BTL - Volume 2 - Teaching 47

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume II - Teaching 29 - 55
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Book of True Life - Volume 2 

Teaching 47:

1 Mankind, I am instructing you in this time with My Words so that you may understand My Teaching I am calling on the spirits to make known to them their gifts of the Spirit and that they may study My rallies and not be astonished at them but find confirmed with them what was promised for this time.

2 I want each of you as disciples to take the place where I have put him. All of you have been sent to earth to accomplish a task. I have waited patiently for its realization, have given you many opportunities, and still you have not perfected yourselves. Do you want this new era to pass without you making use of it because the cross of fulfilling your task seems too heavy to you? Time is yours, but it is limited, and I do not want you to be at the edge of the grave tomorrow, when you set out to work, near the imminent departure into the Spiritual Valley, and you have lost your physical strength. Work from the moment of your enlightenment, whether you are in childhood, in full maturity or in old age. Sow to reap, and keep your grain in My granary, where time does not destroy it and the thief cannot rob it.

3 Today man is involved in great battles: while some make cruel wars, others fight to overcome passions and to free the Spirit Humanity has split, and life is like a boat capsizing in the midst of a storm. Even you who live in this nation that has remained at peace do not feel peace; you all empty a cup of pain.

4 Why do some, though they hear the sound of the heavenly bell, still remain deaf to its call? this bell is My Voice which can be heard in all the places where My children dwell at this time in hearing My Word you feel that it is not the echo of the human voice I use to speak to you, but that My Voice penetrates your heart, encouraging you and giving you life

5 I will accept from you only pure devotion; only your works of love and mercy will give you My Peace

6 Listen to My fatherly advice, do not run away from Me I have told you that for the sake of a righteous man a land will be saved. But if you are not able to be righteous*, at least improve yourselves, work, for in this way you will recover grace and be My messengers in all nations. Do not be indifferent in the face of pain; let your prayer reach Me, then many tears will be dried by it, and your brothers will obtain peace and blessing. Before mankind collapses under the burden of its cross, I will be its helper and take over its heavy burden so that it may go on.

* This means to live according to God's law of love and His will.

7 Blessed are those who know how to purify their heart to receive My Word, for this will nourish them forever. Blessed are those who groan and suffer when they contemplate the disruption in which their brothers are living, for their prayer will come to Me; they will experience the blossoming and restoration of virtue in the hearts of men.

8 "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you shall find". I have made My Spirit known to you to penetrate into him and I remind you of the words I told you in the Second Time: "Thomas, put your fingers in My side and do not be unbelievers. - Come to Me by faith, leave your unbelief, recognize that I am showing you in infinity the Promised Land, which with its open gates awaits the coming of My beloved disciples.

9 I have given you the "bread" in abundance so that you may be full and not feel hungry tomorrow after this word which you are contemptuous of today Rise spiritually so that you may reach your developmental goal. Pray for all and remember that you are like a ray of light on the path of life of your brothers. Be the good shepherds of that flock which is humanity. All of you who have light, reason and inspiration in Spirit will be able to guide and bring back those who have lost their way.

10 It is prophesied that the pain will be very great. You will remain calm when you pray and practice My teaching, for you will feel My power in every moment. But woe to those who - although they have listened to this teaching - have not believed in my rallies because their doubt will make them despondent in the visitation.

You who have taken up and kept the words of the prophets in your memory - do not blaspheme God when the time comes in which pain overpowers mankind, do not despair, keep silent and arm yourselves, for I will protect you with My love.

11 Do not ask me to retreat in my laws and judgments Ask with humility and I will give you what is due to you in righteousness so that you may find salvation.

12 Explore and understand the teachings I have tirelessly given you in the Third Age. My Word appeared to you like a shining lighthouse that showed the way to the straying shipwrecked.

13 My teaching has given you spiritual strength, not only to withstand the adversities of the world, but also to carry out the spiritual mission you have brought with you. Do not expect that all will receive you with open arms when you will spread My teaching. Some will set traps for you to fall.

14 I cleanse you and prepare you spiritually and physically so that you may understand the Father's inspirations and later, in the same purity with which I sent them to you, place them in the hearts of your brothers, bearing witness with your works to the truth of My teaching.

