BTL - Volume III - Teaching 63

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Teaching 63:

1 Why does your heart tremble with fear when you hear my word as judge? ah, if you were always afraid, but not of punishment, but of shame, to hurt me and defile yourselves How much good you would achieve for your soul!

2 I have told you that you should make yourselves worthy of My Presence in this form of revelation, that you should not shut the gates of My mercy

3 I am perfect and expect perfection from you. Only in this way will you reach the summit of the mountain. For this I give you the time, the light and the power.

4 On this day, which men dedicate to the remembrance of those who have gone away to the hereafter, and which they wrongly call "Day of the Dead", I grant you that those beings come into contact with you so that they give you a proof that they are alive. They will tell you that just as you have received spiritual missions that you have to fulfill on earth, they also fulfill difficult assignments in the spiritual valley.

5 Do not weep for these beings, do not burden them with your material concerns, do not lack respect for them. Let them communicate with you, receive in your hearts their message and good counsel, and then let them go in peace to the world in which they live and from where they watch over you. This grace to hear them will soon pass. After that you will feel their presence only in your hearts.

6 While I unite you-not only with all who dwell on earth but also with those who live in other worlds-many of the nations do not feel My presence because they are involved in their wars. But without knowing it, they are fulfilling My Word of the Second Age, in which I announced to you that I would return when these events occur in mankind.

7 Go to work, fathom this word with zeal. What would become of you if you could no longer hear it, when these mouths fell silent before the appointed time? What teaching would you give to those who are yet to come, since I have not yet given you all My revelations?

8 Persevere in your renewal, watch, pray, and learn. Listen to Me as much as you like, but do not get used to My presence. Always seek Me as Father and as Master, never challenge My justice.

9 See how through this little faith you have had, you have obtained many miracles, like the present one, through which you will hear the voice of those who were your kinsmen in the world

10 It will not be the tombs that open to let those who are motionless in them come forth; it will be the gates of the Spirit world that let through those who are full of light and life to let you know their life.

11 If any of these beings should still express human inclinations or cravings for earthly things, have mercy on them and give them the light through your prayer. Remember that you are to help one another.

12 In this way, step by step you are going forward along the way that leads to the top of the mountain, where you will go when you have purity and perfection in your soul.

13 Understand that you have Christ as Master, that My Word given to you through these human lips has united you, and that this Word is the Book of Love and Wisdom. I give you each time a new lesson for the refreshment of your soul. Today you feel bliss when you listen to Me, tomorrow you will feel joy when you put My teaching into practice. I have said that men will come to you in desire for this light, and it is necessary that they find it in your words, in your works and in your life.

14 I have set the table and invited you to My banquet; but I tell you, later on it shall be you who set the table to receive your brethren and thus continue this feast of brotherhood and love for all eternity. In this third time, your spirit shall fulfill its destiny to teach your brethren and to share with them all that it has received from My mercy. They will not be material goods - since you lack such - they will be spiritual goods, with which you are inundated.

So that your virtue is believed and your word has power to convince and convert, you must remain on the way of good. When you feel that My love has removed you from the way of evil and has put you on the way of renewal, take firm steps there and do not return to the place from which you were saved. If you then set out to preach renewal, improvement and perseverance in good, you will easily win and move the heart of the sinner. If you know how to purify your heart and lips in the moments when you address your words to the hard heart of your brother, if in these moments you lift up your thoughts to Me with confidence, I will be the one who speaks through your mediation and touches with His Word the most hidden fibers of that heart, thus making it feel My presence.

15 Understand that you have to change mentally and physically, that many of your customs and traditions - an inheritance from your ancestors - have to disappear from your life to make way for spiritualisation

16 See this humanity plunging into an abyss while you are still in a deep sleep, seeking only your rest and not caring about what happens to others. I tell you once more that you should no longer concern yourselves with the unnecessary, with the harmful, so that you may better use these moments to do works of mercy, to sow my seed of love in the souls of your brothers.

17 This is the time which My prophets saw and announced, this is the time I foretold you in My Word Know how one after another of those prophecies are now coming true. My royal word never retreats, nor contradicts itself, nor denies itself. Also by means of these human mouthpieces I have given you many prophecies which you have seen fulfilled one by one. I tell you this because the year 1950 is approaching and after that you will no longer hear my word through the human organ of the intellect.

