BTL - Volume III - Teaching 64

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Teaching 64:

1 Here is My lesson, beloved disciples. Fathom them and apply My divine teaching. This seed I am entrusting to you is holy. Cultivate it, understand that the fruit you obtain depends on it.

2 In the Second Time I told you: "in My Father's House there are many dwellings", that is, "there are many worlds where the soul can achieve its development. Acquire merits so that you may attain a high place in the worlds where the spiritual light and peace shine with the greatest intensity. Where will you go after this life? - I alone know. - That is why I tell you that through good works you should work your way up to a level from which you can ascend until you have attained true spiritual peace, and that you should not delay the time when your spirit receives the reward which it has earned with these works of love on its brothers and sisters.

3 You see that it is not punishments that await him who has not fulfilled the task which the Father has given him. You reap only the result of your works.

4 Not in the judgment created by human imagination will you see me in that hour of judgment; it will be in unknown worlds where souls go and where they find a most pure and radiant light, which enlightens those who in life have striven for truth and spiritual ascent. Those who did not seek my truth will come to places of atonement, where they will give back purity to their soul, to progress after that and come to me; because no one will be lost.

5 How decisive will be at that time the abandonment of your conscience; for no one will be able to silence the voice of that judge who exists indissolubly united to your spirit. You will fathom all the actions of your life, and no one will be judged with too much severity or too much benevolence. Just then that light, which I have used from the beginning to illuminate the way of souls, will shine emphatically.

6 Love one another from one nation to another, unite yourselves in one brotherhood, so that tomorrow, when you live in different spiritual worlds, you may love one another from one world to another.

7 Verily, I tell you, there is no happier day for a Spirit than that on which he lays down his mission before his Creator, when that fruit proves to be pleasing before His infinite wisdom

8 The spirits of light, those you call angels, will come to this meeting to bring you before your Father

9 Your throats cried out in the Second Time, when you saw Jesus coming: "Hosanna, Hosanna to Him who comes in the name of the Lord! - now, when you feel My Spirit approaching you, you open the gates of the Sanctuary of your heart, you become silent in it and show Me the inner delight that surrounds you

10 I am the same as then, you too are the same; My Teaching is the same too But your development is greater, and therefore you seek a more perfect union and worship for your Creator. When you pray today, your soul, detached from the body, unites with the angels who populate the spiritual space, to join with them in a song of praise, which is not of the earth but of heaven.

11 When mankind celebrates the memory of the Savior's birth, the heart of men is filled with a joy and a hope that they cannot explain. The same happens (in the opposite sense) when you remember the suffering and sacrifice of your Lord. You feel - even if only for a short time - an inexplicable sadness, and this is because I am born and die forever in the heart of men.

12 I wanted you all to live eternally, and I can accomplish this because I am life. This is why I have revealed Myself in various forms to My children forever, and this is why I have given them My law to show you the way by which you can come to Me. - When men thought they were lost to eternal life, I came and gave them My forgiveness, wiped out their stains with My teachings of love and offered them the possibility to make amends for their sins.

13 How much blood fell on the tablets of the law of the first days, trying to put out what was written on them! How much has my teaching of the Second Time been defiled without being able to darken its light! But I have forgiven everything because forgiveness is resurrection and life, and I have told you that I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.

14 I am often asked by someone: "Master, if you forgive our transgressions, why do you allow us to atone for them with pain? To this I say to you: I forgive you, but it is necessary to make amends for those transgressions so that you may restore purity to your soul.

15 In the Second Time I told you: "ask, and it will be given to you; knock, and it will be opened to you;" I am telling you: I am forgiving you, but it is necessary to make amends for those transgressions so that your soul may be restored to purity Now I tell you that your hand should always knock at the Father's door and not at the Judge's. Seek My love, My wisdom, My forgiveness, but do not seek My righteousness, which is implacable!

16 Virtue has been despised and taken for something harmful or useless. Now the time has come for you to understand that only virtue will bring you salvation, will make you feel peace and will fill you with satisfaction. But still virtue must suffer many hindrances and tribulations before it can enter into all hearts. The soldiers who defend it must fight with great effort and great faith. Where are these soldiers of goodness, active charity and peace? Do you believe they are? - You examine yourselves inwardly and answer Me that you are not. For this I say to you that you can all belong to those soldiers with good will. For what do you think I came to you then?

