BTL - Volume 2 - Teaching 55

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume II - Teaching 29 - 55
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Book of True Life - Volume 2 

Teaching 55:

1 The light of the Holy Spirit vibrates over all spirits.

2 Bless you who prepare yourselves to fulfil My commissions, for you will always feel My help. But I tell you likewise: do not silence the voice of conscience, when it points out your faults, listen to it, for it is My Voice. If you want to be so pleasing to me, then lift up your spirit in prayer after you have made amends for your faults, then you will always find me waiting for you to give you peace.

3 The more you feel that I forgive you, the more you are to fulfil your duties. Never abuse this forgiveness!

4 All those who set out on the path of spiritual advancement will find themselves surrounded by great crowds of people who will follow them in the way of fulfilling My Law. But when I place you at the head of a group of men, do not seize it. Remember that even the kings in this time descended from their thrones to become servants of their peoples, for an age of equality and brotherhood for all men is approaching.

Remember - when I called you, you humbly answered and told Me that you would be obedient and would accept your cross with love to follow My trace, with which I marked the way for your spiritual development for you in the Second Time.

5 When you prepare yourselves, the great afflictions that are coming on mankind like hurricanes will be for you like a gentle breeze caressing you After that the light of a new dawn will shine, and the sun will give you its benefits. But if you do not watch and you let hypocrisy germinate in your hearts and cover yourselves with a sheepskin while you are hungry wolves inside, you will encounter difficulties, and the thorns of the road will hurt your feet.

6 Woe to you when the evil inclinations do more than the virtues you carry in your Spirit, and when My Teaching bears no fruit! If you do not think about My Word and fathom it, thinking that you are doing My Will, My Light will shake you awake. But when you (then) recognize the whole truth, you will remember that I have sent you into the world to do charitable works.

7 Even if you wanted to escape from your destiny, you could not do it. As often as you may deviate from the way, My mercy will bring you back to it. My law is written in every Spirit, and you must obey it.

8 I have seen that you do not agree with the leaders of the nations, not realizing that they are instruments I use to bend and grind down the nations. you have not understood how to unite yourselves in thought to stand by the one whom I have appointed to direct the destinies of the nation You resist and cause divisions although I have recommended union and obedience to My will to you. Love yourselves so that your prayer may prepare and support them spiritually.

9 Unite, Israel, listen to Me. I will subject you to great trials and then I will not see you weeping. Pray for those who do not know how to do it, for those who feel weak. That there may not be joy in some because of the failure of others! For you do not know whether you will not all go through the same trials and - when they strike you - whether you will not likewise become weak.

10 Repel temptation, for this is the time when that power is trying to multiply its harvest, and only prayer and good works will keep it away from you.

11 Many teachings will call you to unite when they see you divided, and I want you all to unite in Me and worship God in the same way I have taught you.

12 To help you in your upliftment, I have prepared the best place for My children; for I want to draw you close to Me and give you My Peace whoever feels weary, come to Me and rest and strengthen yourselves.

13 Disciples, have mercy on those who violate the Law, on those who rebel, because it is men who are most in need of your help and charity; why does man sin when he knows good and knows that only its exercise will make him happy?: because he does not listen to the voice of his conscience and because the shepherds have allowed their flock to scatter in different ways, and because their word no longer has power, nor the power to make the sheep return to the fold Where are My disciples, the successors of those apostles of the Second Age?

14 To you who are My pupils at present, I say: do not call yourselves pastors or priests, let Me guide men, for in Me they will have their Father, their Judge, their best friend and counsellor You are to be only bearers of the Good News and witnesses of My rallies. When then men have reached the union with my Spirit by means of their gifts, they will walk their path of development with sure steps, and I will give them works and actions that are based on my law. This will be after the atonement and reparation that you are now going through.

15 If you had not sinned, you would not have known the hardness of the law of atonement, but would have always gone forward in your development. Verily I tell you, if you do not fulfill those whom you are commissioned to bring this message to your brothers, you will be judged by mankind and will get to know the hardness of this judge who knows neither compassion nor love.

16 When I have subjected you to a test to lift up your soul, I have stood by you so that your powers do not fail you, and when you have submitted yourselves to My Will and used that lesson, you feel closer to Me For this you thank Me, and I give you peace.

17 I have demanded unity from mankind and the return to a simple spiritual life because I want the Spirits to unite in one faith, recognizing Me and loving Me. The different teachings will disappear and only My law and My Word will endure.

18 I have always declared My love to you, but you have not understood Me. Do you not know that when I give you a new commission, it is with the intention that by fulfilling it you pay off your guilt? I have chosen you because I love you and because I want you to become My disciples. But so that you can call yourselves so, you must make humility and meekness your own in all the actions of your life.

