BTL - Volume 3 - Teaching 61

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Book of True Life - Volume 3

Teaching 61:
1. While My ray of light descends among you, the angels are in
unity with your spirit in prayer and homage to the Father.
2. The fear of My justice has inspired the fervor of these people,
seeing that the elements become unleashed during these days of
trial. Why are you fearful? Have I not taught you to pray and shield
yourselves through faith?
3. Behold that the elements are manifesting the fulfillment of
the prophecies of past times. If it has been your turn to live and
witness these events, do not be frightened before the will of your
Father; everything serves to purify you.
4. To each one of you I am entrusting a portion of hearts to
guide them with your words and your examples; but if you weaken
in your ordeals, what confidence can you inspire to your brethren
regarding My teaching? Among the multitudes that follow you are
hardened hearts who only through your good deeds will they be able
to be moved and be converted to My Doctrine.
5. Live an the alert and be sensitive because at each step and in
any place I will present to you someone in need, and you should not
pass by him with indifference without feeling his need. Also those,
whom you only see once in your lifetime, form a part of your
portion; they will recognize you in the Hereafter.
6. Do not look at scenes of suffering just out of curiosity; be
inspired always by the most noble feelings so that your deeds may
express true charity and convey hope to your brethren; do not avoid
a hospital, or be horrified at a leper, or by a mutilated person or one
who has been affected by any contagious disease; do not regard a
prison with contempt or repulsion or pass near it without elevating a
prayer for those within it. Extend your hand lovingly toward those
who have fallen, those who have been forgotten by Mankind. How
much good you will do to their spirit!
7. Strengthen your heart for the struggle. I do not want weakling
warriors in My ranks; your presence along the pathway of your
brethren can mean for them salvation, liberation, health and peace.
8. Soon I will lift My Word from among you and those who
have not wanted to carry it within their heart, will keep waiting until
suffering comes to purify them. How can they give testimony of My
new manifestation if they are not prepared?
9. If during the Second Era My Living Word spoke through the
child Jesus before the doctors of the law, making them speechless in
the face of My questions and surprising them with My answers,
verily I say to you, that during this Era My Word will come before
the new doctors, theologians and scholars to interrogate and answer
them and for this reason, it is necessary that you prepare yourselves.
I will send you to give testimony to Mankind, and if men do not
believe you, I will tell them: "If you do not believe My emissaries
because of their poorness and their humility, believe them through
their miracles." The deeds of My disciples shall be accompanied by
signs of Nature and in the life of the people who will make Mankind
meditate in the truth of My Doctrine.
10. I do not want those marked ones after their earthly journey,
to return to the Spiritual Realm enveloped in darkness. I want to
receive them full of light, of fortitude and of love in order to send
them in spirit as an invisible army that will cleanse the pathways,
liberate the captive ones awakening those who sleep in ignorance, in
pride or in vices. What will become of those who having received
the mark of the Holy Spirit present themselves without enlightenment
and without merits in the Hereafter? Will the Father send them
among His legions of light or will He make them reincarnate again
so that they can come to cleanse their impurities?
11. Truly, truly I say to you: you do not know what times await
Mankind upon this Earth, nor shall you wish to come to dwell here
during those days.
12. Withdraw, withdraw from sin because My sword of justice
comes relentlessly to destroy evil. I will help those who struggle for
their salvation and I will help with My charity those who weep for
the errors of men. Yes, My people, there are men and women who
are watchful to remain in virtue, in righteousness, and parents who
pray so that their children will not deviate from the right path.
13. I advise you to do a penance well understood, the one that
will not deprive you of anything, which shall be beneficial for the
spirit and the flesh, but in which you will have to free yourselves
from all that is harmful, even though it may seem healthful and
pleasant to you, and even though this abstention signifies a sacrifice.
14. Wherever you step upon, leave a trace of love and charity,
so that whomever passes by will receive the light, then you will
certainly be imitating your Master. Verily I say to you that one of the
most profound imprints that you leave in the heart of your brethren
is that of forgiveness for offenses you have received.
