BTL - Volume 3 - Teaching 62

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Book of True Life - Volume 3

Teaching 62:

1 Beloved disciples, I come to confirm to you that all that I have told you in past times is now coming true. In the same way what I have foretold you in this epoch through the organ of man's intellect will come true. This is the reason why faith has revived in these multitudes of people who came to investigate My Word in the beginning, to see if it is true that the Divine Master gave His love teachings to His children, and who subsequently devoted themselves to study and investigation (teachings) to bring this teaching immediately to mankind.

2 You are beginning to love all that is worthy of your purified heart and mind, and imperceptibly you are ceasing to love all that you once sought in the world. - Thus speaks the Spirit of Truth to you in this time, in which he makes his word known through uneducated, simple, and sinful creatures. You have set up small and poor places of assembly in the remotest corners of towns and villages, and in them the people have gathered eager to hear My teaching.

3 At one time the people heard Jesus speaking in the villages, on the banks of the rivers and in the open fields, until the moment came when My Work was to be completed and I entered Jerusalem, the city whose name is forever linked to that of the Master But that people did not let me go any more - not because they loved Me, but because they were to kill Him who brought them the message of a higher teaching than that which they had received from their Lord until then.

4 Now Christ says to you, I am the gate of the New Jerusalem. Blessed are all those who enter the light and holy city through it, for they will not depart from it either - but not because they meet death, on the contrary, there they will find eternal life.

5 While your bodies will be lowered into the earth, in whose bosom they will be mixed with it to make it fertile - for still after death they will continue to be power and life - your spirit, which is above your being, will not remain in the earth, but it will go with the soul to show itself to it as a book, whose deep and wise teachings are studied by the soul. There your soul's eyes will open to the truth, and in a moment you will know how to interpret that which you have not been able to comprehend in a lifetime. There you will understand what it means to be a child of God and a brother of your neighbor. There you will see the

Understand the value of all that you have possessed, you will feel regret and remorse for the mistakes you have made, for the time you have lost, and the most beautiful resolutions for correction and reparation will be born in you.

6 It was necessary that I came to you at this time with a detailed and complete instruction to clear up secrets and eliminate ignorance, so that you might know all the gifts your Father has endowed you with Without this knowledge and without this development, you could not have come closer to Me and you would always be cruising around in your sea of uncertainties.

7 You could not use the spiritual gifts and powers which you possess because of your ignorance. But when they were revealed to any of my children in a spontaneous and natural way, there was always someone on hand to declare him abnormal or to accuse him of occult and unnatural powers.

8 Poor humanity, which - although it has the true God as God - does not know Him nor understand Him, just as it has not been able to recognize itself, because of its religious fanaticism it wears a dark band before its eyes - as a result of that impure and imperfect worship of God, which has always been an obstacle to its spiritual ascent and development. But I, who am the true and only shepherd of souls, who is able to lead them into the homeland, which my mercy has planned for them - I follow the strayed sheep to bring them on the way of light, which leads to the heavenly enclosure.

9 This is why I am showing you a new page of the Book of True Life

10 I will not take anything from you; on the contrary, I leave everything to you. It is not yet time for Me to come for the harvest.

11 I am teaching you with My divine teachings to till the land, and when you have progressed in the study and knowledge of My Law, you are to make it known to your brothers, together with the testimony of your works of love and mercy I will follow your steps from eternity and guard your seed. When the right time has come, you will give Me your harvest.

12 You live in a time of trials. Not one hour of the day passes in which you are not under any test. Under the burden of these, the man of the world blasphemes, and the surprised disciple asks himself: "Why do I feel oppressed by the burden of trials, though I follow the Master's trail? - But the Master answers you: He who follows me will bear a cross, and the more conscientiously he keeps to me and emulates me, the more bitter will be his cup. For what would you be without trials? When would you come to me?

13 The blessedness of the Spirit is for those who bear on their shoulder the burden of their cross and have a look of forgiveness for those who offend them, a word of comfort for the suffering, and a hand that blesses all who cross their path

14 Grace will be given to those who are able to lift themselves up with surrender in the painful way of their lives when they fall, and who, without throwing away the cross of their mission, will reach the top of the mountain with it. For these will have followed their master in their life and will be with him in his kingdom.

