BTL - Volume III - Teaching 71

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Teaching 71:
1. Beloved disciples: In this period you have received the grace
of sitting at My table; come and be in spirit with Me. Preserve My
word in your heart and you will get to form an album of marvelous
wisdom with My lessons of love.
2. The light of My Holy Spirit will illuminate bypaths and the
wilderness, so that Mankind may find the true way, that of their
spiritual evolution. I come when perversity and corruption are at
their greatest level; My Doctrine appears before you as an Ark of
salvation. The world is an ocean of suffering; on seeing that Ark,
would not Humanity wish to find their salvation there?
3. Disciples: All of you know the wilderness and the crossroads
of the pathways, that is why you are the chosen ones to go in search
of the multitudes eager for light.
4. Go forth in search of the leper when in your heart there is no
leprosy; speak of love to those who find themselves overwhelmed
by affliction, and when My Doctrine has been identified in your
sentiments and you feel love and charity toward your brethren, you
will have progressed in your spiritual evolution. Indicate the way to
your brethren, and do not be bothered if in the end they leave you
alone, due to their ungratefulness. You will have the satisfaction of
knowing that those who were lost are coming close to Me, and you
will feel My company during your solitude.
5. There the manna will descend to nourish you, and you will
always have something to give to the needy.
6. I love you and I want you to be perfect, that is why My justice
manifests itself in an inexorable way among Mankind. All past
deeds and apparently forgotten by God, will be judged during this
period when the incarnated spirit can understand, accept and
comprehend My judgments. Kings, judges, lords, all those who in
some way sowed the seed of evil among their brethren, will be
present in the judgment of the Lord; however, I say to you that
instead of tying them with chains, of depriving them of light or to
submit them to eternal torments, as Mankind in their ignorance
would believe, I will entrust to them a mission within My Work of
salvation to purify their spirit, to correct faults which they may have
committed and understand that My justice proceeds from the Divine
love. If I choose those great sinners, many of whose names your
history has gathered, to avail Myself of them when the time comes
to carry out deeds of fraternity and peace among Mankind, why is it
that sometimes you reach a point of considering some of your
brethren as an obstacle along your way? Why is it that you reach a
point of even separating from the path of your destiny those beings
who were placed there by My will? Oh, if you knew that many times
they are those who serve Me best and who will help you draw nearer
to Me!
7. May your heart be similar to these prayer houses where you
congregate to hear My Word; through those doors have passed the
ones who have committed offenses in many forms, those who have
blemished their hand with the blood of their brother, those who
conceal thefts, slander and dishonors; and nevertheless, when have
they been rejected by Me? Or at least, when have they been exposed
before the others? A compassionate veil of tenderness has covered
their blemishes, while My Spirit has conversed with that sinner
alone. Behold when they are hearing My Word they learn to pray,
elevating their thought toward the infinite, to feel that he who
approaches the spiritual receives strength, light, inspiration and
balsam, encouragement and peace.
8. Blessed people: During these moments in when war shakes
the world, I have asked that you be watchful and pray for your
brethren, that you feel their affliction and convey to them sentiments
of light and peace; but I must say that first you should learn to love,
serve and forgive those around you, in order to be able to love and
serve those who are absent. Love your destiny, accept your bitter
cup, embrace your cross with love; no one knows what spirit
animates his being, nor does he know, while on Earth, the reason for
his restitution.
9. Let it be the conscience that will illuminate the spirit and the
spirit, which will guide the flesh.
10. Leave your sadness and your desperation, everyone will be
able to reach the promised mansion; for that purpose I have come to
help you. What more suitable times than the present are you
awaiting to arise? Do you perhaps await times of peace to earn
merits? Truly I say to you that this is the best time to carry out your
restitution and accumulate merits.
11. To you people I say: Take advantage of the Divine lesson
that I have brought to you, because in the year 1950 you will be left
without it; it would be easier for the sun to stop shining than for My
Word not to be fulfilled; however, those who have not safeguarded it
within their heart will have to weep due to their ungratefulness,
when that is not My will.
