BTL - Volume 3 - Teaching 62

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Teaching 62:
 1. Beloved disciples: I come to confirm to you that all I said to
you during past Eras is being fulfilled; in the same manner will it be
fulfilled what I have prophesied in this Era through the faculty of
man. This is the reason why the faith has been revived in these
multitudes who from the beginning came to scrutinize My Word to
prove if it was true that the Divine Master was delivering His lesson
of love to His children. They later dedicated themselves to the study
and analysis, and then to convey this Doctrine to Mankind.
2. You begin to love all that is worthy of your heart, cleansed of
passions, and of your spirit, and insensibly you are leaving behind
the love of all that you had previously ambitioned in the world. Thus
the Spirit of Truth speaks to you in this period in which He
manifests His Word through inept, humble and sinful creatures. You
have risen in the most remote corners of the cities and villages,
small and impoverished houses of prayer, and in them have
congregated the multitudes, eager to listen to My teaching.
3. In that Era men heard Jesus speaking in the villages, in the
riverbanks and in the countryside, until the moment came when My
Work had to be consummated, and I entered Jerusalem, the city
whose name will always be associated with that of the Master;
however, those people never allowed me to leave, not because they
loved Me, but because they were to put to death the One who
brought to them the message of greater teaching than what up to
then they had received from their Lord.
4. Now Christ says to you: "I am the Door of the new
Jerusalem; blessed is everyone who through it enters the white and
holy city, because neither will he come out of it; but not because he
will find death; on the contrary, there he shall find the eternal life."
5. Meanwhile your physical bodies will descend into the Earth,
in whose bosom they will intermix and make it fertile, because even
after death they will retain their vitality and life; your conscience
which is over your being, will not remain on Earth, but will come
with the spirit to appear before it, like a book whose profound and
wise lessons will be studied by the spirit. There your spiritual eyes
shall be opened to the truth, and in an instant you will be able to
interpret all that during a lifetime you were unable to comprehend;
there you will know the significance of "being sons of God and
brothers of your fellowmen"; there you will understand the value of
all that you may have possessed. You will experience sorrow and
repentance for the errors committed, for the time lost, and from you
will emerge the most beautiful resolve to do better and to make
6. It was necessary for Me to come during this period, with a
more complete and extensive teaching to clarify mysteries and
destroy darkness in order for you to learn all about the gifts with
which your Father has endowed you. Without that knowledge and
without that development, you would have been unable to come
close to Me, and you would always be navigating along your sea of
7. The gifts and powers that you possess, you have not been able
to take advantage of them due to your ignorance, but if they have
become manifested in any of My children in a spontaneous or
natural form, it never fails that someone will judge him as abnormal
or attribute to him occult sciences or evil powers.
8. Poor Humanity who having as a God the true God, does not
know or understands Him, just as they have not been able to know
themselves, because over their eyes they carry a veil of darkness,
due to their religious fanaticism, for that impure and imperfect
worship which has always been an obstacle toward their elevation
and evolution. But I, who am the true and only Shepherd of the
spirits, in order to take them to the mansion indicated by My charity,
have come in search of the strayed sheep to guide them toward the
path of light which leads to the heavenly fold.
9. For that purpose I have come to manifest to you a new page
of the Book of the True Life.
10. I have not come to take anything away from you; on the
contrary, I come to leave you everything. It is still not the time for
Me to come for the harvest.
11. I am teaching you to cultivate the land with My Divine
lessons, and when you have progressed in the analysis and
knowledge of My Law, you will make it known to your brethren
with the testimony of your deeds of love and charity. From eternity I
shall follow your footsteps and keep watch over your sowing and
when the time is right you will present your harvest to Me.
12. You live in a time of trials; there is not an hour of the day
when you are not submitted to some ordeal. Under their burden, the
profane blasphemes and the surprised disciple asks himself: Why, if
I am following the footsteps of the Master do I feel overwhelmed by
the weight of my ordeals? And the Master answers you: He who
follows Me will carry a cross and the closer he accompanies and
imitates Me, the most bitter will his cup be, because without trials,
what would you be? When would you reach Me?
13. The glory of the spirit is for those who carry upon their
shoulders the burden of their cross and have an expression of
forgiveness for the ones who offend them, a comforting word for
those who suffer and a hand which blesses whoever crosses their
path.14. Those who will attain grace are the ones who in their painful
via cruces in their life, on falling are able to get up with resignation,
and without throwing away the cross of their mission, will reach the
summit of the mountain with it. These will have imitated the Master
in their life, and will be with Him in His Kingdom.
