BTL - Volume 3 - Teaching 58

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Book of True Life - Volume 3

Teaching 58:

1 This my Son, through whose organ of understanding I am giving you this message, does not claim to be taken for Jesus. He is one of the many voices I have prepared in this time to let My divine Word reach you.

2 Prepare yourselves so that this voice may reach your heart and lift you up to true life

3 Verily I say to you, My Word is the Bread of the Spirit Therefore, whoever eats from it will never again be hungry.

4 Be before Me as children, then I will tell you as in the Second Time: "Let the children come to Me, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.

5 My kingdom is for those who are pure in heart. Therefore, now that you know it, you are not to keep anyone away from My presence: neither the adult who comes before the Master as a sinner - for he comes to purify himself by My word ─, nor the child. For even if you think that his understanding of the teachings of my work is low, he has a spirit that is often more developed than yours.

6 In this time, in which I make myself known through the human organ of understanding, I explain to you my former teachings. My Spirit rests in this time on all flesh and on every spirit so that My divine presence may be felt by all and you may see the way that leads to eternity.

7 If mankind has given wrong interpretations to My teachings of past times, you too can fall into this error today. That is the reason why I, although I come in spirit, make my teachings bodily audible for a short time to make them understandable to you, since you did not know how to prepare yourselves to be awake and praying.

8 Recognize that the purpose of my spiritual teaching is the perfection of your spirit so that it may acquire the peace and happiness that every spirit receives through the knowledge of my truth.

9 Before I gave you your cross, I strengthened you and dried your tears. Blessed is the one who cried out at my breast, for he will feel his pain disappear. Blessed is he who, having been obedient to My law, feels bliss in his spirit, for this will be the fruit of his merits.

10 If you want to follow Me, always come to Me with a pure heart. You do not need jewels, nor precious clothes. I only want purity in your soul and in your body so that you carry Me in you.

11 My word is clear, and yet sometimes you do not want to understand it. In the Second Time I spoke much in parables and allegories, because the people of that epoch understood Me only in this way. But still, on some occasions they used the pretext of not understanding Me, because men want to touch the divine with their hands and they shrink from the material renunciations and spiritualization, which are the means by which they can see the light of divinity.

12 Have spirituality, be pure in heart, and you will never be grieved at the Lord's banquet, and you will understand and feel everything that He says to you. You will not feel unworthy and will not have the desire to go away. Therefore let him who rises from my table do so only to preach with his life and works the truth of my teaching.

13 Disciples, I am in your heart. Jesus therefore died for you, to live forever in your heart. Your soul will develop by hearing My Word. Behold, through the works of My disciples I will be known in this time.

14 Pain has purified your body shell and your soul so that you may be able to put yourselves in thought, through prayer, even in distant places, to accomplish your difficult task of making peace and bringing light to your brothers.

15 When your body gives up its daily struggle and rests in bed, the soul uses this time to free itself and engage in tasks that are appropriate for it: the works of the Lord. But if your heart, instead of resting from its worries and various hardships or rising in prayer, abandons itself to bitterness, the spirit will be constantly busy overcoming the weaknesses of its body, neglecting other tasks. In this way, for lack of faith and spiritualization, you lose your virtues instead of thinking of the fact that - whoever abandons his duties toward others in order to care only for himself - is selfish toward his neighbor and therefore has no mercy for his soul.

16 Put My teachings into practice so that you may become strong and have equanimity in your spirit and goodness on your lips when those who reject you and slander you come to your doors

17 When you work with this armament, you will see that through your prayer the sorrow they might hide will escape from those hearts, as proof that they were with My disciples

18 On the other hand, if you should try to defend My teaching by answering blow with blow and invective with invective, you will experience how men will defeat you and find reasons to prove that you cannot be My disciples because of your lack of love and mercy for your neighbor

19 Do not allow the sanctuary I have built in your heart to be destroyed by unworthy thoughts. Live awake, pray so that the storms do not bring you down.

20 When you hear the prophets of this time, whom you call seers, and who in their visions speak to you of dangers and afflictions, lift your thoughts to Me and ask Me for strength to stand or for light to avoid that cliff, and implore My mercy for all your brothers

21 It is time to pray. Let the homes that live in peace pray for the homes that have been destroyed. Let the widows who have found forgiveness and consolation stand in thought with those who are numbed by pain and live without purpose.

