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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume II - Teaching 29 - 55
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Book of True Life - Volume 2 

Teaching 52:

1 Nourish yourselves from My divine Being, be strong in the fulfilment of My Law, then as a reward you will find peace and consolation in your works Be true intercessors of your brothers and bring them the peace of My Spirit through your prayers and your merits. Do not deprive yourselves of My grace in these times of temptations. Strengthen your Spirit so that you may emerge victorious from trials.

2 Make intercession and even earn merits for those who do not love you. Act like Mary, your Heavenly Mother, the Divine Advocate, who intercedes both for the one who puts his hope in her and for the one who has closed his heart to her, or for the one who denies her purity and her divine nature.

3 Difficult is your task and noble is your destiny, people. No longer deviate from the way I have marked out for you. I have built a sanctuary in your hearts; but do not allow the flame of faith to be extinguished in it, or the ideal of spiritualizing you to die. Do not cover your temple in darkness; for if anyone knocks at its gates, he will not find the light he seeks, nor can he hear the echo of My voice. Bear My Presence and My Word in your hearts, and verily I tell you, there will be no one to destroy your sanctuary or cause you to retreat by the way. Who will be able to prevent you from loving Me?

4 My Light shines in every mind and My Voice resounds in every conscience; yet men do not want to be aware of the time they are living in It is necessary for a "people" to equip themselves to give the good news to mankind, and I want this people to be this one, whom I have chosen to let them hear my divine Word.

When I constantly tell you to prepare yourselves, it is because you must bear witness to My rallies through the human mind, and this witness is not limited to repeating the doctrines you have learned from Me, but you must give proofs of spiritual authority - whether you convert persistent sinners, heal the abandoned sick, or do any other of the works I have taught you. Remember: If you go to work without first achieving the renewal of your life and a beginning of spiritualization, if you preach love and mercy, you will be like the hypocritical Pharisees who displayed their false virtue and concealed their corruption. I want no insincere or hypocritical ones among My new disciples.

5 If you long for My teaching to flourish on earth, sow it as pure as I have given it to you and water this divine seed with the water of your good works Go your way in trust in My protection.

6 Who could stop you or silence you when you, inspired by My divine Light, set to work? - no one, My people, as in His time no one silenced Jesus. when He was silenced towards some sinners, it was to give you a teaching of humility, since with His works He gave witness to the truth of His Word

7 Be aware of the years that have passed during which My Word has been sounded by these voice bearers and no one has been able to silence the divine Voice that comes from their lips verily, I tell you, the year 1950 will come without interruption But once the end of that year has come, My nightingales will fall silent for the transmission of My teachings; for all that I have to tell you through their mediation during this stage of My rallies will then be completed.

8 You will bear witness to My teaching with works, words and thoughts, and nothing will stop the stream of light that I will make burst forth from your Spirit But also your hour of silence will come: I will seal your lips and fetch you (to me) home; for what I had to say through your mediation will then be said until the last word.

9 I want you all to unite, without making distinctions, because you are visiting different places of assembly. For the teaching that has reached all is one and the same, the light that illuminates your minds is the same in one as in the other.

10 I have given you means to defend your faith and to watch over the work I have entrusted to you; but never have I given you weapons to hurt one another. I want those who form this people to be the soldiers of My spiritual cause, but never the enemies of it.

11 My secret chamber of the heart was opened in this time to make the spiritually poor, the hungry and thirsty for righteousness, the owners of a spiritual treasure. Are you not happy about this? Does not your heart tremble with gratitude, O people? - "Yes," you tell me. But I want this yes to consist not of words, not of thoughts, but that you express it with works of love for your brothers.

12 Now I tell you: rest for a few moments from your earthly toil. You have walked much with your burden of pain on your shoulders. Come to the fountain of grace to drink of this water that redeems. At present you are still weak; but soon you will turn into strong ones to fight for My cause and to face the trials.

13 Lace up your sandals, for a new way awaits you, where you will find endless opportunities to sow mercy and love You are still fearful, and that is why you did not want to announce the new time to mankind. - You must understand that what the Father has put in you belongs to your brethren, and that you must make it known to them.