17 If you in your turn put all your love for this cause, you will have the merit of having prepared the way for the coming of the new generations who will bring a message of happiness to the world

18 Much of what I have told you in My teachings is destined to be fulfilled But know also that I speak through you to your children. Hear and fathom it so that your body shell may bend gently and help your soul to walk the way I am showing it with My love teachings.

19 The time to find Me was favourable for you: hunger had weakened you and through the fruit of this tree you have recovered vitality

20 The present time is dangerous for mankind and still men are far from the saving ark which is My Law

21 I am training the disciples to prove to the world that the fulfilment of My Law is not an "impossible" and does not mean sacrifice either

22 If you love your neighbor, you are saved. Fulfilling that commandment is not repentance. The one who lives to serve his own brother and in doing so feels and soothes his pain, with him a short prayer to Me will suffice that I do miracles through his mediation.

23 I do not yet send my messengers to far-off places because they still have much to learn. As soon as they are strong and sufficiently prepared, they will say to me in the innermost part of their heart, "Master, now we are prepared. I will then enter the sanctuary of those disciples, and there I will find devotion, humility, wisdom, and charity.

24 I will give My kiss to the worker and show him the way, that path, which - even if it is wide - will bring him nearer to Me. On it there are thorns, at its sides yawning abysses, at times there are pitfalls and dangers, also temptations. But whoever remains on it in faith feels my presence with every step; for I have already told you that I am the way. Who could think that I leave him in the fight? How can you think that I am departing from you when you fulfill My law, since I have never departed from you in your past? Allow Me to test you; the trials of life strengthen the spirit, steel the heart and perfect it.

25 When will men long to reach the perfection of their spirit? Today they do not even have peace because there is no good will among them. The light of the heavens will begin to be reflected in this world, when that good-willingness arises in men to direct their steps on the way of brotherhood, of mutual respect, of love for one another.

26 Men and women of this people: you are plain and simple, and therefore I give you My instruction in simple words so that all may understand it. My word is the bulwark of your faith and hope, and the benefits and proofs of love with which I sow your way are the encouragement and the incentive for you to continue on the way without weakening in the trials.

27 Mankind, divided into power blocs and nations, has a foreboding that the time of My spiritual revelation has come; inwardly they are expecting Me and longing for Me How welcome will be the news of My presence and My connection with you, which you will bring.

28 People, prepare yourself to be the herald of the Good News. When this time comes, your mouth shall not be closed, and your arm shall not be too lazy to sow and care for the piece of land that comes to you.

29 Some peoples have already received the visit of the pioneers; but it is absolutely necessary that the workers, whom the Master himself taught in the Third Age, go and water those seeds that long for the dew of grace.

30 How soon will you see many countries producing good fruits, which you today consider hardhearted and very far from spiritualization!

31 The fields will be fertile, for they have been thoroughly prepared. The nettles and weeds will be removed from them until they are clean. So when my disciples come to them and see them receptive, they will say to me, "Thank you, Master!

32 The time of this proclamation will be announced by the bell that will be rung from afar.

33 This nation shall be ready and adorned to receive the multitudes who will approach it in search of sustenance and peace. Prepare yourselves, cleanse your homes and prepare the best food, so that you may set the stranger at your table.

34 Verily I say to you, in these crowds all will come, from beggar to king. Those who find hospitality and love among you will send up a song of praise and gratitude to the Infinite.

35 Those who have been marked by My grace know that they are guardians and soldiers of this rescue ark, and that they must destroy every trace of idolatry and fanaticism Great is the fight that awaits you, but the torch of your faith will save you. You have already experienced what slander, persecution and intrigue is. You have already suffered all these trials, which will not catch you unprepared when they again show themselves on your way; for it is not a path sown with roses that leads into my kingdom, it is the one on which the bloody trace of my steps is imprinted. Therefore I say to you: Blessed are those who suffer persecution and slander for My Cause and are denied bread and water, for they will come to Me and be praised.

