BTL - Volume III - Teaching 69

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Teaching 69:

1 In this moment I forgive you every sin, but I also tell you this: Go, if you will, to the sacrifice, but do not sin anew. I have written a book in your heart; but if I were to ask you for this instruction, you could not explain to Me a single page of it.

2 So that you may practise charity I have subjected you to little trials by putting in your way those who hunger for bread and consolation But how many times have you closed your doors to Me. I have told you many times that I hide myself in the heart of those of your brothers who implore your mercy. - Disciples, these opportunities that your Lord offers you, namely to distribute spiritual and material benefits, serve to exercise perfect charity, that which does not expect any reward and which instead is written in the book of your good works. Have I not shown you My mercy through what I have done to you? So make an effort for your brothers. Remember how often I have granted you that which you thought impossible. If you want the world to know that this is the time of My new revelation, bear witness to it through your works of love and do not do the opposite of what I have taught you in My teachings, for then you will deny My presence.

3 If you do not see the fruits of your seed in spite of your toil, do not worry This act of love is like that which you do to a needy person who knocks at the door of your home and from whom you do not expect payment. But I will give your spirit (after the death of the body) the opportunity to descend from the level on which it is, to enjoy the fertility of the seed it left on earth.

4 Fathers of families, have a fine sense of the expressions of the spiritual progress of your children. Observe the children entrusted to you with love and mercy so that you direct the new generations on the path that has been paved by my light. Do not lead them into the abyss, nor dig pitfalls for them. These souls shall not enter the Sodom and Gomorrah of this time.

5 Arm yourselves with patience, for the time will come when many will question you about this word. Among them the new Pharisees and scribes will come to search you out. Have no bias in answering and give honest answers to all, for you yourselves must give account to Me for the answers and the conduct you show toward these investigators.

6 Today your heart is beating with delight, and the prayer you send up is like incense or the fragrance of flowers When your thoughts reach this purity, they unite with those of the righteous spirits who live close to your Lord.

7 At all times I have told you: pray. Today I tell you that through prayer you can obtain wisdom. If all men prayed, they would never stray from the path of light that was marked out by Me. Through prayer the sick would be healed, there would be no more unbelievers, and peace would return to souls.

8 How can man be happy when he has rejected my grace? Does he think that love, mercy and gentleness are not qualities of human life?

9 The spiritual life is likewise ruled by laws, and when you depart from them, you very soon feel the painful consequences of that disobedience. Know how great

My desire is to save you. Today as then, I will take the cross upon Me to lift you up to true life. If My Blood shed on Golgotha shook the hearts of men and converted them to My Teaching, it will be My divine Light at this time that will shake the soul and the body to bring you back to the true path.

10 I want those who are dead to the life of grace to live forever I do not want your soul to dwell in darkness.

11 Do you not hear the voices of righteousness? Do ye not see the forces of nature, as they afflict one region after another? Do you think that if you lived a virtuous life, there would be a need for My righteousness to be felt in this way? verily, I tell you, there would be no need to purify you if I had found you pure

12 make your body docile in the course of this earth life because it is not right that your soul should later have to purify itself in pain because of your weaknesses

13 Sinners weep when they hear these words and ask Me what they should do to wash away their stains of shame in this life To this I answer them: Do works of mercy among your brothers, your world is a suitable field to sow charity. It is populated by millions of hearts that suffer in different ways, with homes in misery, with men and women degenerated in vice. It is a world where places of atonement, hospitals, prisons, battlefields abound. Forgive, forgive much in your life, understand that forgiveness is born from love. The one who truly loves Me must love his neighbor, for he is My child, and he must forgive him whenever he is offended by him. Remember that My first words when I was hanging on the cross were intercession and forgiveness for those who crucified Me.

14 In every place and in every family I will place a child of light so that they may pave the way of others; but not only on earth but also in spiritual life, so that they may cleanse and make the way passable before their brothers

15 Many come to hear My word, but I alone know which spirit is hidden in every body. Some listen to Me with a cold heart, others doubtingly, but there are many who tremble with love and bliss because they feel My divine spiritual power, while others are tormented by remorse that their material nature does not understand. For many of them cried out to Pilate then, "Crucify him, crucify him! But today they sob, and in their pain they would be able to cry out with tears in their eyes: "Do not crucify Him, it is the Divine Master!