12. At each moment I alert you and in each lesson I prepare you
so that you will not deviate from the pathway or blemish your .spirit
13. Do not be men of little faith; behold that what I offered you
in previous times, I have come to fulfill it in the Third Era; on the
other hand, man has not known how to fulfill his promises and
14. On some moments you arise to follow Me, when you feel
that I should aid you in your trials and that My charity will help you
to come out unharmed; but later you forget again, due to your
15. Among you are also those who love Me, those who only
await the time of trials and persecution to manifest their loyalty and
fortitude. Those are the ones who will arise in search of the regions
devastated by the elements to impart their charity to the needy. I will
make them recognize the precise moment to arise toward their
fulfillment, allowing that in their heart they may feel the message
that will tell them not to carry excessive provisions for the journey
and to trust in My heavenly power.
16. Other laborers will be sent to speak about My Work to other
nations and there, with their deeds of love and their prayers, they
will stop the war. When the moment of their fulfillment takes place,
they will not rebel against My mandate for having to leave their dear
ones and their benefits; they will not imitate the miserly wealthy.
17. He who laments for having forsaken what he has in order to
follow Me, will make his path painful and his cross heavy; on the
other hand, he who is filled with conformity and confidence to leave
everything to My care, will have peace and strength in the struggle,
and on his return will find everything just as he left it.
18. I have come to reveal the spiritual gifts that you possess and
teach the use that you should obtain from them, in order that you
never take them to perform deeds that are not within My Law, for
then instead of conveying light you would sow darkness and
19. Do not allow that through your imperfect deeds your own
people will deny you and depart from you. They will get to
understand you when you have understood Me.
20. I want My disciples to be always prepared to heed the
calling of one who suffers and heal him with true charity.
21. Think how many sick beings are near you; notice that there
is no household exempt from illnesses. Behold how many possessed
who do not receive charity from anyone. There are the fields where
you can sow; carry your gifts, convey the light and free them from
their chains, without forgetting that you should also treat with love
and charity those invisible beings in order to make them penetrate
the light.
22. Why when I inundate you with peace and happiness you
become lethargic? Will it be necessary for affliction to accompany
you always so that your heart will remember Me and your spirit be
on the alert?
23. Arise and do not sin again; do not weaken yourselves in
earthly pleasures because you will have to answer to Me as much
about your spirit as well as your body, and the moment will arrive
when even if your clamor is elevated to the heavens, you will not be
granted what you solicit, because it was given to you the first,
second and third times and with full knowledge of the facts you
rejected it. The fact is that you have seen that above all I am love
and forgiveness, but do not forget that in My justice I am inexorable.
24. Be watchful, for I will soon come as a Judge before all sects
and religions, and I will ask each guide, each pastor or minister what
he has done with the spirits that I have entrusted to him. I will ask
everyone what they have done with My Law and My Doctrine, and
every bad weed shall be exterminated.
25. Be vigilant also over the peace of this nation, which I have
selected so that in it My Word will be heard and studied. War, greed,
ambitions and false doctrines lie in wait for your people. However, I
will liberate you from the wars of the Pharaoh who would want to
convert you into his subjects, because now you are serving My
26. But if you would wish bondage again, it will be given to
you; however, do not forget that you are predestined to be watchful
over the peace of the world and prevent war from snatching the
children from their parents arms. Pray so that with your prayer
darkness will be dissipated.
27. Mothers, pray for Humanity. Maidens, persevere in prayer
and virtue; you are the fountain from whence the generations of
tomorrow will emerge who must give testimony of My truth.
28. O My people, it has not been the words you have
pronounced in your prayer which have opened My Arcanum; it has
been the voice of your spirit and the throb of your heart. Receive all
that I deliver to you, for I do not want to perceive sadness or
needfulness among this people whom I love so much, Do not lose
the garments of peace with which I come to cover you.
29. The spiritual altar, invisible to your physical eyes, invites
you at every moment to deposit your offering there, which should
also be spiritual.
