BTL - Volume 3 - Teaching 59

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Book of True Life - Volume 3

Teaching 59:

1 Welcome all to the Master! - Which of you are the disciples? Which of you are the disciples of children? You do not know. There are many who think they are already Master, and yet I see that they have not even understood the first lesson. Others, on the other hand, feel incapable of teaching and close their lips, although they could already begin to teach with their words and with their works.

2 At all times I have limited myself to be felt and understood by men. If I had come in that Second Time at My revelation as Christ - as God and not as man, men would have reproached Me rightly and said, "Lord, we cannot take You as an example, for You are God and we are men.

3 Now I have brought you new teachings. the door to My hidden wisdom has opened once more for men and I want this to be reason for joy for My people

4 Among men there are some who say to Me in their heart: "If you love us so much, why do we suffer so much? why have You sent us to earth to suffer? - I forgive your blasphemy, because it springs from your ignorance, and tell you that it is your transgressions and falls that have gradually deprived you of the gifts and qualities, and that for this reason, although rich in spirit, you have remained without any virtue. Therefore you must now acquire merits to advance in your developmental path. This is the reason why I open to you my innermost chamber of my heart without making any distinctions between men, so that everyone may appropriate of this grace that of which he feels that his soul lacks - be it peace, light or strength. But do not forget that it is the melting pot of pain in which spirits become strong and merits are acquired to achieve greater elevation. I speak to you from the mountain heights, and depending on the inner elevation of each one, you will rise and approach Me. After you have heard me you will again descend into the earthly valley where you still live - but not into the abysses, which man has created through his sins.

5 The "valley" of which I speak to you is the harmony with the spiritual, which you have not yet reached. - Every spirit has been entrusted with a body as a means of manifestation in this material world. In this body, which is a masterpiece of My Wisdom, there is a brain in which intelligence is revealed, and a heart from which the virtues and noble emotions emanate.

6 Many have I found in the abyss of destruction, and to them I have come down to rescue them My love for the fallen caused them to listen to My loving voice, which told them: "where are you, my children?

7 "Behold, here is My Light, follow Me!

8 In the First Time your faith had become clouded, My children no longer understood the language of their own conscience and it became necessary for the Father to come to them to tell them: "take this stone in which My Law is engraved Do not forget that this shows you the way that leads to the top of the mountain where I await you. And they swore in the face of that stone in which My law was carved to set out on the path and to wander to the goal of their destiny. - But the times passed, and on the journey tribulations and afflictions arose, which became greater and greater the more time passed. Then they lifted up their faces and voices to the Father and said: "We do not understand you. For a long time we have fought and wandered without seeing the end of our wanderings, nor have we obtained the peace you promised our heart.

9 The people fell back into their disobedience, but the Father sought them anew and drew nearer to them even more, to speak to them as Father and as friend. But those did not recognize Him and said to Him, "You cannot be our God, for He has always been on high.

10 The reason was that He came to them as perfect truth, while men sought a truth to their liking, and so, full of indignation, they led the divine man to execution. That man who was all power and wisdom did not give men what they asked for in their incomprehension. He was pure, and only pure and perfect works could emanate from Him. But even from death He rose up to life, and made so manifest that the author of all created things could not die. And when the Lord entered His kingdom anew, on the mountain of perfection, men confessed that he who had been with them was God Himself, for His works and miracles were beyond the abilities of man. They remembered that He had said that He was the Way, and since they longed to reach the height of the mountain where the Lord dwelt, they came out of the abyss (of destruction) to the plane of life, where they saw the light that helped them to continue their journey. But the way was full of thorns.

Then they remembered that their father is love above all, and that He had let them know that He would come back to them when their pain was very great, and so they began to ask their Lord from the bottom of their hearts, "Father, why don't you come? You are love and forgiveness - why have you punished us?" And they foresaw the time when their Lord would descend from the mountain for the third time.