14 I am not giving you any new gifts of the Spirit or abilities in this time, for that which you have become conscious of as your possession has always been in your spirit. But time is passing, and I ask you: What are you waiting for to begin with the fulfillment of your task? Are you waiting until the unbelieving men make fun of my word, of my new rallies, and publish falsifications everywhere?

15 Let My teachings become a deed and live them verily I tell you, the blaspheming lips will be silent, those who were unruly will approach you attentively to find the interpretation of My Teaching and they will find very great and eloquent testimonies of My Truth if your works are marked by Love and Mercy How many of them, when they see you healing the sick, will bring their loved ones to you, full of hope to find relief for their sufferings.

16 Give My teaching purely, then you need not hide yourselves to heal the sick. For truly, I tell you, in this time you will not visit catacombs to practice My teachings, but you will do it in the light of day. - Have no fear! If you are not believed in your surroundings, you will simply go to other provinces where you will find fervent hearts.

17 You must be the first to be convinced of the truth which you are about to proclaim, so that you may communicate this faith to your brothers. If doubt should enter your Spirit, it will be like a dagger that would deal the deathblow to your devotion.

18 Three epochs have already passed over you. Understand that you must set out to fulfill the highest of your destinies. Awaken from your spiritual inertia and proceed with firm steps on the path of your development.

19 Ask me not why you are still surprised by temptations although you are on the way of the Lord. Understand that it is just then that you will be tested the most. This is why I always tell you: "Watch and pray, so that you do not fall into temptation.

20 The day is near when your brothers will come to ask you questions. Do you then want to hide what I have revealed to you with so much love? - I have given you nothing in My teachings of which you need be ashamed.

21 Do not wait until the lamentations on earth multiply and the rumours of war increase to uplift you Pray and perform daily works of mercy, for in so doing you will counteract the power of evil.

22 If any of you do not make ready to do your duties, it is because he does not know the abilities which I have given to his Spirit.

23 Blessed are those who know how to find the spiritual meaning of my word, for this will be their inheritance. The seekers of divine truth are those who have always followed their Creator. These will find the presence of the Master in this humble rallies.

24 Outwardly my rallies may appear poor at this time. But truly, I tell you, I have built a sanctuary in the heart of the man who hears My Word. Do not believe that among those whom I have chosen in this time there are rankings - all of them I love in the same way. Do not think that the gift of the voice bearer, which those who transmit My word possess, achieved this through their own merits. So great is this grace that it was possible for man to receive it only through my love.

25 This task is difficult to fulfill for the one who has received it. Great is the burden of this cross; for without turning away from the necessities of the world and without abandoning his material duties, the voice bearer must reach the degree of spiritualization that allows him to receive the divine ray of my inspiration.

26 There are moments when you wonder that God can be with you and manifest himself with so much love. Your amazement comes from the fact that, conscious of your stains and imperfections, you feel unworthy of this so great proof of your Father's love. My love has always surprised you because you have judged me as you are used to doing with yourselves. Why do you have the idea that resentment, the feeling of revenge or selfishness is hidden in Me? I tell you: When you inwardly judge yourselves in a self-examination in the light of your conscience by the honest and humble confession of your wrongdoing, you make yourselves worthy that I come down to speak to you of My kingdom; for your sorrow that you have hurt Me helps to purify you.

27 Do not be surprised that My Love follows you everywhere in spite of your sins You are all My children. In this world you have had an image of divine love in the love of your parents. You can turn your backs on them, you cannot acknowledge their authority, you cannot obey their orders and listen to their advice; you can cause a wound in their heart with your evil actions, you can give cause for their eyes to dry from so much crying, for white hair to appear on their temples and for their faces to be marked by the marks of suffering; but they will never stop loving you and they will have only blessing and forgiveness for you. But if these parents you had on earth, who are not perfect, have given you such great proofs of a pure and sublime love ─ why are you amazed that He who created these hearts and gave them that task of being parents loves you with perfect love? ─ Love is the highest truth. For the sake of truth I became man, and for the sake of truth I died as man.

28 In this time I do not demand blood sacrifice from you. Yet some have given their lives in My name, blinded for a moment by their fanaticism, and after leading an impure existence. Those actions will not be able to sow true seeds, but will continue to promote fanaticism.

