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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Teaching 65:

1 You are preparing the sanctuary of your heart so that My Word falls on it as a balm. But in this moment I ask you: why do I find you bent by pain? - Because you have not watched and prayed.

2 When you eat the spiritual food at My table, why do you not use the essence they contain, which is health and eternal life? when will you understand My teaching so that you may begin to preach it to your brothers through works of love?

3 At times you dare to tell Me that I have granted you nothing of what you have asked Me for, although I am always giving it to you and it is only your preparation that is lacking to receive it

4 Do not burden your soul with chains of sin, free it so that it may rise and receive from Me all that it needs on its path of development Why do you extinguish your light of faith although I am among you? I have told you that on this people lies the responsibility for the peace of nations and the salvation of mankind. But how will you fulfill your task when your steps are still uncertain? - You come to hear My word, you say that you love your Lord; but words are not enough, good works are necessary for mankind to obtain My peace. I do not come to discourage you, but to awaken your soul. Take again the fruit of the tree and fill yourselves with it, O wanderers!

5 Blessed is he who eats of this fruit and firmly believes that he has eaten from the tree of life; for truly I say to you, he will not die - in this time I found you dead for the life of grace, but My Presence in this teaching has been your resurrection You thought yourselves unworthy to be in My presence, but I made you worthy by purifying your soul from all its past transgressions and clothed it in purity. With this forgiveness I have given you a teaching of love and justice; put it into practice with your brothers.

6 By what right do you want to judge and condemn your neighbour for his imperfections? Remember that I told you in the Second Time, "He who is free from sin, cast the first stone.

7 My teaching is clear and pure so that the beginners may understand it and imprint it in their hearts. I have come to lead you from lesson to lesson until you have complete dialogue from spirit to spirit.

8 On your wilderness of the way of atonement the heavenly manna now falls down. When you once reach the divine Father's house, you will sit at the Father's table to eat of His food. - The vast desert symbolizes atonement, and the path symbolizes the development of the soul.

9 Come to the Father, He dwells on the top of the mountain, and He will give you gardens and lands which are in the vicinity of this mountain. The men will plant the wheat, the women will see to it that the gardens and the meadows will be covered with flowers, and the song of the children will unite with that of the birds to make your work sweet. Human vanities will not come to your fields, nor will greed for possessions, for they would be like plagues that would destroy your fruit. How many men can well understand - when they hear these words - to what extent they have strayed from the path which my law lays down?

10 When a man comes to the conviction that there is no forgiveness for his transgressions, he moves further and further away from the (right) way Alas, if only he knew that a moment of sincere repentance can save him and serve him for atonement, that - even if he believes himself very far from My Divinity - only a single step (from Me) separates him, and this step is that of his repentance. Do you not hear my voice? Do you not feel that I come as most loving Father, as sincere friend? You are asleep and therefore you do not hear My call. How will you hear My steps when I come "on a cloud"?

11 Awaken, prepare yourselves to see My Promise fulfilled I will call blessed those who awaken and hear Me, because then I will put in their heart the good news of My spiritual presence, and from their lips will come words of tenderness, light and hope for men.

12 Hurricane-like storms are coming towards you, so you must strengthen your faith to pass the trials and save as many as possible I want you to be friends and brothers of all people.

13 This is the time that Joel saw and announced, in which the children of mankind would have visions and prophetic dreams, in which their mouth, moved by My divine power, would speak, for My Spirit would then be poured out on all flesh and on every spirit

14 Behold, here is a people that is emerging and growing in silence and whose children speak words of the Holy Spirit, transmitting spiritual messages, crossing with their spiritual gaze the thresholds of the beyond and seeing the events of the future. Verily, I tell you, this seed is scattered all over the world, and no one will be able to destroy it.

