BTL - Volume 3 - Teaching 56

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Book of True Life - Volume 3

Teaching 56:

1 With rejoicing in my spirit I see you listening to my words. You come in droves to these gatherings to refresh yourselves in My teachings of love. Not all come to hear Me, most come in hope of relief from suffering or deliverance from heartache. Many are called, but few are those who follow Me. There are many of those here who would have liked to hear the voice of the Rabbi in the Second Time and have had no opportunity to meet Him. There are also those who could have heard Him but did not want to. The one and the other hear my word eagerly in this time and do not wait until I withdraw it, only to complain of their negligence again later. Therefore I do not speak into emptiness. Even if many are not interested in my word, there are still some of my children who know how to guard it like a jewel of inestimable value, to make it known to mankind when the moment comes for it.

2 With mercy and love I have come to all and have made My Presence tangible in many forms Some have seen Me with their spiritual face, others feel My power that makes their being tremble, others are deeply moved by the spiritual meaning of My Word, still others feel how the peace of My Spirit embraces their heart. The sick experience how they recover from their evils with My caressing words, and sinners feel that they are being looked at by a penetrating and penetrating gaze that penetrates into their soul. Then you said: The Lord is with us.

When My disciples asked Me in the Second Time whether I would come again, I gave them the promise to be among mankind anew and told them what were the signs that would mark the time of My return. Many centuries passed until these signs appeared, announcing My new revelation as you see it fulfilled today. If after 1800 years, which represented an age for mankind, I have faithfully fulfilled My promise to you - do you believe that now, when I have announced to you My parting in 1950, the Lord will not keep His Word?

3 When the theologians and men who studied the writings of the times gone by saw the signs fulfilled with which I announced to you My Return and My Presence among you, and when they saw that time was passing without them seeing Me coming, they closed their books sadly, believing that they had been mistaken about time and signs, not knowing that they had known what was right They did not know that I am present and speak to you in this form. But I tell you that very soon - when the proofs that I was with you are known to mankind - all will be able to see that My manifestation took place at the very time when the prophecies were to come true. What joy will be in many hearts, and what interest will there be in questioning My disciples and also in exploring the new scriptures!

4 In that time not only a few were witnesses of My revelation, there were thousands and thousands of people who felt their heart beating for love or fear when they heard My Word Many of them will be My faithful witnesses and My good disciples who will not abandon Me when My Word is judged before tribunals and councils and who will testify My truth with their works of love.

5 Verily, I tell you, among these crowds here, there is not one whom chance has brought here Again I assure you that no leaf of the tree moves without my will. In the life of each one of you there is a reason why you have come here to bear witness to My Word. You come from different ways, from different sects, religious communities and teachings, stumbling on the stones of the way and accumulating in your spirit the light of experience.

6 When you come here, you feel an unknown power, an inexplicable fluid, and you wonder: What might it be? Where does this word come from, which moves deeply, and this peace that flows through the heart? I have answered you: It is your Father who strengthens you. But I do not force you to believe in my presence in this form, and it is also not necessary to force you to believe since I am obviously and perceptibly with you and already a trace of sensitivity is enough to perceive me.

7 This is the time to make you understand that the use which you have made of your free will is wrong, and that the carrying out of a spiritual mission among mankind now awaits you. Behold, I do not judge your past works to then tell you whether you are worthy to receive this mission or not. For it is not chance that brought you into this world, it was my will.

8 Think about your fate, ask for what is inexplicable to you, and I will answer you. No one who has asked questions to my secret chamber of the heart has remained without answer. For in that moment the light of your spirit will shine and reveal the great gifts which you have received from your Lord.

9 I want to see you lift up your spirit and seek My wisdom in infinity In this, take as your example the writers and scientists whom I surprise in the middle of the night, while some seek inspiration and others seek answers to the fundamental questions of nature. I do not want to tell you that you should seek on this earth the erudition that brings you fame among men. I want that that upliftment and that greatness to be within, and that everything you achieve in your struggle and study be a fruit of life and love for your brothers.

