BTL - Volume 3 - Teaching 61

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Book of True Life - Volume 3

Teaching 61:

1 When My Divine Ray comes down to you, the angels unite with your soul in prayer and devotion to the Father

2 The fear of My Justice has increased the fervor of this people when they experience that the forces of nature are unleashed in these days of trial. Why do you despair? Have I not taught you to pray and to arm yourselves with faith?

3 Remember that the forces of nature show you the fulfillment of the prophecies of the past times. If it is your destiny to witness and look upon these events, do not be frightened by the will of your Father. Everything serves to purify you.

4 To each one of you I entrust a number of hearts to guide them by his word and example. But if you become weak in the trials - what trust can you instill in your brothers regarding my teaching? - Among the people who follow you, there are hearts of stone where only with good works can they be moved and converted to My teaching.

5 Live awake and be sensitive, for at every step and in every place I will bring to you a needy man and you must not pass by him without feeling his need Also those whom you see only once in your life belong to the flock entrusted to you. They will recognize you in the hereafter.

6 Do not look only out of curiosity at images of pain. Always be inspired by the noblest feelings, so that your works may contain true charity and bring comfort to your brothers. Do not avoid a hospital, and do not be horrified by a leper, a cripple, or one who is afflicted with some contagious disease. Do not look upon a prison with contempt or reluctance, and do not pass it without praying for those who are in it. Stretch out your hand with love to those who have fallen, to those who are forgotten by men. How much good you will do them in their souls!

7 Steal your heart for the fight! I will not have weak soldiers in My ranks. Your presence in the way of your brothers can mean salvation, liberation, health and peace for them.

8 Soon I will finish My Word among you, and those who would not carry it in their hearts should be prepared that pain will wear them down. How could they bear witness to My new manifestation if they are not prepared.

9 If in the Second Time My Word, through the child Jesus, spoke to the teachers of the Law, causing their lips to be silent at My questions and I amazed them with My answers, then verily I tell you, also in this time My Word will reach the new teachers of the Law, theologians and scholars to question and answer them; for this you must prepare yourselves I will send you out to give this testimony to mankind, and if men do not believe you, I will tell them: "If you do not believe My messengers because of their poverty and because of their humility, believe them for their miracles. - The works of My disciples will be accompanied by signs in the nature and in the life of the peoples, which will make mankind reflect on the truth of My teaching.

10 I do not want those who are marked to return to the spiritual valley after their earthly day's work wrapped in darkness. I want to receive them filled with light, power and love, to then send them as spirit beings to earth as an invisible army, which paves the ways, frees the captives, shakes awake those who live in ignorance, in pride or in vices. What will happen to those who, although they have received the sign of the Holy Spirit, find themselves in the hereafter without light and without merit? Will the Lord send them among His hosts of light, or must He let them incarnate anew to wash away their impurities?

11 Verily, verily, I tell you, you do not know what times await mankind on this earth, nor do you long to dwell on it in those days

12 Forsake, forsake sin, for My Sword of Divine Righteousness comes unforgivingly to destroy evil I will help those who fight for their salvation, and with My mercy I will stand by those who weep because of men's aberrations. Yes, people, there are men and women who watch to remain in virtue, in good, and parents who pray so that their children do not stray from the good way.

13 I exhort you to a well-understood penance, in which you renounce nothing that is good for the soul and the body, but in which you free yourselves from all that is harmful, however beneficial and comfortable it may seem to you - even if this renunciation means sacrifice.

14 Wherever you go, leave a trace of love and mercy, that whoever passes by may receive the light. Then you will truly take your Master as an example. Verily, I tell you, one of the deepest traces you can leave in the heart of your brothers is that of the forgiveness of insults received.

15 Your heart has opened humbly to confess its guilt before its Lord and I, on whom all insults fall, grant you My forgiveness as a breath of peace that calms your mind and fills your heart with hope What more can your soul ask for in the banishment in which it finds itself?

16 The Father speaks to you from His Kingdom, Mary covers you with her mantle and Elijah watches over you Respect the grace that has been granted to you.

17 Behold, here is the Book of True Life, which is opened before your eyes, so that you may not walk in darkness. Since I endowed you with spirit, it is most natural and most just that I should let him know a little more than what nature can teach him. A spirit must not live in ignorance in the midst of my creation, since it stands higher than all that surrounds it.

18 I am thirsty not only for your love, but also for your understanding.

19 Accept the trials and vicissitudes of life with spiritual upliftment, that they may be useful to your spirit. For verily, I say to you, through them you will clearly understand many of your Father's teachings.

20 Accept your destiny, be content with what you possess, be patient. Why do you sometimes lose your composure and despair? Because you forget your origin and also the guilt that you have to pay off.

