BTL - Volume 2 - Teaching 49

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume II - Teaching 29 - 55
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Book of True Life - Volume 2 

Teaching 49:

1 Your prayer rises to Me like the fragrance of flowers, and I accept it

2 Let your Spirit enjoy the bread of eternal life. This is not the first teaching that My divine Spirit gives you; as a man I revealed Myself already at another time to teach you to develop humility, to live to do good to others and to die on the cross of love. When you hear my word, it appears to you as if it were the first teaching that your Spirit receives because you did not understand the earlier teaching. Today I come anew in search of the sick, who are all My children, because all of you groan in this valley of atonement and your laments come to Me.

3 When the pain becomes very strong, man remembers God - however indifferent and cold he has been towards My teaching - he turns his eyes towards Me in his desire for My Mercy and in his despair sends this prayer up: "Lord, why do you not grant Me what I am asking so much? If You cannot hear my supplication, shorten my days on earth, for there is no point in being on it only to suffer. How much ignorance you show when you speak like this to your Father, who is all love for His children!

4 This is why, with My teaching, I am taking you out of the darkness of incomprehension in this time, so that even in the greatest pain you may not stray from the path of Light soon you will understand that I did not create you for pain, for suffering did not come from Me but from you Now you must go all the way to recover the light and purity that you have left in shreds on the thorns of the path.

5 Though your life is like a stormy sea in which you fear to be temporarily submerged But since you have sunk so low because of your imperfections, believe in My Presence and My Power at least in those moments when your trials are very hard. Give no occasion that I speak to you as I did to My disciples of the Second Age who were sailing with Me in a boat and who, when they saw the sea foaming and Jesus sleeping, said to Him in fear and anxiety: "Master, save us, we are perishing. Then My rebuking answer was this: "O you of little faith!

6 Beloved people, fathom My teaching, orient your life according to the examples of those disciples, for you too shall become disciples Remember, My children, that from the year 1950 on you will no longer hear this word. Use it now so that it may purify you and you may no longer be on the way of sin.

7 My love sacrifice in the Second Time showed you how to wash away the stains you bear on your body and soul, even those who left you Sodom and Gomorrah as an inheritance*. I sacrificed Myself for the sake of teaching the people, to show them the way of obedience and love in which they can obtain their salvation.

* This is a reference to the main sin of the Sodomites, the perversion of sexuality, and its continuing influence to this day.

8 Now, after I have given you countless teachings, you are equipped to save yourselves and to cleanse yourselves. I announced to you then that I would return among men, and here I am in fulfilment of My promise.

9 If not all those who hear this Word feel My Presence, it is because their materialism, sin and the ideas rooted in their minds separate them from the Master But a moment of repentance will be enough for them to feel Me in their Spirit. The light of My love will illuminate them like Peter did when he confessed the divinity of Jesus in answer to the Master's question. They will put an end to their wickedness, will look with horror at their past and begin a new life - pure, useful and worthy. Therefore I tell you that you shall not judge your brethren when they come among you with their burden of sins and vices. Do not reject them, for this intention would be similar to the group that caught a woman in adultery and brought her before Jesus to test My righteousness. What a severe lesson I gave to those who thought themselves free of sin compared to the adulteress when I told them, "He who believes himself free of sin, cast the first stone on this woman," and they retreated in shame.

10 How understanding, sincere and humble you must be if you do not want me to call you hypocrites like the Pharisees whom I called whitewashed tombs - beautifully prepared on the outside and unclean inside!

11 My eyes are searching and penetrate into the deepest part of your being and into the innermost part of your heart. My mercy is ready to record your works in the book of your life, which will be the book of your judgment. Make sure that it records only good works, then the peace your Spirit obtains through it will be the omen of great rewards in spiritual life.

12 Today you remember that day when Jesus was the accused of men, and when even the children, following the example of the adults, cried out in their innocence, "Crucify Him!

