BTL - Volume III - Teaching 71

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Teaching 71:

1 Beloved disciples, in this time you have received the grace to sit at My table; come and be with Me in spirit keep My Word in your hearts, then you will form from My love teachings a memorial book of wonderful wisdom

2 The light of My Holy Spirit will illuminate ways and deserts so that mankind may find the true way, the one to their spiritual upward development I come while vice and depravity reach their peak. My teaching appears with you as a saving ark; the world is an ocean of pain; when mankind sees this ark, will they not desire to find salvation in it?

3 Disciples, you all know the deserts and the crossroads of life; therefore, you are qualified to seek out the crowds of people who desire light.

4 Go to the "leper" as soon as there is no more "leprosy" in your hearts. Speak lovingly to those who are bent by pain, and when my teaching is reflected in your feelings and you feel love and mercy with your brothers, you are advanced in your spiritual development. Show your brothers the way and do not be offended when they leave you alone at last out of ingratitude. Your satisfaction will come from the awareness that those who were lost are approaching Me, and you will feel My support in your loneliness.

5 There will come down manna to nourish you, and always you will have something to give to those in need

6 I love you and will see you perfect. this is why My righteousness is manifested in an unrelenting way among men All past and seemingly forgotten works by God will be judged in this time in which the incarnated Spirit can grasp, accept and understand My judgments. Kings, judges, lords - all who in any way have sown the seed of evil among their brethren will be present at the judgment of the Lord. But I tell you, instead of binding them with chains, depriving them of light, or subjecting them to eternal torment - as men in their ignorance may believe - I will assign them a task in My work of salvation so that they may purify their souls, make amends for the transgressions they have committed, and understand that My justice springs from Divine Love. If I use those great sinners, many of whose names have gone down in your history, in due course to accomplish works of brotherhood and peace among men, why then do you sometimes consider some of your brothers as an obstacle in your way? Why do you even want to remove those beings from the path determined for you, whom my will placed there? Oh, if you knew that they often serve me better and that they are about to help you to come to me.

7 Let your heart be like these assembly places where you come together to hear My Word through whose doors have passed those who have passed in many forms: those who have stained their hand with their brother's blood, those who conceal thefts, slander and infamies; and yet - when have they ever been rejected by Me? Or when have they ever been exposed before others? A merciful veil of tenderness has covered their stains of shame, while My Spirit has spoken to those sinners alone. See how they learn to pray by hearing my word and in so doing raise their thoughts to the Infinite, how the feeling awakens in them that whoever turns to the spiritual receives power, light, inspiration and healing power, courage to live and peace.

8 Blessed people, in these moments when war is shaking the world, I have asked you to stand up and pray for your fellow men, to sympathise with their pain and send them feelings of light and peace But I must tell you that you must first learn to love, serve and forgive those around you so that you may know how to love and serve those who are far away. Love your destiny, accept your cup, embrace your cross with love. No one knows which soul animates his being, nor does he know the cause of his atonement as long as he is on earth.

9 Let the spirit enlighten the soul, and let the soul lead matter.

10 Let go of your sadness and your hopelessness; you all can reach the promised father's house; in this I will help you. For which times, which are more favorable than the present, are you still waiting to set out? Are you waiting for times of peace to acquire merits? Verily, I tell you, this is the best time to achieve your atonement and to obtain merits.

11 People, I tell you: make use of the divine instruction I have given you, for after 1950 you will be without it the sun would rather stop shining than My Word not being fulfilled But those who have not kept it in their hearts will have to weep over their ingratitude, although this is not My Will.

12 Unceasingly I am shaking you awake and with every teaching I am working on you so that you do not stray from the path and do not defile your soul

13 Do not be men of little faith; know that I have fulfilled in the Third Age what I promised you in the past times; man, however, has not been able to fulfil his vows and duties

14 For moments you get up to follow Me when you feel that I am with you in your trials and that My Mercy is helping you to get through them unharmed; but then you forget again because of your ingratitude

15 Among you are also those who love Me, who are only waiting for the time of the trials and persecutions to prove their faithfulness and strength These will be those who set out for the areas whipped by the forces of nature to distribute their merciful help to the needy. I will cause them to recognize the right time to go to the fulfillment (of their task) and let them feel in their hearts the message that will tell them not to take a second bundle for the journey and that they should trust in my heavenly power.

16 Other workers will be sent out to speak of My works in other nations, and there they will resist war through their works of love and their prayers When then the time of their fulfillment has come, they are not to resist my commission because they have to leave behind their and their own goods. They are not to take the rich miser as an example.