When He came to them, He asked them, "What do you desire from Me? And they answered Him, "Father, deliver us!" Then the Lord asked them, "Do you want to come out of the abyss? Cross the earthly lowlands and climb the mountain, inspired only by My voice, which is the only thing you shall listen to at this time.

Some doubted because they did not see their father in human presence. But others still believed that the voice they heard came from their Lord. They rose in faith to continue their journey, guided by that divine inspiration that was the light on their path.

11 Disciples, you are those. but verily, I tell you, I have not sent anyone to live in the abysses I have sent you to live in the earthly valley of grace, so that from there you may ascend to the dwelling place of your Father. It is men who have opened up abysses before their feet, into which they fall. Now I ask you: Do you believe that you can enter the kingdom of heaven with this word, which I have given you through the mediation of the human mind? Are you convinced that you will find salvation if you believe and practice what you hear?

12 Blessed is he who believes in this word and in this manifestation, for he will reach the top of the mountain But to him who does not believe I say that this will be the third time, that he will deny me or not recognize me. For he who once believes in me must always recognize me, because the "taste" and the essence of my word never changes.

13 Those who doubt, I will leave in the place where they are today, so that they may awaken through themselves. If I do not allow people to know the consequences of their actions - could they then know when they have acted good or evil? Conscience speaks to them concerning all their works, so that they may feel remorse for their bad deeds, and with their works of love fulfill My Law, which tells them: "Love one another!

14 Christ once said to the people who misjudged Him: "You will have to wait until I come again! This is why I call you today, when I am with you again, to tell you to go away from the abyss and follow My trail.

15 What will the Father do to those who have doubted His Presence at all times? He will subject them to great trials and touch the most sensitive strings of their heart, so that faith, love and desire to serve Him will awaken in them. Verily, I tell you, in every darkness there will be light, and peace will be where for a long time there were only sighs of pain.

16 In every heart I discover a different conception of My Divinity I can tell you that in the faith conviction of each of you I find another God. This is because of the different degree of development in which each one is.

17 Once more I show you "the mountain". Since it is invisible to your body, I show it to the eyes of your faith. On Mount Sinai I gave you the Light in the First Time and on Mount Tabor I transfigured Myself in the Second Time to give you signs of My Divinity.

18 I want to see you as those who believe in My third coming I have told you that he who wants to follow Me should take up his cross and follow Me to the top of the mountain. But you already know that the way of Jesus is that of humility, of sacrifice, and was marked with blood until Golgotha. You know that slander, vindictiveness, mockery, unbelief and envy persecuted me. But I tell you once again: Whoever wants to follow Me, take up his cross and follow My trail.

19 Why are you afraid? I do not ask the impossible from you, but only that you pray sincerely, that you practice active charity, and that you renounce what is dispensable. Is there anything impossible about that? - If spiritualization had reigned among men from the beginning, I would not have taken physical form in this world, and men would have won the kingdom promised to the spirit with the help of their inspiration, their conscience, and their gift of revelation.

20 After 1950 my spirit will no longer manifest itself to men in a meaningful way. From the mountain heights where I dwell, I will see you ascending step by step until you reach Me.

21 You are wanderers who have come here in search of their salvation, in the hope of finding the truth. You carried a heavy cross on your shoulders and were looking for a helper who would help you to carry this cross. But if you stayed here, it was because you found what you were looking for.

22 Who - who really received this word with spiritual pleasure - could leave his Master? Who could stray from the path out of ignorance? Who could tell me that he has learned nothing from me?

23 Whoever has not received this divine teaching with true love and true interest to study it, I cannot call him My disciple, but only My child.

24  To no one have I given separate food or have I left him outside All of them I have seated at My table, and at it I have evenly distributed the bread and wine.

