BTL - Volume III - Teaching 73

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Teaching 73:
1. The thirsty multitudes have arrived before My presence and
they have received My Word like a cascade of crystalline waters
which have cleansed their blemishes. Their gratitude has made
many hearts open to love resembling the corollas of the flowers.
2. This is the period when I promised to return among you. It
has been necessary for your suffering to be very great in order for
you to come to Me, however everything was prepared since the
beginning of the ages and all had been prophesied. You were not
watchful nor prayerful and that is why you have strayed from the
pathway; but truly I say to you that in spite of so many thistles and
rough stones which today cover the Earth, despite so many
crossroads, slopes and abysses that exist there, the path of the Father
is always perceivable for the one who decides to travel through it. I
came to withdraw the chaff and obstacles from your pathway, so that
you may behold the splendor of the Promised Land. Tomorrow men
will call this Era, "The Era of light."
3. Great will be the change that Mankind will suffer in a short
while: institutions, principles, beliefs, doctrines, customs, laws, and
all orders of the human existence will be shaken from their very
4. Yes, this is the period of light; I say to you that the light is
strength, it is purity and it is truth; therefore that purity and that truth
will have to glow along all paths and deeds of men. Many will then
say: Father, how long have you concealed yourself to our glances!
But I will say to them: It is not that I have concealed Myself; the
fact is that you have laid out a dense veil in order not to see Me.
5. Humanity is My domain, I am its laborer; but I see that along
its path countless plagues have fallen, and that has caused your
salvation to be very difficult. Materialism, war and sin have been the
plagues that have incessantly lashed upon the fields of the Father;
however the power to exterminate them lies within Me and soon the
moment will come when they will be exterminated forever. Then the
fields will flourish and there shall be peace in the hearts and an
abundance of bread in every home. The human existence shall be
like a worship that will be elevated to Me on complying with the
precept which tells you to "love one another."
6. Everyone who wishes to become a sower let him listen to My
lesson, engrave it within his spirit and pick up the seed, the tools
and the water and go forth in search of the sterile fields which he
will make fruitful with his love.
7. What better inheritance can you leave your brethren than that
of having served the Father in His blessed fields? Your memory will
be blessed some day and your example imitated.
8. Understand that this is the time when you shall be saved
through your own deeds. Not all merits will have to be done by Me
during the Third Era of Humanity.
9. In order to help you I have come again to mark for you the
righteous path with My light in the midst of so much darkness, so
that you may soon reach the kingdom of peace which your heart
intuitively longs for, although unaware of it.
10. You do not know the end of the road, but you have
confidence in reaching it; you do not know the Father fully, but His
voice awakens in your heart a faith and an absolute hope. To those
who think thus, I will say to them again: "Blessed are those who
without seeing have believed."
11. Stop being the materialized man who at each moment
demands that the Father descends to his mansion without first
preparing it. You must now be the one who knows and is able to
elevate himself to His Creator; make yourselves worthy of deserving
the communication of spirit to Spirit.
12. If along the road you have received proof of My truth, let
them be the testimony and stimulant in your journey. But do not
allow the physical body to close its eyes to the truths that your spirit
receives because it is deaf, weak and ungrateful and might intervene
with its stubbornness along your path of evolution.
13. I have given you the necessary strength to fulfill your
mission and with what up to now I have told you is enough to save
all of Mankind, but you are weak, and I shall continue giving My
people My lessons until the precise moment arrives when this
manifestation ceases.
14. I could divide My people into two groups: One who has
understood Me, another who has not reached an understanding of
My truth. Both have received the same teaching, but he who has not
understood Me goes weeping, he feels needy and defeated. At times
he feels pursued, and on others he finds himself tied down and
cannot fight against temptations. He walks along the pathway
feeling the thorns hurting his feet at every step and each day he
sheds tears of pain; he is leaving on the thorns along the road shreds
of his garments of grace with which I have enriched him. The other
group is the one that proclaims victory at the end of his daily chores,
who knows how to elevate himself in his quest to bless Me, who
does not weep, begs or complains; he is the same one who, when
speaking to Me, says, "Father, I give you infinite thanks, for I have
seen your charity in me and you have manifested yourself in My
trials, which are those which brings perfection to my spirit. I give
you thanks because in the midst of those ordeals I will have your
peace and sustenance."
15. That is how those who have understood Me glorify Me; for
them each day, each dawn is a new light of hope and a new step
along the road of their evolution. However, I do not come to divide
you, but rather to unite you into a single family where there are no
beginners and disciples. I do not want superior beings alongside
inferior beings. If I have granted the same gift to each one, I want
everyone to know how to appreciate it in the same manner.
