BTL - Volume III - Teaching 73

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Teaching 73:

1 The thirsty crowds have come into My Presence and have received My Word like a cascade of crystal clear water that has washed away their stains Gratitude has caused many hearts to open to love like the calyxes of flowers.

2 This is the time when I offered you to return to you It was necessary that your pain was very great so that you came to Me, but everything had been prepared since the beginning of times and everything had been prophesied. You neither watched nor prayed, and that is why you strayed from the path. But verily, I tell you, despite so many "thorns and stones" that cover the "earth" today, despite so many pits, steep slopes and abysses that there are on it, the way of the Lord is always recognizable to him who chooses to walk on it. I came to remove the weeds and obstacles in your path, so that you may see the splendor of the Promised Land. Tomorrow men will call this time "the time of light.

3 Great will be the transformation that mankind will undergo within a short time. Social organizations, principles, creeds, doctrines, customs, laws and all orders of human life will be shaken to their foundations.

4 Yes, this is the time of light. I say to you, the light is power, is sincerity and is truth. Therefore this sincerity and truth must shine in all ways and in all works of men. - Many will now say, "Lord, how long have you been hiding from our sight! But I will answer them: It is not that I have hidden myself, but you put a thick veil before your eyes so that you did not see me.

5 Mankind is my field, I am its orderer. But I see that countless plagues have come on their paths, and this has made your redemption exceedingly laborious. Materialism, war, sin have been the plagues that have continuously afflicted the fields of the Lord. But the power to eradicate them is in me, and soon the time will come when they will be eliminated forever. Then the fields will blossom, there will be peace in the hearts and bread in abundance in the homes. Human life will be like an adoration that ascends to Me when it fulfills the commandment that tells you to "love one another.

6 Everyone who hears My teaching and wants to become a "sower" imprints it on his spirit and makes use of the seed, the tools of the field and the water, and then sets off for the barren fields to make them fertile with his love.

7 What greater inheritance could you leave to your brothers than that of having served your Lord in His blessed fields? Your memory will be blessed one day, and your example will be imitated.

8 Understand that this is the time when you are to redeem yourselves through your own works. In the Third Age of mankind, I alone must not render merits.

9  To help you, I have come anew, to show you in such deep darkness with My Light the way of good, so that you may soon enter the Kingdom of Peace which your heart yearns for, even if it does not know it

10 You do not know the final destination of the way, but you have confidence to reach it You do not fully know the Father, but His voice awakens in your hearts unconditional faith and indestructible hope. To those who believe in this way, I will say anew, "Blessed are those who believe without seeing.

11 No longer be earthbound men who every moment press the Father, that He should descend into their heart's dwelling without having prepared them beforehand. Be now those who are able to rise to their Creator. Make yourselves worthy to earn the dialogue from spirit to spirit.

12 If you have received proofs of My truth in your life's journey, let the same witness and incentive be in your daily work. But do not allow the flesh to close your eyes to the truths received by your spirit, for it is blind, weak and ungrateful, and its rebelliousness may hinder your progress.

13 I have given you the necessary power to carry out your task, and with what I have spoken to you so far, you would be able to save all mankind. But you are weak, and I will continue to give my teachings to my people until the indicated hour comes, in which this demonstration ends.

14 I could divide My people into two groups One who has understood Me and another who has not understood My truth. Both have received the same instruction; but the one who has not understood Me wails, feels needy and fails. Sometimes she believes herself persecuted, another time that she is bound and cannot fight against temptations. On her way she feels the thistles stinging her foot with every step, and every day she she sheds tears of pain; on the thorns of the path she leaves behind shreds of the robe of grace with which I have adorned her. - The other group is the one who sings a song of victory when she finishes her daily work, the one who knows how to rise up in struggle to bless Me; the one who does not moan, does not beg, does not scold. It is the one who, when she speaks to Me, only says to Me, "Lord, I thank You infinitely, because I have experienced Your Fatherly love in me, because You have made Your presence known in my trials, which perfect my spirit. I thank You, because in the midst of those trials I shall have Your peace and livelihood.

15 Thus praise Me those who have understood Me. For them every day, every dawn, is a new light of hope and a new step on the path of their development. But I do not want to divide you, I want rather to merge you into one single family in which I do not see beginners and disciples. I do not want higher beings next to lower ones. Since I have granted the same ability to all, I want you all to appreciate them in the same way.