16 I have often told you that you and those (of yore) are the same. Come again to taste the wine and eat the bread from My table. Eat of the lamb, it is the seed of life. Come, you hungry, thirsty, defiled, strengthen yourselves and fill yourselves, for afterward I will say to you: Take up your cross and follow Me. At My table in this time both the man and the woman will be apostles; at this table I will set your spirit.

17 It was the women who held up the spiritual banner in this time, they left the mark of the apostle on the way, zealously observing the law of the Lord In My new apostle body the woman will stand beside the man, and there will be no (certain) ages to serve Me: the adult as well as the child or the old man will do it, the young girl as well as the mother. For I tell you once more that it is your spirit which I seek, and that it has long since left its childhood behind. There will not be twelve servants as in the Second Age, now there will be a hundred and forty-four thousand, twelve thousand from each tribe. They are scattered among mankind, but My love has marked them, and spiritually they are united, even though some live in this world and others in the spiritual realm. Of those who live on earth, the one speaks one language and the other

languages. But no one will stray from the way of his destiny, because the light of my Holy Spirit leads them. I know the trunk of this tree, its branches and its leaves, and this tree has the task to give shade to mankind.

18 My Spirit is giving you His revelations in fulfilment of the promises of times past Verily, I say to you, you are already living in the times that were announced to you. I promised you to come back, and here I am. I let you know the signs that were to happen before my coming, and what would be among you in the time of my presence, and see how all came to pass. The promise of My coming remained alive in your minds, and you have awaited Me. But whipped by afflictions you were close to becoming weak; but today, as I am with you and you listen to Me, I ask you: When will you make My sufferings your own? When will you truly love and suffer for the sake of the task to which Jesus dedicated His life?

19 People, My Word makes your hearts tremble and tears gush from your eyes when you remember that He who loved you so much ended His life on a cross You remember Me as I bled to death at the stake, and then your spirit is shaken. But know, humanity, even if the physical pain of Jesus was cruel, it was only a weak image of the pain of the Divine Spirit.

20 Today I am offering you the Bread of My Word, a bread that is not mixed with leaven, nor acquired by sweat on the forehead Elijah has opened the door of the house for you to enter and sit at the Lord's table in the Third Age, and he has blessed your way to enter into the presence of the Master.

21 Those who thought themselves defiled and unworthy to appear before Me feel pure today, this is because My Blood has not stopped flowing, because My Wounds have not closed yet, and every time men stray from the path or fall into sin, the sacrifice on the Cross, the loneliness and darkness of men is present in My Spirit

22 Also from the spiritual table of this time a bad disciple will rise to hide his betrayal and repentance, and also today the disciples will ask me that question, "Who is it, master?

23 At that time I dined for the last time, surrounded only by My apostles, and what Christ told them, only they heard. Today I dine spiritually with My new apostles, of whom there are many, and among them I discover the Pharisee, the hypocrite, the traitor. Among the crowd, men and women of different religious communities come to explore this Word and these manifestations and then to judge them on the basis of what they know and to be able to say whether it is truth. I am letting you all come here so that you may be witnesses of this message of spiritual wisdom which I am giving you. It is the Third Testament, which only the Spirit of Truth could reveal to you.

24 Remember: the Israelites according to the flesh keep the law of Moses and the word of the prophets; the Christians united the law of Moses and the word of Christ in one law. So what is strange about the fact that this spiritualist people unite those two testaments with the revelations of the Holy Spirit? This is the perfect ark of the covenant: here is the law of Moses, the love of Christ and the wisdom of the Comforter promised for this time.