10 When I draw near to the scientists who are immersed in their reflections and have grown old in their studies, I ask them: "why are you struggling so much? For whom do you fight and suffer so? But there has not been one who has said to Me, "Master, I fight for love of mankind. They love science, and to it they sacrifice their lives. But great insights have been revealed to those who knew how to ask inspired by noble aims, which have always given mankind a sweet fruit; this is a proof that I was He who inspired that light. But those who have explored nature without love and without respect have got stuck at the beginning of the path or fallen into ruin, since it was not the good from which they were inspired, but vanity, hatred and ambition.

11 But as science is revealed to man, so I also give him the light for the spirit through inspiration in this way I spoke to the patriarchs of the first times, I inspired Moses as well, whom I made the voice of My Word to speak to My people and I dictated to him laws and rules of life which he wrote down so that they would be immortalized and later generations would know them

12 After Christ had been on earth, He enlightened four apostles of His Teaching and granted them to remember in their spiritual contemplation and rapture of His Divine Word, so that they left to mankind what their spirit was able to receive through their intellect They were Mark, Luke, Matthew and John.

13 The day will come when the books will be thrown into the fire as useless, which will happen if you live spiritual content in your heart and keep the law they contain. But before that, this last testament - as the result of a battle - will be united with the first two, as it happened with the first and the second.

14 Today I have not limited myself to speaking to you only of the present. Much have I spoken to you about the past times, and have even given you prophecies in advance about the future. I have revealed to you what has been hidden from you, have set right what has been falsified, and have revealed to you future events.

15 Blessed are those who prepare themselves, for tomorrow they will be able to read this teaching with good will, speaking to you of the destiny of mankind, of the future of the nations, and of the victory of the light, which is that of love, peace, and justice. This teaching will make man truly free; for when he thought himself free, fleeing from his conscience and My laws, he did not know that he carries within him qualities, abilities and gifts that he did not know how to develop, so instead of being free, he was a slave to himself, a slave to his ignorance. How could such a humanity feel in its heart the peace of My Kingdom and carry Me in its heart when the minds of men are darkened by ambitious, materialistic goals, when their heart beats for human passions and their soul is materialized?

16 This humanity is spiritually dead; but I, who have the power to raise the dead, call it back to life and pave the way for it into a time when men will free their soul, recognise its gifts and through them achieve progress and higher development

17 Today you are beginning to make use of all the abilities of the spirit. This will lift you up from the abyss.

18 Here is a people who with sympathy long for my word and want to gather my teachings because they know that the time of my announcement through the human organ of the mind is short.

19 Make use of my teaching, O disciples! Go out afterwards without fear to spread My word and My teachings among men. Do not despair in the face of those who try to invalidate your mission with theories.

20 Humanity seeks without knowing what it wants. Today I come to tell you: I am what you seek. Who does not long for peace? Who does not long to know the truth? Who does not wish to maintain his health?

21 You must seek Me because peace is not on earth and men of good will are lacking But my righteousness has come down, the day of the Lord is here.

22 When man does my will, even the forces of nature will bow down before him as servants. As long as man persists in his disobedience, the elements will be unleashed and thus make him realize his lack of harmony with all created things.

23 I do not come as an opponent of my children. I come only to destroy sin so that you may recognize my light.

24 Pray, people, and I assure you that I will accept your offering - not the material one, but the one your spirit gives Me.

25 My righteousness is in every heart, both in the one that opens its doors to Me and in the one that closes them to My call. My gaze is piercing and is able to discover all that they contain. In some I have found the sacrifice of their love and humility, in others the joy of being with Me and their gratitude for the benefits received. In some I discover hope, in others pain. But verily, I tell you, My altar is covered in every moment more by tears than by offerings.

26 Here with Me you cleanse yourselves from every stain. ah, if only you could keep this purity throughout your life! But this atmosphere of spiritualization and brotherhood that you create in these hours of communion and teaching does not prevail in the world. The air you breathe is poisoned by sin.