13 I faced the judges, and great was the joy among those who desired My death when I was condemned to be crucified. Like a lamb going for sacrifice, I gently bowed my neck and accepted martyrdom as it is written.

14 Today I stand before My judges again. I am showing you My truth so that you may examine it and judge it, and I know that you will find faults in it that it does not have, to condemn it afterwards. Judge My work, but leave alone all those through whom I have given you My word.

15 There are Spirits among you who have been purifying themselves from their great faults since ancient times, and in the bosom of Israel until your days on earth, to be pure when they inhabit the spiritual space These are the ones who remember my presence in this

time have believed, and they will be those who ask the persecutors of My work: "For what imperfections do you object to this teaching? Just as Pilate at that time asked the crowd, "What do you accuse this man of? - My voice will be silent, just as the lips of Jesus were silent on that occasion, and I will allow that - while some judge My word - others defend it, for out of this struggle the light will break forth. My loving gaze will embrace all, and my forgiveness will likewise apply to all.

16 I was brought and accused before Annas and Caiaphas, then before Pilate and Herod to be judged. verily I tell you, in this time My work, My Word, will come before the High Council and then before the new Pilate to be judged There will be civil servants who believe in My new proclamation and in this message; but for fear of the world they will keep silent and allow My teaching and My followers to be persecuted while they wash their hands clean, but not the stains they have put on their soul.

17 A new cross will be given to me in the third time. This will not be visible to mortal eyes, but from its height I will send My Message of Love to mankind and My Blood, which is the spiritual essence of My Word, will be changed into light for the Spirit.

18 Those who judged Me in those days are today bringing the light of repentance to the hearts of men with their Spirit to make up for their faults

19 In order for My teaching to triumph over the wickedness of men, it must first be scourged and mocked like Christ at the Column of Mary. From every wound My light must flow to illuminate the darkness of this world without love. It is necessary that My invisible blood falls on mankind to show it once again the way to its redemption.

20 The cross you are now imposing on Me is heavier than the one of the Second Time At that time you did not know Christ, now you all know Him, and yet you will condemn Him. This time you will not see Jesus panting before your house under the weight of the cross. You will not see my Spirit pressed down by the burden of your sins. Yet you will hear My voice telling you, "I thirst, mankind," but My thirst will be that for love.

21 Mary, the loving Mother of Jesus, will not unite her tears with the trail of blood of her beloved Son; but she will send you her tender love as Mother of the All for your ingratitude from the Kingdom of Heaven.

22 I will not fall on the way to My new Golgotha; therefore it will not be necessary for a helper to come to My aid, for I am the strong among the strong. However, My gaze will seek My disciples, expecting them to be faithful, as My apostle John was.

23 Blessed is he who knows how to interpret correctly what the Master has told you in this memorial hour. Blessed are you who during this time have listened to the Divine Master in His teachings of remembrance. The dense darkness formed by the sin of mankind is the occasion for the Master to embrace the cross of martyrdom and once again to go through the Passion.

You are now living in the Third Age, and you are still handing the cup of bitterness to your Lord; but I humbly accept it to give you another teaching of love. over My Face run blood and tears which I shed out of love for you and when you hear My words, tears come to you too, which will make you forget and repent. This weeping purifies you and brings you closer to Me.

24 You women, who have atoned for your transgressions, be confident, for your evil shall be taken away from you so that you may be strong in the way of life You followed Magdalene, but after your fall you repented. Be strong, recover your soul and body and be healed.

25 I have come to the sinners, not to the righteous; therefore do not be indignant. I love all My children, healthy and sick, pure and spotless, and care for all. One heart asks Me for light for its children, another intercedes for its sick mother, and to all I grant My mercy.

