BTL - Volume III - Teaching 66

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Teaching 66:

1 You have heard the call of the bell and have awakened. the bell has been My Voice which you have received through the organ of man's mind and what has awakened was your spirit Do not sink again into apathy, beloved people, for you live in a time of struggle. Since you have already begun to sow, I do not want you to abandon your fields, nor do I want you to lose the place you occupy on my goods, and to reach it has cost you so much pain.

2 Let your spirit assert its will against what your mind and soul thinks, for it is he who truly gives account of the task that weighs on the soul Remember: If, instead of following the instructions of the Spirit, you tend to obey the impulses of the flesh, you will soon return to the way of unfruitful struggle, to the world of frivolity and vanity, where your soul will feel empty and sad.

3 Come to My lands and remain on them. In their fields there is room for all, in My granary there is seed in abundance, and in My love there is water of life so that you may tend the divine seed.

4 I, the Universal Seeder, will teach you all that you need to know My love and My patience will accompany each one of My teachings so that they remain imprinted on your soul. Therefore, if you consider it necessary to sow, remember that your heart has become a stronghold of My Word and turn to it in desire for My seed of love for your brothers.

5 Take your time now in listening to My Word so that you may let it penetrate to where it must reach, and when the moment comes to sow, the day's work begins with a careful step so that you do not tire prematurely and you quickly rise again when you fall

6 Do not dwell on the surface of the word, for then you will not come to perceive its essence and sink into its infinite light.

7 Do not become fanatical and do not fall into idolatry by loving things to which your brothers have given some divine symbolism. Remember that if you want to be the disciples of a profoundly spiritual teaching, you must fight to remove from your hearts that sensual worship of God that has nourished humanity for centuries. But do so with total determination, disciples, if you are truly convinced of the step you want to take. It must not happen that you preach one day that your fellow men are to turn away from idolatry and religious fanaticism, and then suddenly, in a trial that approaches you, you fall on your knees before an idol.

8 Do you understand why I tell you all the time that you are to fathom my word and study it? Because only in this way the light of conviction can penetrate your being. Then certainly a complete transformation of your way of feeling, thinking and acting will take place.

9 When you observe the development of my manifestations through the human organ of the intellect, you will come to the conclusion that the advancement in my teachings has been achieved with deliberate but firm and sure steps, which I recommend you to imitate.

10 Know that in earlier years I did not speak to you with the clarity with which I do now. I was patient and indulgent; I also allowed some outward cult acts because it was not yet the right time to separate the wheat from the chaff, that is, the spiritual content of my teaching from the unnecessary cult forms. I saw that your faith was not strong enough to hear certain revelations. Now, however, as the light of my teachings gradually penetrates the souls of some of my disciples, I can speak clearly to you.

11 I know that not all are at present grasping the meaning of spiritualization, and not all are satisfied with the idea of being nourished only by the essence and having to renounce rites, symbols and outward rituals in which many hearts take such great pleasure. But it will be enough for me that a group of disciples will have understood the meaning of spiritualization when I finish my word among this people; because this group will be regarded as the first fruit that my word, announced through the organ of man's intellect, produced. to help you to understand My Teaching, I continue to give you My Teachings, I bless you and tell you: be welcome, My children, feel the warmth of My Spirit, feel My Presence and remember that time when you surrounded Me to listen to My divine words - when you followed Me on the paths to see Me perform miracles, while some did not miss a syllable from Me to find out if what I said was true or not Some of you, like others, heard a harmonious voice that spoke incessantly of love, forgiveness and mercy. It was a light that had never shone before men. This word opened a new time for the people of Israel and for all mankind.

12 Many of those who heard Me in Jesus came to earth at this time and heard Me once again. Although they believed that they had fulfilled their destiny on this planet and had taken the Promised Land, the soul has returned to try to take just one step forward on the path to its spiritual perfection.

13 Development is necessary so that the soul is enlightened by My wisdom. Today you hear anew the voice that speaks to you of love. To the new disciples and to all men I say: Love your brothers, ask Me for your neighbor, and I will grant you miracles. Do not be afraid to openly confess before the world the mission that your spirit brings. Verily, I say to you, you will not be able to hide your spiritual gifts, and sooner or later they will reveal themselves.

