25. Nature

The Third Testament
VI.  Creation
Chapter 25 -Nature
The Laws of Nature 

1 I have taught you to see God as the All-One, as the wonder without limits to your spiritual imagination, as the force that causes movement and action throughout the universe - as the life that is revealed both in the simplest plant and in those worlds that orbit to millions in the universe without any of them disobeying the law that governs them.

2 That law is I, your God, is the law of incessant development, which amazes man and opens wide fields of research that allow him to penetrate more and more into the mysteries of nature. (359, 74 - 75)

3 Understand that the law is the way, paved by the love of the Supreme Creator, to guide each of his creatures. Think about the life that surrounds you, which consists of basic materials and organisms of infinite number, and you will eventually discover that every body and every being moves along a path or a pathway that appears to be directed by a strange and mysterious power. This power is the law that God has established for each of his creatures.

4 When you investigate these momentous events, you will eventually come to the realization that indeed everything lives, moves and grows under a supreme commandment. (15, 4)

The presence of God in nature

5 Seek me in all works done by me, and you will be able to find me everywhere. Try to hear me, and you will hear me in the powerful voice that emanates from all created; because it is no trouble for me to express myself through the beings of creation.

6 I manifest myself both in a star, in the raging of a storm, and in the lovely light of a dawn. I let my voice resound in the melodious song of a bird, as I also express myself through the fragrance of flowers. And every one of my expressions, every aspect, every work speaks to you of love, of fulfilling the laws of justice, of wisdom, of eternity in the spiritual. (170, 64)

Nature is God's creation and a parable for the spiritual

7 Many have made nature their god by deifying it as the creative source of all that exists But verily, I tell you, this nature, from whose bosom all beings have come forth - the material powers and the nature kingdoms that surround you - she is not Creator; she was planned and created beforehand by the Divine Creator. She is neither the cause nor the reason of life. I alone, your Lord, am the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega. (26, 26)

8 Everything that surrounds and envelops you in this life is an image of Eternal Life, is a profound teaching explained through material forms and objects so that it can be understood

9 You have not yet penetrated to the bottom of this wonderful teaching, and man has erred again because he has taken the life he leads on earth as if it were eternity He has been content to concern himself with the manifestations and has spurned all that it contains of divine revelation - that which is therein essence and truth, which are present in all creation. (184, 31 - 32)

10 I will withhold from you nothing of what I have put into nature for your preservation, health, nutrition, the well-being and delight of my children.

11 On the contrary, I tell you: as I offer you the bread of the spirit and invite you to inhale divine essences and to refresh yourselves with spiritual fragrances, so you should neither disregard nor depart from what nature gives you; for in this way you will obtain harmony, health, energy and thus the right fulfillment of the laws of life. (210, 22)

12 The irrational being is guided by instinct, which is his inner voice, his master, his guide. It is like a light that comes from its mother, nature, and illuminates the path it has to follow in its life - this too is a path of dangers and risks.

13 Take an example from the harmony with which every species lives, from the activity of those who are industrious. Take to heart the examples of loyalty or gratitude. They are examples that contain divine wisdom, since they come from my creatures, likewise emerged from me, so that they may surround and accompany you on your world, so that they may share in what I have put into the earth. (320,34+37)

The power of the children of God over nature

14 The forces of nature will obey you when you fulfill my law and ask me for it for the good of your fellow men. (18, 47)

15 Have I not taught you that even the unleashed forces of nature can hear your prayer and calm down? If they obey my voice - why should they not also obey the voice of the children of the Lord, when they have prepared themselves? (39, 10)

16 I have given power to the spirit over matter, that he may emerge victorious from the trials and reach the final goal of the way. But the struggle will be great; for since man created the only kingdom in the world in which he believes, he has destroyed the harmony that is to exist between him and all that surrounds him. From his proud throne he wants to subject everything to the power of his science and impose his will on the elements and forces of nature. But he has not succeeded in this; for he has long since broken the bonds of friendship with the spiritual laws.

