BTL - Volume III - Teaching 70

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Teaching 70:

1 I am the treasure chest of wisdom, which mankind has not yet been able to fathom. I have given you the key to spiritualization so that you may open the chest with him and recognize what I have in store for you.

2 If any of My children consider themselves unworthy or feel unable to open the doors to My Love, I tell you in truth that all My children are worthy of My Love You all possess the key to open this door. Do not lose it so that you may not follow the tribe of Judah, who are wandering and restlessly roaming the earth in this life.

3 I will not see you as rich, nor as beggars, but as pilgrims, whose provisions never lack the sustenance for themselves and for the hungry whom they meet on their way.

4 I want you to know the ways, that you may know how to distinguish the different "trees", and that in every wayfarer you meet you may recognize your own brother, so that when they ask you, "Where are you going?" you may answer sincerely and firmly, always telling my truth.

5 In this way you will be like the wayfarer who trusts in tomorrow, who walks free from worries for himself and can think of others; for I teach you to feel the pain of your neighbour and soothe it with a drop of balm I give you to help your brothers with it

6 How much I had to purify your soul at all times! do you think that I would have you be defiled so that in this state you set out to preach My Teaching?

7 I prepare you so that you may be the strong Israel among men.

8 Your spirit is shaken when you hear My Word, remembering that he had heard this voice before, and he asks himself: where was this? And I tell you: it was in the desert, on the mountains and on the banks of the rivers of Judea, from the mouth of Jesus of Nazareth, in which you doubted, although you recognized that in His Word there was a divine power, a love and a might that gave you life, health and peace.

9 You have been resurrected in this time and your spirit has heard My teaching once more, your heart is trembling at the sound of this voice it already knows My Word is simple and humble; but do not just look at the color of the fruit, eat it so that you may discover its seed within. It will be this seed that you will plant tomorrow. If you take good care of it, it will bear you good fruit. Then you will know that the tree from which it came carried the love of your father within it.

10 Earn merits so that you may get to the place which is coming to you, which is not on the thrones or in the palaces of the earth, nor is it with the glories of the world, flattery or earthly honours. Your place here on earth is in the struggle for peace and good, and in the hereafter it will be with My love.

11 This here is not the land of promise; you do not yet know this home promised to your spirit, nor does any burning desire to go there live in your spirit because of your earth-bound nature

12 To all men of the different creeds and religions I say that they did not know how to put material riches in their place, only to then put those of the Spirit in the place that is theirs. If men would fulfill My laws, they would already from here see the gleam of the Promised Land and hear the sound of the voices of its inhabitants.

13 You claim to have faith in my existence and to have faith in my divinity; also you say that my will be done. But truly, I say to you: how little is your faith and devotion to what I decree! But I awaken in you the true faith so that you are strong on the way, which I have paved for you.

14 Work on yourselves, do not wait until death surprises you unprepared. What have you prepared for the time when you return to spiritual life? Do you want to be surprised while you are still bound with chains to matter, to passions and earthly possessions? Do you want to enter the hereafter with your eyes closed, without finding the way, and at the same time take the tiredness of this life imprinted into the soul? Prepare yourself, disciples, and you will not fear the coming of physical death.

15 Do not sigh because you have to leave this earth valley because even if you recognize that miracles and glories exist in it, I tell you in truth that these are only a reflection of the beauties of spiritual life.

16 If you do not awaken - what will you do when you are at the beginning of a new way, which is illuminated by a light that seems to be unknown to you?

17 Depart from this world without tears, without leaving pain in the hearts of your loved ones. Separate yourselves when the moment comes, and leave on the face of your body a smile of peace that speaks of the liberation of your soul.

18 The death of your body does not separate you from the beings who were entrusted to you, nor does it release you from the spiritual responsibility you have for those who were your parents, brothers and sisters, or children.

19 Understand that for love, for duty, for sentiments, in a word: for the soul, death does not exist.

20 I have spoken to those who thought themselves dead, and they have said to Me, "Who has spoken to Me? I touched them, and they asked Me: "Who touched me? And they heard a voice saying to them, "I am he who raised Lazarus, the same one who rose from the dead to give you spiritual life.

21 My teaching can never lead you to fanaticism, nor imprint superstitious or idolatrous ideas on you; on the contrary, it frees your spirit from the chains which mankind has put on it. My way is narrow, but he who walks on it possesses and enjoys true freedom.

22 I do not want to enslave you with my teaching, because in it there are no dogmas, condemnations or condemnations. I want you to come to me out of love, through merits, out of faith, out of conviction.

