Germany’s Role in the book of True Life

Introduction to Volume III - Book of True Life
Comments of the translators:
The now present 3rd volume of the series "Book of the True Life "I would like to introduce in a few words, which pays special attention to the Christ in His teachings he gave to the German listeners, since they were supported by the terrible war events in their homeland they were very depressed.
As I mentioned in the "Introduction" to Volume II,we were a group of Germans in a number of sometimes up to 20 people at the Sunday morning lessons of the Divine Master, in the midst of the Mexican community. We were known and respected as the "Foreigners". Especially between the years 1942 to 1945, when the World War II raged with its atrocities, we Germans In the Mexican community, found security and comfort in the Words of Christ. For all of us had a heavy burden on the war, and the bitter lot of our distant home hurts us.
Only God knows how many tears have shed and how many serious prayers rose to Him. In these years it happened on different occasions, but always unexpectedly, the Lord directs himself in the course of His instruction turned to the Germans present to.
He consoled and exhorted us not to stop in prayer and perseverence, for when His hour has come He will end war, and then ─ earlier and faster than the People expected ─ the rebuilding of our homeland will take place. But at the same time He also exhorted not to be haughty again on own ways to go, but to put our will under his own, because we still will have great tasks to fulfill in His work.
He also demanded the attentively listening Mexican Congregation not to stand up as a judge because of the backgrounds of the war they understand nothing. These words were balm for our wounds, because as Germans we suffered under the worldwide accusation, the main responsible of the war to be. It has its deep meaning in Mexican Communities of spiritual teaching that almost only Germans as foreign Listeners were there. The reason is that according to the statement of the Divine Master a great "seed of Israel" in the German people is present, i. that these human souls in the world long ago were incarnated by the Jewish people. Only God knows these beings who in all peoples and religions are scattered, and in this third Periode He spiritually gathers them and forms His spiritual Israel with them.
The following is to address Christs speach to the Germans during the instruction on May 6, 1945 shall now be brought the interest to another circle of readers.
Walter Maier
Words of the Divine Master to the group of German Listeners during the instruction of May 6, 1945
Blessings, My beloved children,  I call you welcome. Behold, blessed people of Israel, in your midst these are my beloved children. I want them to find at your breast the warmth of My Spirit, the respect and brotherly love. I want you to nestle them close, very close to your heart. Considering that I give them a big job entrusted. Have mercy on them, as I have been merciful with you. Do not be a judge, blessed people, because truly, I say to you: You do not know anything about what's going on in the world right now, only I know it; because you see and judge things according to yours Intellectual faculty. But behind all events is My hand, is my righteousness, are my divine counsels of beginning of eternity, which has no beginning. So what can you judge fairly, and what can you already know? In the lap of this (German) people, there are many seeds of Israel, a large sowing of Juda, the tribe that in the first time resorted to arms for a path to defeat the people of Israel to open the way to Canaan. Now it took to arms to face paving the way for the world.
But I struck it down,have stopped it and told him: Not because you carry the sword of Juda, may you play yourself in the world as an arrogant. Refrain and wait, for I will keep you, you always believed in me, and raise you up. I will give you your bread, your home. I will make you equal to other peoples, and these same like you. Nobody will be worthless, nobody will be worth more. The time will come, and the last will be the first again because of his humility. That's why I'm telling you just listen to My Word, find out and leave your lips silent. But you, my beloved children (meant are the German listeners), come to your Savior, not to your judge.
Your prayer is like a burnt offering, like a fragrant Essence ascended to the height of my throne. Day by day and night after night your spirit is like a guardian of your people, yours nation. Oh, if only my people Israel from this nation (Mexico) how you would fulfill their spiritual duty ─ how far it could already be advanced! But do not be vain,continue to fulfill your task and have the zeal in the future that love and respect among each other, because you do not know the hour when my hand sends you out. I will then lead the way to prepare you, and you will move forward. I once entrusted you to Jose (leader of the Community), and once again I command you to him. Why? To make you messengers of My Trinitarian-Marian Spiritual Works prepared in this third time which in this Mexican nation has appeared, and so he is with you the mark, with this work, with this love, with this send zeal and with this law, and with it, if you are indistant nations, you are in with my son Jose whom you can connect, and he joyfully the sounding bell of your heart strikes and Hosianna sings because of the seed seeded into a foreign land and the moment comes, at which my word is proclaimed in that country. When will this moment come? When you have made a good step forward and have received my instructions.
Remain always connected with my people (meant at first the Community in Mexico), preserve gentleness and humility. In this moment I let you once again feel the warmth of my lap. Stay healthy and well. Do not be scared, by you thousands upon thousands will receive My blessing,not just from your nation. Ask me not only for them, ask Me for all. At that moment, I grant to your spirit a higher level of development, and I raise the spirit of yours Guardian angels in a higher spiritual sphere, those spirits full of power, that I have prepared for you. Those protectors will continue to be with you, here and in that nation.
Do not worry, My children, only the bad and the weeds will be ripped out. I will spare the wheat, I will keep the good plants and theirs I serve myself and they will bear fruit. When? If you are so far as to look after them, for this is My will. Take My strength, receive My peace and wait out in waking and praying. Stay with my son Jose united, so that you ─ when the moment has come ─ under His order you fully obedient fulfill your task according to My will.
What do you ask Me for those places (in your homeland)? Yes it is in truth the same thing you've asked me so many times before: Peace, forgiveness, healing balm and justice, and truly I say to you: I who am the Divine Justice who is love, balm, the perfect ear, I near Me in this moment to men, hold on to them and cover it with my hand, pull  them on my lap and let blood flow from my side,which is balm to cure many sick people.
Spirits who look at these intercessors from the afterlife ─ See how much you have achieved and still achieve. Receive the light, O spiritual world, I remove the shadows, the chains and the blood. I pervade you with peace in My name, the I AM the father, son and Holy Spirit.
Go on with guarding, My beloved children, wait in suffering, in the end you will be full of jubilation. You will be again crying to come to Me but then I will tell you banish the grief from your heart and realize that I am the one be alive and put you in the (real) life, because this is my will. Get up, take the cross on you and follow Me, My beloved children.

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