BTL - Volume 2 - Teaching 48

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume II - Teaching 29 - 55
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Book of True Life - Volume 2 

Teaching 48:

1 You flocks who seek the shade of the spreading tree where you can rest - here you hear My Word that gives you comfort and strength so that you can contemplate in devotion the path you have to travel

2 If you feel your Spirit weakening, ask Elijah for his staff so that you may be supported on it to reach the Father's crystal clear spring where the waters of His Love and Wisdom overflow as a stimulus and to the delight of the wayfarers

3 I teach you to build the true temple; for there are many who have built sanctuaries without having given them the foundations of faith. My temple must be like a tree whose branches spread lovingly over the whole universe, where the birds rejoice in different ways and, in uniting their voices, form a harmonious, sweet and perfect concert which they offer to the Creator. In doing so, your Spirit will ascend to seek His Lord - as Father, as Master, as Physician; but never shall you seek Him as Judge.

4 The true God will be truly loved, the false deities will be destroyed, and the unclean and imperfect cults will give way to the worship of the Spirit, which will be a love song to the Father.

5 Verily, I tell you, I have spoken to you much in these times, but sometimes you do not understand Me and other times you only let Me speak into emptiness Yet the echo of this heavenly Word will not fade away and will be heard by men throughout the universe.

6 If the spiritual was transformed into material things, you would see yourselves at this moment sitting at a table of immense proportions, and before each one of you you would see the bread of My Word, represented by exquisite food.

7 Those who are gradually spiritualizing are telling Me that they would not exchange My Word for the tastiest and most tempting food Those who have not yet been able to defeat their materialism would prefer that their Father, instead of bringing them spiritual gifts and goods, would bring them the riches of the world in abundance.

8 How many have left at my table the food which I offered them with so much love, without even touching it. When will they ever again experience a time of grace like the present one, in which they were destined to come to earth to hear my word? - They are hard rocks, which need storms and need time to become brittle. Their heritage will be withheld from them as long as they do not know how to guard it and appreciate it. But they will possess it again, because I have told you that what the Father gives to His children will never be taken from them, but will only be withheld for them.

9 This is the mighty tree under whose shade the wanderers rest to rest from their tiring wanderings and regain their strength by feeding on its fruits

10 Under this tree I await all; some will return satisfied by the accomplished task, others with hanging heads and empty hands.

11 When peace has gone out of your hearts and tears have ceaselessly run down your cheeks, you have begun to reflect to see the reason for your affliction. Then your conscience revealed to you that the cause of your distress and lack of peace was due to the low spiritualization you had, to the lack of fulfillment of your mission, to the lack of love and mercy for your brothers in your life's work.

12 Your present life has been the atonement for this; for you do not know from how many sins, with which you have stained your soul in past lives, you are purifying yourselves today. This is the reason why you have not had peace in your hearts.

13 Whoever himself has lost the last remnant of peace struggles laboriously to win it back, and comes to the realization that that grace exists only in the way of righteousness and goodness, to which I point out to men through conscience at every moment. Hence it comes that those who have heard my word make an effort to follow my trail because they know that peace is on my way, and when a difficulty or an affliction occurs, my mercy is near to raise it up.

14 My law does not demand superhuman sacrifices, it does not mean slavery, nor does it bind anyone with chains. Certainly it is a cross, but one of love, a cross whose weight strengthens rather than exhausts.

15 Remember that on various occasions in your lives you have felt true peace, and you will know that this happened when you did good, when you forgave, when you reconciled with someone, when you left the comfortable bed to go to a sick man's to bring him comfort. There was the peace of My Kingdom for a moment in your Spirit.

To you who I teach to keep peace throughout your life, I say in truth that your task from the beginning of time has been to bring peace to your brothers. Therefore, every time I make Myself known to you, I ask you to pray for men, for your souls, united in a single thought and with the same intention, will reach the hearts as a breath of happiness and peace. You have also received the teaching and authority to give inner peace, light and serenity to the beings who dwell invisibly (for you) in the spiritual valley.