15 Through the mouths of men, women and children you have heard My Divine Concert, as in Rapture you have abandoned yourselves to the delight of hearing the voice of the Lord and of His angels My Word is not only for one people, it is for all peoples, for all creeds and religions

16 Only this group of people here knows that now is the Third Time; but mankind will experience it as well, although before it will deny everything I have revealed to you and what is written. Verily, I tell you, this word will reach to the ends of the earth, because nothing is impossible for me.

I will show the world my wounds as I did to Thomas, so that it may believe and repent, so that it may wash itself in its tears and then follow me faithfully to the end. This divine manna will descend upon every heart, and the way that leads to the dwelling place of the Lord will be revealed to all souls.

17 The water of Jacob's well dried up and did not quench the thirst of the Spirit of mankind. I once said it to the Samaritan woman: "Verily I say to you, I have a water that - whoever drinks from it will never thirst again. And this crystal-clear and pure water is My word, which I will pour out on the world to quench its burning thirst.

18 Elijah has been leading My flock among mankind for a long time and calls on all to unite. This flock must watch and pray because it has My light and My authority to assist mankind with love.

19 You who listen to these teachings have known them already in other times; but now you must spread them among mankind so that they may know them You also know that after 1950 you will be without this word. But prepare yourselves so that this is not a loss to mourn, but a step forward that will lead you straight into battle. I will be near and so will My messengers. I will continue to watch over those whom I taught and speak to you through inspiration.

20 No one desires that I prolong My stay among you, for I have already made known to you My Will and foretold you the year and the day when this manifestation will end through the human intellect No one exposes himself to condemnation (by disregarding this provision).

21 Anyone who has been too clumsy to serve Me up to now, and who is getting ready, will lose his clumsiness, speaking with wisdom and doing wonders.

22 If you, people who hear Me, weep at the thought of My passion and repent of your sins, be blessed. for truly, I tell you, your pain purifies you and My Word, which is life and resurrection, comforts you - My light is for all My children; not only for you who inhabit this world, but for all the souls who live on different planes of existence. They will all be liberated and resurrected to eternal life when they fulfill My divine commandment with their works of love for their brothers, which demands of you that you love one another.

23 The Father suffers when mankind quarrels, whipped by the furies of war. Brother has stood up against brother, and innocent blood waters the earth. Today, on the great day of judgment, you breathe an atmosphere of despair and death. But by the beginning of 1946, the fight will be over, and you will have a respite in your suffering.

24 All the pain of mankind falls on me like a heavy cross. I have been denied and scourged by the human race, whom I wanted to make my disciples, and of whom only a few follow me. Tomorrow, when they know my work, which I have revealed in this form, I will be scourged once more because they will not understand me. This lack of understanding of my children opens my wounds anew, and my blood falls again on all souls.

Because I speak from the truth and teach love, they have not acknowledged me, and later you will be despised because you repeat my words and bear witness to me. But whenever you take up your cross and climb the mountain, you will save many innocents and redeem many sinners.

25 It is not as a king that I have come to you, I have appeared humble, and by this you know that the word you have heard is "The Word" of the Father Once again mankind hands Me a crown of thorns and a cloak of ingratitude. I have suffered the slander and rejection of My children.

26 Although the soul is in full development, it is sleeping. But I enlighten you through the Spirit so that you may return to the right way and turn to the fulfillment of your task. Why do you feel that My Word hurts you?

27 While you are remembering My Passion in the Second Time, a heart, the most tender one, weeps in silence and makes intercession for her children who have not understood her She has no reproaches against those who have caused her so much pain, nor accusations against those who sacrificed the much beloved Son. Her love and forgiveness for humanity alone crowns the work of redemption of her only child. It is your heavenly mother whom I leave behind among you so that you listen to her and find comfort in her womb.

28 In the depth of your heart you now feel the divine breath of the Lord. ah, if only you grasped the love with which I come to you!

