BTL - Volume 3 - Teaching 60

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Book of True Life - Volume 3

Teaching 60:

1 Come to My table to eat the bread of My teaching.

2 You will now hear "The Word", O people!

3 I see your zeal to follow Me. It did not matter to you that your heart was wounded by your loved ones; it is torn apart. But the garment of your spirit I see intact; for man's wickedness cannot reach this point.

4 Blessed are those who are mocked and wounded for my cause and yet take up their cross with gentleness and love, for they will experience miracles of transformation in their brothers.

5 Not all who form the flock that listens to me have faith. I discover among them the new Pharisees who are hiding and vainly trying to find deceit in the truth.

6 I have come to teach you to lift up your soul, that you may discover the essence of this word, which is above every human imperfection.

7 I will spread the spiritual essence that emanates from this word I am giving you over all the peoples of the earth, for it is the seed of union. This teaching will make mankind think about many (spiritual) views and make them understand them.

8 The torn bonds will be united, and the differences of the races will disappear because of spiritualization. For there will be only one worship for the sole and true God.

9 So you will begin to form one single family on earth, and I will leave you a great, infinite torch, which will light up the spiritual way of all my children.

10 My pierced side is still letting a stream of water burst forth, which is salvation and healing balm for you.

11 I am paving the way for the foreigner to come to this nation and hear My word through this proclamation.

12 If I told you in the Second Time, "He who knows the Son knows the Father," I tell you today that I speak to you as the Holy Spirit: I am Christ and I am the Father, for the Word that spoke in Christ was the Word of God, which is the same as the one you are receiving today.

13 It was necessary that I spoke to you by means of symbols, allegory and parable, so that you may learn to understand the spiritualization teachings I have brought you in this time

14 But the hour has come in which you remove every outward ritual act from your worship of God and seek me with the spirit.

15 Understand that I do not come to the material house into which your bodies enter. I come to the home that your thoughts give me.

16 Rejoice in my word today. When the year 1950 comes, My Spirit will not leave you because He is in you and in all created things. But you will no longer hear Me in this form. When I came spiritually to make myself known to mankind, you are to subsequently rise to me spiritually.

17 You come fearfully before the Master to ask me: "Lord, will our seed be pleasing in your eyes? - To this I answer you: If you have spoken with love, if you have shown mercy to the sick, if you have forgiven insults, you have been pleasing to your Father.

18 Sow good seed that you may reap good fruit. When you sow love and reap disappointments in the world, do not lose faith and leave your cause to Me, for it is I whom you serve and from whom you will receive the reward.

19 I have taught you to sow in the world to reap in heaven.

20 Do not seek your reward on earth and do not forget that My Kingdom is not of this world.

21 In this time the forces of nature are unleashed to purify My chosen ones and to prepare them to preach My Word

22 My inspiration enlightens those who have sought Me, who are destined to be My disciples. The voice of Elijah is like a ringing bell that awakens the spirits and announces My presence.

23 The Work I am offering you is the Ark in which those who enter it shall be saved; for by the time you receive the last of these messages the elements will be unleashed and men will be whipped You too will be tested, and then I will recognize the faith and trust that you have placed in Me. You will be investigated, and many of your brethren who have judged you badly out of ignorance will join you when they come to know my teaching. Not only man will receive My teaching at this time, but also the spirits who live in the spiritual valley will be lifted to a higher level.

24 Beloved disciples, watch over My work with zeal, follow My instructions, and you will thereby bear witness to Me. Mary, your loving Mother, likewise comes down to you and fills you with grace, teaching you perfect love and transforming your heart into a fountain of mercy, so that you may accomplish great works of love among your brothers and know the truth. She is My co-worker, and besides My word as Master and as judge, there is Her word as Mother and as Advocate. Love her, people, and call on her name. Verily I say to you, Mary watches over you and stands by you, not only in these days of trial, but eternally.

25 I hold My people responsible for these manifestations of love I am giving them. Everyone who has learned from Me, prepare and teach My truth to the "last".

