BTL - Volume 2 - Teaching 54

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume II - Teaching 29 - 55
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Book of True Life - Volume 2 

Teaching 54:

1 Blessed are those who leave their material goods to hear me.

2 Those who have taken advantage of My teaching have become strong and when they have been affected by an ordeal, instead of despairing, they have begun to reflect and pray and have felt that in those moments the divine inspiration comes to their mind like a ray of light illuminating the path of their spiritual development

3 Verily, I tell you, whoever knows how to prepare and strengthen himself in the fulfilment of My Law will survive all, even if he goes through storms or through fire - Also to those who in faith were able to pass the test that afflicted their Spirit, I tell you once more that they should not "go to sleep"; for new tests will come, and they must then be prepared. There are many who, at the end of a great trial, when the "day's work" is already almost finished, were close to falling, overcome by the weight of their cross. But in those moments my voice was heard, which encouraged them to reach the final goal, which is already near.

4 If you attribute the trials of life to chance, you will hardly be able to be strong But if you have an idea of what atonement is, what justice and reparation is, you will find in your faith elevation and surrender to triumph in the trials.

5 It is My Will to test your soul in various ways, for I form, shape and perfect it. For this I make use of all things and all men; as instruments I use both a righteous man and a wicked man. One time I make use of the light, another time I make darkness my servant. Therefore I say to you When you are in a critical situation, think of Me, of your Master, who will explain to you in all love the reason for that trial.

6 There are cups that all must drink, some sooner and some later, so that all may learn to understand and love Me Misery, sickness, slander, dishonor are very bitter goblets that do not reach only the lips of the sinner. Remember that the most righteous one emptied the most bitter cup you can imagine in that Second Time. The obedience, humility and love with which the cup of suffering is drunk will make the cross lighter and the trial will pass more quickly.

7 The world is a school for the Spirits; your body is but an instrument. On earth you pass through the various stages of the ladder to spiritual perfection, on which the spirits ascend to Me, driven by the power of their merits, their efforts to reach the Father through the love they have given to their brothers. Whoever does not pass through this path of struggle will neither know who his creator is, nor will he know himself.

8 He who denies his destiny rejects the honorary name "child of my divinity. If he does not believe in my existence, he cannot have faith in my love.

9 If for some this life has been exceedingly bitter and sorrowful, know that this existence is not the only one, that it is only apparently long, and that in the fate of every creature there is a mystery into which only I can penetrate.

10 This voice has not told you: you must obey this word. It has only told you: seek the truth, strive for love, strive for peace, and if you find this in my teaching which you are currently hearing, abide by it. But if you have not found it here, keep searching.

11 I make myself known to each of you, sometimes through your heart, another time in your Spirit.

12 At My voice of forgiveness the dead will rise to life of grace, will be set free from the confusion of their soul and will fulfill My Law which tells you: "Love one another. Where there is no forgiveness - which always springs from love - there will be neither repentance nor good works, and then there will be no redemption either.

13 How many spiritual dead have to wander around the world, waiting until physical death brings them into My presence to hear the voice of the Lord that raises them to true life and caresses them What longing for renewal could have nourished them on earth, since they thought themselves irrevocably lost forever, even though they felt capable of true repentance and reparation for their transgressions?

14 But apart from those who had been denied the salvation of their souls and who came to Me without hope, also those who have been condemned to death by scientists regarding the body have come into My Presence I, who possess life, have snatched them from the claws of physical death. But what do those do in the world to whom I have entrusted the health of the soul as well as that of the body? Do they not know the high purpose which the Lord has entrusted to them, so that they may fulfill it? Must I, to whom I have sent them with a message of health and life, unceasingly receive their sacrifices?

15 Now that you are presenting your grief to Me and asking Me for strength, I tell you: trust in Me and you will all be comforted

not all hear My Word as you hear it, but My Power and My Light are the fatherly inheritance for all Spirits But you become weak and let yourselves be defeated by the trials.

16 Only I, your Father, hear and understand your heart You have not yet found true love for one another. I also tell you not to seek images of saints or symbols so that they grant you relief. Learn to pray with the Spirit, awaken the sensitive fibers of your being so that you may feel My presence and enjoy My love with Me. Do not feel alien to your Father. Or are you so far away (from me) that you no longer recognize me?

17 I see at this time that men have become accustomed to sin. Passions are unleashed, children lose their innocence at an early age and take forbidden fruit. Mankind has taken the path of evil, and from generation to generation it becomes more frail and sinks deeper. That is why I have come once more to reveal myself among you.