18 I speak to you with kind words full of love to convince you that you must prepare yourselves for this great day. Blessed are those who trust that my word is unchanging and who prepare themselves for this time because they will not be dismayed that this form of my announcement ends.

19 Hear my voice, nor can you be refreshed by it for some years It is the high song that resounds in heaven and whose echo is heard on earth. When this song can no longer be heard through the mouth of my voice bearers, I will cause that from now on you hear it in the most hidden part of your heart when you spiritually unite with me. Truly, I tell you, there is only a short time span left until then that these predictions come true. But I also tell you that man will not be able to put his will above mine by trying to extend my announcement among you. Be watchful because many will set out to deceive their brothers. You are to continue to bring sinners into My presence, those who have defiled themselves through theft, adultery or crime - not to accuse them before the Lord, but so that they may be forgiven and freed from their darkness and stains of shame.

20 You are to continue to anoint the sick with love and in My name, with trust and faith as great or greater than that which you now possess, so that I may continue to do miracles among you in the future. This will be the seed that I receive and keep in my granaries.

21 Which of your deeds has been perfect? Your conscience tells you that you have not done a single one until today.

22 Remember that only that which is perfect comes to Me That is why your spirit will only enter my kingdom when it has reached perfection. You have come forth from Me without experience, but you will have to return to Me adorned with the garment of your merits and virtues*.

* The garment of the Spirit, which must be adorned with our merits and virtues, is our soul; for the Spirit can return to the heart of God only with the garment of his purified soul.

23 People, lift up your face and look up to heaven. When you feel that I am coming as judge, you tremble and bow your necks. Understand that the time of My spiritual dialogue with man has come, as it is written.

24 Voice bearers of this people, you who are the instruments through which I speak to mankind, listen to My Word, which tells you: you are the spring, My Word is the crystal clear water Let it overflow, but keep its purity.

25 On this people My decrees will descend so that My Truth will remain firmly established From you the faithful records will go forth, which will later be imprinted in the hearts of men of all races. Among you are the disciples who will unite and order the scriptures.

26 My heavenly concert will be heard on earth so that the prophecies of the prophets and the word of Jesus may be fulfilled. Already long ago Joel spoke to you of a time when the sons and daughters of Israel would prophesy and have visions and dreams, and that My Spirit would be poured out on all flesh. Verily I say to you, now is the time foretold.

27 Here is My Spirit, which is manifested through you, the spiritual world, which speaks through your mouth Here are men and women of all ages who enter the spiritual with their gaze, and others who receive announcements and revelations in their dreams.

28 This is the time when My spiritual hosts approach the world to raise up those who will follow Me and to destroy the poisonous plant and the weeds of sin.

29 You seers, contemplate Me! You want to discover some form and do not find it. You see only the brightness of My light, for this I am: the light.

30 I am making you watch by the light of the Sixth Seal. From him springs the gift of the Word, from him rises this concert which you hear in your heart and which makes your spirit tremble, for I am the Lord. In front of you is the Lamb, who breaks the Sixth Seal to show you the way. For the Lamb is Christ, and Christ is the way.

31 Each one respect the place assigned to others, and have respect for yourselves.

32 Pray, repent; if you are hypocrites, be sincere now; if you are unwise, be prudent now; if you live in darkness, rise to the light; if you have no divine inspiration, listen to Me and you will be filled with light He who speaks to you is the origin and source of all created things, and He tells you Take the love cross of Jesus upon you and come to Me!

33 Today my coming has surprised you because you were not prepared for it; this is the reason for the doubt of some. if anyone has raised his question to the Infinite and asked if this manifestation is truth, in the midst of My teaching, he has immediately received a wise and loving answer which has kindled a flame of light in his heart

34 He who has faith never feels fatigue or weariness to hear me. He can cross valleys and climb mountains every time to hear My word when I make myself known.

35 He who has knowledge of the nature of the water that quenches his thirst, and the bread that quenches his hunger, does not exchange them for anything, and nothing keeps him from finding them. He who feels the happiness of listening to the Divine Master and the bliss of penetrating for a short time into the Eternal does not regret that during these moments he leaves behind the pleasures of the world.