27 But you have felt how, to the extent that you make My Teaching your own, you are gradually falling off link by link in the chain that forges you to the world

28 I judge you. But see how kind is the word of your judge. Know that instead of condemnation I give you My forgiveness so that you may sin no more. It is you yourselves who pass judgment when you recognize that it is just, that pain haunts you. Then I bless this repentance and free you with My teaching from the cup of suffering. This is the way of God, follow Me on it.

29 He who listens to the voice of his conscience recognizes and understands his transgressions and at the same time accepts his atonement. But he who does not comprehend the gravity of his transgressions will not be able to rid himself of his shame, and as long as this does not happen, he cannot come to me.

30 Do not flee against pain. That which you must destroy is sin. Pain has always served you to stop you in your breathtaking run into the abyss.

31 Today you are no longer little children and can understand the meaning of My teachings You also know that your soul was not born at the same time as the body you possess and that the origin of one is not the origin of the other. Those little children that you cradle in your arms carry innocence in their hearts, but in their souls they carry a past that is sometimes longer and more sinister than that of their own parents. How great is the responsibility of those who are to nurture those hearts so that their souls may progress on their path of development.

32 Therefore do not look with less love upon your children. Remember that you do not know who they are, nor what they have done. Rather, increase your devotion and love toward them and thank your Father that he has placed his mercy in you to make you the guides and advisers of your spiritual brothers and sisters, with regard to whose bodies you will become temporary parents by blood.

33 Even without having this spiritual knowledge, men help each other on their path of development because the way to perfection is created for all and will be passed through by all until the end, even by that one whom you believe very far from my law. Can you imagine that any one of you does not come to me, even when eternity passes over him? Could the perfect Father have neglected any of His children?

34 Disciples, do you then believe that a single earth life is enough for the spirit being to complete its task and perfect itself? - "No, master," you tell me with innermost conviction.

35 This is the "resurrection of the flesh"; but not in the form in which it was conceived by men. When the flesh has become rigid, it comes into the interior of the earth, while the soul separates into the hereafter and waits until My righteousness sends it out for embodiment in a new body. In this way soul and matter reunite in this world, but not in the spiritual valley.

36 Because the Father grants you more than one opportunity for the fulfillment of your assignment, you (nevertheless) should not let those you now have go unused, because no one knows the number of earth lives that my righteousness assigns to him. That is why the old man as well as the young man and child should hurry to fulfil the task that has been assigned to them to pay their debt.

37 I also tell you that this is the time of the resurrection of the dead because this my light will ignite the faith of those who perished in the darkness of remorse, despair and bitter suffering.

38 The sixth seal is broken and the book is opened before you. The lampstand illuminates the universe, and the Divine Word, symbolized by a tongue of fire, speaks to you from infinity. It is the voice of the Lamb sacrificed in the Second Time, which surprises men, enlightens them and lifts them up to the life of grace.

39 Live vigilantly, for soon many prophets will appear, and it is necessary that you know how to distinguish the true from the false.

40 Men whose mission it is to create justice on earth and who are used as instruments of My Divinity will rebuke all those who catch them in a wrong, anyone who does business with My teaching and who hides his nefariousness behind a mask of holiness

41 Woe to those who, while promising to lead men to happiness, plunge them into war and confusion!

42 I want My disciples to make themselves known by healing the sick, saving the lost, raising up the weak. To fulfill this holy mission, free yourselves from uselessness, give up every useless earthly pastime, do not deceive your heart or your senses with false beauties or harmful impressions.

43 Lift up your spirit, so that you may take pleasure only in the eternal, beautiful, and good. If it should not be so, your soul, materialized by the life you have lived, will suffer much to detach itself from its body and all that it leaves behind, and it will wander in confusion and bitter pain in the (spiritual) spaces for a time until it reaches its purification.

44 Live in my law, then you need not fear death. But do not call or desire it before time.

Let him come, for he always obeys my commands. Make sure that he finds you prepared, then you will enter the spiritual world as children of light.