17 He who laments about having to leave what he possesses to follow me will make his way painful and his cross heavy. On the other hand, he who leaves everything to my care, full of devotion and trust, will have peace and strength in the fight, and on his return he will find everything as he left it.

18 I have revealed to you the spiritual gifts you possess and the use you are to make of them so that you never use them to do works that are not within My law, for then instead of giving light you would spread darkness and error

19 Do not give cause for even your loved ones to misjudge you because of your imperfect actions and to separate from you. They will learn to understand you when you have understood me.

20 I want My disciples always to be prepared to follow the call of him who suffers and to heal him with true mercy.

21 See how many sick people there are in your surroundings, remember that there is no home free from sickness. See the many possessed who receive mercy from no one.

There are your fields for sowing: carry your spiritual gifts, bring the light and free them from their chains, without forgetting that you should also treat the invisible beings with love and mercy, so that you may lead them to the light.

22 Why do you become sluggish when I flood you with peace and happiness? is it necessary that pain should always accompany you so that your heart remembers Me and your spirit remains awake?

23 Rise and sin no more, do not weaken yourselves in the pleasures of the earth, for you will have to answer to Me for both your soul and body, and the moment will come when you will not be granted (any more) what you ask for, even if your cry rises up to heaven, because it was given to you for the first, second and third time, and despite your knowledge you have left it unused because you have realised that I am Love above all but do not forget that I am implacable in My righteousness.

24 Watch, for soon I will come as Judge to every sect and religious community, and I will ask every religious leader, every priest or minister what he has done with the souls entrusted to him I will ask all of them what they have done with My law and My teaching, and all weeds will be destroyed.

25 Stand also for the peace of this nation, whom I have appointed to hear and study My word in it. War, greed, lust for power and false teachings lie in wait for your people. But I will free you from the hands of Pharaoh, who wants to make you his vassals, because now you serve my cause.

26 But if you desire slavery anew, it will be given to you; but do not forget that you are destined to pray for the peace of the world and to prevent war from tearing children from the arms of their parents. Pray that through your prayer darkness may be dissolved.

27 Mothers, pray for humanity! Girls, remain in prayer and virtue! You are the spring from which the generations of tomorrow will come forth to bear witness to My truth.

28 People, it was not the words you spoke in your prayer that opened My chamber of hearts; it was the voice of your spirit and the pounding of your heart Accept all that I am handing over to you, for I do not want to perceive sorrow or neediness among this people whom I love so much. Do not lose the garment of peace with which I cover you.

29 The spiritual altar, invisible to your material eyes, invites you at every moment to lay down on it your offering, which must also be spiritual.

30 Hear My word, it is the seed you are to sow; its inmost being is love I give it to you without any equivalent. It is the gift that was kept for you for this time. I shall not tire of showering My children with love; neither shall I tire of waiting for their return to the good way. But mankind will certainly grow weary of continuing to sow hatred, violence and selfishness. Every seed of hatred it sows will multiply in such a way that its strength will not be sufficient to reap its harvest. This unforeseen and beyond her human power will stop her on her breathtaking and insane course. After this I will perform a miracle in all hearts, by (there) letting charity arise where there was only egoism. Men will again concede me all perfection, omniscience, and highest justice. They will remember that Jesus said: "No leaf of the tree moves without the will of the Father. For today - according to the opinion of the world - the leaf of the tree, the living beings and the stars move by chance.

31 Verily, I tell you, I will touch you with My staff of Love and I will make water gush out of the "rocks". The guilt and sins which have burdened mankind for centuries will be forgiven, and peace will be in the souls. "Come to Me, O sick, O blind of spirit, My healing balm is ready to pour into each one of you! Come to Me, you who were once masters and today suffer privations, humiliations and misery - you who once knew festive garments and honors and today hide your tears in the seclusion of your sleeping chamber. Approach me, you men, who hide your tears from your wife and children, so that they do not lose courage in the face of life. Open your heart to Me and tell Me all your worries. I will give you a key, a loaf of bread and a coin so that your bitterness may turn into joy". - Today you possess nothing, the home where you live and where your children were born does not belong to you. You are like the birds and do not know how, but you live!

32 It is a time of judgment and of visitations. The time of satisfaction, in which you had everything, is over. Earn merits in the trials, and I will grant you in righteousness, light and peace for your soul, and what you need on earth will be given to you on top of it.

33 How much suffering I see in your world! Already the child knows the cup of bitterness, and early already his heart hardens. The flowers wither in full youth, and prematurely the hair begins to shine silvery white. I receive your tears like a gift; they knock at the doors of My mercy, and I open them to fill you with hope and peace.