17 When I now told this people here that the forces of nature can obey him, there were some who did not believe this, and I tell you that they have reason to doubt; for nature will never obey those who disobey, defile or mock it. On the other hand, the one who knows how to live in harmony with the laws of spirit and matter - that is, who lives in harmony with everything that surrounds him - will be in harmony with his Creator during his life and will acquire a right to have the elements of nature serve and obey him, as is due to every child who is obedient to his Father, the Creator of all things. (105, 39)

18 I do not lie nor exaggerate when I tell you that the nature kingdoms can hear your voice and obey and respect you.

19 The history of Israel has been written down as a testimony of my truth, and in it you can discover how the people of God have been recognized and respected again and again by the forces and elements of nature. Why should this not apply to you?

20 Do you think that my power or my love for mankind has changed over time? No, you multitudes who hear this word, the light of my Spirit floods you, my power and my love are eternal and unchanging. (353, 64)

Man and nature

21 But you must be careful, O peoples of the earth, for if you continue to use my divine inspirations to challenge the forces of nature - if you continue to use the little knowledge you have for evil, you will receive the painful and severe answer when you least expect it. You challenge air, fire, earth, water and all forces, and you already know what your harvest will be if you do not correct your actions in time to stop the forces of nature unleashed by your unreasonableness.

22 I call your attention to the fact that you are about to make full the measure that my justice allows your free will; too much you challenge nature. And since you are the little ones who feel great, this word comes to warn you of the danger you are in. (17, 60 u.)

23 I told you that no leaf of the tree moves without my will, and now I tell you that no element obeys a will other than mine.

24 I also tell you that nature can be to men what they want: a mother lavish in blessings, caresses and food, or a barren desert where hunger and thirst reign; a master of wise and infinite revelations of life, goodness, love and eternity, or a relentless judge in the face of man's desecrations, disobedience and aberrations.

25 My Father's voice said to the first men, blessing them: "Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth, and subdue it, and be lords over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the sky, and over every creature that moves on the earth.

26 Yes, mankind, I created man that he should be Lord and have power in the airspace, in the waters, in all the land and in the nature kingdoms of creation But I said, "Lord"; for men - in the opinion of dominating the earth with their science - are slaves. Although they believe to master the elements of nature, they become victims of their immaturity, their presumption and ignorance.

27 Human power and science has conquered the earth, the seas, and the airspace; but their power and violence are not in harmony with the power and violence of nature, which - as an expression of Divine Love - is life, wisdom, harmony, and perfection. In the works of men, in their science and power, only pride, selfishness, vanity and wickedness are manifested. (40, 26 - 30)

28 Do you recognize the disturbed balance of natural forces and the most profound change they have undergone? Are you aware of why you are haunted by their unleashed powers? The reason is that you have broken the harmony that exists between spiritual and material life, causing the chaos in which you are now sinking. But as soon as humanity is obedient to the laws that govern life, everything will again be peace, abundance and bliss. (108, 56)

29 How should your works on earth be perfect when I see you making enemies with the elements of nature, which are the very ones on which you live?

30 My teaching does not want to hinder you from using the elements and powers of nature, but it commands and teaches you to use them for good purposes.

31 The forces of nature in your hands can go from being friends and brothers to being judges who punish you severely.

32 It was long since time that men should reap the fruit of experience, so that they would no longer challenge the forces of nature. For with all their science they will not be able to stop them. (210, 43 - 46)

33 The tree of science will be shaken by the fury of the whirlwind and its fruits will fall upon mankind. But who has loosened the fetters of those elemental forces, if not man?

34 Admittedly, the former human beings also learned to know pain, so that they awakened to reality, to the light of conscience, and they submitted themselves to a law. But the developed, conscious, and educated man of that time - how dare he defile the tree of life! (288, 28)

35 To those who think that I punish men by unleashing the forces of nature upon them, I say that they succumb to a great error when they think so. For nature develops and changes, and in its changes or transitions upheavals arise, which cause you suffering when you do not fulfill my law; but you attribute them to divine punishments.

36 My justice works in them; but if you - beings favored by the divine spark that enlightens your spirit - lived in harmony with the nature surrounding you, your spirit would have lifted you above the changes, above the violence of the forces of nature, and you would not suffer. (280, 16)

37 What is nature but a great creature? Yes, disciple, a creature that likewise develops, purifies, unfolds and perfects itself, so that in its womb it may shelter the men of tomorrow.

38 How often are you discontented with their natural transitional phenomena for the attainment of that perfection, and consider them to be God's punishments, without realizing that you too, together with nature and creation, are purifying, developing, and going toward perfection? (283, 57 - 58)

My peace be with you !

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