BTL - Volume 3 - Teaching 58

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Book of True Life - Volume 3

Teaching 58:
1. This My son through whose faculty I am delivering this
message to you, does not pretend to pass himself as Jesus; he is one
of the many spokesmen whom I have prepared during this period to
allow My Divine Word to reach you.
2. Prepare yourselves in order for that voice to reach your heart
and arise to the true life.
3. Verily I say to you that My word is the bread of the spirit, for
that reason he who eats of it will never hunger again.
4. Be before Me like children and then I will tell you as in the
Second Era: ’’Let the children come to Me, for the Kingdom of
Heaven is for them".
5. My Kingdom is for the clean of heart; so now that you know
it, you will not turn away anyone from My presence, nor the adult
who as a sinner comes before the Master, because he comes to be
purified with My word; nor the child, for though you might believe
him to be lacking in understanding in the teachings of My Work, he
possesses a spirit many times more evolved than yours.
6. In this era in which I manifest Myself through the human
faculty, I am clarifying My past teachings. My spirit is above all
flesh and above every spirit during this period, so that My Divine
presence will be felt by all and you can contemplate the pathway
that will lead toward eternity.
7. If Humanity has given My teachings of past eras a distorted
interpretation, today you could also fall into the same error. Behold
that in spite of coming in Spirit, there are moments when I must
materialize My teachings to make then comprehensible to you, since
you have not been able to prepare yourselves, being watchful and in prayer.
8. You should know that the goal of My spiritual Doctrine, is the
perfection of your spirit, so that he will be able to possess peace and
happiness that every spirit aspires with the knowledge of My truth.
9. Before giving you your cross, I have given you strength and
wiped away your tears. Blessed is he who has wept on My lap,
because he will feel that his pain has disappeared. Blessed is he who
on obeying My Law will be able to feel joy in his spirit, for it will be
the fruit of his merits.
10. If you wish to follow Me, always come unblemished before
Me. You will not need jewels or luxurious attire; I only want
limpidity in your spirit and in your body so that you may carry Me within you.
11. My Word is clear and in spite of it, sometimes you do not
want to understand it. During the Second Era, I spoke much through
parables and in a figurative meaning, because men of that era only
understood Me in that manner. But despite that fact on some
occasions they pretended not to understand Me. But the fact is that
Mankind wants to touch what is Divine with their hands and they
hasten away from the material renunciations and spirituality, which
are the means through which they can behold the light of My Divinity.
12. Have spirituality, be cleansed of heart, and in the banquet of
the Father you will be never be troubled, and you will understand
and feel everything He speaks to you. You will not feel unworthy
nor will you have the urge to leave. Therefore, he who leaves My
table, shall only be to go forth and preach the truth of My teaching
with his life and his deeds.
13. O disciples, I am within your heart; that is why Jesus died
among you, to live forever in your heart by listening to MY Word
your spirit will evolve. Behold that through the deeds of My
disciples I shall be recognized during this Era.
14. Pain has purified your body and your spirit, so that in
thought, by means of the prayer, you can even transport yourselves
to far away regions to fulfill your delicate mission of making peace
and conveying light to your brethren.
15. When your body ceases its daily chores and goes to rest in
bed the spirit takes advantage of that time to be free and occupies
himself in missions assigned to him, in works of the Lord; but if
your heart instead of resting from its preoccupations and
vicissitudes, or of elevating itself in prayer, surrenders to bitterness,
the spirit will have to keep busy to overcome the weakness of the
flesh unmindful of other missions. That is how you deprive
yourselves of your virtues, for the lack of faith and spirituality,
instead of thinking that he who forsakes his obligations for others,
and concerned only for himself, is egotistical toward his fellowmen
and therefore does not have compassion for his spirit.
16. Practice My teachings so you may be strengthened and
when those who come to your door deny and slander you, you may
have the peacefulness in your spirit and gentleness on your lips.
17. If you continue with your preparation that way, you will see
that with your prayer, the sorrow they may have concealed will
withdraw from those hearts, as proof that they were before My disciples.
18. If on the contrary, you try to defend My Doctrine, returning
blow by blow, blasphemy by blasphemy, then you will see how the
multitudes will overwhelm you, and they will find reasons to
demonstrate that you cannot be My disciples for your lack of love
and charity toward your fellowmen.
19. Do not allow that the sanctuary that I have built within your
heart be destroyed by profane concepts; live on the alert, enter into
prayer so that the storms will not surprise you.
20. When you listen to the prophets of this era whom you call
seers, who in their visions speak to you about dangers and predict
ordeals, elevate your thoughts to Me, to ask Me for strength, to
resist, or light to solve that difficulty, imploring My charity for all your brethren.
21. It is time to pray. The homes that live in peace should pray
for the homes that are destroyed. The widows who have found
resignation and comfort, should accompany in the thoughts of those
who travel without direction, driven mad by their suffering.
