BTL - Volume III - Teaching 70

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Teaching 70:
1. I am the Ark of wisdom that until now Mankind has not
known how to study. I have come to give you the key to spirituality
so that with it you can open it and be able to learn what I have
reserved for you.
2. If one of My children believes himself unworthy or feels
incapable of opening the doors of My love, truly I say to you that all
My children are worthy of My love. Everyone possesses the key to
open that door. Do not lose it so that you will not imitate the tribe of
Judah, errant in this existence, peregrinating on Earth without rest.
3. I do not want to see you as the powerful or as beggars, but
rather as travelers who will never be lacking nourishment in their
knapsack for themselves and for the hungry whom they encounter
along their way.
4. I want you to know the pathways so that you are able to
distinguish the different trees and recognize in each traveler whom
you meet your own brother, so that when you are asked, "Where are
you going?" You will respond with sincerity and firmness, always
expressing My truth.
5. In this manner you will be the traveler who has faith in a
tomorrow, who walks free of his own worries and is able to think of
others, because I am teaching you to feel the affliction of your
fellowmen and to relieve it with a drop of the balsam that I grant
you so that with it you will help your brethren.
6. How much have I had to purify your spirit throughout the
Eras! Do you believe I was going to leave you blemished so that you
would go forth to preach My Doctrine that way?
7. I am preparing you so that you can be the strong Israel among
8. As you listen to My word your spirit has trembled on
remembering that at another point in time he had heard this voice,
and he asks himself: Where? And I say to you: It was in the
wilderness, in the mountains, on the riverbanks of Judea through the
lips of Jesus of Nazareth, whom you doubted, although you
recognized that there was a Divine essence in His Word, a love and
a force that gave you life, health and peace.
9. You have resurrected in this period and your spirit has again
listened to My teaching; your heart has shaken before the echo of
this voice which it already recognizes. My Word is simple and
humble, but do not contemplate only the color of the fruit; eat it so
that you can find its essence within; that shall be the seed that you
will cultivate tomorrow. If you cultivate it properly, it will give you
good fruits; then you will recognize that from the tree it was
produced, it contained the love of the Father.
10. Earn merits so that you may reach the place that pertains to
you, which is not found on the thrones nor in the palaces of the
Earth, nor is it in the glories of the world, in the adulation or in the
material honors. Your place here on Earth is in the struggle for peace
and righteousness; and in the Hereafter it will be in My love.
11. This is not the Promised Land; that mansion promised to
your spirit you still have not known it, nor is there an ardent desire
in your spirit to reach it because of your materialism.
12. To all men of different beliefs and religions I say to them
that they have not known how to situate the worldly riches in order
to rightfully place that which corresponds to those of the spirit. If
they were complying with My laws, they would already be
contemplating the silhouette of the Promised Land from here and
hearing the echo of the voices of its dwellers.
13. You say that you believe in My existence and have faith in
My Divinity; you also say that My will be done and truly I say to
you: How meager is your faith and your conformity to what I have
disposed! However, I have been encouraging within you a true faith
so that you may be strong along the path I have outlined for you.
14. Prepare yourselves; do not wait for death to surprise you
unprepared. What preparation have you made for your return to the
spiritual existence? Do you want to be surprised when you are still
tied with chains to the flesh, to your passions, to earthly
possessions? Do you want to enter the Hereafter with your eyes
closed without finding the pathway, carrying an impression in your
spirit a weariness of this life? Be prepared, disciples, then you will
not fear the coming of death of the body.
15. Do not long for having to leave this valley, because if you
realize that in it there are marvels and greatness, truly I say to you
that they are only an image of the beauty of the spiritual life.
16. If you do not awaken, what will you do when you find
yourselves in the beginning of a new pathway, illuminated by a light
that will seem strange to you?
17. Depart from this world without tears, without leaving grief
within the heart of your loved ones. Free yourself when the moment
comes, leaving in the countenance of your body a peaceful smile
that speaks of the liberation of your spirit.
18. The death of the body will not keep you away from those
beings who have been entrusted to you, nor will it separate you from
the spiritual responsibility that you have toward those who were
your parents, brothers or children.
