BTL - Volume 3 - Teaching 57

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Book of True Life - Volume 3

Teaching 57:

1 Rest for a few moments from your tiring wanderings, you who walk on the dust of the earth, and you who live in the spiritual space.

2 When you listen to My divine words, your soul gradually purifies itself.

3 To you who live in the spirit and are still devoted to material goals, I say: turn away from that which no longer belongs to you. For if the earth is not the eternal home for man, it is even less so for the soul. Beyond, in the spiritual valley, a life full of light awaits you, to which you will reach step by step on the path of good.

To those who listen to me as human beings, I say that they - as long as they possess this body, which accompanies them on their earthly journey of life - care for it and keep it until the very last

moment. For he is the rod on which the soul rests, and the tool for fighting. Through his material eyes the spirit looks upon this life, and through his mouth he speaks and can give comfort to his brothers.

4 I have come at this time to equip you, and I must speak to all mankind to assist them in their spiritual development.

5 Let peace enter into your heart already now, for later you will have to pray and watch tirelessly for the peace of others.

6 You will do a very great and meritorious work if you give rest and serenity to hearts shaken by pain and sorrow. There will come times when you will have to learn to base the happiness of your neighbor on this peace.

7 Disciples and newcomers, when you hear My Word, you feel that the shadows that enveloped your mind and the burden you carry in your heart have gone away It was the burden of the sufferings, worries and sometimes of the pangs of conscience that weighed you down more and more in life.

8 Do not forget that no one can be a better helper for you than Jesus. Listen to My word and allow it to overflow your heart with peace. It will be balm on your wounds.

9 My Word heals, caresses and strengthens. Learn it and feel it so that afterwards you anoint with My truth and My love those whom you find sick on your way.

10 The times will pass and when extraordinary events occur, you will cry out: "This was already announced! For you will remember what I had prophesied so many times.

11 Give the good news of my teaching to everyone to whom you can let my word reach, even if he does not immediately show faith. verily, I tell you, if you speak to him in love, his spirit will never forget anything of what you have told him

12 This is the farmland of which I speak to you - the heart and spirit of your brothers the seed is My Teaching you are to make known to them and the crystal clear water is My Love and My Wisdom with which you are to irrigate those fields

13 When will men feel My spiritual presence? When will I hear mankind welcome Me?

14 You who have heard me through the human voice bearer - do not stop to consider the shortcomings of these your brothers through whom I am speaking to you today tomorrow My Word will be written down and the influence of the voice bearer will be gone

15 So My Word of this time will reach all who have not heard it - full of divine essence and full of purity

16 I want that the only mark that the messengers of this proclamation show is the truth. It is the key, the shield and the sword.

17 The scholars, the scientists, the great of this age, who fought hard to gain the glory of the world, will be amazed when they see My new disciples - men, women and children - proclaiming divine teachings in all humility, without boasting of superiority and without vanity.

18 The greater is the knowledge you have of the value of what you possess, the more real and true your humility shall be

19 How happy is the Spirit who, having left his human remains in this valley of atonement, realizes from infinity that he has left on earth a trace of light, truth, and love.

20 My new people Israel, which is the same in spirit as at all times, will have the task of carrying My revelation throughout the world. They will show men where they have profaned the law and where they have misinterpreted My words.

21 How will you be able to carry out such a high and difficult mission? By having love and zeal for My teaching and good will to be My apostle.

22 Whoever feels compassion for his neighbour, whoever feels the pain of others, and whoever forgets his own sufferings when thinking of the needs of others, possesses the seed, the balm, the food. Afterwards he will learn the suitable form to pass on what he has received from me, and to express what arises from the heart and the spirit.

23 Study the book of My teachings in the light of your conscience. It will tell you whether you are making progress or whether you are standing still.

24 Do not think that the gift of love has been entrusted only to favored beings. Know that you are all destined for it, and that some sooner and some later - you will all love as I have taught you.

25 Make use, make use of these times of My Announcement and study My Word so that it may not seem strange to you when you see those through whom I gave you My teaching, without rapture, speaking to their Creator in spirit to spirit union

26 Lift up your spirit, increase your morals. At all times this has been My instruction. Jacob saw the figure of the Father on the highest height of the ladder of heaven. Moses received the Law on the top of Mount Sinai, Jesus left you His divine preaching on Mount Tabor.

27 Grasp the symbolism of those revelations! - But where is the mountain from which I speak to you in this time and give you My Law? you all know, that mountain is perfection, truth and wisdom

28 Whoever felt My mercy in this time shall sow no more thistles or thorns in his way. For the fruit which he reaps will often be more bitter than that which he sowed.

