Son of Perdition

Anna Maria woke up at about 4 am this morning and hears the following words from Jesus:"President Trump and the elders will soon be led away, and the son of perdition will be his successor."  (see Antichrist) 
Obama ritual speech Inauguration: 'Yes we can' means 'I serve Satan' 
"The asteroid will strike, there will be a big quake and a tsunami. There will be no electricity and it will be dark for three days. The water will be contaminated. " 
"Ohio" - The Ohio Delta in the north at the foot of the Great Lakes - from here the enemy could invade with underseaboats?!
Annotation:Yesterday, Anna Maria felt compelled to create a new page on Wordpress, but she wavered and thought I already have two pages, that's enough. In the evening, she nevertheless went to the design, but broke off the process. That night, the urge was so great to set up this page that she sat down at the PC again and even bought the site and started setting it up, thinking it would be better to interact with the  444Prophecy channel.But the internal resistance also grew and when she was finished and had just laid herself down, she stood up and put out all the data including address, phone and when she saw that there were already 6 visitors on her side, although she had not yet posted anything, she had wondered and saw that they were visitors from CHINA. Was she hypnotized with rays to put her time in this matter so that she was no longer available to the Lord Jesus Christ, who had an urgent message for her? Did the beast want to get close to her that way?
Jesus: "Shiveluch / Kamchatka" 
"Sakurajima / Kiushu (Japan) 
and dangerous outbreaks St. Mt. Helen in California 
In Chile yesterday 4 quakes of magnitude 5+ 
Jesus continues:"Jordan! The altar is consecrated " (The altar of the third temple is inaugurated for the son of perdition. Jordanian war against Israel ??)
(The civil war danger, German-French army just established, yellow west protesters, Muslim underground movement)
 "Australia" (Maybe a fold where the hurricanes are blooming) 
Jesus shows Anna Maria a vision: 
She sees the beast in the shape of an upright monster like a bear that weighs and shakes and rears its whole strength and makes dangerous sounds with its mouth and rushes at her. However, she remains calm and commands and sees how the monster ends up in the lake of fire. 
Jesus: "You understand what I want. In connection with my word you are invincible. Hold on." 
Jesus: "Begley. Watching." 
Anna Maria is to follow the messages of the channel of Paul BegleyProphecie. 
Then, because of a sin of her with her tongue, Jesus says:
 "You go. Capitol." (Anna Maria lives in a big city) 
"2 ½ days point of no return. Hide. Decade" 
Does Jesus mean with "Decade" that the events unfold in a few days ??

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