BTL - Volume III - Teaching 74

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Teaching 74:
1. It is the propitious hour in which, through your elevation I
make My manifestation felt among Mankind; while listening to Me
you withdraw from the world to enter into a spiritual seclusion.
2. Truly feel that you are at My table waiting for Me to
distribute the bread and offer you the wine. You know that I speak to
you in a figurative meaning reminding you of My Word of the
Second Era, since the bread is My Word and the wine the Divine
essence contained within it.
3. Bread and wine, flesh and blood, manna and water; all of this
is a representation of the words love and life which is the eternal
sustenance of your spirit.
4. The manna of the wilderness and the water of the rock
represented in its time the bread and wine of the spirit; they are the
same symbols that I used at My table when, surrounded by My
disciples, I said to them: "Eat and drink, this is My body and this is
My blood." With that lesson I opened before Mankind a new era, the
one of love.
5. Today new disciples congregate around Me and the
multitudes follow My footsteps again; but it is not only the
figurative meaning nor the parable the means by which I come to
make you understand the Divine lessons; it is the lucid word which
speaks to your mind with a Divine essence that you can only
perceive with your spirit.
6. Meditate on these lessons disciples, and you will end up
understanding that the time of the figurative meaning and the
symbols is coming to an end, because your spiritual evolution and
your mental development will permit you to understand the truth
7. I am among you although you cannot touch Me with your
hands or behold Me with your corporeal eyes. I come in Spirit to
speak to you and to teach how you should seek Me in your prayer.
8. I shall not leave any material trace of My new manifestation,
just as I did not leave any during the Second Era in spite of living
among you. Humanity is inclined to idolatry and to consecrate
material objects to regard them as Divine and make them an object
of veneration. What would have become of Mankind, if they were
able to retain My body, the cross of My torment or the bitter cup of
that last supper with My disciples? However, everything was erased
so that only My Divine essence would remain within the spirit of
9. In previous times I also withdrew from the sight of men both
the objects that had served as symbols as well as the envoys or
interpreters. In the First Era, while upon a mountain, Moses
disappeared from his people who idolized him; Elijah, the prophet
of fire, was lost among a cloud which lifted him from the Earth. One
and the other, like Jesus, left in the spirits only the trace of their
deeds as spiritual essence.
10. Now I am here in fulfillment of one of My promises,
gathering all the tribes into one people and men of different races
into one same apostleship.
11. I am bequeathing to Mankind a testament filled with more
light and clarity; behold how religious fanaticism has reached some
of My children to its greater heights, while in others materialism and
the lack of faith have taken hold of their spirits. Great and bloody is
the struggle that awaits both until the light shines again among men
making them feel the true peace which proceeds from the love
toward one another.
12. In the face of a real chaos of passions and ideas, these
people, witnesses and bearers of My new teachings, will have to
arise. In order to be believed it will be necessary for them to be
prepared and be filled with humility, obedience, spirituality,
fortitude and charity.
13. Do not fear the storm, beloved disciples, because I shall be
with you inside the boat, and if you have faith in Me you will not
perish. You will struggle filled with faith, considering that just as
you had the happiness of receiving My Word, all your brethren
deserve to know it, because there are many who are already waiting
for it.
14. Do not say that My Doctrine is difficult to practice or that it
obligates you to difficult privations; he who lovingly follows Me
will not feel the burden of his cross.
15. This is My Word, engrave it in your spirit because soon you
will need it.
16. The sonorous peal of the bell has awakened you its echo has
resounded within your spirit and then you have remembered that
this is a day of grace when your Master will be present among you.
You have hurriedly risen anxiously longing to hear this Divine
Word, which is life for your spirit and fills your heart with courage.
17. Truly, My Word comes uncovering the path which the
turmoil of life had concealed to you. Understand that I am as near to
you as I am to all men; My light is with everyone. During this period
many spirits will follow the pathway of light and will no longer be
confused. You would be surprised if you would see that the
hardhearted and the hardheaded will be the ones who shall arise to
follow My footsteps quicker; but the fact is that I have given each
one the necessary time to awaken to the light of the spiritual
18. How many hardened in sin have come to hear My Word and
before I have finished My lesson, bathed in tears, they have said to
Me: It is you, Master! The fact is that My Word, immaculate, gentle
and persuasive, is able to speak to the heart of those people. And I
say to you that he who once has felt My presence, will be incapable
of deceiving himself with false appearances. You, who have heard
Me during this period, be prepared to give testimony of Me, because
you will have to manifest My Doctrine just as I have revealed it to
you and not to your whims or will.
19. In the same way that you had a friend along your path who
gave you the good news, in the same way this Humanity who
perishes in a world of hardships, will also receive the news that the
Lord is present and they will come to hear Me.
