BTL - Volume III - Teaching 69

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Teaching 69:
1. At this moment I forgive you for every fault, and I also say to
you: Go as far as to make a sacrifice if you wish, but do not sin
again. I have recorded a book within your heart, but if I would ask
for the lesson, you would be unable to explain to Me a single one of
its pages.
2. I have subjected you to small tests in order for you to practice
charity, placing along your path the one who is in need of bread and
comforts and how many times you have closed your doors to Me! I
have said to you many times that I hide Myself within the heart of
those, your brethren, who implore your charity. Disciples, those
opportunities that your Father offers you, of imparting spiritual or
material charity, serve to practice a perfect charity, that one which
does not expect any reward, but on the other hand, remains recorded
in the book of your good deeds. By chance, have I not manifested
My charity by what I have done with you? Then, go in search of
your brethren. Remember how many times I have granted what you
considered impossible. If you want the world to know that this is the
time of My new manifestation, give proof of it through your deeds
of love, and do not do the opposite of what I have taught you in My
lessons, for you will be denying My presence.
3. If in spite of your effort you are not able to contemplate the
fruit of your harvest, do not fear; this charity is similar to the one
which you do toward the needy who knocks upon the door of your
dwelling from whom you do not expect any reward; however, I will
allow your spirit that from the level where he is, he can descend to
rejoice with the fruitfulness of the seed that he left on Earth.
4. To the parents of families: Be sensitive to the manifestations
of the spiritual development of your children; observe the childhood
who are entrusted to you with love and charity in order to guide the
new generations along the path outlined by My light. Do not lead
them toward the abyss, nor dig bottomless chasms for them. These
spirits should not have to face the Sodom and Gomorrah of this
5. Be clothed with patience, for the time will come when many
will ask you about this word. Among them will appear the new
pharisees and scribes to scrutinize you. Do not harbor prejudices in
answering and give a sincere response to everyone, because even
from the answers and treatment that you give to your scrutinizers,
you will have to answer to Me.
6. Today your heart throbs filled with joy, and the prayer that
you elevate is similar to the aroma of the incense or the perfume of
the flowers. When your thoughts reach that purity, they blend with
those of the just spirits who dwell near your Lord.
7. Throughout the eras I have said to you: Pray. Today I say that
by means of the prayer you can obtain knowledge. If all men prayed,
they would never deviate from the path of light outlined by Me.
Through the prayer, they would heal the sick, there would not be
more non-believers and peace would again return to the spirits.
8. How can man be happy when he has rejected My grace? By
chance, does he think that love, charity and meekness are not
attributes of the human heart?
9. The Spiritual Realm is also governed by laws, and when you
withdraw from them, very soon you feel the painful result of that
disobedience. Behold how great is My yearning to save you; today,
as during that period, I shall carry the cross to raise you toward the
true life. If My blood shed along Calvary touched the heart of
Mankind and converted them to My Doctrine, during this period it
will be My Divine light that will shake the spirit and the flesh to
make you return toward the true pathway.
10. I want those who have died to the life of grace to live
eternally; I do not want your spirit to dwell in darkness.
11. Do you not hear the voices of justice? Do you not behold the
elements touching region after region? Do you believe that if you
lived a virtuous life there would be a need for My justice to be felt
in such a manner? Verily I say to you that there would be no object
to purify you if I had found you cleansed.
12. Humble your flesh along this journey, for it is not fair for
your spirit to be cleansed through suffering afterward due to your
13. The sinners weep upon hearing these words, and they ask
Me what they should do to clean their blemishes during this life, to
which I answer them: Perform charitable deeds among your
brethren; your world is a propitious place to sow charity; it is
inhabited by millions of hearts who suffer in different ways, of
homes in misery, of men and women lost in vice, a world where
there is an abundance of places of purification, hospitals, prisons,
battlefields. Forgive, forgive much in your lifetime, understand that
forgiveness is born out of love. He who truly loves Me will have to
love his fellowman for he is My son and will know how to forgive
when offended by him. Remember that when I was upon the cross,
My first words were for the intercession and forgiveness toward
those who crucified Me.
14. In each place and in each family I shall place a son of light
so that they will prepare the way for the others, not only on Earth
but also in the spiritual existence, so that they can be cleaning and
preparing the path in front of their brethren.