25 Men, you who direct the minds of men into the paths of religion: open your eyes to this light, behold this people who have set out in the desire for love, crying for justice and asking for light. It is only a very small part of the people who rise up like a man and are in search of Christ, of His truth and His promise. Pay attention to man's turning to the eternal, to the spiritual! Or is it possible that - although you have eyes - you do not see? I know everything and see everything; that is why I have come like a thief in the night to surprise you in your sleep and to awaken you to the light of the new day.

26 For a long time I have been teaching this people and have revealed to them the teachings which men had hidden from them I have also revealed to him what I had saved for them; but I have not yet told him everything, nor will I make myself known in this form until 1950. Those who did not hear My teachings will receive My message through the book written by My "gold feathers".

27 After My departure many will rise against the people, against My teaching. Seas will be thwarted by those who want to fight and persecute My servants. But who could suppress the light of the Divine Master? Who could stop the development of the spirit or turn back time? If people in the Second Age believed that if they killed Christ on a cross, His teaching would die, they only signed their verdict with their own hands, for Christ defeated everything on the cross with His infinite love. Truth, like light, always triumphs over darkness, no matter how dark it is.

28 My Spirit gives you the seed to sow in the fields, which are the souls of men who have become fertile through pain and struggle and are only waiting for the coming of the sower. Soon My name and My teaching will be on every lips anew.

29 To give you a lesson of love, I wash your feet, beloved disciples, so that you may unite the teachings I gave you in this time with those I revealed to you in times gone by I want - when 1950 is here, the last year of My Word among you - that then those who are still "children" today will have become disciples. Today you are still listening to Me with joy; but what will happen when you listen to Me, knowing that it is for the last time? - I remind you of the trials of the Second Time, but I speak to you with new words, through the organ of the mind of man, because if I spoke directly to you, you would not withstand the power of My Word, nor the intensity of its light, nor the majesty of My Presence.

30 This is why I once came to you as man, and even with John I revealed myself after my crucifixion under some symbolic images so that he might understand my revelations Verily, I tell you, I am working on you so that you may receive the manifestation from spirit to spirit, the direct communication with My Divinity. After 1950 you will no longer hear me in this form, but you will feel my presence because your spiritual elevation will be greater, and you will then enter completely into the time of spiritual dialogue. And once unity and brotherhood have moved in with you, the time of the great miracles will be, the time in which my voice is heard by men. Then the fight will come and the persecution, the doors of these assembly houses will be closed, your homes will be slandered. You will be called sorcerers, your relatives will disown you, and some of you will go to prison for the defense of my cause. But I will be with you so that you will not become discouraged; for I am life, and as I am in you - who is able to fight against eternal life?

31 Be vigilant, disciples, for if your voice wakes up those who are still asleep today, they will come from sects and denominations to tell you that what you possess is false, that they possess the Ark of the Covenant and the fulfillment of the promises, as well as the contents of the Seven Seals And if you then do not know how to fight with the weapons I have granted you, which are weapons of love and wisdom, there will be many confusions among mankind, and men, longing for truth and hungering for light, will go where they are called to and might miss the way.

32 You who have been given the commission to guide and lead this people - give an example of brotherhood by uniting in spirit, following the example of Jesus, Moses, and Elijah, who appeared united at the transfiguration on Mount Tabor

33 Disciples, I have been teaching you in this time not only through the Word but also through My benefactions with which I continually gave you abundant gifts the times of symbols are over; today, without symbols, people will believe in Me, love Me and understand Me, and even now the symbols in My Word are diminishing because you are now able to comprehend, fathom and put into practice My teaching in your works of love

34 If you believe that Jesus, because He was the Son of God, felt no pain, you are wrong. If you believe that I am free from pain because I come today in the Spirit, you are likewise in error. If you think that - because I know that you will all finally be with me - I am not suffering today, you are not right in that either. Verily, I tell you, there is no other being that is more sensitive than the Divine Spirit. - I ask you: Who gave sensibility to all beings? What good can you do that does not trigger off joy in me? And what can you do evil that is not like a wound for my sensibility? Behold, this is the reason why I tell you that mankind has crucified me anew. When will I be taken down from My Cross and will I be delivered from the crown of thorns?