14 How difficult it seems to you to find a way to fulfill your mission in this time. But I tell you that it is not difficult because mankind is prepared to receive my message.

15 At all times the weak have been despondent in the face of battle, while the strong have shown that faith in My Law overcomes everything Your destiny, Israel, has been to announce to the world ever new messages and revelations, which is why you sometimes doubt whether you will find faith. But do not worry, take the seed I have entrusted to you and sow it. You will already see how many of the fields, which you thought to be barren, you will find fertile when they are made fruitful with the truth of my word.

16 Do not fail to fulfil your task because you feel unworthy. Verily, I tell you, whoever has a mission and fails to carry it out acts as wickedly as he who knowingly defiles the law.

17 Do not forget that the Father will demand an account from you in the end, both for what you have done evil and for what you have failed to do. Know that both the one and the other transgression will cause suffering to your soul. Spread My Teaching, speak to men of My Word, convince them with your works of love, invite them to hear Me, and when they come with the crowds and the light of faith is kindled in their hearts, I will call them children of the New People of Israel.

18 You will no longer be able to stray from the way. I have given you the light that you may fathom it, and have opened your eyes that you may enter even into the hereafter. The use you make of your gifts shall always be good, so that the consequences are pleasing to your heart and pleasing to the Father.

19 Understand that I have come to teach you a perfect teaching. You have heard through My voice bearers in different places and in different regions that My word will not be heard after 1950. Already today I tell you: how many of those who today listen to My Word with apparent reverence will ignore it when that time has come; how many who now say to Me, "Lord, I will not part from this way" will subsequently seek Me in churches, in synagogues, on altars and in effigies and will not find Me!

20 Remember that I do not seek to surprise you by withdrawing My Word unexpectedly, but that I announce it to you long before and in many ways so that you may understand that you must use these short periods of time and these lessons to avoid later falling into error and committing profanations How many of those who today call themselves My disciples, My workers, will betray Me in that hour!

21 The time when you will no longer hear Me through the voice of the voice bearer is fixed. but I have promised those who prepare themselves that afterwards they will hear the sound of My Word in the sanctuary of their heart

22 My righteousness will cut off all weeds by their roots and it is My Will that in that hour My Sickle will meet you as wheat and not as weeds - I speak in your language and with full clarity so that you will not say tomorrow that I spoke to you figuratively and therefore you did not understand Me.

23 These meeting places will continue to be ready for your gatherings and to receive the new crowds of people. Spiritual watchmen will protect them.

24 I am speaking to you about a decisive step you are going to take, a time of trial approaching, but I do not see your heart trembling. how much you have become accustomed to My Word! But it will come to an end and you have not appreciated the treasure you possessed!

25 I have told you on many occasions that I will not be defiled by uselessness or evil; therefore you must understand that I will not be involved in your unfairness and profanations.

26  Some have changed when they heard My teaching; but see what their change is: they came humbled, weeping and contrite, without any good But afterward, when they received their spiritual inheritance, they proudly lifted up their faces, feeling themselves lords and even kings, and in their pride they wanted to go beyond the Father's will. Do you know where vanity and pride go? In the very bowels of the earth. - And the disobedience, the contempt and the insults? In your soul, as soon as it stripped off its body shell. - You are atoms that live through My divine mercy, without which you would no longer exist!

27 If anyone in his vanity believes that he can fully grasp My Work with his intellect and understand everything, it is because he understands nothing On the other hand, he who delves into My wisdom and My greatness to such a degree that he says, I know nothing and am nothing before the Lord, is in the process of understanding.

28 If this people, who took such delight in My word in these times, does not work on itself, if it does not bow its unruly mind to My teachings, it will have to shed many tears afterwards.