23 I have allowed you to get acquainted with creeds, sects and teaching systems so that you, tasting the fruit of various trees, may understand the taste of the fruit I am offering you. But I ask you: Will you still be able to ask the clergy and priests whether it is true that I make myself known through the human organ of the mind? Why do you ask those who forgot my promise to come back, and who do not even prepare to receive me? Verily, I tell you, even the most uneducated of you will find out for yourselves that I Am He, as the One who speaks to you. When My Word shakes your spirit, when it is awakened and deeply moved, this will prove to you that I am with you, for I am the only one who has power over the spirit.

24 Word of man can make your heart tremble, or impress your feelings and your intellect. But if there is something that has caused you to be deeply moved beyond your feelings, your heart and your intellect, that something has been the voice of your Lord.

25 I tell you that he who has not been deeply moved when hearing this word may deny My Presence; but it remains imprinted in his mind and the time will come when he will say: that voice which I heard was that of the Lord.

26 To help you to continue carrying your cross, I am distributing the manna that nourishes your soul, I am preparing your hearts and making you My servants

27 Times have changed, I am now freeing you from all fanaticism and idolatry so that you offer Me only your spiritualisation

28 I make the call to My chosen ones in different regions and I seek them out on their different paths of life so that they all take in the spiritual meaning of My Word and come to the clear and true understanding of My teaching and practise it in their works of love among their brothers

29 Although you are still little children at present, tomorrow you will be disciples and emulate the disciples of the Second Age, and just as they set out to bear witness to the Truth, to My wonders and to My Love, so you must set out tomorrow to bear witness to My Truth

30 I have revealed to you the virtues you are to practise, and with the gifts your spirit possesses from the beginning of your creation you are to make yourselves known among men I am now training My new workers, who tomorrow will sow this seed throughout the world. Little by little great crowds are coming to My work, attracted by the light of the Holy Spirit, who in this Third Age is sending His rays among all people.

31 I have come "on the cloud" to speak to mankind, which - because it is hardened in its depravity - has not felt My steps nor My presence, nor has it noticed My communication with you through the human organ of the mind. I will be untiring to shake them out of their lethargy, and you will experience that men will gradually come from different ways to unite with you. Many will convert to spiritualism because I will now eliminate the fanaticism and idolatry, the stagnation and confusion of mankind.

32 This is the Third Revelation, which was announced by Me and the prophets. This is the time in which the light of the Sixth Illuminator illuminates mankind. It is the promised time in which I should come in radiant light to fulfill my word. I have come to make known to you the same spiritual and divine law as at all times.

33 Blessed people of Israel: at all times I have saved you from the bondage of Pharaoh, and I tell you If you do not want to continue being slaves, come to Me, for I will give you the power and authority to break your chains. Do you want to ascend the ladder of heaven, which is ready for your soul? Then be persistent, study and fathom my word so that you can finally understand it in its core of being and in its spirituality, so that you earn merits in this way, which will lead you to me.

34 Someone tells me: "Father, I want to be your worker, I want to serve you, I want my spirit to be close to your spirit, but I do not know what I shall do to earn your forgiveness. And I answer to that heart that turns to its Father in this way: Renew yourself, give up little by little your old habits, your earth-bound nature, so that you may learn to understand me and recognize your task. But everyone who desires renewal has to go through many trials because temptation follows you, and when it sees you turning your soul away from the wrong ways, it must put a terrible fight on you to turn you away from your resolutions, and when you show yourself weak, it will take advantage of that weakness and try to make you return to your old habits; but it is not My will that you let it overcome you. I want your steps always to go forward, that your faith is firm, and your resolution to spiritualize yourselves is true, based on what you have learned.

35 If you are Israel, it is righteous that you learn to love Me and to offer worship to Me from spirit to spirit, that the outward appearances of your worship of God may become less and less until you reach spiritualization. My Spirit will in time free you from every bad interpretation of My work. - Man has misinterpreted My teachings, My doctrines, My prophecies, and it is My will that My people Israel appear with the spiritual gifts and miracles that they obtain through their spiritualization.

36 I will present you to mankind as My servants, as the Trinitarian Marian Spiritualists of the Third Age - Spiritualists, because you are to be more spirit than matter; Trinitarian, because you have received My revelation in three times; Marian, because you love Mary, your universal Mother, who watched over you so that you would not despair on the path of life

37 This manifestation through the human organ of the mind will come to an end, but after that you must seek Me from spirit to spirit to receive My instructions That is why I demand renewal from you so that you reach this spiritualization. I will continue to teach you to commune with My Spirit, and you will be revived when you have attained this form of communion worthy of everyone who calls himself a TrinitarianMarian spiritualist.

38 Be brave and defend yourselves in all trials through your prayer. My spiritual benefits will continue to pour out upon you for your perseverance and willingness to fight. You will not be alone; My spiritual world will be there to give you protection, to guide you and to stand by you in your struggle.

39 I am the light that invites you to light your lamp with Me so that you may light your spirit and discover My presence in it. From the day you know how to penetrate within yourselves, it will be easy for you to reach the heart of your brothers.