36 Disciples, there have been moments when My Word, full of just reproach, has appeared bitter to you, because you were not able to understand it For truly, I tell you, I do not come to increase the bitterness you suffer on earth.

37 My divine teaching has turned you away from the uncertain ways, false pleasures and vice. For this it has caused you to know joy and to take pleasure in doing good.

38 I will not leave you without an inheritance when My Word is no longer heard through these transmitters, for I want to preserve you so that you bear witness to the truth of My love teachings before the new generations and that you may be counsellors to your brothers.

39 Not all will get to know the word in this time, which I gave you through the human organ of the intellect, because for them the time of their awakening has not yet come. They will be called, but not chosen. But tomorrow, when they are then ready to follow me, they will again be called, and then they will certainly be counted among the chosen.

40 Like a sounding bell, now the elements of nature awaken mankind, which is sleeping, and call them to pray and to reflect. Those who do not understand this voice are in error or deaf to spiritual messages. Today they still attribute these events to mere natural phenomena. But the moment will come when the clergy of denominations and the men of science and power will ask themselves full of fear: Is it really the justice of the Lord that is knocking at our doors? Is now the time of His presence among us?

41 I tell you, the stubbornness of man is great! He still does not bow to pain and rebels against My righteousness which is afflicting him. But if he bends his neck, the whole human race will be united in one obstacle.

42 To you I say: what are you waiting for to pass on the Good News? Do you want to prophesy on ruins? I say and reveal everything to you, so that you may at all times have a wise answer to every question that your brethren ask you. Consider that you are attacked with grave arguments, which fill with fear the one who is not prepared.

43 Memorize my word and do not forget the great miracles I have granted you so that each one of you may be a living testimony of my truth. then he who investigates you and ponders My Word will know that it does not contradict in anything what I have told and prophesied to you in the past times The struggle will be great, so great that some who have been My disciples will be filled with fear and will deny Me by claiming that they have never heard Me. Those who remain faithful to My commandments and face the fight, I will cover them with a cloak under which they will defend themselves, and they will survive every critical situation unharmed. Whoever sows this seed badly or whoever stains the purity of this work will be subject to judgment, persecution of men and restlessness at every hour. Everyone shall recognize the tree which he has reared by the taste of its fruit.

44 I have great miracles in store for the time of the spiritual warfare of my people - miracles and works that will astonish scholars and scientists. Never will I leave you to your own powers. Do not be unsettled when men mock you; do not forget that in the Second Time the crowd also mocked your Master.

45 While many are still awaiting My arrival, My departure is already very near. but truly, I tell you, the Holy Spirit will from now on ever enlighten every mind and spirit, for you are already at the height of times

46 From everyone I receive a gift: the children offer Me their innocence, the virgins their fragrance (of purity), the mothers their tears, the fathers their cross, the old their weariness; I am offering you My gift of purity; I am offering you My gift of love, My gift of love, My gift of love But My love enlivens your faith; I guard this lamp so that its flame never goes out.

47 In this time I did not come down to earth as man to be seen by the eyes of your body. That time is over. Now is the time in which you must earn merit for your salvation. Seek me in the invisible, and you will soon find me. Seek me as father, as master, and so you will have me. Do not seek me as servant although I tell you in truth that I have always served you. My services do not expect any reward; but if you would like to reward my good deeds in any way, I tell you only that you shall love one another. For if you do so, my work will be crowned.

48 Do not be surprised that although I am the Lord of all created things, I appear among you and ask for love I am the God of meekness and humility. I do not boast of My greatness, but rather I hide My perfection and My splendor to draw nearer to your heart. If you would see Me in all My glory - how much would you weep over your transgressions!

49 See, here is the way, walk on it, and you will be saved verily, I tell you, it is not necessary to have heard Me at this time to win salvation Everyone who in life exercises My divine law of love and transforms that love inspired by the Creator into charity is saved. He bears witness to Me in his life and in his works.

50 You hear the Holy Spirit, but not a spirit different from the one who spoke to you as Christ or as Jehovah. It is the same one, the only one who exists, but who has manifested himself in different ways in each of the three ages.