36 Fear not insults or abuses. Remember that they were also hurled at your master. Fear not that men may say anything of you that you are not. Remember that they called me sorcerer and warlock. If the world detests you, remember that it detested Me before you!

37 Learn to be silent and leave the matter to Me. Be intercessors of just those who insult you, and your merit will be great. - Today you do not yet know many of the faults of your fellow men; but once you know how to judge with true justice, their faults will be revealed to you, for then you will be able to teach your brethren and lead them to salvation.

38 These are the ways of the Spirit, which the good disciple of the Holy Spirit must know and go through without going astray.

39 The child of the light will be able to walk in darkness, and will know how to find in it the erring man, to save him.

40 How is it possible that in this time when mankind is groaning, you are still dreaming of having great material riches? Have I given you My Peace so that you think only of your worldly ambitions? War news reaches you incessantly, and you do nothing to promote yourselves spiritually. Already for a long time I have demanded your union, and still I find you divided. When finally will all mankind feel the longing to unite spiritually in thinking and willing? - I have already told you that the day you unite, you will form an insurmountable wall that repels every attack. You must already be strong, for the "fruits of these trees" have been abundant, and they were all yours.

41 Are not the miracles present to you in your spirit, which I granted to everyone? have you not understood that everything I have taught you was a revelation from your Father? If anyone is ashamed to be a disciple of this Work, it is because he has understood nothing at all of My teaching. Today you can still live quietly, even if you neglect your spiritual duties. But the visitations will come, and then you will lament about yourselves; your last hour will strike, and you will not know how to enter that world which awaits you, nor how to silence the voice of your conscience. - See how many hearts come into My presence through one of you who is faithful and obedient to Me! Be aware how much you are watched at every turn by those who want to know if you are really hearing the Holy Spirit.

42 Do you think that if from your lips comes a blasphemy or a lewd word, that the unbeliever will believe you that you are disciples of Christ, the Divine Word? Do those words and those sayings correspond, for instance, to the expressions and principles I have taught you?

The children also watch you: why do you argue before them? Know that with this example you are giving, the wickedness of Cain is penetrating among the little ones. Remember that they are your nearest descendants who will pass on what you have learned and what you have been in the way of your God and Lord.

43 Make a good reward for yourselves by growing good fruit for your brothers. Prepare yourselves for the times to come because before my departure there will still be discord among you because temptation will come upon you all. You must be vigilant. Pray and put My teaching into practice. Verily, I tell you, these short periods of time that you devote to the practice of goodness will make its beneficial effects felt still in many of the generations to come after you.

No one has been able or will ever be able to determine his or her own destiny; this is mine alone. Trust in my will, and you will cover the path of life until the end without greater difficulties.

44 Take it right when I tell you that no leaf from the tree moves without my will; then you will know when it is I who test you and when you empty your (self-inflicted) cup of suffering - to accuse me afterwards Then you will become judges and make me the accused. - Know your errors and correct them. Learn to forgive the errors of your fellow men, and if you cannot correct them, at least spread a veil of forbearance over them.

45 Your prayer of supplication for your brethren has come to Me, for you have entered into the sanctuary of the Lord, and there your spirit has felt secure. Those who seek peace, who seek a way that leads them to a better life - it is they who enter My sanctuary. Those who seek treasures and honors of the world are eager to find other ways. I tell you, the peace that dwells only in My Spirit will finally be longed for and sought by all.

46 Who or what can give you on earth the true peace of spirit? only the infinite love of your Father

47 There are wealthy rich who lack health and know no joy, and there are poor men who are healthy and know not what they possess, and who live bitterly because they desire riches or comforts. I discover no noble aspirations in the hearts of men, and when they finally have them, they do not pursue that goal in good ways. You have the proof of this in these senseless wars, unworthy of beings who possess the light of God.