25 I want you all to become labourers in My Fields, but labourers who are over-equipped and fully dedicated to their task; who know how to cultivate My seeds and do not let the gnawing worm enter their fields looking for the fruit to devour it

26  Disciples, study this lesson so that you may ask your conscience if you are steadfast on the way, if you understand the teaching, if you can already call yourselves labourers in My vineyard

27 My mercy has been revealed to you.

I have not asked anyone about his deeds before he began as a laborer in My way, and verily I say to you, among the number of those who follow Me is also the one who has stained his hand with his brother's blood. No one on earth could have changed that evildoer into a benefactor of charity except Me. It was My forgiveness and My word of love that redeemed him and awakened the noble sentiments that slumbered in his heart.

28 If I have called some who were in prison to sit at My table and form a new discipleship with them, let no one condemn this action. For I certainly did not come to heal the healthy or save the righteous. I came to seek those who needed me - in this my mercy is shown. I came to turn the dross into a useful element - in it my power is shown.

29 Only pure can you come to Me, and only when you cleanse your heart can you receive Me. Or do I not deserve this sacrifice on your part? I see that - when you are about to receive in your home a person whom you consider important - you clean and tidy up everything to make yourselves worthy of her.

30 Do you not think it right that every day, when the light of dawn breaks, you take the time to prepare and cleanse yourselves inwardly to carry Me in your heart?

31 I am speaking to you in a simple way because you are of a simple mind; I am speaking to you in a simple way if you were rich on earth, you would not listen to Me I am not looking for festive garments or palaces among men. Ask the seers about the spiritual splendor that surrounds your Master, and you will understand that nothing in the world can equal it.

32 Listen to the voice of these prophets, who will be those who often guide you through their revelations. Believe their words, knowing that I am serving the least of these times - that which you consider too imperfect to receive the grace of the Master.

33 I find your heart filled with peace because I am with you.

34 I come to speak with you and give you My instruction. in this time I did not become man on earth and did not seek the shadow of a palm tree to speak to men from there, and My Foot did not touch the dust of the earth

35 I am teaching you perfect love for your Creator. am I not worthy that you love Me so much?

36 The trace I left you in the Second Age was to make brothers of those who lived as enemies and to spiritually uplift those who already knew how to live as brothers Today, since you do not see Me with physical eyes, it is My will that you see Me with the gaze of faith. But among you there are many who believe only in what their hands touch, and who doubt everything that is beyond sight and understanding. It is they who say to me, "Father, why do you not do miracles as in the past times, so that we may believe in you? - verily, I tell you, that time is past, and if you claim to believe in Me and recognize Me - why then do you want miracles? Believe by faith!

37 Unite My Word of that time with that of today. Compare its essence and you will find that it is the same. Remember that I told you: "the tree will be known by its fruit. Let My Word penetrate your heart until it reaches the Spirit who will tell you from whom this Word comes.

38 Unless you let the Spirit test the taste of this fruit, how dare you deny that it is the Father who speaks to you?

39 Why can some, though they do not understand My work, not separate themselves from Me? Because it is their spirit that has convinced itself of My presence. Why do others, who still doubt, not once fail to listen to Me? Because they carry the doubt in their hearts, but the spirit holds them back because it recognizes the truth. If those hearts persevere, their dark doubts will disappear.

40 You who feel satiated by My Word - do not go away into the desert (of the world), and do not store up for yourselves only the food I have given you. I have called you to satisfy your hunger and that you may do the same to your brothers, the hungry.

41 Now that your soul receives light through this Word - let it grant, it wants to know Me, it wants to know who He is who enlightens it, it wants to know the way that leads it to the goal of its destiny

42 Blessed are those who break the chains of slavery, who bind them to the world to be with Me. Blessed are those who overcome the weaknesses of unnecessary things and human passions to keep purity in mind and heart; for My word will fall as seed into fertile land.

43 Do not believe - because you have heard Me in these times - that you have reached perfection you must make a great effort along the way and let My teachings become action to reach that perfection through your works of love

44 Here on earth your spirit will not reach its greatest exaltation, which is why I tell you: do not consider this life as the only one, nor look at your body as if it were eternal Verily, I tell you, this body matter that you love so much is only your cross.

