BTL - Volume III - Teaching 74

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Teaching 74:

1 It is an hour of grace in which I make my manifestation among men palpable for the sake of your spiritual upliftment. When you hear me, you turn away from the world to gather yourselves spiritually.

2 Feel truly that you are at My table, expecting Me to distribute the bread and give you the wine. you know that I am speaking to you figuratively and reminding you of My Word of the Second Age, for the bread is My Word and the wine is the divine essence that is in the Word

3 Bread and wine, body and blood, manna and water, all these have been the symbol of the words, of love and life, which are the eternal food of your spirit

4 The manna of the desert and the water from the rock symbolized in their time the bread and wine of the Spirit; these are the same symbols I used at the Lord's Supper when, surrounded by My disciples, I said to them, "Eat and drink, this is My body and this is My blood. With this teaching I opened a new age for mankind, that of love.

5 Today new disciples are gathering around Me and the crowds of people are again following My steps. But the means by which I make the divine teachings understandable to you are no longer only the symbol or the parable; it is the unmistakable word that speaks to your mind with a divine essence that you can perceive only with the spirit.

6 Reflect on these teachings, disciples, and you will finally understand that the time of allegories and symbols is coming to an end, for your spiritual development and mental unfolding will allow you to better understand the truth.

7 I am among you, although you cannot touch Me with your hands or see Me with your mortal eyes. I come in spirit to speak to you and teach you how to seek me in your prayer.

8 I will leave no material trace of My new manifestation, as I left none in the Second Time, although I have lived among you Mankind is prone to idolatry and to consecrate material things in order to consider them divine and make them the object of its worship. What would mankind have done if they could have preserved My body, the cross of My martyrdom or the cup of that last meal with My disciples? But everything was wiped out so that only My divine essence should remain in the spirit of mankind.

9 Even in times long past, I removed from the eyes of men both the objects that had served as symbols and the messengers or proclaimers of words. In the First Time, when Moses was on a mountain, he disappeared from his people, who idolized him. Elijah, the prophet of fire, disappeared in a "cloud" that took him away from the earth. Like Jesus, both left only the trace of their works in souls as spiritual essence.

10 Now I am here, in fulfillment of one of My promises, uniting all generations in one people, and people of different races in one and the same apostleship.

11 I bequeath to mankind another testament full of light and clarity. See how religious fanaticism has reached its highest degree in some of My children, while in others materialism and lack of faith have taken their soul as prey. Great and bloody is the struggle that awaits both until the light again shines among men and lets them feel true peace, which springs from the love of the one for the other.

12 In the face of a true chaos of passions and worldviews, the people will have to come forward as witnesses and bearers of My new teachings. To find faith it will be necessary for them to prepare themselves and to clothe themselves with humility, obedience, spirituality, strength and mercy.

13 Fear not the storm, beloved disciples, for I will be in the boat with you, and if you have faith in Me, you will not perish. You are to fight with faith and remember that just as you have the good fortune to receive my word, all your brothers deserve to know it, for there are already many who are expecting it.

14 Do not say that My teaching is difficult to put into practice or that it imposes hard privations on you He who follows me with love does not feel the burden of his cross.

15 This is My Word, imprint it on your spirit, for soon you will be dependent on it

16  The ringing of the soothing bell has awakened you, its sound has resonated in your spirit, and you have remembered that this is a day of grace when the Master appears with you Quickly you arose with the desire to hear this divine word, which is life for your spirit and fills your heart with confidence.

17 Truly, My Word reveals to you the way which the storms of life have covered you understand that I am as near to you as I am to all men; My Light is with all - In this time many souls will follow the way of Light and will no longer stray. You would be surprised to see that the hard-hearted and stubborn are the ones who are the quickest to follow my trail. But the reason for this is that I have given everyone the necessary time to awaken to the light of spiritual life.

18 How many hardened in sin have come to hear my word in this time and, even before my teaching speech was finished, have said to me in tears, "It is you, Master! This happened because My pure, kind and convincing Word spoke to the heart of those people. And I tell you that he who once felt my presence will not be able to deceive himself with false pretences. - You who have heard Me at this time, prepare yourselves to bear witness to Me, for you must present My teaching as I have revealed it to you, and not according to your will or will.