26 If you have wept much, take comfort; if others of you ask Me for sensitivity to weep for your sins, accept it and calm yourselves, for weeping is also relief and peace for the heart burdened with remorse and guilt

27 Remember: When the sacrifice was accomplished and those who had persecuted me believed that the light that had illuminated the way of my disciples was extinguished forever and that with the silence of my voice everything would end, they saw in the heart of those who followed me an inextinguishable ray of light from that light of eternity that never goes out. For when the one misjudged me, others loved me, and since they knew how to follow me, they expected - when I promised to come back to them - awaiting my return, watching and praying, and in all my rallies they felt my presence.

28 So it will be in the present time. those who have penetrated into the core of My teaching will continue to watch and reverently await the fulfillment of My words, while the others will forget the love I have shown them and My zeal to redeem them

29 I see the pain that is in every heart and while the lips are silent because they cannot express with words what they feel, the Spirit rises and has communion with Me - Very close to your heart the Spirit of the Father pulsates, guarding you and blessing you. I also strengthen your courage, dry your tears and bless all of you who have come together on this day to hear the voice of the Father who told you that after 1950 you will not hear His Word through the human mind.

You are like My apostles of the Second Age, for they too have listened to Me much. Carry My word in your hearts so that you can pass it on to those who did not hear Me through a voice bearer.

30 You on earth remember certain times and days that remind you of the great deeds of your Master on his way through the world and I am with you with My Essence and My Presence in the moments when you remember My works But only men have their appointed days to commemorate the memory of my passion with ceremonies. In the spiritual these events are not celebrated, because in eternity there are no (certain) points in time or days; there is only one single "day" that lasts and never ends. But my divine works are present in the Spirit of the righteous who live close to their Creator, and the worship they offer to their Father they render not only at certain moments but forever.

31 O disciples, you who took part in My banquet and ate the bread of eternal life which your Spirit longed for! You believe that I die every year and rise from the dead; but this happens only in your imagination, for I live in eternity. You believe that My Spirit comes down to the dens of vice and atonement to bring light to those who have gone astray, and I tell you: If you wish it, if you ask me for it, I will do it, because I always grant my graces so that the stray find the way to their redemption. My gaze always rests on the one who carries his chain of atonement, and eternally My Spirit is present on all worlds and on all levels, without making a difference to anyone because of his more or less great knowledge or spiritual maturity.

32 Know, O My new disciples, that your homage and tribute to the Lord shall be constant, without waiting for certain times or days to offer them, just as your Father's love for you is constant But if you want to know how to remember My works of love daily without falling into fanaticism, I will tell you: your life should be a constant homage to Him who created everything by loving one another.

33 Act in this way and I will grant you what you humbly ask Me for: that your transgressions be forgiven you I comfort you and give you relief; but I tell you When you discover your faults and your conscience judges you, pray, correct your fault, arm yourselves with strength so that you do not commit the same sin again and you do not have to ask Me repeatedly to forgive you. My word teaches you so that you may ascend and give access to the light and spiritualization.

34 This teaching is the way that leads you to Me. Do you want to enjoy the promised kingdom? - I remind you of the covenant you have made with Me for all times and revive it anew so that this covenant will not be broken. I ask you, men of Israel, do you want to enter into eternal life and be with Me? - Feel Me now when I confirm and fulfil the prophecies and teach you with patience so that in the future every word that comes out of your mouth may be born of your Spirit, which was previously prepared by My Love, and turn it into works of mercy for your brothers.

35 Begin to practise charity, bear your sufferings with submission, work out your bread in the sweat of your face. Love yourselves as I love you, and watch over this nation which I have chosen from among all, and which I have called "the pearl" in which I have placed My gifts of grace.

36 Do not act as Thomas did when I put you to the test, do not ask Me to allow you to put your fingers in the wound at My side to believe. If I have to give you a teaching that makes your Spirit tremble, do not misjudge me, do not doubt, so as not to cry for it out of remorse. For your life is a way of trials and wonders, of pains and after that of joys, in which the Spirit is formed to perfection on the stepladder.

37 Do not be like Peter, do not deny Him who gave you His teachings with so much love, nor be ashamed to belong to this people and to possess the spiritual gifts which I have entrusted to you; for then you will deny Me - not three times as that disciple, but a thousand times a thousand times, because you have multiplied in number and your lack of faith will have an effect in other nations.