15. Your heart has opened filled with humility to confess before
his Lord, and I, who am the One to whom all the offenses fall upon,
I grant you My forgiveness as a gentle breeze of peace which calms
your spirit and fills your heart with hope. What more can your spirit
wish for in the exile in which he finds himself?
16. The Father speaks to you from His Kingdom. Mary covers
you with her mantle and Elijah is watchful over you; learn to respect
the grace that has been granted to you.
17. Here is the Book of the True Life opened before your eyes,
so that you will not walk in darkness. If I endowed you with a spirit,
it is most natural and just that he will be shown more than what
Nature can teach him. A spirit cannot live in ignorance within My
Creation since he is superior to what surrounds him.
18. I thirst not only for your love but for your comprehension.
19. Accept with spiritual elevation the trials and vicissitudes of
life so that they can be beneficial for your spirit, because truly I say
to you, that through them you will clearly understand many
teachings of your Father.
20. Accept your destiny; be satisfied with what you possess,
have patience. Why do you sometimes lose your calm and you
despair? It is because you forget your beginning as well as the debts,
which you must restitute.
21. Allow your spirit to understand and be satisfied with his
restitution, and you will feel that the light will penetrate within your
inner self, filling you with hope, strength and happiness.
22. Know that it was not My will that you should weep, nor
does it please Me to see tears in your eyes; but on seeing that your
spirit who arrived clean on Earth, has been blemished with the sins
of the world, I allowed for him to purify himself so that he could
return to Me. If the ignorant complains about My justice and the
weak perishes, they have been forgiven; but you, who have listened
to this Word, who have received this Law, cannot despair or
blaspheme, unless you extinguish the light of your faith and fall into
confusion. Do you not believe that if you failed in that manner it
would be like blemishing this white sheet I have granted you, or,
like throwing far away from you the bread that I offered you with so much love?
23. Do not weaken, do not become ill again or permit anyone to
take away the gifts that I am teaching you to develop; know how to
take advantage of the teaching and the strength that I give you so
that you may transform the bitterness and suffering into peace and
love; if in the bosom of Your home there is discord, it must be that
you have not known how to put into practice My lesson of love.
24. While you listen to me you feel secure, but as soon as you
leave the house of prayer, you feel besieged in many ways. Is it I
who tempts you, makes you fall or who wishes you to lose
yourselves? Disciples, if I have permitted temptations to exist, let
them test you; your mission is to resist with faith until you convert
darkness into light. If I place along your way the one who has been
at fault, it is not to make you fall, but for you to save him; pray,
realizing that you are in the period of struggle for the spirit and that
you must comply with the precept that tells you to "Love one another".
25. Be active, do not slumber, or do you want to wait for the
persecutions to surprise you sleeping? Do you want to fall into
idolatry again? Do you expect for strange doctrines to come and
impose upon you by force or fear? Be on the alert, because from the
East false prophets will emerge confusing the people; be united so
that your voice may resound all over the world and alert Mankind in time.
26. To help you in your unification, I am making Myself felt
among you under many forms to make you realize the time in which
you live. But how few are those who, feeling My presence, are able
to say: It is the Father! Men slumber spiritually; you, who hear Me,
have awakened, but still do not rise to awaken the others.
27. From the inside of these humble houses of prayer the new
message for Mankind will emerge; from them, the multitudes will
surge, carrying on their lips the testimony of their regeneration and
their spiritual progress.
28. How impoverished these houses of prayer have been
materially, but their greatness has been spiritual! These places where
you have listened to My Word, are like a corpulent and leafy tree,
whose shade has been healthful; their presence have instilled peace
and confidence and their fruits have nourished you. They have given
shelter to the adulterer, the infanticide, the addicted in vice, the sick,
those who soiled their hand with the blood of their fellowman, the
destitute, those Who hunger for love; in everyone the tears have
flowed, prayers have been elevated and words of gratitude have
been heard. Step by step, in these houses of prayer these people have
been purified through tears and prayers.