19. Understand that death does not exist for the love, for the
duty or for the feelings; in short, for the spirit.
20. I have spoken to those who believed themselves to be dead,
and they have said: Who has spoken to me? I have touched them
and they have asked: Who has touched me? And they have heard a
voice, which says to them: I am He who resurrected Lazarus, the
same One who resurrected from among the dead to give you all
spiritual life!
21. My Doctrine will never induce you toward fanaticism, nor
does it instill superstitions or idolatry; on the contrary, it comes to
free your spirit from the chains that Mankind has placed upon it. My
path is narrow, but he who walks on it possesses and enjoys true
22. I do not desire to enslave you with My teaching, because in
it there are no dogmas, sentences or condemnations; I want you to
reach Me through love, merits, faith, through conviction.
23. I have allowed you to know about religions, sects and
doctrines, so that by tasting the fruit of the different trees you could
appreciate the taste of this one that I am offering to you. And I ask
you: Would you dare ask the ministers and priests if it is true that I
am communicating through a human faculty? Why do you ask those
who have forgotten My promise of returning when they were not
even prepared to receive Me? Truly I say to you that even the most
awkward one of you will understand on his own if I am the One who
speaks to you. If My Word shakes your spirit, if it awakens and
touches him, that will prove I am with you, because I am the only
One who has the power over the spirits.
24. The word of man may shake your heart or impress your
senses and intelligence; however, if there is something that has
made you vibrate beyond your senses, your heart or your
intelligence, that something has been the voice of your Father.
25. I say to you that he who has not been moved while hearing
this Word, will deny My presence; however, it will remain imprinted
in his conscience and the moment will come when he will say: That
voice I heard was that of our Father.
26. To help you to continue carrying on your cross, I come to
pour the manna that nourishes your spirit, to prepare your hearts and
convert you into My servants.
27. The times have changed; I come removing from you all
fanaticism and idolatry so that you may only manifest to Me your
28. I am making a calling to My chosen ones from different
regions, selecting them from different paths so that all will carry the
essence of My Word and reach a clear and true understanding of My
Doctrine and practice it in their deeds of love among their brethren.
29. If today you are beginners tomorrow you will be disciples,
and you shall imitate the disciples of the Second Era, and in the
same way that they arose giving testimony of the truth, of My
miracles and of My love, you too will have to arise tomorrow
testifying My truth.
30. I have inspired in you the virtues you should practice, and
with the gifts your spirit possesses since the beginning of your
creation, you will become known among Humanity. I am preparing
My new laborers who tomorrow will sow this seed throughout the
world. Step by step the great multitudes will get to know My
Doctrine, attracted by the light of the Holy Spirit who in this Third
Era is pouring His flashes of light upon all men.
31. I have come on a cloud to speak to Mankind who continuing
to be obstinate in their perversity, have not sensed My footsteps nor
My presence; they have not become aware of My communication
with you through a human faculty. I will be tireless in awakening
them from their lethargy, and you will be observing that little by
little the multitudes will come from different pathways to be in unity
with you. Many will be converted to spirituality, for I am removing
the fanaticism and idolatry, the lethargy and confusion from
32. This is the third revelation announced by Me and by the
prophets; this is the time when the light of the Sixth candlestick is
illuminating Mankind. It is the time announced when I would come
radiant with light to give fulfillment to My Word. I have come to
make known to you the same spiritual and Divine Law of all eras.
33. Blessed people of Israel: During all eras I have rescued you
from the bondage of the Pharaoh and I say to you: If you do not wish
to continue being slaves, come to Me, for I will give you the
strength and the power so that you can break your chains. Do you
wish to elevate yourselves along the ladder that has been prepared
for your spirit? Therefore be perseverant, study and analyze My
Word so that you may be able to comprehend it in its profoundness
and its spirituality, so that you may earn merits in this path that will
lead you to Me.