15. Do not believe that Christ, for having been God made Man,
bled and died without feeling pain during His agony; verily I say to
you that the pain of Christ was real and there has not been a torment
that will equal it before or after; it was so intense in His flesh that
His own body cried out: My God! My God! Why have you forsaken
16. You will also be offered the chalice of pain. Do not reject it
because you will never be given a trial superior to your strength!
17. I am awakening you with My light and I will likewise
awaken the religions with the truth of this Word.
18. My charity has illuminated each spirit during this Era, and
from them questions and uneasiness have surged. Men and women
rise in search of enlightenment because they feel like stranded
victims in the midst of the storm.
19. From the men of science lost in the sea of life to the
primitive in understanding, they sense the arrival of the new Era.
How many of those men while searching for Me, will run into you
to ask what you were taught by the Master! Not all will come with
gentleness; there will be some who will demand proof in order to
believe and others who will threaten you. That is the time for which
you must be prepared, that will be the occasion to earn merits before
your Father.
20. You shall speak the way I taught you; there will not come
forth from your lips eloquent words without essence that men use;
allow the humble, simple and sincere word to emerge from your
lips, and it will touch the fibers of those whoever receive it. Also
make yourselves worthy that I may reveal to you the mysteries that
My Arcanum holds the moment they come to light. Be strengthened
in Me, do not turn back for anything. It is not My will for men to
close your mouth through intimidation and thus silence my people.
21. Evaluate the ordeals that you have experienced so that you
will not fear those which are to come! You triumphed over the
pharaoh, you passed over the idols that you previously worshiped as
if they were your God; you forgot the traditions to become devoted
to the Law; you rejected religious fanaticism and in that struggle
your spirit has been tempered.
22. Do not give your body a greater importance than it really
has, nor allow it to occupy the place that only corresponds to your
23. Understand that the physical body is only the instrument that
you need so that the spirit manifests himself on Earth.
24. You will rise clothed with humility toward the fulfillment of
your mission, and you will be surprised to see how a mysterious
force is disposing and preparing it all along your way. Thus, when
you are about to deposit the seed of My Doctrine in some heart, you
shall discover that before you approached him, he was already
prepared and ready, and for that reason he was able to receive the
seed in his bosom.
25. Do not be intimidated before the sterility of the fields in this
period. Do not be discouraged if upon sowing a seed you discover
that beneath the soil only stones exist. Fight against those same
stones. I am providing you with the tools; have faith and I promise
to manifest Myself there where you need Me.
26. Be watchful, because men will prepare themselves and unite
in great and strong groups without knowing the reason why they are
doing it; but you know that they rise in search of the Third of My
revelations; in search of the One who promised them He would
return. They will seek the light in the previous testaments expecting
to find a word confirming their belief that this is the time of My
return as the Holy Spirit.
27. Men interrogate Me and they say to Me: "Father, if you
exist, why do you not manifest Yourself among us, since in other
times you have descended to our mansion?" Why do you not come
now? Is our iniquity today so great that it prevents you from coming
to save us? You always sought the lost, the blind, the leper, of which
the world is full today; by chance, are we no longer inspired by your
compassion? You said to your apostles that you would return among
men and that you would give signs of your arrival, which we believe
we are contemplating; why do you not show your Holy face?
28. Behold men waiting for Me without being aware that I am
among them. I am before their eyes and they do not see Me. I speak
to them and they do not hear My voice, and when for an instant they
have a glimpse of Me, they deny Me; but I continue giving
testimony of Myself; and I keep on waiting for those who have been
waiting for Me.
29. And in truth, the signs of My manifestation during this Era
have been great; the same blood of men, shed in torrents, saturating
the Earth has marked the period of My presence among you as the
Holy Spirit.