15. Many come to hear My Word, but only I know what spirit
comes concealed in each body. Some listen to Me with coldness,
others with doubt; however, there are many who tremble with love
and joy on feeling My Divine essence, while others are tormented
by remorse that the flesh ignores, because many of them shouted at
that time to Pilate: Crucify Him! Crucify Him! and today they sob,
and in their affliction they would be capable of shouting with tears
in their eyes: Do not crucify Him, He is the Divine Master!
16. Many times have I said that you and those are the same
ones. Come to taste the wine again and eat of the bread at My table;
eat of the Lamb, He is the origin of life. Come, you who hunger,
thirst and are unclean; be strengthened and eat your fill, for then I
will say to you: Pick up your cross and follow Me. At My table of
this Period an apostle will be the man as well as the woman; I will
seat your spirit at this table.
17. It has been the women who during this period have raised
the spiritual banner before the multitudes; they have been leaving
along the pathway the imprints of the apostle zealous of the Fathers
Law. In My new apostleship the woman shall be alongside man and
there will be no age barrier in order to serve Me; the same will it be
for the adult as well as the child or the elder; the same for the
maiden as well as the mother, because again I say to you that it is
your spirit whom I seek, and that he has left his infancy a long time
ago. These servants will not be twelve as in the Second Era; now
they will be 144,000, twelve thousand of each tribe. They are
scattered among Mankind, but My love has marked them, and
spiritually they are united, even when some inhabit this world and
others are in the Spiritual Realm. Among those who dwell on Earth,
some speak in one tongue and others different languages, but none
of them will be lost from the road of their destiny, because the light
of My Holy Spirit will guide them. I know the source of that tree, its
branches and its leaves, and that tree has the mission of giving shade
to all Humanity.
18. My Spirit comes to give you His revelations in fulfillment of
the prophecies of past eras. Verily I say that you are already living
the periods which were announced. I promised you I would return
and here I am. I allowed you to recognize the signs which would
take place before My arrival and what was to be at the time of My
presence among you, and behold that everything has been fulfilled.
The promise of My arrival was not erased from your spirit, and you
waited for Me; however, you were in the verge of weakening
overcome by the vicissitudes, and today when you have Me and hear
Me, I ask you: When will you make My passion yours? When will
you truly love and suffer for the cause that Jesus embraced?
19. 0! My people: My Word touches your heart and tears pour
from your eyes when you recall that He who loved you so much
ended His life upon a cross; you remember Me bleeding upon the
cross, then your spirit is moved. But keep in mind Humanity that if
the corporeal sufferings of Jesus were cruel, they were only a
reflection of the pain of the Divine Spirit.
20. Today I come to offer you the bread of My Word, bread that
is not kneaded with leaven nor is earned by the sweat of your brow.
Elijah has opened the door of the mansion so you may enter
and sit at the table of the Father during the Third Era, and He has
blessed your path in order for you to reach the presence of the
21. Those who considered themselves impure and unworthy to
appear before Me, today feel cleansed; the fact is that My blood has
not ceased to be shed; it is that My wounds still have not been
closed, and each time that men deviate from the pathway or fall into
sin, the sacrifice upon the cross, the solitude and the darkness of
Mankind are prevalent upon My Spirit.
22. From the spiritual table of this period the bad disciple will
also rise to go and hide his betrayal and his remorse, and today the
disciples will also ask Me that question: Who is it, Master?
23. At that time I dined for the last time accompanied only by
My apostles and what Christ said only they heard. Today I dine
spiritually with My new apostles who form multitudes and among
them I discover the pharisee, the hypocrite, the traitor. From
different religions come men and women mingled among the
multitude, to scrutinize this word and these manifestations, in order
to judge them through what they know and be able to say if it is the
truth. I allow all of you to come close so that you may be witnesses
to this message of spiritual wisdom which I am revealing to you; it
is the Third Testament which only the Spirit of Truth would have
revealed it to you.
24. Look, the Israelites in the flesh follow the law of Moses and
the word of the prophets; the Christians combined the law of Moses
and the word of Christ into one law. What is so strange that these
spiritualist people unite those two testaments to the revelations of
the Holy Spirit? Behold the Ark of the perfect Covenant; there you
have the Law of Moses, the love of Christ and the wisdom of the
promised Comforter for this Era.