29 This is why I tell you that when you speak you should feel your own word and that the teaching you give should live in your heart Nothing will speak better than your own life.

30 My love should not astonish you, but do not doubt it either, when you experience that you often empty a very bitter cup in the world. - Man can sink low, be filled with darkness or hesitate to return to me. But for all of them the time will come when they will be able to feel me in their own being, not feel me (any longer) distant and also not consider me a stranger or deny my existence, my love and my justice.

31 Just as man can create for himself on earth a world of spiritual peace similar to the peace of my kingdom, he can also lead an existence through his corruption, which is like a hell of vices, wickedness and remorse.

32 Also in the hereafter the Spirit can encounter worlds of darkness, depravity, hatred and vengeance, according to the inclination of the soul, its aberrations and passions. But verily, I tell you, both heaven and hell, of which men only imagine themselves by means of earthly forms and images, are nothing else but different stages of development of the soul: the one because of its virtue and development at the summit of perfection, the other in the abyss of its darkness, its vices and its blindness.

33 For the righteous soul is indifferent to the place where it is, for everywhere it will carry within itself the peace and heaven of the Creator. The impure and confused soul, on the other hand, may be in the best of the worlds, and it will constantly feel within it the hell of its remorse, which will burn within it until it is purified.

34 Do you believe that I, your Father, have created places expressly destined to punish you and thus to avenge Me forever for your insults?

35 How limited are the men who teach these theories!

36 How is it possible for you to believe that eternal darkness and eternal pain is the end that awaits some spirits? Even if they have sinned, they will still be children of God forever. if they need instruction - here is the Master. If they need love - here is the Father. If they long for forgiveness - here is the perfect judge.

37 He who never tries to seek Me and to rectify his faults will not come to Me. But there is no one who resists my righteousness or my trials. Only purified you can come to me.

38 Disciples, if in the moment you hear my word you do not understand it, keep it in your memory and remember it and fathom it in the moments of rest. Then you will learn much of what I have taught you. If you do not store up (knowledge) - what then can you pass on to the multitudes of men who are yet to come?

39 I let you all without distinction come into My presence to give you My teachings. Before I entrust you with a ministry, I dry your tears, close your wounds, quench your spiritual hunger and thirst. And when I had given you proofs of My love and kindled the light of faith and hope in your hearts, I told you: "You have all been called - will you be among the chosen? Then some ask: "in what way and where are you leading us? - These are those who long for the world and its joys. The others say to Me, "Lord, we are not worthy to be called Your chosen ones, but Your will be done on us. - These are those who are already ready to strive upwards.

40 To those who follow Me, I lay the peace of the world on their heart, so that they may "watch" and pray for it. The nations will soon send up their prayers to ask Me for peace, which I have offered them at all times. Before, I have allowed men to taste the fruit of their work, to see rivers of human blood flowing and images of pain, mountains of corpses and cities turned into ruins. I wanted people with petrified hearts to see the devastation of homes, the despair of the innocent, the mothers kissing the tattered bodies of their children in pain, to experience at close range all the despair, fear and lamentation of men, so that in their arrogance they feel humiliation and their conscience tells them that their greatness, power and wisdom is a lie, that the only truly great thing comes from the Divine Spirit.

When these people open their eyes to the truth, they will be horrified - not at the images that their eyes see, but at themselves, and since they cannot escape the gaze and voice of their conscience, they will feel within themselves the darkness and fire of remorse; for they will have to account for every life, for every pain, and even for the last drop of blood that has been shed because of them.

41 I will not only call men to account for what they have done with other people's lives, I will also demand an account from them for what they have done with their own lives, with their bodies. Who then can say that he has come to me as a Spirit at the very time when the clock of eternity was to call him away? - No one! - For often you shorten your existence by premature aging, sometimes you are worn out for reasons that are not worth one of your tears or one of your gray hairs.

42 I am implacable and perfect righteousness, coming from the purest love, which is your Creator, and I only ask you to turn away from the pleasures of the world to hear My Word The Master gladly opens His book of perfect teachings to delight you with a new lesson. How often was one of My teachings able to save you. In this your Spirit has awakened and felt the commissions which he received from his origin of life.