30. Everything was written in the Book of the Seven Seals,
which is found within God and whose existence was revealed to
Mankind through John, the apostle and prophet. The contents of that
Book, only the Divine Lamb has revealed it to you, for there has not
existed on Earth or in Heaven, a just spirit who would be able to
clarify the profound mysteries of love, of life and justice of God; but
the Divine Lamb, who is Christ, broke the Seals which comprised
the Book of life to reveal its contents to His children. And now
Elijah was sent as the representative of the Third Era, and as
forerunner of my communication among men to prepare your spirit
to understand this revelation. He is the One who placed the first
stone of the temple of the Holy Spirit and who revealed to you that
you were living during the Era of the Sixth Seal, and that all those
who listened and contemplated these manifestations, would remain
as witnesses before Mankind, to whom they would convey My truth,
manifesting with their deeds the reality of My manifestation.
31. The first faculties through which this light was manifested
were prepared by My charity; but in order to be worthy of My
manifestation, they prayed and persevered in their faith with respect
and elevation. Among them is My son Roque and My servant
Damiana, spokespersons, through whom the arrival of the Third Era
was announced to Mankind; first, Elijah through Roque and later the
Divine Word through Damiana. And I began to call the sons of Israel
and to point out the chosen ones of each tribe.
32. Since then, some of My children have tried to extinguish
this light; but truly I say to you that no one will be able to do it,
because the light of the Sixth Candlestick comes from God;
furthermore, those who have wanted to fight against that light have
revived its flame.
33. Now then, study My lesson and tell Me if all these
prophecies would have had their fulfillment in the bosom of some
34. With a word of love and of life, I have come to teach you a
more perfect worship, and you have found a new communication
with your Father, which prepares you for the perfect communication
of spirit to Spirit.
35. The gifts that the spirit possesses were being unveiled to
you, and you comprehended that possessing an inheritance, you
were not aware of it. I persuaded you of My presence, granting you
the benefits which only My charity is able to give, both in your
physical health as well, as in your morale, along the path of your
existence, because only the light of faith will allow you to reach the
end of the road of your spiritual restitution.
36. Today I receive from each one of My children his offering
and his petition.
37. Put aside the weariness from your spirit and from your body,
because you still have to travel and work. The time of suffering has
coincided with that of My arrival, therefore you are not alone. How
much rejoicing will those experience who counteract the suffering in
their lives with the practice of My Doctrine!
38. During this period your heart will learn to throb with love
for others, because you will recognize one another as truly brothers
in God. The hand of the one who loves will be strong enough to lift
the fallen. The rock that feels the touch of My charity will flow
water unceasingly.
39. Nowadays the lips of the sons of these people still remain
silent to announce that Christ, the Rabbi, has returned; but your
silence must not be prolonged because tomorrow you shall weep
your disobedience.
40. Truly believe that your deeds will remain as a seed for the
future generations, and because of that you have had to pass through
the crucible of pain to be purified in order to understand the gifts
that I have given you. Many of you had to bathe in the waters of
purification. The mind of the spokesman, the heart of the one who
had to guide multitudes; the hand of the one who had to heal the
sick; the spiritual vision of those who had to penetrate the Hereafter
to prophesy, all were cleansed.
41. The pain, the chalice of bitterness and the ordeals in your
life, have given you temper to withstand the struggle that
approaches, because truly I say to you that your faith, your
spirituality and your patience, will be put to the test by Mankind. I
not only say this to whoever is listening to Me, but to anyone who,
even after the period of this manifestation would arise and pick up
his cross to follow me.
42. Be clothed with gentleness, compassion, humility, so that
you may be recognized as My disciples. If you truly behave as disciples
of Jesus, the same pharisees, when they approach you, concealed
under a disguise to surprise you, will be the wolves who will
become converted into gentle sheep in the face of your example.
43. I have come to save you with My light; there is not one who
today can say that he is saved. Verily I say to you that if at this time I
would offer you salvation in exchange for a just person, you would
be lost, because you could not present to Me not one single just
44. Mankind is stranded in the midst of a storm of sins and
vices. Not only does man, when he becomes an adult, contaminates
his spirit, allowing the development of his passions, but also the
child, in his tender infancy, sees the danger of sinking of the boat in
which he sails. My word full of revelations arises in the midst of this
Humanity, like an immense beacon which shows the stranded
victims the true route and encourages the hope of those who were
losing their faith.
45. It is written that every eye shall see Me, because spiritually
all will know My truth; the blind will open their eyes to the light and
contemplate Elijah who guides the multitudes before My presence.
The unbelieving world will see itself overwhelmed by these kinds of
testimonies, surprises and trials, and while some deny Me
brandishing the scriptures as proof, others will rejoice, because they
will behold the arrival of the hour of fulfillment of many prophecies
which I announced through the mouth of my prophets and through
the lips of Jesus.