51 In the First Age, your God revealed Himself in Sinai, and the quality of His essence that He offered you was that of His righteousness and His law. In the Second Time, the same God spoke to you in Christ and revealed to you a side of His Being which you had not understood: love. And in the present time epoch, which is the Third Time, My Holy Spirit speaks to you from infinity; He communicates with your spirit out of the spiritual and thus shows you another characteristic of His being, that of His wisdom, which is light for all mankind. Why see secrets where there are none? The mystery of the Trinity has been solved.

52 What was it that caused Me to create you? - My Love. for before I created you, I loved you already in Me the Lord loved those who were to become His children, but He wanted to feel loved by them too For the children I designed nature, the forces of nature, the worlds or homes, so that you could be a part of the material life and so could begin a path of perfection and upward development. I gave the souls a material body through which they could express their feelings and their abilities, guided by conscience.

53 To the man thus procured and endowed I granted free will; in his inner being I laid the leaf of my law and my justice and placed him at the beginning of the path of development.

54 Without this inner law man would never have recognized, understood, and loved me. But the conscience, which has been the beacon that lights the way, and the voice that advises the good, has made you understand the revelations of the Father; and now you have arrived at the presence in which the incarnated spirit is to freely reveal itself and assert itself against the useless and the material.

55 Why did I have to come down to you on three occasions? Because you fell on the difficult life journey and I had to come to raise you up from the dust of the earth - because you deviate from the path with full consciousness. But when you then perish and weep, you tell me, "Father, why do you punish me? Why do you say that I have punished you? Consider that - while you blaspheme - the life with which I have surrounded you continues to give you its benefits. Learn to live, then you will not stumble: this My law teaches you. Do not expect peace or true life from the teachings of men.

56 My judgment will come to all. When the time comes, I will ask the "servants of My law" and the men who form dogmas, "What is your harvest? And the one as well as the other will show me only vanity, hostility and their lack of love for men.

57 Before all others I will judge the keepers of My law, for this is My testament of love and wisdom for all My children, for from him the redemption of men proceeds. Woe to those who keep these teachings hidden in their minds because this will be a cave of darkness - or in their hearts because it will be only a cave of selfishness!

58 Be prepared and understand me! Whoever has the light of the Holy Spirit in him, let light pour out on all (spiritually) needy ones.

59 If anyone feels that My word hurts him, this is because it is like a sword. But the wounds it strikes are those of love. Tomorrow you will understand that my word is always just.

60 I will call the family fathers and ask them: "O fathers of men, what have you done with your children? I will judge the teachers of mankind, among whom will be the philosophers, theologians and scientists, and I will ask them also what was the nature of the seed they put into the heart and mind of their own brothers. I will ask them in the service of what cause they used the gifts which I entrusted to them.

61 In My presence will come the rulers of peoples, nations and kingdoms, and I will ask them in what way they have directed human destinies and what they have done with their peoples I will demand an account from them for the bread of their brothers, for their work and daily wages, and if they offer only greed and vanity in their hearts and riches in their hands while their peoples perish from hunger - how great will their responsibility be!

62 Doctors will also be called. I will ask them what they have done with the secret of health that I revealed to them and with the healing balm that I entrusted to them. I will ask them whether they have in truth felt the strange pain, whether they have bent down to the poorest camp to heal with love him who suffers. What will those answer me who have attained splendor, well-being, and luxury with the pain of their fellow men, a pain which they did not always know how to alleviate? All will ask themselves questions in their hearts, and they will have to answer me in the light of their conscience.

63 When I have revealed to you that you are a part of Israel, do not think that I love you more than other peoples. Why should I love you more than others when you are all My children?

64 Verily, I tell you, if men had kept the Law of which their conscience admonished them within, it would not have been necessary to send you leaders or prophets, nor would it have been necessary for your Lord to come down to you, and that even in the First Age I had to carve My Law on a stone, and that I had to become man and die as a man on a cross in the Second Age

65 When I educated a people and showered them with gifts of grace, it was not so that they might be lifted up and the others humbled, but so that they might be an example of surrender to the true God and an example of brotherhood among men

66 I chose this people to be an instrument of My Will on earth and a bearer of My Revelations, so that they might invite all to live in My Law, and so that all mankind might finally form one single people of the Lord

67 This people suffered much - although it was the chosen one - because it believed that the inheritance was there only for itself, that its God could not also be God for the Gentiles, because it regarded the other peoples as strangers and did not let them share in what the Father had entrusted to them. I separated it for a time from the other peoples only for this reason, that it should not be infected by wickedness and materialism. But when it shut itself off in its selfishness and believed to be great and strong, I proved to it that its power and greatness were deceptive, and I allowed other nations to attack it and lead it into bondage. Kings, Pharaohs and Caesars were its masters, although I had offered them to be its master.