21 Allow your soul to comprehend and agree with its atonement, then you will feel the light entering into your inner being and filling you with hope, strength, and joy.

22 Understand that it was not My will that you wept, and that I have no pleasure in seeing tears in your eyes. But when I saw that your soul, which came pure to earth, was stained with the sins of the world, I allowed it to purify itself so that it could come back to Me. When the ignorant of My righteousness curses and the weak fall, they are forgiven. But you who have heard this word, who have received this law, you cannot despair or blaspheme unless you extinguish the light of your faith and get into confusion. Do you not believe - when you are absent in this way - that it would be as if you were to stain this white sheet which I have given you, or as if you were to throw off from you the bread which I offered you with so much love?

23 Do not become weak, do not become sick again, and do not allow anyone to snatch from you the gifts which I teach you to develop Make use of the teaching and the power I give you so that you may transform bitterness and suffering into peace and love. If there is discord in the bosom of your home, it is because you have not been able to put my teachings of love into practice.

24 As long as you listen to Me, you feel safe; but as soon as you leave the meeting room, you feel tempted in many ways. Is it I who tempts you, who brings you down and who wants you to perish? Disciples, if I have allowed temptations to exist, let them serve you as a test! Your task is to resist them in faith until you have transformed the darkness into light. When I put on your path those who have been absent, it is not to bring you down, but to save them. Pray in the knowledge that you are living in the battle of the Spirit and that you must fulfill the commandment that tells you to love one another.

25 Be active, do not sleep. Or do you want to wait until the persecutions surprise you sleeping? Do you want to fall into idolatry once more? Do you wait until foreign teachings prevail by force or by fear? Be awake, for from the east false prophets will arise and confuse the nations. Unite yourselves so that your voice may echo throughout the whole globe and you may alarm mankind in time.

26 To help you in your union, I make myself perceptible among you in many forms to make you understand the time in which you live But how few are those who feel my presence and say, "It is the Lord! - Men sleep spiritually. You who hear Me are awakened. But still you do not set out to awaken the others.

27 From the inside of these humble assembly places the new message for mankind will go out; from them the multitudes shall go forth, having on their lips the witness of their renewal and spiritual progress.

28 How poor - materially speaking - these houses of prayer have been; but their greatness has been spiritual! the meeting places where you heard My Word are like a mighty and densely leafy tree whose shadow was healing Its presence has instilled peace and confidence, and its fruits have nourished you. The places of assembly have given refuge to the adulterer, the child murderer, the wicked, the sick, those who have stained their hand with the blood of their neighbor, the poor, those hungry for love. With all of them tears have flowed, they have sent up prayers, and words of gratitude have been heard from them. Step by step this people purified themselves in these places of prayer through tears and prayers.

29 Now, in the midst of great pain, humanity is purifying itself, the war has extended its influence to the whole world, and the weak man has retreated. Today rivers of blood flow, nations rise against nations, even mothers push their sons into war. After that, all the consequences will show themselves: epidemics, hunger and death. There will be no place free from this destruction. Rare diseases will appear, leprosy will spread and so will blindness. The sun will be felt like fire, the fields that were once fertile will be barren, and the waters will be polluted. Therefore you must prepare yourselves; for my sign will not be enough to be saved. How many who are not among those who are marked by Me will be saved, how many who are not among My chosen ones will find the way to salvation. Watch and pray!

30 Verily, I tell you, as you hear My Word in this time on earth through the mediation of a human mind, so it will be heard in other worlds too, though through other channels, by other means But you will only experience those wonders when you enter the spiritual life.

31 Who has not yet felt anxiety in view of life in the hereafter? Who among those who have lost a loved one in this world has not felt the longing to see him again or at least to know where he is? All these things you will experience, you will see them again. But earn merits now, lest when you leave this earth and ask in the Spiritual Valley where those you hope to find are, you should be told that you cannot see them because they are on a higher level. Remember that I told you long ago that there are many dwellings in the Father's house.

32 Eat the bread of My Word so that sorrow and pain may escape from your heart and you may have a glimpse of eternal life I give you a little of this peace.

33 Hear Me one more time and remove from your mind the bad thoughts which the world gives you, then you can enter preparedly into the spiritual teachings which I reveal to you Just now, in the moment of your spiritual upliftment, in this moment when you make an effort to gather yourselves in the innermost part of your heart, the passions of the flesh are reflected in your soul. When will you allow the qualities and beauties of the Spirit to be reflected in fullness in your body?

34 Purify yourselves so that you may be able to feel Me; step by step put aside your materialization. Abandon the false idols that dwell in the unhealthy pleasures, in the vanities, and in the useless pursuit of prestige. Master your passions that tempt you, and speak to them as Christ said in the desert: "You shall not tempt your Lord, but you shall worship him.