16 You who constantly lament, listen to Me When you, hidden in your human body, came into My presence, you brought it before Me tired and worn out, sick and decayed. But I healed him, gave him back his strength, filled your heart with joy and hope. I put into your hands the keys to open the gates to work, and I gave you bread. I blessed and cleansed your loved ones and made your way free of obstacles. I awakened your spirit from its deep sleep and gave it no other gift only because it possessed everything from its creation. But I had to free the soul from its weariness, from its illness, and at that moment I judged it through its conscience. After body and soul were strengthened, I fused them into one single being, into one single will, so that it fulfilled my law. What more can you ask? I say to you: fulfill this law, and you will have peace in this world, and afterward your spirit will be in the Kingdom of Heaven. - In this way I awakened you so that you might know who you are and thus also learn to understand the sublime nature of your purpose and your task.

17 Now I say to you: do not remain in it, only listen to Me, you must also act Become strong and learn in the tests! If you only listen and do not think, you will have learned nothing and will not be able to put anything into practice. Look at these places of gathering as a school where the Master teaches you, and look at the world as a wide field of work where you can put into practice what you have learned.

18 This world is the appropriate field for work. In it is pain, sickness, sin in all forms, vice, discord, lost youth, old age without dignity, science abused for evil, hatred, war, and lies.

19 These are the fields where you are to work and sow. But if that struggle which awaits you among men appears gigantic to you - verily, I tell you, although it is great, it cannot be compared with the one you must begin with yourselves: the struggle of the soul, of reason and conscience against the passions of the flesh, their self-love, their selfishness, their materialization. And as long as you have not triumphed over yourselves - how can you sincerely speak of love, of obedience, of humility and spiritualization to your brothers?

20 Know that you have the most powerful enemy within yourselves.

When you have defeated him, you will see the dragon with the seven heads, of which the apostle John spoke to you, under your feet. Only then can you say in truth, "I can lift up my face to my Lord to say to Him, 'Lord, I will follow You. For then it will not only be the lips that say it, but the spirit.

21 If the eyes of your body could see your own spirit for a moment, you would be blinded to know who you are and how you are. You would have respect and compassion for yourself and would feel a deep pain to see where you have brought that light.

22 Today I come to tell you who you are, for you do not know each other. You keep saying that you possess spirit without knowing what this means, without at least having faith that you possess spirit, because you have not seen it as you wished in your materialism. If you do not know it - how do you want to develop it?

Be no longer the dungeon or the executioner of your spirit. The body should not be its owner or master. Let it be set free, let it reject the worldly inclinations of the flesh, as one chases away the wolf that lies in wait for it at every turn.

23 Let those who feel inwardly that they have understood Me, and who believe to fulfil their task, stand by those who follow. But do not yet offer your fruit to me, because the work you have created - not only in this time but at all times - is not yet worthy of me.

24 Therefore do not be grieved and do not lose heart. If I were to tell you that you have already reached perfection and that your works have no shortcomings whatsoever - would you make an effort to continue on the way of your spiritual maturation?

25 Stand no longer, do not turn your eyes to the past. That which you left behind was pain, tears, and sins. You have left the city of Sodom behind you, do not turn your face. It was the city of sin. Go towards a new land whose springs of crystal clear water and fertile lands make your existence sweet and happy.

26 Behold, there are many ways which are opened before the spirit of mankind. Yet I tell you that I do not see a single perfect religious community in this world, even though some are based on My teaching. I do not contradict the word I gave you in the Second Time, I cannot deny Myself. But I ask you: Where is that word, that teaching? I search for it in the heart of men and do not find it. They have been kept in the old and dusty books, and there are even some among men who have dared to falsify them. Therefore I tell you that I do not find a perfect religious community among you. For instead of love and mercy, humility and justice, I find only rites, traditions and vanities, many sufferings and ignorance. But these are errors that do not come before me. Only love, gentleness, justice and patience reach me.

27 He who loves lives my teaching. The one who feels the pain of his fellow men, suffers for their sake and gives them comfort, is my disciple. He who teaches virtue through works, through his own life, is a master. The one who in truth loves his own brother is my worthy child.