19 Just as you had a friend in your life's journey who brought you the good news, so let all mankind, languishing in a world of hardships, also receive the indication that the Lord is present and hear Me

20 What would become of you if, in My Mercy, I did not shorten the days of your tribulation? You would all have perished already. At this time I am looking for the sinners to give them a task in My divine work and tell them that My Love has never excluded them. What satisfaction and joy will once be in those souls when they have attained spiritual ascent through the practice of charity. - There exists in infinity a love which is that of the Father, which has no other desire than that of your salvation and that you may attain eternal peace.

21 Since 1866 I opened again the fountain of My Love, which has poured out on you as consolation and revelation I did not wait for the day of My farewell to tell you only then that you should begin to put My teachings into practice; but from the first moment you heard them, I told you: "exercise mercy, bring comfort to the sick, speak of My new revelation, bring to the needy and to the erring. This is because I did not want you to become theorizing disciples who wonderfully speak of My work and who are not able to stretch out their arm to touch the sick and soothe their pain. Was not your heart filled with bliss when the terminally ill man returned to life through your care and prayers and you heard that his lips blessed you?

22 The time is very near when these My children no longer transmit My Word to you I will go away and the Master will no longer give you this teaching. I want that by then the desire for active charity in your hearts has been purified and spiritualization has entered your lives. Elijah, your spiritual shepherd, announced to you my coming and also foretold to you the day of my parting.

23 My word, simple and humble in form, is deep in its content, and so it will be until the last day. Do not ask me to speak to you with chosen words because your spirit does not need them to understand my teaching.

24 I know those who put my teaching into practice according to my will, and those who move away from their core of being. Nothing is hidden from My wisdom, and indeed, I tell you, if you want to come to Me, come on the heavenly ladder of love, mercy, justice and humility.

25 Do not strive to transform this spiritual work into a material work, hoping to see its fruits here on earth. Do not doubt the victory of My teaching, have faith in it, and you will be able to turn the plains into mountains and the deserts into green pastures. Remember that in the Second Time, when Jesus died on the cross, abandoned by His disciples except John, they thought that all was over. Nevertheless, the divine seed that could not die because it was constantly watered by the blood of the martyrs - the blood that was love and faith - later began to germinate in the hearts.

26 I tell you, in this time My divine seed must be watered with works of mercy, with tears of repentance and reconciliation; I am telling you, in this time My divine seed must be watered with works of mercy, with tears of repentance and reconciliation

27 In this time I have delivered you from a new bondage: the temptations, the pleasures, the vices which are like the tyrannical and cruel Pharaoh who put you in chains Tomorrow, humanity will celebrate this new liberation - not with festivities or with traditions, but through the spiritual love of the one for the other.

28 The animal sacrifices that you offered on the altar of Jehovah were accepted by Him. But it was not the best way to lift up your spirit to the Lord. Then I came to you as Jesus to teach you the divine commandment that tells you to love one another. Now I tell you that the teachings that I gave you in the Second Time through the works of Jesus were sometimes changed and sometimes misinterpreted. That is why I have come, as I announced it to you, to illuminate My truth. My sacrifice then prevented many animal sacrifices, and I taught you a more perfect worship of God. My new revelation at this time will cause mankind to understand that you must not use the symbolic cult forms without first fathoming their meaning, since they are only a symbolic representation of My teachings.

29 Before I am felt by a heart, Elijah appears with him to tell them to repent of their sins because the Lord is drawing near. he did the same in the Second Time through the Baptist, when he commanded them to repent and be purified because the Kingdom of Heaven was drawing near.

30 My Father's love at this moment reaches the minds and hearts of the many who hear Me. This is the announced time in which the Spirit of Truth comes down to men. Hear his voice in infinity, recognize him in the invisible, feel him in your heart. My love and My inspiration help your spirit to ascend and receive My teachings.

31 Men misinterpreted My law and distorted My teachings this is why I am pouring My Light on every spirit and every mind in this time so that you may learn to understand the lesson I have given you through life This world, which has been a home of imperfect beings, of souls in atonement, will be a place of light and spiritualization. Today My righteousness cleanses the fields and pulls out the weeds by the root to destroy them by the fire of atonement and love.

32 The fratricidal wars, proclaimed since ancient times, make you tremble day by day. The reports of them worry you, and their consequences make you shed tears. These people who cause the wars through their striving for power and hatred are My children who seek Me at altars and worship Me in tabernacles, not realizing that instead of a gift of love they offer Me the blood of their sacrifices. Alas, blind men who, in their arrogance, feel unboundedly ruling, forgetting that they are very small compared to My Divinity! - Human vanity has reached its limit, and it is necessary that I let them feel My presence and My power. It is not necessary that I use all my omnipotence to prove to you my greatness. A weak blow or a light breeze of the forces of nature is enough for me to prove to foolish and vain man his smallness.