45 Grasp My Word, realise that in its simplicity lies My Being which is life, healing and peace People may well speak to you with eloquent words. But to give you the essence of life, which contains my simple word - they will never be able to do this.

46 Today I hear men talking about law, justice, peace, equality and brotherhood. but verily, I tell you, where there is no love, there will be neither truth nor justice and much less peace

47 When I speak to you of love, I mean the divine bond that unites all beings I do not mean love as people understand it. Where there is selfishness and base passions, there is no true love. I love both the one who denies and hurts me and the one who recognizes me and honors me with his works.

48 If some are happy because they know they are loved by Me and others are indifferent to them, my fatherly mantle continues to cover them all because love is unchanging.

49 No one can prevent that I love you as little as he can prevent that the sun sends its light to you. But do not forget that I am also judge and that no one can prevent or avoid my judgment, as no human being can stop the forces of nature of his own accord when they are unleashed.

50 Walk in my law, and you will understand that my justice is inexorable. Fulfill My instructions and you will feel peace even in the storms of life.

51 Mankind is divided because it is not governed by a single law. Every nation has its own laws. Every nation follows a different doctrine, and when you enter the homes, (you see that) all fathers also guide their children in different ways.

52 I revealed to man the gift of science, which is light. But man has created darkness with it and caused pain and destruction.

53 Men think they are at the summit of human progress. For this I ask them: Do you have peace on earth? Does brotherhood among men rule, morality and virtue in the homes? Do you respect the lives of your fellow men? Do you show consideration for the weak? - Verily, I tell you, if these virtues were present in you, you would possess the highest values of human life.

54 There is confusion among men because you have lifted up to the pedestal those who have led you to ruin. Ask not, therefore, why I have come to men, and abstain from judging that I manifest myself through sinners and the ignorant; for not everything you think imperfect is.

55 Man is the most perfect thing that exists in the world. In him there is similarity with the Creator. He has in him the Trinity, which you find in your God: Spirit, soul and body, three potencies, which together form a perfect being.

56 The body could exist without spirit, by means of the animated physical life alone; but then it would not be a human being. It would possess soul, but would be without the voice of conscience of spirit, whereby it then could not guide itself, nor would it be the highest being, which knows the law through the spirit, distinguishes good from evil, and receives every divine revelation.

57 This is the light of the Third Age. But put to the test him who says that it is not God who speaks to you, but this man here. verily, I tell you, as long as My divine ray does not enlighten his mind, you will not be able to extract from him words of spiritual value and truth, even if you were to threaten him with death

58  It is not strange that, just as the spirit uses his body to speak and manifest itself, he detaches himself from it for a short period of time to allow the Father of all spirits to manifest himself in his place God.

59 I come to you because you do not know how to come to Me, and I teach that the most pleasing prayer that reaches the Father is the one that rises in silence from your spirit It is this prayer that attracts My Ray through which you hear Me. It is not the songs and words that delight My divinity.

60  More than the virtuous, I seek among you the needy, the ignorant, the sinners, to reveal My Mercy to you and turn you into My disciples

61 in this time I must cleanse your soul and body from all stains so that you may attain true exaltation

62 I hear both him who knows how to lift himself up in pure form to call on Me and him who seeks Me in his ignorance through the most imperfect worship. I cover them all with My cloak of love.

63 You who hear Me in this time, do not believe that you are at the summit of spiritualization, for you still lack much to reach that degree of development Also do not believe that you are little children or beginners in My Law; for even if you take the first steps in this Third Age, you too were disciples of the Lord already in past times.

When your spirit heard Me in this time, it trembled, and after that, when it studied My Word, it gradually understood the devotion that the Father expects from His children.