28 He who knows My law and hides it cannot call himself My disciple. He who passes on my truth only with his lips and not with the heart does not take me as an example. He who speaks of love and proves the contrary with his works is a traitor to my teachings.

29 Whoever denies the purity and perfection of Mary is foolish, for in his ignorance he challenges God and denies His power. The one who does not recognize My truth in the Third Age and denies the immortality of the soul is still sleeping and does not heed the prophecies of the past times, which announced the revelations that mankind is experiencing in this time.

30 This is the reason for My Third Revelation. I have not appeared in the bosom of synagogues or churches, for these are not My house. The temples of stone, built by the hand of men, cannot be My temple, but the heart of men themselves, where is the altar of their love, the light of their faith and the offering of their merits.

31 I seek hearts and souls to reveal Myself in them.

32 if you want the truth to live in you, practice love, spread light with words, works and thoughts, heal those who are sick in soul and body

33 When some rise up as my enemies, I do not see them as such, but only as needy ones. To those who consider themselves scholars and deny my existence, I look on them with compassion. Those who try to destroy Me in the heart of men, I regard as ignorant, since they believe they have the power and the weapons to destroy Him who is the Author of life.

34 Only a being who would be omnipotent like me could fight with me. But do you believe that if a deity came forth from me, it would be against me? Or do you believe that it can arise from nothing? - Nothing can come out of nothing. - I am everything and have never been born. I am the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega of all that is created.

35 Can you imagine that one of the beings created by Me could rise up to God? All creatures have limits, and to be God, it is necessary to have no limits. He who has cherished those dreams of power and greatness has fallen into the darkness of his own pride.

36 In me no selfishness can exist. Therefore - since I am great in My divinity - it was My will that you also be great. I know that as long as you are small, you will be weak and will not be able to follow Me, understand Me and love Me. That is why I seek you out to instruct you and make you great in spirit and intellect. I love you and want to feel close to you. Never will a father be able to be happy as long as he knows that his children are absent and that, moreover, they suffer.

37 My Father's house is prepared for you. When you come to him, you will enjoy him in truth. How could a father live in a royal chamber and enjoy delicious food when he knows that his own children stand at the gates of his own house like beggars?

38 My children, you yourselves have prepared judgment for yourselves by your offences against My law. you have stumbled on the way, believing that I have chastised you, and you have called Me merciless, forgetting that he whom you call unjust and merciless is your Heavenly Father

39 Have you not recognized the love of the Father in the strict judge of the First Times? And in the loving Master of the Second Time did you not discover the Father? Remember that I told you: "He who knows the Son knows the Father.

40  Today, as My Holy Spirit speaks to you, the wisdom of the Father and the love of the Son is indeed speaking to you

41 I do not want to humiliate you by My greatness, nor boast of it, but I am showing it to you nevertheless, as far as it is My Will, so that you may feel the supreme delight to have a God of all power, wisdom and perfection for the Father

42 Rejoice at the thought that you will never experience the end of my power and that the higher the development of your spirit is, the better you will recognize me. Who could not agree to know that he will never attain the greatness of his Lord? Did you not agree on earth to be younger in years compared to your earthly father? Did you not willingly grant him experience and authority? Have you not rejoiced to see that you have a stronger man than you for a father - proud, brave, and full of virtues?

43 Disciples, never use this light which I have put in you for evil I am pointing this out to you because this form of My manifestation will soon come to an end and the grace I have poured out among you is so great that some, when they see Me parting, will feel free in their unreasonableness to make use of their power and their spiritual gifts just to exalt themselves before men

44 For woe to those who seek flattery, vanities, and money! For pain and trials will cause their brethren to come and prostrate themselves before them for a drop of healing balm. But woe to those who think they are gods, not realizing that their power has turned into disaster and their light into darkness! Woe to my good disciples, for they will have to suffer for the sake of those, for confusion will arise!

45 Whenever you want to know whether the way you are following is that of upward development, you should consult conscience, and if peace is in it and charity and good will towards your brothers is at home in your heart, you will be sure that your light is still shining and your word is comforting and healing. But if you discover that greed, ill-will, materialism and carnality have taken root in your heart, you can be sure that your light has become darkness, deceit. Do you want that - when the Father recalls you - you show an unclean harvest instead of golden wheat?