20. What would become of you if within My mercy I would not
shorten the days of your affliction? You would all have perished
already. During this era I come in search of sinners to give them a
task in My Divine Work and to tell them that My love has never
excluded them. Tomorrow, how much satisfaction and rejoicing
there will be in those spirits when they have reached their elevation
through the practice of charity. There exists in the infinite a Love,
which is that of the Father, who does not have any other interest but
your salvation and for you to reach eternal peace.
21. Since 1866 I opened anew the ark of My love, which has
outpoured upon you as consolation and revelation. I have not waited
for the day of My departure to tell you until that time for you to arise
and practice My teachings, but rather from the first instant when you
have heard them, I have said to you: Practice charity, convey
comfort to the sick, speak about My new manifestation, attract the
needy and the strayed one. The fact is that I do not want you to
become theoretical disciples who speak marvels of My Work and
are not capable of extending their arm to touch the sick and alleviate
his pain. Is it not true that your heart is filled with joy when the
dying one has come back to life due to your concern and prayers,
and hearing that his lips are blessing you?
22. The time draws near when these My children will cease to
transmit My word to you. I shall depart and the Master will no
longer give you this teaching. I wish by then that the sentiment of
charity will have been purified in your heart and spirituality
penetrated into your life. Elijah, your spiritual shepherd, announced
My coming to you and also prophesied the day of My departure.
23. My Word, which is simple and humble in its form, is
profound in its content, and it will be so up until the last day. Do not
ask Me to speak to you with eloquent words because your spirit will
not need them to understand My teaching.
24. I know those who are practicing My Doctrine according to
My will and those who are turning themselves away from its
essence. Nothing is concealed from My wisdom, and truly I say that
if you wish to reach Me, come along the ladder of love, charity,
justice and humility.
25. Do not wish to change this spiritual Work into a material
work, expecting to see its fruits here on Earth. Do not doubt the
triumph of My Doctrine, have faith in it and you will be able to turn
the plains into mountains and deserts into valleys. Remember that in
the Second Era when Jesus expired on the cross abandoned by His
disciples except by John, they came to think that everything had
ended; nevertheless, later, the Divine seed began to germinate
within the hearts, which could not die, because at every step it was
sprinkled with the blood of the martyrs, a blood which was love and
26. I say to you that during this period My Divine seed should
be sprinkled with charitable deeds, with tears of repentance and
27. At this time I came to liberate you from a new bondage: the
temptations, the pleasures, the vices that are like the cruel and tyrant
Pharaoh who has burdened you with chains. Tomorrow this new
liberation will be celebrated by Mankind, not with feasts or
traditions, but with the spiritual love for one another.
28. The victims that you offered upon the altar of Jehovah were
received by Him, but it was not the most adequate form to elevate
your spirit to the Father; it was then when I came to you as Jesus to
teach you the Divine commandment which says to you: "Love one
another". I say to you today that the lessons I taught you during the
Second Era through the deeds of Jesus have been altered at times
and misinterpreted on others; for that purpose I have come as I
announced, to clarify My truth. My sacrifice in that period prevented
the sacrifice of many victims and I taught you a more perfect
worship. My new manifestation of this period will allow Mankind to
understand that the symbolic forms should not be adopted without
first analyzing their significance, since they are only a representation
of My lessons.
29. Before I am being felt by a certain heart, Elijah appears
before him to tell him to repent for his sins, because the Father
approaches; he did the same during the Second Era through John the
Baptist when he ordered that they do penance and to purify
themselves because the Kingdom of Heaven was at hand.
30. At this moment My charity reaches the spirit and heart of
the multitudes who listen to Me. This is the time announced when
the Spirit of Truth would descend among men. Hear His voice in the
infinite, behold Him in the invisible, feel Him in your heart. My
love and My inspiration help your spirit to elevate himself to receive
My teachings.
31. Men interpreted My Law erroneously and falsified My
teachings; that is why during this era I come to pour My light upon
every spirit and every mind so that you may reach an understanding
of the lesson I have given you during your lifetime. This world,
which has been a mansion of imperfect beings, of spirits in
purification, will become a mansion of light and spirituality. Today
My justice is cleansing the fields and uprooting the weeds to
exterminate them with the fire of restitution and of love.
32. The fratricidal wars, prophesied since previous times, make
you tremble day by day; their rumors disturb you and their
consequences make you shed tears. Those men who make wars with
their ambitions and hatred, are My children who seek Me in altars
and venerate Me in tabernacles unaware that instead of an offering
of love, they come to offer Me the blood of their victims. 0! blind
men, who in their pride feel absolute, forgetting that they are very
small before My Divinity! Human vanity has reached its limit and it
is necessary that I make them feel My presence and My power; it is
not necessary to use all My omnipotence to prove My greatness to
you; a light touch or a slight gust of the elements are enough for Me
to demonstrate to the stubborn and vain man his smallness.
