We will see him

Anna Maria had two dreams 
Yesterday, on 01/10/2019 I had a nap on the sofa.
I had a dream: 
I worked at a station and went from room to room. There was another woman who was just disappearing into a room. I went to my room, where a child in my care was lying in his cot and told him that we were flying to a land where it was warm and that I had got the plane tickets.

Today, 01/11/2019 I had another nap and had another dream.I met Yeshua. He wore a blue jeans suit and a blue denim cap.He sat down on a bench and I went to him.It was a very golden dream and it only concerned me and I would like to keep it for myself.

What I would like to say, however, is that the arrival of Yeshua is very very close to come and that we will see him, each one for himself, as I see it after the dream.Because Yeshua is everywhere, he is in each of us, and everywhere at the same time, and therefore everyone can see him at the same time who is ready for his coming.Yeshua called a month in which this will happen. And he said that everything will be going to go haywire. But we do not know if prayer will not extend the time again.

At the prayer tonight I had the vision: 
I saw the big pond and fell into it like a big stone. 
I saw mushrooms rising from smoke over land.

What I want to say is that the time has come, where we can expect his Coming - where we should be ready - where we can prepare ourselves through repentance and dedication - where we can be happy when our hearts are focused on Him. Then we will see him, for he will show himself to us, to each one of us who belongs to his heavenly family through his own desicion.

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