BTL - Volume 2 - Teaching 55

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume II - Teaching 29 - 55
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Book of True Life - Volume 2 

Teaching 55:
1. The light of the Holy Spirit surrounds all spirits.
2. Blessed are you who are willing to obey my mandates, for
you will always feel helped by me. But I also say to you, Do not
silence the voice of your conscience when it points out your errors.
Listen to it, for it is my voice. If you wish to please me, once you
have corrected your faults, elevate your spirit in prayer, and you will
always find me awaiting you to give you peace.
3. As you develop a greater awareness of my forgiveness,
dedicate yourselves more to the fulfillment of your duties. Never
abuse that forgiveness.
4. All who arise with the commitment of elevating themselves
spiritually by fulfilling the divine law along my path will find
themselves surrounded by great multitudes that will follow them.
And should I place you before a multitude of individuals, do not
view yourself as their master and lord. Observe that even the kings
of this time have stepped down from their thrones to become
servants of their people, for an era of equality and brotherhood
approaches for men. Remember that when I called you, you
answered with humility and told me that you would be submissive
and take your cross with love to follow the footsteps with which I
marked the path of your spiritual evolution in the Second Era.
5. If you prepare yourself, the great trials which approach
humanity, as well as the hurricane winds, will feel like a light breeze
that comes to caress you. Then the light of a new dawn will shine,
and the sun will offer its gifts. But if you are not vigilant, and allow
hypocrisy to develop in your hearts, and cover yourselves with
sheepskin although you are like a hungry wolf, then you will find
stumbling blocks, and the thorns on the path will hurt your feet.
6. Woe unto you if your evil tendencies are stronger than the
virtues possessed by your spirit or if my teaching does not bear fruit!
If you do not meditate or analyze my word, believing you are doing
my will, my light will awaken you. And when you know all truth,
you will remember that I have sent you to the world to do good works.
7. Even if you wished to flee from your destiny, you could not
do it. As often as you depart from the path, my charity will continue
to return you to it. My law is written in each spirit and you must obey it.
8. I have observed your dissatisfaction with the leaders of
nations because you have not understood that they are instruments
that I use to subdue and reform the people. You have not known how
to unite in thought to help those whom I appointed to lead nations.
You object and cause disharmony while I have advised unity and
obedience to my will. Love one another, and may your prayers
prepare and help them spiritually.
9. Become unified, Israel, and hear me. I am going to submit
you to great trials, and I do not want to see you weep. Pray for those
who do not know how to pray and for those who feel weak. No one
should rejoice when others experience failure; for you do not know
if you will all go through the same trials, and if you will also
weaken when you endure those ordeals.
10. Reject temptation, for this is the period when that force will
attempt to multiply its harvest. Only prayer and good deeds will help
you reject all temptation.
11. On seeing your lack of unity, many doctrines will ask you to
become unified. I want you all to be united in me and to practice the
same form of worship that I have taught you.
12. To help you attain spiritual elevation, I have prepared the
best place for my children because I want to bring you close to me
and give you my peace. Let whoever feels tired come to me and he
will have rest and strength.
13. Disciples, be charitable to those who disregard the law, to
those who have rebelled, for they are the beings who need your help
and your charity the most. Why does man sin, if he is aware of
righteousness and knows that he can only attain happiness by
practicing virtuous deeds? Because he does not hear the voice of his
conscience, and the shepherds have allowed their sheep to scatter
along different roads. The word of those shepherds no longer
transmits any divine essence nor does it have the power to bring the
sheep back to the sheepfold. Where are my disciples, successors of
those apostles of the Second Era?
14. To you who are now my young followers I say, Do not call
yourselves pastors or priests; allow me to guide humanity for I am
its Father, its Judge, its best friend and counselor. Limit yourselves
to being messengers of the good news and witnesses of my
manifestation. Once humanity is able to communicate with my
Spirit through its spiritual gifts, it will proceed with a firm step
along its path of evolution, and I will inspire it to practice deeds
according to my law. This will occur after the period of restitution in
which you are now living.