The Father in His infinite love revealed Himself anew to His people to give them freedom and remind them of His mission - and in the present time I come to give them My teachings of love; but only My gaze can discover among mankind the Children of Israel whom I call and gather to receive the light of the Holy Spirit.

68 I have revealed Myself before your spirit, for the time when I spoke to you through nature and by means of material manifestations which you called miracles has long since passed Today you can already feel Me in your spirit, as well as in the innermost part of your heart.

69 In this time Palestine has not witnessed My revelation; for it is not a particular place that I seek, but your spirit. I seek the "people of Israel for the Spirit," not for the blood, the people who possess the spiritual seed which they have received through the ages my mercy.

70 Make ready, people, make use of the time, for this time is light. The year 1950 is approaching and I do not want you to feel like orphans when I withdraw My Word. Verily, I tell you, those who are preparing will then feel Me closer, they will have great inspirations, will heal the sick by mere prayer and will surprise with their gift of the Word.

71 You are to keep these meetings, for I will give great revelations in them the gift of the spiritual face will unfold, and through your lips I will speak to scholars and scientists This prediction is to be written down by those who have the task to record my word.

72 Men and women, you who hear this word: Do you believe in My coming among you? Do you believe in My announcement through the organ of man's intellect? Among the one the burning faith answers, "Yes, master, I believe in your presence. With the others, your silence answers, which announces:

"Who knows?"

73 The Master told you: "Do not test me alone. Penetrate into the innermost part of your heart and recognize what has come out of it. If words of love and truth have come out of it, you can be satisfied; if it has given comfort to others, you can say that crystal clear water has gushed out of your spring. - If you were on a high level of perfection, My manifestation among you would have no place. But if your conscience reproaches you with many imperfections, why do you ask me what I have come for? You must know that I have come in search of your soul, which has the destiny to perfect itself on the path laid out by my Father love, so that it may attain its purification and attain the happiness that every being longs for in the innermost being. I come to show her in what way she acquires merits to achieve this goal.

74 Verily, I tell you, the souls of the righteous who dwell near God earned the right to take that place with their own works, not because I have given it to them I only showed them the way and at the end of it showed them a high reward.

75 Blessed are those who say to me, "Lord, you are the way, the light that illuminates it, and the strength for the wayfarer. You are the voice that indicates the direction of the way and revives us on the journey of life; and You are also the reward for him who reached the goal - Yes, My children, I am life and the resurrection from the dead.

76 It is enough to know - as I have told you in My Word - that the reincarnation of the soul is Truth and already a light is ignited in your hearts and you admire My loving justice even more Compare the theories and different interpretations that the denominations have given to these teachings and decide for the one that contains the most justice and has the most reason. But verily, I tell you, this is one of the revelations that will most excite the spirit at this time when the inner knowledge of this great truth is awakening.

77 When men in turn condemn me because I tell the world the truth, they can do so; I will allow them to condemn me But if they want to seize and arrest me, they will not be able to do it because I am in the spirit and am untouchable and invisible for them.

78 You have risen to true life at the miracle of this word. You no longer live indifferently and sin no longer, as those who have not heard me do; for then you would sink down to the level of the (spiritually) dead. - I alone can and may speak to you in this way.

79 In the Second Time I announced My new revelation to my apostles, and when they asked Me what signs would indicate that time, I announced them one by one, as well as the proofs I would give them. The omens appeared until the last; they proclaimed that this is the time foretold by Jesus, and now I ask you: If this spiritual manifestation*, in which I let you participate, was not truth - then why did Christ not appear (in the form expected by the believers), although the signs arrived? Or do you believe that the tempter also has power over all creation and over the forces of nature to deceive you?

* According to the Lord, this manifestation or manifestation means the fulfillment of the promise of His return, which is spiritual.