29 Consider yourselves part of that seed which I promised to Jacob in his dream when I announced to him that his descendants would be as numerous as the dust of the earth, and that in his seed all nations would be blessed.

30 Today My (spiritual) warmth comes down to you to give life to your heart. But this warmth does not wither the flowers that I nurture in your spirit. I give you everything, and the more I distribute My goods among My children, the more they multiply. I do not fear like a rich miser, to be without any fortune in the end. - Ask that it may be given to you. What can you ask me that I did not grant you? - I ask you only to make yourselves worthy of my good deeds and to ask me right.

31 To each one is determined what is to be given to him during his life's journey. While some accept and use it in due time, others waste it, and some have not even prepared to receive it.

But when they returned to the spiritual world, they became aware of all that was destined for them and that they neither knew how to obtain nor earn.

32 My voice speaks to all; there is no spirit incarnated or disembodied to whom I would not have addressed My word, whether as father, as master, or as judge. But man has not been able to prepare himself to understand the divine language, although I have spoken to you in every way and in all languages. When will you from spirit to spirit come into contact with My divinity to hear My voice in your spirit, since you are destined to do so? Prepare at least you who hear My voice, so that step by step, by the way of the development of the spirit, you may obtain this grace. Do you not believe that it is the most natural and self-evident thing, that your spirit can be in communion with its Creator and can hear His voice wherever it is?

33 Long periods of time have passed over men without them understanding the purpose for which they were created.

34 My children, it is not necessary to penetrate the erudition of the world to know the ultimate purpose of your existence. Not only the scholar can know me and know himself. How often does the simple man, who lacks education on earth, have a deeper realization of the truth.

35 This is the reason why I speak to you in plain and simple language understandable to every mind and spirit, which is why I wanted to make myself known through an uneducated and even clumsy mind. If I, although I speak to men clearly and simply, am not understood - how could they understand me if I spoke to them in higher form? - I am not speaking to you of mysterious teachings. The higher and more perfect the spiritual is, the clearer, more natural and simpler it appears to your spirit.

36 Make a spiritual study of my revelations, but do not make complicated theological teachings of them. Since the master is simple, the disciples should also be simple. Follow Me with humility and gentleness, and I will make you owners of the Promised Land. For he who lives in disobedience is the owner of nothing. Be the more humble towards others, the more you possess.

37 Your ears, which had not heard flattery, shall not now be beguiled by arrogance. Your eyes, which had never heeded the wonders of My creation, shall not be blinded by vanity. Seek no other crown than that of the fruit of your works of love for your brothers.

38 Do not wait for more favourable times to begin the work. For if you do not take advantage of this short time now, you will long for it tomorrow.

39 All these things I say to you so that you may give your witness to mankind. Fear not that they will not believe you, for the forces of nature will confirm your words. The earth will tremble, the waters will overflow its banks, fire will rage, the winds will be unleashed on the world, the seas will foam up, and plagues will devastate whole regions. The unrestrained course of mankind will be stopped by pain. As soon as mankind then purifies itself from its materialism, my word will reach the hearts, and no one will remain without it.

40 Like a flower your heart has opened to offer Me the fragrance of your exaltation and your thanksgiving. For you know that it was My mercy that removed the thorns on your way and dried your tears.

41 I have taught you that the way to save you from suffering is to draw nearer to the fulfilment of My Law I have told you that for this you must turn away from many rapturous religious customs which do not benefit you.

42 The hope for their salvation has been awakened in the hearts of those who have heard Me at this time I want you to experience at the end of the way the joy of having overcome all obstacles.

43 Carry My word in your mouth. For this it is not necessary that you use the same expression in which I speak to you. Speak of Me and My work in the same language in which you speak to your brothers, and only when you try to repeat My sentences, do so in the form in which I have spoken to you. But be prepared because there will be occasions when it will be me who speaks through your mouth, and then your simple and earthbound language will disappear to let my divine word be revealed in expression and meaning.

44 Soon the crowds of men will come whose spirit wasted time and did not make use of the opportunities which the Father has given them to develop upwards When they hear my voice they will first pause, after that they will feel remorse, and later they will seize the tools of the trade to cultivate my fields and make up for the lost time.

45 Today they pass by him who suffers without perceiving the pain of their brother but having been touched in their heart by the essence of My Word, they will turn their eyes to him who needs consolation and will bring him the balm with which I healed them Then they will ask themselves: Why did I not see the pain of anyone before, not even widows, nor orphans, neither those hungry for justice, nor those in need? Because I was deaf, blind and unfeeling.

46 He who has loved his neighbour on earth, how quietly and happily his life passes away, and how gentle is his agony. But he who sowed no love on his way never had a moment of true peace, and with pain he takes leave of the body in which he lived.