15. If you had not failed to fulfill my law, you would not have
had to follow the strict law of restitution and would have proceeded
in your evolution. Truly I say to you that if you, who are charged
with taking this message to your brothers, do not fulfill that mission,
you will be judged by humanity and will experience that harsh
judgement which lacks compassion and love.
16. When I have given you an ordeal to help you elevate
spiritually, I have accompanied you so that you do not weaken. And
when you have accepted my will, taking advantage of that lesson,
you have felt closer to me. Then you have thanked me and I have
given you my peace.
17. I have asked humanity to unite and return to spirituality and
the simple life, for I want spirits to unite into one faith, recognizing
and loving me. The different doctrines will disappear, and only my
law and my word will prevail.
18. I have always manifested my love to you, but you have not
understood me. Do you not know that when I give you a new
responsibility to fulfill, it is so that you will attain salvation? I have
chosen you because I love you and want you to be my disciples; you
must practice humility and meekness in each of your deeds to truly
call yourself my disciple.
19. This is the period in which you will harvest all that you have
sown. But if in this period you sow again to gather your harvest
later, take the good seed and cultivate it, for I am still giving you time to sow.
20. Be aware that it is I who have followed you, more than you
have followed me, throughout the eras. I have done that to inform
you of your mission and to teach you to obey my law so that your
spirit will not separate from my path. Thus, as your spirit follows my
path it will summon the multitudes similar to a bell.
21. Your spirit has had to endure many ordeals to become meek
and humble and to truly dedicate yourself to follow the path of the
law! Yesterday, you would curse whenever you encountered an
ordeal along your path. Today, when you feel that you are enduring a
hard lesson in life, you pray. That is because your spirit is becoming
spiritually enlightened.
22. When I say to you that "you and they are the same", I want
you to realize that you have been spiritually evolving through your
reincarnations on earth. From the moment in which the Father said
to you, Grow and multiply, to the present time, your evolution has
not stopped for one moment. But how slowly you have walked!
23. You have multiplied, and by doing so you have obeyed that
divine mandate. But soon it became necessary to give you a new
commandment so that you would practice deeds which were worthy
of God and, therefore, I said to you, Love one another. In the Second
Era, I brought you that phrase as a summary of all the law, and I
continue to wait for it to produce fruits in your hearts. Now I have
come with new lessons and new revelations; nevertheless, I have not
come to eliminate that divine mandate which tells you to love one
another nor the other which tells you to multiply.
24. Yes, humanity, you need to grow in virtues and wisdom, and
to multiply through spirituality. Love one another without regard to
race, class, beliefs, and worlds.
25. I want to see the wheat grow in the fields where so many
bad weeds have been produced and where evil has greatly
multiplied. The day of justice has come, and the fire of war burns
and destroys the bad seed from which even ashes will not be left, for
the winds will scatter them, and then the waters and the snows will
wash and purify humanity. When pain becomes very intense among
men, they will raise altars to me, burn incense, and say they love
me. But I will tell them that that is not the way to please my Spirit,
and although they believe they love the Lord, in reality, they are
more afraid of his justice and death. Men need to understand that the
only incense that reaches me is the incense produced by your deeds
of love and charity for one another, which are inspired by the love of your Father.
26. I ask those who are hearing this word to rise up imitating me
and to follow the path of love that I traced for you in the Second
Era. Thus, when this manifestation ceases you will know how to
gather the multitudes in these houses of prayer and retain them with
the truth and the essence of your words and examples. Not only will
you know how to offer my teaching in these places but also
wherever it is needed. Do not forget that I have told you that in the
desert, on the road, on the sea, and in the valleys you will be
surprised by ordeals and also by my inspiration.
27. To fulfill this mission I want this people that I have brought
together to listen to my teaching to be the one to honor my law and
offer testimony of its Master through deeds and examples. May
there be peace in your homes so that family members are not against
one another, so there are no quarrels between brothers, nor
disharmony between parents and children. When you begin to live in
peace, and your homes are no longer a battlefield, you will witness
that wars will begin to disappear on earth, for whoever feels peace
in his heart will take it wherever he goes. Think of your children and
be aware that you have not known how to inscribe my law in their
hearts through your deeds and that those are the new generations
destined to spiritually enlighten humanity.
