BTL - Volume III - Teaching 63

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Teaching 63:
1. Why does your heart seize with fear when you hear My Word
as a Judge? Ah! If you would always be fearful, but not because of a
punishment, but rather for the shame of offending Me and
blemishing yourself, how much good you would obtain for your
2. I have told you that you should make yourselves worthy of
My presence under this means, that you should not close the doors
of My charity.
3. I am perfect and I expect perfection from you; only in that
manner will you reach the summit of the mountain; toward that end,
I give you the time, the light and the strength.
4. On this day that men dedicate to the memory of those who
have departed toward the Hereafter and who erroneously named it
"all souls day", I allow that those beings communicate with you in
order to give you proof that they live. They will tell you that just as
you have received spiritual missions to fulfill on Earth, they also
comply with delicate charges in the Spiritual Realm.
5. Do not weep for those beings, do not materialize them, do not
lose respect for them; allow them to communicate with you, receive
within your heart their message and their sound advise and then
allow them to go in peace toward the mansion where they dwell and
from where they are watchful over you. This grace of listening to
them shall soon pass and afterward you will only feel their presence
in your heart.
6. While I am joining you together, not only with all who
inhabit the Earth, but even with those who dwell in other worlds,
many of the nations do not feel My presence because they are
occupied in their wars; but unknowingly, they are giving fulfillment
to My Word of the Second Era, when I announced to you that I
would return when these events would take place among Mankind.
7. Arise, analyze this word with enthusiasm. What would
become of you if you did not hear it again, if before the designated
time these spokesmen would be silenced? What teaching would you
give to those who are to come, if I still have not given you all My
8. Persevere in your regeneration; be watchful, pray and study.
Hear Me as much as you wish, but do not familiarize yourselves
with My presence. Search for Me always as the Father and as the
Master, never defy My justice.
9. Behold how, by means of that atom of faith that you have,
you have realized many miracles, like this one of today, by which
you shall hear the voice of those who were your dear ones in the
10. It will not be the tombs that will open to let out those who
lie lifeless within them; it shall be the doors of the Spiritual Realm
which will allow to pass those who full of light and of life come to
let you know about their survival.
11. If any of those beings should still manifest human
tendencies or materialization, be charitable toward him and give
him light with your prayer; remember that you must help one
12. Thus, step-by-step, you are going along the road, which
ascends toward the summit of the mountain where you will arrive
when you have purity and perfection in your spirit.
13. Understand that you have Christ as a Teacher, that My Word
given through these human lips has united you and that this word is
the book of love and wisdom. Each time I bring to you a new lesson
for the enjoyment of your spirit. Today you feel joy listening to Me;
tomorrow you will feel an enjoyment practicing My teaching. It has
been said by Me that the multitudes will come to you in search of
this light and it is necessary for them to find it in your words, in
your deeds and in your life.
14. I have prepared the table and I have invited you to My
banquet; but I say to you that later it shall be you who will prepare
the table to receive your brethren thus prolonging to eternity this
feast of brotherhood and love. In this Third Era, your spirit shall
fulfill his destiny of teaching your brethren and sharing with them
all he has received from My charity. They will not be material
benefits since you are in lack of them; they shall be spiritual benefits
with which you are blessed. In order for your virtue to be believed
and your word strong enough to convince and convert, you must
remain within the righteous path. When you feel that My love has
separated you from the pathway of evil and has placed you along the
road of regeneration, strengthen your steps there and do not turn
back to the place from where you were rescued. Then when you rise
preaching regeneration, correction and perseverance within
righteousness, you shall easily be able to redeem and touch the heart
of the sinner. If you are able to cleanse your heart and your lips
during those moments of directing your words upon the hardened
heart of your brother; if during those moments you are to elevate
your thoughts to Me filled with confidence, it will be I who will
speak through you and touch with My Word the most hidden fibers
of that heart, making him feel My presence.
15. Understand that you have to transform yourselves spiritually
and materially, that many of your customs and traditions, a heritage
of your ancestors, shall have to disappear from your life in order to
give way toward spirituality.
16. Behold this humanity rushing toward an abyss, while you
still slumber in a profound sleep, in which you only seek your
tranquility and want nothing to do with what happens to the others. I
say to you once again, stop occupying yourselves with the
superfluous, in what is harmful, so that you may dedicate those
moments in performing charitable deeds, sowing My seed of love
within the spirit of your brethren.