22 Mothers, who rejoice when you see yourselves surrounded by your children, send your comfort to those who have lost them in war. It is not important that your eyes should see the success. Let your faith be enough for you, and that you may share the pain of your brothers and sisters, so that I may give My peace, comfort and caress, bread and forgiveness to those for whom you pray.

23 I have given you gifts so that through your merits you may reach the land of promise.

24 I will always help you in your preparation, so that you may be strong and may set yourselves up as good soldiers in this cause when confusion breaks out and peoples rise up against peoples and nations against nations.

25 Today I say to you: Welcome be the pilgrim on earth who has been following the divine light for a long time! - O fleeting inhabitants of this world, you who are here today and do not know where your spirit is going tomorrow! Verily I say to you, not death awaits you, but eternal life, for I have not planned death for the soul. but I want you to be like the faithful virgins of My parable at the moment of My call, awaiting the arrival of the chaste husband with a burning lamp, so that the moment you hear My Voice calling you, you may leave behind you the cup of bitterness that you drank in this world and that at this hour no one may snatch from you what you have almost achieved with so much pain

26 Here the eyes of your body, tired of weeping, will close, while the eyes of your spirit will open to true life as you cross the thresholds of eternity, where your Father awaits you with the reward He has promised you.

27 How many dead for the life of grace have been resurrected in this time, when they heard this word! How many weak have risen up full of strength! How many fearful and desperate were filled with courage and found peace!

28 The crowds of people whom I announced in the first days of this announcement are these; the "dead" and needy of whom I said they would come are yourselves

29 In your loneliness and bitterness you have been waiting day after day for the moment that would bring you the good news of My coming Attracted by the rumour of My Presence and My miracles, you have come under the shade of the tree where I was waiting for you, and here you now become disciples of the Divine Master.

30 For some time I will still be with you so that you may imprint My teachings on your minds and not fall into profanation or falsification I want your heart to confirm the Word which the Master teaches you through works of love when your lips begin to speak of My teachings.

31 Take care not to hurt the heart of your brothers and not to extinguish their light of faith; for here among these multitudes are my new disciples. Do not lead them astray from this way. Do not believe that you are the only ones whom I will serve in this time. You will be called "first" and that "last. Those too will come tired of wandering and suffering and say to Me, "Father, I come to You exhausted. I wish I had met You much earlier on my path of life. I would have spared myself many of my sufferings and errors. But I tell you, no leaf of the tree moves without My Will, and those who speak to Me in this way should know that there are also among My workers who say to Me in their hearts: "How happy I would be if I were still free to enjoy all that the world offers Me. This is he who did not know how to use the trials, what the teachings are that life gives, and who was not able to grasp the meaning of My teaching. That is why he is weak, and in his weakness he leads himself into temptation.

32 Who could hide from me any intention or any of his thoughts - I, who dwell in the heart of every man? Therefore do not be surprised when I tell you that from among you will come forth those who persecute you and try to destroy what I have created. Some of those who call themselves disciples and workers of the Lord today will rise up against My teaching tomorrow and fight those who called them their brothers. This is why I always tell you to watch and pray so that you do not fall into temptation.

33 Let each one be content with the gift and the mission entrusted to him, and do not go out into the streets and provinces unless the right moment is indicated to him and his task is assigned to him I tell you this because some teach without having prepared themselves, and there are also those who make themselves leaders without having the necessary equipment. To others, on the other hand, who think they cannot fulfill the tasks I entrust to them, I say: Why do you think it impossible to fulfill what was entrusted to you by him who knows what each of his children is capable of? How, in your opinion, should my announcements be made in this time - for instance, not through the organ of man's intellect?

34 Some have doubted my proclamation in this form and have regarded the voice bearer as a deceiver. But I have also made use of those who doubted, and called and prepared them to fulfill the commission which they doubted, and to give them proofs of my truthfulness.

Many of them belonged to my best voice bearers because of the faith and the joy with which they worked afterwards. When they recognized that divine words sprang from their lips, they turned their eyes toward me to bless my name.

35 Since then they have been doing my will and not theirs, recognizing that whoever does his own will on earth does it for the glorification of himself and therefore distances himself from me.

36 The Master tells you Today it is My Word that guides, corrects and instructs you; after 1950 only your conscience will guide you. Pass on My teaching in its full purity, showing My Work in full clarity.

37 I have not called you to perish in this battle; on the contrary, I want you to be good soldiers and win the victory. But this victory is to be that of peace which you have sown, that of health which you have restored to the sick, that of light which you have kindled in darkness.