19 You are in the time of harvest, in which you will reap what you have sown. But when you sow again to reap later, use good seed and nurture it, for I am giving you a new opportunity to do so.

20 Understand: far more than you have followed Me, I have followed you at all times to show you your task and to teach you to fulfill My law so that your Spirit never strays from the path and may be like a bell calling the multitudes of men

21 How many trials your soul has had to go through to finally become gentle and humble and resolutely take the way of the Law! In the past, blasphemy came from your lips when a trial made itself felt on your path of life. Today, when you feel that you are going through a hard lesson of life, you pray, because the light penetrates your soul more and more.

22 When I tell you that "those (men of former times) and you are the same," I want to make you understand that, through the reincarnations of your Spirit, you gradually attain its higher development. From the moment when the Father's voice told you, "Grow and multiply", to the present, your development has not stopped for a moment. But how slowly you go your way!

23 You have multiplied, and with it you have fulfilled that divine mission. But after that a new commandment was needed, so that fruits worthy of God might sprout from your heart, and then I told you: "Love one another. I gave you this teaching in the Second Age as the summary of the whole Law, and still I am waiting for it to bear fruit in your hearts. Now I have come with new teachings and new revelations; but I do not turn your heart away from that divine commandment to love one another, nor from that other to multiply you.

24 Yes, children of men, grow in virtues and in wisdom, multiply yourselves by spiritualization, love you all, without making distinctions between races, classes, creeds and worlds

25 I will see the wheat grow in the fields where the weeds grew so much and the evil multiplied so much. The day of righteousness has come, and the fire of war will burn and consume the evil seed, of which not even ashes will remain, as the winds scatter them; and afterward the waters and the snow will purify and purify mankind. When the pain among men will be very severe, they will build altars to Me, burn incense and say that they love Me. But I will tell them that this is not the right way to be pleasing to my Spirit, and that what they consider love for me is fear of (divine) justice and death. - Men must understand that the only incense that comes to Me is that of the works of love and mercy that you show one another when you take your Father's love as your model.

26 To you who hear this Word, I say that you should take Me as your model, that you should follow Me in the way of love that I showed you in the Second Time, so that when you no longer hear Me in this form, you may be able to gather the crowds of people in these places of prayer and keep them with you through the truth and conviction of your words and your model You are not only to pass on the teaching in these places, but wherever the circumstances require your commitment. Do not forget that I have told you that "in the desert, on the paths, on the sea and in the valleys" you will be surprised by the trials and also by My inspiration.

27 To accomplish this task, I want this people, whom I train by My teaching, to honour My Law and bear witness to their Master through their works and example Peace shall reign in your homes, and in your families there shall not be one against another, nor shall there be strife among brothers or disagreement between parents and children. When peace begins to reign among you and your home is not like a small battlefield, wars will gradually disappear, for he who has peace in his heart will take it everywhere.

Think of your children and realize that you have not yet understood how to imprint My law in their hearts by your example and that they are the new generations destined to spread the spiritual light in mankind.

28 Great is their Spirit, but recognize that in the childhood of their material life they need your protection and guidance. Begin this task with the young children, be understanding and patient. Learn from Me: I can wait centuries, millennia, or an eternity for the development and perfection of a Spirit. - You are all like the diamond in its primal state, which must be carefully cut so that it emits beautiful rays. Do you consider yourselves unworthy of being compared to the brilliant?

29 One of the most beautiful and wonderful works of art with which I have endowed this earth are the flowers that delight your eyes, fragrance the surroundings and inspire you but truly, I tell you, you are more perfect and beautiful than flowers

30 If you already possessed the spiritualization you are to achieve, you would understand the language of all created things, I would speak to you through the same and you would not be the occasion for your Father to materialize among you until bleeding to death on a cross, and that I must give My divine Word in this time through the lips of unclean men But it is necessary that you know your father, and that is why I have never hidden myself and have also not refused to come to you - despite your sinfulness. When I have shown myself to men, and they (nevertheless) have always created false gods: What would happen if I were to hide myself from your sins out of disgust?

31 O disciples, you who refresh yourselves when you hear Me, and say: "Master, we regret that there is not the freedom that allows us to speak of Your words to our neighbor without hesitation. But I tell you: fear not your brethren, of whom can you be ashamed? Wait, wait only a short time, for soon humanity will skip the limitations and obstacles created by its fanaticism and ignorance, which have prevented it from penetrating to the core of the truth, which it has only superficially recognized.

32 Eat of the food which I offer you today, and you will feel my peace. But do not allow anything to rob you of it.

33 I call you disciples of the Third Age because you have made a new covenant with My divinity.

34 I entrust to you new land where the tribes of Israel will multiply*. But do not be filled with vanity, because you know that you belong to My people; for when you think thoroughly about your task, you will understand your great responsibility.