18 Pray, and understand My word. Do not pray only for yourselves, pray for the brothers, both material and spiritual, known and unknown to you.

19 You do not know about the spiritual poverty in which mankind lives today. The intercession of a people and its struggle are necessary to bring the light to all Spirits.

20 Cleanse those who have defiled themselves. Reveal to them the gifts of their Spirit, set them on the way like little children and lead them to Me. In your way you will find many sick people who will not be healed by science; but among you you will find the possibility of bringing healing to their sufferings: You will heal them with your love, through the good influence you exert, through the renewal you inspire them to. And through the knowledge of My teaching that you transmit to them, they will discover that the healing balm lies in the peace of the Spirit and in the fulfillment of duties, in love for one another.

21 I will not stand by and watch My children miss the opportunity for their salvation. If the great sinners seek Me in humility and repentance, I will forgive their transgressions and offer them an opportunity to rebuild their lives. I will give My call to the greatest sinners to redeem and save them.

22 I have inspired the heart of the young people, the young men and virgins to form new generations. for this purpose I purified them and when they will know how to accomplish on their children the task I have entrusted to them and equip those Spirits and lead them on the path of good, I will contact them and you will lean on these new generations and they will be the continuation of this work

23 Keep the grace which I leave among you. Soon there will be those who will want to prevent my work from progressing. But there will be others who, after they have implored My help, will receive a miracle; and even if they are not among My disciples, they will bear witness about Me and say, "The Lord has healed Me. Others will say, "I had lost my dearest thing, and He has given it back to me.

24 Do not defend My work with false testimonies and never lie, for I have not taught you to lie. My works are always louder and louder, and if you know how to interpret them, you will find in them My love and mercy for men.

25 If you hear foolish words, keep silent, as Jesus kept silent before the Pharisees. But do not fear that your "clothing "* will be torn. I will justify you and lift you up before your brothers. These people who condemn you will then realize that you have not strayed from the path, but that you have come closer to Me.

Watch over your actions and fear only the eternal judge who always sees you.

* This figurative expression refers to the damage to the reputation, honor, and person.

26 With meekness and spiritualization you shall testify that you have heard Me, then many will be converted. If you find no understanding, be silent and forgive. If you unite your body with your Spirit and fulfill My law, you will obtain grace for mankind.

27 Remember, blessed people, that I have told you in all assembly places that times of pain, trial and judgment are approaching for mankind, which will serve to purify it I also announce to you that after that time joy will reign on earth.

28 For years you have been hearing these messages, which are teachings with which I prepare you as disciples so that tomorrow you can bring light into the life of your brothers and show them the good way - both to the beings living in the body and to the disembodied beings. It is My will that you leave a good example as seed for future generations; that the revelations I have given you serve you to strengthen your Spirit in My wisdom and your heart in goodness and to remove from it all weeds that have grown in your being for a long time. But I tell you with sadness that you still do not feel My word, that you sleep in the face of these rallies, and that your works do not bear witness to My teaching.

29 I wanted you all to form one heart, one will; but I see that you still remain in your disunity.

30 I have told you that in all your places of assembly I make myself known as the only God, who loves you all in the same way. Yet the one denies the spiritual gifts and the truth to the other. How can you believe that you glorify My teaching in this way?

31 Not only by the conduct you show in these places of assembly are you to seek Me, to please Me and serve Me, but with all the acts of your lives. But up to this moment you have not kept to my law, neither in the spiritual nor in the material, and you are still beginners who do not want to believe. Do you not want that Christ, the One who told you, "I am the way, the truth and the life," should guide you further? Don't you want love to save you, to make you strong, joyful and serene, so that in the hour of storms and afflictions, it is love that lifts you up and protects you?

32 Know that I have given you a Wisdom superior to any human science: that of mastering the forces of nature But you have not been able to react to My Voice like obedient sheep. Do you claim that those elements, in your disobedience, bow before you like obedient servants?

33 Do you now see why it is necessary for you to listen to My teachings, just as it is essential that you reflect on them, feel them and put them into practice?

watch and pray, I have told you, so that no unexpected harm may befall you; but you would neither watch nor pray When the trials whipped you, you believed that I had punished you or abandoned you. Only then do you think of praying to ask Me not to leave you alone. Oh, if only you would understand that I do not abandon you and that it is you who forget Me!

You must know that there is not one second in which I do not give you something, and that, on the other hand, you often live a whole life without offering anything to Me.