29 Would you like to know what My desire is? that on earth you may humbly fulfil My Commandments so that your soul, having become pure and luminous through the fulfilment of its mission, may rise very high after the completion of its mission, until it reaches those blessed homes reserved for the obedient children of the Lord

30 At My table there is a prepared place for each of you and also a meal. Once you have eaten and drunk at My table, you will never again be hungry or thirsty. You will no longer seek Me in churches and on man-made altars because you recognize that you carry Me in the inner sanctuary of your soul.

31 I had prepared everything for the time when you would come to My Word, for I am watching over all. ah, if only you had lived in expectation of Mine, how great would your progress have been! But now you are with me and hear my teachings.

32 Men, do not fear the trials of life and do not let yourselves be weighed down by the burden of your guilt Give the spirit time and strength for the fulfillment of your spiritual task, then you will always progress upwards on your path of development.

33 You women, do not weep only because of your loved ones. Remember that your heart should feel the pain of humanity. Forgive your brothers and sisters so that your heart may be pure and give shelter to charity.

34 Do you think that I would have come to you if I had not forgiven you before and if there was no mercy in my spirit?

35 I want you to do this to your brothers. But do not be afraid to bring them the good news, do not doubt your spiritual gifts, nor distrust the success of your works of love for them, for lack of faith would cause you to fail, your word would not convince, nor would your works have a firm foundation.

36 O mankind, blessed creation, if ye knew how your Father loves you! You go astray, and I come to seek you. Whenever you seek Me, I open the gates of salvation to you; you call for Me and I answer you instantly. But you do not feel me, you do not hear me and do not see me because you are not (spiritually) awakened.

37 In this time I am preparing this people for Me, so that out of it the one hundred and forty-four thousand may come forth, who must bring My message to mankind

38 Beloved people, expect the earthly afflictions with composure and see in every trial a stage which brings you closer to the homes, which - although unknown to you - are divined and longed for by your soul.

39 It is I, the Lord, who speak to you. Marvel not that I make Myself known to you, for this I have done since I created the first man. Think a little, turn your thoughts to the past, check the writing of history, and you will discover that I have made myself known to mankind at every turn.

40 To the children who listen to Me I say: bless you who came to earth in the time of the Holy Spirit, because your gifts will find a favorable field of activity to be revealed. But listen to me, do not let yourselves be led by the bad examples of your ancestors. Consider that the blood of the Lamb, having become light, has descended upon your soul to show it the path on which it must ascend in obedience and love to reach me. Be welcome - you who come here in the desire for your inheritance, for which they have waited a long time.

41 It is joy in the Father's Spirit when you are no longer needy; but I do not fix a price for what I give you I give you My merciful love without imposing conditions on you, while you, on the other hand, place such conditions on Me to love Me, and this when I grant you what you ask Me for. - In this teaching you are to learn how to ask, receive, and give. Learn also to wait for the hour when it is My will to give you what is most beneficial to your soul. Do not despair, do not blaspheme, do not lack faith; remember that I love you, that I am just with you. - To those who serve me in this work I say: seek no reward or compensation. Do the work of love and go forward. All that you do in My name you will see realized, and in it you will have the best reward.

42 Many are surprised when they hear my word through human mediation, and ask themselves, "What is pleasing in us, mortals, that God Himself deigns to speak to us? But the Master answers you: I do not find pleasing in you, but I do find a privilege in you, that you possess spirit. And if I speak to you through the mind and mouth of a man, it is because he has life, in contrast to your idols through which you have worshiped me. In past times I did not manifest myself in this form because your spirit and your mind were not sufficiently prepared and developed to receive me. Today I have found you sufficiently qualified to reveal Me through your mediation. It was no longer necessary for The Word to become man to speak to you. The Holy Spirit had reserved this gift for you.

43 I am above times, above all created things; My Divine Spirit is not subject to development. I am eternal and perfect, not like you who have a beginning, who are subject to laws of development and also feel above your being the passing of times. Therefore do not say that the Father belongs to one age, Christ to another, and the Holy Spirit to another. For the Father is eternal and belongs to no age, but the times are His, and Christ, when he had disappeared as man, is God Himself, as is the Holy Spirit, who is no other than your Father Self, who prepares His highest form of revelation among you, that is, without the help of any material mediator.