33. Just as the golden calf was abolished during that time, so
will the love for wealth disappear; and the same way the money
changers were cast out of the temple, so will now those be touched
who taking advantage of the weakness and ignorance profit by the
suffering of their fellowman.
34. Men have engaged in a struggle with their Father; but
everywhere they go they find Me blocking their path toward
wickedness, however those who in that struggle ignore the voice of
their conscience, will encounter death and judgment, and restitution
after that.
35. O disciples who hear Me, scrutinize the revelation of the
Sixth Seal; there you will find what today you are contemplating,
hearing and living; but if you have faith in My Word, analyze and
safeguard it within your heart, because the year 1950 is near when
you will cease to hear My voice through this means.
36. A whirlwind envelops Mankind; but truly I say to you that
My Word does not come to increase your confusion; it is the light
that comes to guide your spirit and illuminate your intelligence to
help you in your spiritual evolution.
37. I am with you reminding once again your mission of love
among Mankind, while Elijah traverses everywhere in search of
strayed sheep to bring them into the fold upon his shoulders, so that
there they will find the love of their Creator.
38. Remember that I am the Way that invites the one who has
forgotten it. I am pouring My Word upon you so that tomorrow you
may give testimony of it with your deeds of love. Many will come in
search of the humble places where I manifested Myself to make you
remember the times when I spoke to you through the faculty of the
spokesman, so that you can explain to them the manner in which I
manifested Myself and the charitable deeds and miracles that I
performed among you. Only the memory will remain under these
roofs, because My Word and its echo will be safeguarded within
your heart. That is why I am preparing the young people so that they
will be the ones who shall receive those who did not hear My Word
and who will come in search of charity. How many will weep for not
having heard Me! But I also say to you: How many of those who
heard Me will weep for not having prepared themselves, and on
seeing that My Word is no longer manifested, they will realize that
they did not take advantage of the Fathers charity to learn about His
Divine Doctrine, His lessons of infinite charity and love. They will
set their eyes upon the spot where the spokesman would sit to
interpret the Divine Word and they will only behold emptiness.
39. The years pass by rapidly, they are like instances; soon you
will no longer hear Me, that is why I say to you: Allow Me to heal,
caress and comfort you and to deliver My teaching to you. I came to
leave you prepared, but if you should remain weak in faith and the
will, then you will surely remain sick, and who in the world will be
able to speak to you, teach and heal you as I have done?
40. If I would say that I have always wanted to communicate
with you directly with your spirit, allowing My voice to be heard
within your heart, you would not believe Me, but your materialism
and your doubt made your Master communicate through specific
faculties prepared by My love, so that in that manner you would be
able to hear Me, and on analyzing My teaching you would
understand the greatness of My charity.
41. If I tell you that your spirit during your bodies rest,
sometimes separates and approaches the threshold of the Hereafter
and seeks Me, you would doubt Me; however you have lacked
preparation and faith to know how to take advantage of these
moments spiritually, and I have had to prepare seers and prophets, in
order for them to help and speak to you about a tomorrow; that they
alert you and admonish you so that you may be watchful and pray.
42. Do you believe, o My people, that this man through whom I
communicate is the one who delivers My Word to you? No, My
children, it is your Master. Do you believe that the Spirit of God is
in the spokesman while he speaks? Not that either. I have said to
you that it suffices for a ray of My light to illuminate and inspire his
mind, placing in his lips a torrent of endless words of great teaching,
as proof for the unbeliever. Listen to Me attentively during this
period so that you may become strengthened for the coming times of
43. Before receiving My spiritual presence, you have prayed
before your celestial Mother to beg her to help you prepare for Me a
sanctuary within your heart. For that I bless you, disciples. Hear My
Word which is the pathway which leads toward perfection, to the
44. You ask Me: How are the Divine mansions and the life of
perfect beings? Truly I say to you, do not ask what you cannot
understand for the time being. Practice My laws; that practice will
carry you step by step toward the ladder of perfection from where
you will be contemplating, admiring and knowing how much the
Father has safeguarded for the happiness of His children.
45. Your spirit, having been a dweller of the Spiritual Realm,
has seen very little and knows almost nothing of that existence. How
can you wish to contemplate from here the threshold of what you
call Glory or Heaven?
46. The eyes of your body have at the most managed to
contemplate the nearby stars; your science has not carried you much
further, and your spirit who is the one who could abolish the
distances and uncover what is invisible to man, feeling within and
outside of him, the spiritual knowledge surrounding him, allows
himself to be dragged by the materialism of the world; he blends
with his body and instead of elevating himself, he drags himself, and
instead of admiring, he doubts.