16. You, who are going along weeping, listen to Me: When you
come before My presence concealed in that human body you
brought it to Me tired and depressed, sick and discouraged; but I
healed it, I gave back its strength, I filled its heart with joy and hope;
in its hands I placed the keys to open the doors of employment; I left
him bread, I blessed and purified his dear ones, and I cleansed his
path of obstacles. I awakened your spirit from his deep lethargy and
if I did not add one more gift, it was because he possessed
everything since his creation; however I had to remove from him his
fatigue, his sickness, and I judged him at that moment through his
conscience. Once body and spirit were strengthened, I joined them
into one being, into one will, in order for him to comply with My
Law. What else can you wish for? I said to you: comply with this
Law and you will have peace in this world and afterward your spirit
shall be in heaven. In this way I awakened you so that by knowing
who you were, you would reach an understanding of the greatness of
your destiny and of your mission.
17. Today I say to you: Do not persevere only by listening to
Me; you should also practice, strengthen yourselves and learn from
your ordeals. If you only listen, and do not analyze, you have
learned nothing and neither can you practice it. Regard these places
of worship as a school where the Master comes to teach you a
lesson, and regard the world as a vast field where you can put into
practice what you have learned.
18. This world is a proper place where you can work; in it is
suffering, sickness, sin in all its forms, vice, disunity, misled young
people, elderly without dignity, bad sciences, hatred, war and
19. Those are the fields where you are to work and sow; but if
that struggle awaiting you among Mankind seems gigantic to you,
truly I say to you that even if it seems monumental it does not
compare with what you will have to deal with yourselves: a struggle
of the spirit, of reason and of the conscience, against passions of the
flesh, its self-love, its egotism, its materiality. And while you have
not triumphed over your own self, how can you sincerely talk about
love, obedience, humility and spirituality to your brethren?
20. Behold that your most powerful enemy you carry is within
yourselves. When you have conquered it, you will behold under
your feet the dragon with seven heads that apostle John spoke to
you. It will be then when you can truly say: I can raise my face to
my Lord to say to Him: "Father, I will follow you", for then it will
not be your lips saying it, but your spirit.
21. If for an instant the eyes of your body could behold your
own spirit, you would be dazzled knowing who you are and how
you are; you would have respect and charity toward yourselves, and
would feel a profound pain on contemplating where you have taken
that light.
22. Today I come to tell you who you are, because you,
yourselves, do not know. You are saying that you possess a spirit
without knowing what that signifies, without even having faith that
you have a spirit, because you have not seen him as you would wish
in your materialism. If you do not know him, how can you develop
him? Do not ever be the prison or the executioner of the spirit. Let
not the flesh be his lord and master. Allow him to free himself, to
reject the unclean inclinations of the flesh, as if someone scares
away the wolf that lays in wait at every moment.
23. Those who inwardly feel to have understood Me and believe
to be complying with their mission, help those who are right behind;
however do not render Me your fruit yet, for the work you have
built, not only during this period but throughout the eras, is still not
worthy of Me.
24. Do not feel sorrow because of it or be discouraged. If I
would tell you that you had already attained perfection and that your
deeds had no defect whatever, would you make an effort in
continuing to progress along the road of your spiritual evolution?
25. Do not detain yourselves any longer. Do not turn your eyes
toward the past; what you left behind was pain, tears and sins. You
left the city of Sodom; do not turn your eyes toward it. It was the
city of sin. Go forth in search of new fields whose springs of
crystalline waters and its fertile domain can make your existence
pleasant and happy.
26. Behold that there are many roads that are open before the
spirit of Mankind; nevertheless I say to you that I do not find a
single perfect religion in this world, even though some are based in
My Doctrine. I do not come against the word that I gave you during
the Second Era; I could not contradict Myself, however I ask you:
Where is that word, that teaching? I seek it within the heart of
Mankind and I cannot find it. It has been kept in old and dusty
books, and there are still some among Mankind who have dared to
adulterate it; that is why I say to you that I do not find among you a
perfect religion, because instead of love and charity, humility and
justice; I only find rituals, traditions and vanity, many sufferings and
ignorance; but these are errors that do not reach Me. What only
reaches Me is love, humility, justice and patience.
27. He who loves, practices My Doctrine; he who feels the pain
of his fellowman, suffers for them and comforts them, is My
disciple. He who teaches virtue with deeds, with his own life, is a
teacher. He who truly loves his own brother, is My worthy son.