48 I am peace; in My infinite wisdom all that you can desire is present. But when did the nations pray to obtain My peace? When did the men who lead and rule the nations turn their eyes towards Me? When did the armies kneel down to ask their Heavenly Father for forgiveness after they had killed their neighbors? And peace is so fragile that it is necessary to watch and work on oneself to be able to preserve it and not to allow it to return to Me. Think how you are full of peace after having listened to Me, and with this peace you leave the places of assembly and go to your homes; but how short are the moments when you are able to keep this peace in your heart! - I have called you "the people of peace", "the children of peace". But you do not choose to teach the Good News because you know that to bring peace, one must possess it oneself.  But when do you intend to fulfill this high mission?

49 Disciples, learn to hold My peace, make it a sword and destroy the discord and disunity that reigns in your home Fill the life of those who surround you with peace, so that this may serve you as an exercise and tomorrow you may bring peace to other homes and to other peoples. This is the seed that I provide in your granary.

50 How soon this people would be recognized if peace lived in their midst and they proved it in their lives; the hurricanes, tempests and tornados would dissolve into nothing in the face of the strength of your peace! As long as strife exists among this people, they will be fragile, and their gates will be open for reenactment.

51 My word in these places of assembly has come down in torrents; My miracles have been abundant to revive your faith. have you not understood the meaning of My work among you?

52 I have called you "Israel" so that you might courageously set out, follow Me and bring My Peace and My Law to the hearts of men. This is your destiny, and the time will come when this people will rise in the world full of spiritual power. It will appear as light in the time of confusion and doubt, when the hunger and thirst for truth is greatest.

53 The Master says to you, "People, your hand shall never be empty, your heart shall not be petty, for you do not know the time when you will be surrounded by multitudes of needy ones, or when you will see yourselves stunned by the questions of those who thirst for knowledge. Your duty then is to give to all of the many, which I let flow into your spirit. Do not feel as if you are nothing at all, but do not consider yourselves the most beloved and the only owners of the truth, which the divine revelations and the gifts of grace of the Lord hold in them; for then you would be in danger of falling under the rule of others, as in ancient times Israel went into captivity because of its disobedience to my commandments.

54 What would your heart feel if it saw your children going away from the right way, disappointed in your example? What would your spirit feel if it saw from the hereafter that the new generations seek Me in idolatry?

55 The tribes (of the spiritual Israel) are still scattered, the greater part of this people has not yet found the way. It is necessary that those who have heard this voice and received My commandments watch and await the coming of the crowds of people, so that when they see your unity and your worship of God, they will acknowledge My teaching and follow Me. Do not expect them to be of one race or nation, for among them will come men of all races.

56 Elijah is gradually gathering his flock together, and verily I tell you, the time when you will all come together will soon come.

57 I have called you the strong ones of My House and I am giving you My divine Power in every moment to watch over the task I have entrusted you with, praying in the interior of My Sanctuary which exists in each one of you; I am giving you My Divine Power to be your watchful guides

58 Be welcome, you who leave the world for a short time to hear My Word verily, I tell you, through one of you who learns and practises My Lesson, a (whole) region would be saved; likewise, this people, if they prepared themselves as a whole and prayed with love, would achieve the salvation of mankind If this does not happen, it is not because your number is too small, but because your love is still too small.

First cleanse your heart! Who better than you could know its faults and its blemishes? Understand this and cleanse yourselves from everything that your conscience reproaches you with.

59 There are many who seek forgiveness for their sins; but

I ask you: Did the father burden the child with the burden of toil and suffering? Am I not He who came at all times and relieved your burden of tribulations and sufferings?

60 At every hour My Voice is calling you on the good way where peace is; but your deaf ear has only a moment of sensitivity to that Voice and that moment is the last of your life when the agony announces to you the nearness of physical death Then you would like to start life anew to make amends for your mistakes, to soothe your soul in the face of the judgment of your conscience, and to offer something valuable and deserving to the Lord.

61 I am the way, and this way I have shown you since the first steps of mankind on earth. tell Me: when have I left you without help or without light? in what age or age have I ever purged My Law from your spirit? I have never ceased speaking to you, therefore I am now demanding your harvest from you. Through My new manifestation, I have called you to account with divine severity and absolute justice and I hold you accountable for your violations of My law.

62 I have called you all disciples who have heard this word. But you must prove this by your way of life and spread this Good News so that the present mankind may prepare the way for the new generations. These beings should not drink the cup of bitterness and suffering from the first days of their childhood, for they have another task. But if you should give them to drink from this cup, you will be held accountable for it by Me.