34 I am giving you these teachings so that you may know that I am always with you, that I hear everything and know everything, - so that you may not reject My blessings and feel alone and sad in your trials.

35 How many of you, after your incarnation, behave like ungrateful children who do not listen to the advice of their parents and throw themselves like fools into the perilous ways of life, only to stop and cry out with tears of remorse when they have stumbled a lot and experienced disappointments: "Oh, if only I had listened to my Father, I would not have experienced so much suffering and would not have strayed so far from the right path!

36 Sometimes it is already too late when they realize their guilt. They are surprised by death, which does not allow them to return to their father's house and fall on their knees before those to whom they denied authority.

37 What an exceedingly great pain for those who saw their last moment coming, without being able to wet their parents' faces with tears, nor to hear words of forgiveness from their lips!

38 When you reflect on these trials, you sometimes say: "How is it possible that God, in His perfect righteousness, goes so far as to deny that joy to those who already recognized and repented of their guilt? - But I answer you that it is not the body that should receive that grace, but the soul, for which there will always be enough time to wash away its stains, and also time to reap the fruit of its repentance.

39 That your soul may not stray on the perilous pilgrimage on earth, it has been endowed with a higher light, which is the Spirit. Moreover, the world has always been enlightened by the light of My teaching and My revelations, from the first days of your existence in this world until eternity.

40 I have always enlightened you so that when your incarnated Spirit returns to the spiritual life, he may dwell in high planes of being.

41 Beloved people, instrument for My rallies in this time, spiritualize yourself, so that when you will be the true interpreter of My Word, you will be it through your thinking, your life and your Word Understand that living examples are needed for mankind to believe in Me.

42 Which of you will be the great Spirits who will lead men to true spiritualization? Spiritualization, that is, spiritual upward development, must be revealed through the mind and senses so that it may be the salvation of mankind.

43 Disciples, for the great works high minds and pure hearts are necessary. Develop your qualities and be great. Why do I demand union from you, people? Because I know that war, as a result of the lack of brotherhood among men, is approaching like a whirlwind that tears down everything, and because I want you to watch and be a people of

peace, an army of soldiers in the service of good. When you set out to fulfill this mission, carry Me in your hearts; without Me you can do nothing. Who am I?: Christ. And who is Christ?: He is the love of God. Therefore I say to you: carry Me in you, and you will not perish. Rather, you will overcome all adversities and win eternity.

44 Do not forget that the divine powers are only with the humble and that they never descend to flatter human vanities.

45 Though many defile their souls, do not condemn them, for they know not what they do. I will save them too, regardless of the fact that they have forgotten Me for the moment or have replaced Me by the false gods they created in the world. I will also bring them into my kingdom, even if they now - because they follow the false prophets - have forgotten the good Christ, who gave His life for them to teach them His teaching of love.

46 For the Father no one is "evil", no one can be, since his origin is in Me. Lost, blind, violent, rebellious, so many of My children have become because of their free will with which they were endowed. But in all will be light, and my mercy will lead them on the way to their redemption.

47 Today the power of matter and the influence of the world has made you egoists. But matter is not eternal, neither is the world and its influence, and I am the patient judge, whose righteousness is Lord of life and time. You must not judge those who deny me, because then I will find you guiltier than them.

48 Did I raise My voice to condemn My executioners? have I not blessed them with love and meekness? if you understand that many of those who temporarily went astray in the world because of this offence are today in the spiritual world purified!

49 See how My Word shows you the way and leads you! I give it to all because I love you all and seek you all. Do not wait until the whirlwinds surprise you as those who are lost or sleeping, for then there will be "chattering of teeth. You do not yet know my rescue plan; therefore you need only trust in me and obey me.

50 Do you notice how humble My Word is, how insignificant are the servants through whom I transmit My Voice, and how poor is the milieu in which I make myself known? do not be surprised to learn that in this age it will be this teaching that will rule and guide the destinies of all mankind!

51 The divine thoughts have been translated into words by My raptured voice-bearers who, united in sentences, have formed and fixed a spiritual teaching full of revelations and perfect teachings

52 This is the promised Comforter, this is that announced Spirit of Truth who would teach you all things The preparation is already beginning; the times are coming when you will need him who, because he has strength in Spirit, will lead you with nobility and simplicity of heart, with wisdom and justice.

53 Men need those who are able to stand firm in trials, those who are familiar with the great struggles of the world and of the Spirit. They are the ones who can point the way and lead humanity, for in their hearts will not be the desire to oppress or dominate anyone. They cannot give shelter to selfishness, because in their moments of exaltation they have felt the mercy of the Lord, who lavishes them with love, so that they may pass on this mercy to their brothers.