15 Do not believe that Christ, because He was God made man, bled and died without feeling pain in His agony. Truly I tell you, Christ's pain was real, and there was no pain before or after that equal to it. It was in His flesh that the pain was so great that it cried out, "My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken Me!

16 The cup of suffering will also be given to you. Do not reject it, for never will a trial be sent to you that is beyond your strength.

17 I awaken you with My Light and in the same way I will awaken the denominations with the truth of this Word.

18 My merciful love has illuminated all spirits in this time, and in them questions and troubles have arisen. Men and women are rising up in search of light because they feel like shipwrecked in the midst of a storm.

19 All - from the scientists who have lost their way in the sea of life to those whose minds are untrained - all feel the coming of the New Age. How many of those people, when they seek Me, will come upon you to ask you about what the Master taught you! Not all will come meekly, some will demand proofs to believe, and others will threaten you! This is the time for which you must be prepared, this will be the opportunity to earn merits before your Lord.

20 You shall speak as I have taught you. From your lips shall not come melodious words without salary, as men use them. Let only humble, plain and sincere words come out of your mouth, then these will move the whole heart of him who receives them. - Also make yourselves worthy that I reveal to you the secrets, which await the moment to come to light in my hidden chamber of the heart. Encourage yourselves in me, do not give way to anything.

It is not my will that men close your mouth by spreading fear and bring my people to silence.

21 Give the trials you have suffered the right value so that you will not fear those who are yet to come You have defeated Pharaoh, have gone beyond the idols you used to worship as if they were your God. You have forgotten the traditions and kept the law, and you have rejected religious fanaticism. But in this struggle your spirit was hardened.

22 Do not attach more importance to your body than it really has, nor allow it to take the place that belongs only to your spirit.

23 Understand that the shell of your body is only the tool you need for the spirit to manifest itself on earth.

24 You are to go to work humbly clothed with humility in the fulfillment of your task, then you will be surprised to see how a mysterious power provides and prepares everything in your way. If you place the seed of My teaching in any heart, you will discover in the same way that before you come to it, it was already made aware and receptive to it, and therefore it was able to receive the seed in its heart.

25 Do not despair in the face of the barrenness of the fields at this time. Do not lose heart when, while sowing a seed, you discover that there are only stones under the earth's crust. Fight against the stones yourselves! I will give you the tools to do so. Have faith, and I promise you to make myself known where you need me.

26 Watch, because men will prepare themselves and unite into large and powerful groups without knowing why they do it. But you know that they are in search of my third revelation, in search of him who promised to come back to them. They will search for light in the past testaments, hoping to find a word that will confirm their conviction that this is the time of My return as Holy Spirit.

27 People question Me and say to Me, "Lord, if You exist, why do You not reveal Yourself among us, although at other times You came down to our earthly world? Why do you not come today? Is our godlessness now so great that it prevents You from coming to our aid? You have always sought the lost, the 'blind,' the 'leper,' and now the world is full of them. Do we no longer arouse Your compassion? - You said to your apostles that you would return to the people and that you would give signs of your coming, which we now believe to see. Why do you not show us your face?"

28 Behold, men wait for Me without feeling that I am among them. I am before their eyes and they do not see Me, I speak to them and they do not hear My voice, and when they finally see Me for a moment they deny Me. But I continue to give testimony of Me, and those who hope in Me, I will further expect.

29 But verily, the signs of My revelation in this time have been great, even the blood of men, shed in torrents and watering the earth, has indicated the time of My Presence among you as Holy Spirit

30 All was written in the Book of the Seven Seals, which is in God and whose existence was revealed to mankind through the apostle and prophet John The content of that book was revealed to you only by the Divine Lamb, for there was not a righteous Spirit, either on earth or in the heavens, who could explain to you the profound mysteries of the love, life and righteousness of God. But the Divine Lamb, who is Christ, broke the seals that closed the Book of Life to reveal its contents to His children. And now Elijah was sent as a representative of the Third Age and as a forerunner of My announcement among men to prepare your minds for the understanding of this revelation. It was He who set the first stone of the Temple of the Holy Spirit and who revealed to you that you are in the time of the Sixth Seal and that all who will hear and see these manifestations would be witnesses before mankind to whom they would have to hand over My truth, testifying with their works the reality of My manifestation.