38 Workers you come to show me your work, I receive you. You come from the fields I have entrusted to you and ask Me, "Divine Master, is my work, my struggle, pleasing to you? But the Master answers you: Your works are not yet perfect, nor are you my disciples. I see you as little children whom I love very much, and I accept the fulfillment (of your task) which you show Me. Your spirit is rising up and taking the first steps, making the body docile and listening to My new teachings in the present epoch of revelation.

39 In the First Days you knew the name of Jehovah and you experienced My manifestations in the bosom of the people of Israel, to which you belonged, and I told you, "Behold, this is the way"; and the way I spoke to you of was the law. Later on, My Word made flesh in Jesus spoke to you and you were enlightened by My parables and commandments and with them I told you: Everyone who fulfills by loving and forgiving his neighbor is on the way of My Law. - And in the present

Time you are again on the same path to your development, and you have the same Divine Spirit with you, who teaches you and guides your steps. I have come as radiant light, and everyone who prepares himself will be able to see Me.

40 Mankind has not set out in this time to fulfil My commandments, but I am expecting them. At all times I have nurtured souls, but you have not yet offered Me fruit worthy of Me. I have enacted perfect laws for all beings, but man's soul, which is the masterpiece of the Creator, has not been perfected. Although I have constantly inspired and advised it, it has not listened to its God and has not obeyed Him.

41 You have not made good use of the abilities I have granted you, and only bring pain before My eyes If there is pain in you, it is because you have broken the law. Although you have been endowed with strength, you have been weak.

42 I want you to know that among all the creatures of this world you are the preferred being endowed with soul and spirit. I have given you free will so that you may of your own free will take the right way, which leads to Me. It is not a flowery path which I offer you, but that of prayer, repentance and struggle, and on this path your conscience shall guide you.

43 The time is coming near in which you will come to me as spirit beings. You are in the third time, in the sixth stage of development, near the threshold to that perfect life that awaits you. Will you come to me and enjoy the peace I have promised you from the first times? All of you say to Me: "Yes, Master, for the cup we drink is bitter and our daily work is hard. Every day your work becomes more difficult, and you encounter the incomprehension of your fellow men. But My Word, which is balm, soothes your pain. That fountain of grace which you had let dry up is bubbling up again today to give you strength.

44 Remember that the year 1950 is approaching and the people are not united. The twelve thousand spirits of each tribe are not yet equipped. But when that year comes and you do not show me the number I have demanded of you - who is able to mark the chosen ones after that time? Do you want to mark them and indicate their purpose? - No, people, only I write with indelible letters the task that comes to every spirit.

45 What desire is in me to reveal my work in other nations! - The time is drawing near in which this proclamation must be completed and these lips will no longer speak in this form.

46 It is I who speak in this time, who nurtures and prepares souls. For there are no masters of the spirit on earth.

47 And just as these crowds of people here, who were once small, have multiplied today, so will I gather my disciples in other nations.

48 When you recognize My constant struggle, you tell Me: "Master, how great is Your work; how great is Your word, and how much love and power do You pour into it! The hearts are transformed and the sick become healthy because they feel Your presence. - Listen to Me until the end, so that you may learn from Me.

49 I have manifested Myself spiritually in all nations, as it is written. The prophets said, "In the time of war and tribulation the Holy Spirit will come to make Himself known to men. Mankind seeks Me, longs for My Word, but its fear and confusion is so great that it does not succeed in finding Me, although I am so close to it. In some cities churches have been destroyed, books have been thrown into the fire, faith has been fought, holy laws denied, and in some nations My name has been erased from the hearts of their inhabitants. Yet I have announced to you that the Kingdom of Heaven will find a place in the hearts of men. Who could destroy the inner temple if you know how to build it in your soul? How great is the battle that awaits you, people!

50 Soon the world will know that the people of Israel, incarnated in different nations, have returned to earth, and I will make use of them. People will learn that you are not blood-wise but spiritually descendants of that people and that you are, as in past times, witnesses of My coming and My revelations.

51 You who represent Me will bring My message to mankind. I have sent you to enlighten the earth, to preach good and to bear witness to the truth. You will put the Spirit above the soul and above the body and will teach that He is your guide. Then all materialism will fall, and the soul will rise again and become my disciple.