17. This is the period My prophets beheld and announced, this
is the Era that I announced to you in My Word. Behold how one by
one those prophecies are being fulfilled. My Word of a King never
goes back, nor does it contradict itself, nor does it deny itself. Also
through these human spokesmen I have given you many prophecies,
which you have seen fulfilled one by one. I say this to you, because
the year 1950 draws near and afterward you will be left without
hearing My Word through a human faculty.
18. I speak to you with sweet words filled with love, to
convince you that you must be prepared for that great day. Blessed
are those who are confident that My word is immutable and prepare
themselves for this period, because they shall not be surprised that
this form of communication will end.
19. Listen to My voice, you can still enjoy it for some years; it is
the song of songs that vibrates in the Heavens and whose echo is
heard on Earth. When this song ceases to be heard through the lips
of My spokesmen, I will allow you to keep on hearing it in the
innermost of your heart while communicating spiritually with Me.
Verily I say to you that the time for these prophecies to be fulfilled is
now short; but I also say to you that man cannot do his will above
mine in trying to prolong My communication among you. Be on the
alert, for many will rise deceiving their brethren. You shall continue
bringing the sinners before My presence, those who have blemished
themselves through theft, adultery or through crime, not to accuse
them before their Lord, but rather to be forgiven and be separated
from their darkness and their blemishes.
20. You shall continue anointing the sick with love and in My
name with as much or greater confidence and faith that you now
have so that I can keep on performing miracles among you. That
will be the seed I shall receive and safeguard in My granaries.
21. Which one of your actions could have been perfect? Your
conscience tells you that up until now you have not had a single one.
22. Keep in mind that only what is perfect reaches Me;
therefore, your spirit will enter My Kingdom only when he has
attained perfection. You emerged from Me without experience, but
you shall return to Me adorned with the garment of your merits and
23. My people, raise your face and look up at the Heavens;
when you feel that I come as a Judge you tremble and bow your
head. Understand that the time of My spiritual communication with
man has arrived as was written.
24. Spokesmen of these people who are the instruments so that I
can talk to Mankind, listen to My Word that says: You are the
fountain, My Word is the crystalline water; allow it to overflow, but
retain its purity.
25. My orders shall descend upon these people so that My truth
is cemented. From among you will emerge the faithful writings that
will later be engraved within the hearts of men of all races. Among
you are the disciples who will compile and organize those writings.
26. My Heavenly Concert is heard on Earth so that the
predictions of the prophets and the word of Jesus be fulfilled. It has
been some time that Joel spoke to you about a period when the sons
and daughters of Israel would prophesy and would have visions and
dreams and that My Spirit would be spread upon all flesh. Verily I
say to you that this is the prophesied time.
27. Here you have My Spirit communicating through you and
My spiritual world speaking through your mouth. Here you have
men and women of all ages who penetrate the spiritual with their
vision and others who receive announcements and revelations in
their dreams.
28. This is the time when My spiritual hosts approach the world
to raise those who are to follow Me and destroy the chaff and the
evil weed of sin.
29. Seers, look at Me. You would wish to discover some form
and you do not find it; you only contemplate the clarity of My light,
because that is what I am: The Light.
30. I leave you vigilant before the light of the Sixth Seal; from it
surges the gift of speech, from there emerges this concert that you
hear within your heart and which makes your spirit tremble because
I am the Lord. Before you is the Lamb untying the Sixth Seal to
show you the pathway because the Lamb is Christ and Christ is the
31. May each one respect the place designated to the others and
have respect for himself.
32. Pray and repent. If you are hypocrites, be sincere now; if
you are imprudent, be sensible now; if you live in the rubble, rise to
the light; if you do not have Divine inspirations, hear Me and you
will be filled with light. He who is the beginning and cause of
everything created speaks and says to you: Take up the cross of love
of Jesus and come to Me.
33. My arrival has now surprised you because you were not
prepared; that is the origin of doubt of some. When someone has
elevated a question toward the infinite inquiring if this manifestation
is the truth, instantly he has received in the middle of My sermon, a
wise and loving answer which has kindled a flame of light within his
34. He who has faith, will never feel weariness or disgust
listening to Me; he can cross valleys and climb mountains each time
I manifest Myself in order to come and hear My Word.
35. He who has recognized which is the water that quenches his
thirst and the bread which satisfies his hunger will not exchange it
for anything, nor will nothing stop him from finding them. He who
feels an enjoyment listening to the Divine Master and a joy in
penetrating the eternal for an instant, does not lament leaving
worldly pleasures during those moments.