44 When you experience that I make myself known through the human organ of the intellect, take this form only as a preparation so that tomorrow you may unite with your Father in perfection from spirit to spirit. - preparation I have called the present form of union, but that is why I have not ceased to reveal my glory through it, nor have I ceased to reveal perfect teachings to you.

45 You must not see different Deities where only One exists, which had to show itself in different phases of revelation, according to the spiritual progress which mankind is gradually achieving

46 Jesus then gave you a perfect revelation from the first to the last moment of His way in this world. Nevertheless, He explained to you: "I do not tell you everything because you would not understand it". But immediately afterwards He said: "I will send you the Spirit of Truth, who will reveal all things to you. Thus I made you understand that for those who could not then understand My revelations, the time would come when, through the development of their spirit and its exaltation, they would understand these revelations on the basis of My Word of the Third Age.

47 Today you are in the epoch where the Lord comes in spirit to reveal to you new teachings of His hidden wisdom This time has hardly dawned, and you cannot imagine what it holds in store for the spirit of men - the steps that men take on this path, not even the new revelations that are meant for you. The time of material miracles, as you understand them, is over. Today your spirit is stunned with admiration and love in the face of my new works and revelations. In the past you believed only because the impossible had been made possible - in the face of a material miracle. Today you are to believe in your spirit because of the divine essence of my revelations. Do you long for the miracles of times past, such as the rock from which water gushed when it was struck, or the manna that saved the crowds from dying of hunger in the desert? Remember Christ, how He restored sight to the blind, cleansed the lepers, and made it possible for the lame to walk, only commanding that it should happen? Do you remember the dead whom He raised by saying only to them, "Arise! Verily, I tell you, all these miracles will come again, but you will see them come true in another way, and verily, how many of them am I doing among you at this time!

48 In the course of time I have drawn nearer and nearer to you until I became man to dwell among men. Now you are beginning your ascent and will approach Me more and more. Which of you will at least understand these teachings when the year 1950 comes?

49 The ladder of Jacob is before you, it is the one the Patriarch saw in a dream, it is the way your soul will go to reach the Lord - you know many and new teachings, but this should not be an occasion for you to mock those who in their ignorance seek Me with idolatrous cults Do you know, for example, whether those - although they know less - do not love Me more than you do? The ladder, of which I speak to you, is the way on which irrevocably all must come to me.

50 People, the nations are at war. Pray, and do not judge them. Do not hope for the victory of some and the destruction of others, for all are in a severe test.

51 My love and My grace are with you. This is the third time in which your spirit is lifted up anew in the desire for the light. In spite of the past times and even in the midst of the chaos that reigns on your world, you were able to set out to seek Me. Who could prevent the unfolding of the gifts he carries in his spirit?

52 Let My Word penetrate your heart so that it may later reach all men when you notice that My voicebearers have not reached perfection, understand that even the simplest teaching or the simplest doctrine I am teaching you through them contains divine essence Encourage those hearts by your faith and trust, and indeed, I tell you, you shall reap perfect fruits.

53 If this nation lives practicing My teaching of spiritualization, you will see a great number of foreigners coming to see this land as the land of promise, and when they are in its womb and see how this people live and worship God, they will know that in your heart lives the peace and light of the Lord, but that the New Jerusalem is beyond this world Make sure that your works do not blur the path that can lead them to the longed-for goal, which is My Kingdom. Let it be love, good will, brotherhood, with which you receive your brethren; that then there be no aversion or resentment against any brother from other races or peoples! Love and forgive, for with this you will ignite in their hearts the hope of My divine forgiveness.

54 Teach repentance, repentance, renewal, patience in trials and in atonements, and you will thereby destroy the superstitious fear of hell as you have imagined it, and will instead build a sanctuary for My Divinity and give shape to a more perfect conception of My divine Justice in you

55 Since it was I who taught you to love one another and to forgive whoever offends you, I also gave you proofs of this with My Works - I speak to you of heavenly manifestations, but I do it in the image so that you may better understand Me. I cannot reveal to you the whole spiritual life because your intellect would not yet be able to grasp it. It is better that I show you step by step the way that leads to the summit, and when you think it least, you will see yourselves in my presence.