52 In this moment you forget your sufferings to think of those of others, because you know that in other countries pain has filled the cup of its inhabitants, and this pain reaches me, because - what suffering could the child feel who did not also reach the Father? But this pain purifies and enlightens man; it makes him feel the warning signal of justice and will cause him to return to "the way. Only the pain will make him reflect and regain the health and peace he has lost.

53 My presence and love is with all My children in this hour of trial.

54 Among the called of this time are those who have asked the Father for another time of freedom, which I have also granted them. But when the time had come to demand account from them, I asked them: "What have you done with that freedom you asked Me for?

Only answer me: "We have done our will, and the fruit we have reaped is very bitter.

55 These have returned to Me tired, bitter and disgusted by the fruits they so longed for - fruits that are poisonous and deadly.

56 The Lord was waiting for them. He knew that they had to return, and when they had returned, I asked them whether they still wanted to continue on the way of earthly pleasure or to carry the Master's Love Cross and follow Him, and they told Me with their heart that they would follow Me till the end.

57 To all of you I say: pray that you may have power over your body.

58 While a great part of mankind is suffering at the moment because the law of violence is still the one that rules among men and because injustice rules, I come down and appear spiritually among you to nourish you, so that you may renew yourselves, understand My divine teaching and subsequently do perfect works among men For this purpose I have planted My trees, which are the large and small communities in various cities, provinces and villages - trees that give shade to the wayfarer who comes by long ways and through vast deserts, and that give the hungry their fruits of life. Love these trees, nurture them with your compassion and zeal. Do not whip them as if you were a whirlwind, because you will see some of them stripped of leaves and others aged, for their branches will become new trees. Do not forget the day when you received the first shadow and ate the first fruit.

59 I have regarded you as little children. When you begin your first steps as laborers, I entrust to you first small fields so that you learn to sow. Those first fields are the hearts of your relatives, are your friends and your enemies. For each particular case I give you inspirations.

60 When then a storm has come against your fields, men have found you hardened in spirit, and when the time has come to mow and reap, you will carry with rejoicing in your hearts the grain harvested into the Father's granary - the very grain that will be your food in eternity in the future.

61 For a long time the Master has been asking you to sow in His fields, but some were deaf and reluctant to the first call. But the Father continues to wait for them, for He knew that when the second call came, they would rush in repentant and ask Him for forgiveness.

62 In order to believe Me and follow Me, some asked Me as proof of health and inner peace, which they did not find on earth, and when they got well and saw peace reigning in their homes and lives, they told me, "It is you, Father!

63 Blessed is he who recognizes the works which I manifest at every moment in his way, for he gives joy to his Father. Woe to him who doubts or distrusts, for he feels abandoned, lost and weak.

64 Listen, disciples: In the second time Jesus went out one day in a boat, accompanied by His disciples. The sea was calm, and those people were delighted with the Master's words. Afterwards Jesus fell asleep; but when the sea began to foam and a storm threatened, Jesus remained asleep. For a few moments the boat was a plaything of the waves, and fear overwhelmed those hearts to such an extent that they woke up the Master in a fearful voice and said to him, "Lord, save us, we perish! Whereupon Jesus, looking lovingly at them, stretched out His Hand against the waves of water, which immediately became calm, and turning to His disciples, He rebuked their doubt with the words: "O you of little faith!

65 Sometimes I see you too, weak in faith. Often it is enough that the bread on your table is scarce, or that the gates to work close for a short time, and already your doubts take hold of you and you forget that you are going with Jesus in the boat, who also tells you: "O you of little faith!

66 When I shower you with gifts of grace, you believe in Me; but when I test you, you doubt

67 Do not think that I could send you pain, for it is not created by Me. It is a seed born from the heart of man, and I take care of it so that its fruits awaken and enlighten him. For I am he who lets the light spring up out of this darkness.

68 How many are there who, in the pain of their trials, have called me an imperfect and unjust God, without realizing that the suffering they are just reaping they themselves have sown, and that it is only through this that they become pure and free from their burden of debt.

69 When will mankind remove the pain? When will their wars and their sins come to an end? My voice, like a bell, says to the souls at this time: Awake! Arise! Listen to your conscience, that you may walk the way of the law with submission and gentleness. The time of peace and grace is promised to you, in which pain and tears will disappear.

But before that you will have to fight and persevere in good.

70 Once all men will set out and fill this ideal with life, the confusion of Babylon that continues in these times will disappear, and instead all peoples will embrace each other fraternally.

My peace be with you.

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