28. He who knows My Law and conceals it cannot be called My
disciple; he who delivers My truth only with his lips and not with
his heart is not imitating Me. He who speaks of love and with his
deeds proves the opposite, is a traitor to My lessons.
29. He who arises disregarding the purity and perfection of
Mary is torpid, because in his ignorance he defies God, denying His
power. He who denies My truth in the Third Era and rejects the
immortality of the spirit, is sleeping and does not recall the
prophesies of past times that announced the revelations which
Humanity is living during this period.
30. Here you have the reason why in My third manifestation I
have not appeared in the bosom of synagogues nor churches,
because they are not My dwelling. The temples of stone made by the
hands of men cannot be My temple, but rather in mans own heart
where there exists the altar of his love, the light of his faith and the
offering of his merits.
31. I seek hearts and spirits to manifest Myself in them.
32. If you want the truth to be within you, practice love, convey
light with words, deeds and thoughts; heal the sick of spirit and
33. If there are some who arise as enemies of mine, I do not
regard them as such, only as the needy. The very same who regard
themselves as wise and deny My existence, I look upon them with
compassion. To those who try to destroy Me within the heart of
Mankind, I judge them as ignorant, since they believe to have the
power or weapons to destroy Him who is the Author of life.
34. Only a being who would be omnipotent like Myself could
contend with Me; however, do you believe that if a god would
emerge from Me, would he be against Me? Or rather, do you believe
that he can emerge from nothing? Not one thing can emerge from
nothing. I am All and I was never born. I am the Beginning and the
End, the Alpha and the Omega of everything created.
35. Can you conceive that some of those beings created by Me
could set himself up as God? All creatures have a limit and in order
to be God it is necessary not to have any limits. He who has
harbored those dreams of power and greatness has fallen into the
darkness of his own arrogance.
36. Egotism cannot exist within Me, that is why being great
within My Divinity, I have wanted you to be great also. I know that
as long as you are fragile, you will be weak and unable to follow
Me, understand Me or love Me. That is why I seek you to teach and
make you great in spirit and understanding; I love you and I want to
feel you near. Never can a Father be happy knowing that His
children are absent and also suffering.
37. My mansion is prepared for you; when you reach it you will
truly enjoy it. How can a father live in a royal lodging, tasting
delicious dishes, knowing that his own children are like beggars at
the doors of his own home?
38. My children, you have pronounced justice upon yourselves
due to faults against My Law; you have stumbled along the way
believing that I have punished you and you have called Me
ungrateful, forgetting that He whom you call unjust and ungrateful is
your Heavenly Father.
39. Did you not conceive the love of the Father through the
severe Judge of the First Era? And in the loving Master of the
Second Era, did you not discover the Father? Remember that I said
to you. "He who knows the Son knows the Father".
40. Today when My Holy Spirit speaks to you, truly the wisdom
of the Father and the love of the Son speak to you.
41. I have not come to humiliate you with My greatness or to
make a display of it; but I do come to demonstrate it to you
according to My will so that you will feel the supreme joy of having
as a Father a God all powerful, wise and perfect.
42. Rejoice in thinking that you will never get to behold the end
of My power, and the greater the elevation of your spirit the greater
you shall behold Me. Who would feel dissatisfied on knowing that
he would never reach the greatness of his Father? By chance on
Earth, have you not been satisfied to be less in age in comparison
with your earthly father? By chance, have you not joyfully conceded
to them experience and authority? Have you not rejoiced
contemplating that you have as a father a man stronger than you,
arrogant, courageous and filled with virtues?
43. Disciples, never apply this light that I have placed in you
toward unrighteousness. I am teaching you thus, because soon this
means of My manifestation will cease and the grace I have poured
upon you is so great that some, when they see Me depart, in their
foolishness will feel free to make use of their power and gifts to
exalt themselves before Mankind.
44. Therefore, beware of those who seek adulation, vanities and
wealth, because suffering and the ordeals will make their brethren
approach and kneel before them to obtain a drop of balsam, but woe
betide those who believe themselves to be gods, unaware that their
power has become harmful and their light turned into darkness! Pity
on My good disciples, for they will have to suffer because pf them,
because there will be confusion!
45. Always when you wish to know if the path that you follow
is that of your evolution, you may consult your conscience and if
there is peace in it and if charity and good will toward your brethren
lodges there you can be certain that your light still shines and your
word comforts and heals; however if you discover that within your
heart there has germinated greed, bad will, materiality and lust, you
can be certain that your light has turned into darkness and
imposture. Do you wish to offer the Father an unclean harvest
instead of a golden grain, when He calls on you?