34. Someone says to Me. "Father, I want to be your laborer, I
want to serve you, I want my spirit to be near your Spirit, but I know
not what I should do to be worthy of your forgiveness." And I
respond to that heart who communicates like that with his Father:
Regenerate yourself, leave behind little by little your old customs,
your materialism, so that you will come to understand Me and
acknowledge your mission. However, everyone who wishes for a
regeneration, will have to undergo many trials, because temptation
lies in wait and on seeing that you are removing your spirit from the
false bypaths, it will have to sustain a terrible struggle to make you
desist from your intentions, and if you prove yourself fragile, it will
take advantage of that weakness and will try to make you return to
your old customs, and it is not My will that you allow yourself to be
surprised by it; I want your footstep to be always forward, that your
faith be firm, with a true purpose to spiritualize yourself, based upon
what you have learned.
35. If you are Israel, it is just that you should learn to love Me
and to render Me a worship of spirit to Spirit; that the materialism of
your practices be purified until you attain spirituality.
My Spirit shall be cleansing you of every bad interpretation of
My Work. Man has confused My teachings, My maxims, My
prophecies, and it is My will for My people of Israel to emerge with
the gifts and miracles which they obtain through their spirituality.
36. I shall present you before Mankind as My helpers, as the
Spiritual Trinitarian Marian followers of the Third Era. The
spiritualists, because you shall be more spirit than flesh; as
Trinitarians, because you have received My manifestation in three
eras; as Marians because you love Mary, your Universal Mother,
who is the One who has been watchful over you so that you do not
weaken in your journey.
37. This communication through a human faculty will have to
terminate, but afterward you will have to seek Me from spirit to
Spirit to receive My mandates; that is why I am asking for your
regeneration, so you may attain that spirituality. I will keep on
teaching you to communicate with My Spirit, and you will rejoice
when you have managed to obtain that form of communication,
worthy of anyone who calls himself a Spiritual Trinitarian Marian
38. Be strong and defend yourselves in all trials through your
prayer. My spiritual pleasures will keep pouring among you for your
perseverance and disposition toward the struggle. You will not be
alone, My spiritual realm will be there to give you protection, to
guide and help you in your struggle.
39. I am the light that invites you to come to kindle your lamp
in Me in order to illuminate your spirit and there discover My
presence. The day that you are able to penetrate within yourselves, it
will be easier to reach the heart of your brother.
40. In the face of My Word the first weep and the last ones
rejoice, why? Because the first are becoming weary and are
accumulating wounds, although I must tell you that they are the ones
who make their cross heavier, and the cup which they drink during
their restitution is bitter, for I have always given them My help
along their way in order for their journey to be bearable and their
footsteps firm.
41. My company has never been lacking for an instant, My word
has never ceased to manifest itself; never have I left you alone in
your trials; My spiritual world has even descended to your bedside
when pain has overwhelmed you and their help and advice is never
lacking so that you can help the needy who day by day come to your
doors. The gift of intuition, that of inspiration and that of spiritual
vision have awakened within your being, illuminating your way. You
have had Me in your human existence; the daily bread has not been
lacking upon your table. And after giving you so much proof of My
love and after having kept your nation in peace when the world has
become a bonfire of hatred and passions, you still complain about
the weight of your cross? O disciples of the Third Era, do not forget
that the cross the world offered Me in that Era was of darkness,
ungratefulness, mockery and contempt and I accepted it, because
they were My children who offered it to Me! On the other hand,
behold the cross I have entrusted to you, how gentle and light it is if
you are able to carry it with love!
42. It is necessary that you know your origin and the goal where
your footsteps will lead, so that you can accept your destiny with
love and embrace your cross until you die upon it, as Christ your
Master did.
43. I have come in this Era to speak to you about your origin,
about your mission and the goal that awaits you in the eternity of the
spirit. He who has not understood My Word and feels weak after
having listened to My lessons, is because he has not come to sustain
and strengthen his spirit; the fact is that he always has been asking
for worldly benefits, those that are never essential in your life and
which are granted to you in addition. Why do you allow yourselves
to be tempted by the world? It is necessary that you learn to
overcome your earthly vicissitudes, because in many cases they are
only the slightest things and miseries to which you give a greater
importance. If in the same manner that you strive toward the
material, you would devote yourself toward the benefits of the spirit,
you would not lack a thing and your evolution would be great.