26 Many hungry and thirsty for My divine words will come to you and in My teaching will satisfy their desire for knowledge. I will look at you from the hereafter, and every good work you do for your brethren will be blessed and its fruits multiplied. Against it every violation of my law or a falsification of it will be judged and punished by my perfect justice.

27 Believe and act without fanaticism. Rise and place yourselves on a level from which you can instruct all your brethren without regard to creeds or teachings. Do not hesitate to do good to a needy person just because he or she has a backward or imperfect devotion to God. Rather, let your selfless work conquer his heart. Do not close yourselves off in groups and thus do not limit your field of activity. Be a light to every spirit and a balm in every tribulation.

28 You are like the wayfarer who settles down in the shade of a tree to rest, and afterward continues his way. If thirst torments you - here in My teaching is a spring of crystal clear water. When your strength is exhausted - rest. When sadness engulfs your heart, wait, and you will hear the singing of the nightingale that will make you forget the vicissitudes of life. But when you get hungry, the ripe fruit breaks from the tree and eats.

29 Here is the Master speaking to you in simple parables so that you may understand My teaching.

30 I do not want you to stop on the way, nor do I want you to remain silent tomorrow when men ask you about what you have heard from Me. It is not my will that you reproach me desperately after 1950 because I have distanced myself from you.

31 Recognise with what gentleness and constancy I have come to give you My Word and teach you to pass on My divine words syllable by syllable

32 Disciples, I do not demand of you that you reach perfection in your works and words But I demand from you all the purity, helpfulness and sincerity of which you are capable.

33 Keep My nature in your hearts, so that when you speak, your words may be permeated by it and move the hearts of your brethren Unless your word has this quality in itself, you will not be believed and you will be left preaching alone in the desert, the wind will carry away those words and you will have sown nothing. What incentive will sustain him in his daily work who works in this way? He will have to sink into despondency.

34 Already now I tell you that for the fight you must fill yourselves with strength, with courage For do not expect that in your small-mindedness and in the moments of bitterness someone always comforts you.

35 But if you know how to prepare yourselves already today, you will never feel abandoned and you will never feel that I am not with you, although you no longer hear my word When you seek Me and love Me, you will feel My presence wherever you are and the moment you need it.

36 Seek Me always and in the best way you can, you will find in Me the Father, the Master and the Friend

37 Never have I denied My mercy to him who asked for it, even when he came "covered with leprosy". I have never forbidden anyone to take the bread from My table.

38 So I prepare you: for from your lips shall come My word, and it shall be comfort, prophecy, balm, and protection in the afflictions of mankind.

39 See the trail of suffering which war leaves behind, and yet men do not want to awaken from their spiritual sloth. But soon events will occur in the world that will shake humanity and cause it to change direction.

40 The forces of nature will call for justice, and when they are unleashed, they will cause parts of the earth's surface to disappear and become sea, and seas to disappear and land to appear in their place.

41 The volcanoes will erupt to announce the time of judgment, and all nature will be shaken and shaken violently. Pray that you will behave like good disciples, for this will be the appropriate time for the Trinitarian-Marian spiritual teaching to spread in the hearts.

42 Full of rejoicing you come to Me today to sing "Hosanna" because you have heard My Voice and Word in the three ages and because you recognize that I am the One God who has revealed Himself to mankind in the Three Times.

43 You see no mystery in My Trinity, because in truth there is none I am one God who has revealed Himself in three times. It is men who get confused when they delve deeper into their views and sciences.

44 The book of instruction is open before you, but it is the Master who chooses the lesson. Then you feel that you will go from being newcomers to disciples according to the love, faith and will you employ when you listen to Me.