47. Sometimes on admiring the marvels of Creation, you
exclaim amazed: "Lord, how great is your power!" without
imagining that everything that surrounds you is but a pale reflection
of what the eternal life is.
48. Certainly I want to awaken your interest with My Word
about the spiritual life, but understand what I say to you: In order to
attain that existence, you must reach it through the evolution of your
spirit and not only by that of the mind. Allow the intelligence, the
heart, the senses and all your powers to be in unity with your spirit,
and you will reach the necessary elevation to be able to behold the
splendor of your Father; but if the spirit places his trust and
surrenders himself to the mental ability of his mind, then his
penetration shall be limited, as is everything human.
49. Heaven is not a predetermined place in the Universe; My
Glory is everywhere, in the spiritual and in the material. Do you not
say that God is in Heaven, on Earth and in every place? Then
understand what you say so that you will know that where God is,
His Glory has to be there.
50. I want you to come to dwell in that infinite mansion, that
you reach a state of spiritual elevation that wherever you are in the
Universe you may feel the beatitude of the Divine, that you enjoy
the eternal life and experience the presence of the Creator. That
summit has only been reached by those who have considered Me as
their ideal, and love as their pathway.
51. He who understands this Doctrine will have to recognize
that this world is only a small mansion that has momentarily
detained the spirit to reveal to him elementary teachings. Since the
first eras a torch of faith glows to illuminate with its spiritual light
the pathway of men, but how very few have been guided by it. How
very few have persevered along the road and how many, on reaching
that crossroad where death stops them, have had to appear before
the spiritual, which is the true homeland of the spirit, as if they were
foreigners, without knowing the roads or the laws or their duties.
How unjust you have been with yourselves!
52. Today I come to explain My teachings so that you will
retrace your footsteps and take the path of the true life with the
knowledge of the goal you pursue, and when death comes to free
you from the flesh, your spirit can elevate himself and reach the
Spiritual Realm without the confusion, as something worse than
death, can surprise him. Knowing all this, you will be able to live,
convinced that you are passengers on Earth, beginners who had to
go through this school. Do not complain about your body no matter
how stubborn and rebellious it is, nor abominate having to endure
the life in this world, which you have regarded as a deceptive Eden,
full of temptations and pitfalls, because that flesh that you carry as
an apparatus to inhabit this Earth, will not be an obstacle for your
spiritual elevation, or to live a virtuous life if you manage to
overcome its weaknesses, passions and miseries, to allow the seed
of spirituality to germinate only within your heart. By then, this
Earth and Nature that surrounds it, has new lessons reserved and
also secrets that the future generations will have to know.
53. It will no longer be the suffering of the Master that will
correct men, nor wars that will touch the pride of nations, or the
misery to purify the heart of Humanity. Other lessons, unknown
until now, will be received by men of those times which today I
announce to you.
54. Bless your affliction, do not dry your tears with anger; bless
your bread no matter how poor it may be because as prolonged as
your suffering might seem to you here on Earth, when you inhabit
the Spiritual Realm, you will feel as if it were only a minute and you
will realize all the good it did to you.
55. Heaven is a state of perfection; I have symbolized it to you
as an immense and white City that you have to conquer with your
courage, with your faith and with your unbreakable will. Be warriors
of that cause. All of you who cherish that ideal, be in unity and
march step by step, winning battles in life, until you make that City
surrender to those who conquered it with their love. That City is
your home, that home is the Universe with no end, where the
Creator dwells with His children.
56. Carry My Word within your heart and there, in the solitude
of your bedroom or in the peace of the countryside, remember it and
analyze it; be the good disciple.
57. To those who have had the grace of hearing Me through this
means, I say to them: Safeguard My Word, analyze it, put it into
practice in your life, because soon it will cease to be heard. When
this happens, I want you to remain as teachers, firm within My
Doctrine and not as confused disciples, or like children who feel
themselves as orphans.
58. Today you can still call the multitudes so that they may
listen to My manifestation; tomorrow, when 1950 has passed, they
will only hear the voice of My disciples and witnesses.
59. Do not distrust men, however hardened and fanatical they
may be in their worship; every spirit is in evolution and in time to
receive these revelations.
60. Disciples, understand and accept your mission with that love
and obedience with which Jesus accepted His destiny. Pray, be
watchful, drain with patience your cup of bitterness and know how
to carry your cross with love. Inwardly, bless everything and forgive
within your heart and through deeds those who have offended you.
61. Blessed are those who with tears say to Me: "Master, I offer
you My suffering; may your will be done in me". My will is that you
have My peace, o My suffering and poor people, but forget for a few
moments your afflictions and pray for the world, pray for all nations.
"Love one another!"
My Peace be with you!