43 I have discovered that your heart holds the vain seed which it has harvested on earth; but now it must change into a granary where you are to keep the good fruit of your works of love

44 Among the multitudes of men there come great sinners, those who have rolled their soul in the filth of passions, those who have robbed others of honor, those who have degraded the gray hairs of the old man, those who have stolen foreign goods, those who have defiled the innocence of the child and have killed their neighbor physically or morally.

45 I am heard by those who desecrate the home, who violate divine or human laws, who extinguish the faith of the heart. But when they hear My word that touches the tender strings of their hearts, they say, "It is the Judge who speaks; but with what goodness He makes us understand our errors, and with what tenderness He teaches and corrects us. When those hearts have left the meeting place where they heard this voice, it seems to them as if they see life and all that surrounds it not only illuminated by the material light, but overflowing with a divine light that speaks to man everywhere in creation. Then a wonderful life arises before the eyes of him who has purified himself, where he saw only matter, carnal pleasures or sins. In front of his Spirit an existence appears that he had not suspected - full of revelations, promises and inspirations. It is the miracle of love, not only of the word; for how often have men spoken in a more exquisite and perfect way than these humble and uneducated voice-bearers, through whom I make myself known. But the spiritual meaning that is put into each of these words can only spring from Divine Love.

46 Few have heard My Word in this form; but truly, I tell you, all men hear My Voice in the silence of the sanctuary that is present in their soul, even if their intellect does not succeed in understanding these inspirations, nor do their lips know how to express all that they constantly receive through their spiritual gifts. When you are prepared, you will understand this truth.

47 In this third time, Elijah is the shepherd who saves you from danger day by day. It is he who penetrates into the cosy corner of your sleeping chamber when you pray, who helps you in the "solitude of the desert" and who follows you on the "long day journeys". Wherever you need someone to defend you, or a voice to give you courage, there is Elijah, the spiritual shepherd of the Third Age.

48 If you want to know where Elijah lives, I tell you that it is in the spiritual kingdom. Which of you can rise up to see him? - None of you yet. - Therefore he comes to you to prepare the ways that lead to your heart, so that after that the Master may come and enlighten your whole being. But do not believe that I come down to those who seek Me with greater purity and perfection; no, I come to everyone who seeks Me - to him who kneels before his idol, to him who understands Me in forms or conceptions very far from the truth. Everyone seeks me according to the ability of his Spirit, and I will not extinguish the flame of faith that they have in the most hidden part of their being in relation to the existence of God.

49 It is my will that men at this time become able to communicate with their Lord from Spirit to Spirit, that there is a true sanctuary in man's heart, in which he hears the voice of the Father.

50 In order to reach this degree of spiritualization, men will have to participate in the great battles of religions, which will bring to awakening the sleeping spirits who (then) will see the light of truth.

51 Do you not think that it is time for men to offer worship and pay tribute to their God, their Creator, who are worthy of him who receives them and of him who offers them?

If you study and observe the various kingdoms of nature, you will find in them an infinite number of examples, teachings, and parables worthy of your inspiration. I do not mean to tell you that the lower beings should be your masters. But I do tell you that nature, the whole of life, is a book whose author is God. That book I have opened before men so that they may recognize in it My perfection, My love and My justice - not in word, but in work.

52 Do not seek Me in books of false scholarship or in your theories which are generally erroneous because of the materialism in which you live. You have already been granted to walk in the full enjoyment of your free will in all ways. Today I say to you that you should rein in your fast pace and reflect for a few moments on the experience you have gained in life, on everything you have seen, felt and suffered on the long road you have travelled. Verily, verily, I say to you, he who uses this light (of knowledge) will find the path of truth that will lead him to his own origin. The path is I; he who has recognized it has recognized me. I am the beginning and the end of the Way. I am the Alpha and the Omega.

53 I am the Master of simplicity, who speaks to you like a good friend in familiar language to enlighten you and to reveal the secrets that have been hidden to your human knowledge until now.

54 Give your Spirit the opportunity to refresh itself in the contemplation of the divine and in the exercise of the laws that govern it. Do not think of this life as the only means of welfare, nor of physical labor as the only means of welfare. Do not limit yourselves to the love of your family, for your fields are vast. Selfishness is not a seed of God.

