Aus dem Buch des wahren Lebens – Band III –
Teaching 56 – Vers 29
29. He who hears the voice of his conscience acknowledges and
understands his faults at the same time he accepts his expiation, but
he who does not understand the magnitude of his faults, will not be
able to free himself from his blemishes and while that is not done,
he cannot reach me.
Teaching 57 – Vers 19
19. How happy is the spirit when on leaving his human remains
in this valley of expiation, he contemplates from the infinite that he
left on Earth a trace of light, of truth and of love.
Teaching 60 – Vers 58
58. O My people, your restitution in this period lies in coming
to seek a jewel of infinite value among the mire. Why? Because on
Earth where you dwell and which you have transformed into a fetid
marsh, you have lost your heritage in times past. You came without
it before My presence, and I had to send you to search for it, so that
on returning to Me you would show it to Me. That jewel is a
combination of virtues. Do good, and the more you practice it, the
greater the sparkle it will give.
Teaching 61 – Vers  21
21. Allow your spirit to understand and be satisfied with his
restitution, and you will feel that the light will penetrate within your
inner self, filling you with hope, strength and happiness. 

Anecdote of Anna Maria Hosta
Today while making breakfast Anna Maria's husband says:
, Ah, gooseberry jam. You certainly bought it as atonement. '
Anna Maria does not understand the meaning of his words or what the gooseberry jam has to do with atonement and dismisses it as nonsense. Her husband is disappointed. She tries to give in, that she does not know what to answer.
Later, she thinks hard about it and comes to the realization that the hint of her husband was not so stupid.

They planted a gooseberry bush last spring in the garden and Anna Maria harvested the few gooseberries that he already wore out of ignorance too early - in June instead of July or August. They were still too green and too sour and inedible. She broke a law of nature and caused damage.
The atonement was the pain of the mistake made and her repentance and the realization that next time she will know better and wait until the harvest.

To make up for the damage, she has had to buy gooseberry jam.
So she tells her husband and praises him that he is not so wrong and that he has understood the principle of atonement and that the candidate has 100 points. Her husband is happy about her insight and is at peace.

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