64 If, although you follow Me, you are not free from trials in this way, it is simply because you have not yet reached the Father's Home where He is waiting for you to let you feel true peace and perfect happiness

65 Now I tell you do not become weary, do not retreat from the thorns and obstacles. pray, and you will feel Me near and will find that I am the good companion on your journey

66 Do not despair, nor be like the materialists who see only what material life offers them.

67 Everyone who has gone astray must go back the ways and return to the starting point to find peace of mind.

68 It is necessary that you understand what I have called you for in the Third Time, that you know your responsibility and your task. For you will not only be responsible for yourselves, but also for the number of those who are ordered to you.

69 Why are you afraid? Does "love one another" mean a sacrifice? Do you not see how your brothers in the (other) nations are weeping?

70 War has spread its mantle over many peoples of the earth, and this will cause hunger, plague, and death to be unleashed also.

71 Do not let the door be opened to war; for it will then enter in like a thief and take you by surprise. Watch and pray!

72 The weeds will be uprooted from the hearts of men, and the good seed will be preserved to form with it a new humanity.

73 Many men and women are beginning to long for My law, My word and My peace because of the so much pain and destruction. But they do not know where to direct their steps to find me. Would it not be a joy for you to come to them in those moments and tell them, "This is the way, there is the Divine Master.

74 Know how you bury every page of the instruction I am giving you without understanding the purpose it has.

75 I am the book, the word and the light. Can you deny Me by hiding the truth?

76 I bless you because you have prepared your heart as a sanctuary. the fields which are your hearts have opened their innermost being to receive the dew of My grace which will make the seed of My Word germinate

77 At My table no one has been served better than another, no one has been favoured or humiliated It is men who love Me in different ways: some with fervor, with perseverance and with faith, others with coldness, with rejection and with impermanence. When all men who seek peace find it in Me, they will understand that the Word of Christ and His promises have eternal life, and that everyone who finds Me in this time will never again separate from Me, because the spirit incarnated in this time has reached a high development, which is experience and light.

78 I leave you as torches among mankind. Through your works faith shall be kindled in many hearts. Pay attention to your actions, words and even to your thoughts!

79 Never let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, then the seed of your love will be abundant and fruitful.

80 What have you begun with the Master's teaching? I still do not see your renewal. But do not wait until My Justice comes upon your world to make you work for peace.

81 Because you feel in advance that you will be forgiven, you must not abuse this forgiveness

82 The two past times (the First and Second Times) passed without your spirit faithfully fulfilling its purpose. Today a new opportunity has opened up before him, so that through his merits he may flood the earth with peace and let the misery and pain escape from it. It is the opportunity to imprint your example in the hearts of your brothers, so that they may separate themselves from vice, from evil, and, through renewal, regain the health of soul and body.

83 Verily, I tell you, if you approach the fulfillment of your task in this time without waking and praying, you will experience how the surface of the earth is covered with corpses.

* This biblical expression has the meaning not only of spiritual vigilance, but above all of intercession for others, for the world, and of feeling responsible for it.

84 Understand, people, that you were never sent to earth, so that you may be indifferent to what is happening in humanity.

85 Watch and pray, do not expect this year to bring you any comfort. These are times of struggle, of recovery and reflection.

86 Do not renounce My gifts, for you would then be like pariahs on earth.

87 Pray for peace among nations. I have spoken through conscience to the people, to those who govern these nations, and have seen that their heart is unruly, that they do not drive out of it their hatred and ambition.

88 Watch over your faith, over your zeal to bear witness to My Truth, and do not care about the trials your brothers are causing you because you love Me For my work, my teaching and my law are indestructible, are immaculate. I tell you this because you will be persecuted because you are my disciples. Evil-will and falsehood will come after you. But that is why you should not hide in the catacombs to pray and seek to serve Me. Those times are over.

89 I have freed your spirit, and no one will be able to stop it in its development.

90 My detailed teaching in this Third Age will lift you all to a higher stage of development, from where you will see your Only God. Then there will be peace in your soul, and this peace will be similar to the bliss that will be bestowed upon you when, once after the conquest of the Promised Land and after you have been nourished by the eternal food, you will experience the bliss of loving and being loved by your Heavenly Father.

My peace be with you!

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