33 Just as the golden calf was abolished then, so in this time the worship of wealth will disappear And just as the merchants were driven out of the temple, so now those will be afflicted who, taking advantage of weakness and ignorance, profit from the pain of their fellow men.

34 Men have begun a fight with their Lord; but wherever they turn, they experience how I block the way for their evil deeds. But those who do not listen to the voice of their conscience in this struggle find death and judgment, and then atonement.

35 O disciples who hear Me - search out the revelation of the sixth seal! There you will discover everything you see, hear, and experience today. But if you have faith in My word, fathom it and keep it in your hearts. For the year 1950 is already very near, with the end of which you will no longer hear my voice in this form.

36 A whirlwind is enveloping this mankind. But truly, I tell you, My Word will not increase your confusion. It is light, which shows your spirit the direction and illuminates your insight to assist you in your spiritual development.

37 I am with you anew and remind you of your love mission among mankind. Meanwhile, Elijah goes everywhere in search of stray sheep to bring them on his shoulders to the enclosure to find there the love of their Creator.

38 Remember that I am the way that invites the one who has forgotten it. I am spreading My word among you so that tomorrow you may bear witness to him with your works of love. many will visit the simple houses where I revealed Myself and remind you of the times when I spoke to you through the voice bearer, so that you may explain to them the way I manifested myself and the acts of love and miracles I did among you Only the memory will remain under these roofs because my word and its echoes will be kept in your hearts. - I am currently preparing the youth so that they later receive those who have not heard my word and who come here in the desire for loving help. How many will weep because they have not heard Me! But I also tell you: how many of those who heard Me will weep because they have not prepared themselves, and when they become aware that My Word is no longer manifesting itself, they will understand that they have not used the Father's gift of love to learn His Divine Teaching, His teachings of infinite mercy and love. They will turn their gaze to the place where the Word bearer sat down to reproduce the Divine Word, and will see only emptiness.

39 The years are fleeing fast; they are like moments; soon you will no longer hear Me, which is why I say to you: let Me heal you, caress you and console you and give you My teaching I came to leave you equipped; but if you should be weak in faith and will, you will become sick, and who in the world will be able to speak to you, instruct you and heal you as I did?

40 If I were to tell you that I always wanted to connect myself directly with your spirit by making My Voice audible in your heart, you would not believe Me But only your earth-attachment and your doubt were the reason why the Lord made himself known through certain organs of the mind, which he prepared through his love, so that you could hear me in this way and be able to understand the greatness of my mercy while studying my teaching.

41 If I were to tell you that during the sleep of your body, your soul sometimes detaches itself and approaches the thresholds of the Hereafter and seeks Me, you would doubt it But you lacked armament and faith to be able to use those moments spiritually, and I had to awaken seers and prophets so that they help you and speak to you of the morning, shake you awake and admonish you that you watch and pray.

42 Do you believe, My people, that this man through whom I make Myself known is the one who gives you the word? no, My children, it is your Master - do you believe that the Spirit of God is in the Word bearer as he speaks? This too is not true. - I have told you that one ray of My Light is enough to enlighten and inspire his intellect, placing on his lips an inexhaustible stream of words full of important teachings as proof for the unbeliever. During this time listen to me carefully so that you may be strong for the coming times of examination.

43 Before you receive My spiritual presence, you have prayed to your Heavenly Mother to ask her to help you to prepare a sanctuary for Me in your hearts For this I bless you, My disciples. Hear My word, which is the way that leads to the perfect, to the eternal.

44 You ask Me: what are the divine homes and lives of the perfect beings? Verily, I tell you, do not ask what you could not understand at this time. Act according to my laws; this doing will bring you step by step higher on the stepladder to perfection, from which you will be able to see, admire and recognize how much the father keeps ready for the happiness of his children.

45 Although your spirit has been an inhabitant of the spiritual realm, it has seen very little and knows almost nothing of that life. How will you look from here at the thresholds of what you call bliss or heaven?

46 The eyes of your body were at best able to look at the nearest stars; your science has not brought you much further, and your spirit, which could abolish distances and reveal the invisible to man, since it feels within itself and outside itself the spiritual knowledge that is around it, allows itself to be swept away by the materialism of the world, merges with its body, and instead of ascending, humbles itself, and instead of admiring, doubts.