36. Disciples: There have been moments when My Word, filled
with a just demand, has seemed bitter to you; the fact is that you
have been unable to understand it, because verily I say to you that I
have not come to increase the bitterness that you gather on Earth.
37. My Divine teaching has been moving you away from the
uncertain paths, from the false pleasures and from vice; in exchange
for that it has allowed you to know and enjoy the pleasure of doing
38. I shall not leave you without an inheritance when My Word
ceases to be heard through these faculties, because I want to
preserve you in order for you to testify before the new generations
about the truth of My lessons of love, and that you become
counselors of your brethren.
39. Not everyone will know in this period the word I gave you
through a human faculty, because the moment of their awakening
has not arrived. They shall be called, but not chosen; however
tomorrow, when they are ready to follow Me, they shall again be
called and then they will be of the chosen ones.
40. The elements of Nature, in imitation of a resounding bell,
are awakening Mankind who sleeps inviting them to pray and
meditate; those who do not understand that voice is because they are
confused or deaf to the spiritual messages. Today they even attribute
these manifestations to simple phenomenon of Nature; but the
moment will come when the ministers of religions and the men of
science and of power, will ask themselves fearfully: Can it truthfully
be the justice of the Father which knocks at our doors? Can it be the
time of His presence among us?
41. I say to you that the stubbornness of man is great; he still
resists the pain and opposes My justice which touches him; however
when he humbles himself, all the human race will be gathered into
one same fold.
42. I say to you all: What are you waiting for to spread the good
news? By chance, do you pretend to go and preach among the
rubble? I am telling you and revealing all, so that you may always
have a wise answer for every question made to you by your
brethren. Behold that you will be confronted with great arguments
that will fill with fear those who are not prepared.
43. Engrave My Word and do not forget the great miracles
which I have granted you so that each one of you can be a living
testimony of My truth; then whoever scrutinizes and prods into My
Word, he will find that it does not contradict in anything of what I
said and prophesied during past eras. The struggle will be great, to
the extent that some, having been My disciples will become fearful
and deny Me saying that they never heard Me. To those who know
how to be faithful to My commandments and are able to cope with
the struggle, I shall cover with a mantle with which they will defend
themselves and they will come out unharmed from any situation. To
the one who wrongly sows this seed and profanes the purity of this
Work, there shall be a judgment, the persecution of men and
uneasiness at every moment. It is necessary for each one to become
aware of the tree he has cultivated, by the taste of its fruit.
44. I have reserved great miracles for the period of the spiritual
struggle of My people, miracles and deeds that will amaze the wise
men and the scientists; I will never forsake you to your own
strength. Do not become blinded when Mankind ridicules you, do
not forget that in the Second Era the multitudes mocked your
45. When many still wait for My arrival, My departure is
already very near; but verily I say to you that the Holy Spirit will
eternally be illuminating every mind and every spirit, because you
are already in the consummation of the times.
46. From each one I receive a present; the children present Me
their innocence, the maidens their fragrance, the mothers their tears,
the fathers their cross, the elderly their weariness. However, My
love encourages your faith; I am watchful over that lamp so that its
flame will never be extinguished.
47. During this period I did not descend to Earth as a Man to be
seen by the eyes of your physical body. That era has already passed.
This is the period when you must earn merits for your salvation.
Search for Me in the invisible and you will soon find Me. Look for
Me as the Father, as the Master, and you will have Me thus. Do not
seek Me as a servant, although I verily say to you that I have always
served you. My services require no payment, but if in some way you
wish to compensate My benefits, I can only say that you love one
another, for if you do it thus, My Work shall be crowned.
48. Do not find it surprising that being possessor of everything
created I would appear before you asking for love; I am the God of
gentleness and humility. I have not come to make a display of My
greatness, instead I conceal My perfection and My regalia to draw
nearer your heart. If you would behold Me in all My splendor, how
much you would weep for your faults!
49. Here then is the pathway, come through it and you will be
saved. Verily I say to you that it is not necessary to have listened to
Me during this period to attain salvation; everyone who during his
existence practices My Divine Law of love, and that love inspired in
the Creator results in love toward his fellowman, that one will be
saved; he will give testimony of Me in his existence and with his
50. You are listening to the Holy Spirit, but not a Spirit different
from the One who has spoken to you as Christ or as Jehovah; He is
the same One, the only One who exists, but who has manifested
Himself during the three eras in a different form.
51. In the first Era, on Sinai, your God manifested Himself and
the phase He disclosed to you was that of His Justice and His Law.
