Invitation - to follow Jesus Christ

Anna Maria woke up at 3 am and mentally felt the winds inside her, her gentle movements arranged at four points like a square. She felt her eyes and her wavy movements after they died.HE: "Physically"SHE: The mind can not be hurt, it is immortal.ER: "They are waiting for you."SHE: Caress her of me - Jeshuhasilein and Hostahasilein.From 4 - 6 o'clock meditation.There comes:"Why should this be the sacred time that all beings should harness?Vices are removed from them; Holy things are beamed into them; the dew wets the soul. "And:"I have not spoken yet.Model. After rituals. (He refers to  Melania Trump)Wind. I am a looser.
Passover. I am living. (Excerpt from captivity in Egypt - liberated. I live)Reborn again.
House is fine.You live.Written in the bible.
You may invite.
Men and women to follow Me. 

 She: Ah !! That was my input to you. I thought, I am not allowed to call people as disciples. Thank you for the permission, Divine Majesty.

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