29 By the union of your hearts you have created a sanctuary to receive Me every heart has prepared itself, every mind has brightened and this is the right time for My Divine Ray to come down to you; I am coming to you with My Divine Breath

30 The visitation is drawing near and I am preparing you for it It is time that you walk your way with firm step and without fear. You are Israel, and this name means "strong". This blessed seed has always been present in your spirit. - True prayer strengthens your spirit, cleanses you from your stains, comforts you when you are sad, helps you in orphanage and removes you from temptation. But just as I taught you to pray from spirit to spirit to be strong in life, so also at the hour of death raise your spirit to Me on those blessed stages of prayer. - How far away from true prayer humanity lives! How few are those who know how to practice it. Spiritually, men live like the people of antiquity: the worship of the Golden Calf, the veneration of pagan idols continue. The Babylonian Tower of the scientists of this time constantly challenges My justice.

31 A new flood will come, which will wash the earth clean from human corruption. It will overthrow the altars of the false gods, will destroy stone by stone the foundations of that tower of pride and wickedness, and will wipe out every false doctrine and perverse philosophy. But this deluge will not consist of water as it once did; for the hand of man has unleashed all elements against him, both visible and invisible. He pronounces his own judgment, punishes and judges himself.

32 Every debt will be paid in the least. For this it is necessary that the great ones of today become servants, and the subjects will be exalted. You who hear Me - believe in your responsibility for the peace of the world!

33 You are no longer two or three who hear Me. your number is already great because My Seed has spread from heart to heart, from home to home, from province to province, and the news of My new revelation has crossed your borders and has reached other countries where the echo of My Word and the news of My wonders have testified that I have indeed come back to you

34 The house of Israel is now in the deepest part of your being, in your spirit. Just there I have revealed myself in this time by means of this proclamation.

35 I have told you to hurry to study My teachings, that you should make use of My presence, since the time of My departure is near, and no one is unaware of it. Behold, this is the test that awaits you. Who will be prepared to pass it? - You have multiplied, and yet I do not see you strong. The reason is that you have lacked love, helpfulness and brotherhood of one for another; you are not united by the Spirit. And this is what the owners of the Ark of the New Covenant want to be?

36 I wanted you to be strong by your unity and great by your spirit. It is not necessary that you possess material power to be great, nor the knowledge of the earth to be superior. There is something that your God has always revealed to you and that in truth gives you greatness.

37 Great is the light which I have poured out on you; but do not let yourselves be blinded by it, for then you would appear to your brothers as fools and fanatics. This light does not belong only to you, it is the light of the Sixth Seal that shall shine in all nations.

38 You come in before me; little by little you have freed yourselves from fanaticism, idolatry and useless traditions. In this way your heart beats in harmony with your spirit. The way begins in Me, and in Me it ends. But I do not demand of you that you cover this path of development in one "day," but I give you enough time so that you can go the way to the end.

39 I stand by you all along the path of development; I give you strength, I purify you. If you judge your spiritual development on the basis of your present life, when you compare your present life with that of the beginnings of mankind, you will recognize that you have taken a great step forward. Study My Word with the zeal with which you study the fields of knowledge of the earth, and as you fathom it, you will discover that what you thought was unfathomable was reserved for your spirit. In the present time the veil of many secrets is gradually falling, many hidden things are coming to the light of truth, and that is why I am loved and understood more by my children.

40 Can there be likeness between the child and the father when the child lacks the wisdom of the father? No, My children; but I do not keep you in ignorance. I am the light which is wisdom, and with her I will flood you so that you may love Me. I am indeed hungry and thirsty for your higher development. This is the most compelling reason for My manifestation and My union with you.

41 Enlighten and strengthen yourselves through this teaching, for in your hearts there are forebodings of war and you must be prepared I have received this nation in peace to receive Me in its heart. The seed of My teaching must bear fruit.

42 How many tears will you shed if you do not make use of this precious time of peace! You will then see yourselves assailed by war, pestilence and despair. Do not try to stop the war by physical repentance exercises, which are useless sacrifices. If you want to offer me repentance, overcome the recalcitrance, pride, or materialism of your flesh. If you want to offer me fasting, it shall consist in renouncing immoderateness, in renouncing that which is harmful to you, by controlling your passions. But take care that you do not fall into a new fanaticism, for there are many actions that are permissible and yet you can make them unacceptable.