30. Hear My Word, it is the seed that you should sow, it has love
as its essence. I give it to you at no cost whatsoever; it is a gift
reserved for you during this period. I am not tired in pouring love
upon My children, neither am I tired of awaiting their return to the
righteous path; but Mankind will certainly get tired of sowing
hatred, violence and egotism. Each seed of hatred that they sow will
multiply against them in such a way that their strength will not be
enough to gather its harvest; this result, unforeseen and superior to
their human power, will detain them in their frenzied and senseless
journey. Afterward I will perform a miracle in each heart by
allowing charity to emanate where there was only egotism. Men will
again attribute to themselves all perfection, knowledge and justice.
They will remember that Jesus said: "The leaf of a tree does not
move without the Fathers will", because today, according to the
feeling of the world, the leaf of a tree, all beings and the stars move
by chance.
31. Truly I say to you that I will touch you with My measure of
love and I will make water sprout from rocks. The guilt and debts
that for centuries Mankind has been carrying, will be forgiven them
and peace shall be in the spirits. Come to Me, o sick beings, o blind
of spirit, My balsam is ready to be poured upon each one of you!
Come to Me, those who yesterday were lords and today suffer
privations, humiliations and miseries; you, who yesterday knew
about elegance and honors and today conceal your tears in the
corner of your chamber! Come near Me, o men who hide your
lamenting from your spouse and your children, so they will not be
intimidated during their existence; open your heart to Me and tell
Me all your troubles. I will give you a key, bread and a coin so that
your bitterness may turn to joy! Today you possess nothing; the nest
in which you live and where your children were born, is not yours;
you are like the birds, who do not know how, but you live.
32. It is time of justice and ordeals. The time of tolerance when
you had everything has passed. Accumulate merits in your trials, and
in fairness I will grant you light and peace for your spirit, and
whatever you need on Earth, will be given to you besides.
33. How much suffering I behold in your world! Childhood is
already familiar with the cup of bitterness, and soon their heart is
hardened. The flowers are withered in full youth; their hair
prematurely becomes gray. I receive your tears as a present; they
call at the doors of My charity and I open them to fill you with hope
and peace.
34. Do you not feel that you have returned to life? You have left
your complaint and your confession in Me, knowing that you are
heard and comforted, for I am the resurrection and the life.
35. Today you come under the cloud of My promise to receive
shade, your spirit is illuminated with the splendor My lessons give
you.36. You are living the period announced by the prophets and
seers of past eras whose spirits today behold the fulfillment of the
Divine Word.
37. If you were spiritually prepared, you could behold in the
infinite multitudes of spiritual beings who before your gaze would
resemble an immense white cloud, and when those messengers or
envoys would move from there, you would see them approaching as
flashes of light toward you.
38. Your spiritual vision still is not penetrating, and that is why I
have to speak to you from the Hereafter, from all that which you
cannot contemplate yet; but I say to you that the time will come
when all of you will be seers and will rejoice yourselves before that
marvelous existence that today you feel distant, but in reality,
vibrates near you; it involves and illuminates you, it inspires you
and calls incessantly at your doors.
39. This Doctrine brings the mission of sensitizing all the
dormant fibers in your being, in order for man from this mansion to
catch a glimpse of the light of the Kingdom awaiting him.
40. Many centuries of materialism weigh over Mankind, but
that is not its destiny; man is not condemned to eternally ignore the
superior life; if he still ignores many of the splendors of Creation, it
is not because God has concealed them, rather his love for the world
has blinded his spiritual eyesight; but he shall open them to the
light, and then will realize that his Father has always sought him to
reveal to him the contents of the Book of the True Life.
41. How strong men will be when they unite with their brethren
who dwell in the Realm of light; but in order for that to happen,
Humanity still should drink much bitterness!
42. Suffering will be the cup of grief that will give back to men
sensitivity, nobleness, cleanliness and spirituality; but truly I say to
you that it will not be your Father who will offer you that cup; you
have been those who have filled it and who will drink it, so you may
get to know the taste of the fruit of your deeds, and after that
judgment you can arise to a true life, whose path will be illuminated
by the light of your conscience.