16 Full of dangers and temptations are the ways of the world. That is why the Spirits often come under the dominion of the world and of matter, although they have come forth from me full of cognitive light and foreboding, with weapons and means to defend themselves and to conquer.

17 I found you defeated, but you listened to My Voice which sought you with kindness, and so you rose up full of faith and hope verily, I tell you, there will not be a stray or defeated man who will not hear this voice when the time comes

18 In this time those who have gone farthest, those who have strayed most will be those who love Me most fervently and will follow Me

19 The chisel of My love will hew the hardest rocks.

20 To reach this goal I seek your Spirit because he can understand My teaching; but first I had to speak to your heart, limiting myself through the voice bearer and humanising My Word This is the stage that will lead you up to dialogue from Spirit to Spirit. Then it will be my spiritual voice, which comes to you as inspiration, which shows you the way to your atonement; because your body is sometimes a heavy chain or a thick veil, which does not let you see beyond the material.

To help you to win in this struggle, you have here My divine inspiration, which is transformed into human word out of love for you, which comes to you like a caress for the mind and the heart.

21 These are days of remembrance and that is why you have given yourselves to devotion and preparation Alas, if you could keep this spiritualization throughout your lives without falling into fanaticism, how great would be your development.

22 Delight is in the hearts of these listeners, because they know that before their Spirit there is the heavenly banquet, at which the Master awaits them to give them the bread and wine of true life to eat and drink.

23 The table around which Jesus gathered with His apostles at that time was a symbol of the Kingdom of Heaven. There the Father was surrounded by His children, there were the foods that represented life and love; the divine voice resounded there, and its essence was the universal harmony, and the peace that reigned then was the peace that exists in the Kingdom of God.

24 You have tried to purify yourselves in these hours of devotion, thinking that the Master would bring you a new Testament in His words, and so it is: Today I permit you to remember the bread and wine with which I presented My body and blood. But I also tell you that in this new time you will find that food only in the divine sense of My Word. If you seek My body and My blood, you must seek them in the divine of creation, for I am only Spirit. Eat of that bread and drink of that wine, but fill also My cup, I want to drink with you: I am thirsty for your love.

25 Carry this message to your brothers and learn that blood, being life, is only a symbol of eternal life, which is true love - Through you I begin to enlighten mankind with My new revelations.

26 Men and women, children, young and old, will form the apostolate of Christ in this Third Age. But truly, I tell you, more than hearts - it will be the Spirit I seek.

Although not all mankind will hear My Word, I want them to feel My presence in this blessed hour. The fathers of families in their homes, the sick in their camp, those hungry for justice, those punished by men, those who have no peace in their hearts, the offended, the poor - all of you, enter silently into My sanctuary to hear the voice of your Lord who says to you, "Peace be with you!

27 People, at this moment My apostles, who are now in the Spirit, surround Me in the invisible, as in those days:

Peter, John, James the Elder and the Younger, Thaddaeus, Thomas, Matthew, Bartholomew, Simon, Philip, Andrew, and even Judas, who is filled with pain. They all accompany Me in this new supper. In what other place on earth could one show you the image that I am showing you? - You will be shown representations without life, while I can cause those spirit beings to manifest themselves in the fullness of life and light.

28 As at that time there is joy and at the same time pain in My Spirit, for not all My children are redeemed yet

29 While you are hearing My Word telling you that you are at My table, your thoughts cannot get away from that disciple who in a moment of confusion betrayed his Master and his brothers; then you ask yourselves if there will also be a traitor at this time and your Spirit asks Me: "perhaps it will be me? - Tears come to your eyes and you ask Me for strength, so that you never fall into temptation. Verily, I tell you, also in this time there will be those who will betray me; but it will not be on my body as in the Second Time, but they will seek to hide the truth of my teaching with their works and thus cause men to regard what has been a teaching of Divine Wisdom as fraud.

30 You all vow to love Me and to follow Me even unto death; but I tell you that you must watch and pray, for Judas too had vowed to lay down his life for Me

31 When then My physical torture lasted a night and a day and death ended the torments of the body, I now feel in Spirit the pain in all those who suffer; in every accused I am condemned by the judges of the earth and in every prison cell I am imprisoned in the heart of those who suffer that atonement Do not weep only at the memory of those hours of pain that Jesus experienced in the world, for still My Passion is not finished.