29. Now Humanity purifies itself amidst great afflictions; war
has extended its influence all over the world and the weak man has
yielded. Today, rivers of blood flow, nations rise against nations, the
very mothers induce their sons to war. The consequences will come
later; pestilence, hunger and death; there will not be a single place
free from that destruction; rare diseases will appear, leprosy will be
widespread as well as blindness. The sun will feel like fire, the
fields that yesterday were fertile, will become barren and the waters
will be contaminated. For that reason, you should prepare yourselves,
because My signal will not be enough to be saved. How
many who are not of My marked ones, will manage to find the road
to salvation! Be watchful and pray.
30. Verily I say to you that if in this period you listen on Earth to
My Word through a human faculty, in other mansions it is also
heard, although through other channels, by other means. However,
you will know about those marvels until you enter the spiritual life.
31. Who has not felt uneasiness about the life of the Hereafter?
Who among those who have lost their dear ones in this world has
not felt an eagerness to see them again or at least know where they
are? You will know all of this; you will see them again, but you
should earn merits now, because it might be that when you leave this
Earth, you will ask in the Spiritual Realm where are those whom
you expect to find, and you will be told that you cannot see them
because they are in a higher level; do not forget that a long time ago
I told you that in the house of the Father there are many mansions.
32. Eat the bread of My Word so that sorrow and pain can be
removed from your heart and you will have a foresight of the eternal
life. I give you a little of that peace.
33. Hear me once again, withdrawing from your mind the bad
thoughts that the world inspires and thus you will be able to
penetrate with preparation into the spiritual teachings that I come to
reveal to you. Here, in this instant of your elevation, at that moment
in which you strive to concentrate in the deepness of your heart, is
when the impulses of the flesh are reflected in your spirit. When will
you allow the attributes and beautiful things of the spirit to be fully
reflected in your body?
34. Purify yourselves so that you may feel Me, withdraw your
materialism little by little, leave the false deities which inhabit
within those unhealthy pleasures, in the vanities and superfluous
ambitions; dominate your passions which come to tempt you and
say to them as Christ did in the wilderness. "Do not tempt your
Lord, for it is He whom you shall worship".
35. I also come to remind you that I taught you to offer a tribute
to God and another to Caesar, because I see that you are offering it
all to Caesar. Meditate for a moment each day, for inexorably the
hour will come when you will hear My voice which will call you to
judgment, and it will be then when your spirit must respond about
himself and his physical body. Do not be fearful of Me at that
moment, I am not unjust; be fearful of yourselves.
36. If I have shown you on Earth that I am your benefactor,
loving and forgiving you, do you believe that on reaching the
Spiritual Realm you will find that I have changed?
37. If I search for you and follow you with so much eagerness, if
I speak to you and even lower Myself to where you are, it is because
I do not wish that on leaving this world you become lost in the
infinite; that you remain without enlightenment; that while looking
for Me you may not find Me, and that being very close to you, you
will feel Me very distant, and you cannot hear or contemplate Me.
38. Hear My lessons and put them into practice. Blessed are
those of you who though living in the midst of hardships,
vicissitudes and bitterness still intercede for those who weep; you
forget about yourselves and pray for peace among nations, because
those who act in that manner will find the path of light which leads
toward the realm of perfection, and in the hour of their judgment
their burden will be light.
39. I have come to lavish your spirit with benefits. Even the
needy who complained about not being able to perform charity,
having nothing to give, now realize that spiritually he has an
inexhaustible wealth.
40. I am speaking to you through a faculty, very worthy of My
Divinity: Man, and truly I say to you that this communication has
never been interrupted. I am the Eternal Word who has always
spoken and shall speak to His very beloved children.
41. According to the density of the darkness in the world, so is
the intensity of the light that I convey so that Mankind may know
the right path. If you were already prepared, how much would you
rejoice, feeling My presence at every step, in each place and in each
being. You would feel Me within your heart, you would hear me
within your spirit, you would behold Me in all My deeds, even in the
most insignificant ones. Today Mankind exclaims: "0! My God, how
dark are the pathways of the world!" without realizing that Elijah,
the Envoy of the Third Era, has illuminated the paths with My light
and that in them you will clearly see the imprints of My blood.
42. My Kingdom has come against your kingdom; I have come
to wage war against the world, but no one be disturbed, because My
sword is of love and My legions are armed with peace and
enlightenment. The enemies of My Realm will fall discouraged by
the universal force of love, and those enemies could not be My
children, but rather their imperfections, their disobediences, their
sins, which I will cause to disappear.