25. Men who guide the spirit of Mankind along the roads of
religion: Open your eyes to this light, behold these people who have
risen in demand of love, clamoring justice and asking for light, and
they are only a minimum portion of Mankind who will rise as one
person in search of Christ, in search of His truth and His promise.
Observe the inclination of man toward the eternal, toward the
spiritual, or is it possible for you to have eyes and cannot see? I
know and see it all; that is why I have come in the night as a thief to
surprise you in your sleep and awaken you to the light of the new
26. For a long time I have been teaching these people to whom I
have unveiled the teachings that men had concealed from them; I
have also revealed what I had reserved for them, but even then I
have not revealed everything; still I will manifest Myself in this
manner until 1950. Those who did not hear My lessons, will receive
My message through a book written by My scribes.
27. After My departure many will rise against these people,
against My Doctrine. The oceans will be crossed by those who will
come to combat and persecute My servants, but who can be able to
conceal the light of the Divine Master? Who will be able to stop the
evolution of the spirit or make time move back? If during the
Second Era Humanity believed that by putting Christ to death upon
a cross, His Doctrine would die, with their own hand they signed
their sentence, for Christ from the cross, with His infinite love,
overcame all; the truth, like the light, always prevails over darkness,
no matter how dense it is.
28. My Spirit delivers the seed so that you may sow it in the
fields which are the spirit of Humanity, those which are fertilized
with pain and the struggle and they only wait for the arrival of the
sower. Soon My name and My Doctrine will be on everyone's lips
29. In order to give you a lesson of love I will wash your feet, o
My very beloved disciples, so that you can combine the teachings
that I gave you during this period to those that I revealed to you in
previous eras. I wish that when 1950 comes, which is the last year of
My Word among you, those who today are beginners will then
become disciples; today you still rejoice listening to Me, but what
will happen when you are listening to Me and become aware that it
is for the last time? I remind you of the trials of the Second Era, but
I speak to you with new words, by means of the faculty of man,
because if I spoke to you directly, you would be unable to resist the
force of My Word, or the intensity of its light, nor the majesty of My
30. That is why I came to you as Man at that time, and before
John himself, after My crucifixion, I appeared under some symbolic
forms so that he would understand My revelations. Verily I say to
you that I am preparing you so that you may receive from spirit to
Spirit the direct communication with My Divinity. After 1950 you
will no longer hear Me in this form, but you will feel My presence,
because your elevation will be greater and you will fully enter into
the period of the spiritual communication. And when unity and
fraternity have penetrated among you, it will be the time of great
miracles, the time when My voice shall be heard by Humanity; then
the struggle and persecution will come, the doors of these prayer
houses will be closed and your homes will be maligned; you will be
called sorcerers, your parents will disown you and some of you, for
defending My cause, will even reach prison; however, I will be with
you so that you will not weaken, because I am the Life, and being
within you, who can fight against Eternal Life?
31. Be alert, disciples, because when your voice awakens those
who today are sleeping, from sects and religions will come to tell
you that what you possess is false, that they possess the Ark and the
fulfillment of the prophecies, as well as the contents of the Seven
Seals, and then if you are unable to fight with the weapons I have
granted you, which are weapons of love and wisdom, there will be
much confusion among Mankind, and men, anxious for the truth and
needful of light, will go where they are called, and they might take
the wrong pathway.
32. You who have received the mission of leading and guiding
these people, set an example of fraternity, uniting yourselves by the
example of Jesus, Moses and Elijah, who appeared together in spirit
in that transfiguration on Mount Tabor.
33. Disciples, it has not been only with the Word that I have
indoctrinated you during this period, but also with My charity which
I have constantly poured upon you. The times of symbols have
passed; today I will be believed, loved and understood without
symbols, and even My Word will be losing its figurative meaning
because you are already capable of comprehending My teaching;
analyze and put it into practice in your deeds of love.
34. If you believe that Jesus, for being the Son of God did not
experience pain, you are mistaken; if you believe that by coming in
Spirit I am exempt from pain, you are also in error; if you think that
because I know that in the end all of you will be with Me, I do not
suffer now, neither are you in the right. Verily I say to you that there
does not exist another more sensitive being than the Divine Spirit. I
ask you: Who gave sensitivity to all beings? What good thing can
you do that will not make Me rejoice? And what unrighteous thing
can you do that will not be like a wound in My sensitiveness? Here
is why I say to you that Humanity has crucified Me again. Until
when will I descend from My cross and the crown of thorns torn
from Me?