15 I have heard this prayer in the hearts blessed by My Mercy: "Lord, you tirelessly grant us spiritual gifts and benefits. But I tell you: I am your Father and know your needs. How should My Spirit not be moved in your prayer and petition? I have comforted you in the solitude of your chambermaid and have enlightened you so that your devotion may be fruitful. Hurriedly you come to listen to My words, but first you prepare your heart like an altar and on it you offer your works to Me as an offering.

16 You come to Me as a child who gives his father his hand to lead him by the way; and truly, before Me you are children But see, I am like the shepherd who tends his sheep and calls them with a loving voice from the sheepfold. You have heard My voice in this Third Age through the mediation of the human mind, but you sought Me only when your lips were dry with thirst while you were crossing the desert of your passions. Only then did you hear the call of your Heavenly Father.

17 Whenever you call Me to help, you will feel My Presence giving you comfort and peace. But the moment came when you felt hunger to hear Me and you set out in longing for My teaching.

18 The clock of eternity indicated the hour for everyone and the bell called and announced that the moment had come when your Spirit would find the water that would quench its thirst

19 Some doubted the unexpected way in which they found Me; but afterwards, as they penetrated into the meaning of the word they heard, they found that its "taste" and spiritual meaning could only come from God. Then they said to Me inwardly, full of rejoicing, "Father, Father, we believe in Your new rallies among men! - You saw yourselves adorned with spiritual gifts, you experienced peace in your hearts, and in your home you saw the light of concord shining. And while the children were refreshed in the presence and under the gaze of the Father, the Father likewise felt His thirst for love quenched as He contemplated the joy of His little children, saw their moral renewal, and received their caresses through their prayers.

20 Then I told you: follow Me, I have already given you proofs of My Presence, already the light of faith is kindled in your hearts This is why from this moment on, whenever trials have arisen in your life, you have not despaired, nor have you rebelled against My Law.

21 You have seen your beloved relatives depart for the other world, you have seen the doors of work closing and the bread on the table running out, you have lost your earthly goods; but faith has made you reach the safe harbour like a lighthouse

There were also those who became weak in the midst of the trial and asked themselves questions about My word and felt their faith go out.

22 But my word, which entered into their heart through conscience, spoke to them in this way: Why have you become weak? why have you not kept the faith and forgotten My words? remember that I told you that the chosen ones are always tested so that their faith, their firmness and their love may prove their worth

23 Those who have remained strong have seen the storms pass by and there was new light in their way They have seen peace, health and lost goods return.

24 In this way I am gradually forming the hard heart of those whose I will serve, so that tomorrow they may be My good witnesses and servants among mankind, in whom they shall sow the seed of My truth.

25 The Spirit is noble in the admonition of My Word, the flesh is fragile Therefore I tell you: When I strengthen and uplift your Spirit, he must take it upon himself to revive and maintain his matter in its way.

26 You have been greatly tested, dearest disciples. Because every trial holds a mystery for you, you do not know whether it is to strengthen you in the struggle, to reveal to you something you do not know, or to expiate some crime. But never shrink from the trials, for they are not sent for that purpose; neither do they exceed your moral or spiritual powers.

27 Belong to those who remain strong in the great trials. From you I will bring forth generations of light and grace.

28 Come to receive My love teaching for your armament, through which all confused ideas that you might have accumulated on earth will be removed from your minds. This Word will show you the true way, if you have lost it. My heavenly voice comes to your heart to announce and speak of the Third Age.

29 Your faults and imperfections were not an obstacle to My rallies among you; on the contrary, they were the reason for it. I come in search of you because you were lost and there, in your banishment, sick and weary of suffering. Until then your Master came down to tell you, "Come to Me! Then you hurriedly set out to follow the way of the Law, which was written by Him who is the Owner and Lord of creation.

30 The light of the Third Age illuminates the paths, so that your eyes may discover the thorns and you may remove them; for this path is full of trials.

31 Unceasingly My love has knocked at the door of your "dwelling" so that you may keep watch. how can there be anyone who, after so many proofs of love, still denies My Word? because although they have eyes, they do not see, although they have mind, they do not understand, although they have heart, they do not feel

32 You still do not know Me Only when you love one another, as I have taught you, will you attain a very great knowledge and understanding of the gifts of the Spirit. I have told you that your lips will speak of the fullness of good feelings in your hearts. But can he speak of love who does not carry it in his heart? Does not it shake you to think that those to whom I give these teachings are the very ones to whom I have given love teachings at other times?