46 Keep these words in the innermost part of your being, that they may be unquenchable. Fulfill (the commission) in your life with meekness, and you will have peace. I want the bread to be sweet in your mouth, that your home may not be a fragile boat, that you may be united, so that when those who do not believe in this word come to you, the tempest of their words and their evil intentions may not sweep away your faith.

47 In the Second Age many were dismayed at My presence in Jesus, because it caused division in the bosom of families. Of five who lived in a home, three were against two and two against three, and while three followed Me, two rejected Me. The same thing is happening at this time. There are homes where the father recognized Me and the companion and the children rose up against him. Others in which the wife, the mother of the family, came to Me and said to Me, streaming with tears, "Master, I follow You and would like that also the ones who are mine follow You. But they, my own children, have misjudged me.

48 How rare are the families in which all follow My instruction in perfect harmony!

49 So this people endure the incomprehension of relatives and neighbors, they deny them bread, close their doors to them, set ambushes on them, and hurl slander and false testimonies at them. Fear not, be strong, for those who misunderstand you the most will be those who come in contrition to seek the trail you follow.

50 I love you and I will save you always and it will be My Mercy that you will receive on your path of life, whereby even the unbelievers will be surprised when they see that you have peace in your heart, bread on your table and strength in your spirit

51 To help you, I am sending you My tender caress, O disciples when My Divine Ray returns to Me, My Peace will remain in you but today the Master tells you: wake up, people! This is not the time to sleep. The storms whip you every moment, and you must remain strong. It is the time of judgment and reflection: pestilence, hunger, war, death, and all visible and invisible hardships and plagues are released. Pray and work in silence. Do not put out your lamp or hide the gift you possess. Always be ready to receive him who knocks at your door, then you will take as your model the faithful virgins of My parable - those who awaited the chaste husband with a burning lamp.

52 Your spiritualization will influence the thoughts of all those whom you want to help Thus you will be able to illuminate the way of your brothers who rule you on earth. They will keep their heart doors open and receive the stranger, and they will pass on to him the message of peace which I will give them.

53 A difficult mission will have this nation to fulfil among the other nations of the earth. But for this I will first pull up every weed by its root. I will cause people to cast off the mask of hypocrisy and fill their hearts with sincerity, brotherhood and light. This nation will also have to set an example in the spiritual realm; but it is necessary that it spiritualize its worship of God and eradicate religious fanaticism and idolatrous cults.

54 My teaching must be lived by you so that the others may believe it; but when this nation rises spiritually, enlightened men will appear in all parts of the earth to spread My teaching. They will then thank me because they will not feel alone and will recognize that all possess gifts of grace. Because before they came to earth, they received the same out of my fatherly kindness on account of the vow to fulfill their mission.

55 Blessed is he who develops his spiritual gifts, guided only by the inner voice of his conscience, like the prophet John, whom you call the Baptist, who enlightened by the light he received from his Lord, walked his way. Who else could teach him or speak to him in the wilderness?

56 Come to new life, O people, do not go to destruction. Do not forget that I have always called you "children of light". Let at least every day a spark of light shine in your spirit. "How can this happen?" asks Me your heart. To this I answer that mankind is full of the needy and you can give them some of what you possess as spiritual riches. Already long ago I appointed you for this task, and what I have done in this time, when I marked your foreheads, is only the confirmation of the destiny and the spiritual gifts, which you have received from me already in the beginning of your being. The peace, the power, the everlasting light, the authority over confused souls, the gift of healing, the word, the spiritual prayer and so many gifts that adorn your spirit are the weapons with which you can create the peace of this nation, which will be a fertile land for prophets, messengers, masters and apostles of good.

57 Once all these prophecies are fulfilled, and people seek some announcement of them in the Scriptures, they will be surprised when they find at every turn a clear indication of all that your eyes saw in this time and that they will see in the times to come. Then mankind will say: "Indeed, this is the Third Time, the Return of the Lord!

58 For some it may seem that this people will enjoy a privilege; but afterward the whole world will realize that the Spirit of the Lord has been poured out without favor on His whole universal family.

My peace be with you!

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