45 Some have not understood Me, though they hear Me and believe in My presence. Others, recognizing the greatness of My revelation, have not risen up to renew themselves and to fulfill their task. Still others want to spread My teaching among men, but they fear mankind and feel their lips fall silent. And there are also those who have said to me, "Master, let me enjoy the pleasures of the world, and when I am weary of them once, I will come to you. - O ignorant ones, you who speak to your Lord in this way without considering that you do not know the last day of your life! But when you see it coming then, you will fight with death, the invincible. But your soul will detach itself from the flesh and will then hear the voice of its conscience, which tells you that it is without good works, empty-handed in my presence, and which makes you realize that it has missed the opportunity to come closer to its Father.

46 I now choose from among men those who are to follow Me with faith and steadfastness, so that they may spread the law over the whole world in the image of their Lord. You know that I prefer no one, but that you are not all ready to be chosen.

47 From the earliest times of mankind, I have used those who have prepared themselves, those who have studied My teaching, in order to transmit My messages and My law to others through their mediation

48 When I spoke to Abraham, he heard My word, and by faith he saw his Lord. That voice told the patriarch, "I see that you are righteous on earth, and I make a covenant with you. It is My will to let numerous generations come forth from you, who will form a people that shall know Me and love Me, and in them all nations of the earth will be blessed.

49 I gave Abraham a son whom he called Isaac and whom he loved dearly, and in order to test his faith and obedience I asked him to sacrifice him. Abraham trembled in his flesh and in his soul; but recognizing that it was a divine command which he received, he asked only for strength in his prayer to accomplish that supreme command, and made himself ready to sacrifice his son.

50 This was enough for Me, and when Abraham's arm rose to strike, I held back his hand, giving him back the life of the beloved Son and giving him My Peace Kiss Only one of My chosen ones could pass that test; that is why I chose him so that his example would remain written down for the people of his time and later times.

51 After this, Jehovah sent you His Word made man in Jesus, whom you subjected to the test and whose life you demanded of Me to believe. And My infinite love, incomprehensible to you, delivered Him to you like a gentle lamb so that you might rise to eternal life by accepting His blood. Now you can well measure my love for you, the sinners.

52 Today I seek you anew. But I do not write the Law in stone, nor incarnate My Word in a man. My Holy Spirit comes to speak through the mind of the man inspired by Me, to prepare you so that afterwards you may directly communicate with My divinity from spirit to spirit.

53 It is the Spirit of Elijah who opened the gates to this age in which I have revealed to you the new teachings contained in the sixth page of the Book of the Seven Seals, the Book of Life, the light of which will illuminate even the last corner of the world

54 You belong spiritually to the family of Abraham, the people in whom, through the ages, all the prophecies and promises I gave you through the patriarchs have been fulfilled

55 Now I entrust to you a new testament, which is like an ark, so that mankind may be saved in it.

56 Work, sow, but do it within My law. When I have told you My will is yours and your will is mine, I can repeat this to you, but always only when your intentions are permitted. Consider that nothing unfair should have gone out from you, since you have come forth just and pure from the bosom of God. I gave you the earth, filled with blessings, so that men used it as a temporary home.

57 If I have manifested Myself to men at all times, why do they need to make My image with their own hands to worship Me in it?

58 People, your atonement in these times has been to seek in the mire a jewel of inestimable value. In what way? Because you have lost your inheritance in times gone by on the earth which you inhabited and which you turned into a stinking puddle. You came into My presence without the same, and I had to send you out to seek it so that you would show it to Me when you returned to Me. This jewel is the totality of virtues. Do the good, and the more you exercise it, the stronger will be the rays of light it gives.

59 Do not blame Me for having come in times of pain and tribulation to teach you, for I did not create pain

60 Be My good workers, then I will send you to the provinces to proclaim this teaching Teach then nothing useless, nor mix up true faith in the spiritual with superstitious ideas. If you would add such ideas to my work, it would be much better for you to fall silent.

61 Speak of my truth, and I will reward you with my inspiration as I have rewarded the spiritual awakening of this people and of my voice bearers by letting my word flow more and more richly.