47 This is a time of sin, in which I will show you my power by building a sanctuary of love in the heart of men Man will have no need to build temples or palaces to my divinity because my spiritual teaching has no such claims. In the present time, the true temple of God, in which He dwells, will be recognized by men.

48 For the sake of these teachings which I am giving you today, you will be misunderstood by your brothers. But fear not, for in the meaning of these is reason and truth, which will soon be recognized when afflictions threaten to hang over mankind.

49 All will understand that My love has given each of you a place at My table so that all who hunger and thirst for righteousness may drink the wine of life and eat the bread of the Spirit at it.

The earth has held you captive for a long time and many of you have fallen into the mire and filth created by the sin of men. My mercy frees you from this, until there the sound of My voice reaches you, which invites you on the way of light. If My word always resounded in the barren desert of your heart, pause now for a moment to hear it. For in it you can find the crystal clear and fresh water that quenches your thirst for truth.

50 Strengthen yourselves in my teaching. No longer be the fragile boat with which the waves of your passions or your weakness play. Make use of the spiritual and moral power present in My words, and verily I say to you, the storms of life will no longer shake you.

51 See how, instead of punishment, the joyful surprise of My Word awaited you, forgiving your imperfections, and of My Love, when I sat you at My table to delight you with divine food

52 Those who today have obtained forgiveness through Me will tomorrow forgive those who hurt them and those who received the caress of My Word, after having drunk the cup of bitterness for a long time, will later give comfort to hearts in their way

53 Man has snatched many secrets from nature and through his science he has transformed human life The light of knowledge shines in the mind, and every day humanity is advancing in the path of scientific progress, toward a goal it has not yet sensed. Yet I find no love in the heart of your civilization.

54 From time to time I come to men to bring them My law, to remind them of My teaching, to repeat My words to them For your science without love cannot be good, your progress cannot be genuine and lasting if it does not free itself from selfishness to give room to active charity.

55 Thousands of years pass between one coming of My Divinity and the next, and when I reveal Myself, it happens to speak to you of one and the same teaching of love In it is all My Law and all My Teaching, when I tell you: "Love one another.

56 On the day when men will let their science and progress be inspired by the divine Light of Love, they will make of this world a never dreamed of paradise full of life, light and health For to the selfish science of today, I will not reveal all the wonders I have in store for mankind.

57 In this time I tell you that evil will not prevail, for in My Work the imperfect cannot stand Your spirit has been created to reach the highest degree of perfection through its development.

58 My disciples will appear everywhere on earth, and on their way the mist that had hidden the truth will dissolve. My teaching words will be engraved in their hearts, just as in another time My commandments were carved in stone.

59 People, here is the light, saturate yourself in it! But first destroy that garment of materialism which has enveloped you and which shall never again cover your soul.

60 Not all mankind will be purified by spiritualization. Also the forces of nature will bring judgment upon the new Sodoms and Gomorrah, to prepare the earth for the new generations.

61 That flood which purged the earth from human impurities, and the fire which fell on Sodom, you know as myths today. Nevertheless, even in this time you will experience how mankind will be shaken when the earth shakes under the power of air, water, and fire. However, I am sending you an ark anew - which my law is ─, so that whoever enters it will be saved.

62 Not all who say "Father, Father" in the hour of the visitation will love Me, but those who always practice My love for their neighbor. These will be saved.

63 Beloved disciples, all you who follow Me - make your steps shine spiritually in the shadows of the night, so that they may mark a path of light that leads those who have gone astray.

64 Before you had thought to come and listen to Me, I have already been in your hearts and have contacted your spirit, for it is he whom I seek It is My Will that men in this time will pull themselves together, give up their indifference and turn away from the perverse and immoral world they have created. I want you to be disciples of the Holy Spirit.

65 Make sure that there is harmony between the soul and the body shell, so that you may fulfill My instructions with ease. Make the body supple in a loving way, apply severity when necessary. Be careful, however, that fanaticism does not blind you, so that you do not act cruelly on it. Form a single will from your being.

66 It is not the time to stand still or sink into sleep. Recognize that something is keeping you awake that is stronger than you, be it a spiritual disturbance or a physical suffering. Only awake can you perceive my inspirations, because he who "sleeps" makes his spirit unreceptive and cannot see the light nor grasp life, because his eyes will be closed to truth.

67 There are many who only wait for a word to come to me. This is why I prepare you and send you to the provinces to spread the Good News. This is why I put those who are thirsty on your way so that you offer them this water which in truth quenches their thirst.

68 I have taught you not to act like the rich miser who hides his treasure from the eyes of strangers, knowing that this gift you possess today is not only for you but for everyone who needs it It is my will that my word echoes in the whole world - first through the voice bearer, and then through my messengers.