31 The first organs of mind through which this light was manifested were prepared by My grace. But to be worthy of My manifestation they prayed and remained in faith, reverence and exaltation. Among them were My son Roque and My servant Damiana - voice bearers through whom first Elijah in him and then The Divine Word in her announced to mankind the coming of the Third Age. Through their mediation I began to call the children of Israel and to mark the chosen ones of each tribe.

32 Since then some of My children have tried to put out this light. but truly, I tell you, no one will be able to do this because the light of the Sixth Light comes from God Rather those who wanted to fight against this light have kindled its flame.

33 Study, then, My teaching and tell me whether all these prophecies could have been fulfilled in the bosom of any religious community.

34 With the word of love and life I have taught you a perfect worship of God and you have come to know a new union with your Father, preparing you for the perfect spirit to spirit union

35 The abilities which the Spirit possesses have been revealed to you, and you have understood that although you have an inheritance, you did not know it. I convinced you of My presence by granting you the benefits in your life's journey that only My mercy can accomplish, both in your physical health and in your moral health, for only the light of faith will let you reach the end of your spiritual path of reparation.

36 Today I receive from each of my children his offering and his request.

37 Shake off the tiredness from your soul and body, for you still have to walk and work. The time of pain has coincided with that of My coming so that you are not forsaken. What joy will be experienced by those who oppose the sufferings of life with the practice of My teaching!

38 In this time your heart will learn to beat in love for others, for you will know yourselves in truth as brothers in God The hand of him who loves will be strong to lift up the fallen. The rock that feels the touch of my mercy will let inexhaustible water spring forth.

39 Today the lips of the children of this people still remain closed and they do not proclaim to the world that Christ the Rabbi has returned But your dumbness must not last any longer, for otherwise you will weep over your disobedience tomorrow.

40 Truly believe that your works will continue as seeds for future generations, and that it was only because of this that you had to go through the crucible of suffering to purify yourselves and that you might understand the gifts I have given you Many of you had to wash yourselves in the waters of purification. The mind of the voice bearer was purified, the heart of the one who had to lead men, the hand of the one who was to heal the sick, the spiritual vision of those who were to enter the hereafter to prophesy.

41 The pain, the cup of bitterness and the trials of your life have hardened you to withstand the struggle that is approaching; for truly, I tell you, your faith, your spirituality and your patience will be put to the test by mankind This I say not only to those who are just listening to me, but to all those who still after the time of this demonstration set out and take up their cross to follow me.

42 Clothe yourselves with meekness, with mercy, with humility, so that you may be recognized as my disciples. If you really act as disciples of Jesus, even the Pharisees, when they approach you hidden under a mask to attack you, will become gentle lambs in the face of your example of wolves.

43 I will save you with My light. There is not one who could say today that he is already saved. verily, I tell you, if I were to offer you salvation in this time for a righteous man, you would be lost, for you could not present a righteous man to Me

44 Humanity is shipwrecked in the midst of a storm of sins and vices. Not only man, when he grows up, taints his soul by allowing the development of his passions; also the child in his tender childhood experiences the capsizing of the boat in which he is sailing. My word full of revelations rises in the midst of this humanity like a huge lighthouse, showing the true route to the shipwrecked and reviving hope in those who were close to losing faith.

45 It is written that "all eyes will see Me" because spiritually all will know My truth. The blind will open their eyes to the light and see Elijah, who leads great multitudes of people into my presence. The unbelieving world will see itself overwhelmed with this kind of testimonies, surprises and proofs, and while some will deny Me and hold up the (holy) Scriptures as proofs, others will rejoice because they see the hour of fulfillment of many prophecies coming, which I announced through the mouth of My prophets and through the mouth of Jesus.