32 Your Spirit is already beginning to share in My sadness, understanding that it has yet to acquire merits through its works of love and mercy to obtain the bliss and peace My Word promises to whoever follows Me till the end

33 Lift up your Spirit in simple prayer, for prayer is union and drawing near to the Lord

34 This supper consists of love, do not forget it. Take the bread from the table and share it with your brothers; and once you are all in eternity, you will understand that this revelation I am giving you at this time was a symbol of eternal life. Come forward, you multitudes, for if in the Second Time there were only twelve who sat down at My table, today there will be a hundred and forty-four thousand: but My call of love is for all men. I want you all to accompany me in this time.

Some tremble at my words, some weep, and others feel unworthy to hear it. I, who know who each one of you is, tell you that among this people, who are now coming in droves to hear My teachings, there are also those who at that time received miracles to believe in Me, those who doubted Jesus and those who cried out before Pilate: Crucify Him, crucify Him!

35 Many (of you) saw Me going to Golgotha with the Cross on My shoulders, not knowing whom they were accompanying, and saw Mary's tears, not knowing who was the one crying. See how I am now teaching anew and transforming into My disciples those who could not recognize Me then.

36 On the Cross I asked forgiveness for you because you did not know what you were doing that forgiveness found its expression in a new opportunity that the Father offers you to open your eyes to the Truth, save yourselves and approach Me But despite my mercy towards you, there are still some who seek imperfections in my words to have such a reason not to believe and not to follow me. But verily, I tell you, there is no blemish whatsoever in the spiritual essence of My word; on the other hand, I have blotted out many blemishes from your hearts with this inconspicuous and simple word.

37 You are all under My judgment there will be nothing that will move you more than the mercy of My Love for you, for My judgment is love

38 At that time Joseph of Arimathea opened the gates of his house so that the Master in him would celebrate the Passover with His disciples, when they did not know that the Lamb to be sacrificed on that Feast would be Jesus.

39 Now I am asking you to prepare in your hearts the shelter where I am entering, to remind you with My Word of the works and teachings which I sealed with My Blood at that time but do not limit yourselves to recalling My Passion only during these days of remembrance You must build the sanctuary in your innermost being where you remember eternally the love lesson that Christ brought you to earth. That sanctuary will be indestructible in the storms that aim to destroy the faith of mankind.

40 Today I am causing My Voice to be heard in many provinces, towns and villages so that many become called In My way I am sowing balm, comfort and peace in hearts, raising hope in those who believed themselves lost to the life of grace, and giving life to those who were dead in vice and sin.

41 Even in those days I went from one province to another, and My Presence caused jubilation among the needy, the sick and the spiritual poor Not all of them followed My steps, but these remained as living witnesses of the miracles I performed on them. Men, women and children came to Jesus, their distressed faces and their lamentations spoke to Me of their misery and suffering. They had heard rumors and news of My miracles, and eagerly awaited the passage of the rabbi from Galilee to stretch out their hands to Him and ask Him for a proof of His power.

They were simple hearts, but there were others, the scribes, the teachers of the law, and the Pharisees, who, in their aversion to Jesus, finally demanded of Him that He should show them His hands, to see if the power was recognizable in them, with which He healed the sick by mere touch.

42 My compassion was for all without distinction. I was the Father who came to deliver all His children from their pain. Jesus, the physician, was all balm, and it was not necessary for Him to touch the body of a sick person to restore his health. Sometimes - to give people a proof of what faith can do - I allowed some sick person to approach Me and touch My garment to make him healthy.

43 In this day and age it is no longer the man Jesus who came to your world in search of sinners and the needy. Now it is Jesus' Spirit who makes himself known to mankind to discover among the people of this time the new disciples who will be faithful to Him until the end. At a spiritual table He offered them bread and wine, invisible to human eyes, but real to the Spirit. Many of those who hear my word fervently today did not believe me once; but I ask you: What miracles and what times are waiting for those who - although they hear Me now - do not believe in My rallies? They doubt because I make myself known through uneducated and simple people and not through scholars or theologians; but I tell you that you will always find Me among "the least" at all times.