35. Today you should recall the Cenacle of Jesus with the
spiritual bread that I have given you throughout the times. I have
delivered great teachings to you: the manna in the desert during the
First Era, the miracle of the fish in the Second. The bread that I
blessed and distributed at My table in representation of the Divine,
was a lesson that I delivered to your spirit so that he would
comprehend My love. Today I do not bring the material bread which
speaks to you of celestial teachings; the period of symbols has
passed; today I only give you My Word when I tell you that this
communication is not the most elevated that you will know, nor that
what I say by this means will be all I have to say to you.
36. 0! beloved people, remember and meditate on these hours,
above all on what I did that night which was the last I spent with
you as a Man, and also meditate on all that I have revealed to you
during these moments when I have said, while giving you My
lesson: Blessed are you, disciples of the Third Era, whom I have
congregated, allowing you to arrive from different points on Earth. I
have gathered you to form the new caravans of Israel, who will cross
the wilderness that extends before your eyes and there receive the
new lesson of the Father.
37. I behold that idolatry has not separated from some, in spite
of the teachings and trials which they have experienced. Notice how
I have cleansed the path of your evolution so that you may travel on
it; but do not let doubt, like a cloud, prevent your spirit from
contemplating My light.
38. You have found out that during this period you are less
influenced from human temptations and that I have only granted you
what is necessary, therefore I say to you: Do not pursue what is
39. You have found a palm tree in the desert and a fountain of
crystalline waters; it has not been a mirage, it has not been an
illusion, it has been a reality. The branches and the shade of the
palm tree are My spiritual presence; its fruits, My Word; the
fountain is the love and wisdom which I have poured upon your
40. He who has attentively listened to Me, has learned this time
to heed the voice of his conscience, to judge himself, to behold his
own work and accept the suffering that he has brought upon himself.
Then the spirit will reveal profound lessons to the flesh, in order to
convince it that it should be gentle and agreeable with its trials. He
who reaches these profound reflections cannot be opposed to My
Divine mandates.
41. As in the Second Era, My word is not hidden to anyone, I
allow it to reach the ignorant, the learned, the clean of heart and the
sinner, the sincere and the hypocrite. The celestial bell is set to ring
for everyone. If this Humanity, who in their majority has drank from
the fountain of the Doctrine that I taught you in Christ, would have
been watchful and praying when I gave them the signs of My new
coming, how great their joy would have been feeling My presence.
It became necessary for Me to send you a man so that in 1866 he
would deliver to you My message and through his lips Elijah would
announce the new Era. Since then this palm tree has extended its
foliage more and more allowing My Word to reach new regions,
allowing the chosen to appear and also teaching the multitudes.
Those who have listened to Me with meekness and have followed
Me along the road of their spiritual evolution, have not felt fatigue
again, nor hunger or thirst along their path. Along their way they
have encountered ingratitude, ridicule, contempt and indifference;
but nothing has stopped them because their ideal is fixed upon their
point of arrival and know that that goal is not on Earth.
42. Only those who prepare themselves with this meekness and
spirituality, will attain the power to remove the pain from the one
who suffers, because he who is filled with vanity or makes
unrighteous use of his gifts, will deprive himself of that grace.
43. You shall not impose My Doctrine under a determined
name; however, raise the one who has fallen and tell him to have
faith in Me. Who will prevent you from doing a good deed to your
44. Stop thinking of earthly comforts so that you can prepare
yourselves to fulfill your mission thinking of those caravans that
will rise in search of the Ark of love that is My Doctrine, and that
along the way they will have to find your hearts.
45. When will apostles of My cause again appear like those who
followed Me in the Second Era? With how much faith, love and
firmness they defended My truth! You would wish to perform those
deeds and those miracles; but verily I say to you that you can do it if
your faith is as great as theirs. Be men of faith and you will realize
miracles, even when physically you are the needy. Hear Me and
analyze My word; any other way you will leave Me speaking alone
in the wilderness.
46. Be humble, behold that Jesus bowed down before His
disciples to wash their feet. Do with your brethren similar deeds as
this and you will rightfully be called My disciples.
47. How few are those who have been vigilant and have
meditated on the day when Jesus expired upon the cross! But verily
I say to you that when you meditate over the death of the Master,
you must bear in mind that that moment will come for each one of
you. I could not fear death, for I am the Life; however, you do have
to be worried to be ready and prepared in the fulfillment of your
48. Let no one feel insignificant and wretched, because you are
not aware of the gift that you carry to speak nor the abundance of
your heart to love your brethren.