43. How could I take up your weapons of hatred and death to
exterminate you? Could I be the destroyer of My own children? Is
this conceivable in God? Verily I say to you: Behold your King
without a crown, without a scepter and without a mantle. Scrutinize
My Word and judge Me through it if you wish. I say to you that My
Realm has come closer to you in this period to teach you the
communication with your Father, from spirit to Spirit.
44. You are the travelers who will be allowed to contemplate the
New Jerusalem, the white and luminous city that is not found on
Earth, because it is spiritual. Carry on, persevere in faith, travel
along the pathway filled with bitterness and rugged ground, until
you reach the great door where you will behold Me; there I will
receive you and show you the greatness of My Kingdom which is
the power of My Glory, and to help you reach it I give you My
comfort of love.
45. Today you seek My Word to strengthen your spirit, because
you realize that it is the propitious time to enter the path of
spirituality. Each man carries that path outlined within his heart; it
only remains for him to find it. My love has come to demonstrate its
power to all My children and My light has not left anyone in
46. Thousands and thousands of beings live in desperation and
distress but the moment will come when you will see them emerge
to the light, because their pain is leading them toward the road of
eternal life. My light descends upon Mankind as a Divine inspiration,
but then the doubt surges in men, and they do not believe that
it is the voice of the Father that calls them, and the fact is that they
still have not understood in what Era they find themselves.
47. My seed, which is of love, truth, charity, health and peace, is
predestined for anyone who wishes to sow it.
48. You, who hear My Word through a human faculty, are not
the only ones who receive spiritual messages. I know where some
others of My new disciples are; those who with love prepare
themselves to receive through inspiration My Divine thoughts and !
intuitively know what period this is. You must know that I did not
grant everyone the grace of receiving My light or that of the
Spiritual Realm, through a human cerebrum; some have been
prepared in a certain way, others in another; however, all will
coincide in the truth which is only one; all will recognize one
another through spirituality, in the deeds of love and charity toward
your brethren.
49. Mankind would like to have the visit of a new Messiah who
would save them from the abyss, or at least to hear the humanized
voice of God vibrating in the wind, and I say to you that it would
suffice for you to observe a little, or to withdraw your spirit into
meditation to give it sensitivity, so that you would hear how
everything speaks to you. If you think it impossible that the stones
speak, I say to you; that not only the stones but everything that
surrounds you speaks to you of your Creator, so that you will
awaken from your dreams of grandeur, of pride and materialism.
50. This is the sunset of an Era and the dawn of a new period;
the light of daybreak is already appearing, when the shadows of the
night have not yet dissipated; the miracle is before your eyes and
still you do not perceive it because of your hardness of heart. How
will you enter into meditation if you have not yet repented from
your faults?
51. You have familiarized yourselves with wickedness and vice
which surrounds you; you regard murder, the dishonor and adultery
with naturalness; you combat virtue, and on the other hand you
disguise vice to make yourselves apparently cleansed before the
eyes of your brethren.
52. Truly I say to you that from this darkness Mankind will
emerge to the light; however that step will be slow. What would
become of men if for an instant they would realize all the
wrongdoing they have caused? Some would take leave of their
senses while others would put an end to their lives.
53. O My people, do not wait to find yourselves in spirit to rise
and convey to the world the news of my manifestation among you;
these news will reach the heart of Mankind, and that will be the
beginning of spirituality.
54. When men have regenerated themselves, they will feel My
presence and My love within their heart.
55. O! My children, you cannot imagine the Divine longing with
which I approach your heart! I come to converse with you, to rejoice
Myself seeing you around My table. If you still have not yet learned
to elevate yourselves to Me, I descend to you. I shall never cease to
love you; I will never tire contemplating you with tenderness.
56. This form of listening to Me through a human interpreter
will end and the hour will sound when the Father shall ring the bell
to call you to congregate and listen to this Word for the last time.
57. The year of 1950 approaches when you will cease to hear
Me; do not believe that when the echo of the last stroke of the bell
has subsided a rest for these people will follow; on the contrary, that
will be the first moment of your struggle, of the great journey which
you are about to initiate.