62 Feel My divine presence among you. it has been My will to surprise My people on this day

63 Today I ask you: what have you done with the Work I have entrusted to you? what have you done with My teachings and how have you transmitted My Message to your brothers? - you are silent on My questions, people, because you know that these very questions your conscience has already asked you.

64 You feel as little children towards the Master and you weep in silence I forgive you and grant you another period of time so that you may finally become true disciples in it.

65 You know well that you have not lacked instruction, that I have given you many inducements in your way to continue on the path. Indeed I show myself as judge, but before I let you feel my fatherly love.

66 People, if I were to give peace to the nations for your renewal and betterment, would you joyfully accept this condition and make an effort to fulfill it? - Consider what I am telling you, disciples!

67 I come full of love and meekness so that you may learn to love one another and become humble. I am the example and the book. Hear Christ anew, for He is the way, the truth and the life.

68 Not only I have made Myself known, but also Mary, your most loving Mother, and Elijah, your Spiritual Shepherd, so that you may understand that this is the last period of time in which God makes Himself physically perceptible by means of the human mind to be seen, heard and felt by man.

69 If you, who have heard this Word, embrace it with love and make it known as I have taught you - verily I tell you, your seed will continue to work until the seventh generation But if you show no obedience and have no mercy, the pain will be felt in your children and in their descendants.

70 Much will you have to work in the bosom of your community; but for your merits to be counted, you must unite in thought and will, you must love each other as brothers and sisters, and you must be ready to forgive your insults. Then you will have broken the chains that bind you to materialism, to self-love and to egoism, and you will begin to live and suffer for others.

71 Elijah is with you, and his light enlightens you, so that you may complete the sanctuary in your heart, just as he gave you the courage to cast off your idols from their pedestal. The ray of Elijah has always come to eradicate idolatry, superstition, ignorance, and has caused men to acknowledge the power of the God of truth.

72 People, in this time of tribulations, seek your refuge under Mary's mantle of peace and pray for all people, both those who acknowledge her as the Divine Mother and those who do not.

73 See how war is spreading like oil on water. The weeds will be pulled up by the root, so that the earth will be clean anew.

74 Watch and pray for the peace of your nation and keep My word in your hearts, for you are still in the time when you can hear it. But soon this time will be over.

75 I am receiving the prayer of this people, who are also sending their petitions to the Queen of Heaven, who is giving you her caress and depositing a spiritual flower in your heart

76 Blessed are those who follow My traces. You hear My voice which I am sending you out of perfection, a voice that is heard in the whole universe in many forms.

77 No one can hide from the gaze of the Creator, since He is omnipresent. I follow you wherever you go, like your own shadow. No thought can escape my divinity, and there is no work that has remained hidden or unknown to me. I am with both the righteous spirits who inhabit high homes and those whose mental confusion made them create and inhabit worlds of darkness.

78 I am with all. For some I am the expected, for others I am the persecuted. The Holy Spirit now pulls away the dark veil that covered you, so that every eye may be refreshed by this light. I am Eternal Life, which is in search of the "dead" to raise them up.

79 Rise spiritually in your prayer in such a way that you may reach the thresholds of eternity, where time does not pass and where all is peace and bliss; for there you will be satisfied with true life.

80 Remember that for each one the moment will come inexorably when he will enter forever into that world. Why then do you insist on living in this world here? How small is your faith and your hope in the spiritual life when you cling so much to the earth and when I see that you would like to see on it those who were your kinsmen and who today live in the spiritual, in better worlds than this. Why do you want them to come anew to the valley of tears to weep and eat your bitter bread, although from where they dwell they can already see the shine of the Promised Land?

81 You feel that the righteousness of the Father is revealed throughout the universe. But I tell you that you must not confuse My righteousness with punishment in the ordinary sense. The present time has caught you unprepared because you have let the times and your gifts go unused, and for this reason you feel chastened.

82 Disciples, awaken and recognize the time in which you live. I tell you: just as no one can stop My righteousness, no one can close the gates to the hereafter which My mercy has opened to you. No one will be able to prevent that messages of light, hope and wisdom from those worlds reach men.