43. Beloved laborers, have you made a self-examination before
offering Me your fruit?
44. Why do I see lamenting in you? Why do tears show in your
eyes? It is because you are not satisfied with what you have done.
45. Do not fear disciples, I am receiving your tribute of love,
each one of your charitable deeds and even those tears that you have
shed. Lean your head on Me, rest while listening to My gentle word,
and you will be healed from all your wounds.
46. Delicate is the task I have entrusted to you, and it is
precisely when you listen to My voice that you understand it better;
the fact is that you compare the perfection of My teachings with the
humility of your deeds, and it is then when you find them small and
unworthy of Me; however, I say to you that concerning the purity or
lack of it in your deeds, only your Father is able to judge.
47. You are before a people who day by day seeks you in
demand of balsam, advice, light and comfort, and sometimes you
are afraid not to be offering them what I have entrusted to you.
48. I am pleased for your concern and zeal, for that will allow
you to evolve in your evolution, with which you will get to develop
and manifest all the gifts I have given you.
49. Do you long to perfect yourselves? Hear My lessons
attentively; no one will be able to correct you with the love, wisdom
and tenderness with which I do.
50. Do you wish to cleanse your blemishes? Allow My charity
to touch you with My wise and perfect justice.
51. I do not reprimand or denounce you before your brethren; I
know how to reach each spirit with My light and know how to speak
to him from near in a low, but profound voice to each heart.
52. There will be days when My Word will be manifested more
severe, for while the more time you have been listening to My Word
and receiving My mandates, the greater your responsibility will be.
If you wish for the Master not to speak to you in a severe tone, it can
be avoided in your fulfillment, by being obedient to My orders, not
materializing yourselves with this blessed manifestation and being
untiring sowers of charity, light and peace.
53. Let it be My word that will cleanse you of blemishes and
impurities and not wait for suffering to purify you. There, in the
depth of My Word, you will be able to find all you need to
understand the perfect form of practicing My Doctrine and to have
faith in complying with your restitution.
54. Keep in mind that if you take a transcendental step in the
road toward spirituality, behind you will come the generations who
will obtain a greater progress; you will remain as firm foundations
so that above them your brethren will arise filled with faith.
55. You will form within My Work a new apostleship; be
inspired in the exalted examples of those who followed Me during
the Second Era; however, if you acknowledge that some of them had
moments of weakness which made them be at fault, try not to fall
into those errors. Do not harbor the fears of Peter, so you may never
deny Me, nor encourage dreams of glory or earthly greatness in
order not to exchange My Work for miserable coins, as Judas
Iscariot; neither will you ever doubt of My presence, like Thomas, in
order not to be painfully repentant.
56. Know that I love you, since in each one of My words I
reveal that love, but do not forget that I would also reach a point of
touching you severely to make you relinquish your errors or, your
stubbornness in something that would be improper of My disciples.
What do you lack in order to be My good disciples? You have
everything; embrace your cross, carry it with love, for in it you will
elevate yourselves toward the light awaiting your spirit when your
mission has been completed.
57. Your rejoicing is greater when you contemplate that My love
prepares new faculties through whom I will give you My Word,
because you realize that the manna will not be lacking in the
wilderness. This word will be a sustenance that will give you
strength to reach the very gates of the Promised Land.
58. You are praying, o My people, My voice separates you from
the world and helps you to elevate yourselves. How many times you
have to await the moment when My ray descends among you in
order to pray, for previously you had not managed it. Behold how at
the same time that your spirit purifies itself, it is feeling My
presence nearer. The time has already passed when you felt Me
distant, when you had Me as a King incapable of descending to you,
for you judged yourselves as unworthy and miserable. That is why I
have come during three eras to make Myself completely known by
man.59. Today I have said to you: Be prepared so you may feel My
love and be able to reach and understand Me. He who has known
how to spiritualize himself, discovers My footsteps anywhere, and at
every moment feels My presence in him.