58. Today you are alike My disciples of the Second Era,
surrounding the Master, listening to His Doctrine and observing His
Works; the Master was the One who spoke to the multitudes, who
performed miracles among the needy, the One who guided and
corrected and the One who defended them; but He had announced
His parting to them, and they knew that they would remain in the
world like sheep among wolves.
59. How they feared that hour! And when the moment of
separation came, they remained alone on Earth, but the Master
accompanied them from His Kingdom; His Spirit encouraged them
at every moment and fulfilled to them up to the last of His promises.
60. Why do you, who know that this form of communication
will end, wait with indifference that year of 1950? Why do you, who
already feel weary, believe that after that period you can lie down
and go to sleep? Keep in mind that today you are simply beginners
who afterwards shall become teachers. However, do not fear the
fulfillment of your mission; remember that when I was among my
disciples during that Era, they were also beginners in My teaching.
61. On a certain occasion I said to Andrew, who was one of My
twelve apostles. "Do you have faith in Me?" "Yes Master", he
answered Me. Do you believe that in My name you may be able to
heal the sick? "Yes Lord, I believe I can do it. "Fine!" I said to him.
"Go forth along that road that leads to Jericho and on it you will find
a sick person; anoint him in My name and bring Me news."
62. Andrew embarked upon his journey and along the way he
found the sick one who was a leper, and he said to him: "In the
name of Christ, My Lord and Master, be healed." But the leper
looked at him sadly without feeling any cure whatever. For the
second and third time Andrew pronounced My name but the sick
one was not healed. The disciple returned to Me troubled, and
weakly said to me: "Master, the sick one is not cured, he has not
been cleansed from his leprosy; my faith in you has not been
enough, but I have realized that what you do, we cannot do, besides,
the illness of that man is incurable."
63. Then I said to him: Andrew, follow Me, and I took him to
where the sick one was, whom I simply touched with My hand and I
said to him: Be healed. The leper was cleansed instantly.
64. Ashamed and at the same time amazed, Andrew asked Me
how could that be possible, to which I answered him that charity
performed miracles, that he was unable to do it because he was
doubtful of this power and was fearful of touching the leper.
Nevertheless, afterward, how many sick people My beloved disciple
Andrew healed, and among them those with leprosy.
65. I want to make you understand that during this period of My
preaching, you are developing your gifts, and when you are about to
err, I correct you; however, your better fruits will come after you
have listened to Me.
66. The spirit will not leave on Earth anything pending or
67. Only a few are hearing what I am telling you; nevertheless,
it will reach all hearts. Just as My Word of the Second Era was
spread throughout the face of the Earth, that of this period will be
like a fertile watering of the seed that I previously sowed.
68. Do not believe that you are the only means to make My Law
known to men; but it is necessary that you fulfill the mission that
corresponds to you, because you are within My Divine plans. Do not
be intimidated by slander or humiliation; bear in mind the road that
your Master traveled on Earth. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.
I am the Door.
69. It is time for you to make My Doctrine shine with your
deeds, so that My name can resound to the most concealed corner of
the Earth; some will be forerunners of others, just as Elijah has been
My forerunner in all the Eras.
70. If you come along My path, you will not feel weariness or
arrive tired before Me; along this road I have come to spread My
light with this Word which I give you through a spokesman, a word
which you will soon cease to hear. Engrave deeply the trace of your
footsteps along this path, so that tomorrow people will do you
justice in considering you as My good disciples, and your example
will serve as a stimulant to those who come later; I will wait for you
in eternity, therefore, it will never be late to reach Me.
71. In My blood you will cleanse your blemishes, because, what
does My blood signify, if it is not My love? I expect to see you
dwelling in My bosom, upon the highest step of the ladder of
perfection, after having crossed the arid and desolate wilderness of
your restitution, after having overcome the crossroads of your
passions, and after having saved you from the waves of an enraged
sea; the suffering and struggles will pass on and finally you will
reach the mansion where the true peace exists, that happiness not
foreseen by the human heart, and where the light of infinite wisdom
My Peace be with you!