46. Those who in the bosom of their churches await for My
arrival, do not even sense in what form and where I am
communicating, even though My manifestation was being felt by
means of numerous happenings. Like lightning which emerges in
the East and is lost in the West, that is how My arrival has been; but
the vibration and the reflection of My Spirit have remained among
you transformed into a human word, so that you may understand
who was the One who knocked at the door of the hearts of men and
why were the signs given.
47. I have wanted to communicate through humble faculties,
because they, while free from prejudices, cleansed from erroneous
interpretations of My Law, were the designated ones to transmit My
Word with greater purity. This Word will be debated heatedly by
Mankind, even if people would want to place upon it a veil of
indifference, because it will be during this period, the only one
which will give light over many mysteries and over much confusion.
48. Truly I say to you that after 1950, I will touch with My
power and My justice all the rituals which are celebrated in the
world, and if their ministers and pastors will not awaken in the face
of this warning, I, availing Myself of the children, will speak to
them. In the same way that the nations have been touched by My
justice, likewise will the different religions be touched. Every
crown, every scepter, every title and hierarchy shall be judged.
49. O My people: Where do you keep the words and teachings
which I have brought to you with so much love? Behold that this
Word has been the Divine caress with which your Father has come
to awaken you during this period. Or perhaps are you going to wait
for the unleashed elements to come to awaken you from your sleep?
50. The Father does not wish to appear before His people with
demands but rather to bless their deeds, but still the intention of
regeneration does not surge from among you, and the fact is that you
have not been able to understand all the love that your Master has
shown you, rescuing you from the scum to clothe you with His
51. Do you not hear the voice of your conscience which says
that you are the disciples of the Third Era? Heed that voice and
arise. Your Master has already shown written evidence of His
passion, His Doctrine and His example within the heart of Mankind,
the Law which you must follow. The apostles, those martyrs fought
for the preparation of the seed of My Doctrine; now you fight for the
benefit of the generations of tomorrow, because from them you will
gather the ripe fruit which will give peace and happiness to your
52. Let it be the love toward your God, the charity toward your
brethren and the longing for perfection, which will lead you toward
the practice of My teachings. Let it not be the pain or fear of my
justice what you need to feel impelled to work, because then your
merits will not be truthful before Me.
53. Let other nations awaken to the new Era as they
contemplate regions devastated by the waters, nations destroyed by
war and pestilence annihilating lives. Those people, conceited in
their knowledge and lethargic in the splendor of their religions, will
not recognize My Word through this humble means, nor feel My
manifestation in spirit; therefore, the Earth will have to be shaken
first, and Nature will say to men: "The time has arrived and the
Father has come among you". In order for Mankind to awaken, let
them open their eyes and accept that I am the One who has arrived;
first the power and pride of man will be touched, but you have as
your mission to be vigilant, to pray and to prepare yourselves.
54. Someone says to Me in his heart: Father, how is it possible
that since you love us so much, you make us feel your justice in that
manner? To that I answer: If My justice would not answer your
actions in that way, you would become lost irrevocably. If I allow
suffering to pass on to you and also death, it is because the pain
purifies and death regenerates the spirit. How is it that you should
not endure a chalice of grief and death, since you yourselves have
created it? Truly I say to you that pain and death in the flesh are less
terrible than what the spirit feels through remorse or for the grief of
having offended His Creator with his faults.
55. You are listening without understanding. Do not leave all
the burden of comprehension of My Word be on the spirit, be it on
the flesh, without each taking the part which truly corresponds to
each one; it should be the conscience that will dictate what belongs
to one and the other.
56. When you see that I have come to you filled with peace, are
you not moved with compassion thinking of those of your brethren
who do not have an instant of peace? Would it not cause your heart
to rejoice if I tell you that through your prayers and thoughts
involved in charity, your brethren can awaken to the light?
57. The Father came in that Era to save His children; during this
period, it shall be the human beings who will save one another with
the love that their Father taught them.
58. My charity has laid out a bridge between My Kingdom and
the Earth; that bridge is My people; through them the multitudes
will reach the Promised Land.
59. I have spread my wisdom among my people; Mary has
spread her love in your heart, and where is that love and that
wisdom that you still have not offered Me? What do you do with
what you receive from the Divine mercy? For a moment you doubt
because I come in Spirit. Feel Me in this manner, because truly I say
to you that you will never again have Me as a man.