Behold, I entrust to you in My love as Father and as Master this teaching as a book which you are to keep with the purity and wisdom which the divine grace of the Lord has placed in it, so that when men come to know it - among whom there will be scouts as new scribes and Pharisees, to put me to the test - you can show them a perfect work, a spiritual teaching of overflowing justice and love, a worship of God, which is deep in its inside and simple in its outside and is confirmed through your works of love and mercy for your brothers.

33 Watch and pray, be prepared, for my teaching will be persecuted. These revelations are not to worry you; let them, when they come true, surprise you in your mission while you heal the sick and comfort the suffering. I will give you strength by granting you that the sap of the tree of life is in each of you. Sit down at this table, under this shadow, but beware of staining the dazzling white tablecloth. This pure white is similar to that of the path you will have to take afterwards. My cloak of love covers all My children, and My mercy prepares the way of life for all who are to hear Me in this time.

34 The unleashed forces of nature shake up mankind every moment. Watch out so that they do not leave the traces of their course in your lands.

35 Let the multitudes of men come to you; every heart and every Spirit carries a sorrow within. Bring them into contact with My Spirit World - now that the time of this rallies is still to come, so that they may receive the spiritual balm that comes down from My Kingdom. I want to see you prepared, working with devotion in my works of love so that the hour of my justice comes upon you while you heal the sick, comfort the mourning, teach those who thirst for truth, and counsel those who have strayed from the path. Remember: If that day does not surprise you in this commission, you will be the afflicted.

36 I do not want to see you in my presence with your head lowered; I want to see you always worthy and joyful. with this peace and power I want to leave you among men when the moment of My farewell has come; for truly, I tell you, you will have to fight - In these trials I see those who will follow me and those who will turn their backs on me. For I have visited and tested each one of you to make him strong.

37 I want the foliage and the fruits of the tree which you form to be healing and invigorating. Then my prudent care will bring to you men who are only waiting for the moment to be called, because the cup they drink is very bitter.

38 Sick of soul, mind and body, widows, orphans, helpless men and women, hungry for love and peace, will be those who come to lay down their burden and regain their faith For those who cannot come, you shall pray, ask Me, and I will hear you.

39 Remain steadfast in renewal, do not allow the body nature to fall back in its development (for the better). Understand that - when you achieve this progress - you have laid the foundations for your spiritualization.

40 Feel, O people, the rejoicing that the Divine Spirit feels when He speaks to you and feels that He is heard. See how much light My Word throws on many mysteries that you could not comprehend.

41 People of this time, you who thought you were in the evening of life - My teaching surprised you like a dawn and revived your Spirit

42 Blessed are those who recognise their task and embrace their cross in this time; for the fields they enter will be fertile for My Word and they will be able to sow in them the seed of My teaching

43 Settle down, little children and disciples, calm in your minds and hearts the storms raging in them and let the rainbow of peace appear in the spiritual firmament

44 You will be surprised at My divine teaching when you will discover, hidden in your being, innumerable gifts and powers with which you can triumph in the future in the trials and in the vicissitudes of life

45 Your leader in this time will be My Spirit. I will pave your way through the new Red Sea as in the days of Moses. I will save you and preserve you in the desert. I only demand of you that you live My example of love tirelessly and that you be faithful to the end. For you will find the final goal when your Spirit will gather at the gates of the Promised Land, where you will rest from human struggles and find liberation from the passions and miseries of this world. There you will know the true light of the Spirit, which will show it the truth in such abundance as you can see the light of the sun in this world.

46 From the Father you have gone forth and to Him you will have to return, possessing not only your original purity but also the greatness that the unfolding of the gifts you possess will give you if you fulfil My divine laws But no one will come alone into My presence; each one will bring all those whom he saved, whom he healed, whom he comforted and led on the way of salvation. To help your Spirit on his path of development, I have given him My teachings of love in this time.

47 Now is the time of learning. See how My Spirit pours out on all flesh and on every spirit. Some make my word known in their rapture, others without rapture. The old, the young, and the children speak of My spiritual kingdom. Are these not the proofs that both my prophets and I once announced to you concerning my new rallies?