69 The few years that remain to give you My Word, you will see pass as if they were a moment. Refresh yourselves and keep my word, so that after my departure you make it known in its full purity.

70 Do not wait until the year 1950 upsets you because you are unprepared. Do not seek to make up for lost time only then. Set out already now, use and explore My teachings, then you will not go astray. Remain persevering in active charity, do not look at the splinter in your brother's eye, and do not turn away from the "lepers," for I lead them on your path so that you may heal them.

71 I come to save you, to call you all. I will gather you around My Word.

72 I want you to reach the end of the way with obedience and humility. The way is littered with trials; each one is a step forward to the top of the mountain, or another step on the ladder of heaven to perfection. Walk with your eyes fixed on infinity.

73 I bless those who have sacrificed themselves for their neighbors, those who have spurned the lusts of the world to comfort the suffering. I want that in the Book of Eternity your examples remain written down, which men need in order to get up and follow Me.

74 I give light to mankind, for their science will not save them, and they are in an angry sea. But I will rescue the shipwrecked to make them fishermen, and I will give them a boat to bring hope and salvation to the lost.

75 These will be the disciples of the Third Age, the new fishermen of men, who will have as leaders My teaching and as an example and incentive the life and deeds of My apostles of the Second Age

76 Watch and pray, disciples; whenever you do it in spiritual union, you will feel My peace. When gossip and derogatory judgments persecute you, close your ears, for those stings are not fatal. If you follow My divine teachings, you will receive in your way proofs of gratitude and respect, and these will enliven and encourage you.

77 The more you work, the shorter the time and the way will seem to you. If the world causes you pain, and you understand that there is no one in it to console you, lay down your complaint to Me and I will console you.

You all carry My light in spirit, that divine spark that never goes out. But while that light enlightens the heart of the one, I find that of the others, who have been rebellious against that light, shrouded in darkness. - I receive all, and welcome you to this table of love. When you take this wine to yourselves and eat this bread, you are to remember my teaching words.

78 Feed yourselves at this feast, for you will not always enjoy it. Satisfy your hunger and thirst forever, for very soon you will have to travel the long distances and will need courage and strength of body and mind.

79 Like a thief I have come in this time into your heart and have surprised some and awakened others by saying to you: behold, here is your Master, listen to Him and cleanse your life so that with your works you may bear witness of My coming If it does not happen, my word and my manifestation will be mocked and denied by the human organ of the mind. Make that your works provoke repentance in sinners, and that their lips, which have known only blasphemy, speak out my name with love.

80 I put My word on your lips so that you may save the lost.

81 Although men have made of the earth a world of filth and evil deeds, let it be transformed into a world of peace and spirituality through your efforts and your merits, and you will have My help in this work in every moment

82 Woe to mankind if in its heart mercy and active charity does not finally break forth! Woe to mankind if they do not finally attain full knowledge of their evil works! Their own hand unleashes upon them the fury of the forces of nature and tries to pour out upon the nations the cup of pain and bitterness. Even if they reap the result of their work, some will still say: It is the punishment of God.

83 I have given you only proofs of love. I sent you to the earth, which was like a fertile, loving and tender mother. I gave you the fire of life, the air, which is the breath of the Creator, and the water, which is fertility and refreshment. But you have used all of this to sow destruction and death. Everything has been desecrated and will be even more so. Your rivers will be of blood, your fire will serve for destruction, the air will be impregnated with the breath of death, and the whole earth will shake in convulsions. In the hour of righteousness many will say to Me, "Lord, forgive me, I had a dark bandage before My eyes.

84 I will forgive them and will let them know that in this time no one is ignorant in the spirit.

85 As the owner of all created things, I will demand an account from you of all that has happened on earth. Then you will experience how nothing escapes my piercing gaze, and nothing is taken out of the book of True Life.

86 Allow the Master to enter into your heart, invite Me to enter into your home, let Me live with you

The following words apply to all the peoples of the earth:

Have mercy on your brothers and on yourselves and remove the threat that hangs over mankind. With a little good will you will be able to achieve peace even in the most difficult moments!

87 I have been knocking at your door for a long time. Recognize my knocking by its gentle nature; do not abandon yourselves to spiritual sleep, so that - when you finally open it, it will not be the hand of

Death is that which knocks. The times announced by Christ, by his apostle John and by the prophets have come. In the eyes of men, these times have been long in coming. But I tell you that - from eternity - only a moment has passed. Remember that you were told that those who remain loyal to my law of love until the end would be saved.

Watch, pray and persevere in good, so that you may not perish in this sea troubled by passions, despair and death. In the hour of judgment My divine law is with all, My love is with you forever.

My peace be with you!

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