It's Coming

Words from Jesus to Byron Searle
Isaiah 2:19
And they shall go into the holes of the rocks, and into the caves of the earth, for fear of the Lord, and for the glory of his majesty, when he ariseth to shake terribly the earth.
During my prayer time tonight, the Lord began speaking the words, "It's coming" to me while I was praying. As I continued to pray, He repeated the words again to me several more times. I stopped and paused for a bit and then went back to praying, but the words kept coming to me over and over, so much so that I was no longer able to pray. I knew the Lord had something He wanted to say, but there was such an urgency about this tonight. I stopped and waited and this is what He spoke to me.
My son, IT'S COMING! IT'S COMING! IT'S COMING! SOUND THE CLAXON! IT'S COMING! The Great Shaking is now commencing in the Spirit! My Angelic Hammerers are now beating the earth! 
[Last year, the Lord gave me a vision of the earth with two huge angels standing beside the earth, one angel on each side. They were as big as the earth, and they each had a gigantic hammer in their hands. As I watched, one angel hit the earth with his hammer, then paused, then the other angel hit. They did this, taking turns, back and forth, back and forth. Each time the earth shook violently after each hit. This went on for quite sometime, back and forth, hit after hit. Then the vision ended.]
Those whose hearts are in tune with My Spirit know this, for I have told them also. This shaking will be so great that those in bed asleep will be cast out (of bed)! Those in vehicles on the road will be swept from side to side! Bridges will collapse! Poorly built buildings will collapse! Those flying in planes will feel the shaking, for not only the earth will shake, but the heavens also!
My son, the people will walk around in a stunned state, proclaiming, "Why would God do this"??!!! I will shake the earth for a time, but I will shake America worse, for the sin of that nation can not go unseen! I will have My revenge for the blood of the children and all those who harmed My little ones!
My son, IT'S COMING, and the blind, dead Church has no idea! Even though I have been shouting the warnings and blasting the alarms, they continue in unbelief and doubt! 
Thus saith the Lord, IT IS COMING!!! I will not tell anyone the day nor the hour, but IT'S COMING, and it will move the people out of place and to their knees! The time it takes to move from Spirit to Natural is a mystery, but it will be soon!
My son, tell the ones who will listen to REPENT NOW - RIGHT NOW - FOR IT'S COMING!!! Turn from your evil ways and purge the sin from your heart! Allow Me to use you as a vessel to minister to the lost! Many will perish with the Great Shaking, but many more will come to Me! Do not give the devil any place in your life! Trust me to lead and guide you during this time. Do not fear, for I have told you what is coming. Be ready, have your house in order! 


Messiah Jesus

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