44. Forget your past, avoid all errors that for such a long time
they have accompanied you and slowly you will experience within
your being an absolute change, because you will have begun your
elevation toward spirituality.
45. Understand that I come to offer you a worthy place; be it
here on Earth, while you dwell here, or in the Hereafter, when you
get to inhabit the spiritual realm.
46. What do you lack in order to take that decisive step? Ask,
ask and it shall be given.
47. Take within your heart My seed of love and begin to
cultivate it without ever forsaking it and soon it will give you fruits
that will serve as nourishment along your journey.
48. Converse among yourselves, taking up as a topic My Word,
but always keep in mind the purpose of teaching one another. That
exchange, of ideas and knowledge will be beneficial and will uplift
your courage. I promise you to be present during those moments of
spiritual conversations to inspire you and always lead you toward
the comprehension and the light; however, never turn into a vulgar
discussion what should be a spiritual communion, because then My
presence will not be with you.
49. I want to speak to those who until now have not felt My
healing balsam upon their body, nor has My peace reached their
50. Truly I say that I have poured My balsam upon you, but you
have not been prepared to receive it. Some have rejected it with
their blasphemy, others with their lack of faith.
51. I say to you that your mistakes have been forgiven, but you
must learn to be worthy, by means of merits, of the grace and
benefits you solicit from your Father, because if I would give
without you putting any effort on your part, your spirit would not
advance. What would you be able to teach tomorrow to those who
suffer? What experiences would you have gathered from your trials?
Behold the sick who have received a miracle from Me and you will
discover that each one earned merits to obtain his reward. In some,
their faith triumphed, in others their regeneration emerged; others
felt a true repentance, others have punished themselves in their
weaknesses or in their pride.
52. With what satisfaction the spirit has risen himself after
preventing a battle and being triumphant in it! What satisfaction
would be experienced by those who without any merit whatever
would receive some benefit from the Father? Those would not have
been able to appraise what they received, nor would they know how
to preserve it, since no effort or sacrifice was made by them to
obtain it; however, he who has won the peace, after a great struggle,
is not about to lose it; he looks after it and is vigilant over it. He who
by renunciations and sacrifices regains his health, will not put it in
jeopardy again, because he knows how much it cost him to attain it.
53. You, who manifest your exhaustion to Me and your
depressed spirit, do not fear; I do not come to ask you for the
impossible. Listen: On this day I ask only for your attention and that
you allow My Word to reach within your heart, because it is
necessary for it to awaken your dormant fibers in order to illuminate
your spirit and faith and hope will be kindled within your heart like
a flame. This is necessary so that you may prepare the way and
comply with the miracle that you expect from Me.
54. Be convinced that now you no longer live during the times
when the Father used to give you everything done, because your
spirit lacked evolution, experience, knowledge; now you have to do
a lot more on your part to obtain what you long for or need.
55. Do you feel desperate because I speak to you this way? Are
you who are sick, disheartened? I give at this moment My balsam to
all those who will embrace their cross of regeneration, of
purification, of moral and spiritual recovery; I will also give health
to some who will soon forget My charity, because they will not even
become aware why their Master has healed them; however,
beforehand I have deposited in their spirit the seed which emanated
from this days teaching, and at the proper time they will respond to
56. The pain of some and of others reaches Me; My love has for
all a drop of Divine balsam.
57. Feel Me near, be healed and arise to life so that you may
give testimony of My truth.
58. O My people, the prophets died, but from their message
there remained an unforgettable writing. In Jesus were fulfilled
many of those prophecies and the rest had to await the arrival of this
period to have their fulfillment.
59. Nineteen centuries have transpired since I last said My last
word upon the cross, and when I have returned to make My voice
heard among Mankind, I have found that instead of loving one
another, they hate each other; they do not recognize one another as
brethren, and they even kill each other, just as was prophesied by the
prophets and announced by Jesus. However, it has been during this
period when perversity has reached a great development, when a
people with the seed of spirituality has emerged, who with a
prophetic voice will awaken men, who with their power over the
elements and over illnesses, will give evidence of grace and power
to the men of science and with their penetration in the gifts of the
spirit will give proof of their truth to those who teach religion. Also,
the prophets had already predicted the appearance of these people.