60. Come tirelessly to hear Me; I give you the necessary
weapons with which you can overcome the obstacles and bad
influences that might obstruct your steps. Master the world,
overcome your own selves and you will reach Me; struggle, for I
will not abandon you in your efforts.
61. It has not been by chance that has brought you to listen to
Me during this period; it has been My charity which selected you
from the multitudes, for I recognize you spiritually as the first-born.
It has been some time since My Law and My justice descended upon
you. Within you was the law of the prophets and the blood of the
Lamb; today in you is the light of My Holy Spirit that is clarifying
mysteries for you. In past times I formed a people with your spirits,
a people who during this period, while being incarnated, are
invisible among Mankind. Today you will not be united by races,
blood, names, tribes, not even will one know where the other one is,
and nevertheless, you will be united in spirit. Only My penetrating
gaze will discover you, but not the gaze of Caesar. Who will be able
to find you to confine you toward bondage, toward captivity?
62. If I have named you first born, do not expect anyone to
kneel before you; you will humiliate no one. Only I know who is
first and who is last along this path, but since I have inherited you,
you will also inherit your brethren. Be united in spirit, in intuition,
in thought; spread bonds of love and good will among one another,
then you will be strengthened and no one will humiliate you again.
Pharaohs, kings, Caesars and executioners were over you in
previous times during moments of weakness of My people. Who
will oppress you during this period if you do not weaken? You have
no need to deny anyone in order to comply with My Law. You will
not reject men of science or ministers of any sect or religion. Your
mission is reduced to make known the revelation that I have brought
to you. I speak to you in this manner, for when I created you I
deposited in your being My seed of perfection. I want you to be like
Me through your deeds. Do not be satisfied in being similar to My
Divinity by possessing spirit, intelligence, conscience and other
attributes, for all that is My Work.
63. It will not be I who comes to offer you a fruit and say to
you: Eat of this and you will be like gods. I have said to you: Eat of
this bread so you will live within My grace. But why has not man
reached a likeness of His Master through his deeds? Because
spiritually and morally he has deformed himself in materialism, and
while he has the longing for the grandeur of the Earth, he will not be
able to possess the Promised Land.
64. I said that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a
needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, and if
someone asks Me if he who was wealthy is condemned to ever
rejoice with the delights of My Realm, I say to him that when that
heart would deprive himself of his greed, his egotism and his
materiality, he would cease to be the miserly rich and then he would
be able to enter My Kingdom. My justice never condemns anyone
and much less eternally. The fire of which the Scriptures speak is the
inexorable conscience that will burn like fire until it purifies the
spirit of all blemishes, and that fire ceases when the trace of sin has
disappeared. Understand that it is not I who dictates your sentence,
but you yourselves.
65. The time when you penetrate is when you discover the
treasure of the one who bequeathed My charity to each being and
that no one on Earth taught you to discover; instead these lessons
were prohibited and concealed to you by men, fearful that you
would get to know yourselves; however, I have come, knowing that
along the road of the spirit and the conscience, no one will be lost,
thus encouraging you to continue seeking, studying and knowing
your being, which is. a start for you in finding and knowing Me.
Who will prevent you from beholding your inner selves? Who will
know the moment of your spiritual communion with Me? Who will
be able to close your eyes to the light of Truth?
66. You are finding your own selves and through the spirit you
are receiving the revelation of the spiritual life. Who among those
who have awakened and beheld this light can make an attempt
against his own spirit? Who would dare to deprive their body of its
existence, having the intuition of what the Hereafter is? Know that it
has not been by chance that you have been sent to Earth. Nothing is
done without My will. I have sent you in order for you to be
guardians of peace, which you will share with your brethren by
means of the prayer, your word and thought, when you communicate
from spirit to Spirit with My Divinity.
67. Behold war, hunger, pestilence and death as a gloomy
procession that goes from city to city sowing mourning, desolation
and destruction. Fight against war, you have the weapons of love
and charity. From this world, you can be subjects of My Realm of
peace by loving one another.
My Peace be with you!