BTL - Volume 3 - Teaching 56

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Book of True Life - Volume 3

Teaching 56:
1. With happiness in my Spirit I contemplate you listening to my
Word. You come in multitudes to these houses of prayer to enjoy my
lessons of love. Not everyone comes to hear me; most of them come
with the hope of relieving some suffering or to set aside some grief.
Many are the ones who have been called and only a few who follow
me. There are many here who during the Second Era wanted to hear
the voice of the Rabbi and did not have the occasion to know him;
there are also those who having had the opportunity to hear him, did
not care to. In this period some and others listen avidly to my Word
and are not waiting for me to revoke it so that they will later again
lament their negligence. I am not, therefore, speaking in the desert.
If many have no interest in my Word, there are some of my children
who know how to safe keep it as an invaluable jewel to make it
known to Mankind when the time comes.
2. I have come with charity and love for all, making my
presence felt in many forms. Some have contemplated with their
spiritual vision: others feel my strength which makes their whole
being tremble: others are moved by the essence of my Word; others
feel how the peace of my Spirit embraces their heart; the sick see
how their maladies are healed before my caress and the sinners feel
contemplated by a perspicacious and penetrating look that reaches
within their spirit. Then you have said: "The Lord is with us." When
my disciples asked me in the Second Era if I would return, I made
the promise that I would again be among Humanity, telling them
what the signs would be which would mark the time of my return.
Many decades have passed for those mentioned signs to appear
announcing my new manifestation, the same that you now see
fulfilled. If after 1800 years which have constituted an era for
Mankind, and I have faithfully fulfilled my promise, do you believe
that now that I have announced my parting in 1950, would the Lord
break his Word?
3. When the theologians and those men who study the scriptures
of past eras saw the fulfillment of the signs with which I prophesied
my return and presence among you, ignoring that I am present and
that I am speaking to you in this manner, on seeing that time was
passing by without their witnessing my arrival, they sorrowfully
closed their books believing they had mistaken the time and the
signs without knowing that they were right. Verily I say to you that
very soon, when proof becomes known to Mankind that I was
among you, everyone will be able to confirm that my manifestation
was verified on those precise moments when the prophecies were
fulfilled. What joy will be in many hearts and what a great interest
to interrogate my disciples, as well as to scrutinize the new scriptures!
4. In this period there were not only a few witnesses of my
manifestation, there were thousands and thousands of beings that
felt their heart throb with love and apprehension on hearing my
Word. Many of them will be my faithful witnesses and my good
disciples; those who shall not abandon me when my Word is judged
by the courts and councils, testifying my truth with their deeds of love.
5. Verily I say to you that among these multitudes there is not
one single one who has been brought here casually. I assure you
again that the leaf of the tree does not move without my will. Within
the life of each one of you there exists a cause by which you have
come to bear witness of my Word. You have come from different
pathways, from diverse sects, religions and doctrines, stumbling on
the rough stones of the pathway, accumulating the light of
experience within your spirit.
6. Upon arriving here, you feel an unknown strength, an
indefinable effluvium and you ask yourself: "What can it be? Where
does this Word that touches and this peace that inundates the heart
come from? And I have answered you: It is your Father who
comforts you, but I have not come to obligate you to believe in my
presence through this means, nor is it necessary to force you in
believing, inasmuch as I am manifested and palpable before you and
you only need an atom of sensitivity in order to perceive me.
7. This is the time to make myself understood that the use you
have made of your free will is wrong, and that now the fulfillment of
a spiritual mission among Humanity awaits you. Notice that I do not
judge your past deeds to advise you if you are or not worthy to
receive this responsibility. Because it is not by chance that has
brought you into this world, it has been my will.
8. Meditate about your destiny; ask about your mysteries and I
will answer you. No one who has questioned my arcane has gone
without an answer, because at that instant the light of your
conscience will shine revealing the great gifts that you have received from the Lord.
9. I want to see that you elevate your spirit searching the infinite
for my wisdom. Imitate in that manner the men of science whom I
surprise in the middle of the night, some searching for inspiration
and others for an answer of "the why" in Nature. I do not want for
you to search on this Earth for the wisdom that will give you the
glory among men. I wish that elevation and that greatness to be
within, and that whatever, you attain in your struggle and study may
be a fruit of life and of love for your brethren.