46 Those who await My coming in the bosom of their churches do not even suspect in what way and where I manifest Myself, although My manifestation was felt through numerous events Like a lightning bolt that originates in the East and goes out in the West, so has been My coming. But the vibration and reflection of My Spirit has been transformed among you into man's word so that you may understand who He is who knocked at the door of men's hearts and why the signs were given.

47 I wanted to make myself known through unspoiled simple organs of understanding because they are free from prejudices, from twisted interpretations of My Law and are therefore the ones suited to transmit My Word in greatest purity This word will be passionately discussed by mankind, even if it wants to spread a veil of indifference over the same. Because it will be the only one in this time that will bring light into many secrets and many errors.

48 Verily, I tell you, after 1950, with My power and My righteousness, I will haunt all the ecclesiastical rituals celebrated in the world and if their clergy and pastors should not awaken at this wake-up call, I will speak to them by serving the infants Just as the nations have been afflicted by My righteousness, so will the various denominations be subjected to testing. Every crown, every scepter, every title and every hierarchy will be judged.

49 People, where do you keep the words and the teachings that I have brought you with so much love? remember that this word was the divine caress with which your Father woke you up in these times Or do you want to wait until the unleashed forces of nature wake you from your slumber?

50 The Father does not wish to appear among His people with reproaches, but to bless His works; but there is not yet shown among you the intention of renewal, because you have not been able to comprehend all the love which your Master has shown by drawing you out of the dirt to clothe you with His grace.

51 Do you not hear the voice of the Spirit telling you that you are the disciples of the Third Age? Listen to this voice and get up! Your Master already wrote in the hearts of men, with His suffering, His teaching and His example, the law you are to follow. The apostles, those martyrs, fought to nurture the seed of My teaching. Now you are fighting for the good of the generations of tomorrow, because from this seed you will reap the ripe fruit that will give peace and happiness to your soul.

52 Let love for your God, mercy on your brothers and the desire for perfection bring you to the practice of My teaching You shall not need the pain or fear of My righteousness to feel urged to work, because then your merits will not be true in My eyes.

53 Leave it to other nations to awaken to the new times only when they see that lands are devastated by floods of water, nations destroyed by war and epidemics destroy life. These peoples - arrogant in their sciences and put to sleep by the splendor of their religions - will not recognize My word in this inconspicuous form, nor will they feel My revelation in spirit. Therefore the earth must first be shaken, and nature will tell men: The time is fulfilled, and the Lord has come to you. - For mankind to awaken, open its eyes and affirm that it is I who have come, the power and arrogance of man must first be afflicted. But your task is to watch, to pray and to prepare yourselves.

54 Someone says to Me in his heart: "Lord, how is it possible that - although You love us so much - You let your righteousness feel in this way? To this I answer you: If My righteousness did not meet your deeds in this way, you would be irrevocably lost. If I allow pain to come upon you and death to come upon you, it is because pain purifies the soul and death renews it. Why should you not drink the cup of suffering and death, although you yourself created it? Verily, I tell you, the pain and death in the flesh are less terrible than that which the soul feels out of remorse or out of grief at having offended its Creator with its transgressions.

55 You listen without understanding. Do not leave all the responsibility for understanding My Word either to the spirit alone, or to the earth-bound mind alone, without each of them taking the part that belongs to it. Let it be conscience that determines what one or the other is responsible for.

56 When you experience that I have come to you full of peace - do you not move with compassion at the thought of those of your brothers who do not have a moment of peace? would it not please your hearts if I told you that through your prayers and thoughts wrapped in mercy your brothers can awaken to the light?

57 The Father came in those days to save His children; in the present day it is to be men who save one another through the love their Father taught them

58 My mercy has built a bridge between My kingdom and the earth. This bridge is My people; through it men will reach the Promised Land.

59 I have spread My Wisdom among My people; Mary has radiated her love into your heart; but where is this love and this Wisdom that you still do not offer Me? what are you doing with what you receive from Divine Mercy? You doubt for moments because I come in the spirit; feel me in this form, for truly, I tell you, you will never have me as man anymore.