22. Mothers who rejoice seeing yourselves surrounded by your
children, send your consolation to those who lost theirs in the war. It
does not matter if your eyes do not see the result, your faith is
enough and that you wish to share with the grief of your brethren, so
that I can send to those whom you pray for, My peace,. My
consolation and My caress, the bread and My forgiveness.
23. I have endowed you so that you may obtain through merits the Promised Land.
24. I will always help in your preparation so that you may be
strong and rise like the good warriors of this cause, when confusion
is unleashed and peoples arise against peoples and nations against nations.
25. Today, I say to you blessed is the traveler who for a long
time comes in search of the Divine light. O! transient travelers of
this world, who today are here and tomorrow you will not know
where your spirit goes! Truly I say to you that it is not death that
awaits you, but the eternal life, because I have not ordained death
for the spirit; however, I wish that at the hour of My calling, you
will find yourselves like the faithful virgins of My parable, awaiting
the arrival of the bridegroom with their lighted lamps, so that during
the moment that you hear My voice calling you, you will be able to
leave your cup of bitterness that you have drunk in this world and
that no one at that moment will take away what you are about to
obtain through so much suffering.
26. Here the eyes of your body, tired of weeping, will be closed,
while the eyes of the spirit will be opened to a true life, on reaching
the threshold of eternity, there where your Father awaits you with
the reward which He has promised you.
27. How many dead to a life of grace have resurrected at this
time, listening to this word! How many who are weak have raised
themselves filled with strength! How many timid and desperate have
been filled with courage and have found peace!
28. The multitudes which I announced to you during the first
days of this communication and that I said would arrive; are the
dead and the needy; you are the ones.
29. During your solitude and in your bitterness you waited day
after day for the moment when I would give you the good news of
My arrival. You have arrived under the shade of the tree where I
waited for you, attracted by the rumors of My presence and My
miracles, and here you are, converted into disciples of the Divine Master.
30. I will still be with you for some time, so that you may
engrave My teaching within your spirit and not fall into profanation
or adultery. I wish that when your lips are ready to speak about My
Doctrine, your heart confirms with deeds of love the word that the Master taught you.
31. Be careful not to hurt the heart of your brethren or to
extinguish their lamp of faith, for among the multitudes are My new
disciples; do not separate them from this path. Do not believe
yourselves to be the only ones of whom I will avail Myself during
this time. You will be called the first and they will be the last. They
will also arrive tired of traveling and suffering, and they will say to
Me: Father, I have come exhausted before you, I wish I could have
found you a long time ago along my path, I would have avoided
much of my suffering and errors. But I say to you: the leaf of a tree
does not move without My will, and those who speak to Me thus
should know that also among My laborers are those who in their
heart say to Me: How happy I would be if I were still free to enjoy
all that the world offers me! This is the one who would not take
advantage of the trials which are lessons that life offers, nor is he
able to understand the meaning of My teaching; that is why he is
weak, and in his weakness he tempts his own self.
32. Who will be able to conceal from Me some intention or one
of his thoughts, when I dwell within the heart of each man? That is
why you should not be surprised when I say that among you will
emerge those who will persecute and attempt to destroy what I have
achieved. Some of those who today say are disciples and laborers of
the Lord, tomorrow will rise against My Doctrine, fighting against
those whom they had regarded as their brethren. That is the reason I
always say: be watchful and pray so you will not fall into temptation.
33. May each one be satisfied with the gift and responsibility
that has been entrusted to him, and not to go forth along the
pathways and to other regions as long as the proper moment is not
yet marked and his mission made known to him. I say this because
there are some who are teaching without being prepared, and there
are also those who become guides of congregations without
possessing the rightful preparation. On the other hand, I say to
others who do not believe not being able to comply with their
missions which I am entrusting to them: How can you consider as
impossible to fulfill what is entrusted to you by the One who knows
what each one of His children is capable of doing? How have you
believed that My communication during this period to be possible?
Is it not perhaps through the faculty of man?
34. There are those who are in doubt about My communication
in this manner, regarding the spokesman as an impostor and, of
these, I have availed Myself calling them and preparing them to
carry out the task which they held in doubt and giving them proof of
My truth. Many of them have been of My best spokesmen, for the
faith and joy with which they have worked. On realizing that
through their lips Divine words poured out, they have turned their
eyes toward Me to bless My name.
35. Since then they do My will and not theirs, recognizing that
he who does his own free will on Earth, does it to exalt himself and
therefore withdraws from Me.
36. The Master says to you: Today it is My Word that guides,
corrects and teaches you; after 1950, it will be only your conscience.
Deliver My teaching with all its purity, manifest My Work with all its clarity.
