The Bridal Relationship with Jesus

Do   Y O U   allow   H I M ??? 
I already did it !!!
Jesus explains… The Bridal Relationship… Come & Find Peace and Rest for your Soul
May 14, 2015 – Words from Jesus to Sister Clare
Clare began… During worship I began to see the Lord clearly again and the sweetness of His presence stirred my little heart into a flame of love and longing for Him. This was all His doing, on my own, my heart would be indifferent, but being close to Him, my heart catches fire.
Tonight he was wearing a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up I could even see the hair on His arms. His face is usually a little harder to see, but when I ask Him to make it clearer He does. And the longer we are together, usually the clearer His face becomes. The problem is, the more clearly I see His face the more overwhelmed I am by my longing for Him, and it hurts, to be separated from Him.
As we were dancing very slowly, He tilted His head downwards so we were almost forehead to forehead. I began to notice there was fire emanating from His chest and as I looked it became a window into His heart which was burning with the most intense fire. Something like I used to see at the smelting factory where they make steel. His Heart was intensely glowing fire and the more I looked the more it expanded until it flashed and expanded to cover the whole universe, and I realized this was symbolic of His love which created the world and holds all things together in creation…
As it is written in John 1:1-4…
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through Him all things were made; without Him nothing was made that has been made. In Him was life, and that life was the light of men…
And in that moment all of creation was revealed as having come from His Heart like a blast of light, but none the less being sustained by His love as well.
This is truly God I am dancing with, but why does He choose to have this tender relationship with me, with us?
Because although the universe is held together by the power of His love, the only way we as men can understand this love is through the espousal relationship, husband and wife....

Jesus began…
 “Oh How I wish for each and every man and woman to understand the kind of relationship I long for with them. Oh how deeply I ache to share in your lives, to be living inside of you and share every thought, every feeling, every action of your life. How I long that we should forever be consciously by an act of your will, joined as One, that we partake of each other’s lives and living within you I fill that place of longing that was made only for your creator. Thus you are completed and I am given the greatest gift of all, a mere creature has chosen God as her eternal dwelling place, above all other things created, returning thanksgiving and recognizing My Divinity beyond the value of all other things.”
“My children, I come to you as a lover because that is the only way you will truly understand how intensely I desire to be interwoven in your life as your all in all. When I created Eve for Adam, a suitable partner, I was also demonstrating the union I desire between you and I. I could have given you the power to reproduce without specifying the need for a life long commitment, and you would have been very much like the animals. But instead I chose to demonstrate the desire I have to be united to you eternally, sharing in your life the joys and sorrows that life brings, and hoping that you would cleave to Me beyond all things created, and together we would bring forth offspring.”
“This is another reason I ask you not to be afraid of this relationship. It is so natural and necessary to complete your understanding of Who I am meant to be in your life. This is the way it will be in Heaven depending on the degree of your union with Me here on Earth. If you have forsaken all, that I might be your all, in Heaven you shall have all of Me that you can contain. If you have held onto earthly things and loved them more than Me, your place in Heaven will be pleasant but the degree of glory will be limited by your choices on earth.”
“None can understand this without going beyond the dimension of the human intellect, it is a grace, a God given gift. As you draw nearer to Me I release more and more understanding of Myself into your consciousness. As you cultivate your relationship with Me, you become more and more Mine and I become more and more Yours. And neither am I diminished by My presence with you, while being with another, for I am infinite and without limit. So you can experience the fullness of Me and simultaneously others can too. It is a mystery, just receive it and know that I desire to be your everything, in return I will give you everything that I am as well, and you will know Me, even as you are known.”
“Come now into My embrace and cease your endless questioning, I am waiting for you, I have an ocean of peace to bath you in and you will find rest for your soul.”

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