47 Sometimes, when you marvel at the wonders of creation, you exclaim overwhelmingly, "Lord, how great is Your power!" without realizing that everything that surrounds you is nothing but a faint reflection of what eternal life is.

48 Admittedly, with my words I want to arouse your interest in spiritual life; but understand what I say to you: to attain that life you must reach it through the development of your spirit, and not only through that of your intellect. The intelligence, the heart, the emotions, and all your faculties must unite with the spirit, then you will attain the necessary higher development to see the glory of your Father. But when the spirit entrusts itself to the capacity of the mind and surrenders to it, then its capacity for knowledge will be limited, as is all human.

49 Heaven is not a specific place in the universe; my glory is everywhere, in the spiritual and in the material. Do you not say that God is in heaven, on earth, and in every place? Understand, then, what you say so that you may understand that where God is, there must be His glory.

50 I want you to dwell in this infinite Father-house, that you may attain a state of spiritual elevation so that wherever you are in the universe you may feel the bliss of the divine, that you may enjoy eternal life and experience the presence of the Creator. This mountain height has only been reached by those who have taken me as their model and love as their way.

51 Anyone who understands this teaching must realize that this world is only a small abode, which holds the Spirit instantly to reveal fundamental teachings to him. Since the earliest times a torch of faith has been burning to illuminate with its spiritual light the way of men. But how few have aligned themselves to it! How few have persevered on the way, and how many, when they came to that crossroads where death stops them, had to appear before the spiritual as if they were strangers, without knowing the ways, the laws, and the duties of the spiritual world, which is the true home of the spirit! How unjust you have been to yourselves!

52 Today I am explaining My teachings to you so that you may repent and take the way to true life, conscious of the purpose you are pursuing. And then, when death comes to free you from the flesh, your soul can rise up and reach the spiritual world without confusion, which is something worse than death. When you know all this, you will be able to live in the conviction that you are only passing through on earth, little children who had to go through this school. Do not curse your body shell, however stubborn and rebellious it may be, and do not despise having to endure the life of this world, which you have seen as a deceptive paradise full of temptations and abysses. For this flesh, which you have as a means of living on this earth, will not be an obstacle to your spiritual ascent or to a virtuous way of life if you are able to control its weaknesses, passions and needs, so that only the seed of spiritualization may germinate in your hearts. Then this earth and the nature that surrounds man holds new lessons and also secrets that future generations will know.

53 No longer will the pain of the Master make men better, nor the wars which afflict the arrogance of the nations, nor the misery which purifies the heart of men. Other, until now unknown lessons will be given to the people of those times which I announce to you today.

54 Bless your pain, do not wipe away your tears in anger, bless your bread, however meager it is. For however long your tribulation may seem to you here in the world - once you are in spiritual life, you will feel as if it had been a minute, and you will recognize all the good that it did to you.

55 Heaven is the state of perfection. I have symbolized it to you as an immeasurably great and dazzling white city, which you are to occupy by your courage, by your faith, and by your unshakable will. Be soldiers of this cause! Unite all of you who already have this high goal in mind, advance unwaveringly and win battles in life until you have managed to make that city surrender to those who conquered it with their love. This city is your home, this home is the universe without end, where the Creator dwells with His children.

56 Carry My Word in your hearts and remember and fathom it in the solitude of your chamber or in the peace of nature Be My good disciples.

57 To you who have had the grace to hear Me in this form, I say: keep My Word, study it, put it into practice in your lives, for soon it will no longer be heard I want, when this happens, that you remain as masters, firmly grounded in My teaching, and not as confused disciples or as children who feel orphaned.

58 Today you can still summon men to hear My manifestation; tomorrow, when 1950 is over, they will hear only the voice of My disciples and witnesses

59 Do not doubt men, however stubbornly and fanatically you may experience them in their practice of religion. Every soul is in a state of development, and for each one the right time has come to receive these revelations.

60 Disciples, grasp your task and accept it with that love and obedience with which Jesus accepted His destiny. Pray, watch, drink the cup of suffering with patience and carry your cross with love. Bless all things inwardly and forgive those who have hurt you from your heart and through action.

61 Blessed are those who say to Me in tears, "Master, I place my pain in Your hands; Your will be done on me. My will is that you have My peace, O patient and poor people, but forget for a few moments your sufferings and pray for the world, pray for the nations. Love one another!

My peace be with you!

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