37. I have not called you so that you perish in this struggle. On
the contrary, I want you to be triumphant like good warriors; but
may that victory be of peace that you may have sowed, of health that
you have given the sick, of light that you have spread in that world of darkness.
38. Oh laborer who comes to offer Me his work, I welcome you.
You come from those fields, which I have entrusted to you, and you
ask Me: Oh Divine Master, my work, my struggle, is it pleasing
before you? And the Master answers: Your deeds are still not
perfect, you have not yet become My disciples; I regard you as
young beginners whom I love very much, and that fulfillment that
you offer Me, I receive; your spirit arises giving his first footsteps,
humbling the flesh and lending an ear to My new teachings during
the present phase.
39. During the First Era you knew the name of Jehovah and you
beheld My manifestations in the bosom of the people of Israel to
whom you have always belonged, and I said to you: Behold the way,
and the pathway that I spoke to you about was the Law. Later, My
Word, incarnated in Jesus, spoke to you and you were illuminated
with My parables and precepts, and in them I said to you: "Everyone
who complies by loving and forgiving his fellowmen, is within the
path of My Law", and during this era you again find yourself along
the pathway of your evolution and you have before you the same
Divine Spirit, teaching and guiding your footsteps; I have come as a
radiant light and everyone who prepares himself, will be able to
contemplate Me.
40. Mankind has not risen during this Era to comply with My
mandates, and I am waiting for them; I have cultivated the spirits
throughout the eras and you still have not presented Me with fruits
worthy of Me; I have dictated perfect laws over all beings, and the
spirit of man, which is the masterpiece of the Creator, has not
perfected himself; after inspiring and advising him unceasingly, he
has not known how to hear or obey his God.
41. You have not made good use of the gifts that I have given
you and you only manifest your pain to Me; if there is suffering in
you, it is because you have broken the Law; having been endowed
with strength, you have weakened.
42. I want you to know that you among all the creatures of this
world, are the favorite being, gifted with a spirit and a conscience; I
have given you freedom of will so that you may take by your own
choice the straight road that leads to Me; it is not the flowery path
that I offer you, but that of prayer, penance and struggle, and along
that road your conscience will guide you.
43. The time approaches when you will reach Me in spirit; you
are in the Third Era, in the Sixth Stage near the threshold of that
perfect life that awaits you. Do you want to reach Me and enjoy the
peace that I have promised you since the first eras? Everyone says to
Me: Yes Master, because the cup that we drink is bitter and, our
journey burdensome. Each day your work becomes more difficult
and you stumble because of the incomprehension of your
fellowmen, but My word which is healing balsam, comes to calm
your afflictions; that fountain of grace that you allowed to go dry,
today is overflowing anew to give you strength.
44. Keep in mind that the year of 1950 draws near and the
people are not in unity; still the twelve thousand spirits of each tribe
are not prepared, and if that year comes and you do not present to
Me the number I have asked, who will designate the chosen after
that period? By chance, are you going to indicate and mark their
destiny? No, My people, only I write with indelible letters the
mission that corresponds to each spirit.
45. How much longing there is in Me to manifest My Work
among other nations! The time draws near when this
communication will be closed and these lips will not speak through this means.
46. I am He who speaks in this era, who cultivates and prepares
the spirits, for on Earth there are no teachers of the spirit.
47. And in the same way that these multitudes of yesterday eve
were small, today they have multiplied; that is the way I want to
reunite My disciples in other nations.
48. On seeing My constant struggle, you say to Me: "Master,
how great is your Work, how abundant your word and how much
love and power you spread upon it! The hearts are converted and the
sick are healed, feeling your presence". Hear Me to the end so that
you may learn from Me.
49. I have manifested Myself spiritually among all nations as it
was written. The prophets said: During the time of war and
tribulations, the Holy Spirit will come to communicate with men.
Mankind seeks Me, they aspire for My Word, and their anguish and
confusion are so great that they are unable to find Me when I am so
close to them. In some cities the temples have been destroyed, the
books have been thrown into the fire, faith has been attacked and the
sacred laws have been denied, and in some nations my name has
been erased from the heart of its inhabitants, but nevertheless I have
announced to you that the celestial Kingdom shall find its place in
the hearts of men. Who will be able to destroy that inner temple if
you know how to build it within your spirit? How great is the
struggle that awaits you, O! My people!
50. Soon the knowledge will reach the world that the people of
Israel have returned to Earth incarnated in different nations and I
shall avail Myself of them; they will know that you are not
descendants of those people by blood, but of the spirit, and as in past
eras, witnesses of My return and of My manifestations.
51. You who represent Me, will convey My message to
Mankind. I have sent you to illuminate the Earth, to preach
righteousness and to give testimony of the truth. You shall place the
conscience before the spirit and before the flesh, and you will teach
that the former is your guide, and all materialism will fall and the
spirit will again be elevated, converting himself into My disciple.