63 Alas, if you would live with the simplicity of the birds, who live in love with one another and who, when they feel that winter is approaching, start flying in search of a better climate, but leave their nests on the trees ready to serve as homes for their brothers and sisters! - The winter of your life is the old age; but you, who are of little faith, see in that winter the cold of death and of the end, not realizing that after the winter always comes the spring with its reawakening, its birdsong and its fragrances.

64 This little faith in the spiritual resurrection after this life is the reason why, until the last moment of your existence, you are occupied with the human, the material, without spreading the wings of the soul to begin the flight, and without leaving a nest for the new inhabitants, built by virtue and faith.

65 You are not like the birds, for your world is not peaceful. Rather, you are warriors, fighting in a ceaseless battle. But I say to you: Fight - but with nobility, wield weapons of justice, persevere in the good, the good is the truth. Leave the paths passable for the new soldiers, leave them the land cleared and purified, so that reason, love and justice may prevail on it in the end, while you come to rest with me.

66 I must speak to you in this way because your world lives entangled in wars of every kind. When trials afflict the world, they always attack it unprepared; for while it thinks little of the eternal and ponders it, it enjoys all too much the joys of the world and the flesh.

67 Verily, I tell you, if men do not cleanse themselves in this time from the stains they have caused in their soul, the forces of nature will come as heralds to announce My Justice and My Glory and cleanse mankind from every impurity

68 Blessed are the men, women and children who, when they understand the nearness of that righteousness, praise My name because they feel that the day of the Lord has come. For their heart will tell them that the end of the reign of evil is near. I tell you, these will find salvation through their faith, hope and good works. But how many of those who live in those days will blaspheme God!

69 Humanity, you believe that great riches and earthly goods are needed to conquer the world, forgetting Christ, who was born in a stable and who, without possessing anything on earth, yet conquered the hearts of men, made peoples his vassals, and was proclaimed king and lord.

70 Once you understand and feel the truth, you will experience how easy it is for the Spirit to follow the steps of his Master, even in the hardest trials. Do all that is possible for you, for I will not ask more of you than you can do. Then you will leave the way paved for the new generations.

I commend the children to you and charge you to lead them on the right path. Gather them together, speak to them with love and devotion from Me. - Seek out the rejected, those who live lost under misery and vice. I give spiritual power to your words, so that these may be the way to salvation when they come over your lips. Open the Book of True Life before the ignorant, so that their soul may awaken and become great in penetrating the revelations of the Holy Spirit. Become like your Master, and you will be heard.

71 In the Second Time, if I went to a humble place to be born as a man and find hearts to dwell in, you shall not seek a position that makes you respected. - seek the sensitive string present in every heart to put there My seed and My healing balm - The place where I was born as a man was indifferent to Me, but I gave even life so that My love would be born in your hearts. Now I tell you: human beings, the seed of this love, symbolized in My Blood, fell in the heart of all human beings. Why do you not love and nurture today what I sowed with so much love?

72 Do not be deaf to this voice, open your eyes to the reality of this time and begin your daily work with full trust and faith Otherwise you will have to awaken in the hereafter as blind, and I have told you that one should not enter that world with closed eyes.

73 Does the Lord ask the impossible of you? I only teach you to sow love so that you may finally reap the fruit of life. Nurture the hearts of children today so that tomorrow you may hear them speak of the glories of the Holy Spirit.

74 Watch over the roses and lilies, which are the hearts of youth, so that tomorrow you may rejoice in the blossoming of virtue. Teach to pray with the Spirit, and you will all know that this is the perfect conversation when you feel that your spirit has come into My presence and there has been nourished by My love.

75 Even today My divine ray still comes down to men But remember what you heard when I told you: "Where two or three of My children come together, there I will descend to give them My Word. Since then the number of My listeners has increased until they became flocks of men.

76 If I fulfilled My promise to you to come back, I will also fulfill My will to part. Make due use of the short periods of time that still remain for you to hear my word, then you will be equipped as disciples of the Holy Spirit.

My peace be with you!

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