34 Do you not feel that you are returning to life? - you have laid down your complaint and confession of your guilt with Me, knowing that you will be heard and consoled because I am the Resurrection and the Life

35 Today you come under the cloud of My promise to find shadows and your soul will be illuminated by the splendour My teachings give you

36 You are living in the time announced by prophets and seers of times gone by, whose spirit now sees the fulfilment of the divine Word

37 If you were spiritually prepared, you could see in infinity the multitudes of spiritual beings who would resemble an immeasurably large white cloud before your eyes, and when the messengers or emissaries break away from it, you would see them coming toward you like sparks of light.

38 Your spiritual sight is not yet penetrating, and that is why I have to speak to you about the hereafter, of all that you are not yet able to see. But I tell you, the time will come when you all will be seers and will enjoy that wonderful life, which you currently feel far away from you, but which in reality swings close to you, surrounds you and enlightens you, inspires you and knocks at your doors unceasingly.

39 The purpose of this teaching is to make all the sleeping fibers in your being sensitive, so that from this world already, man may see a little of the light of the kingdom that awaits him.

40 Many centuries of materialism weigh down on mankind, but this is not their destiny. Man is not condemned to be forever without knowledge of the higher life. If he still does not know many glories of creation, it is not because God has hidden them from him, but because his love for the world has blinded the eyes of the spirit. But now he will open them to the light, and then he will recognize that his Father has always sought him to reveal to him the contents of the Book of True Life.

41 How strong men will be when they unite themselves with their brothers who dwell in the kingdom of light! But for that time to come, mankind must still drink much bitterness.

42 Pain will be the cup of suffering that will restore sensitivity, nobility, purity, and spirituality to men. but verily, I tell you, your Father does not hand you that cup, you yourselves have filled it and must drink it to know the taste of the fruit of all your works But after that judgment you can rise to true life, whose path will be illuminated by the light of conscience.

43 Beloved workers, have you carried out a test of conscience before you offered your fruit to Me?

44 Why do I see weeping among you? why do tears appear in your eyes? Because you do not agree with what you have done.

45 Do not be afraid, disciples, I accept your tribute of love, each of your works of mercy and even these tears you shed Lean your head on Me, rest while you listen to My kind words, then you will recover from all your wounds.

46 The task I have entrusted to you is difficult and it is precisely when you hear My Voice that you compare, with increasing understanding, the perfection of My teachings with the meagerness of your works, and then you find them small and unworthy of Me But I tell you, only your Father can judge the sincerity or lack thereof in your works.

47 You are faced with a people who seek you day by day in their desire for healing, advice, light and comfort, and sometimes you fear not to give them what I have entrusted to you

48 I like your fear and your devotion to duty, because this will make you progress in your development, through which you will develop and use all the gifts I have given you.

49 Do you desire to perfect yourselves? Then listen carefully to my teachings. No one can correct you with the love, wisdom and tenderness with which I do it.

50 Will you wash away your stains of shame? then allow My merciful love to haunt you with its wise and perfect justice

51 I do not reprove you before your brothers, nor do I expose you before them. I know how to reach every soul with My Light and speak to every heart in secret, in a low but insistent voice.

52 There will come days when My Word will be more severe, because the longer you listen to My teaching and receive My commandments, the greater is your responsibility if you do not want the Master to speak to you in a severe tone, you can avoid it by your obedience, by obeying My orders, not making this blessed manifestation a habitual daily routine for you and being tireless sowers of Mercy, Light and Peace

53 Allow My Word to free you from blemishes and impurities and do not wait until pain purifies you Here, at the bottom of My Word, you can find everything you need to understand the perfect way to practice My teaching and to have faith for the fulfilment of your atonement.

54 Remember, when you take a decisive step on the way to spiritualization, that after you will come the generations that are to achieve an even greater progress. You are to remain as firm foundations, so that your brethren may rise on them with faith.

55 You are to form a new apostleship within My work. Let yourselves be inspired by the high examples of those who followed Me in the Second Age. But when you recognize that some of them had moments of weakness which they missed, take care that you do not fall into those errors. Be not fearful like Peter so that you never deny Me, and do not nurture dreams of earthly glory or earthly greatness so that you do not betray My work for miserable money like Judas Iscariot, and never doubt My presence like Thomas so that you do not have to feel painful remorse.

56 Know that I love you, since I reveal this love to you in every one of My words; but do not forget that I would also treat you severely to dissuade you from your errors or from your persistence in a matter that is inappropriate for My disciples - What do you lack to be My good disciples? - You have everything. Embrace your cross, carry it with love, because on it you will ascend to the light that awaits your soul when your task is finished.

