield, that the parents are to bring healthy children to the world, who lead them on the way of good.

51 Neither be astonished, if I say to you, if the "emperor" (i.e., the State) demands of you the tribute of your work, follow it, for it is likewise a law that weighs on man. Seize the tools of labor and snatch from the earth its treasures and its fruits of love.

52 Seek your progress within human life, but never let excessive ambition dominate you; for then you will lose your freedom, and materialism will enslave you.

53 Put into each of your actions what your conscience indicates to you, that they may contain justice. Respect those who rule you, follow their calls and work with them for the good of all.

Respect the religious beliefs of your brethren, and when you enter their churches, bare your heads in sincere devotion, knowing that I am present in every worship of God. Do not deny the world to follow Me, nor separate yourselves from Me on the pretext that you have duties in the world. Learn to merge both laws into one.

54 I only free your soul from uselessness, from the false, so that it may rise above every misery, bondage or humiliation in the hard trials of earthly life. Listen to my voice that tells you: There is no one on earth who has power over your Spirit.

55 I must speak to you in this way to destroy the bad interpretations given to My teaching. Today I am doing it through these men through whom I make myself known, who are not righteous and whom I have nevertheless chosen, as it was my will.

56 You know: The greater their armour and their purity, the greater is the inspiration that enters into their mind. This is the reason for the renewal and improvement of these My children who sinned in former times and who today struggle to make themselves worthy to make My word known.

57 If you want to seek perfection, you will not find it in the voice carriers. Seek it in the spiritual sense of My Word, there you will find My presence.

58 People, learn to practice mercy in all its various forms. But do not make your works known because you seek admiration or praise; for this reward is small, and you thus lose the great reward which I have prepared for you.

59 I am telling you not only to cleanse your soul but also to strengthen your body so that the new generations that come out of you may be healthy and their souls may fulfil their difficult mission

60 Pray, but your prayer should be short, so that you may spend the rest of your time practicing the law. Only five minutes of prayer I require of you; but in them you shall give yourselves to Me, so that you may hear My voice in your conscience. Verily, I tell you, you are not all waking and praying, for My sharp eye has penetrated into your heart, where often not even you yourselves can penetrate, and has discovered all that you hide in it.

61 This is the time of judgment for mankind. man for man, people for people and nation for nation will be judged by My divinity. Yet men have not noticed this, nor do they know in what time they live. Therefore I have come in Spirit and have sent down My ray on the human mind, and through his mediation I have revealed to you who speaks to you, what time it is in which you live and what your task is.

62 I have put the content of My three Testaments in the heart of this people, and although you know that you possess the Truth and the Law, you still misunderstand one another This is because the influence of war, which is hanging over the nations, has also afflicted you.

63 The only God who exists speaks to you, whom you called Jehovah when He showed you His power and revealed the Law to you on Mount Sinai; whom you called Jesus because in Him was My Word; and whom you call the Holy Spirit today because I am the Spirit of Truth.

64 How is it that you have seen three deities where only one exists? You are all children of this God. Why do you not understand yourselves here on earth to love each other as brothers who you are? You know that men are killed by men, that blood flows in streams, but the pain that floods the earth does not shake your hearts.

I have told you: Pray, and if you fulfill my commandments, you need not fear wars, hunger, pestilence or unknown diseases. But if you are free from these plagues, it is so that you pray for your neighbor and take care of him. Do not doubt the power of prayer, for it is the greatest weapon of the Spirit.

65 The foolish hand of man has opened the gates that held back the forces and elements of purification that have come upon mankind.

66 Nations of the earth, you drink a very bitter cup and feel the pain to the deepest depths of your hearts because you have so willed it. Drink in patience so that you may draw light and benefit to your Spirit from this experience as you search for the true way by which you will reach the ruins of the temple which you have destroyed in yourselves and which you must rebuild so that in it My Voice may speak to you and you may again possess My Law.

67 Pray and earn merits, people, for war is lurking around your nation Your spiritual mission is waiting for you. Do not allow hunger, disease and death to enter you. If your faith lacks strength, you will be in despair when you see your brothers kill themselves, your children starve. The water you drink will be bitter, your mountains and your valleys will dry up, the trees will bear no fruit, and this land, considered by many as the land of promise because of its riches and abundance, will have nothing to offer the foreigner who approaches it in search of freedom or bread.

68 Verily, I tell you, while My hidden treasure of wisdom full of revelations and mercy is only waiting for the hour when mankind will turn their gaze towards the Father and show themselves louder and more humble to shower them with all I have in store for them, you have always challenged My Justice and in this time I have accepted your challenge

I come in warlike intent, My power is great, My armies are numerous, and My weapons are insuperable. In the end I will be victorious; but I will not rise above the dead (victorious), but before the living. I will humble no one; all will lift up their faces to praise My name. That is why I will see among you, My people, unity, mercy, respect and love of one "worker" to another and of one community to another.

69 I grant you this time so that you may destroy in your hearts the idolatry, fanaticism, all uselessness and evil that is present in your habits and your worship of God. Feel the divine Word descending upon mankind, but in the midst of My justice feel My peace.

70 O valley of tears and blood, in which men erect their throne to worship themselves and then dig their own grave with their hands! I come to deliver them from sin and from death; for they have bound and enslaved themselves. Verily, I tell you, this world no longer belongs to these people, therefore it pushes them away every moment.

71 The earth, which has sheltered men like a sacrificial and tolerant mother, will from now on show them at every turn the way that does not lead to their womb but to the Highest, where another mother, the Heavenly Mother, awaits the coming of her children to cover them in her mantle, which is an eternal promise of bliss

My peace be with you!

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