80 I once warned you that you should not succumb to the seduction of false prophets, false Christs, and false redeemers. But today I tell you that the incarnated spirit has awakened due to its development, its knowledge and experience to such an extent that it is not easy to offer darkness as light to it, no matter how much dazzling it has at its disposal. This is why I have told you: Before you abandon yourselves to this way with blind faith, check as much as you want! Recognize that this word has been given for all, and that I have never saved a part of it only for certain men. Be aware that there are no books in this work in which I seek to keep any teaching secret from you. But have I also told you in that Second Time through the mouth of My apostle John: "If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and share the meal with him and he with Me. Likewise, I taught you the parable of the virgins so that you may remember it in this time.

81 Elijah, who had to come first to prepare the way of the Lord, made himself known for the first time in 1866 through the human organ of understanding. Will you not spend a little time to investigate the signs and events that occurred in all fields and coincided with the time of that manifestation? Again, it will be the scholars who study the stars and who were called magicians in ancient times, who will testify that the heavens have given signs which are divine calls.

82 To you who have had the good fortune to hear Me, I say: I have knocked at your door and you have opened to Me I have dined with you and you with Me. You saw the brightness of the lightning and heard the thunder of the ray of fire, and here I am.

83 Behold the sixth seal, which is broken and is open before your eyes. Who has broken it? Who solved the five previous ones? It was not Moses, not Elijah, nor any patriarch. It was I, the Messiah, The Word, The Sacrificial Lamb, because that Book of Wisdom is the way and the life, and I have told you that I am the way, the truth and the life.

84 I sent Elijah to announce to the world that the Sixth Seal would be broken very soon, and overflowing with the light of the Holy Spirit, he came down to men as the forerunner of My coming in the Third Age. You already know how Elijah made himself known, how the Master revealed himself, how much He gave you and taught you. I tell you now only that you should keep this teaching in all its purity, that you should move toward renewal and spiritualization so that My coming may be believed in spirit and My word may be heard with respect and love.

85 Always speak the truth and you will be recognised as disciples of the Holy Spirit, for not even the snowflakes have the purity of My Word the reflection of the sun on the snow of the mountains hurts your eyes; but the divine light does not hurt the Spirit, nor does it blind him

86 Listen to Me, I am Christ, the Word of the Father I do not come to cancel anything that has been revealed since the first times. My law is the same, it is the law of love. The forms can change, but not the content. This is why I have told you that you should not doubt My word through the mediation of human beings.

87 See, here the Way is showing itself anew before your eyes Begin to lift your soul, tell yourselves with innermost satisfaction that you are My disciples. Who are the disciples of the Divine Master? Those who love their neighbor, who practice My teaching of forgiveness, mercy and selflessness.

88 Little children are you all during life, and all are under the mantle of My Providence.

89 Whoever says to Me in his prayer, "Father, Thy will be done on me," and, when an examination comes upon him, exclaims, "Lord, why do you haunt me in such a way?" is not yet a disciple, but hardly a child, for he has not understood the teaching. If you seek to be My disciples, look at the life of Jesus, your Master on earth, recognize His obedience and submission to the Father from His childhood. He came into the world to do the will of His Father and lived through humiliation, slander, ingratitude, contempt, pain, and sacrifice, without deviating from the path laid out by the Eternal.

90 What will you answer concerning your way of life when you once come into the presence of the Lord? In the past, you knew that everyone must give account for himself. Now you have learned that a number of souls depend on each one of you, for which you must also answer. See, this is the meaning of your example in life, so that tomorrow you will not have to reap bitterness instead of a sweet and pleasant fruit. Do not forget that out of those beings I entrusted to you, the new generations will come forth that will make spiritualism flourish on earth. Those blessed generations are a divine promise for mankind. You have the duty to prepare the way and the home for them and to welcome them in an atmosphere of spirituality and love.

91 Will you be able to recognize them when they arrive?

Must you not be awake then? Does the world feel this happening? - Before that you must raise your warning voice so that all may remove the thorns that have left them on the way, and also the impurities, so that their children may not hurt or pollute themselves when they come to earth.

92 Unity I demand from you, people, so that My divine seed may sprout in your womb I do not want you to come to Me in tears because of your violations of My Law, or to lament the wasted time. Nothing would make up for your weeping in those moments.

93 I have spoken to you in these times as if you were pure and immaculate creatures to transform yourselves through love.

My peace be with you.

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