28. Their spirits are great, but be aware that when they are
young they need your support and your guidance. Begin to fulfill
that mission with those young individuals; be understanding and
patient. Learn from me, the one who knows how to wait for
centuries, millenniums, or eternity for the evolution and perfection
of the spirit. You are all similar to a diamond in your origin, one
which must be polished carefully to give forth beautiful rays. Do
you, perhaps, believe that you are unworthy of being compared to the diamond?
29. Flowers are one of the most beautiful and marvelous
creations that I have put on this earth; they bring you joy and
inspiration, and they create a pleasing atmosphere. Truly I say to you
that you are more perfect and beautiful than the flowers.
30. If you already possessed the spirituality that you should
attain, you would know the language of everything created, and I
would speak to you through that language. Then you would not
demand that your Father come in material form before you, as he
did in the Second Era when he bled on the cross, or give my divine
word in this time through the lips of impure men. But it is necessary
that you know your Father, and that is why I have never hidden from
you or refused to come among you in spite of your sins. If men have
always created false gods, even when I have shown myself to them,
what would happen if I were not to appear to you because of my
dislike for your sins?
31. O disciples who rejoice on hearing me and say, Master, we
regret that there is not enough freedom to allow us to speak directly
to our brethren about your word. But I say to you, Do not fear your
brothers. Of what are you ashamed? Wait; wait a few moments, for
humanity will soon overcome the barriers and obstacles that it has
created with its fanaticism and ignorance. Those barriers and
obstacles have prevented humanity from discovering the truth,
which it has only known superficially.
32. Nourish yourself with the spiritual nourishment which I
offer you today and you will feel my peace; do not allow anything to
take away the peace that I have given you.
33. I call you disciples of the Third Era because you have made
a new pact with my Divinity.
34. I have given you new lands where the tribes of Israel will
multiply; but on discovering that you are part of my people, do not
become vain, for if you analyze your mission you will realize that
you have a great responsibility.
35. I have returned among you and I ask you, Will you once
again crucify your Lord? Do you believe that the blood I shed in the
Second Era was not enough?
36. Behold that your spirit is now carrying a cross of restitution,
and it has been given many fields to cultivate. Furthermore, it will
only sow my seed. The harvest which you gather in this period will
be the key that will open the door to your salvation.
37. I have come to exchange the weight of your sins for the
tender weight of my cross so that you might rest from the sin that
has overburdened you for centuries.
38. May your lips only glorify my name and never speak
disrespectfully of me. The gift of speech that I have given you is not
designed to stain the honor of your fellow beings.
39. . Now that you know that I have called you to become my
beloved disciples, and you know you are going to hear my word,
allow your conscience to examine you daily.
40. Do not practice penance in a wrongful manner; do not
deprive your body of what it needs. On the other hand, avoid those
things which might harm your body even if it requires a sacrifice on
your behalf. That type of penance benefits your spirit and also
pleases the Father.
41. You are slowly learning to elevate your thoughts to the
infinite without needing images portrayed on canvas or created by
your minds. Little by little the obstacles that your spirit always
encountered when it attempted to pray are beginning to disappear.
Now it is following the true path that will enable it to communicate
spiritually with the Lord.
42. Do not forget that in order for you to feel true peace and
deep satisfaction when you pray, you must first cleanse your heart
before you begin to pray to the Lord.
43. Tomorrow, you will see great multitudes following you. It is
necessary that they discover a lighted path that is illuminated by
your good deeds to guide them to the truth.
44. You must offer testimony that you are the people that the
Lord sent on a pilgrimage to earth to shed spiritual enlightenment
among humanity. The wisdom emitted by your spirit will be the
light of the Sixth Seal unleashed in this period.
45. If you love me, you can fulfill my commandments; if you
love me, you will know how to love your brothers.
46. Some individuals tell me: Lord, if we are listening to your
word, is it not because we love you? And I say to you, Few are the
ones that come to hear me out of love; the majority who come to
hear me are consumed with pain and suffering.