83 I am the only owner of that kingdom, and its key lies in My teaching. Understand, therefore, all the grace which I have bestowed on you, the humble spiritualists. For no community of faith or denomination of this time has the announcement of the divine word or the presence of the spiritual light beings, which are sent through my will.

84 Let the great denominations or sects misjudge these teachings, let them reject this proclamation and condemn you. The reason for this is that they have forgotten, or do not want to understand, that Christ possesses the key to all the mysteries of the Spirit. Now you will see how many of those who claim to follow Me will actually be those who persecute Me. But my word will have to come true.

85 This is the Third Time, in which Christ is born "on the cloud," full of majesty and surrounded by spiritual beings of light, to liberate and redeem men. To all I have given signs of my presence, to every door I have knocked. But although they heard my steps, they denied me. It was only you, the humble ones who carry in their spirit the seed of the people of God, who believed in Me; you have felt Me and received Me in your hearts.

86 No one has been able to hinder these manifestations or stop your way, for the truth is light and an invincible sword.

87 Today you know that My Coming did not happen at this time to shower you with the treasures of the world yet, as a further proof of My Presence among you, you have felt My caring love, whether it was that you regained your lost health, or that the gates to work opened, or that you received My manifestations in as many forms as I gave them to you

88 To all of you I will give proofs of My Presence, both spiritual and material

89 Religions and denominations of the world: Open your gates and come to Me in streams! Men of power: Open yourselves and test My work! Men, women, seek Me, have mercy on yourselves! If this people should not be ready to receive you, I will receive you, I will heal you and give you the bread of My Word.

90 Humanity, pray, I am waiting for you to reveal to you the mystery of the Third Age.

91 Do you expect happiness in the world? You know well that this earth, instead of giving milk and honey, brings tears and death according to man's will.

92 Prepare yourselves, for it will be your hands that are to destroy your idolatry once you practice the spiritual worship of God with all love.

93 Guard, people, for the battle draws near and the adversary draws near. It will not be the Pharaoh of the first time or the Caesar of the second. Whatever seeks to lead you back into bondage - for fear of your development and your light of knowledge - will be the darkness of all ages that envelops and threatens you. For this I have given you the sword of light so that you may fight. In this light will be faith, wisdom and love of neighbor.

94 Forgiveness will be one of the virtues that will have the greatest merit before My righteousness. I tell you once more: "Love one another.

95 My love will unite all men and all worlds into one. Before Me the differences of races, languages and tribes will disappear, and even the differences that exist in the development of the soul.

96 Between God as Judge and man there is a mediating level, which is Mary, the most loving mother, in whose love the spirits wash and purify themselves, in order to then come before their Lord.

97 Even if Adam's disobedience, the crime of Cain and the confusion of Babylon still weigh on mankind - I will give you the opportunity to free yourselves from those stains.

98 I offer you this spring of crystal clear and pure water so that you may quench your thirst in it and cleanse yourselves from every filth. But watch over the spring, because people will appear who will want to beguile you with false spiritual teachings and will tell you that they love God and Mary. Be on your guard, because with this they want to separate you from the hurdle (of the Lord). There will appear those who mix My teaching with human teachings. Live vigilantly! For already the hour is approaching in which I call you to judgment. Then My Presence will be like thunder in a thunderstorm and My Light like lightning that arises in the East and goes out in the West. Then I will summon the hundred and forty-four thousand who are marked by me, so that they hand over their harvest before my justice. The one will be in matter and the other in the spiritual.

99 Those who followed me in 1866 will be present at this judgment, so that they likewise answer for their first seed. Before peace comes, there will be judgment. You will see the strong rise up against the strong; but in these struggles their strength and pride will wear down. Then the earth will have been bathed in the blood of sinners and also of innocents. But when those plagues are over, peace will come to the nations, for men will acknowledge God as the only strong and righteous one.

My peace be with you!

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