10. Whenever I get close to the men of science absorbed in their
meditations and aged in their study, I ask them: Why do you work so
hard? For whom do you struggle and suffer so? And there has been
no one who will tell me: Master, I struggle for love toward
Humanity. They love the science and they offer their life to it. But to
those who have been able to investigate animated by noble ends,
they have been given revelations of great happenings which have
always given sweet fruits to Humanity as proof that it was I who
inspired that light, and those who, without love and respect, have
scrutinized Nature, have been left behind at the beginning of the
pathway or have fallen into the abyss, since it was not the goodness
that inspired them, but rather vanity, hatred and ambition.
11. But in the same manner that science has been revealed to
man, I have also given to man the light for the spirit, and inspiration.
That is how I spoke to the patriarchs of the first eras. That is how I
inspired Moses whom I converted into the spokesman of my Word,
to speak to my people and I dictated laws and maxims which he
wrote down so that they would be perpetuated and made known to
the future generations.
12. After Christ was on Earth, He illuminated four apostles of
his Doctrine granting them that in their meditations and ecstasies
they would recall his divine Word so that they would legate to
Mankind what their spirits managed to attain through their
understanding. They were Mark, Lucas, Matthew and John.
13. The day shall come when the books will be thrown into the
fire as useless, which will occur when their essence exists written
within your heart and that you abide by the Law that encompasses it;
however, before that, this last Testament shall be united with the
first two, through a struggle as it occurred with the first and second.
14. Today I have not specifically talked only of the present
period. I have spoken much about past times and I have even
advanced future prophecies to you. I have uncovered for you what
had been hidden from you. I have rectified what has been altered
and I have revealed future events to you.
15. Blessed be those who prepare themselves because tomorrow
they will all know to interpret these lessons with good will that talk
about Mankind's destiny, about the future of the nations and about
the triumph of the light, which is that of love, peace and justice.
This Doctrine shall truly liberate man, because by believing himself
free from his conscience and of my laws, he has ignored that he
carries attributes, faculties and gifts within which he has not been
able to develop, so that believing himself free, he has become a
slave within himself; a slave of his ignorance. In a Humanity like
that how can she be able to feel within her heart the peace of my
Kingdom and carry me in her heart if her mind is blinded by the
material ambitions, if her heart throbs for the human passions and as
such, her spirit is materialized?
16. This Humanity is spiritually dead; but I, who has the power
to raise the dead, have come to call her to life and open before her a
time in which she shall liberate her spirit, know her gifts and
through them attain progress and elevation.
17. Today you are beginning to make use of the faculties of the
spirit that will lift you from the abyss.
18. Here you have a people who search for my Word with
interest and want to treasure my teachings knowing that the time of
my communication through the human mind is short.
19. Take advantage of my lesson, oh disciples! And afterwards
go forth without fear to spread my Word and my teachings among
Humanity. Do not be intimidated before others who with their
theories try to distort your mission.
20. Mankind searches knowing not what they want. Today I
have come to tell you this: I am the One whom you have been
searching for. Who does not want peace? Who does not yearn to
know the truth? Who does not wish to preserve his health?
21. You will have to search for me because peace is not on
Earth nor do men of good will exist, but my justice has come. The
Day of the Lord has come.
22. When man follows my will, even the elements shall bow
before him as servants. When man, in the meantime, persists in his
disobedience the elements shall become unleashed making him
acknowledge his lack of harmony over everything created.
23. I have not come against my children. I have only come to
destroy transgression so that you may contemplate my light.
24. Pray, People, and I assure you that I shall receive your
offering not the material but rather that which your spirit will give me.
25. My justice is in every heart; in the one who opens his doors
for me, as well as the one who closes them on my calling. My
glance is keen and knows how to find within them everything they
hold within. In some I have found the offering of his love and of his
humility; in others, the joy of their being with me with gratitude for
the favors they have received. I discover in others the hope; and still
others the pain, and verily I say to you that my altar is covered each
instant with much more tears than offerings.
26. Here, before Me you are cleansed of every blemish. Oh, if
you could only preserve that limpidity all along your existence! But
this surrounding of spirituality and of fraternity that you have in this
hour of communion and of teaching, does not reign in the world; the
air that you breathe is poisoned by iniquity.