54 If you are not united, you will not be able to answer men; if you are not united, you will not be able to protect yourselves from their attacks. Soon the fight will come, and then it is necessary that I find you protected and equipped through hearts that possess light and faith. Then you are already to be able to forgive those who insult you because you know that your brothers inflict those wounds on you out of real ignorance.

55 When the fight begins, I want you to answer the insults of your brothers with your forgiveness and your love.

56 Take up your cross likewise. Or do you believe that the cross of Christ is not a burden? Do you believe that My tasks are small? - The tasks of those who follow Me will be neither small nor easy. The easy works are for the spiritually weak, for the hearts without love.

57 There is no more time to be lost, for the time is drawing nearer when the strong of this people are to appear to pave the ways that will lead you to that high feast where you will feel My Spirit closer to you

58 I see among those present those who, filled with delight because they feel and understand My inspiration, are preparing for that struggle. They know that only truth, spiritualization and love can be the weapons to prevail.

59 Come to Me, hasten to the loving call which your Father addresses to you, so that far from the dark ways of pain or ignorance you may saturate yourselves in My Peace and Light and then do the same to your neighbor

60 I have not come only to give you tasks or responsibilities. I have also approached you to dry your tears and listen to your complaints.

61 Today you follow your Saviour and I help you with your cross. But before your wanderings in this world end, you are to carry the good news to the provinces.

62 "Man does not live by bread alone," and this world has spiritual hunger. Therefore you can offer your brethren of this food which I have entrusted to you.

63 My teaching is the way which shows you how to live in peace on earth, and which will bring you closer to the Father when you once live in the Spirit. Where is the brotherhood which I have taught men? It does not exist on earth, because for a long time you have allowed the weeds to grow among the wheat. The lack of love among men prevails, as does discord. They have not recognized themselves as brothers in God, and yet they claim to recognize me and even love me.

64 There are lords and servants, judges and accused, executioners and victims, but all are brothers. Great will be the shock that my word of this time causes in mankind because it will reach all spirits as judge.

65 Watch and pray, disciples, so that you may feel My presence; for if you should sleep, there will be great suffering in your Spirit when you awaken.

Pay close attention to My word so that nothing comes to you unprepared. Then, when the roads are paved and the lands open their gates, you shall be ready to fulfill your mission, and when the hearts long for a word of life, it shall immediately come from your lips. Likewise, when suffering people pass by your door, it should not remain closed.

66 There is no more time to go on chasing after the pleasures of the world. It is time to live awake with all senses and powers and to be attentive to everything that speaks to you and surrounds you. The time of your stay in this world has already become very short, and it is necessary that you make use of the short period of time that you still live on it. For those who are getting ready, nothing will pass unnoticed, whether it is human events, signs in nature or spiritual rallies. Great miracles will be experienced by those who are prepared to enlighten, to teach, and to make predictions to those who cannot see, feel, or understand.

67 Beloved people, recognize how great will be the happiness of the Spirit, who in the course of his life served his brothers as a guide, adviser, or support. This is your task: to be strong, honest and obedient to my law, so that you may serve your neighbor as a beacon.

68 When will this humanity be like an immeasurable flower, whose petals are your hearts and whose fragrance is your love for Me?

69 When you see how the world is in this hour of trial, in which its reverential passions and hatreds are overflowing, you think that these words I am saying to you are only a divine dream But I point out to you that I only accepted the cross in the Second Time, which you gave Me, and have now come to you "on the cloud" because I knew that the seed of My love will triumph over human imperfection. Why do you doubt that I can redeem you? Do you believe that Christ shed His Blood in vain on Calvary, that it taught you nothing? Do you believe that My new rallies are unfruitful? - Verily, I tell you, God cannot err, nor can He fail in His mission of love.

70 Great, very great in your eyes is human depravity, the power and the force of evil that men exercise seems to you to be terrible, and yet I tell you that it is weak against the power of My Justice, against My Divinity, which is Lord of Fate, of Life, of Death and of all creation

71 Out of this blessed and fertile earth man has made a hell because he has used all the powers and elements with which I surrounded him for life to cause himself death in spite of all this, I can tell you that the one who repents, understands his wrongdoing and makes an effort to make amends for it, will soon reach the spiritual gates of the true paradise where the angel of the Lord will put his sword into the sheath and let him enter the eternal kingdom of peace, where the love of the Father will give him the reward promised to all men of good will

My peace be with you!

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