45 Sit down at my table today, eat so that this bread transforms you and you later know how to offer it to him who needs it.

46 Today you bring to My word those whom you find on your way without health, without peace and without ideal. tomorrow, when My Voice is no longer heard in this form, it will be you who are to receive their brothers and feed them with this essence of life

47 Nothing has been left to chance, so everything has been done according to my will. In the destiny which I assign to you lies my justice. if you find the path sown with thorns - verily I tell you, it was not My Will that sprinkled them to wound your feet; but you are to walk in the path full of surrender and be aware that those sufferings you endure will free your soul from stains

48 When this surrender is born in your heart, you will feel how My mercy paves your way

49 You who now hear my word, receive it as balm on your wounds. but do not be content to receive My blessings without wanting to penetrate into the meaning of My teaching, for the moment will come when you will no longer hear this Word and if you did not prepare yourselves to unite from spirit to spirit (with Me) in the times to come, you will feel orphaned

50 I want you to be the strong soldier in the battle that is coming, the strong soldier who defends his cause, so that in life he may be called, like Jacob, "the strong and wise Israel"; that you may be ready always to come forward and answer the Father's call.

51 Do not waver between doubt and faith, for then your steps can never be sure and your decisions never firm. Also do not demand proofs from me to believe because you do not know in which form my justice could give you these proofs.

52 Do you not suspect an invisible help, which lifts up those who had fallen into the mud? do you not see the great crowds coming in sick and regaining health and joy of life? Do you not notice how the pariahs of life come into My Presence and - when the gifts they possess are revealed to them - they are sought and even admired by the crowds?

53 Discover all the proofs I have given you of My power and My Presence, and you will be convinced that I have granted a miracle to everyone so that he believes in My coming in this time

54 Understand: When you have directed your steps towards the densely leafy tree, you will hear under its shadow the almighty voice of your father. Let the disciples make use of My presence and ask Me whether the fruit they are gradually reaping is permitted and pleasing to My divinity. To this I answer you: When you have sown My seed, you will reap a good harvest.

55 why do some live in so much sloth? stand up, see how the moments pass by without you making use of them Now there is still time. Do not intend to go to work when your time is already short; for then you will try to cover the distance in giant strides, and you will not be able to do any good or reap any harvest, because the seed needs time to grow, the plant to grow, and the fruit to ripen.

56 Already the year 1950 is approaching, in which I will withdraw my word. In that year I will mark the last of My children, and the number of one hundred and forty-four thousand will then be full. Those who have heard My word and know their gifts and commissions, and who have used this grace, will feel secure. But those who did not want to understand this work will have to suffer much, will have to render many merits and sacrifices to reach the heights where My peace dwells, which is like a gate that opens before the spirit.

57 You, the disciples of the Third Age, who saw the Holy Spirit coming, are those who understand by this light the present, the past and some of the future teachings Do not doubt that this is a time of enlightenment; but do not be overconfident. See how the gift of the scientist shines as never before. See the child understand how much from the first steps. See what is going on around the earth. - You are still shipwrecked, looking for (other) shipwrecked people who cry out for help in the midst of an angry sea.

58 Study my word thoroughly so that you may gain a true knowledge of it and not everyone forms a different theory from my teaching. Do not expect the time of persecution without having weapons with which to defend yourselves. Those weapons will be your way of life, your word and your worship of God.

59 I do not demand of you to be infallible, for the only infallible one is I. But what I demand of you is sincerity and good will in all your actions. The rest I work to complete and perfect your work; for as your works are, so shall be your reward.

60 If any of you feel envy of his brother because he thinks the Master loves him more, and both should claim a place at My right hand, I would tell them that I may not put you at My right hand This is something that everyone must work for through his own merits. Verily, I tell you, I could not love one child more than another.

61 Of My apostles of the Second Age I loved Judas no less than I loved John. those spirits were drops of the infinite ocean of My Love, and when they returned to the Father, He alone in His high counsel knew what each one had acquired for himself.