60 Through the mouth of the voice bearer you hear My Word and this voice has given the call to those who had strayed from the path, running after men, pleasures and treasures of the world, thinking to find better places than those which the Father has appointed for each of His children These children have come into My presence with tattered "garments", with disgusted hearts and with traces left by the intoxication of materialism in their whole being. - When the Father asks you about your garment, understand that it is that of human dignity, which is white and pure, and so you shall always show it to Me.

61 Many now return to me. Does this happen because they love me? No, the reason is that the time came when the world could not offer them what they demanded of it. Then they remembered that I exist; but I accept them. For now, when they hear me, they repent of their sins, and in their heart love for their Father is born. The light of My Word will be like a new dawn in My children, and their past will be like the night when it is over.

62 Quench your thirst completely, remember that very soon your word shall soothe your brother's thirst If you still feel thirst, although you hear Me and drink of this wine, it is because your heart desires the glories of the world. Only My most patient and loving Word will be able to perform the miracle of your transformation, and then you will be truly worthy to walk your way and bring My teaching to your brothers. You shall humble no one or deny him my mercy, no one shall you prefer, for then you would not have me as your model. Do you believe, then, that my blood shed on the cross no longer falls on any of the sinners?

63 When John the Baptist announced the imminent coming of the Kingdom of Heaven, his prophecy was for all. That prophet and pioneer of Christ was among you at that time. He came before My Ray made itself known through the human mind organ, and he also came to announce that the coming of the Holy Spirit was very near. His announcement, his prophecy, applied to all without exception, and you knew him in this time under the name of Elijah, because this Spirit is that prophet who has been with men at all times, and he is the forerunner who prepared the ways of the Lord. Therefore I welcome you all, for I came without judging the sins or humbling the one who has defiled himself most. These will be among those who love Me most ardently; for their transgressions were many, and all were forgiven.

64 The "star" that indicates My presence and My Word has been "seen" only by ordinary men. The kings and the scientists slept in their greatness and were unable to discover the divine light in the firmament, only to set out and follow it like those magicians of the East who left everything behind to reach that heavenly light which announced to the world the coming of the Savior. If scientists would seek My light and those who live in great wealth would put into practice some of My teachings, they would feel My presence in their hearts.

65 Once I told you that a camel would rather go through the eye of a needle than a rich miser would enter the Kingdom of Heaven today I tell you that those hearts must free themselves from their selfishness and practise charity towards their brothers so that their soul may pass through the narrow path of salvation It is not necessary to free oneself from possessions and property, but only from egoism.

66 How many of you used to be owners of some property on earth, and you had forgotten the misery and needs of your neighbors. When then the hour of their judgment came for your soul, you felt that the extent of your sins was so great and the spiritual gate so narrow that you understood that you could not pass through.

67 Today it is not a treasure of material goods that you are to share with the needy. Your wealth in this time consists of light and spiritual knowledge, so you can consider yourselves spiritually rich. But consider this: If it is a grave transgression before God to deny your brother the riches of the world and to hold on to them - what does it mean, then, to deny him the spiritual gifts of grace, which never diminish, no matter how much of them you pass on? How then will justice be done for these riches of the spirit, which show themselves to be so selfish?

68 I have appointed you to give great teachings to mankind through your mediation. Verily, I tell you, this people has not formed itself by chance, nor has a single heart been added by chance. The one hundred and forty-four thousand who have to go to work in spirit and in body shall be like an open book full of light, experience, and reparation.

Therefore I touch their soul through conscience, and verily I tell you, if they do not convert by day, they will do so at nightfall. But they will turn their gaze up to the Father and thereafter take the way of fulfillment.

69 Nor do I give you another period of time to reflect on your mission and prepare your heart I send you out in this time so that you testify of my truth. The Sixth Seal speaks, its light spreads, its mystery clears up. Call the men, women and children so that they hear my word, because the year 1950 will come, and my voice will then no longer be heard in this form.

My peace be with you!

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