35 Today you are to remember the Lord's Supper of Jesus through the spiritual bread I have given you at all times I have given you great teaching examples: the manna of the desert in the first time, the miracle of the fishes in the second. The bread that I blessed and distributed at My table, representing the Divine, was a teaching that I gave to your spirit to make it understand My love. Today I do not bring material bread with me that speaks to you of heavenly teachings. The time of symbols is over. Today I give you only My Word, in which I tell you that this proclamation is not the highest you will know, and that what I am telling you through this mediator is not all I have to tell you either.

36 Beloved people, remember and reflect in these hours on all that I did that night, which was the last I spent as a man among you, and also on all that I told you in those moments when I told you in My Teaching Welcome, disciples of the Third Age, whom I have gathered by causing you to come from various points of the earth. I have gathered you together to form the new "caravans" of Israel, which will cross the desert that stretches out before your eyes, and there you shall receive the new teaching of the Lord.

37 I see that some have not been able to free themselves from idolatry, despite the teachings and the trials through which they have gone. Know how I have cleared the way to your ascent, that you may walk on it. But do not allow doubt to interfere like a cloud, which hinders your spirit to see my light.

38 You have noticed that in this time you are free from human temptations and that I have granted you only the necessities of life, and I say to you: Do not be after superfluous things.

39 You have found a palm tree in the desert and a spring of crystal clear water It was not a pretense, it was not an illusion, it was reality. the branches and the shadow of the palm tree are My spiritual Presence, its fruits are My Word, the Source is the Love and Wisdom I have poured into your heart

40 He who listened to Me attentively has learned this time to listen to the voice of his conscience, to judge himself, to recognize his own work and to take upon himself the pain he created for himself Then the Spirit reveals deep teachings to the flesh to convince it that it must be gentle and devoted in the trials. Whoever reaches these deep reflections will not defy my divine commandments.

41 As in the Second Age, My Word is hidden from no one, I let it reach the ignorant, the understanding, the pure in heart, and the sinner, the upright and the hypocrite The heavenly bell has rung for all. If this mankind, which in its majority has drunk from the fountain of the doctrine I taught you as Christ, had been awake and praying when I gave it the signs of My new coming - how great would have been its delight if it had felt My presence. It was necessary that I sent a man to you to deliver My Message to you in 1866 and through his lips Elijah announced to you the new time. Since then, this palm tree has spread more and more its foliage, My Word reaching new areas, causing the sealed to set out and teaching the multitudes. Those who listened to Me with gentleness and followed Me on the path to their spiritual development have felt no more tiredness on their way, nor hunger and thirst. On it they have experienced ingratitude, mockery, contempt and indifference. But nothing has stopped them, because their ideal finds its fulfillment at the end of the way, and they know that this goal is not on earth.

42 Only those who prepare themselves with this meekness and spirituality will have the power to free from pain those who suffer; for he who is filled with vanity or makes bad use of his gifts loses this grace.

43 Do not force My teaching on anyone under a certain name, but lift up him who has fallen and tell him to believe in Me. Who could prevent you from doing good to your neighbor?

44 No longer think of earthly comforts to prepare yourselves to do your duty and think of those crowds of people who will set out in longing for the saving ark of Love, which is My Teaching, and who must meet your hearts on the way

45 When will again apostles of My Cause appear like those who followed Me in the Second Age? with how much faith, love and steadfastness they defended My truth! you would like to do those works and those miracles; but truly, I tell you, you could do it if your faith was as great as theirs Be men of faith, and you will perform miracles even if you are materially needy. Hear me and fathom my word, otherwise you have only let me speak into emptiness.

46 Be humble, recognize how Jesus bowed down before His disciples to wash their feet. Do works on your brothers like this, and you will be able to rightly call yourselves My disciples.

47 How few are those who kept watch and remembered the day when Jesus died on the cross! but truly, I tell you, when you reflect on the Master's death, you should remember that this moment comes for each of you I need not fear death because I am life, but you must be concerned to finish your mission inwardly prepared and equipped.