57 Your joy is very great when you see that My Love prepares new organs of mind through which I will give you My Word, because you understand that you will not lack manna in the desert This Word will be the food that will give you the strength to reach the gates of the Promised Land.

58 You pray, people, My Voice is moving you away from the world and helping you to rise up inwardly how often have you had to wait for the moment when My Ray comes down to you to pray because you could not do it before! Watch how your soul, to the extent that it purifies itself, feels My presence ever closer. Already the time is over where you felt Me distant, where you thought Me to be a king who is not able to come down to you because you thought yourselves unworthy and poor. Therefore I came in three times to make myself completely recognizable to man.

59 Today I say to you: Make yourselves inwardly ready so that you can feel my love and understand me. The one who knew how to spiritualize discovers My trace everywhere, and at every moment he feels My presence in him.

60 Come tirelessly to hear Me. I am giving you the necessary weapons so that you may overcome the obstacles and bad influences that may hinder your course. Overcome the world, overcome yourselves, and you will come to Me. Fight, and I will not abandon you in your struggle.

61 It was not by chance that brought you to hear me in this time It has been my fatherly love that chose you from the great number of men because I recognize you spiritually as firstborn. My law and My justice descended upon you long ago. With you was the law of the prophets and the blood of the Lamb. On you now lies the light of My Holy Spirit, which explains the mysteries to you.

In the past times, I formed a people from your souls - a people that is hidden among men in this time in which it is incarnated. Today do not unite you by race, blood, name, tribes; the one does not even know where the other is; and yet you will be united by the Spirit. Only my penetrating gaze can discover you, but not the gaze of the earthly rulers. Who could find you to lead you away into bondage, into prison?

62 Even though I have called you first-born - do not expect anyone to bow down before you; no one you shall humble. I alone know who is "first" and who is "last" in this way. But as I have made you heirs, so make your brothers heirs. Unite in spirit, in your imagination, in your thoughts. Make bonds of love and good will among yourselves, then you will be strong, and no one will humiliate you any more. Pharaohs, kings, Caesars and hangmen were above you in past times in moments of weakness of My people. Who will oppress you in this time so that you will not become weak? You need not deny respect to anyone to fulfill My law. You shall not reject the scientists nor the clergy of any denomination or religion. Your task is limited to making known the revelation I have brought to you.

I speak to you in this way because when I created you, I placed in your being My seed of perfection. I want you to be like Me through your works. Do not be content to be like My divinity by possessing spirit, intelligence, conscience and other qualities, for all these are My works.

63 I will not offer you any fruit and tell you: "eat it and you will be like gods". I have told you: "Eat this bread, that you may live in My grace. But why has man not achieved to be like his Master through his works? Because in materialism he has disfigured himself mentally and morally, and as long as he longs for the glories of the earth, he cannot possess the Promised Land.

64 I said that a camel would rather go through the eye of a needle than a rich miser would go to heaven. but if anyone asks Me whether the one who was rich is condemned never to enjoy the blessings of My Kingdom, I tell him: once this heart has freed itself from its greed, selfishness and materialisation, he will no longer be a rich miser and then he can enter My Kingdom My justice condemns no one, and certainly not forever. The fire of which the Scriptures speak to you is the inexorable conscience, which will burn like fire until it has purified the soul from every stain, and that fire ends as soon as the trace of sin has disappeared. Understand that it is not I who pronounces your judgment: it is you yourselves.

65 The time you are now entering is the one in which you are to discover the treasure with which My Father Love endowed every human being and which no one on earth has taught you to discover Rather, these teachings were withheld and hidden from you by men for fear that you would recognize yourselves. But I have now come, and I know that no one will be lost on the path of development of soul and spirit, and I encourage you to continue to explore, study and recognize your being - which is a beginning to find and recognize me. Who could prevent you from looking into your own inner being? Who could experience the moment of your spiritual community with Me? Who could close your eyes to the light of truth?

66 You discover yourselves, and through the Spirit you receive the revelation of spiritual life. Who of those who have awakened and have contemplated that light is able to cast out against his own spirit? Who would dare to rob his body of its existence after having an inkling of what the hereafter is? Know that it was not blind chance that sent you to earth. Nothing happens without My Will. I have sent you here that you may be guardians of peace to be shared with your brethren by means of prayer, word, thoughts, when you commune with My divinity from spirit to spirit.

67 Consider war, hunger, pestilence and death as a dark funeral procession that goes from people to people, sowing grief, misery and destruction. Fight against war, you have the weapons of love and mercy. You can already be subjects of My Kingdom of Peace in this world if you love one another.

My peace be with you!

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