44 Those who have grasped the value of this Word and studied it until they found its divine meaning are those who will guard it as the seed of spiritualization which they will have to spread among men tomorrow.

45 In the First Time the Voice of the Lord was heard in the Blessed Sacrament, in the Second Time I gave you My teachings of love in the Word of Jesus; now you hear My Word through a human voice bearer and tomorrow it will be My inspiration that will enlighten every Spirit in a most intimate union between the Father and His children

46 In the Second Time I told you: "man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from God". Therefore the bread with which I presented My Body was only a symbol. Today I tell you: Take the bread of My Word, drink the wine of His spiritual sense and you will be nourished forever.

47 Understand that I come from the Kingdom of Peace to the Valley of Tears, descending from the abode of the righteous to speak to sinners I wear neither crown nor sceptre of a king, I come in humility to manifest Myself to you through an awkward body which I transform by My Light, and surprise you with the unlimited truth of My teaching

48 I am not ashamed of you and despite your sins and imperfections, I will never deny that you are My children because I love you Rather, it is men who are ashamed of Me when they deny Me on many occasions.

49 Today I pour out My Spirit among you so that you may learn to offer Me a spiritual and simple devotion, free from materialism, traditions and fanaticism.

50 You who have overthrown the false gods, whom you worshipped in times gone by, will know how to enter the sanctuary I am forming in your soul with My Word at present

51 I see in your hearts the desire that I should stay with you and teach you in this form all the time; but this must not be, for if I fulfilled your request you would not make any effort to seek Me through your works of love and you would be content to listen to My teachings

52 From time immemorial I have told you that My Kingdom is not of this world; and indeed, I tell you, spiritually the earth is not your home either. The Father's Kingdom is in His Light, in His Perfection, in His Holiness. This is your true home, this is your inheritance. Remember that I told you that you are the heirs of the kingdom of heaven.

This planet is like a dwelling place that temporarily shelters you, in which your soul is subject to the trials of its purification, so that it may have progressed and developed when you return to your spiritual home. Therefore you should not ask yourselves: "Why have I not found perfect peace and happiness in this world? Verily, I tell you, not even those who have been pure have found true peace in this earth valley.

53 If this earth would give you everything what you desire, if there were not the great spiritual trials on it - then which of you would desire to come into my kingdom?

Do not blaspheme or curse the pain either, since you have created it with your wrongdoing. Bear it with patience, then it will purify you and help you to come closer to me.

54 Do you realize how strong your rootedness is in the glories and satisfactions of this world? Well, the time will come when the desire to move away from it will be very intense.

55 Whoever is able to pass his trials by spiritual upliftment experiences peace in this overcoming. He who walks on earth with his eyes turned toward heaven does not stumble, nor do his feet hurt on the thorns in his path of atonement. You who hear me - bear your trials with love so that you may become an example. Seek that you progress more and more in your perfection. For if it were not so - what have you come to on this day? Why have you left your work to sit on these hard benches? Because you are in search of peace, of light, of the healing power of balm.

Among these multitudes are those who seek My wisdom and My revelations to carry this message tomorrow to the provinces. There are also those who have sinned much, who have told Me with tears streaming down their faces: "Father, we are not worthy to hear Your word. But I tell you that I have come precisely for your sake, for the sake of those who have strayed from the path of development. Never have I come to seek righteous on earth - they are already saved. I search for those who no longer find in themselves the strength to save themselves; to them I give My blessing and My tender love.

56 If any one of you has been told that his Spirit is lost because of his sins, and he still wants to make amends for his faults and be saved, come to Me and I will grant him My forgiveness and raise him to a new life He will be like Lazarus, who rose up when he heard the voice of Jesus, saying to him, "Arise and walk.

57 In the same way I seek the ignorant man to open before his eyes the book of truth, the "Book of True Life. I want that those who in former times denied Me and blasphemed against Me should today rise up among men and form a people who are an example of spiritualization, humility and charity, who bear witness to My teaching through works of love for their brothers.