60. I have come to communicate by means of the faculty of
these spokesmen to engrave in your heart My Divine teaching;
however, in their coarseness they are like the stones where I
engraved the Commandments of the Law in the First Era.
61. When you meditate over the teachings that I have come to
give you, especially the era in which you live and the means by
which I manifested Myself, you will confirm that as much as My
arrival, as well as My manifestation lasted, and the day it ended,
everything was surrounded by a great number of events and
surprising and notable deeds, as much in the human existence as
well as in the spiritual. Then they will behold in all those
happenings the announced signs since those times, for My new
62. The sciences, religions and theologians will not be able to
discover during this period how My justice works; however, I have
revealed it to you. Each human heart is a living proof of My justice
and My wisdom. Sometimes within the heart of a miser is concealed
a spirit of one who in another era wore a crown upon his head or in
a convict is concealed one who in another era deprived a people of
their freedom. All your existence is an infinite lesson of love to
perfect the spirits, in order to be able to reach the bosom of their
Father as submissive and obedient children; but while this darkness
which is clouding over Mankind becomes more dense, men will
have to shout when panic overcomes them: Dear God, dear God,
why have you forsaken us? They are unaware that the light of My
Spirit is ready to penetrate within their hearts when they resurrect to
their faith; but that darkness will not be eternal, not even excessively
long, even though by the intensity of the affliction of Mankind, it
would seem to have lasted for an eternity. The light will begin to be
felt in the spirits and these will joyously exclaim: Hosanna,
Hosanna, the Lord is already with us!
63. O My people, behold all the struggles of this Humanity,
behold the multitudes enter their temples searching for Me; their
heart carries an unexplainable desire because their spirit awaits My
64. Regenerate your life, purify your heart, for I say to you that
in the spiritual space dwell many spirits of light who only await your
preparation to incarnate among you and convey their message to
Mankind. Those are the generations promised and announced to
you, those will be your children and descendants; that is why I say
that you bear with patience your cup of grief in order for that legacy
that you will to them be cleansed and they also may find the
pathway with your love and faith.
65. Those who have listened to this Word, are they perhaps
going to deny it when they are interrogated? You do not wish to
weep bitterly. Testify with words, with deeds, with thoughts, with
prayers, with your silence; that is also your mission.
66. Your lord says to you; Blessed are those who do the will of
the Father, for although they are to weep in 1950 when My Word
will be heard for the last time, they will see Me afterward present on
a cloud, without ever disappearing from their view.
67. In many places in your nation I have prepared houses of
prayer so that you will hear My Word there.
68. My people are as humble as the places where I manifest
Myself; but it is My will to surprise Humanity once again through
the humble and the simple of heart; through them I will make
known that this is the Era of light and grace.
69. My calling has gathered these people whom I have patiently
prepared under My protection, so they will be worthy of receiving
the Law and deliver it as a message of Divine love to Mankind.
70. I say to you that the conversion of a sinner exerts a great
influence within the heart of Mankind, for it serves them as an
stimulant. That is the reason why I have not come to seek the just to
form My new apostleship, but sinners, in order to make them My
disciples and prove to Mankind that they have deviated from the
path of righteousness and that it is possible for them to return to it,
regenerating and transforming themselves.
71. On opening this Era I sent to you a just man, Roque Rojas,
through whose lips Elijah the Forerunner spoke. He came to prepare
the way of the Lord so that I would communicate with men and thus
you would hear My voice. From the moment it resounded for the
first time, you have not ceased to hear it and to have My
manifestation. No one has been told that he should conceal himself
in order to hear Me, nor that he should be confined in a
predetermined place to fulfill his mission. Neither catacombs nor
concealed places have been necessary to delight yourselves with My
Word and to comply with your practices. On the other hand, I have
taught you the Law by which you should already be living, which is
to "love one another."
72. I have given you the time in order to fulfill your mission and
a field without limits so you can sow in it. I have not specified
predetermined places or any hour. Again I say to you: "God is Spirit
and it is necessary for you to love Him in Spirit and in Truth."
My Peace be with you!