27. But you have felt how in the measure that you are
assimilating my Doctrine, the chain that binds you to the world, is
falling link by link.
28. I am judging you, but look how sweet is the word of your
judge; see that instead of a sentence I grant you my pardon so that
you will not transgress again. You are the ones who sentence
yourselves, recognizing that it is fair that pain touches you. Then, I
bless that attrition and with my teaching I free you from the chalice
of bitterness. This is the way of the Lord. Follow me thus.
29. He who hears the voice of his conscience acknowledges and
understands his faults at the same time he accepts his expiation, but
he who does not understand the magnitude of his faults, will not be
able to free himself from his blemishes and while that is not done,
he cannot reach me.
30. Do not blaspheme against pain; what you must destroy is
sin. Pain has always served to hold you back in your vertiginous
race toward the abyss.
31. Today you have ceased to be children and you can now
understand the sincerity of my teachings; you also know that your
spirit was not born with the physical body you possess, and that the
beginning of one is not of the other. Those children whom you rock
in your arms, carry innocence in their heart, but in their spirit they
hold a past at times much larger and difficult then the parents
themselves. How great a responsibility there is for those who must
cultivate those hearts so that their spirit attains progress along the road!
32. Not because of this, should you feel lesser love for your
children. Think that you do not know who they are nor what they
have done; rather, increase for them your charity and love and be
grateful to the Father for having placed upon you their mercy in
converting you into guides and counselors of your spiritual brothers
from whose bodies you become to be parents by blood.
33. Without possessing this spiritual knowledge, Mankind goes
forth mutually helping each other in their road of evolution, because
the pathway to perfection has been created for all and shall be
followed by everyone until the end, even for the one whom you
consider far distant from my laws. Can you conceive that one of you
will not reach me even though eternity surpasses him? Could the
perfect Father ever neglect anyone of his children?
34. Now then, disciples, do you believe that a single existence
suffices for the spirit to accomplish his mission and perfect himself?
35. Here you have the resurrection of the flesh, but not in the
form that was conceived by Mankind. The flesh, on remaining inert,
enters the bowels of the Earth while the spirit departs to the Great
Beyond waiting for my justice to send him to incarnate in a new
body. In this manner, spirit and physical body shall again be united
in this world, but not in the Spiritual Realm.
36. Not because the Father grants you more than one
opportunity for the fulfillment of your mission should you not take
advantage with the one you now possess, because nobody knows the
number of existences that my judgment will assign him; that is why
the oldster like the young man and the child must hurry to comply
with the mission that has been assigned to him to settle his accounts.
37. I also say to you that this is the time for the resurrection of
the dead, because this light shall awaken the faith of those who were
perishing in the darkness of remorse, of desperation and of bitterness.
38. The Sixth Seal is now untied and the book is opened before
you. The candlestick illuminates the Universe and the Divine Word
symbolized by a tongue of fire, speaks to you from the Infinite. It is
the voice of the Lamb sacrificed in the Second Era who will surprise
men, illuminate them and raise them to the life of grace.
39. Live on the alert because soon many prophets will emerge
and it is necessary that you know how to distinguish the true ones from the false.
40. The men in charge of applying justice on the Earth, taken as
instruments of my Divinity, will touch each one of those who is
surprised in falsehood; to each one of those who profits with my
teaching and who behind a mask of saintliness hides his perversity.
41. Woe betides those who promising to lead men to glory will
lead them into war and into confusion!
42. I want for my disciples to be recognized healing the sick,
rescuing the lost, rising the weak and to comply with that sacred
mission; to part from the superfluous, abandon all useless
entertainment on Earth; do not deceive your heart nor your senses
with false charms or unhealthy impressions.
43. Elevate your spirit so that you may enjoy only the eternal,
with what is beautiful and good. If it were not so, your materialized
spirit, due to the life you have led, shall suffer greatly to part from
his body and everything he left behind, and will have to roam in
space for a time enveloped by confusion and bitterness until he ends his purification.
44. Live within my Law and you will not have to fear death, but
do not call her nor desire it before her time; let her come, as she is
always obedient to my mandates. Make sure that she finds you
prepared and in that way you will enter the Spiritual Mansion as
children of light.