35 I remind you also that I taught you to give one tribute to God and another to "Caesar"; for I see that you give all things to "Caesar. Examine yourselves every day for a moment, for inexorably the hour will come in which you will hear my voice calling you to judgment, and then your soul will have to give an account of itself and its body shell. Do not fear Me in that hour, I am not unjust; fear yourselves!

36 When I have made it clear to you on earth that I am your benefactor and love and forgive you - do you believe that when you enter into spiritual life you will find Me changed?

37 When I seek you and follow you with so much zeal, when I speak to you and stoop down to where you are, it is because I do not want you to lose yourselves in infinity when you leave this world, to be without light, to seek Me and not find Me, that although I am very close to you, you feel Me very far away and neither hear nor see Me

38 Hear My teachings and put them into practice Blessed are those of you who live under great privations, afflictions and bitterness and yet pray for those who weep, forget yourselves and pray for the peace of the nations. For those who do so will find the way of light that leads to the kingdom of perfection, and in the hour of their judgment their burden will be very light.

39 I shower your minds with good deeds, so that even the needy man, who complained that he could not show mercy because he had nothing, may recognize today that he has an inexhaustible spiritual wealth.

40 I speak to you by a means most worthy of my divinity: to men, and indeed, I tell you, this union has never been broken. I am "The Eternal Word" who has always spoken and will speak to his much beloved children.

41 The denser the darkness of this world is, the more intense is the light I send to it, so that mankind may know the true way. If you were already prepared - what bliss would you feel if you felt My presence in every step, in every place and in every being! You would feel Me in your heart, hear Me in your spirit, recognize Me in all My works, even in the smallest. Today mankind is crying out, "My God, how dark are the ways of life!" without seeing that Elijah, the divine messenger of the Third Age, has illuminated the ways with My light, and that you can clearly recognize on them the traces of My blood.

42 My kingdom stands against your kingdom; I have risen up to fight against the world. But let no one be dismayed because my sword consists of love, and my armies are armed with peace and light. The enemies of my kingdom will be defeated by the universal power of love; but by these enemies I do not mean my children, but their imperfections, their disobedience and their sins, which I will make disappear.

43 How should I use your weapons of hatred and death to destroy you? could I be the destroyer of My own children? is this conceivable with God? I say to you: behold, here is your King without a crown, without a sceptre and without a robe Examine My Word, judge Me through this if you will. I tell you, My kingdom has approached you at this time to teach you spirit to spirit dialogue with your Father.

44 You are the wanderers to whom it will be given to see the New Jerusalem, the white and luminous city that is not on earth because it is spiritual Go forward, remain firm in faith, go through the way full of bitterness and hardship until you reach the great gate where you will see me. There I will receive you and show you the splendor of my kingdom, which is the power of my glory. To help you to get there, I give you My rod of love.

45 Today you seek My Word to strengthen your soul because you know that it is a favourable time to take the path of spiritualisation Every man carries the way marked out in his heart, he only has to want to find it. My love has shown its power to all my children, and my light has left no one in darkness.

46 Thousands and thousands of beings live in despair and fear. But the time will come when you will see them rising up to the light because their pain leads them on the way of eternal life. My light descends on men as divine inspiration; but then doubt arises in men and they do not believe that it is the voice of the Lord that speaks to them, and that is because they have not yet understood in what time they live.

47 My seed, which consists of love, truth, mercy, health and peace, is destined for anyone who wants to sow it.

48 You who hear my word through the human organ of the mind are not the only ones who receive spiritual messages. I know where others of My new disciples are, those who prepare themselves in love to receive My divine thoughts by inspiration and who intuitively know what time it is. Know that I have not granted everyone the grace to receive My light or that of the spiritual world through the human brain. Some have been equipped in one way and others in another. But they will all agree in the truth, which is one, they will all recognize each other by spiritualization, by the works of love and mercy for their brothers.

49 Mankind would like to see a new Messiah who will save it from the abyss, or at least hear the voice of God as a man's voice resounding in the winds. But I tell you, it would be enough to observe a little or to gather your soul in meditation to give it sensitivity, and you would already hear how everything speaks to you. If it seems impossible to you that the stones speak, I tell you that not only the stones, but everything that surrounds you speaks to you of your Creator, so that you may awaken from your dreams of greatness, pride and materialism.

50 This is the fall of an age and the dawn of a new age. The light of dawn is already appearing, even though the shadows of night are not yet dissolving. The miracle is before your eyes, but because of the hardness of your hearts you do not yet suspect it. How will you enter into inner silence if you have not yet repented of your transgressions?

51 You have become accustomed to the wickedness and vice that surrounds you. You see manslaughter, dishonor, adultery as something natural. You fight against virtue and on the other hand conceal vice to make yourselves seem pure in the eyes of your brothers.