62 So that mankind can set out in this time to follow Me, to penetrate into the secrets which I have explained to you, and be filled with light, it is necessary that they have freedom in spirit, in thought and in will And that is why I have come to free the souls from their yoke and have begun to overthrow thrones and kingdoms to bring down sceptres and crowns. Be free, do not seek your kingdom or your heaven here. Do not make the common people your slaves, and do not be slaves of vanity.

Remember that I told you, "My kingdom is not of this world, here are not My throne and My hosts. Nor is here the kingdom of your spirit and its reward.

63 With truth I spoke to you, and with truth I am speaking to you now. After such a long time in which I have given you great revelations, it would not be right for you to ask me like Pilate, "What is truth?

64 Do you want to come to me? Do you long to get one day to where those who have followed me have come? - I have already given you everything you need to satisfy your desire. When I once became man and now speak to you in spirit, it was to show you the way that leads to perfection. I am the Eternal Word, which tells you: Listen to me, for 1950 is no longer far away, and then it will seem to you as if the gates of heaven had closed.

65 I told you once, "He who knows the Son knows the Father. Now I add: he who knew the Son, and through Him the Father, knows the Spirit of Truth, who speaks to you today.

66 Come in full knowledge of your task to the bosom of the sixth seal. Call Me, and I will come to speak to you; but do this only until the year 1950, in which, according to My will, the end of My announcement is fixed by means of the human mind.

67 I receive both the one who praises My Name in his heart and blesses My new revelation, and the one who comes only to judge My Word, expecting to find errors in him to deny it For all I hold a lesson ready. I speak to the heart of the child and to that of the old man, to the heart of the man and to that of the woman; I speak to the philosopher and to the scientist. No one passes My wisdom unnoticed. Therefore I say to men: Take from my words that which is intended for each individual.

68 Once I said to you: "I am the way. Only later did you understand what Jesus wanted to say with those words, since you understood that "the Way" is the Divine Law of Love.

69 Today I tell you again today: "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life" and if you seek the essence of My Word in this time, you will find in it the Eternal Law of Love, the very Way I marked out for you on earth

70 At that time many believed that Christ was going astray and was distorting the law Therefore they fought and persecuted Him. But truth, like the light of the sun, always prevails against darkness. Now my word will be fought anew because some believe to find contradictions, ambiguities and errors in its meaning. But his light will again shine into the darkness of this time, and mankind will recognize that the way and the law, which I have revealed to you, is the same as in that time and always will be.

71 Hear Me in this time so that you may make use of divine teaching Do not repeat what many did in the Second Time: While listening to Jesus, they mocked Him; but when they saw the miracles of the Master on the cross and still after death, they were filled with remorse and fear, because they understood that God had passed through the world. Does anyone know whether these disciples through whom I make myself known were not those who then most misunderstood and mocked me? See them now, how they endure the judgment, the mocking glance and the scorn of the multitude! Do not call this retribution; it is justice, and it is necessary that he who is lacking out of ignorance should experience and live through this in himself, so that he may later be able to comprehend his error.

72 Do you know, perhaps, whether in another time these voice-bearers were not among those who longed to be My apostles, and who had to wait to be able to serve Me?

73 Mankind is now purifying itself through pain so that My Kingdom of Peace and Spirituality may be established in the hearts of men and peoples

74 In 1924 I foretold you everything that would happen in the present!

75 One by one, they are gradually coming into My Presence, called at this time to be My guides and prophets, and everyone who has felt the call within says to Me: "Lord, here I am, I want to collaborate in Your Work, befallen, I am your servant".

76 From this moment on I have endeavoured to smooth the unevenness of his heart with the chisel of My Word, filling him with charity and healing power, with peace and goodness Remember that I have told you: your lips will speak out of the superabundance of your heart.

77 I want you to be like trees whose shadows cover many. But how few of you are those who really learn to give shade to the wayfarer.

78 Be like your father, who is like a mighty tree, who gives shade, and who gives his fruits to all his children.

My peace be with you.

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