47. I am not criticizing the fact that pain has brought you to my
presence. Once that pain has completed its mission, it will
depart;that pain will have prepared those individuals who will later
be my disciples.
48. You can not say that I have never felt human pain and
consequently do not understand you. That is why I became man and
suffered, to give you an example with each trial and in each crisis. If
I now ask you to shed light and good examples on the path through
which your children will journey, it is because I, in Jesus, was
always an obedient child to his Father. I know and feel your
suffering and am not far from you, simply because I am in the spirit.
Truly I say to you that my manifestation in the Third Era is the best
proof that I love and understand you.
49. In your moments of tranquility meditate on my word.
Understand that I am the peace that descends when the ordeals
arrive. Preserve this peace in spite of all trials and do not allow it to
flee from your hearts and return to me.
50. Do not rebel when there is illness in your homes, for they
purify the spirit. Nevertheless, I do not prevent you from seeking a
cure. I only ask you to seek me as a divine doctor and lovingly
accept what I choose to grant you.
51. There are many who have returned to my path only because
of life's sufferings. Some cursed while experiencing pain, but when
they realized that the pain helped to detain them on their path of
destruction, they blessed their bitter hardship. I allow these
individuals to sit at my table and to savor the Lamb which has been
converted into a delicious feast of love and charity.
52. Truly I say to you that if men were to do the same with those
who have been ungrateful to them, great peace would exist among humanity!
53. Live in peace; that will be the best testimony you can give
that you are my disciples. Do not forget that many individuals are
always observing you to confirm or disprove the truth of what you practice.
54. Be my faithful soldiers; never be the cause for your brothers
to reject me. Each time that I have given you my teaching through
human spokesmen, there has always been at least one individual
present who has come to scrutinize my work. During those
moments, my words, my entire manifestation, and the deeds of my
servants have been analyzed. Those individuals have used all of
their senses and abilities to scrutinize my manifestation. There have
being more individuals hoping that this manifestation is false than
there are individuals truly hoping that this manifestation is true.
Who would be able to tell them that while they observe and judge
everything, my eyes penetrate into their hearts, and my voice is
calling them through their conscience? That is the instant when
many who doubted this manifestation have developed faith and
others, who already had faith, have developed a much stronger faith.
This is how the number of my disciples have increased among this
multitude. I am asking those disciples to treasure my peace so that it
might become their greatest treasure, for that will be the greatest
testimony that they can offer of my doctrine to all the nations on earth.
55. I want you to understand that this multitude of people has a
high destiny to fulfill, and that each one of you has a delicate
mission. This multitude will be a fountain of peace and of love
where men of other races will come to drink. That time is not far,
but you must first become weary of fighting so much among
brothers, and you must also become aware of all the falsehood and
lies which humanity has come to worship. Then humanity will come
to me and find that Christ, the one who died on the cross, lives and
comes filled with the same glory and majesty that he had when he
ascended in the Second Era.
56. Today, you feel that the atmosphere is not favorable for
speaking of my doctrine, but the day approaches when you will not
become weary speaking about my doctrine although pain, poverty,
anguish, and confusion will want to take away all that I have given
you.57. I prepare you and teach you from this day so that you will
know how to transmit my teaching with your words and deeds, for
humanity is already tired of lies. Create an obedient family; unite
your thoughts, your intentions, and your destinies with a bond of
spirituality, thus, you will attain strength and immortality.
58. Great trials await humanity. Be vigilant and pray through
each catastrophe and every pain; much pain will be diminished and
some of it will never arrive at all, for it will be detained by those
who pray.
59. When other religions and sects observe that the multitudes
are hurrying to follow this nation of people, there will be some from
those religions who will arise and persecute you. Do not be afraid,
for if you know how to remain tranquil, the Holy Spirit will place
words upon your lips that will silence those who insult you.
60. I do not leave you the murderous sword with which to
defend yourselves; I leave you the sword of love. Each one of its
rays of light will be a virtue which emerges from it.
61. You will greatly please the Father if you are able to convert
those multitudes, who are persecuting my work, with your words
and deeds of love!
62. This is the lesson that I gave you in the Second Era which
you had already forgotten.