60. Through the lips of the spokesman you listen to My Word,
and this voice has made a calling to those who have deviated from
the pathway, those who believing to have found better places than
the ones that the Father had assigned for each one of His children,
have gone in search of men, pleasures and riches of the world. These
children have come before My presence with their garments
tattered, with a disgusted heart and with the traces that drunkenness
of materialism have left in all their being. When the Father asks you
for your garments, understand that it is that of dignity, which is
white and pure, and you should present it to Me like that always.
61. Many of them are returning to Me; is it perhaps that they
love Me? No, it is because the moment came when the world would
not offer them what they asked; then they remembered that I exist,
but I receive them, because here, while listening to Me, they will
repent for their sins, and in their heart will be born a love toward the
Father. The light of My Word will be in My children like a new
dawn and their past will be like the night when it disappears.
62. Calm your thirst completely, keep in mind that very soon
your word will have to mitigate that of your brother. If while
listening to Me and drinking from this wine you still feel thirsty, it is
because your heart is striving for the glories of the world. Only my
very patient and loving word will be able to perform the miracle of
your transformation, and then you will certainly be worthy of arising
along the pathways delivering My teaching to your brethren. You
shall not humiliate anyone nor deny My charity; you will not show
preference for anyone, because you would not be imitating Me. By
chance, do you believe that My blood shed upon the cross ceased to
drop upon any of the sinners?
63. When John the Baptist announced the imminent coming of
the Kingdom of the Heavens, his prophecy was for everyone. That
prophet and forerunner of Christ has been among you during this
period; he came before My ray of light would communicate through
a human faculty, and he also came to announce to you that the
arrival of the Holy Spirit was near. His announcement, his prophecy,
was without distinction for everyone, and you knew him during this
period under the name of Elijah, because that spirit is of that prophet
who has been before Mankind during all eras, and he is the
forerunner who has prepared the roads of the Lord. That is why I
welcome everyone, for I came without judging your sins or
humiliating the one who was blemished the most. These people will
be those who will most ardently love Me, because their faults were
many and all were forgiven.
64. The star which announces My presence has been
contemplated only by the humble; the kings and the men of science
have slept in their grandeur and they have been unable to discover in
the firmament the Divine light in order to arise and follow it, like
those kings of the East who left everything to appear before that
heavenly light which announced to the world the arrival of the
Savior. If men of science would seek My light and those who live in
wealth would practice some of My teachings they would feel My
presence within their heart.
65. In that Era I said to you that it is easier for a camel to go
through the eye of a needle than for a wealthy miser to enter the
Kingdom of God. Now I say to you that it is necessary for those
hearts to put aside their egotism and practice charity toward their
brethren in order for their spirit to be able to pass through the
narrow path of salvation. It is not necessary to deprive themselves of
possessions and riches, but only their egotism.
66. How many of you were possessors yesterday of some wealth
on Earth and were forgetful of the miseries and needs of your
fellowman; when the hour of judgment for you spirit came, you felt
that the magnitude of your sins was so great and the spiritual door so
narrow, that you realized you were not able to pass through.
67. Today it is not a wealth of material benefits that you should
share with the needy; your wealth during this period is that of light
and spiritual knowledge, with which you may consider yourselves
rich in spirit, but keep in mind that if it is a grave fault before God to
deny your brother the riches of the world while you have them, how
would it be if he were denied the spiritual graces which never
decrease no matter how much are given? What would be the justice
for these rich in spirit who manifest themselves so egotistically?
68. I have you predestined to give to Mankind through you great
lessons. Truly I say to you that these people have not been formed
by chance, nor has a single heart arrived by accident; the 144,000
who spiritually and materially are to arise, shall be like an open
book of light, experience and restitution. That is why I am touching
their spirit through their conscience, and truly I say to you that if
during the day they are not converted, they shall be converted at
nightfall, but they will raise their eyes toward the Father and then
undertake the path of their fulfillment.
69. I will still give you more time so that you may meditate
upon your mission and prepare your heart. I send you in this period
so that you may give testimony of My truth. The Sixth Seal speaks,
its light spreads out; its mystery is clarified. Call men, women and
children, so that they may listen to My Word, because the year 1950
will arrive and My voice will cease to be heard in this manner.
My Peace be with you!