40 At My words the "first" weep and the "last" rejoice. - Why? because the "first" become more and more tired and carry more and more wounds with them, although I must tell you that it is they who make their cross heavy and the cup bitter, which they drink in their atonement. For I have always given them my support on their way so that the way of life is bearable and their steps are firm.

41 My support has not been lacking for a single moment, My word has not ceased to be manifested. I have never left you alone in your trials; even to your sickbed My Spiritual World has come down when pain has depressed you, and their help and advice has not been lacking to help the needy who come to your doors day after day; I have not left you alone in your trials; I have not left you alone in your trials; I have never left you alone in your trials; even to your sickbed My Spiritual World has come down when pain has depressed you and their help and advice has not been lacking to help the needy who come to your doors day after day The gifts of intuition, inspiration and spiritual vision have awakened in your being and have illuminated your path. I have been with you in your human daily life, you have not lacked the daily bread on your table. But after I have given you so many proofs of My love and kept peace to your nation, while the world has been turned into a funeral pyre of hatred and passions, you still complain about the weight of your cross? O disciples of the Third Age, do not forget that the Cross that the world once imposed on Me consisted of darkness, ingratitude, mockery and contempt, and I accepted it because it was My children who imposed it on Me! On the other hand, consider the cross that I have entrusted to you: How comforting and light it is when you know how to bear it with love!

42 It is necessary for you to know your origin and the destination to which your steps lead you, so that you may accept your destiny with love and embrace your Cross until you die on it, as Christ your Master did

43 I have come at this time to speak to you about your origin, your purpose and the goal which awaits you in the eternity of the Spirit. he who has not understood My Word and feels weak after having heard My teachings has not nourished and strengthened his spirit, has always longed for the goods that belong to the world, which are never essential in your life and are granted to you on top of it Why do you let yourselves be tempted by the world? You must learn to get over earthly vicissitudes, because in many cases it is only little things, poor things, to which you attach too much importance. If you cared for the goods of the spirit as much as you care for the material things, you would lack nothing, and your development would be great.

44 Forget your past, avoid all the mistakes that have long accompanied you, and you will gradually experience an absolute change in your nature, for you have then begun your ascent to spirituality.

45 Understand that I offer you a worthy place, both here on earth as long as you live on it, and in the hereafter, once you live in the spiritual kingdom.

46 What are you waiting for to take the decisive step? Ask, ask, that it may be given to you.

47 Take my seed of love into your heart and begin to nurture it without ever neglecting it, then it will soon bear fruit for you, which will serve you as food on your wanderings

48 Talk to each other, taking My Word as a subject of conversation, but always have the intention to instruct each other This exchange of views and insights will be beneficial for you and will uplift your soul. I promise you to be present in those moments of spiritual conversation to inspire you and always lead you to understanding and light; but never turn what is to be spiritual fellowship into ordinary discussion, for then My presence will not be with you.

49 I will speak to those who have not yet felt My balm on their body and in whose heart My Peace has not entered either

50 Verily, I tell you, I have poured out My balm on you, but you were not prepared to receive it Some have rejected it by their blasphemies, others by their lack of faith.

51 I tell you, your faults are forgiven, but you must learn to acquire by merit a right to all the graces or benefits you implore from your Father For if I were to give them to you without your doing anything on your part, your spirit would not progress. What could you teach tomorrow to those who suffer? What experience would you have gained from your trials? Look at the sick who have received a miracle from Me, and you will discover that each one has earned merits to receive a reward. In some, faith triumphed, in others there was renewal; others felt true remorse, and still others chastened themselves in their weaknesses or in their pride.

52 With what satisfaction the Spirit rises up after having fought a battle and come out victorious from it! What satisfaction could those experience who received a benefit from their Father without any merit? They would not appreciate what they received, nor would they understand how to preserve it, since it cost them no effort or sacrifice to preserve it. But he who has won peace after a great struggle does not run the risk of losing it; he guards it and keeps watch over it. He who regains health through renunciation and sacrifice does not put it in danger again, because he knows what it cost him to obtain it.

53 Do not be afraid, you who show me your exhaustion and your feeble soul, I do not demand the impossible from you. - Listen: On this day I only ask you for your attention and that you let My Word enter your heart, because it shall awaken your slumbering feelings and enlighten your spirit, so that faith and hope may burn like a flame in your hearts. This is necessary so that you pave the way, and the miracle that you expect from Me comes true.

54 Be aware that you no longer live in the times in which the Father gave you everything without your doing, because your spirit lacked development, experience, knowledge; that you must now do much from your side to obtain what you desire or need.