45. Today sit at my table, eat so that this bread will transform
you and so that later you are able to offer it to whoever needs it.
46. Today you are bringing before my Word those whom you are
finding along the pathway without health, without peace, without an
ideal. Tomorrow when my voice is no longer heard in this manner
you shall be the ones who will receive your brethren and you shall
nourish them with this essence.
47. Nothing has been left to chance; everything has happened
that way according to my will. My justice is in the destiny that I am
showing to you. If you encounter the pathway sown with thistles,
verily I say to you that it was not my will that placed them there to
hurt your feet and that you must advance along the pathway filled
with conformity, taking into account that those hardships you suffer,
cleans out those blemishes from your spirit.
48. When that conformity emerges from your heart, you shall
feel how my charity cleans your pathway.
49. Those who now listen to my Word, receive it like balsam on
your wounds, but do not limit yourself just to receive my benefits
without wanting to penetrate within the essence of my Doctrine,
because the moment shall come when you will no longer hear this
Word and if you did not prepare yourself to communicate with me
spirit to Spirit in the future times, you will feel like orphans.
50. In the struggle that looms ahead, I want you to be the
steadfast soldiers who will defend his cause so that in life he may be
called like Jacob, the strong and prudent Israel and that you are able
to come forth and always respond to the call of the Father.
51. Do not walk along between the doubt and the faith, because
your footsteps will never be firm, or your determinations solid.
Neither should you ask for proof to believe, because you shall not
know in what manner my justice could demonstrate those proofs to
you.52. Do you now feel an invisible aid that lifts those who have
fallen into degradation? Do you not see the crowds who arrive with
sickness and who recover their health and happiness? Have you not
noticed how the outcasts in life come before my presence and on
revealing to them the gifts they possess, they are searched for and
even admired by the multitudes?
53. You should know how to discover all the trials that through
my power and my presence I have given you and you shall be
convinced that I have granted a miracle to each one so that he
believes in my coming in this Third Era.
54. You must understand that if you have led your footsteps
toward the leafy tree you will hear within its shadow the omnipotent
voice of your Father. The disciples must take advantage of my
presence to ask me if the fruit they have been gathering is
satisfactory and agreeable to my Divinity, to which I respond, that if
you have sown my seed, you will gather a good harvest.
55. Why do those who come along the pathway do so with such
laziness? Rise up; see how the moments pass by without your taking
advantage of them. Now is the time. You may not want to do it when
your time is scarce, because then you will attempt to travel along the
pathway with gigantic footsteps and you will do nothing good and
you will not gather anything, because the seed requires time to
germinate, the plant to grow and the fruit to ripen.
56. 1950 is close by when I will cease my Word; in that year I
shall mark the last of my children and the number of the 144,000
shall be complete. Those who have listened to my Word and know
their gifts and charges, and have taken advantage of that grace, shall
feel secure, but those who have not wanted to comprehend this
Doctrine, will have to suffer greatly, they will have to make many
merits and sacrifices to attain the high level where my peace exists,
which is like a door that opens before the spirit.
57. You, the disciples of the Third Era, who have seen the
coming of the Holy Spirit, are the ones who under this light
comprehend the present teachings, the past and some of the future
ones. Do not doubt that this is the era of lights, but do not become
over confident. See how the talent of the man of science shines like
never before. See how much the child knows from his first
footsteps. See what is happening around the Earth. You are still
castaways who go in search of castaways, crying for help in the midst of the raging sea.
58. Study my Word profoundly so that you may have a true
knowledge of it and that each one will not make of my Doctrine a
different theory. Do not wait for the time of persecution without
having the weapons to defend yourselves. Those weapons shall be
your manner of living, your word and your worship.
59. I do not demand that you be infallible, because the only
infallible one is myself. What I ask of you is sincerity and good will
in each one of your actions. I will do the rest to complete and perfect
your work, because whatever your deeds are, your reward shall be accordingly.
60. If one of you should feel envious of your brother judging
him more loved by the master and both would claim their place on
my right, I would say to them: It is not I who should make you sit on
my right; it is something that each one will have to work at through
his own merits. Verily I say to you that I could not love one child more than the other.
61. Among my apostles during the Second Era, I did not love
Judas less than John. Those spirits were drops of the infinite ocean
of my love and when they returned to the Father, only he knew in his
highest judgment, what each one had wrought for himself.