58 I see that you make use of My teaching; yet still you are far from perfection. You are still weak because you do not take three steps and already temptation brings you down.

59 Be strong, and if your parents or your children misjudge you because of My teaching, give proofs of firmness and faith and do not be afraid, for My power and your example will convince them of this truth. If some of those who misjudged you left this world without converting them, do not lose heart; for the seed you planted in them they took with them in their Spirit, and it will flourish in other worlds.

60 Fathom the teachings I gave you in the Second Time with My Passion I invite you to remember and reflect with Me on those teachings. Remember that I will speak to you about them only a few more times. You do not know what comes after, but you must prepare yourselves to receive the new revelations I will give you.

When those days of remembrance have come for you, and you are at peace in your spirit and want to please your Lord, do works of mercy on the needy, forgive your enemies and have "unpaid accounts" with no one; for if, in the moments when I speak My seven words (on the cross), you had remorse in your spirit - how bitter and painful would those words fall into your heart! For your conscience will then tell you that - when I asked you for water to quench my thirst - you gave me bile and vinegar to drink.

61 Pray, for you live in times of temptations and seductions and do not know whether those who are at peace at this moment are not within a few moments at war or blaspheming God. Always keep in mind what I am telling you today so that you are always ready in vigilance and prayer.

62 See how My divine essence is able to come to you through the lips of a sinner is this not a miracle of power and love? It happens because I am He who causes water to burst forth from the rock and light from darkness.

63 Through humble mediators I have spoken to the "least"; for if the masters of the world had communicated this message to mankind - verily, I tell you, you would have remained without the knowledge of your gifts and without ministries to be fulfilled You would not have eaten of this banquet and would have been content to watch the feast from afar. Through these organs of understanding (the voice-bearers), however, untouched by theories, sciences, and religious prejudices, I have made a call to all mankind, without preferring anyone because of his social class, nationality, religion, or language.

64 My Voice comes from the Kingdom of the Spirit, where I am King, from that Paradise where you will all be with your Lord, when, like Dimas, from your cross, humbly and full of faith, you say to Me, "Lord, remember Me when you are in your kingdom. Your cross is that which I entrusted to you when I gave you this task: to teach, to heal the sick, to console, to make My divine messages known to mankind. This mission is difficult because it involves responsibility, because it is delicate, because it is noisy, and in carrying it out the mockeries of the unbelievers, the slanderers and the mockers descend upon you who did not want to find the truth in My teaching.

65 In the same way Jesus went on the way of suffering and endured the burden of the cross, which was incomparably less than the ingratitude of those crowds of people.

66 Here is the Master who reminds His children of deeds of former times and relates them to works of the present so that you may better understand My teachings. I want this teaching to spread throughout the world, to enlighten mankind, so that they may awaken to a life they did not know and set out to make one home in the world, one family. This will be the true people of Israel, the people of God, in which differences of ancestry, social classes and tribes will disappear, because they will all be branches that come from one single tribe, where all fulfill My Law that tells you: "Love one another.

67 You who have taken this cross on your shoulders - recognize the responsibility you have to show mankind the truth of My rallies and My wonders Therefore I demand from you nobility of mind and perfect knowledge of who you are in relation to God and mankind, and for this I give you My teaching of spiritualization.

68 Prepare yourselves in this way, and you will be the good soldiers of this battle, the true Israelites according to the Spirit, the faithful disciples. Spare no effort to prove the truth of this Word. Do not forget that Christ, in order to bear witness to the truth He preached, allowed His body to be destroyed. Why should He defend the life of that body when He had said before that His Kingdom is not of this world? - Likewise, you too - think that in order to attain eternal life, which awaits your Spirit, many ambitious goals can be sacrificed to Him.

69 If you want to remove from your brother the dark stains that he carries in his soul, you must first become spotless yourselves; if you want to obtain forgiveness, you must first forgive.

70 How beautiful it will be for your soul when its last moment on earth has come, and the Spirit, filled with peace, can thus speak to the Father, "Lord, all things are accomplished!

My peace be with you!

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