52 Verily, I say to you, out of these darknesses mankind will find the way to the light. But this step will happen slowly. What would become of men if in an instant they understood all the evil they have caused? Some would lose their minds, others would take their own lives.

53 People, do not wait until you are in the Spiritual Valley to get up and bring the news of My manifestation among you to the world. This message is to reach the heart of men, and this will be the beginning of their spiritualization.

54 When men have been renewed, they will feel My presence and My love in their hearts

55 O my little children, you cannot imagine the divine longing with which I am approaching your heart! I come to speak with you, to delight Me by seeing you at My table. Since you have not yet learned to rise to Me, I come down to you. Never will I cease to love you, never will I tire of looking at you with tenderness.

56 This form of hearing Me through a human interpreter will come to an end and the hour will come when the Father will ring the bell to call you to the assembly to hear this word for the last time

57 1950 draws near, the year after which you will no longer hear me. Do not believe that - when the sound of the last bell has faded away - rest will come for this people. On the contrary, this will be the first moment of your struggle, of the great day's work, which you will then tackle.

58 Today you are like my disciples of the Second Time, when they surrounded the Master, listened to His teaching and observed His works. It was the Master who spoke to the multitudes, who did miracles among the needy, who guided and corrected them, and who defended them. But He had announced His departure to them, and they knew that they would be left in the world like sheep among wolves.

59 How they feared that hour! And when the moment of separation came, they were left alone on earth. But the Master stood by them from His kingdom, His Spirit encouraged them at every hour and fulfilled all His promises to them without exception.

60 Why do you, who know that this form of My Announcement will come to an end, expect that year 1950 with indifference? why do you, who already feel tired, think that after that time you can finally lean back to sleep? Remember that today you are only little children who will become masters afterwards! But do not fear the fulfillment of your task, remember that - when I was then among my disciples - they too were beginners in my teaching.

61 On one particular occasion I said to Andrew, who was one of My twelve apostles, "Do you believe in Me? "Yes, Master," he answered me. "Do you believe that you can heal the sick in My name?" "Yes, Lord, I believe I can." "Well," I said to him, "go on that way which leads to Jericho and you will find a sick man on it. Heal him in

My name and then report it to me."

62 Andrew set out on the journey, and on the way he found the sick man, who was a leper, and said to him, "In the name of Christ, My Master and Lord, get well! But the leper just looked at him sadly without feeling any improvement. For the second and third time Andrew spoke My name; but the sick man did not get well. - Deeply grieved, the disciple returned to me and said to me in a low voice: "Master, the sick man did not get well, he was not made pure from his leprosy. My faith in You was not sufficient. But I have understood that what you are doing we are not able to do. Besides, that man's illness is incurable.

63 Then I said to him, "Andrew, follow Me," and brought him to the sick man whom I touched only with My hand, and to whom I said, "Be well! The leper was instantly clean.

64 Andrew asked me, ashamed and at the same time astonished, how this could happen, to which I replied that merciful love does wonders, that he could not achieve it because he doubted this power and felt aversion to touching the leper. And yet - how many sick people, and among them how many lepers were later healed by Andrew, my beloved disciple!

65 I want you to understand that during this time of My proclamation you are developing your gifts, and that I am correcting you when you are wrong. But your best fruits will come after you have heard Me.

66 Nothing unfinished or unfinished shall the spirit leave behind on earth.

67 What I tell you is heard by only a few; nevertheless it will reach all hearts. as My Word of the Second Age spread over the whole earth, the one of this Age will be like a fertilising rain for the seed I sowed earlier

68 Do not believe that you are the only means to make My Law known to men But it is necessary that you carry out the task that is given to you; for you are a part of My divine plans. The slander or humiliation should not intimidate you. Remember the way your Lord walked on earth. I am the way, the truth and the life; I am the gate.

69 It is time that you make My Teaching shine through your works, so that My Name may resound to the most hidden corner of the earth The one will be the forerunner of the other, as Elijah has been My forerunner at all times.

70 When you walk in My way, you will not feel weariness, nor will you come to Me exhausted. I have poured out My light on this path through this word I am giving you by means of the voice bearer, a word you will soon no longer hear. Impress the trace of your steps deeply into this path so that justice may be done to you tomorrow when you are considered to be my good disciples, and so that your example may serve as an incentive to those who come after you. I wait for you in eternity; therefore it will never be too late to come to me.

71 In My Blood you will all wash away your stains of shame; for what does My Blood mean if not love?  Pain will pass away, the struggles, and finally you will arrive at home, where true peace dwells - a happiness such as the human heart has never known, and where the light of infinite wisdom shines.

My peace be with you!

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