In the Second Era the same God spoke to you through Christ and He
disclosed to you a phase that you were unable to understand:it was
love, and in this era, which is the Third Era, My Holy Spirit speaks
to you from the infinite; He communicated from the spiritual with
your spirit and thus He manifests one more phase to you: that of His
wisdom, which is light for all Mankind. Why look for mysteries
where there are none? The mystery of the Trinity is clarified.
52. What inspired Me to create you? In My love, because even
before creating you I already loved you within Me. The Father loved
those who were to be His children, but He also wanted to be loved
by them. For My children I created Nature, the elements, the worlds
or mansions, so that you would enjoy the material existence and
thus begin a journey of perfection and elevation; I endowed the
spirits with a physical body where they would reflect their
sentiments and their powers, guided by their conscience.
53. To man, created and endowed in that manner, I granted him
free will; I deposited within him a page of My Law and My justice,
and I placed him in the beginning of the pathway.
54. Without that law within, man would have never recognized,
understood nor loved Me; but the conscience which has been the
light that illuminates the pathway and the voice which advises
righteousness, have made you comprehend the manifestations of the
Father up until reaching this period when the incarnated spirit will
manifest himself freely and impose himself on what is superfluous
and physical.
55. Why have I had to descend to you on three different
occasions? Because you have stumbled along the difficult journey
and I have had to come to raise you from the dust of the Earth,
because even with a full knowledge you stray from the path, and
when you lose yourselves and weep you tell Me: "Father, why do
you punish Me?" Why do you say that I am the one who punishes
you? Keep in mind that while you blaspheme, the life that I have
surrounded you with continues caressing you. Learn to live and you
will not have setbacks; that is what My Law teaches you. Do not
expect peace or a true life from the doctrines of men.
56. My judgment will reach everyone and when the moment
arrives I will ask the ministers of My Law and the men who form
doctrines: What is your harvest? And one and all will present to Me
only vanity, hatred, and not having been charitable with Mankind.
57. Before anyone, I will judge the ministers of My Law,
because that is My testament of love and wisdom for all My
children, because from it is derived the redemption of men. Woe
Betide those who have concealed these teachings in their mind
because it will be a cavern of darkness, or within their heart,
because this will only be a cave of egotism!
58. Be prepared and understand Me. He who carries the light of
the Holy Spirit will overflow with light upon everyone who is in
59. If someone feels that My Word hurts him, it is because it is
like a sword; but the wounds that it opens are of love. Tomorrow
you will understand that My Word is always just.
60. I shall call the parents of families and ask them: O parents of
Mankind, what have you done with your children? I shall judge the
teachers of Humanity among whom are philosophers, theologians
and scientists, and I will also ask them what has been the seed that
they have deposited in the heart and in the mind of their own
brethren. I will ask them to what cause did they select to serve with
the gifts that I entrusted them?
61. The heads of government of the people, nations and
kingdoms will come before My presence and I will ask them along
what pathways have they guided the human destinies and what have
they done with their peoples. I will ask for an accounting of the
bread for their brethren, of their jobs and wages, and if they would
only present to Me the greed and the vanity in their heart, and the
riches in their hands, while their people die of misery and hunger,
how great will their responsibility be!
62. The doctors shall also be called. I will ask them what have
they done with the secrets of health, which I revealed to them and
the balsam that I entrusted to them; I will ask if they have truly felt
the suffering of others, if they have learned to descend to the most
humble bed to heal with love the one who suffers. What will be the
response of those who have attained greatness, comfort and luxury
through the suffering of their fellowmen, a pain that they were not
always able to relieve? All of them will question themselves within
their heart and before the light of their conscience they will have to
answer to Me.
63. If I have revealed to you that you are part of Israel, do not
believe that I love you more than other people; why should I love
you more than others if all of you are My children?
64. Verily I say to you that if Mankind had persevered within
the Law which their conscience dictated inwardly, it would not have
been necessary to send you guides nor prophets nor would it have
been necessary for your Lord to descend among you, even to
engrave My Law in stone during the First Era, or having to become
human and die as a Man upon a cross in the Second Era.
65. If I formed a people and lavished them with gifts it was not
to exalt themselves and humiliate others, but rather for them to be
an example of submission before the true God and an example of
brotherhood among men.
66. I chose these people so that they would be an instrument of
My will on Earth and carrier of My revelations, so they would invite
everyone to live within My Law and so that all Humanity would
become the only people of the Father.