48 Purify your heart and your mind so that your soul may rise up and be purified then I will reveal My Light through your being and amaze mankind through your works of love Through the child I will speak to the aged, through the uneducated and ignorant to the learned, and through the humble to the proud. Today you do not yet comprehend what awaits you, but tomorrow you will know and willingly set out to go to the provinces which today (still) sleep and which tomorrow, when they receive My divine message, will be ready to follow Me.

49 Today you are waiting with longing for your Master to come down to teach you and to remind you of the teachings of past times You live vigilantly, with willing hearing and a heart that beats in love for Me. Your mind is attentive, ready to ponder My Word; and afterwards, in silence, you remember My counsel and commandments and try to understand them to put them into practice. Then you comprehend how pure My teaching is and how difficult your task is, and you ask Me whether it is necessary that you, in order to be more eager, must first become spiritual beings by discarding the body cover that you are wearing today; for you feel that it is an obstacle to your spiritual ascent and your fulfillment of your mission. But I tell you that you should accept this shell with love and use it with skill. I have not created it in vain and given it to you. If you know how to direct it, it will be your co-worker, and you will be able to appreciate and enjoy your existence on earth through the harvest you obtain from your love seed with your brothers.

50 Take Me as your example and do wonders, since you are My chosen ones. Be doctors and advisors to your brothers, lawyers and advocates of men, and put your whole soul into your work to bring them to the safe haven and make them feel that they are walking on safe ground in the way of reparation.

51 Go into the fields which I have prepared and put the seed in them Loosen the soil like a good farmer with your love, for the human heart has hardened and it must be worked patiently. - When you encountered recalcitrant spirits, you wanted to avoid them and said, "He is not of those whom God seeks: he wants humble hearts. - Do you not know that it is precisely these hearts that I have come to seek and transform? I ask you: When you came to Me, was your heart already there like a home or like a temple for Me? Turn your gaze back and recognize that you have already laid down your heavy burden and that you have been reborn to true life.

52 Why do you sometimes doubt My rallies through the human mind and demand proofs from Me, and why do you lack faith when you see the favour you ask for not fulfilled? You want to hear me speak in a more chosen language to believe and interfere with my high councils. I ask you: Are you already on the summit of spiritualization to be able to interpret my inspirations? Are you already so highly developed that you can read my will in my Spirit? - You are still too small to understand me; but I lead you on the way on which you will reach spiritual contact with me so that you get to know my secret.

53 You have devalued the mission entrusted to your Spirit, although I have given you a destiny which should lead you to peace and perfection of eternal life

54 If you are humble, you will be great. Greatness is not in arrogance and vanity, as many believe. "Be gentle and humble of heart," I have told you at all times. Know Me as Father and love Me, do not seek for your body shell a throne nor a name that distinguishes you before others. Just be a man among other men and have good will in you.

55 Prepare yourselves to see Me in all My glory and bear witness to Me; and as you ascend spiritually, I will let My knowledge flow in you.

56 O men, you who were not able to free yourselves from the vanities of the world to fulfill the laws of the Spirit! You love this earth, which causes you tears, and come to it again and again without understanding the purpose for which you have been sent. I say to you: fulfil your mission and prepare yourselves for the journey to the land I have promised you so that you may hear My Father's Voice which receives you and gives you the rest you have obtained through your works of love and mercy for your brothers.

57 Do not fear the trials of this time Arm yourselves with strength and help your neighbor. You will find among them many whom pain has discouraged. You will see your brothers in fear and you shall have for all healing balm, a word of strengthening and encouragement and a ray of light from your Father. Make the pain of those who suffer become yours, then you will have shared the tribulation with them and given them love and mercy.

58 To you who weep in silence I say: blessed are those who come in search of consolation. You have not asked for symbols or images to pray, because you know that I am with you, and you have found Me in your inner being. I have flowed through your body and your Spirit with power.

59 Blessed are those who knew how to lead the multitudes, and who, feeling the burden of the cross, sought Me as a helper. I enlighten the path of all beings who live in the spiritual and material regions. Do not regard each other as strangers, give each other warmth and love each other in truth; for if you love your brothers, you have loved me.

My peace be with you!

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