* This is a symbol to be understood spiritually. The "new land" that God entrusts to us are new human hearts, which we are to win for His teaching, so that the spiritual people of Israel may multiply.

35 I have come to you anew and ask you Will you sacrifice your Lord once more? Do you believe that My blood shed in the second time was not enough?

36 In this time, perceive your Spirit, as he carries the cross of his atonement with him, and vast fields are entrusted to him to cultivate them. But let him sow no other seed on them than mine alone. The harvest that you bring in this time will be the key that opens the gate to your salvation.

37 I have come to replace the burden of your sinfulness with the sweet burden of My Cross, so that you may recover from the sin that has oppressed you for centuries.

38 Your lips are not to speak blasphemies, they are only to glorify My name. The gift of the Word, which I gave you, is not to defile the honor of your neighbor.

39 Now that you know that I have called you to make you My beloved disciples, put yourselves to the test every day in the light of your conscience, especially when you know that you will hear My Word

40 Beware of doing wrongly understood penance and do not deprive your body of what it needs. On the other hand, spare him what is harmful to him, even if it means sacrifice for him. This will be the repentance that serves your Spirit, and therefore that which is pleasing to the Father.

41 Gradually you are learning to lift up your thoughts to the infinite, without the need for images painted on a canvas or formed according to your mind. Little by little the obstacles that your Spirit always found when he intended to pray are falling away. Now he is on the way to reach the spiritual connection with his Lord.

42 Do not forget: for your prayer to give you deep satisfaction and make you feel true peace, you must cleanse your heart when you set out to send up your thoughts to reach My sanctuary

43 Tomorrow you will see great crowds of people following you They must discover a deep and luminous trail that leads them to the truth, and that trail must be that of your good works.

44 You must bear witness that you are that people whom the Lord sent on pilgrimage on earth to ignite the light in mankind The wisdom that springs from your Spirit will be the light of the Sixth Seal, which is broken at this time.

45 If you love Me, you will be able to fulfil My orders; if you love Me, you will know how to love your brothers

46 Some tell Me in their innermost being: "Lord, when we are gathered here and hear Your Word - is it not because we love You? - but I tell you: very few come to hear Me out of love; most come because they are bowed by pain

47 I do not blame you that pain has brought you into My Presence; for after it has fulfilled its task, it passes away again and it has made the hearts of those who will later be My disciples receptive

48 You cannot say that I have never felt human pain and therefore do not understand you. I became man and suffered to set an example to you in every trial and in every critical situation. If today I ask you to give light and good examples on the way to be followed by your children, it is because in Jesus I was always the obedient Son of the Father. I know and feel all your sufferings, and it is because I have come to you in Spirit that I am not far away. Verily, I tell you, My rallies in the Third Age are the greatest proof that I love you and understand you.

49 In your moments of rest, immerse yourselves in My Word understand that I am the Peace that descends when the storm whips you Keep this peace despite all trials and do not allow it to depart from your hearts and return to Me.

50 Do not rebel when diseases afflict your home, they purify the soul However, I do not prevent you from seeking the healing balm (for this), but I tell you that you should turn to Me as the Divine Physician and receive with love what is My Will to grant you.

51 There are many who have returned to the right way only through the sufferings of life Some blasphemed while going through the pain. But when they realized that it was he who stopped them on the way to ruin, they blessed their cup of suffering. These I placed at My table, and I give them to taste the lamb, which is transformed into a delicious food of love and mercy.

52 Verily I tell you, if men would do the same to those who were ungrateful to them, what peace would reign among men!

53 Live in peace; this will be the best testimony you give that you are My disciples Do not forget that there are always many eyes watching you - whether to assure yourselves whether what you are doing is true or to gather evidence and then punish you with lies.

54 Be my faithful soldiers! Never be the reason that your brothers misjudge me. Not once have I given you My word without at least one heart being present to examine it critically. In those moments My word, My rallies were scrutinized in every respect, and so were the actions of My servants. With all their senses and abilities they came together to investigate My rallies, and those who came in expectation that the rumor of My presence was false were more than those who came with the burning desire that the good news was true.

Who could have told them that - while they observe and judge everything - My gaze penetrates into the interior of their heart and My voice calls them through their conscience? Just at that moment, faith was inflamed in many who doubted, and it became overpowering in those who already possessed it. So the number of my disciples has constantly increased, who now form a people, to whom I say that they should keep my peace well, so that it may be their greatest treasure. For this will be the best testimony that it can give before the other peoples of the earth of the truth of my rallies.

55 I want you to understand that this nation has a high destiny to fulfil and that each of you has a difficult mission. This nation will be a fountain of love and peace, to which people of other races will come to drink from. That time is not far away, but before that you must tire of so many struggles among brothers, before that you must convince yourselves of so much lies and falsehood, of which men have made a cult. Then they will come to Me and see that Christ, who died on the cross, lives and appears full of glory and majesty, just as He was seen when He went to heaven in the Second Age.