67. If these people have suffered greatly in spite of being the
chosen, it is because they believed the heritage was only for them,
that their God could not have been a God for the pagans, because
they regarded other people as strangers and did not share with them
what the Father had entrusted to them. If I separated them for a time
from other people, it was because I did not want them to become
contaminated with wickedness and materialism. However, when
they stuck obstinately to their egotism and regarded themselves
great and strong, I demonstrated to them that their power and their
greatness was false, and I permitted other nations to descend upon
them and reduce them to servitude. Kings, Pharaohs and Caesars
were their lords, when I had offered to be their Lord. The Father, in
His infinite love, again manifested Himself to His people to give
them their freedom and remind them of their mission, and during
this period I have come to deliver to them My lessons of love and it
is only My gaze that is able to discover among Mankind the sons of
Israel whom I am calling and congregating so that they may receive
the light of the Holy Spirit.
68. I have come to manifest Myself before your spirit because
the time is long gone when I spoke to you through Nature and by
means of material manifestations that you called miracles. Now you
can feel Me within your spirit as well as deep inside your heart.
69. During this Era it has not been Palestine the witness of My
manifestation because it is not a specific place that I come to seek,
but rather your spirit. I search for the people of Israel in spirit, not
through the blood but a people who have the spiritual seed that
throughout the Eras they have received by My charity.
70. Prepare yourselves, O My people, take advantage of the
times, because time is the light. The year of 1950 draws near and I
do not want that on lifting My Word, you will feel like orphans.
Verily I say to you that those who prepare themselves shall feel Me
closer; they will have great inspiration, they will heal the sick by
only praying and they will surprise people by their gift of speech.
71. You will preserve these reunions because in them I will
spread great inspirations; the gift of vision will breakout and through
your lips I shall speak to the wise, to scientists, and this prophecy
will remain written by those who have the mission of recording My
72. Men and women who listen to this Word: Do you believe in
My return among you? Do you believe in My communication
through the faculty of man? In some their ardent faith responds: Yes
Master, I believe in your presence! In others their silence responds
which says: Who knows!
73. The Master says to you: Not only will you scrutinize Me,
penetrate deep into your heart and see what has emerged from there
if words of love and truth have poured from it, you can be satisfied;
if comfort for others has emerged you can say that crystalline waters
have flowed from your fountain. If you were in a high level of
perfection, My manifestation among you would not have any reason
to be, but if your conscience complains about many imperfections,
why do you ask Me for what purpose I have come? It is necessary
for you to know that I have come seeking your spirit, that he is
predestined to perfect himself along the pathway outlined by My
charity, so that once he attains his purification, he can achieve the
happiness for which every being instinctively aspires. I come to
teach him the manner of earning merits to reach that goal.
74. Verily I say to you that the spirits of the just who dwell near
God, gained the right to occupy that place by their own deeds, not
because I gave it to them; I only showed them the way and at the
end I revealed to them the reward.
75. Blessed are those who say to Me: "Father, you are the way,
the light that illuminates it and the strength for the traveler. You are
the voice that indicates the course and encourages us along the
journey and you are also the reward for him who reaches the end".
Yes, My children, I am the life and the resurrection of the dead.
76. It suffices for you to know, as I said to you in My Word, that
the reincarnation of the spirit is truth, so that a light may be kindled
in your heart and for you to admire My loving justice more.
Compare the theories and diversified interpretations that the
religions have given these teachings and lean toward the one that
contains a greater justice and has a greater reason. But verily I say to
you that this is one of the revelations that will more deeply touch the
spirit during this period, in which there is an awakening of intuition
regarding this great truth.
77. If for telling the truth to the world, men will judge Me again,
they may do so; I will allow them to judge Me, but if they want to
touch and apprehend Me, they cannot, because I am in Spirit and
before them I am intangible and invisible.
78. You have resurrected to the true life through the miracle of
this Word; do not live with indifference nor sin anymore, like those
who have not heard Me, because then you would descend to the
level of the dead. Only I can and must speak to you this way.
79. In the second Era I announced to My apostles My new
manifestation, and when they asked Me what signs would proclaim
that period, I announced it to them one by one, as well as the
evidence that I would give to them. The signs have appeared up to
the last one; they announced that this is the Era prophesied by Jesus,
and I ask you: If this manifestation that I am giving you was not the
truth, why has Christ not appeared, in spite of the signs? Or do you
also believe that the tempter has power over Creation and over the
elements to deceive you?
