Eagle down

Received 01/03/2019 
Zechariah 12: 3 And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.
My son, because of the blindness of My sleeping Church, they have failed to see that the Eagle Is Down!  They rejoice over a king that will split My land, split My city, and fail to see what will happen according to My Word! Oh, they will say, we know the scripture that says if you split My land, I will split your land, but they do not believe I will do that!  They will say that I am a loving God, and that was for the rebellious people - not us! They will say that I want peace and that I am the one who will do anything to bring about peace in Israel.  They will say I anointed the king to be a Cyrus and to build the walls and restore the temple.  They will say anything as to not worship Me, but to worship men!
Thus saith the Lord, The Eagle will go down with a mighty crash!  As this king does not hear My voice nor seek Me, he too will crash!
My son, the many people that surround the king are full of self-righteousness and care not for My land, but only care about a promotion to their ministries to fill their bank accounts!  These people have evil intentions on their minds and in their hearts.  All the advice from these that surround the king is false and a lie.  This king has not sought Me on anything, but plays a part to fool My Body.
WAKE UP, MY CHILDREN!!!  The Eagle is hit with a fatal shot and is right now crashing to the ground!!!  The ones who killed the Eagle are all giddy with joy, thinking finally they have won!!!
My son, I say I am not through with this great nation!  Although the Eagle is Down, My Holy Spirit is Up!!!  My Remnant will go throughout the shattered land, preaching the gospel as never before!  Where there is darkness, there will be light!  Where there was despair and pain, will be joy and healing!  My Remnant will shine bright like diamonds in a dark and dying nation!
I am coming very soon because I AM has sent Me!!!  We shall rejoice during the Gathering, and peace will come to reality!  I love you all!  Repent now while you can!  The Eagle is Down, and you will see the worst humanity will offer!  Seek forgiveness of sins, and I will forgive you.  Amen.
Messiah Jesus
Source:  https://byronsearle.blogspot.com/2019/01/eagle-down.html
Personal Note from Anna Maria Hosta:
Jesus wants to pray us "The Rosary of Divine Mercy" ( https://youtu.be/25y_AGyMMCw
and he asked me by Rhema to do so after I have refused to do so for two days, where I wanted to pray in own words to the father instead of the Rosary.
The Rhema:
 ( https://jesus-comes.com/index.php/2015/12/09/jesus-bittet-uns-fur-mehr-gnade-und-zeit-zu-beten-jesus-asks-us-to-pray-for-mercy-and-more-time/) 
After I prayed His voice said in me:
"1/2 year"
I asked what?
He answered:  
"J.F. Kennedy" 
So I imagine, Donald Trump is given 1/2 year more before he will experience the same as J.F. Kennedy !! 
Alert !! 
Please pray The Rosary of Divine Mercy 
for the President, for his protection.

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