48 Let no one feel insignificant and poor, for you know neither your gift of speech nor the richness of your heart to love your brothers.

49 You weep over the ignominious death which you gave to your Lord on Golgotha, and you do not suspect that in this time you wound Me anew and mock My Word. But I have vowed to save all My children, and My Will will be fulfilled. If my blood shed at that time is not enough for this mankind, I will take a spiritual cross to be crucified on it and to spread sparks of light, which reach the souls via the conscience of men.

50 Woe to those who in this time, through their shamefulness and disobedience, set a bad example to the children whom I have sent with a spiritual mission (to earth)! Do you want to be like the crowd of people who led Jesus to Golgotha with shouting and mockery and thereby sowed horror in the hearts of the children, who could not explain why they tortured and killed a man who only distributed blessings?

51 Every time Jesus fell, those innocent people wept. But truly, I tell you, their weeping came more from the spirit than from the flesh. How many of them later followed Me and loved Me, without the memory of what their innocent eyes had witnessed being erased from their hearts.

52 It is time for you to reflect on what I am telling you. let men hear Me, let the sick be the first to come into My presence Pray for the absent sick and visit those who are in institutions. Remember that in the Second Age many of the lepers lived outside the gates of the city, and although they knew that Jesus was healing the sick, they resigned themselves to hearing only from afar the sound of His voice because they said to themselves, "How will we come to the Master when the crowds drive us away? Then Jesus rewarded their faith in the face of human indifference and selfishness by cleansing their bodies of the evil that tormented them.

53 Do not tire of listening to Me at this time, for those who hear My last word in 1950 will receive it in their spirit as a symbol of the last drop of blood that came off My body on the Cross

54 You have forgotten the Law and have waited for the forces of nature to remind you of My Justice; hurricanes, overflowing watercourses, earthquakes, droughts, floods are calls that shake you up and speak to you of My Justice

55 What other fruit can mankind offer Me in this time than that of discord and materialism? This people, who have heard My teaching for years, cannot offer Me a pleasing harvest either.

56 No one escapes My righteousness. I judge the living and the dead. But verily I tell you, if you do not pull yourselves together and practice My Teaching truly and sincerely, the justice of men will judge you. - How much this mankind has defiled itself! The Blood of the Lamb showed men the way to the development of the soul on which they must walk to make amends for the transgressions they have committed; but trusting in that divine Blood you have sinned anew. The world has taken you captive, but I now demand back from you what belongs to me.

57 I will remove the weeds, which are a poisonous plant, and will sow once more the golden grain of wheat, and those fields which have been barren for a long time will be fertile and productive

58 Since ancient times you have known through My prophet John that a time would come when every eye will see Me; that time you have in mind In that time the spirit of men will open its eyes to the light of truth and see Me. He will understand My word and feel My presence. Not only will water spring forth from the stones, but flowers will also sprout.

59 Today you are of the opinion that My righteousness is punishing you by unleashing the forces of nature to sow misery, grief and hunger. Nevertheless, one day you will understand that it was your works that caused that disaster, that judgment to come upon you. You will also learn that your merits, your faith and prayer can calm the forces of nature. Have you not heard that I give my children authority over the forces of nature when I mark them spiritually? This cannot astonish you when you remember that I gave power to the first man to make the creation of the earth subject to him. This is the reason why I sometimes tell you that man has not yet discovered himself and therefore does not know himself.

60 I am the King of the universe; man here on earth is a prince because he is My child. Has man understood how to make good use of the power of all his abilities? Verily I tell you, he has denied his father and made himself king to do his will in the world.

But he who does not unite his will with mine and walks outside the divine laws creates in himself the conditions that these judge him. This you call punishment, and finally you call me an unjust father.

61 In this third time many souls will see my light, and as they light up their way through the same, they will not go astray again. Rather they will look back on their past to recognize all their mistakes and repent of them. They will no longer seek human glory, but only the immortality of the soul.

62 Men will climb the top of the mountain, and from there they will see the image of the Promised Land looming, the New Jerusalem, which awaits you as the highest reward in eternity.

My peace be with you.

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