80. I forewarned you for a long time so that you would not fall
under the seduction of false prophets, false Christ and false
redeemers; but now I say to you that the incarnated spirit is so bright
because of his evolution, his light and experience, that it is not easy
to give him darkness for light, no matter how much artifice it may
have. That is why I have told you: Before sending you with a blind
faith along this pathway, scrutinize however you wish. Behold that
this word has been given to all and never have I reserved a part of it
only to specific beings. Observe that in this Work there are no books
in which I would pretend to conceal some teaching. However, I also
said to you during that Second Era through the lips of John My
apostle: "If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I shall enter
within him, and dine with him and he with Me". I also taught you
the parable of the virgins so that you would keep it in mind during
this period.
81. Elijah, who would come first to prepare the pathway of the
Lord, manifested himself for the first time through a human
spokesman in 1866. Do you wish to dedicate a few moments to
investigate the signs and events that took place in all its sequence
and coincided with the period of that manifestation? Again it will be
the men of science who will study the stars, those who in ancient
times were called the wise men, those who will testify that the
Heavens have given signs that are Divine voices.
82. To you who have had the pleasure of hearing Me I say to
you: I knocked on your door and you opened it, I have dined with
you and you with Me. You beheld the brilliance of a flash and the
thunder of lightning and here you have Me.
83. Behold the Sixth Seal untied and opened before your eyes.
Who untied it? Who untied the five previous ones? It was not
Moses, nor Elijah nor any patriarch. It was I, the Messiah, the
Living Word, the Sacrificed Lamb, because that book of wisdom is
the pathway and the life, and I have said to you that I am the Way,
the Truth and the Life.
84. I sent Elijah so he would announce to the world that the
Sixth Seal was very close to being untied, and bathed by the light of
the Holy Spirit, he descended among men as the forerunner of My
return during the Third Era. You already know how Elijah
communicated, how the Master manifested Himself, how much He
has delivered to you and taught you. I can only say to you now that
you preserve this doctrine with all its purity, that you walk along
toward regeneration and spirituality, so that My arrival in Spirit can
be believed and My Word listened with respect and love.
85. Always speak with the truth and you shall be recognized as
disciples of the Holy Spirit, because not even the brilliant whiteness
of the snow has the purity of My Word. The reflection of the sun
upon the mountain snows hurts your eyes, but the Divine light does
not hurt nor blinds the spirit.
86. Listen to Me, I am Christ the living Word of the Father. I do
not come to destroy anything of what was revealed since the first
eras. My Law is the same, it is the Law of love. The forms may
change, but not the essence; that is why I have told you that just
because you hear My Word through human beings, should you doubt
87. Here again is the pathway before your eyes; begin to elevate
your spirit; say to yourselves with intimate satisfaction that you are
My disciples. Who are the disciples of the Divine Master? They are
those who love their fellowmen, those who practice My Doctrine of
forgiveness, charity and unselfishness.
88. You are all infants in life and all are under the mantle of My
89. He who in his prayer says to Me: "Father, let it be thy will",
and when an ordeal surprises him, he exclaims: "Father, why do you
test me in this manner?" He still is not a disciple, but is barely a
beginner, for he has not understood the lesson. If you aspire to be
My disciples, observe the life of Jesus, your Master on Earth; behold
His obedience and submission to the Father since His childhood. He
came to the world to do the will of His Father and He experienced
humiliation, slander, the ingratitude, contempt, the pain and a
sacrifice, without forsaking the path laid out by the Eternal.
90. What will you respond about your footsteps on Earth when
you reach the presence of the Father? You knew beforehand that
each one had to answer for himself, now you know that a portion of
spirits depend upon each one of you for whom you will also be
responsible. Behold the importance of your example during your
lifetime so that tomorrow you will not have to gather bitterness
instead of an agreeable and sweet fruit. Do not forget that from
those beings that I entrusted to you, will pour out the new
generations who will have to make Spirituality flourish on Earth;
those blessed generations are a Divine promise for Mankind; you
will have the responsibility of preparing their pathway and the
dwelling and give them a welcome within an environment of
spirituality and love.
91. Will you be able to recognize them when they arrive? Will it
be necessary for you to be watchful? Will the world be able to feel
that happening? Before that you will have to raise the alarm so that
everyone will remove the thorns they have left along the road and
also the impurities so that their children will not be hurt or
blemished when they arrive on Earth.
92. O My people, I ask for your unification, so that My Divine
seed will germinate within the bosom of your family. I do not want
you to appear before Me weeping from your faults against My Law
or lamenting for the lost time; nothing will remedy your tears during
those moments.
93. I have come to speak to you during this period as if you
were cleansed children without any blemish to convert you through
My Peace be with you!