56 Today you feel that the circumstances are not at all favorable to speak of My work But the day is drawing near when your lips will ceaselessly speak of My word, for the pain, distress, fear and confusion (of men) will seek to learn from you all that I have given you.

57 Already now I am preparing you and teaching you so that you may know how to preach My teaching with words and works, because mankind is tired of hypocrites Form an obedient family, unite your thinking, your will and your skill with the bond of spiritualization, and you will be strong and immortal.

58 Great afflictions await mankind; remain awake and praying in every pain and catastrophe. Many sufferings will be alleviated; others will not occur because they are held in their course by those who pray.

59 When followers of other denominations and sects see that great crowds of people follow this people, those who persecute you will break out of these denominations. But fear not, for if you remain caught, the Holy Spirit will put words of light on your lips which will silence those who slander you.

60 I do not give you the killing sword to defend yourselves, I give you the sword of love. Every flash of his light will be a virtue that emanates from him.

61 How much grace you will find with the Father when you overcome the multitudes of the persecutors of My work through your words and bring them to Me converted through your works of love!

62 This is the teaching which I gave you in the Second Time and which you had already forgotten.

63 The human mind will be troubled when it tries to understand the Trinitarian-Marian spiritual teaching. For materialized man is clumsy to the spiritual.

64 I have come to reveal myself once more in this world and to make mankind understand that I am not on a (heavenly) height that you cannot reach. I am teaching you the form to lift up your spirit through prayer until you find My presence and bring your spirit closer to My divinity through a life consecrated to goodness. Only he who lives in My law knows that I am indeed in man and that this is not a figurative expression.

65 You who listen to Me - do not hinder your understanding of the spiritual teachings. Do not darken your light, and do not allow your heart, which is sensitive and refined in the moments when it hears My word, to become indifferent and cold again. You have already tasted the pleasures that the world brings, you have already known its honey. Come and enjoy now the fruit of the tree I have planted. But when you have satisfied your hunger, beware to return to those ways. Remember that it is not right for you to carry into the mire what I have given you by grace.

66 Hear my word that tears away the bandages of darkness and lights light in every Spirit so that you can go the good way in the future and also recognize the forbidden and find strength in yourselves not to fall into temptation Whoever has received this teaching can no longer call himself ignorant. Hear and understand me, disciple, today, while I am still with you in these words.

67 He who has been a subordinate in the world will not be surprised when I give him instructions. He who has been master, forget his pride and be My servant. Then you will all understand the so loving way of Jesus to give orders to His disciples.

68 Submit your free will to My law and to your conscience, then you will not feel enslaved but truly free.

69 Just now, when the weeds have spread all over the earth, I tell you to prepare yourselves to be My workers to sow My seed of peace Let each one of My chosen ones in this time ask himself in his innermost being if, before hearing this word, he has not been purified and hardened in pain and often tested in what is dearest to him.

70 Obtain conviction and faith, listen to me without tiring and without getting used to this rallies. Watch, I will not surprise you in your sleep on the day of my departure. Today you see that this year passes and another comes, but my word comes to you unchangingly. But the year 1950 will come, and you will no longer hear me in this form.

Then I want you to be strengthened and abundant in teaching.

71 Study My Work, which I have revealed through all My voice bearers, have no preference Remember that I come down to all and speak the truth through all. Do you want the year 1950 to come without having used My Presence and learned My teaching? Are you waiting until the world, unbelieving in My rallies as the Holy Spirit, rushes upon you and, finding you weak, exterminates you? Do you want the governments of the earth, when they discover discord and confusion among you, to enact laws to stop your steps? How would you wail, present generations, if you were to challenge these prophecies to be fulfilled! How hard and sad you would make your existence then, and how many thorns you would leave behind in the path of those who come after you! Rise full of love and hope, I still have much to reveal and entrust to you.

72 If you are going through any trial, do not doubt. Be attentive that you may see how the Master frees you from all evil in every critical situation; then you will feel your Spirit unfolding and growing stronger. Remember that no one is immune from pain, that those who loved Me most and followed Me closest are those who felt their heart bleed most. "Whoever wants to follow Me, take up his cross". - Why are many left on the way? Because the love they thought they felt was not true.

73 Spiritualize yourselves, avoid the useless and the frivolous, no longer strive for the vanities of the world, neither seek the spiritual virtues as mere adornment for your Spirit, so that you may be admired. Embellish your spirit through the virtues that I have taught you in my teachings of love.

74 I await you on the top of the mountain where I will give you your reward. Do not turn your eyes back to look at the traces of your past. Walk your way quietly without feeling the thorns you yourselves have scattered and reach the summit of your perfection where My Light shines. Once you are there, you will finally bless My law of love.

My Peace be with you!

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