38 Watch, lest My Cause be betrayed, and the seed of Judas sprout in their hearts, and - when the hour of awakening comes for these hearts - they in their confusion do not believe, like that disciple, that physical death will free them from the remorse caused by the transgression they have committed For otherwise they will enter the spiritual valley without finding peace for their Spirit, who never dies.

39 See how I show you true life when I make myself close to you and make my presence palpable to you. But you are few who are interested in getting to know it; you others "die" gradually for lack of faith, because you did not believe in me when I became man in the Second Time. Today you again doubt my word and my manifest works and put me to the test, even if I have come only to raise you to spiritual life and to acquaint you with the truth.

40 My Spirit is going through a passion that does not end. At every moment it is lifted up on the cross, and the crown of thorns clasps my temples. My wounds break open and I am sacrificed anew so that you may find and live forever in My example the teaching of love for your brothers.

41 Today I come to you in the Spirit and tell you that I live forever while you have died many times because although you have Me around you and have heard My Word, you do not know how to take it into your heart as the earth does when it is broken by the sower and supports the germination of the seed That is why My love seed has not borne fruit a hundred fold and multiplied as it is My Will.

42 In this time I judge the living and the dead. The light of My love pours out into every Spirit and onto all flesh. "Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted. Blessed are the humble, for they shall reap glory and praise.

43 When the time has come, you, beloved people, shall arise, and make My holy Word palpable to your brothers. you will scatter over the world as good disciples, and this new Gospel I am leaving you will spread This light that emanates from the Sixth Seal will illuminate the humanity of this time, and with it the mysteries will be revealed. My teaching will take root in various nations, and everything that men have not discovered, they will know through the light that the Seven Seals give. But you are to speak of these teachings you have received and instruct men in the fulfillment of My commandments.

44 When My children penetrate into the core of My teachings, they will understand that it has been My Will to unite Me with men from Spirit to Spirit, that I have come back to them because My Covenant is indissoluble

45 No one can call himself alive who does not know my truth, or disciples who commit criminal acts, although he has this teaching. I have come to bring back the Spirits who have lost the way and to free them from ignorance and sin.

46 Purify yourselves like Magdalene, and live for My service. She converted out of love and repentance. Since the world has not awakened to My love, honour Me (at least) you who have heard Me by fulfilling the commandment that tells you: "Love one another.

47 The nations that are at war today are the "foolish virgins" who would not stay awake, and when the husband appeared and knocked at their door, they were asleep. This people (here) have felt Me and have therefore achieved to keep peace.

48 I have been your servant to teach you humility. Whenever you have justly asked Me, I have granted it to you, your will is Mine; - you ask Me that you do not lack sustenance, that I keep the lack away from your home, and I give you what is necessary. I grant you everything without you asking for it because I am your father and love you. What pain can torture the child that the father does not feel? Which of you has not brought bread to the mouth, is unclothed, or who lacks a roof? - I watch over all My children. The pure air feeds you, the fields offer you their seeds and fruits to nourish you. There has not been no lack of a spring to give you its water to quench your thirst. I have given intelligence to man so that he may seek the means to live and lead a sufficient life, discovering in nature what is necessary for his well-being. Understand that it is not you who have created the beings and give them life, but I, who love you and give each creature its destiny.

49 In this time, in which I have manifested myself in the Spirit to give you My teaching, I tell you: fulfill the Third Testament I leave to you Let your Spirit come to Me in haste, accept My grace so that My light may shine in you and "the Word" may be on your lips.

50 Wash yourselves with your tears of atonement and repentance Increase your understanding through prayer so that your conclusions may be right. Then you will feel on yourselves the light of My inspiration, and your bliss will be immeasurable. After you have received that divine inspiration, you will set out to speak to your brethren of My work, and verily I tell you, your word will be a testimony of truth.