49. You weep because of the disgraceful death that you inflicted
upon your Lord on Calvary and you do not perceive that during this
period you are going to cause Me harm again and mock My Word;
but I have promised to save all My children and My will shall be
done. If My blood shed at that time was not enough for this
Humanity, I will take up a spiritual cross to crucify Myself upon it
and spread flashes of light which will reach the spirits through the
conscience of men.
50. Woe betide those who during this period with their
profanations and disobedience set a bad example in front of the
children, whom I have sent with a spiritual mission! Do you want to
imitate the multitudes who between shouts and mockery led Jesus
toward Golgotha, sowing terror within the hearts of the children
who could not explain to themselves why a man who only delivered
blessings was being tortured and put to death?
51. Each time that Jesus fell, those innocent ones wept; but
verily I say to you that their weeping came more from the spirit than
from the flesh. How many of them followed Me afterward and loved
Me, even when the memory of what their innocent eyes beheld was
not erased from their hearts!
52. It is time that you meditate on what I say to you. Let the
multitudes listen to Me, let the sick be the first to reach My
presence. Pray for the sick who are absent and visit those who are
imprisoned; keep in mind that in that Second Era many of the lepers
lived in the outskirts of the cities, and knowing that Jesus healed the
sick, they were resigned to listen to the echo of His voice from afar,
because they would say: How can we reach the Master when the
multitudes reject us? Then Jesus, before the indifference and human
egotism, rewarded their faith, cleaning their body of the disease they
53. Do not cease to listen to Me during this period, for those
who will hear My last word in the year of 1950 will receive it in
their spirits in representation of the last drop of blood which was
shed from My body upon the cross.
54. You have forgotten the Law and you have waited for the
elements to remind you of My justice. Hurricane winds, waters that
run off their course, earthquakes, droughts, inundations, are voices
that awaken and speak to you of My justice.
55. What other fruit can Humanity offer Me in this period that
will not be discord and materialism? Neither do these people, who
for years have listened to My teaching, are able to offer Me a
pleasing harvest.
56. No one escapes My justice. I am judging the living and the
dead; but truly I say to you that if you do not rise to practice My
Doctrine with truth and purity, the justice of men will judge you.
How much this Humanity has blemished! The blood of the Lamb
showed men the path of the evolution of the spirit through which
they must travel to restitute for the faults committed; however, upon
that Divine blood you have sinned again. The world has captivated
you, but I come to reclaim what belongs to Me.
57. I will separate the bad weeds that represent discord and I
will again sow the golden wheat grain, and those fields that for a
long time have been sterile, will be fertile and bountiful.
58. Since ancient times you know through John, My prophet,
that there would come a time when every eye would see Me; you
have that period before you. In this Era the spirit of Humanity will
open their eyes to the light of truth, and they will behold Me,
understand My word and feel My presence. From the stones will
sprout not only water but also flowers.
59. Today you conceive that My justice punishes you,
unleashing the elements to sow desolation, mourning and hunger;
nevertheless, some day you will understand that it has been your
deeds that have unleashed upon you those disasters, that justice. You
will also learn that your merits, your faith and prayer can calm down
the forces of Nature. Have you not heard that when I mark My
children spiritually I give them power over the elements? This
cannot come as a surprise to you if you recall that I authorized the
first man to take over the Creation of the Earth? Here is why at
times I say to you that man has not found himself and therefore does
not know himself.
60. I am the Universal King; man on Earth is the prince, since
he is My son. Has he perhaps been able to make good use of the
power of all his gifts? Verily I say to you that he has denied His
Father and has crowned himself king to do his will in the world; but,
he who does not unite his will with mine and walks outside the
Divine laws will make himself deserving of being judged by them;
you call this a punishment and you have even called Me an unjust
61. In this Third Era many spirits will behold My light, and
illuminating their way with it, they will not deviate their footsteps;
above all they will remember their past to recognize all their faults
and be repentant of them; they will not seek human greatness again,
only the immortality of the spirit.
62. Men will scale the summit of the mountain and from there
they will behold the silhouette of the Promised Land, the new
Jerusalem which awaits you as a supreme reward in eternity.
My Peace be with you!