55 Men have loved this life in such a way that they - when the hour is near to leave it - rebel against my will and do not want to hear the call that I send out to them. They spurn the peace of my kingdom and ask the father for another period of time on earth to continue to possess their temporal goods.

56 Become sensitive so that you divine the spiritual life and are not content with the beginning of your development - because that is this life - because higher works of creation exist above it.

57 Do not try to reject death when it approaches you according to my will, and do not ask for the scientist either, so that he performs the miracle for you to resist my advice and prolong your existence, because both of you will bitterly regret this mistake. Prepare yourselves in this life, and you will have no reason to fear your entrance into the hereafter.

58 You weep when one of you leaves yours for the spiritual valley, instead of feeling at peace, because you understand that that one is approaching his Lord one more step. On the other hand, you celebrate a feast when a new being comes into your home without remembering in this hour that that Spirit has come into the flesh to make atonement in this valley of tears; then you should weep for him.

59 When will you feel for strangers what you feel for your loved ones? - From one marriage I let the endless seed of this humanity come forth, which very soon divided into families, tribes, peoples and nations, resulting in differences in customs, languages and religions. These differences generated hatred and created divisions between the one and the other. Wars and rivalries arose. The seed of Cain has borne many fruits. But now that the Spirit has developed and you have trained your minds - why do you continue to see yourselves as strangers, to hate and kill each other? Today you know that all spirits have come forth from My Divine Spirit and that mankind is descended from one pair, so that after the Spirit and even after the Blood you are brothers.

60 How far are you from the true way if you do not feel the pain of your neighbor, although he is a part of yourselves! You see someone passing by whom you have never seen before, and - since you take him for a stranger - you do not greet him. But when you see a funeral procession pass by, you bare your head. Why do you not devote your attention, your love and mercy to the living?

It was My will that you extinguish with your love the borders and differences that exist in the world; but men did not want it this way. Do you want it to be human blood that removes the boundaries and brings men closer together? Do you want war to melt the races?

From the earliest times I prepared a people that was to recognize and love me, so that it would be like a torch among mankind, and this has been strong at times and has become weak at other times. Today I have made them return to earth so that the prophecies may be fulfilled. This people is the one who spiritually received the three Testaments; and knowing that I manifested Myself in this time through the human mind, they did not dare to deny Me openly. For their Spirit remembers that they cried out "Crucify the deceiver" in the Second Time, and afterwards they suffered bitterly.

Today many of them believed in my return, but others did not. But these will also believe after my departure in 1950, for they will see my prophecies fulfilled and will say to me, "Lord, when you spoke to me I doubted; but now that you have gone away, and I see your word fulfilled, I believe in you.

61 Before I let My (outwardly audible) Word fall silent, those you call foreigners will come along and who - without clearly grasping this Word because of the differences of language - will feel that their Spirit is filled with peace and is nourished by My Divine Being For it will be my love that they feel in their hearts, and you already know that love is the language of the Spirit. These (foreigners) will also set out to follow Me, for My people are scattered all over the world.

62 In the midst of a storm I have come to you at this time. The rainbow of peace has not yet shone, the dove with the olive branch has not yet arrived. But the moment will come when I, the Highest Love, can say to all men Here am I. Then all will recognize me and unite. Today I am still judging the living and the dead.

63 In the Third Time I rose from the tomb of forgetfulness, into which mankind has relegated me, to raise them to new life; for I am life. No one can die. Even he who robs himself of existence with his own hand will hear that his conscience accuses him of his lack of faith.

64 I want you to form little by little a family, a people that is whole in soul and body.

65 When will the spiritual exaltation of Abel, the obedience of Abraham, the strength of Jacob, the patience of Job, and the spiritualization of John, become evident among you? Recognize your responsibility in the world.

66 Men, flee the vices, that your blood may be fruitful seed, and the fruits of tomorrow may be pleasing.

67 Women, I prepare you to give the world children of peace and good will. To the barren I say: Pray, do not feel shame because of your atonement. Be devoted, for I will surprise you and cause you to feel in your womb the heartbeat of a new being.

68 Beget perfect children like your Creator, who created only perfect beings, and fulfill the divine commandment that requires you to love one another.

My peace be with you.

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