51 I have made My teaching known to you through the Word proclaimed through the lips of many voices, in the interior of many assembly halls, with one and the same spiritual meaning and form, and which marked out the same path and pointed to the same destination; I have made My teaching known to you through the Word proclaimed through the lips of many voices, in the interior of many assembly halls, with one and the same spiritual meaning and form, and which marked out the same path and pointed to the same destination

52 None of those who have heard Me at this time can claim - without lying - that they have not understood Me, for everyone who has been called has been prepared beforehand. My word is a divine treasure, of which I do not want you to keep it only for yourselves. Do not become rich misers, for otherwise you - in the opinion of possessing much wisdom - will have nothing. Verily, I tell you, selfishness is darkness, and darkness in the soul is ignorance.

53 My teaching in the Third Age is detailed and clear, a teaching which Elijah explains to you with his word and which, moreover, your spiritual brethren* make easy to understand with their advice, so that you do not live in error. Which of my disciples who have received this teaching will be able to feel too weak to fulfill my commandment to bring this message to men?

* Meant are the guardian spirits, who were also allowed to make themselves known through their fosterlings

54 I want you to learn all means and possibilities to practice active charity, so that you do not tell Me: "Father, how can You want me to share my bread or my money with my neighbor when it is so scarce? - If you do not know how to practice mercy, you cannot instruct your brethren in these teachings.

55 Verily, I tell you, if on many occasions your hands are empty in the face of the needy, your Spirit will always find in you something to give If you have nothing materially to share with your brethren, let your Spirit offer from the many what he possesses. But recognize: If it is necessary that your charity consists in material things, you must not evade the fulfillment of your duty by saying that it was enough with good intention. Learn from your Father, who gives you everything, both for the Spirit and for the body. Learn from Jesus, who taught you to give everything out of love for your brothers.

56 Bear your cross with patience and love so that I may say to you: Be blessed!

in the heart of some of My children I see storms unleashed and I say to them: watch and pray, for the storm will pass and you will see the rainbow of peace shining anew

57 Tomorrow, when tribulation envelops mankind, you will give thanks because you have managed to strengthen your Spirit because of the trials you are going through today if you could see the images of pain, hunger and misery that exist by the millions in the nations at war, you would not dare to complain; and truly, I tell you, even if many of your brothers do not bless Me, at least they do not blaspheme!

58 Watch and pray, make yourselves worthy of My good deeds and destroy with prayer all that causes human corruption

59 After the chaos that is approaching, men will seek My Father's love and will find Me in expectation of all My children For in the third time all mankind will recognize me, and all will unite spiritually in the same worship of God.

60 Men have acted like the "Prodigal Son"; but when they themselves have squandered the last remnant of their inheritance, they will remember their Father and return to Him.

61 I warn you all with My prophetic words. listen to it and spread it so that tomorrow, when you see it fulfilled, you may know that it was your Father who taught you.

62 How far mankind is from the spiritual battle that is coming upon them! How many of My children, whose lips have never uttered My name, will be surprised to hear it boasted everywhere!

63 I tell you to pronounce My name only when you consider it indispensable to teach your brothers to respect the Father.

64 When you see that every morality, virtue and righteousness has departed from the world, its renewal seems impossible to you; yet it is in this very place that the greatness of My teaching will be revealed

65 Let My teaching blossom in your hearts. Contemplate yourselves with love, help one another in your spiritual task, stand by one another in the trials.

66 When you have prepared yourselves by fulfilling My Law, I will give signs to mankind to make your union known

67 When will you be prepared so that your brothers may feel in their hearts the desire to live in the bosom of this people? Understand the gravity of the task and responsibility of those who have heard Me in this time of My rallies through the human mind.

68 Love one another, and you will experience that great crowds of people will follow you because men are only waiting for an example of true mercy and love to follow My truth. If you reap faith in the heart of your brothers, you will feel My love in your being, and there will then be no greater reward for your Spirit than peace.

My peace be with you!

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