43 I want you to achieve both the renewal of your body and that of your soul. If you understand correctly what I am asking you for, it will not appear to you as a sacrifice to achieve it, and you will realize that the fulfillment (of my request) will bring you great satisfactions and a higher peace.

44 To those who rise from the mire, the filth and selfishness to a life of service and active charity for their brothers, I will show as an example that My Teaching has light and grace within to renew sinners This example will spread to all hearts. Who would not wish to be among those who bear witness to Me? But verily I tell you, if your actions do not truly come from the heart, they will not bear fruit with your brethren, and you will often hear them calling you hypocrites and false preachers. And I do not want it to be so for you.

45 You must know that in this day and age it is very difficult to fool men. Their spirit is alert, and even if it has lost its way in the materialism of its existence, it is sensitive to every spiritual manifestation. But if you cannot deceive your brethren - can you deceive your Father?

46 Let the love of the Master take shelter in your being, that you may forgive your enemies as He forgives you. Then your heart will be like a lifeline among men.

47 Prepare your ship, for the storm may come from one moment to another. Do you not feel the proximity of the battle? Does your spirit reveal nothing to you? Hear the voices of nature and observe the course of the forces of nature. Penetrate into the heart of your brothers and you will discover the announcement of the battle that is coming to you. Everything speaks to you of chaos. As for the human mind - it only invents weapons for destruction. As for the heart, there is no room for feelings of brotherhood, but there is room for feelings of hatred. There is not health in a single body; all are infected by disease and epidemics. The children are born with a burden of pain, the parents do not understand their children and the children do not understand their parents. The spouses separate, the women lose their virtue without attaching any importance to it. People desecrate the most sacred. - Religious communities disregard and quarrel with each other, and vices gain power among men. - Meanwhile, My Word awakens you with a gentle admonition and calls you to renewal and that you may save yourselves from sinking in this stormy sea. Only a spiritual teaching like mine is able to keep man on the way of life. Only My word can solve the deep problems of the spirit and sweeten man's existence on his path of testing and suffering.

48 If mankind has cherished a great tree, the fruits of which have been bitter and deadly in their majority - does it not seem beautiful to you then that I plant a tree which you help me cherish and that its fruits of life, of true peace and divine wisdom compensate you for so much pain? For I am the tree, I am the vine, and you are the branches. Let your spirit grow in his gifts so that you may give pleasant shade and fruits of life of good taste. I am the truth, and it flows from these lips of men, even if they are sinners; for my truth is stronger than your sins.

49 Once more I show you the way and the life and I remove the dark bandage before your eyes when you hear this word, you say in your hearts: why was I not able earlier to free myself from vices, when the Lord's teaching is so beautiful, and why was it not an incentive in My existence? Because you did not feed yourselves on My teaching, but on rites that only impress the senses and leave the soul empty. Here I give you My word without cult forms and rites, so that it may enter directly into your soul. Here there is no refreshment for your physical senses. Today, only your hearing is involved in the moment of My proclamation. Tomorrow, when My word given through the human organ of the mind will no longer be heard, not even your bodily hearing will perceive My voice; it will be your spirit that receives My instruction by inspiration, and in the heart the echo of it will be heard. - Set out believingly and go without haste and with deliberation.

50 The days are near in which men will remember My Passion. Verily, I tell you, when men awaken in the face of the light of this time and, freed from outward cult forms, seek me in a spiritual way, their exaltation and their simplicity will be the most beautiful palm branches with which they receive me in the Second Jerusalem, the Spiritual City. I wanted that you would always, when you remember My passion, do this without rites and representations, that you remember My works and think about them thoroughly. Then you will feel that that wisdom comes to new life in your spirit.

51 With these teachings I will, as in times gone by, do away with your (religious) traditions and make your spirit keep My Teaching and My Law

My peace be with you!

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