55 Do you despair because I speak to you in this way? Are you, who are sick, letting your courage sink? I am at this moment granting My healing balm to all who are about to embrace the Cross of renewal, of recovery, of moral and spiritual reconstruction. I also give health to some who will soon forget My beneficence; for they will not even realize why their Master has healed them. But I have planted in their souls in advance the seed that came from the teaching of this day, and in due course they will have to give account to me.

56 The pain of some and the pain of others comes to Me; for all of them My love has a drop of divine balm.

57 Feel Me near you, get well and rise to life, so that you may bear witness to My Truth

58 People who prophets died, but of their message an indelible writing remained. In Jesus many of those prophecies were fulfilled, but for the rest, this time had to come first for them to be fulfilled.

59 Nineteen centuries have passed since I gave you My last word on the Cross, but when I made My Voice heard again among the people, I found that instead of loving each other, they hate each other, do not recognize each other as brothers and even kill each other, as the prophets foretold and Jesus announced. But just in this time, in which corruption has reached a great development, a people with a seed of spiritualization has arisen, which is to awaken men with a prophetic voice, which is to give proofs of grace and power to scientists through its authority over the forces of nature and over diseases, and which is to give proofs of its truth to those who teach religion through its penetration into the gifts of the spirit. Also the appearance of this people was already predicted by the prophets.

60 I have made myself known about the organ of understanding of these voice-bearers to write My divine instruction in your heart; but they have similarity in their roughness to the stone in which I wrote the commandments of the Law in the First Times.

61 When you once reflect on the teachings I gave you, on the time you lived in and the way I manifested Myself, you will find that everything - both My coming and the time My manifestation took place and the day it ended - was accompanied by a great number of surprising and striking events and happenings, both in human life and in the Spiritual Kingdom Then one will recognize in all these events the signs that have been announced for my return since those times.

62 The scientists, the religions and the theologians will not be able to discover in this time how my righteousness works; but to you I have revealed it. - Every human heart is a living proof of My justice and wisdom. Sometimes in the heart of a wretched man is hidden the soul of one who in another time wore a crown on his head, or in a prison is imprisoned the one who in another life deprived a people of their freedom. Your whole existence is an infinite lesson of love, to perfect souls so that they may reach the bosom of their Father as willing and obedient children. But as long as this darkness that now envelops mankind is condensed, when fear casts its spell over them, men will have to cry out, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken us?" without realizing that the light of My Spirit is ready to penetrate their hearts as soon as they rise to faith. But this darkness will not last forever, not even for too long, although it seems to men, because of the severity of their pain, as if it had lasted an eternity. Gradually there will be light in the souls, and these will shout out full of rejoicing:

"Hosanna, hosanna, the Lord is with us now!

63 People, look at all the struggles of this humanity, look at the crowds of people, how they stream into their places of worship in their desire for Me! Their heart has an inexplicable longing because their spirit awaits My return.

64 Renew your life, purify your heart! For I tell you that many spirits of light live in the spiritual sphere, which only wait for your armament to come into the flesh among you and bring their message to mankind. They are the promised and announced generations; they will be your children and descendants. That is why I tell you to drink your cup with patience so that the inheritance you bequeath to them may be pure, and they also find the way paved by your love and faith.

65 Will those who have heard this word deny it when they are questioned? - May it not happen that you weep bitterly afterwards! Bear witness with words, with works, with thoughts, with prayers, with your silence; this is your task.

66 Your Lord tells you: blessed are those who do the Father's Will, for though they will weep when they hear My Word for the last time in 1950, they will thereafter see Me present "in the cloud", without it ever vanishing from their sight

67 In many places of your nation I have provided prayer houses so that you may hear My Word in them

68 My people are as humble as the places where I make myself known. But it is My Will to amaze mankind once more through the humble and humble of heart; through them I will make known that this is the time of Light and Grace.

69 My Call has brought together this people whom I have patiently prepared under My protection so that they may be worthy to receive the Law and bring it to men as a message of Divine Love

70 I tell you, the conversion of a sinner exerts a great influence on the heart of men because it serves as an incentive to them. This is the reason why I did not seek righteous people to form My new apostle body but sinners to make My disciples out of them and to prove to men that they have strayed from the path of good and that it is possible for them to return to it by renewing and changing.

71 A righteous one I sent you at the beginning of this epoch, Roque Rojas, through whose lips Elijah, the pioneer, spoke He paved the way of the Lord so that I would make myself known to men and you would be able to hear My voice. From the time it first sounded, you have heard it constantly and have had My manifestation. No one was told that he had to hide to hear Me, nor that he had to retreat to a certain place to carry out his mission. Neither catacombs nor hidden places were necessary to delight you with My Word and to hold your devotions. But I have taught you the law that you are to live, which is: "Love one another.

72 I have given you the time to carry out your task, and a farmland without limits, that you may sow on it. I have not given you any particular places or a particular hour. Again I tell you: "God is Spirit, and you must worship Him in spirit and in truth.

My peace be with you!

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