63. The human mind will suffer confusion trying to understand
the Marian Trinitarian Spiritualist teaching because the human being
who is highly materialistic is unable to comprehend those things that
are spiritual.
64. I have come to manifest myself to humanity one more time
to make man understand that he can spiritually elevate himself to
reach me. I come to teach you the way to elevate your spirits
through prayer. If you pray and live a virtuous life, you will be able
to feel my presence and be near me. Only the individual who
follows my law truly knows that I am present within man and that it
is not a metaphor.
65. You who hear me, do not keep yourselves from learning
these spiritual teachings. Do not allow your spiritual understanding
and love to become stagnant nor allow your noble and sensitive
heart to become indifferent and cold while hearing my word. You
have already tried the pleasures that the world offers; you have
already tasted their sweetness; now come nourish yourself with the
fruit of the tree that I have cultivated. But once you have satisfied
your hunger, be careful not to return to those paths that you
previously followed. Be aware that it is not right for you to stain
those gifts that you have received through my divine charity.
66. Hear my word which eliminates all darkness and enlightens
every spirit so that in the future you can journey through the
righteous path. Thus, you will be able to recognize those things that
are forbidden and attain enough strength to resist temptations.
Whoever has received this teaching can not call himself ignorant.
Disciples, today that I am still giving you these teachings, listen to
me and comprehend those things that I am telling you.
67. Whoever has been a servant in the world will not be
surprised when I command him to do certain things. Whoever has
acted as a master and lord needs to forget his vanity and become my
servant. Then you will become aware of the tender manner Jesus
used to order his disciples.
68. If you use your free will to follow your conscience and my
law, you will feel you have attained true freedom and not feel like a slave.
69. Now that bad weeds are growing throughout the world, I
come to tell you to prepare yourself to become my worker in order
to sow my seed of peace. Each of those whom I have chosen in this
period can ask himself if before hearing this word, he was not
purified and prepared through painful experiences, a pain that often
involved individuals who were most dearest to him.
70. Develop faith and persuasion by my teachings. Do not
become weary of listening to my word nor take this manifestation
for granted. Be alert, for I do not want to surprise you sleeping on
the day of my departure. Today, you are witnessing the end of this
year and the arrival of a new year, but you continue to receive my
word. However, after the year 1950, you will no longer hear me in
this form. By then I want you to become strong and fully nourished
with my teaching.
71. Study my work through all of my spokesmen, and do not
discriminate among them. Be aware that I descend upon each of
them and speak the truth through each spokesman. Do you want the
year 1950 to come without you having taken advantage of my
presence nor having learned my teachings and lessons? Are you
waiting for the world, which does not believe in my manifestation as
the Holy Spirit, to hurl itself upon you, and finding you weak, cast
you out? Do you wish the governments of the earth, on finding
disharmony and confusion among you, to dictate laws that will
detain you along your path? I say to the present generations that you
would greatly weep, if you contributed to the fulfillment of these
prophecies! You would experience great hardship and sorrow during
your present existence on earth, and you would leave behind many
thorns on the path of those who will later follow this same path.
Arise, filled with love and hope; I still have much to reveal and confide to you.
72. If you undergo a trial, do not doubt. Be watchful so that you
can see how the Divine Master frees from you from all evil at each
crisis, and you will feel your spirit developing its abilities and
gaining strength. Be aware that no one is immune to pain; that those
who have loved me the most and followed me the closest are those
who have felt their hearts bleeding the most. Let whoever wishes to
follow me take his cross. Why have many ceased to follow my path?
Because the love they thought they felt was not real love.
73. Spiritualize yourselves. Run away from those things that are
useless and insignificant. No longer seek the vanities of the world.
Also, do not seek spiritual virtues as a simple decoration for your
spirits in order to be admired. Beautify your spirits with the virtues
that I have taught you in my lessons of love.
74. I await you at the top of the mountain where I will give you
your reward. Do not look back to observe the tracks from your past.
Continue to journey forward with serenity without feeling the
thorns, thorns which you yourselves have sown, and reach the peak
of your perfection where my light shines. When you are there at last,
you will bless my law of love.
My Peace be with you!