62. In order for Humanity to rise and follow me in this era, look
into the mysteries which I have clarified and be filled with light; it is
necessary that it has freedom in its spirit, in the mind, in its will and
for that I have come to liberate the spirits from their yoke, starting
by shattering thrones and empires to make scepters and crowns fall.
Be free, do not look for your kingdom here, or your glory; do not
make for yourselves servants of the humble, nor shall you be slaves
of frivolity. Remember that I said: "My throne is not here nor my
armies." Neither is the kingdom of your spirit nor his reward.
63. I spoke to you with the truth and with the truth I am talking
to you. After I have made great revelations to you, it would not be
just that you would say to me like Pilate: "What is the truth?"
64. Do you want to reach me? Do you yearn to someday reach
and be where there are those who have followed me? All that you
need to fulfill your desire I have already given to you. If I made
myself man in that era and now I am here in Spirit to talk to you, it
has been to show you the pathway that leads toward perfection. I am
the Eternal Word who tells you: Hear me; 1950 is near and then it
will seem like the doors of the Heavens have closed.
65. I told you at that time: "He who knows the Son knows the
Father." Now I am adding: He who knew the Son and through Him
the Father knows the Spirit who now speaks to you.
66. Come with complete knowledge of your mission into the
Sixth Seal, call me and I shall come to talk to you but do it up until
1950 when I have marked by my will the termination of my
communication through the human spokesman.
67. I will receive the one who praises my name within his heart
in the same manner shall I receive the one who only comes to
qualify my Word, hoping to find errors within it to deny it. I have a
lesson for everyone. I talk to the heart of a child and to the elderly;
to the heart of man and of the woman. I talk to the philosopher and
to the man of science. Nobody passes unnoticed before my wisdom.
That is why I say to the multitude: Take from my Word whatever corresponds to each one.
68. In that era I said to you: "I am the way", it was until later
that you understood what Jesus meant to say regarding those words,
since you comprehended that the way was in reality the divine Law of love.
69. Today I say to you again: "I am the Way, the Truth and the
Life." And if you look for the essence of my Word in this era, you
shall find in it the eternal Law of love, that same pathway which I
outlined for you.
70. In that era many believed that Christ had come mistaking
the wrong path and altering the Law. That is why they fought against
him and persecuted him; but the truth, like the light of the sun
always imposes itself over the darkness. Now my Word will again
be combated because there shall be some who believe to have found
contradictions, confusions and errors in its essence, but its light will
again shine in the darkness of this era, and humanity shall see that
the way and the Law which I have revealed to you, is the same in
that era and will always be the same.
71. Hear me during this period so that you may take advantage
of the divine lesson. Do not repeat what many did in the Second Era,
that while they listened to Jesus they mocked him and when they
saw the miracles of the Master upon the cross and even after death,
they were filled with remorse and fear because they comprehended
that God had passed through the world. By chance does anyone
know if these disciples through whom I am communicating, were
those who denied and mocked me in that era? Look at them now,
enduring the judgment, the looks of mockery, and the jeers from the
multitudes. Do not call this as vengeance; it is justice and it is
necessary that he who errs through ignorance, experiences and lives,
in order that later on will understand his mistake.
72. By chance, do you know if these spokesmen were at another
time some of those who yearned to become my apostles and they
had to wait in order to serve me?
73. Mankind is purifying itself through pain so that my
Kingdom of peace and spirituality may be established in the heart of
men and all the peoples.
74. In the year 1924, I prophesied everything that is occurring at present.
75. Coming before my presence, one by one, are those who in
this era have been called to be my forerunners and prophets, and
everyone who has felt his calling within, tells me: "Lord, here I am,
I want to occupy myself in your Works, order me, I am your servant!"
76. From that instant I have dedicated myself in polishing the
roughness of his heart with the chisel of my Word to fill it with
charity and with balsam, with peace and goodness. Remember that I
have told you that from the abundance in your heart your lips shall speak.
77. I want you to be like the trees whose shadow covers many,
but how few are those who are truly learning to give shadow to the traveler.
78. Imitate your Father who is like a corpulent tree that gives
shadow and offers its fruits to all his children.
My Peace be with you!