56 I have announced to you times of affliction and pain. But fear not, for when you enter them prepared, you will be amazed at the miracles I have prepared for you in those days. Then the unbelievers will believe.

57 All that I have revealed to you in these times is for you to make it known to mankind. This is your task, which you are to fulfill so that you may ascend further in the hereafter.

58 Disciples, truly, I tell you, if I have made myself known among you in these times, it was not because men have called me. I have sought you out because this is my

will has been, and with it I have fulfilled a promise. The forces of nature testified to my renewed presence, and some hearts felt it. It was not the bells that announced Me! How much men will have to purify themselves so that they can perceive my presence!

59 If the world had kept My word, it would not be necessary for the eyes of men to shed tears to see Me.

60 I show you again the leaf of the law. It is the beginning and the end of the book which I am currently revealing to you so that you may remain prepared in the time after my parting.

61 Today it is a small crowd that surrounds me, but tomorrow it will be immeasurable crowds of people who will gather around me. Among them will be the Pharisees, who will come and seek errors in my teaching to stir up the opinion of the great masses against my work. They do not know that - before they still investigate my work - they themselves will be seen through.

62 Your task will then only be to remain calm and calm and to show the moral power of my teaching in your works. If you behave like this in the trials, even the most ingrained persecutors will confess that you have indeed heard Me. - I come to pour out knowledge upon you, for only with wisdom will you be near the Father.

63 I am giving you My Word with the same spiritual content with which I spoke to you in the Second Time and have reminded you of many of My teachings which you had forgotten or from which you turned away because of mistaken interpretations of your ancestors.

64 You have violated My teaching so much that I can tell you You have created a way which is completely different from Mine, but to which you have given the same name. No one but I could free you from your error - with words of life, love and truth.

65 Fathom and therefore understand my word now, where you listen to me, then light will be in you. This is the time in which I tell you with full clarity that the re-embodiment of the soul is fact, that it exists as light of divine justice and love from the beginning of mankind, without which you could not make progress on the long way of perfection of the soul. - It is I who have told you that you belong to the spiritual generation of Abraham, that you belong to the group of mankind, which sinks deeply in one epoch of time to then rise again in another at the call of the voice of some of my messengers, to then fall again and rise anew as in the present.

You have reached the sixth seal, but I see a heavy burden of transgressions on you as (adhering) dirt from mankind. But you rise above sins with the spiritual ability to understand me and to feel me, and with the resolution to follow me without wavering until the final goal.

66 If you have faith, listen to the voice of your conscience, and it will then appear clearer to you; when you hear this word here, remember your past so that you may judge your life, your love, and your merits. Conscience will tell you whether you have dedicated yourselves to the fulfillment of your mission or not. But do not be afraid, for there are no righteous on earth of whom you could be ashamed. The only righteous one is I, and I judge you with love.

67 Because of your sins and your insignificance among this mankind, I have called you scum; but I have also told you that I will make use of this "scum" to present him as an example after I have purified him

68 Form a community in which you faithfully obey the law of God and the laws of man, in which there is morality and upward development of the soul. Verily, I say to you: I see that in this time man and woman have strayed from their ways.

69 I discover men who do not fulfill their duties, women who avoid motherhood, and others who penetrate into the realms destined for man, although you were told in ancient times that man is the head of woman. The woman should not feel set back because of this; for now I tell you that the woman is the heart of the man. Behold, therefore I have instituted and sanctified marriage; for in the union of these two beings, who are spiritually equal but physically different, there exists the perfect state.

70 Who doubts that I am speaking to the world at this time, just because his sin makes him unworthy of Me? What would be laudable about me if I were only there where there are only righteous, where there is neither pain nor ignorance? If the father encourages the children to acquire merits so that they may obtain his grace through them, the father too acquires merits for his children in order to have the right to be loved. I still see you as little children whom I come to help to pull them out of the mire, to bring them to the well and wash them in it, to clothe you afterwards with the garment of virtue.

My peace be with you!

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