(Not a) Complete Rewarning for USA

At 5:55 am this morning, Jesus said to me the following:
"I released a complete rewarning."
(No Megaquake, No Tsunami today)
"The National Security is upset.
The National catastrophics are enough -Torrential Rain, Flooding. .. The earth is moving."  

(The poles wander.)
 Breaking: "Magnetic Asymmetry" Pulling Earth Apart / Pole Shift / Nibiru
He said something about the wall but I could not understand if it will be built or not.
And the real danger is coming from the North. 
I thanked: Father you are wonderful.

But when the megaquake does not hit today and the tsunami, that does not mean that all-clear for USA is given now. The harvest is now in full swing. The judgments of the nations and of every man are being enforced these days.
Give your life to Jesus Christ. Repent of your sins and ask the Father in the name of Jesus for forgiveness and for restoration so that you will be saved on the appointed day that is destined for everyone and that no one knows but the Father. And he is the only one who will decide to forgive and to heal his children.

This post refers to a post dated 01/27/2019
Mega-earthquake - US under military law  

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