46. Safeguard these words within your innermost being so that
they will be unforgettable. Comply during your lifetime with
humility, and you will have peace. I want the bread to be sweet to
your lips, that your home not be a fragile vessel, that you be united
so when the unbelievers of this word approach you, the turmoil of
their words and their bad intentions will not take away your faith.
47. In the Second Era many became confused due to My
presence in Jesus, because that originated a division among families.
Among five who were in a home, three were against two and two
against three. And while three followed Me, two rejected Me. The
same thing happens during this period. There are homes in which
the father has recognized Me and his companion and their children
rise against him. There are others where the spouse who is the
mother of a family, has come before Me, bathed in tears and has said
to Me: Master, I follow you and I want my children to follow you
but they, my own children, have denied me.
48. How scarce are the families where everyone comes in
perfect harmony in search of My teaching.
49. Thus these people suffer the rejection of relatives and
neighbors, denying them their bread, shutting the doors to them,
creating complications and slandering them with false testimonies.
Do not fear, be firm, for those who deny you more will be the ones
who contritely will come in search of the path you follow.
50. I love you and I shall save you at every moment and it will
be My charity that you will receive along your pathway, with which
the very unbelievers will be surprised seeing that you have peace in
your heart, bread upon your table and fortitude in your spirit.
51. In order to help you I send to you My caress. 0! Disciples!
As My Divine ray ascends My peace will remain with you; but
today the Master says to you: Be watchful, My people! This is not
the time to sleep. The hurricane winds lash at you at every moment
and it is necessary for you to remain firm. It is time of judgment and
meditation; the pestilence, hunger, wars, death, all the calamities
and plagues visible and invisible are unleashed. Pray and work
quietly; do not extinguish your lamp nor conceal the gift that you
possess. Always be ready to receive whoever knocks upon your door
and in that way you will be imitating the virgins of My parable,
those who were able to await the arrival of the bridegroom with
their lamps lit.
52. Your spirituality will have an influence upon the mind of all
those whom you will want to help; in that way you will be able to
illuminate the path of your brethren who govern you on Earth. They
should have the doors of their hearts open to receive the foreigners
and will know how to convey the message of peace that I inspire in
53. This nation will have to fulfill a delicate mission among the
others on Earth; but toward that end, I shall first uproot all the bad
Weed; I will make men put aside their mask of hypocrisy and that
their heart be filled with sincerity, fraternity and light. Also in the
spiritual, this nation will have to set an example, but it is necessary
for it to spiritualize its worship, putting an end to its religious
fanaticism and idolatry.
54. It is necessary for My Doctrine to be lived by you so that the
others can give it credit and when these people rise, illuminated men
will emerge from all points on Earth to spread My Doctrine; they
will thank Me because they will not be alone and shall recognize
that everyone possesses gifts, because before coming to Earth they
received them by My charity under the promise of complying with
their mission.
55. Blessed is he who develops his gifts guided only by the
inner voice of his conscience, like John the prophet, the one whom
you called the Baptist, who guided his footsteps, illuminated by the
light he received from his Father. Who else could teach him or speak
to him in the wilderness?
56. Arise again, o My people, do not submerge yourselves in the
twilight; do not forget that I have always called you the sons of
light; allow that at least each day a spark of light glows within your
spirit. "How can it be done?", your heart asks Me. To that I answer
that Mankind finds itself full of needy people, to whom you can give
something of what you possess as a spiritual wealth. A long time ago
I chose you for this mission, and what I have done during this period
on placing a mark upon your forehead, has only been a confirmation
of the destiny and of the gifts that you received from Me since the
beginning of your being. Peace, the strength, everlasting light, the
power over confused spirits, the gift of healing, of speech, the
spiritual prayer and so many gifts which enrich your spirit, are the
weapons with which you can bring about the peace of this nation
which will be a fruitful land of prophets, emissaries, teachers and
apostles of righteousness.
57. When all these prophecies are fulfilled and men seek in the
Scriptures some indication of them, they will be surprised to find at
each step a clear indication of what your eyes beheld during this
period and those that are to come. Then Humanity will say: Truly,
this is the Third Era, the new coming of the Lord.
58. For some it will seem as if these people enjoy some kind of
privilege, but afterward all the world will feel that the Spirit of the
Father is spreading without distinction upon all His Universal
My Peace be with you!