52. You forget your own afflictions this instant in order to think
about those of others, because you realize that in other lands grief
has filled the bitter cup of its inhabitants and that pain even reaches
Me, because, what suffering does the son feel which will not reach
the Father? However, that pain is purifying and illuminating man; it
is making him feel the touch of justice and it will make him return
to the pathway; only pain will make him meditate and recover his
health and the peace which he has lost.
53. My presence and My love accompany all My children in this hour of trial.
54. Among those called at this time are the ones who have
asked the Father for more time for freedom which I have granted
them, but when the moment has come to ask them for an accounting
I have asked them: What have you done with that freedom that you
asked of Me? And they have only managed to answer: We have done
our own will and the fruit that we have gathered is very bitter.
55. These have returned to Me weary, bitter and displeased with
the fruits which they desired for so long, poisonous and deadly fruits.
56. The Father waited for them, He knew they would come
back, and when they have returned I have asked them if they still
want to follow that pathway of earthly pleasure or carry the Master's
cross of love and follow Him, and they have responded with their
heart that they will follow Me to the end.
57. I say to all of you: pray so you will be strong over your physical body.
58. While a great portion of Mankind is suffering, because the
law of force which still prevails among men and injustice reigns, I
descend and appear spiritually among you to nourish you, so that
you may regenerate yourselves; that you comprehend My Divine
teaching and afterward be able to perform perfect deeds among
Mankind. Toward that end I have planted My trees, which are the
big or small congregations in different cities, villages and districts;
trees that will give shade to the traveler who comes along extensive
roads and deserts and who shall give their fruits of life to those who
hunger. Love these trees, cultivate them with your love and your
zeal; not because you see them bare of leaves and others growing
old, will you lash at them as if you were a whirlwind, because their
branches will become new trees. Do not forget the day you received
your first shade and ate the first fruit.
59. I have regarded you as small children. When you begin to
take your first footsteps as laborers, I am entrusting you with small
fields so that you can learn to sow. Those first fields are the heart of
your dear ones; they are your friends and also your enemies. I
inspire you in each case.
60. Thus, when the storm has approached your fields, it has
found you with temper in your spirit, and once the time to reap and
harvest comes, with joy in your heart, you shall take the gathered
seed to the Father's granaries; the same which will be in the future,
your nourishment in eternity.
61. A long time ago the Master invited you to sow in His fields,
but some were deaf and ungrateful the first time, but the Father kept
on waiting for them, because He knew that on the second call they
would arrive full of repentance asking His forgiveness.
62. Some, in order to believe and follow Me, asked Me as proof,
health and peace which they could not find on Earth and when these
were healed and saw peace reign in their homes during their
existence, they said to Me: "It is you, Lord".
63. Blessed is he who recognizes the Works, which at every
moment I manifest along his path, because he gives the Father joy.
Woe betides to the one who is doubtful or distrustful because he
feels alone, lost and weak!
64. Listen disciples: In the Second Era, on a certain day Jesus
sailed in a boat accompanied by His disciples; the waters were
peaceful and those men were in ecstasy with the words of the
Master. However, Jesus remained asleep at a time when the waters
began to get choppy, threatening a storm. During some instances the
boat became like a toy for the waves, and those hearts were seized
with fear, to a point of awakening the Master with distressed voices
saying to Him: Master, save us, for we will perish! To which Jesus
beholding them gently, extended His hand toward the waters, which
instantly were pacified, and turning to His disciples, He reproached
their doubt, saying to them thus: 0! men of little faith!
65. Sometimes I behold you in that manner, weak in faith. It
suffices many times for the bread to become scarce in your table or
that the doors of employment are momentarily closed, in order for
doubt to take hold of you, forgetting that you are in the boat with
Jesus, who also says to you: 0! men of little faith!
66. When I am overflowing in indulgencies you believe Me, but
when I test you, then you doubt.
67. Do not think that I could send suffering to you, for it does
not exist in Me. It is a seed that was born within the heart of man, of
which I avail Myself so that its fruits may awaken and illuminate
him, because I am He who from the very darkness makes the light appear.
68. How many there are who during the pain in their trials have
called Me an imperfect and unjust God, without realizing that the
affliction which they are reaping, they themselves sowed and only
through it will they be cleansed and free of their burden!
69. When will Humanity give death to suffering? When will
their wars and their sins cease? My voice like a bell, says to all
spirits in this period: Wake up! Arise! Listen to your conscience so
that you can penetrate with submission and meekness along the
pathway of the Law; you are promised a time of peace and grace in
which pain and tears will disappear, but first you will have to
struggle and persevere in righteousness.
70. When all men arise encouraged by this ideal, the confusion
of Babel which prevails during these times, will disappear, so that
all races come close together in an embrace of eternity.
My Peace be with you!